Arpointon Hotpoint Washers: TOP-7 of the best models + what to consider before buying?

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The technique of the Italian brand skillfully balances between reliability, functionality, attractiveness and loyal value. A typical example is Hotpoint-Ariston washing machines designed to meet user needs.

In the product line of the brand - units of various price categories, which differ in operating parameters, a set of options, efficiency and tank capacity. How to choose a suitable washing machine for the home? We will help you in solving this issue.

In the presented article, the innovative technologies of the company are described, important parameters for choosing a washing machine are indicated, and the decoding of the marking of model names is given. In addition, we have prepared a rating of the best offers from Hotpoint-Ariston with an indication of the performance, pros and cons of the units.

Specific Technologies and Features of Ariston Technology

The assortment of the company includes units of different sizes, differing in the type of loading and the method of installation. We will evaluate the parameters of the equipment, as well as understand the features of different models.

The equipment of the corporation is constantly being improved. New series of units are complemented by innovative technologies and options to improve the quality of washing and work efficiency.

Direct Injection A special mixing system at the beginning of the cycle converts the cleaning powder into an active mousse.

Direct Injection Technology
Foam gently and evenly penetrates the fibers of the material, improving the removal of contaminants. The result is a quality wash at 20 ° C while maintaining the color and shape of things

The technology allows you to simultaneously load white and colored linen into the drum. An additional plus is noticeable energy savings.

Digital motion. The development is implemented through the introduction of digital inverter motors. The motor changes the dynamics of rotation of the drum. Up to 10 different types of movement can be combined in one cycle.

Woolmark Platinum Care. Machines with the option of delicate washing of wool products received a certificate from The Woolmark. Things keep attractive and soft. In line units Aqaltis gentle drying mode is provided.

Reward from Woolmark indicates that in the car you can wash clothes even with a mark "Handwash".

Baby clothes. This mode is suitable for frequent washing of delicate baby clothes. An additional rinse helps remove detergent particles and protects baby's delicate skin.

Baby clothes mode
At the spin cycle, the drum rotates at a lower speed - the temperature inside the tank remains stable, and the washing time is reduced. Baby clothes remain soft

Anti Allergy. At a temperature of 40 ° C, the unit copes with the most common allergens: pollen and wool. Special mode 99% removes powder particles. The cycle is suitable for allergy sufferers and young children.

Ecotech. The program uses electricity as economically as possible - the consumption of natural resources is reduced by 60%. This option is implemented in units with Direct injection.

Stain removal. Thanks to the tests, the manufacturer established the most optimal temperature regime and drum movements for removing 20 types of contaminants.

Stain removal
The machine can easily cope with stains from chocolate, grass, fat, berries, PVA glue, etc. The program independently selects the cyclic bio-phase

The temperature range is 40-43 ° C - this avoids color loss.

In some models, the steam function is integrated - a refreshing cycle that saturates the fibers with oxygen. The duration of the steam treatment is 10 minutes.

What to consider when choosing a washing machine?

In the arsenal of Hotpoint-Ariston there are different types of units.

Conventionally, the gradation of washing equipment occurs according to the following main parameters:

  • method for loading laundry;
  • spaciousness of the machine;
  • engine's type;
  • dimensions;
  • installation method;
  • maximum spin speed;
  • functionality.

Before buying, you should compare the characteristics of the washer with the upcoming operating conditions.

Provided Download Method

The lion's share of the Ariston assortment is represented by frontal cars - the hatch is located on the front wall.

Download Method
Such loading has a number of advantages: lower price, a wide selection of models, the ability to integrate into a furniture set or to install under a countertop. Minus - you need a place to open the door

It should be noted that most of the innovative technologies the company introduced in the horizontal loading washers. The capacity of the front-end is 6-11 kg.

Vertically oriented models have somewhat limited functionality, and the maximum processing weight per cycle is 7 kg.

The advantages of the latter include:

  • small width - 40 mm;
  • convenience of loading / unloading things;
  • the possibility of adding laundry during the washing process.

Washing drum capacity

This parameter is selected based on the number of users. The volume of the tank determines the washing possibilities. In compact models you can not load heavy blankets, bulky outerwear.

The minimum capacity of Hotpoint-Ariston washers is 5 kg, and the maximum is 11 kg. A family of 4 people will fit a unit of 5-7 kg.

Used engine view

The company launched production of machines with collector and inverter motor. The first option is a classic motor with brushes that take on current. During operation, a characteristic sound is heard, similar to rustling, friction.

