Haier washing machines: ranking of the best models + tips for customers

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Modern cars facilitate home chores, freeing owners from hard manual labor. But they all differ in performance and functionality, so it’s not so easy to choose a unit that is suitable for the parameters and price.

Thinking about buying a home helper, but can’t decide on a model? Interesting and inexpensive options are in the product line of the Chinese brand. Budget Haier washing machines demonstrate good quality work, are characterized by a quiet course of washing, ease of operation, functionality and economy.

Before deciding to purchase, we advise you to evaluate the technical equipment of the units, their pros and cons, familiarize yourself with the most popular Haier washing machines and find out what users think about them. All these points are described in detail in the article.

Haier Product Information

Haier (China) was founded relatively recently - in 1984. The manufacturer entered the international market in 1999, and in Russia and other CIS countries products of this brand could be purchased since 2007.

Today, Haier Corporation is in the Top 3 of the world's largest manufacturers of all kinds of household appliances. It is represented in more than a hundred countries of the world, has research and scientific units in China, a number of other countries in Asia and Europe.

Popular Hayer washing machines
Hyer washing machines are successfully sold on all continents. Production facilities are located in China, Indonesia, the USA, Malaysia, the Philippines, and in 2016 a large plant was opened in Russian Naberezhnye Chelny, where 15 thousand people work.

Haier washing machines are in demand all over the world. This fact indicates that they are quite reliable and functional.

But, like any equipment, there are drawbacks that you should familiarize yourself with in order to make the best choice.

Haier Production
Haier washing machines are manufactured using modern equipment that meets the most stringent requirements of different countries, including the USA, Malaysia, and Britain.

Why are these washing machines so good?

Traditionally, specialists and numerous owners of various washing machines of the presented brand have noted the presence of numerous advantages.

The main ones include:

  1. Good washing quality Is a feature of all Haier models. Moreover, the aggregates of this brand successfully cope with the cleaning of various fabrics from pollution, including delicate, wool. The same statement applies to down jackets, children's, sports things.
  2. Energy efficiency - This characteristic is especially true for the new generation of machines, which for the most part belong to the most economical classes A ++, A +++.
  3. Low noise - for modern models, it does not exceed moderate 58 dB during the working cycle, which is a good indicator.
  4. Simple operation - Hyer units have a considerable number of modes, functions, but to deal with them is easy even for a person far from such a technique. In addition, many machines are capable of adjusting pre-set wash programs themselves.
  5. Functionality - All models of this manufacturer have a large number of programs (9-17), which allows you to cope with the cleaning of different tissues in the best way. And also in the presence of many additional functions, these include the choice of the spin mode, rinse, temperature.

It is also important that the washers take up little space, this is also an actual advantage, especially in the limited space of small housing.

In addition, among the models there is a sufficient selection of narrow units, the depth of which does not exceed 41 cm. Which further saves space.

Compact roomy washers from Hayer
For all its compactness, the technique is quite roomy, so you can wash up to 5-12 kg of clothes per cycle, which is an excellent indicator

All washing machines of the brand presented in use are safe, as they are equipped with Safety guard.

This is a system representing a 9-step intellectual protection against various problems associated with leaks, overflows, and other troubles.

It constantly monitors the execution of the washing program, and in case of power outages, it records the last parameters in memory. That after the restoration of performance allows you to continue cleaning, and not start the procedure again.

In addition, the Safety Guard will prevent heating from leaking or running out of water. Child protection is provided.

Technology AMT - An antibacterial coating that eliminates the appearance of bacteria, mold in the most vulnerable places of the washing machine, which are the tray and the cuff of the hatch.

Effective design solution
In addition to undeniable technical achievements, the company pleases its fans with bright design solutions. For example, the release of washing machines with a transparent casing and a fantastic LED backlight

An important advantage of Haier washers is the inverter motor - due to the absence of brushes, belt drive and some other rubbing elements, it ensures the machine quiet operation.

