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A washing machine is an indispensable attribute of modern life. Mistresses, fortunately, safely forgot about hand washing, everywhere replacing it with a machine wash. And this is completely justified, because the result of automatic washing is invariably good, and you don’t have to make much effort.

It is only important to choose the right washer so that it is reliable and functional. These are the Miele washing machines. But what are they good for and what are they? This is what we will talk about in our article.

We also consider the design features of the machines of this manufacturer, their functionality and get acquainted with the best brand offers presented in our market.

Why exactly Miele?

Aggregates Mile have worked perfectly for several decades. For a manufacturer of household appliances of this brand, a reputation is extremely important, the infallibility of which the company diligently supports.

It was founded by two families whose descendants run the business today. Mile is a true family creation in the good sense of the word.

The brand offers a variety of household appliances - not only washing machines, but also dishwashers, vacuum cleaners And so on. The products of this manufacturer are distinguished by reliability, environmental friendliness and special comfort during work. The company abandoned the practice of assembly plants scattered around the world.

Mile produces eight factories in Germany, as well as several factories in the Czech Republic and Austria. There is manual assembly at the factory. Of course, this significantly increases the cost of production. But the company does not pursue cheapness.

Premium class washing machines
Washing machines with the Miele logo are quite justifiably classed by the world consumer as premium products. Their considerable cost is justified by the impeccable work and long-term service.
Mile washing machine
Mile is a true family-owned company, valuing its reputation as a manufacturer of premium home appliances. For more than a hundred years, it has been producing functional washing machines of the highest quality.

Miele brand is one of the most expensive, its cars are made primarily for wealthy customers. The company is constantly improving its products, achieving not only the highest quality and reliability, but also ergonomics and attractiveness.

Mile has been recognized several times as one of Germany's most efficient and successful companies. There is every chance that this will continue.

Easy-to-use washing machine
Mile brand washing units are attracted by ergonomics and an extensive set of programs that allow you to process things from any type of fabric

Arguments for buying Mile cars

As already noted, Miele cars are expensive. And the topic is no less actively buy them around the world.

The reason for this success lies in the features of the units, which give them undoubted advantages over analogues of other brands. We will consider them carefully.

Original cell drum

The company patented its drum several years ago, giving an occasion to other brands to develop and implement something similar. But the miracle drum has no analogues.

Actually, the drum in the machine is the part into which the laundry is loaded. It rotates under the influence of the engine, moving things. There are holes inside the drum through which the washing solution is continuously injected.

Cell drum
Mile engineers have patented the original shape of the surface of the drum. It resembles a honeycomb. At the vertices of each hexagon are small holes through which the cleaning solution is injected into the drum

The laundry is wetted with soapy water and rubs against the walls of the drum, which gives the effect of washing. Standard items handle the fabric very roughly. The friction against the walls is quite strong, with an increase in the number of revolutions it also increases.

When spinning at high speeds, the laundry is literally torn to pieces. And all this is due to the imperfect shape of the inner surface of the drum.

Mile engineers managed to cope with the difficult problem described above. They proposed a fundamentally new shape of the drum surface. On it a likeness of bee honeycombs was squeezed out. In total there are about seven hundred, each has small dimensions.

In the corners of the honeycomb are holes for the injection of the cleaning solution. Their size is also small. The soapy water falling inside such a drum is evenly distributed over the combs.

In each of them, a tightly stretched water film forms, through which the laundry freely glides. This prevents excessive coarse friction and maintains the integrity of any fabric even at the highest engine speeds.

Cell drum
Due to the special shape of the inner surface of the drum, even the most delicate fabrics easily withstand high-intensity spinning when the centrifuge reaches 1800 rpm.

Thanks to this invention, the brand increased the speed of centrifuges on its machines to almost fantastic 1800 rpm. Any underwear, having withstood such an intense spin, remains intact.

Moreover, the washing quality does not suffer. Mile managers, demonstrating the properties of a honeycomb drum, are doing an unusual experiment.

Put a bouquet of roses in the car and start the gentle hand wash cycle at maximum speed. At the end of the process, the bouquet remains intact.

Advantages of honeycomb structure
Cellular drums appeared more than ten years ago. Over the years of using this technology, users have made sure that it really works and it’s worth paying for it

Quality of washing and spinning

The company has developed and patented a number of unique technologies that have a positive impact on the quality of washing. Among them Quick power.