In inverter models, the anchor is designed with magnets, the rotation intensity is determined by the voltage supplied to the stator windings. The current is not supplied directly, but is converted by an inverter.

Engine types
The absence of rubbing parts and a belt gives a number of advantages: reduction of noise effect, minimum vibrations, precise adjustment of spin speed, energy saving and centrifuge operation at high speed

It should be noted that the price of washing machines with an inverter engine is slightly higher than equipment with a conventional motor.

Additional selection options

In addition to the loading method, the “carrying capacity” of the washing machine and the type of engine, it is worth considering such criteria:

  1. Sizes of the washer. Hotpoin offers machines of standard sizes and compact modifications with a depth of up to 45 cm. Despite the “trimmed” dimensions, washing machines can hold up to 6-7 kg of laundry. The disadvantage of the narrow representatives from Ariston is the increased vibration on the spin.
  2. Installation method. Most cars are designed for separate placement. For washing machine under the countertop or integration into furniture Hotpoint offers special fully functional models. Their feature is the presence of holes on the front wall for hanging door hinges, as well as a narrowed platform - for decorating the bottom with a furniture facade.
  3. The intensity of the centrifuge. All Hotpoint-Ariston lines have good spin quality - class B, C. Maximum speed - 1600 rpm.
  4. Functional equipment. In addition to basic programs, you should pay attention to additional options. The company has developed a line of machines with dryer.
  5. A useful option is the “child’s castle”. Pressing the buttons blocks the control panel - the child will not be able to change the program or interrupt the wash.

Most Hotpoint washing units from Ariston are equipped with an informative display. Electronic machines are easy to adjust, and mechanical ones are more reliable.

Functional washing
Among the assortment of freestanding and built-in appliances. In the washing + drying mode, the units are able to process 5-7 kg of items in one cycle

Model Labeling Decoding Examples

The name of the washer includes its basic characteristics and belonging to a certain series of release. We will analyze the main markers on specific examples with explanations.

Models Aqualtisdecryption AQSO F 051 CIS:

  • Aq - marking of the Aqualtis series; designation may be used QV;
  • S - the symbol indicates a narrow body;
  • ABOUT - capacity of the drum; O or 1 corresponds to a parameter of 6 kg, the remaining values ​​indicate a real indicator, for example, 9 - means 9 kg;
  • F - type of control, namely the presence of a digital screen; other markers: L - LED indication D - LCD display;
  • 051 - a combination of symbols denotes the design of a particular modification;
  • CIS - manufacturing country, Russia.

Digital Motion Series. On board all models, a brushless inverter motor is installed. Products are marked Rst, RSD, RPD, RSM.

Washer RPD 1047 DD EU
Interpretation of the name RPD 1047 DD EU: R - designation of the direct-drive engine, P - full-size unit, D - equipment with LCD-display

The digital code displays:

  • 10 - tank capacity, that is - 10 kg;
  • 4 - marker of maximum spin speed, number 4 corresponds to 1400 rpm, 0 to 1000 rpm, 2 and 6 to 1200 and 1600 rpm, respectively;
  • 7 - equipped with functionality.

The following letter code indicates the design of the door: DD - completely black bezel of the hatch, DW - black and white color, Dx - black and silver.

Marker EU means that the equipment is made in Europe.

Classic representatives. This group includes machines with vertical loading and frontal units with a drive motor.

Model Decryption Example WMF 7080B CIS:

  • WM - front loading washer with a collector engine, WMT - vertically oriented apparatus;
  • F - type of control, digital display;
  • 7 - load volume of 7 kg;
  • 08 - centrifuge rotation speed; to obtain a real value, the digital indicator is multiplied by 100;
  • 0B - design and coloring of the case.

The last letter marker indicates the region of production and the main market for sales: CIS - Russia, UA - Ukraine, EU - Europe.

The best representatives of the lineup

Consider the popular models of Hotpoint Ariston washing machines, get acquainted with their technical parameters, estimated cost and user reviews.

Model # 1 - popular among RT7229 users

One of the leaders in sales is a machine with inverter motor Hotpoint-Ariston RT7229. Owners especially like low noisecreated by the unit during the washing process.

In the RT7229 washer, in addition to the basic set of modes, special functions are provided: stain removal, anti-allergy, super-rinse, delayed start, treatment and steam washing.