In addition, such a motor has great reliability, which allows the manufacturer to give him a 12-year warranty. This indicates that the company is confident in the reliability of the engine.

Russified menu of Haier machines
A feature of all Haier machines is considered sufficient reliability, performance, as well as simple operation, especially since the menu is always Russified (+)

As well as potential buyers should pay attention to the long warranty period.

So it can reach an impressive five years and applies to most washing machines under the Hayer brand. And given the availability of quality service, this is a significant plus.

Disadvantages and possible problems

Along with an impressive list of advantages, washing machines have certain disadvantages. Moreover, they are not always insignificant.

According to user reviews, the disadvantages of the Hayer models are:

  1. Price - Many potential buyers expect that the products of the Chinese manufacturer should be cheaper than, for example, European ones. But in this case, everything is not so, so the future owners will have to pay as much money as for Zanussi brand products and a number of no less well-known manufacturers.
  2. Poor rinse - Some owners complain that there are traces of detergent on washed items. As a result, we have to carry out a new rinse cycle, which allows us to get rid of the problem. But this does not add to the efficiency of the units, and there can be no talk of optimizing the washing procedure.
  3. At maximum speeds things sometimes go bad - In response to such statements, representatives of the manufacturer indicated that users violate the washing rules.

Still, you need to understand that poor rinsing and wear of things occur quite rarely. In addition, Haier is gradually eliminating the shortcomings.

For example, in the latest released models, an additional rinse function has appeared, which will help to cope with the removal of powder residues even when washing massive things.

Haier typewriter in the interior
Haier washing machines are considered durable, productive. Also at their height are aesthetic qualities that allow them to be used in any interior

And to improve the quality of washing and reduce the load on the fibers in all produced models began to use a drumWavedrum. Its design allows you to create streams of water that lift the laundry over a metal surface, thereby significantly reducing friction and wear during washing.

In addition, the latest products are equipped with a drum Pillowdrum, which on the inner surface has small protrusions-pads that reduce friction of linen on metal, which further reduces the load on the fabric fibers.

People who want to buy a top-loading machine should be aware that there are no such products in the Haier line and the company is not going to supply them in the near future. Many consider this a significant drawback. If you are looking for a top-loading washing machine, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this rating.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer thought about the buyers who were forced to save space - in its lineup there are quite compact and narrow units that can partially solve the problem.

A relative disadvantage is the lack of displays on individual models. But in this case, the potential buyer to get out of the situation is simple - just buy a washing machine equipped with a digital display.

Achievements in managing the Haier washing machine
Unfortunately, not all cars with the Haier logo are equipped with liquid crystal displays that allow you to monitor the washing process, and only the latest models support the smart control function

Another disadvantage is the use of quiet and reliable inverter motors not on all models. More precisely, now they are used only on units of a new generation.

All other products are equipped with collector electric motors, losing the latest engines in reliability and other indicators. Therefore, the buyer should pay attention to this point. A comparison of different types of engines for washing machines is given in here.

Rubber cuff of a washing tank
By cons include the smell of rubber present in the drums, which Hyer typewriters sometimes complain about. It’s hard to deal with, but these are also infrequent cases.

Rules for choosing the best washing machine

The line of this manufacturer is quite extensive, therefore, in order to make the best choice, an interested person needs to take into account a rather large number of nuances.

These include:

  • maximum load
  • type of management, as well as the number of installed programs, the availability of the future owner;
  • additional options;
  • safety;
  • dimensions of equipment.

Another important indicator is traditionally the loading format, but, as already mentioned, Haier only produces products with a horizontal hatch.

Future owners of one of the Haier models must definitely decide on the maximum load before buying. Since this feature makes it possible to buy the best option without overpaying for performance.

It is simple to do this - for example, if you plan to wash only ordinary things, linen, and the family is small, then an aggregate that can handle 5-6 kg load will be enough.