The launch of this program guarantees the production of perfectly clean linen in less than an hour's wash cycle. System integrated in a number of models PowerWash 2.0 gives you the opportunity to wash with maximum savings in electricity and water.

Technology developed by Mile engineers Spin & Spray assumes that the equipment will consume 40% less energy per cycle than class A +++ machines do.

Excellent washing result by Mile machine
With economical energy consumption, the washing results remain excellent and the cycle time is optimal. Machines from Mile can cope with spots. They recognize 23 types of different stains, and the unit can get rid of three of them in one wash cycle

The user needs to select the appropriate programs from the menu and the machine will independently change the parameters of the wash cycle. In addition, recommendations for competent stain removal will appear on the display.

The equipment is equipped with a system Twin dosresponsible for dispensing detergents. The user has a choice: use the usual compositions or apply the two-phase system proposed by Mila.

Mile Machines
Mile has developed a special system for dispensing liquid detergents. Thanks to its use, it is possible to significantly improve the quality of washing

In the latter case, the liquid product will be metered into the drum at the right time during the washing process. The manufacturer also offers patented detergents, ideal for use in his machines.

This is a series CapDosing, consisting of six special formulations, three air conditioners and a means of eliminating particularly persistent pollution.

The brand has developed a unique washing program that allows you to gently wash the most diverse combinations of fabrics for the overall cycle. It is called Universal.

A user who needs to wash only a few things from different fabrics lays them in the device and selects the type of fabrics laid in the drum from the menu. After that, the machine analyzes the data and selects the optimal washing program in this case.

Universal program for washing different things
The functional set has a universal program that allows you to load items made from materials of different textures for washing

The brand pays special attention to the quality of spinning clothes. Thanks to the installation of honeycomb-type drums, engineers increased the speed of the centrifuge. There are models equipped with a spin with 1400, 1600 and 1800 rpm.

As a result, the residual moisture content of even the most dense fabrics does not exceed 40-45%, which is about one and a half times less than in standard machines. In this case, the laundry does not suffer from excessive friction.

Many useful little things

Mile washing machines are especially comfortable to use. The developers have come up with many additional features that make it easier to work with equipment.

Built-in program manager allows you to customize the wash in accordance with the needs of the user. This significantly increases the efficiency of standard programs and makes the washing cycle more economical. We talked more about the effectiveness of washing and the methodology for determining the washing class in next article.

Mile washing machines are easy to use
Mile washing machines are easy to use. In the assortment offered for sale, there are models with electronic and electro-mechanical control, so that future owners can choose the most convenient option for him personally

Mile machines operate with minimal noise through the use of a special washing rhythm. Another convenient feature is to delay the start of the program for up to 24 hours. This is especially true for those who use multi-tariff meters.

So washing can be carried out at night, when the cost of electricity is lower. In order to know exactly how much is left until the end of the cycle, the so-called residual time indicator is provided on the display.

The drum of Mile's cars is highlighted. For this, economical LED lamps are used. The user simply cannot fail to notice any thing and leave it in the drum.

The equipment is equipped with electronic control with a multilingual display. You just need to select the language in the drop-down menu and all recommendations and other information will be automatically translated into it.

It is very convenient for the user that the language in the menu is indicated by a flag. Therefore, even if an unfamiliar language is mistakenly selected, one can easily navigate and correct the situation.

Wi-Fi controlled washing machines
Among the latest models of Mile’s washers there are units that can be controlled remotely via a smartphone or tablet, as well as track washing steps by device

Sustainability and profitability

German engineers made sure that their products consumed the smallest amount of resources. All Mile machines are equipped with a self-sensing load recognition system.

They weigh the laundry loaded into the drum and, based on this, correctly determine the right amount of water and choose the duration of the wash cycle. In addition, a number of models are equipped with a function EcoFeedback.

Washing machines from Mile
Mile washing machines save resources as much as possible and keep a special record for them. Thanks to this, the owner has the opportunity to get the perfect result with minimal cost of electricity and water

It allows you to notify the user about the exact consumption of electricity and water, which allows you to control the consumption of resources. In this case, before starting the system notifies the user of the predicted consumption.

Accurate data can only be obtained at the end of the full cycle, as they may slightly differ from the forecast depending on how busy the machine is.

