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Choosing washing machines Electrolux, you can start by studying the characteristics of a particular model. And you can approach the issue on the other hand - based on the necessary functions and capabilities, determine the option suitable for yourself. What does Electrolux offer us?

In the article, we gave a classification of the washing machines of the Swedish brand, told which unit is better to use in a particular situation, listed the main criteria for choosing a home helper. An overview of the lineup and functionality of the popular Electrolux units will help you decide on a purchase.

Features of washing machines from Electrolux

The most basic selection criteria are technical and functional characteristics. The size, type of motor and placement of doors, energy efficiency and spin speed - all these parameters are taken into account when choosing equipment, and, subsequently, affect the efficiency of the equipment.

From the point of view of economical and comfortable operation, the noise level, water consumption, the ability to select a specific temperature are also important.

Useful functions will be protective programs that control foaming, the occurrence of an imbalance, protect children from undesirable consequences due to their not careful intervention in the operation of the equipment.

Washing machines brand Electrolux
The washing machines from the Swedish manufacturer are endowed with an extensive set of basic and additional functions that provide an excellent washing result and protect the unit from negative influences

Choice of front or vertical loading type

In addition to the obvious differences that appear in the appearance of models with different types of loading, their functional features should be noted.

Machines with loading laundry from above are more compact - if a full-sized front-type device has dimensions of 60 by 60 cm, then a vertical-type machine with the same load volume will have dimensions of 60 by 45 cm.

Loading laundry into a vertical type washing machine
Another advantage of the top loading machine is the ability to pause the workflow and add things that you forgot to download at the beginning.

The type of loading has no special effect on the durability of the device. The presence of two bearings (for a vertical type machine) or one (in a device with side doors) for the operation of the washing machine is not essential. But the front-end machine is more stable, less amenable to vibration.

Often, the deciding factor when choosing a particular type of device is not personal preference, but the conditions that dictate the layout of a house or apartment.

So, if the bathroom is very small, then you have to make a choice based on the size of the machine itself and the ability to freely open the doors. If the installation will be carried out in the kitchen, then, in most cases, front-loading equipment is chosen.

Frontal washing machines
Machines with front loading type are more popular in the CIS countries. They are suitable for installation both in the kitchen and in the bathroom or in the combined bathroom

Sizes of equipment and loading norms of linen

By size washing machines "Electrolux" are divided into:

  1. Full sized. Front-type cars have dimensions - 60 cm in depth and the same in width, and full-size equipment with vertical loading is produced in sizes of 60x40 cm.
  2. Narrow. These include devices of the frontal type, which, with a typical width of 60 cm, are 40 cm in depth.
  3. Compact. With a width of 60 cm, they can have a depth of 33.8 to 45 cm.

The amount of load varies from 3 to 10 kg of linen. Capacity from 7 kg allows you to provide clean things for a family of 5 people.

Capacious drum washing machine
In such a capacious drum, you can wash a double blanket or a volume blanket, which you can’t do in compact devices

Embedded machines have their own characteristics. This type of equipment is designed for concealed installation. The equipment is “hidden” behind the kitchen set or under the cabinet in the bathroom. The level of vibration in such devices is subject to more stringent requirements.

Built-in compact washer installation option
Built-in models are equipped with stainless steel mounting hinges. Front doors from the furniture set installed in the kitchen are hung on them

The main qualities that distinguish built-in appliances:

  • all devices are full-sized;
  • models are available only with side loading;
  • The technique has imbalance control.

Compared with standard equipment, the cost of the built-in is 2-2.5 times higher.

Super Narrow Electrolux Washing Machine
Narrow washing machines are very popular among owners of small apartments and housing from the old fund, called the Khrushchev. Compact equipment is able to provide clean things to the whole family, while taking up a minimum of space

Type of motor: collector or inverter

Focusing on inverter motor, manufacturers of washing machines of various brands, and not only Electrolux, rely on their significant advantage in terms of efficiency and long service life.

But is the price that they offer to pay for the improved performance justified, because on average inverter devices cost 1.5 times more expensive than conventional models?

Inverter models are really economical and use electricity 20% less than conventional ones. Savings are achieved through improved engine performance.