Types of washing machine operation control
Hyer offers consumers a washing machine with both electromechanical and touch controls. While the assortment is dominated by units with buttons and a rotary command device

When it will be necessary to clean a large number of terry products from pollution, pillows, all kinds of down comforters or equipment should serve the needs of a considerable number of people, then the maximum load should be at least 7-8 kg.

In addition, for the latter case, a double-drum machine is produced at Haier, which is ready to take up to 12 kg of things.

If the buyer is interested in acquiring the simplest and most reliable model, then you should look at the units with mechanical control. They are controlled by turns of levers, and the design lacks a display.

This makes such a plan of the machine cheaper when buying, in repair. In addition, this type of control is easier to understand, especially for those people who are with the technology on "you".

Electromechanical Hyer washing machine
The simplest to learn and manage is considered an unpretentious mechanical command device. In addition, it is less sensitive to moisture and less likely to fail.

But in this case, the owners will participate minimally in the washing process, since machines with mechanical control are equipped with a minimum number of programs, functions.

The latter fact will not appeal to advanced users who want to adjust operating modes and have a large number of predefined functions to get the maximum result.

They will need an intelligent control unit that allows the owner to actively participate in programming.

Drum Wave
The Wave drum is installed on most Haier machines sold today. Its surface helps to prevent contact of linen with metal, which significantly reduces the wear of fabric fibers

Additional features and special programs are convenient in that they expand the functionality of washing machines.

For example, the presence of steam treatment will be useful for families with children, since it destroys all kinds of bacteria and additionally smoothes the formed folds, so clothes are easy to iron.

Special programs for allergy sufferers and washing children's things will make it possible to completely remove the powder from the cleaned laundry. And the mode "Sportswear" will get rid of the smell and pollution on things used for an active lifestyle.

An always important aspect when choosing is the safety of the washing machine - Haier takes this into account when equipping its equipment with sensors that detect leakage.

But the buyer should pay attention to the fact that in some newer models this function is considered additional, for which it will be necessary to pay extra.

Drum Pillow
The innovative PillowDrum drum is one of the latest developments by Haier engineers. It allows you to wash all kinds of fabrics as delicately as possible.

All the equipment sold by the manufacturer is equipped with protection from children who can’t make any amendments to the work or open the hatch.

At the same time, there are no sensors in the Haier machines that detect high foam content. Which in exceptional cases, but can lead to damage to the car, flooding of housing and neighbors.

Overview of popular brand models

The range of Haier units is quite extensive and is presented in various price categories, so it makes sense to consider the features and advantages of the demanded models in each of them. This will simplify the task when choosing a washing machine.

Model # 1 - Haier HW60-1010AN

One of the most popular among low-cost machines is the Haier HW60-1010AN. it narrow and compact unit with a popular front loading, made in a classic design and able to clean up to 6 kg of various things in one cycle.

Having bought this washing machine, its owner has the right to expect only excellent washing results, since the model belongs to the most reliable models.

The spin speed, if desired, is capable of reaching a sufficient 1000 revolutions per minute. This allows you to effectively remove moisture in most cases. In addition, the machine is economical, therefore it belongs to the class A ++.

In it, everything is preinstalled only 9 major programs. But the washing quality will not suffer from this, because all the most demanded modes are provided, including washing cotton, synthetics.

The ability of the machine to gently clean dirt from wool is confirmed by a certificateWoolmark.

The model HW60-1010AN is a suitable option for those who want to devote a minimum of time to washing, since the control is mechanical, that is, with a lever. But to invent something, you do not need to adjust it.

Additionally, pre-wash, intensive and quick wash are provided. In the latter case, the duration of the regime is only 29 minutes, but there is a program that allows you to refresh things that are not particularly dirty even faster - its duration is short 15 minutes.

Model HW60-1010AN equipped with a drumWave, the wavy surface of which prevents the wear of fibers of all kinds of fabrics during washing.

A potential buyer should know that it is this unit that does not always completely wash the powder from clothing. Although this happens infrequently. To reduce the likelihood of a problem, you need to study the instructions and understand how to properly pour powder into a ditch.