  • power consumption - A ++;
  • washing / spin efficiency - A / B;
  • energy consumption - 0.15 kW * h / kg;
  • water consumption - 52 l per cycle;
  • spin speed - 1200 rpm;
  • protection against leaks / children - eat / eat;
  • number of programs - 14.

Additional parameters of the unit: dimensions - 59x60x85 cm, door diameter - 30 cm, the presence of a "child lock".

Significant benefits include:

  • equipped with indicators of the program and the remaining time until the end of the cycle;
  • informative digital display;
  • capacious tank;
  • sound signal of completion of work.

The disadvantages of RT7229 can be considered: a relatively high cost - about 400 cu, the duration of some programs.

Model # 2 - roomy RZ1047W

Maximum capacity possesses the model RZ1047W. This parameter is 10 kg. At the same time, the machine is capable of accelerating to 1400 rpm on an extraction.

Washer Hotpoint-Ariston RZ1047W users like the presence of, among other functions, silent wash mode Super silent and processing downy things.

Model Features:

  • power consumption - A +++;
  • washing / spin efficiency - A / B;
  • energy consumption - 0.13 kW * h / kg;
  • water consumption - 57 l per cycle;
  • spin speed - up to 1400 rpm;
  • protection against leaks / children - is / is.

Additionally provided option loosening linen after spinning - prevents crushing things.

Competitive advantages:

  • many practical programs: washing wool and down jackets, removing stains, children's clothes, etc .;
  • the possibility of reloading linen thanks to the electromagnetic lock;
  • delayed start - a maximum of one day;
  • increased reliability of the inverter motor.

Consumers respond positively about this washer, noting the high quality of washing and convenient operation. The only drawback is the high cost of the model.

Model # 3 - Narrow VMUF 501 B

In the limited space of the room, narrow washing machines become salvation. Hotpoint-Ariston offers a range of compact models up to 45 cm deep.

A worthy representative is VMUF 501 B. Its depth is only 35 cm. It differs. affordable cost along with a full-featured snap. The price of VMUF 501 B is about 200 cu

Characteristics of this washing machine:

  • power consumption - A +++;
  • washing / spin efficiency - A / C;
  • spin speed - up to 1000 revolutions;
  • protection against leaks / children - partial / present;
  • start delay timer - yes;
  • tank material - plastic;
  • in addition - 16 modes, the ability to adjust / cancel the spin, digital display.

Distinctive features: technology of "automatic weighing", option anti-allergy, imbalance and foam control, the ability to independently set the temperature mode.

The model is very popular with buyers - this is confirmed by numerous reviews about the washer. Among the advantages, users distinguish: compactness, affordability, attractiveness, intuitive display interface, low electricity consumption, a wide selection of programs.

Negative responses are associated with noisy operation of the unit, whistling during the spin cycle, the lack of an express wash program, and the fragility of the bearings.

Model # 4 - Steam Washer RST602ST

The washing machine RST602ST, unlike its predecessor, is assembled on the basis of brushless motor. The model is available in two designs: with black and gray-black sunroof. Functionally, the unit is more perfect.

RST602ST belongs to the series Digital motion - rotation of the drum in 10 different modes. Safety is implemented by controlling the imbalance of the tank, blocking from children, partial protection against leaks and eliminating foaming.

Characteristic features of the unit:

  • power consumption - A ++;
  • washing / spin efficiency - A / C;
  • energy consumption - 0.15 kW * h / kg;
  • water consumption - 49 l per cycle;
  • spin speed - 1000 rpm;
  • protection against leaks / children - partial / present;
  • number of programs - 16;
  • special programs - steam supply.

Positive feedback: good washing quality, slight vibration, capacious tankdespite its compact size. Negative: the powder is not completely washed out of the tray, spin rumble.

RST602ST belongs to the middle class of washers, the cost of the unit is 320-340 cu

Model # 5 - RDPD96407JD Drying Machine

The machine takes care of the cleanliness of things and ensures their high-quality drying. Thanks to the special mode, there is no longer any need to hang wet clothes.

Developers implemented RDPD96407JD in Hotpoint-Ariston several drying modes for different materials. The permissible load in the drying mode is 6 kg, and during washing - 8 kg.

Model Features:

  • diameter of the loading hatch - 34 cm;
  • classes of washing / spin / energy efficiency - A / B / A;
  • protection against leaks / children - eat / eat;
  • number of programs - 16;
  • special programs - steam supply, direct injection, stain removal, washing wool, shirts, silent operation Super silent.

In this unique model, in addition to drying and steam supply, there is the possibility of adding linen during the washing process.