But manufacturers are often silent that the main amount of energy is consumed not by the engine, but by electroten. But the long guarantee for the inverter motor is really the factor that justifies the high cost of the models.

Engine washing machine Electrolux
The company produces washing equipment with collector and inverter types of engines. The second option is covered by a ten-year warranty.

For more information about the device and the features of the engines of washing machines, as well as the nuances of replacing the motor, see this article.

Energy Class and Speed

Classification of energy consumption is carried out in the letter designation, from A to G. But the constant improvement of technology in terms of saving resources has led to the emergence of technology with classes A +, A ++ and A +++.

Electricity consumption by equipment of class A +++ is 0.5-0.6 kW / h. These classes are calculated and indicated in the technical specifications separately for washing and spin modes.

Energy classes
Some models of Electrolux luxury washers have even greater energy efficiency. For them, the manufacturer indicates the class A +++ -10%, and even -20 and -30% (+)

AB Electrolux washing machines can have ram speeds ranging from 600 to 1800 rpm. The more revolutions the drum makes, the more moisture leaves the laundry, less time is required for subsequent drying. An increase in the number of revolutions per minute of time also has a negative side - it leads to creasing of the tissue.

But this factor can be removed if you use the steaming function, and then, perhaps, you do not need to iron at all - the fabric will become soft and fresh.

The spin class depends on the speed of rotation of the drums. Classification is carried out using letter codes - from A (the humidity of the clothes after extraction is <45%) to G (humidity> 90%). A device with a high speed of revolutions (about 1600 per minute) is assigned class A. The speed of 1 thousand rpm is considered the most optimal.

Washing drum rotation speed
The degree of extraction directly depends on the speed of rotation of the drum, but at the same time reduces the energy efficiency class. Therefore, the most economical machines have a low spin class, which does not bother anyone who wants to buy a dryer in addition to a washing machine

Washing machine functionality

Of course, each user would like to have a technique with the maximum amount of functionality. But not everyone can afford it. Therefore, manufacturers combine the presence of additional functions in different versions. The buyer can choose those that he considers to be the most necessary.

The main programs used by these machines are: delicate, cotton, wool, eco cotton, jeans, silk, synthetics, rinsing (depending on speed), underwear, curtains, blankets, light sport mode, spin-draining, 5 shirts 30.

Electrolux washing machine control unit
You can make adjustments to the work of the main programs. The manufacturer provides the user with the ability to add a preliminary rinse phase, independently change the temperature and spin speed

You can completely refuse spinning or choose a stop mode with water in the tank to prevent wrinkling. In this case, the machine completes its work without draining the water, turning the drum from time to time. Before opening the door, the drain function must be activated.

It is also possible to add an additional rinse phase to the main programs. You can set the function once or set its automatic use for each wash.

Steam operation Easy iron adjusts the water level and the spin speed in such a way that minimizes the formation of wrinkles on clothes, reduce the time for subsequent ironing, or completely abandon it.

Function Direct spray designed to provide gentle washing due to the soft supply of water jets, at the same time optimizes its consumption.

Function Fuzzy logic Designed for automatic balancing. If there is an imbalance during the spin cycle, when things slip into a lump, unevenly distributed over the drum, the machine tries to eliminate it. If this was not possible, the system selects the optimal speed of rotation of the drum, taking into account the imbalance.

Time Manager Function
Options that help manage time are “Delayed Start”, “Time Manager” and a short wash in 30 minutes

Function Delaystart allows you to set the start time of the wash so that it ends when necessary. This is a useful feature for people who want to adjust the work of technology to their schedule, and not vice versa. The delay time can be up to 20 hours.

Mode Time manager - this is an opportunity to choose one of eight options for the duration of washing. The QuickWash option program involves halving the work cycle time. The function is simply indispensable when you need to get clean things as quickly as possible.

Product line PerfectCare

Collection Perfectcare Designed for gentle clothing care. Creating the technique of this series, the manufacturer offers a new approach to washing, in which the wardrobe lasts longer while maintaining the color, structure of the fabric, its softness.

Washing Technologies for Careful Garment Care
Using new methods allows you to not dry clothes, reducing ironing time and thereby prolonging its service life

They produce PerfectCare 900, PerfectCare 800, PerfectCare 700 and PerfectCare 600 models, which differ from each other in the set of technologies used.

