LG washing machines: an overview of popular models + is it worth buying?

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Among the variety of electronic and household appliances, there are products that reasonably attract the eyes of buyers.

The brand is recognizable, the range of products offered is wide, but since we are currently interested in LG washing machines, we will focus on two questions - is it really worth buying them and which models are most popular today.

In the article, we noted the strengths and weaknesses of the popular brand washing machines, described the features of LG's patented 6 Motion technology. In addition, they cited a rating of popular models indicating their characteristics and user reviews. The leaderboard includes budget offers and premium products.

The subtleties of choosing LG brand washing machines

Familiar to many, Korean LG Electronics has been releasing quality home appliances for decades. Her washing machines fully meet the stated quality markers, including reliability, ease of use, creativity, affordable price.

We suggest figuring out how to choose the best model for this manufacturer.

How is LG different from other manufacturers?

Oddly enough, but it is the humane price tag that confuses some buyers in the first place. Is there any catch here? Maybe you should take a closer look at more expensive brands?

And the explanation is quite simple - LG Electronics does not rely on innovative startups, does not strive for absolute superiority in introducing all kinds of innovations.

It is due to this that it is kept in the average price “plug”, although the technical equipment of the washing machines is excellent.

Range of washing machines LG
The vast difference in price allows you to choose both a basic budget option and a model with additional functionality and increased load

The cost is also affected by the fact that initially all products under the LG logo were produced within South Korea, now industrial capacities are transferred to hundreds of other countries, including China and the Russian Federation, where labor is cheaper.

The likelihood that you will buy a washing machine of Chinese or Russian assembly is high, but this does not affect the quality at all, and the price is pleasant because of the savings in production costs, including transportation.

To more freely navigate in the assortment, you need to master reading a character cipher.

For example, let’s take a look at the marking designation. LG F1296WDSH, so, from left to right:

  • F (letter immediately after the LG sign) - designation of the type of loading laundry (“F”, “M”, “E” - front type);
  • 12 (two digits) - the speed at which the drum rotates during the spin cycle, for example, for 1000 rpm - 10;
  • 96 (next 2 digits) - machine design option, for example, front panel view, etc .;
  • W (letter) - drum capacity, depth (narrow, medium, standard), in this example, standard;
  • DS - a few more letters, where “D” indicates the presence of a direct drive, “S” - steam wash "N" - drying washed laundry;
  • last digit (or missing) - color (no numbers - white, 5 - “silver”, etc.).

Machines from this manufacturer wash economically, as their energy consumption is small even with the most difficult washing conditions.

Marking for LG washing machines
Marking example. On it you can determine the main characteristics of the product. The marking is usually located in sight - right on the front panel

Pros and Cons of LG Technology

Indisputable advantages of LG brand washing machines:

  • rich assortment;
  • management at the level of intuition, ease of use;
  • almost silent operation - inverter motors with reduced noise generation are used;
  • productive and effective functionality (washing programs);
  • spin quality;
  • clean laundry;
  • affordable price.

LG Electronics is also investing some work in the “premium” segment in the development of high-tech home appliances, the management of which is synchronized with a mobile phone, which will be discussed in more detail below.

But the main forces nevertheless go to improving the quality of the washing process are not very expensive, but trustworthy washing units.

LG washing machine display
The presence of the display in the LG washing machines makes their use more convenient. Sophisticated display device makes the model more expensive, and if finances limit your possibilities, you can choose a machine with a simple display

And here LG Electronics constantly prepares useful surprises for the consumer:

  • “Six movements of care” - a leap forward in washing technology (another name - 6 Motion);
  • EIU - electronic intelligent control optimization of washing;
  • hot steam - no similar function Samsung washing machine and popular Indesit models;
  • drum cleaning system with antimicrobial treatment;
  • stylish design;
  • impeccable ergonomics.

Focusing on the benefits, it would be unfair not to mention the disadvantages. They are fewer, but nevertheless they are.

For example, although the company claims that all of its products are high-quality, washing machines at factories in South Korea undergo more stringent verification tests, but it is almost impossible to find a South Korean model for sale.

The transfer of production from the parent enterprises to the territory of other countries reduces the cost of production and, consequently, the price, but not unlimitedly - expensive spare parts, materials, components, complex assembly and commissioning technology.