Model # 2 - Haier HW60-1211N

A more functional option is the Haier HW60-1211N. This is one of the most inexpensive models in the domestic market with steam function. In addition, at a low cost, it stands out by its many other advantages.

This washing machine is designed to load 6 kg of dry laundry, has a good set of programs, a convenient control circuit and a display for tracking processes. So, with compact dimensions, the machine can wash up to 6 kg of contaminated items in one load.

Moreover, the efficiency will be excellent, as the unit is among the highest washing class in this category - A. Spin speed reaches 1200 rpm./min. The quality of this procedure is very good.

The model successfully copes with washing any type of fabric in demand. Among the additional programs, it is worth noting the mode for sportswear and intensive washing. Lightly soiled items can be cleaned in just 15 minutes.

Foreseen drum self-cleaning, additional rinse function, demanded start delay timer. The washing temperature in any of the programs is allowed to change.

The owners note that the specified washing machine is quiet in operation, and there is almost no vibration during the spin cycle, so it can be used even at night.

The innovative Wave drum prevents premature wear on washable items. Provides protection against children, all kinds of leaks, and complete.

That is, the washing machine is good for everyone: it is inexpensive, functional, but there is one important minus - its engine is not the most popular collector type today.

Nevertheless, the unit is classified as energy efficiency A ++that is a good indicator.

Model # 3 - Haier HW80-B14686

Haier HW80-B14686 will be interesting for customers who want to choose economical unit, since it belongs to the highest class in this category (A +++) And also she is able, and without any complaints, to wash up to 8 kg of things.

At the disposal of the owner of the machine HW80-B14686 will be 16 programswhich is enough for all cases. In addition, the management is intelligent, so it is possible to create your own washing modes, to make adjustments to the preset ones.

Additionally, the processor of this unit is able to independently optimize the procedure for cleaning things. Contributes to this auto weight function, after which the machine itself makes adjustments to obtain a better result.

The highlight of this model is steam wash, which allows you to completely remove odors, various household allergens, washing powder. In addition, the clothes will be soft, fresh, without folds.

This machine is equipped with the most advanced drum. Pillowdrum, which eliminates the possibility of wear during cleaning.

Model # 4 - Haier HW70-12829

Haier HW70-12829 refers to freestanding front-loading washers. Its price tag is slightly higher than that of budget models, which is offset by advanced functionality.

This washing machine holds up to 7 kg of clothes per cycle. The diameter of the loading hatch is 32 cm. Its dimensions are average - 60x46x85 cm, which allows no problems install a washing machine in most rooms.

At the service of the user 14 modesincluding washing delicate items, silk, jeans, baby clothes and more. There are also economical and accelerated programs that allow you to wash your laundry as soon as possible, spending a minimum of resources.

The owners consider the main advantages of Haier HW70-12829 to be economical - the machine consumes only 45 liters of water per cycle, while using 0.11 kWh for every kg of loaded items. She has a high energy class - A +++.

Customers also note the high quality of washing, moderate noise and reliability of the model - the manufacturer provided protection against children / leaks, foam control / imbalance.

In cons, some users put a loud spin, which, according to the brand, is 75 dB.

Model # 5 - Haier HW70-BP12758

The Haier HW70-BP12758 machine is full-size model dimensions 60x51x85 cm. Therefore, it is worth buying it only when the room has free space under it.

This washing machine is very popular among buyers, occupying a leading position in terms of sales. Such popularity is due to good equipment, solid assembly and convenient operation.

The unit is able to cope with washing 7 kg of various types of clothing. To do this, the manufacturer introduced 16 work programsthat will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

You can choose from the most popular modes, such as quick washing and processing of delicate fabrics, as well as special ones. Among the latter is a program for children's, down and sports things, steam supply.

Also, users note the usefulness of such preset modes as washing underwear and hypo-allergenic program. It turned out to be incredibly demanded self-cleaning optionwhich the machine performs in automatic mode.

Regarding the consumption of energy and water resources, this model is beyond praise - it spends 0.06 kWh per 1 kg of things.