Feature Overview:

  • SensiCare Technology. It is used in all devices of the PerfectCare model range and allows you to double the safety of clothing compared to others. When you turn on the equipment, the sensors set individual parameters for the duration, flow rate of water and electricity. As a result, it is possible to avoid remodeling, the load on the device is reduced, and energy resources are economically consumed.
  • SteamCare Technology. Assumes the use of steam at the end of the wash. It helps to smooth fibers, prevents the formation of wrinkles. Steam treatment time - 30 minutes. As a result, the use of the iron is minimized, the clothes retain their texture and shape. The manufacturing company also offers to use the technology in order to refresh clothes without resorting to washing.
  • UltraCare Technology. Pre-dissolving detergents, the machine increases the washing efficiency due to the uniform and thorough processing of each fiber, provides safe care for wool products. The same distribution of emollients prolongs the freshness and novelty of the fabric. The cleaning performance at 30 ° C with UltraCare technology equates to normal washing at 40 ° C.
  • ColourCare Technology. The system is used so far in only one model - PerfectCare 900 - and involves the purification of water using filters that remove impurities, mineral particles, contributing to the maximum use of the potential of detergents.

As a result, the user gets a more thorough, but at the same time gentle washing, preserving the color and brightness of the clothes.

SensiCare Technology
SensiCare technology preserves the softness and color of the fabric by setting the program so that washing takes as long as necessary for a certain amount of laundry

3 in 1 Devices: Wash / Dry / Steam

The functions of 3 in 1 washing machines include: washing things, drying them and steaming. The devices provide a full cycle of laundry and help to care even for woolen and delicate things.

A full cycle of care is carried out as part of the implementation of one program, at a time you can serve as much as possible from 7 to 10 kg of laundry using only washing or from 4 to 7 kg in the drying mode.

System Optiense, which is used in washing machines Electrolux 3 in 1, automatically determines the amount of linen and selects the desired mode.

Intelligent Control Units
Intelligent-controlled washing machines independently weigh things loaded into the drum, according to which they select the optimal program for their processing

Rating of popular models and reviews

AB Electrolux is a leading manufacturer from Sweden, which provides its products to more than 100 countries. Production facilities are located in more than 12 countries, including Italy, Poland, Ukraine, USA, Russia, Germany, France.

Promotions from the Electrolux brand
By joining the Electrolux Privilege Club, you will learn about interesting promotions in time.One of them was held recently and offered customers a supply of detergents for a year.

Place # 1 - EW7WR447W

Washer-Dryer with a capacity of 7 kg. The front-loading machine belongs to the PerfectCare700 series, demonstrates excellent performance and manufacturability.

Basic characteristics of EW7WR447W:

  • capacity - washing 7 kg, drying 4 kg;
  • dimensions - 60 * 57 * 85 cm;
  • energy efficiency - class A;
  • maximum spin - 1400 rpm;
  • noise effect - 51-76 dB;
  • security system - leakage protection, drum balancing, foam control;
  • functionality - 14 programs, steam washing Steamcare, timer for 20 hours, selection of temperature conditions.

The model is installed inverter motor, which provides a quieter operation and economical energy consumption.

In general, the EW7WR447W is worth the price. Users are satisfied with the design, the variety of modes, the quality of washing / drying. It is possible to adjust the cycle time when loading a small amount of laundry.

Among the disadvantages include high cost. In isolated cases, a NTC sensor failure was observed.

Place No. 2 - EW7WR361S

Another representative of the series PerfectCare700. The main feature of the model is a very capacious tank. “Capacity” of the EW7WR361S reaches 10 kg - such a parameter will fully satisfy the needs of a large family, and will also become an indispensable assistant for a small laundry.

Basic features:

  • capacity - washing 10 kg, drying 6 kg;
  • dimensions - 85 * 60 * 63 cm;
  • energy efficiency - class A;
  • maximum spin - 1600 rpm;
  • noise effect - 51-77 dB;
  • security system - leakage protection, drum balancing, foam control;
  • functionality - 14 programs, steam washing Steamcare, 20 hours timer, temperature selection, LED display, option Time manager.