Washing machine brand LG
LG washing machines outperform Bosch while maintaining the same features, while less prestigious brands don't always

Another disadvantage is the lack of samples with a vertical load of linen in the model range. This drawback is conditional, since units with front loading and occupy less space, and are more convenient when laying / removing laundry.

If you are looking for a vertical washer, then we recommend that you read the rating of the best offers from other manufacturers, a detailed review is presented in this article.

At the stage of choosing a specific model should be guided dimensions of equipment, the presence of the necessary functions, capacity, and these parameters vary greatly.

And do not compare the quality of the washing machine of different manufacturing countries - this is the opinion of users and the view of professionals from repair services.

What is the attraction of 6 Motion technology?

6 Motion is the technology that LG Electronics has been presenting for the eighth year in new models equipped with Direct drive - motor with software (direct drive).

We are talking about six special drum modes patented by development engineers.

6 Motion Technology
6 Motion - rotation of the drum with different strength, speed, change of direction and nature of movements, which allows you to find the best way to wash for different fabrics and dirt

6 Motion modes:

  • base - The usual rotation of the drum;
  • scrub / reverse rotation - vortex filling of water, the jet instantly dissolves detergents and perfectly wash their residues;
  • filtration / saturation - rotation of the drum with simultaneous spraying of water, the mode promotes uniform wetting of the laundry loaded into the drum;
  • swing - mode for delicate washing (thin, woolen fabrics). Things gently sway in the water, without touching the walls;
  • rolling / torsion - wet laundry rolls along the walls of the drum and is washed off by rubbing against a rough surface, the mode works without spanking sounds despite the fact that the laundry is constantly immersed in water;
  • stepping / smoothing - the laundry is evenly distributed inside the drum, jams formed during washing and rinsing are straightened, which will further facilitate ironing.

All six modes in total simulate hand wash. They work only if there is a new inverter motor in the washing machine - this is a motor with direct drive and an electronic control system.

Thanks to the electronics, the engine provides the drum with sharp and precise movements. No noise, as the design does not include brushes.

Direct drive motor
On the right is a belt drive motor, on the left is an inverter with direct drive (PP). Repair of the inverter motor is unlikely to be needed, a guarantee for it is given for 10 years

6 Motion-based washing programs cover both children's clothes and downy clothes. Have a wash sportswear and "Health care" - A program for people suffering from excessive skin sensitivity. On this cycle, the remnants of the detergent are washed abundantly and repeatedly.

The silent washing program allows you to turn on the car at night, without fear of waking a sleeping child or disturbing neighbors.

And do not be surprised at the presence of a corporate logo WOOLMARK - Yes, this is the same international quality certificate that indicates the gentle handling of woolen and silk fabrics in a delicate wash.

The foam control and self-balancing system are of undoubted benefit. The machine itself will weigh the laundry, select the norm of water, powder, and energy consumption for the specified washing parameters. Information is displayed, including errors and delayed start.

In every washing program, it is possible to adjust and remember, in order to use in the future, the heating temperature, rotational spin speed, how many times to rinse, etc.

It is possible that very soon we will all appreciate the convenience of turning on the washing machine with a smartphone. It is enough to bring the touch screen to a special label, and a new washing mode will immediately work.

Smart Diagnosis System
Smart Diagnosis is a revolution in service. Why the washing machine unexpectedly was capricious, you can find out using your own smartphone

In washing machines with 6 Motion, a super system is providedSmart diagnosis. A failed equipment gives a characteristic sound signal, which is redirected to a technical service center by an ordinary telephone. There, the sound determines the breakdown.

The master goes to the call with the understanding that he has to fix it, and carries with him the necessary tool, spare parts.

In case of minor malfunctions, a prescription arrives on the phone, what to do for repair breakdown do it yourself. 6 Motion is the ideal choice for those who have to wash regularly.

Rating of the best models

In order for our reader to get a complete picture of the described technique, we offer a thorough analysis of the brands most demanded by the consumer.

Model # 1 - budget F-10B8MD

In fact, "budget" - a relative category in relation to LG. The owner of this brand supplies household appliances to the market at prices not lower than a certain level. To date, the lower price bar is set at around 300 US dollars, but for the money you are sure to become the owner of a solid home assistant.