Among the minuses are the lack of control from the smartphone, the lack of drying and the option to remove stains. Some users still complain of some noise during the spin cycle.

Model # 6 - Haier HW60-10636

Haier HW60-10636 is a freestanding model with front loading type. She can wash up to 6 kg of various clothes at a time. Moreover, the processing of mixed fabrics is possible thanks to a special program.

Dimensions of this washing machine are 60x45x85 cm, electronic control, available digital display.

At the service of the user whole 16 programs. Among them, you can choose the best for daily use, for example, fast, or for exceptional situations - washing silk or baby clothes, boiling.

Despite the expanded functionality, the price tag of the Haier HW60-10636 is low. In addition, it economically consumes water / electricity - 48 liters per wash / 0.14 kWh per kg of clothes.

The main advantages noted by the owners: things are perfectly washed, excellent spin, despite the class C declared by the manufacturer, compact dimensions, which does not affect its capacity. I also like a good selection of modes and relatively quiet work.

Of the minuses, users are advised to test the model in all modes in the first 2 weeks to make sure that there is no factory defect.

Model # 7 - Haier HWD120-B1558U

Novelty in the environment of washing machines - premium model with two reels. The upper tank holds 4 kg of laundry, and the lower - 8 kg. In addition, in the lower drum there is the possibility of drying things with a total weight of not more than 4 kg. Spin speed within 1500 rpm.

The HWD120-B1558U unit impresses with its technical equipment and a variety of programs:

  • the upper drum operates in 12 modes, the lower - in 20;
  • there are programs for washing blankets, wool, silk, curtains, stains, super-rinses, express in 15 minutes, a refreshing cycle, self-cleaning;
  • memory function, automatic weighing and washing parameters adjustment;
  • complete leakage protection system - Aquastop;
  • drum type - Pillow drum;
  • backlit text display;
  • the ability to control from the phone through Wifi;
  • tank light;
  • child lock, 24-hour timer, adjustment / cancellation of a spin.

However, even with such technical equipment there are flaws. The material used to make the tank is plastic, and the heating element does not have a protective coating. Demand for the model is limited due to the bulkiness of the equipment and the very high cost. Buyers are not ready to spend so much money on a washing machine.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The video tells about the rules for choosing a washing machine:

Haier household appliances are modern high-tech products. Cars are quite reliable, productive and just wash well. Although there are some disadvantages in the form of poor rinsing, lack of display for certain models.

But these are infrequent cases mainly inherent in the cheapest units. Therefore, these disadvantages do not affect the demand for Haier washers from buyers from all over the world.

What washing machine did you choose? Please tell us why you gave preference to a particular model, whether you are satisfied with the work and functionality of the acquired equipment. Add reviews, comments and ask questions - the contact form is below.

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Visitors Comments
  1. Friends have Haier, they bought it because of a good discount a couple of years ago, and the managers praised it (although this still does not mean anything). Affordable price captivates. I was also going to change the machine and wanted to buy Hyer. And then it so coincided that she broke down with friends. And they were faced with the fact that there are no spare parts for it, in addition, not every master repairs such a company. As a result, the craftsmen were found, but the repair turned out to be expensive, as the one explained: “You see, I searched for and ordered every part personally ...”

    I don’t know whether they delivered him from China or something, but the repair took a whole month.I lost the desire to take this company. I bought a Samsung Korean assembly. Here the proverb goes: “the avaricious pays twice”.

  2. Maria

    Poor rinsing and spoiling of things from the use of spinning at high speeds are sores of ALL washers, I know this from experience. We use Eldzhi and Khayr (and before that there was Samsung). Use less powder / gel, in cold water the powder does not have time to dissolve and wash in 30 minutes, at least two cycles are necessary, or it is better to use a liquid agent. And to squeeze things at 400, jeans and other strong things at only 1000 rpm.