Advantages of the unit, according to users:

  • good stain removal;
  • gentle washing / drying of delicate items from wool;
  • capacious drum.

Not without cons. So, the first three months of operation in the drying mode, the smell of plastic may be observed. In practice, the following disadvantages were also identified: the duration of the programs, the insufficient strength of the counterweight plate.

Opinions regarding the Hotpoint-Ariston RDPD96407JD are mixed. However, the model continues to be in demand. The average price for a washing machine is 700 cu

Model # 6 - Built-in CAWD 129

A full-size unit designed for integration into a furniture set. It has the following dimensions 60x55x82 cm. An indispensable model when placing the washing machine in the kitchen or, if necessary, hide the equipment in the bathroom.

The popularity of CAWD 129 is explained by its versatility, good capacity and reasonably loyal value. The tank holds 7 kg of laundry, there is a possibility of drying things (up to 5 kg) by residual moisture.

Characteristics of this washing machine:

  • power consumption - B;
  • washing / spin efficiency - A / B;
  • spin speed - up to 1200 revolutions;
  • leakage protection - partial;
  • start delay timer - up to 9 hours;
  • tank material - plastic;
  • in addition - the ability to adjust / cancel the spin cycle, the choice of temperature.

The unit operates in 13 washing modes, 3 programs are provided for drying. Thanks to technology Woolmark Platinum Care You don’t have to worry about the quality of the wool after washing. Among the no less relevant programs are: super-rinse, washing children's clothes, delicate fabrics, Mix 15, antibacterial and quiet mode.

CAWD 129 reviews are numerous. Most users call the advantages: good roominess, the availability of drying, excellent washing quality, and variability of operating modes.

Identified shortcomings: lack of display, child lock and drum lights. Some users note that the hose is too short for the installation of equipment, they also speak of noise during water intake, as well as a pungent odor in the drying mode.

Model # 7 - vertical washer WMTF601 L

Hotpoint-Ariston models with a hatch are appreciated by users for their economical energy consumption, rich functionality, quality of washing and assembly of the equipment itself. WMTF601 L corresponds to these parameters.

The Hotpoint-Ariston WMTF601 L generates noise up to 59 dB during operation, and in spin mode its volume slightly increases to 76 dB. She is in demand among buyers.

Unit technical specifications:

  • power consumption - A +;
  • washing / spin efficiency - A / C;
  • water consumption - 48 l per cycle;
  • spin speed - 1000 rpm;
  • protection against leaks / children - partial / no;
  • number of programs - 18;
  • special programs - washing wool, children’s clothes and delicate fabrics.

WMTF601 is equipped with a system AntiOverFlow - prevents the leakage of the case in case of certain equipment malfunctions. High precision electronics and sensors are used. The risk of flooding is minimized

Washing machine has delayed start timer, program acceleration function and express cycle lasting 15 minutes. It is possible to set the spin speed.

Advantages of this washing machine:

  • small noise on the spin, no rattle;
  • high quality of washing;
  • the presence of indicators, a large display;
  • clear control system.

Cons are negligible: there is no half load and the ability to choose the temperature. Estimated price - 280 cu

Advanced Aqualtis Series

In the machines of the new Hotpoint-Ariston range, special attention is focused on preserving the original appearance of clothing. Consider the updated brand line on the example of two models.

The aggregates combine the previous achievements of the company with innovative technologies. The highlight of the Aqualtis series is design sophistication.

Original model of a washer AQ8F29
The entire line is characterized by such a feature as the presence of a rounded front door to the half of the facade with an integrated futuristic control panel. But some models stand out with their original design, for example, AQ8F29

General features of the model range:

  • wide hatch - diameter 35 cm;
  • Childlock - blocking from children;
  • SuperWash program - removal of pipe-derived contaminants;
  • Mix30 - gentle daily washing.

The innovation of the series is the presence of the Eco indicator. The lamp lights up when switching to an economical washing mode - reducing electricity consumption by 10% or more.

Despite the common features, the models of the series have differences.

One of the functional representatives of this line is Hotpoint-Ariston AQ7F05. This is a roomy representative with a depth of 55 cm. The maximum load in the washing mode is 7 kg, the intensity of the centrifuge is 1000 rpm.

Specifications AQ7F05
Interface with a three-section screen displaying the washing parameters. The model provides for the possibility of reloading things and a separate program for quilted products and down jackets - Duvet. The cost of AQ7F05 is 240-260 cu

Another interesting and original Aqualtis line washer - AQ8F29. It is distinguished by the presence of a built-in drawer for laundry in the design.