LG F-10B8MD is a freestanding model with small dimensions, elegant design and full functionality.

The machine is equipped inverter motor and almost does not create noise, dimensions - 60 * 44 * 85 cm, front loading, maximum tank capacity - 5.5 kg.

The spin mode in the LG F-10B8MD is adjustable at intervals of 400 revolutions. Such a step is a big one, but is considered normal for budget execution. Maximum - 1000 rpm. The top cover is removed from the model, it can be built into furniture under the countertop.

Other features of LG F-10B8MD:

  • power consumption - class A;
  • high quality of washing - washing class AND;
  • leakage protection;
  • timer autostart;
  • child protection (except power on / off);
  • EIU;
  • drum cleaning function;
  • 13 programs - including washing down jackets, children's and sports things, economy mode and etc.

Everything is provided until the last nuance - a soft LED display light, a melody at the end of the washing process.

From user reviews: this LG model is a profitable and inexpensive replacement for old-fashioned washing machines. The unit erases perfectly, quiet, easy to manage.

Disadvantages, users call the inability to lock the power button so that the child does not accidentally turn off the car.

And also not very clean rinsing in some modes. Therefore, you have to set an additional rinse or use the “super rinse”, “health care” modes.

Model # 2 - F-12U2HCS2 Steam Machine

Samples of this class have improved data on capacity, energy consumption, washing / spin quality, and there are also super-modern additions - steam processing, remote control.

LG F-12U2HCS2 - model with dimensions of 60 * 45 * 85 cm, the ability to embed and a tank capacity of 7 kg.

Its advantages and characteristics:

  • energy consumption - class A +, super-economical;
  • effective cleaning of contaminants;
  • spin speed - class B, 1200 rpm;
  • leakage protection;
  • protective lock (except power on / off);
  • EIU;
  • start delay timer;
  • self-cleaning drum;
  • 14 programs - including washing black things, steam processing, washing things with fluff, hypoallergenic wash and etc.

Users like the function of steaming and the quality of washing down, wool, silk, terry products.

The LG F-12U2HCS2 model has no drawbacks, except for the discontent of parents of young children about the fact that the power button is not protected from being triggered by accidental pressing.

The machine can manage from smartphoneincluding and troubleshoot, set your own washing modes.

Model # 3 - the best narrow washer F-10B8SD0

LG F-10B8SD0 is a small compact washing machine that fits in a small bathroom. It has dimensions 60 * 36 * 85 cm, the tank holds 4 kg of laundry.

Washing LG F-10B8SD0 consumes little electricity - 0.19 kW / h for 1 kg of laundry. There is protection against leaks, and blocking from children, and control foaming / imbalance. Possible placement under the countertop.

Plain intuitive interface, class A wash, countdown display, electronic control, possibility manage via smartphone, delayed start timer, 13 washing modes.

Among the advantages, users call quiet operation during washing, an informative display with a display of the washing time, the ability to select the temperature / spin speed, compactness, low water consumption.

However, not all users were satisfied with the quality of the wash, some programs were very long. Some do not like the loud signal of the end of the cycle, the absence of a 30 ° mode, the cyclical set of water - water hammer.

Model # 4 - FH-4G1JCH2N Large Drum Load

Premium modeldesigned to load 10.5 kg of laundry. In addition to washing, the FH-4G1JCH2N unit will also dry 7 kg of items.

The feature of this model is the ability understaff the unit with a second mini-drum with vertical loading, its capacity is 2 kg. An additional compartment is useful for express washing small items.

The manufacturer equipped the washing and drying unit with a set of practical technologies and options:

  • Eco Hybrid - drying with hot air;
  • TruSteam - steam mode allows you to remove unpleasant odors, soften things, neutralize bacteria and allergens;
  • 6 options for drum movement;
  • remote control - control via smartphone through the application Smartthinq;
  • option Smartdiagnosis - self-diagnosis and data transmission about the breakdown to the service center;
  • direct drive system.

The unit is provided 12 washing programsas well as additional modes: pre-wash, rinse and steam softening. there is possibility of reloading linen. Drying is carried out in 5 modes.

The energy efficiency, washing and drying classes are A. The noise level declared by the manufacturer is 54/64 dB during the wash / spin cycle, respectively. There is a children's lock, remote start, foam suppression system, complete leakage protection. Warranty - 1 year.