  3. Vladimir Petrovich

    Great company Hyer! Bought a washing machine Hyer HW 60 1029 in October 2017 in the store 5 element! And I don't regret any potions! The washing quality of this machine is excellent! Energy efficient! The washing quality is especially visible when you wash white uniform shirts and shirts with Persil powder. After washing, they become “brilliant white”! But most importantly, this washing machine NEVER jumps over the bathroom if there is an imbalance in the drum of the machine! It erases almost noiselessly, and with the bathroom door closed, the noise is not heard in the apartment! I recommend buying to everyone! Good Chinese! You will not regret!

  4. Sasha

    In the 90s I bought a haier rc800txB washing machine in Poland. Has worked for 20 years to this point without a single breakdown. Now something happened, but they didn’t understand (they bought a new Electrolux) As the manager in the store said, she worked for you for 20 years, what else do you want)) I really think I can call a repairman, maybe she can also be repaired. It seems to me that the matter is in the pump, but I'm not a pro)) Friends and Indesit, and Kandy, and Bosch did not work such a term !! I don’t know how now ... but the first is Haer. Even then I was surprised what kind of company this is.

    These are excellent cars in quality ... better than Samsugna and LJI of that time. I think they were brought closer in quality to the German cars of their market, because it was necessary to conquer it and go international, to establish oneself. Honestly, I really liked Haer. No Calgon, it poured ordinary powder, did not spare, in short, it bombed the machine. As she stood it all, I myself was in shock.

    I will not recommend anything, let everyone decide for themselves, but emotionally could not stand it and wrote. The only thing I personally know is who the machine worked for over 21 years without repair. So this is the German Bosch, but bought near Poznan in the very first boutiques in Germany on the border. By the way, in their market there are no shortened and narrow machines. Only standard, great !! Something like that!

  5. Julia

    To unscrew the transport bolts from these machines, you need to tear out the nails with the roots! At first glance, compared to the Samsung machine next door, this one is somehow simpler. Thin plastic, cracks ...

    • You are super-smart if you manually unscrew the transport bolts. There are wrenches for this.

  6. Marusia

    Disgusting for the money! Left for a meter and broke the shower. I touched the sock in the rubber pad of the drum and muzzled it for 1 hour and 16 minutes. The screws of the drum cushion are not tightened, one turns, the thread is broken. Assembly China. I can imagine what would happen if they were collected in Russia. I read reviews and understand that it’s a solid fake. Do not take the HW80 with a load of 9 kg.

  7. We bought a Haier car in December 2017. In February 2019, her rubber band broke, and the master said that there was a problem with the bearings, and there would be enough more for a year. Very disappointed in this brand.

  8. Maria

    The machine stands tight, unscrewed the bolts without problems, without breaking the nails, fingers, hands 🙂 It doesn’t skip the bathroom, but despite this it works noisily. However, this is not even worrying, but the fact that the case is heating up - I have not seen anything like this before with washing machines.

  9. Natalya

    A month ago, bought a washing machine HW 100- B14876. This is the most terrible machine! Overshoot all things! Knitted to reel, stretched, deformed. Jeans are stretched in a belt! Dirt does not wash off.

    In the delicate washing mode, the wool will simply wet and give out how dirty it was. On washing “baby things”, daily washing kills things. Things are so slow that some kind of horror, even at the smallest speed. What a super gentle drum there, I don’t know.

    Twenty years ago, drums without super new technologies very delicately coped with washing. This is our family’s worst purchase! And who will indemnify in the form of spoiled things?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. Well, if you prove the problem, you can return the money for the machine through the warranty period as defect detection or through the court. To do this, you need to conduct an independent examination and prove that the machine does not erase / spoil things badly.

  10. Evelina

    Bought Haier HW60-10636. A month later, the cuff of the hatch broke. The guarantee was refused, they said it was their own fault. Ordered a repair for the money. The third week has already gone by, as they are carrying this cuff. Apparently on dogs from China itself ...

    I am very sorry that you were seduced by the chatter of a consultant in the store and did not take LG. Before that, we had LG and it worked for 18 years!