All Mile equipment is equipped with motors ProfiEcodeveloped by the company's engineers. They are distinguished by the lowest possible noise level and maximum profitability. The device works with minimal power consumption.

In addition, during operation, it does not require maintenance. Practice shows that such motors are very reliable and durable.

Unique engines of Mile’s washing machines
Miele brand washing machines are equipped with unique engines developed by the company's engineers and designers.

Full security

Mile cars are protected against leaks by the system Wsp. She keeps under control the amount of water poured into the tank.

If there is enough of it, and the detector located inside the machine signals that the normal level has not yet been reached, the water intake will automatically stop.

If a leak is detected inside the machine, the system closes the water supply valve.

Mile Machine
Mile brand washing machines are equipped with multi-stage security systems, which makes it possible to use them without the presence of a person. At the same time, you can be sure that nothing extraordinary will happen.

At the same time, a pump is turned on, pumping liquid from the tank with the washing solution. In the water pan is an additional detector, indicating the presence of leaks.

For safety reasons, a double hose is installed on the hose that feeds water into the machine. electromagnetic valve. If the first valve fails, the water will be shut off by the second.

Another degree of protection is provided at the level of the underwater hose. If it becomes unusable, water will flow down the outer sleeve into a sump.

The system includes several smart detectors. If they indicate a leak, the water supply is immediately shut off.

High quality equipment

Mile produces the most durable equipment. This is confirmed by research. In Krefeld, Germany, the Institute of Applied Research passed testing of washing machines of different brands.

The device was attended by six brands. Of these, only Mile successfully passed the entire proposed set of tests. This is no coincidence, because the company introduced mandatory testing of its products for durability.

Mile Machines
The equipment from Mile is distinguished by the highest quality. According to experts, you can literally feel it “to the touch”. This makes machines perfect for decades.

Machines are tested in a special way, the duration of such tests corresponds to ten thousand hours of actual operation. The brand cares about the appearance of its products.

This is the only manufacturer that produces drying, washing and combination machines with a frontal surface of enameled type. For its manufacture only high-quality materials are used.

As a result, the enamel coating is characterized by a persistent color, and there can be any shades.

It has good resistance to chemicals, including aggressive substances, such as alkalis or acids, is not sensitive to corrosion and mechanical damage. Thanks to this, Mila's cars retain their attractive appearance for a long time.

Special washing machine series

The brand is not aimed at the mass consumer, therefore, it can afford to produce “special” products. So, in the assortment of the company there are special series of household appliances.

Ruler Navitronic Designed for those who have no time to do household chores for long. Management of cars of this series is as much as possible simplified.

The user has the opportunity to select the four most frequently used programs and fix them as “hot keys” on the phone.

Mile Machines
Mile produces a limited series of machines specifically for people suffering from asthma and allergies. Thoroughly rinsing the laundry is vital for them. The machine program provides up to five such cycles in a special mode

In this case, if necessary, he will be able to make changes during or temperature of the wash. Devices Medicwash designed for those suffering from allergies. When designing them, the recommendations of the DAAB society were taken into account, it deals with problems of asthma and allergies, and the opinion of real people.

The main difference between the machines of this series is a special rinse technology, with which you can even remove traces of detergents from the fabric.

Ruler Supertonic offers new laundry care technologies. The devices of this series are equipped with a steam function and operate according to the new drying method. This makes it possible to iron dry items as easily as possible or even do without this procedure.

Three additional programs using steam are installed in the machines, which makes it possible to clean tissues using a fundamentally new technique. This can be a powerful steam blow, constant exposure to a steam jet or the use of any combination of these options. Thus, the laundry gets rid of allergens and germs without the slightest damage. Steam does no harm even to the most delicate fabrics.

Popular Mile models

Like any other manufacturer, Mile produces a wide range of machines in various price ranges.

The cost is determined by the functionality and materials used in the manufacture of working bodies, capacity and type of loading of the drum. But regardless of the price of the product, its quality remains the highest. Consider budget and expensive varieties.

Place # 6 - Miele WTF130WPM

Model Miele WTF130WPM belongs to the expensive segment of household appliances. This washing machine is designed to load 7 kg of laundry prepared for washing.

Its functionality is expanded by the presence of drying - the machine is able to dry up to 4 kg of items in one cycle. There is also the option of stain removal and starching.