The FH-4G1JCH2N model impresses with its capabilities, but you will have to pay a lot for such a device. The unit is not in special demand, usually large families choose such a washing machine. One must be prepared that for its placement it will be necessary to allocate a separate place 60 * 64 cm.

Customers are satisfied with the functionality, quality of washing / drying, the ability to remote control. However, there are complaints about the inferior child lock - the ON / OFF button remains active. Users who have installed an additional lower drum sometimes complain of strong vibration during the spin cycle.

Model # 5 - unit with dryer F-12U2HDM1N

Drying systems in washing machines are a fresh innovation, but they gained popularity instantly. At the end of the cycle, you get dry laundry that does not require hanging on ropes or grates-dryers.

Washing and drying units are presented in the premium segment. At the same time, the price of household appliances of this class LG is lower, if we compare it with analogues of other brands.

The drying mode in the LG F-12U2HDM1N model is adjusted in all programs that allow you to use “washing” + “drying”. In some washing programs, the drying mode is not activated.

LG F-12U2HDM1N - compact enough car with dimensions 60 * 45 * 85cm, a tank with a maximum load of up to 5 kg and a built-in dryer for 4 kg of laundry.

Energy class B, Class A wash, spin - Class B, up to 1200 rpm. The model provides 14 programs, I have an opportunity steaming things and washing wool products. Leakage protection - case, there is a foam suppression system and a child’s lock.

In this model, the drum has automatic balancing and self-cleaning, an inverter motor is installed, providing a quiet run of the unit (up to 65 dB). It also provides the ability to perform mobile diagnostics Smart diagnosis and control via smartphone - option Tag On.

Users leave positive feedback about this washing machine, praise for the quality of the wash, the compact size and spaciousness.

Cons: drying time, significant energy consumption, incomplete lock of buttons from children.Some note the appearance of an unpleasant odor in the mode of drying clothes, however, as it becomes operational, it becomes less pronounced.

Model # 6 - Silent F-1496AD3

LG F-1496AD3 - the model is slightly more compact with dimensions of 60 * 55 * 85 cm, the ability to wash 8 kg and dry 4 kg of laundry.

As in the previous model - high quality washing in class A, spin efficiency according to class A (up to 1400 rpm), EIU, start delay timer, reduced noise generation, etc.

Class B power consumption child protection, 13 programs, self-diagnosis, the top cover is removable for washing machine installation under the countertop - all these are positive characteristics of this model.

And it attracts, of course, drying directly in the drum without the need to hang and dry clothes in drying rooms, on balconies, on the street.

Drying in the LG F-1496AD3 model is configured for three modes - standard (dry), iron (slightly wet) and eco-drying. During the drying process, the case becomes very hot and cools for a long time. The hatch is closed until the laundry cools completely.

The disadvantages are quite subjective. Some people point to the accumulation of water under the sealing gum of the tank door, others - to too large a step for adjusting the spin speed. Indeed, there are only two speeds - 800 and 1400 rpm.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The following video tells about the essence of LG 6 motions:

Stylish-looking washing machines of the LG brand are good in operation and are well equipped technically. The brand has won and confidently maintains its niche in the market. Does he deserve attention? Each buyer will be able to choose a model whose functionality is able to satisfy his needs.

Looking for a quality and reliable washing machine? Or is there an experience in using technology from LG? Tell our readers about the performance and maintenance of such units. Share your personal experiences, participate in discussions and ask questions - the comment form is located below.

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    I respect the LG brand home appliances. It somehow happened that we have a lot of devices of this brand at home. This is a microwave, washing machine, vacuum cleaner and blender. Everything is working properly. The washing machine is already 10 years old, and I am quite pleased with its work. She is 6 kg, a lot of functions. True, at the time of its release there was no drying. I would not refuse such a function. I think if I have to buy a new machine, I will choose LG again, but from the latest models and always with drying.

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    Before buying the “LG” washing machine, for a long time, we washed clothes using a machine under the no less famous Samsung brand. They got enough of it with her, so they got a decent replacement for her. In “LG”, a wider selection of washing modes, an impressive tank capacity, launders at times better, and the most pleasant feature is almost silent operation, which is important for me.

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