The constructive solution increased the height of the machine to 105 cm. The depth of the case is 65 cm, the capacity is 8 kg, the maximum drum speed is 1200 rpm, the spin class is A. This washing machine operates on an asynchronous engine that provides low noise pressure.

Characteristics AQ8F29
The Auto Dose Intelligence System is integrated into the AQ8F29 model - the machine independently determines the amount of powder, conditioner based on the weight and type of laundry. The cost of a "smart" unit is about 340 cu

Pros and cons of this brand’s washers

Hotpoint-Ariston is a trademark of Europe's largest household appliance concern Merloni. The company has been operating in the market since 1930 and deservedly enjoys a reputation as a bona fide manufacturer.

Since the 1970s, an Italian company has been gradually expanding the geography of production. The decisive factor for reaching a new level was the accession of popular European brands Indesit and Hotpoint. In 2000, a Russian company entered the group - Stinol.

Washing machines
Merloni products are manufactured under various names. In the domestic market, goods are sold under a double name - Hotpoint-Ariston

The multinationality of the corporation has largely influenced the technical equipment, design and functionality of washing equipment.

The competitive advantages of units from Ariston include:

  1. Profitability. Energy class of washing machines - A, A ++ and A +++. In the process, the units economically consume electricity, water.
  2. Durability. Direct drive models are considered the most reliable. The manufacturer guarantees uninterrupted operation of the engine of brushless machines for ten years.
  3. Adjustability of programs. Flexible control system for setting the optimum wash cycle. In addition to choosing the desired mode, the user independently determines the temperature of the water, the intensity of the centrifuge.
  4. Wide price range. The cost of the unit depends on the type of motor, size and functionality. The price of washing machines varies between 250-900 cu
  5. Convenient ditch for washing. In front-loading machines, the compartment consists of three clearly defined compartments. The tray extends very simply - holding the handle, scroll the pan and pour powder.

Hotpoint-Ariston products boast an unusual performance. The product line includes modifications of white and silver.

Aqaltis Series
The units of the Aqaltis series are distinguished by their originality of execution - the rounded outlines correspond to the trends of modern design and create a special atmosphere in the interior. Some models have a drawer for laundry

The list of disadvantages of the machines is based on user feedback.

Most often, customer calls to service centers are associated with the following problems:

  • pump failure - drain pump;
  • damage to the hatch or unit cover - the reason lies in the insufficiently reliable fasteners of mechanical elements;
  • the need to replace the inlet hose - the deformation of the pipeline can be caused not by a defect in the washing machine itself, but by the hardness of the water; to prevent such a situation, it is advisable to establish washing filter;
  • electronics malfunctions - Breakdowns occur due to excessive humidity in the room or due to a short circuit in the control module.

The nature and frequency of breakdowns are largely determined by operating conditions. Subject to the manufacturer's recommendations, the technician will last quite a long time.

All Hotpoint Ariston washing machines undergo a test drive before they go on sale.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Detailed consultation of the master in the repair of household appliances on the choice of washing machines for home use. Description of design features, operating modes and operation tips:

Products of the Italian brand are in constant demand. The main reason is the optimal ratio of cost and technical equipment of machines.

The choice of Hotpoint-Ariston brand washers is very diverse, the company offers both models with a basic set of programs and multifunctional premium cars.

Share with your readers your experience in choosing and using a washing machine. Tell us which unit you bought, whether you are satisfied with the work of a home assistant. Please leave comments and participate in discussions - the feedback form is located below.

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    I can judge by myself that I really like Arpointon's Hotpoint washing machines. The manufacturer took care of a quality product, many useful washing programs, the same mixing is really convenient. As for direct drive, they are not the only ones who use it. LG also has such cars in its arsenal. We have a car with dryer, I thought for a long time whether to take such a model or not, but I did not regret it.

  2. If you think “in a businesslike way”, then choosing a washing machine, first of all, you should pay attention to such parameters:
    1) Size (not everyone can boast a large bathtub), and washing machines now have both small and semi-industrial for the home, for a large amount of laundry. We have a narrow one, I am satisfied.
    2) Loading (frontal and vertical). I love only the front, for me personally this is the most convenient option.
    3) Capacity of the drum. Not always bigger, better. For a small family, why not load more than 7 kg. We have 5 and enough with the head.
    4) And only then I would pay attention to the brand.
    If you paint everything according to these criteria, then it is very easy to choose.

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