Miele WTF130WPM
The machine offers its owners a fairly extensive range of functions, erases delicate, woolen and dark things. The unit pre-soaks, rinses in standard and increased volume of water

Unit Specifications:

  • dimensions - 60x64x85 cm;
  • drying / washing load - 4/7 kg;
  • management - touch;
  • display - yes, backlit;
  • class of energy consumption / washing / drying - A / A / A;
  • protection against leaks / children - only the case / is;
  • tank material - stainless steel, there is tank lighting;
  • programs - 12 pcs.

The components of the washing container are made of stainless steel, which guarantees long-term service. The honeycomb structure of the SoftSteam drum provides a uniform supply of detergent solution, prevents abrasion and wrinkling of fabrics.

There is a system of protection against imbalance, overflow of the tank and leaks. The number of revolutions during the spin cycle is 1600 rpm.

Machine Miele WTF130WPM received commendable reviews from the owners. Particular delight is caused by additional options, among which are “hygiene”, cold / warm airflow, PIN-code blocking from interference in the work of children.

The list of disadvantages includes partial protection against leaks and the lack of a steam treatment function, but the latter is not so in demand among the vast majority of potential buyers.

Place # 5 - Miele WMB120WPS

A simple but reliable washing machine offers the consumer only 9 different programs. The tank and drum are made of stainless steel, designed for 8 kg of dry-loaded laundry and even upper things.

The surface structure of the drum eliminates the abrasion of the fabric, contributes to the perfect removal of contaminants.

The machine erases in the accelerated and standard mode, perfectly removes stains, perfectly copes with sports equipment, dark clothes, silk, wool, delicate things.

Miele WMB120WPS
The machine soaks, pre-treats, rinses in normal and increased volume of water. There is protection against leaks and a device for blocking the actions of children

Technical parameters of this washing machine:

  • dimensions - 60x65x85 cm;
  • capacity - 8 kg;
  • management - intellectual (electronic);
  • cancellation of a spin - is;
  • class of energy consumption / washing / drying - A +++ / A / A;
  • protection against leaks / children - full / is;
  • tank material - stainless steel;
  • programs - 9 pcs.

The model is assigned the highest class in terms of energy efficiency. It produces spin at 1600 rpm. no drying. The top panel can be removed for installation in a furniture module.

Place # 4 - Miele W690FWPM

The vertical washing machine attracts with its narrow body, making it easier to solve the issues of equipment location, suitable for small bathrooms.

The model is designed for top loading things weighing up to 6 kg. The washing bowl is made of stainless steel.

Miele W690FWPM
Among the useful options is blocking the participation of children in programming work processes. The unit is equipped with leakage protection, a comfort elevator that provides easy opening

Technical data of the Miele brand W690FWPM washer:

  • dimensions - 46x60x90 cm;
  • display - is;
  • management - intellectual (electronic);
  • additional loading of linen - is;
  • class of energy consumption / washing / drying - A +++ / A / A;
  • protection against leaks / children - full / is;
  • tank material - stainless steel;
  • in addition - washing of downy things, wool and silk, stain removal, steam supply, night mode.

At the disposal of its future owners are gentle washing modes, the removal of contaminants from outerwear, jeans, wool, downy and silk items.

There are functions of soaking, quick and regular washing, rinsing in standard and increased volume of water. During washing, the hatch of the washing machine can be opened to track what is happening or add forgotten things.

According to the test results, the machine received the highest class in terms of energy consumption. She spins at 1300 rpm. There is no drying either. Vertical washers are not suitable for installation in furniture due to the loading door located on top.

Place # 3 - Miele WMR561WPS

The automatic machine of this series easily “takes on board” 9 kg of dry things. The machine offers potential owners a wide range of 24 programs.

The tank of this model is made of plastic, which has a positive impact on the cost, but can also affect the operational life.

Designed for large families, the model is endowed with a lot of useful functions. It erases and rinses in different modes, removes stubborn stains, and also starch clothes if necessary.

Miele WMR561WPS
The unit tidies bedding, outerwear, and things made of silk, wool, jeans and delicate fabrics.

Technical data and characteristics of the model WMR 561 WPS WHITEEDITION:

  • dimensions - 60x65x85 cm;
  • display - is;
  • management - intellectual (sensory);
  • class of energy consumption / washing / drying - A / A / A;
  • programs - 24 pcs;
  • tank material - plastic;
  • in addition - washing wool and silk, stain removal, starching.

Unique Benefit - Feature EcoFeedbackproviding the ability to track water and energy consumption during work operations. There are protection systems against leaks and from children.

In the model range of washers with the Miele logo, only this unit is not pleased with the highest rating for energy savings. She was assigned only class A, which can be regarded as a disadvantage. Squeezes the machine at 1600 rpm. Drying is not provided.

Place # 2 - Miele WDD030WPS

An elegant roomy model with a front loading type is only 8 kg. The tank and the outer panel of the body are made of stainless steel alloy. In addition to the traditional set of programs, the model is equipped with an impressive amount of very useful additions.

Miele WDD030WPS
The extensive LCD displays prompts and error signals. The machine erases according to a specified pattern or according to individually selected programs, saves personal programming options

Technical data and characteristics of this washing machine:

  • dimensions - 60x64x85 cm;
  • display - is;
  • type of control - touch;
  • class of energy consumption / washing / drying - A +++ / A / A;
  • programs - 12 pcs;
  • timer - eat;
  • noise wash / spin - 50/74 dB.

It perfectly fulfills all the functions required for front-loading machines. The washer is protected from leaks, controls balance and foaming. Spin produces at 1400 rpm. Does not dry.

Among the shortcomings, users note the lack of protection against the assistance of children in programming, which is strange for such a high price tag.

Place # 1 - Miele WDB020W1

The most popular machine among buyers is the Miele WDB020W1 Classic model, designed for washing 7 kg of laundry. She got ahead of her “rivals” thanks to the most affordable price tag, which the above-mentioned washing machines cannot boast of.

Miele WDB020W1
The model has the option of starching for quick care of things. A SoftSteam honeycomb drum is used. The machine controls foaming, monitors imbalance

Technical data and characteristics of this washing machine:

  • dimensions - 60x64x85 cm;
  • display - is;
  • type of control - touch;
  • class of energy consumption / washing / drying - A +++ / A / A;
  • programs - 12 pcs;
  • timer - eat;
  • tank - stainless steel.

The machine has 12 programs for washing, rinsing and spinning in different modes, you can choose a shortened and enhanced version.

Perfectly copes with the pollution of outerwear and sportswear, jeans, dark things. Gently erases silk products, spares creased fabrics, shirts.

According to the criteria of energy saving, the machine is assigned class A +++. Spin is produced at 1400 rpm.

An impressive number of pluses fade somewhat due to poor protection against leaks, which only the housing must cope with, and the lack of protection from children.

Looking for a reliable washing machine, but do you think the range of the Miele brand is quite expensive? In this case, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with top german brandssupplying washing machines to the domestic market of household appliances.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

What gives the washing machine the Twinos function:

The opinion of the master regarding the acquisition of Mile brand washers:

Mile machines are a premium product of the highest quality. They are not designed for use by the mass consumer, so their cost may be somewhat surprising..

This is a special product designed for those who appreciate impeccable quality, high functionality and cost-effectiveness. If there is a desire and an opportunity to acquire just such, Mile will be perhaps the best choice.

Are you planning to buy a Miele brand washing machine and want to clarify a couple of nuances? Ask your questions in the comments section - our experts and other site visitors will try to help you.

Do you use a machine from Miele and want to share your opinion on technology? Please write your review below under our article. Tell us about the positive and negative points that you noticed during the operation, add a photo of your washer.

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  1. Kseniya

    Miele is a European brand of washing machines. In Russia, due to exchange rate differences, it’s essentially premium. For a fairly decent price when buying this product you get unconditional quality and, probably, everything. Miele's design is quadratic, practical, buzzing. Very, very ugly everything, albeit mega reliable. I love Asian household appliance brands more.

  2. Few people know Miele collects part of the washing machines manually, which increases assembly accuracy and durability. I myself bought a WMR561 WPS PWash 2.0 TDos XL washer for the wife of their company. Maybe they are not very original in design, but they are practical, multifunctional and due to high-quality production at German factories I work almost without fail. They use cast-iron counterweights and an enameled front, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. And what other washing machines boast manual assembly?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. Models of firms such as AMANA, FRIGIDAIRE, AEG, for example. They do not differ, of course, in budget cost, but many of them are hand-built and of the highest quality.