In terms of functionality, the unit is similar to the leader of the rating, but the size of the washing machine and the cost exceed the previous model.

Demand for the machine is not very active, since it is far from always advisable to buy an aggregate with a capacity of 10 kg. Those who have already managed to test the washing machine in practice, speak about the good quality of washing / drying clothes. Pleased with the possibility of steaming and high spin speed.

However, there are complaints. Among the minuses include crushing things after drying, the lack of a "children's lock" and the high cost of technology.

Place # 3 - EW7F3R48SI

Built-in front washer with a capacious tank, economical energy consumption and quiet operation. These parameters were achieved thanks to the built-in inverter motor.

The unit, like previous models, belongs to the line PerfectCare700. A premium device is not cheap. Model EW7F3R48SI refers to built-in appliances - you can install the washer in the kitchen or in the bathroom under the countertop.

Basic features:

  • capacity - washing 8 kg;
  • sizes - 82 * 60 * 54 cm;
  • energy efficiency - class A +++;
  • maximum spin - 1400 rpm;
  • sound effect - 46-68 dB;
  • security system - protection against leaks, drum balancing, foam control, button lock for children;
  • functionality - 14 programs, steam washing Steamcare, timer for 20 hours, compartment for liquid detergent, temperature selection, LED display, option Time manager.

The model implements technology SensiCare - the machine automatically “reads” the load level and selects settings (washing time, spin intensity and water flow). This provides resource savings and less wear on things.

Thanks to option Softplus the clothes are pre-soaked and distributed evenly in the drum. The manufacturer declares that this approach to washing helps to keep the freshness and softness of things.

Buyers are satisfied with the purchase. Pleased with the availability of a program for downy clothes, child locks, an informative display and washing quality.However, such a washing machine is expensive, and its dimensions are standard - to install the machine in a compact room is not the best option.

Place No. 4 - EW6S4R06BX

Narrow freestanding washer PerfectCare 600 Series. It attracts attention with its unusual design performance (black case), compact size and functionality. The model belongs to the middle price category.

Basic features:

  • capacity - 6 kg;
  • dimensions - 60 * 38 * 85 cm;
  • energy efficiency - class A +++;
  • maximum spin - 1000 rpm;
  • sound effect - 58-76 dB;
  • security system - protection against leaks, foam control, child lock, drum balancing;
  • functionality - 14 programs, steam washing, timer for 20 hours, compartment for liquid detergent, temperature adjustment, LED display, option Eco Time Manageroptions Softplus and SensiCare.

The model has a system Anti-Allergy Vapordesigned to remove bacteria. With this cycle, the supply of water vapor is combined with a high-performance washing mode.

The EW6S4R06BX washing machine has appeared on the market relatively recently, therefore it is too early to judge its performance and real operating parameters - there are very few reviews of the model.

Customers are satisfied with the variety of modes, the option of steaming. Some people think that the loading tank is very small - washing the blankets doesn't work. In addition, note the duration of the programs and the inability to adjust the temperature on the express wash.

Place No. 5 - EWF 1076 GDW

Full-size frontal machine with loading of linen, weighing up to 7 kg. Very economical in terms of energy consumption.

It provides 15 work programs, as well as the possibility of additional rinsing, delayed start functions,Time manager. Set inverter motor, producer - Italy.

Basic features:

  • capacity - 7 kg;
  • dimensions - 60 * 52 * 85 cm;
  • energy efficiency - class A ++;
  • maximum spin - 1000 rpm;
  • noise effect - 51-75 dB;
  • security system - housing protection against leaks, foam control, child lock, drum balancing;
  • functionality - 14 programs, steam washing, delayed start, spin intensity selection, temperature control, LED display.

Advantages noted by consumers: noiselessness, multifunctionality, there is a steam treatment program, relatively inexpensive for this type of equipment. No flaws were found.

Place # 6 - EWT 1066 ESW

Top loading device weighing up to 6 kg and the highest level of energy efficiency. There are 14 modes, an electronic display, as well as protection in case of water leaks, automatic control of imbalance. It is made in Poland.

Basic features:

  • capacity - 6 kg;
  • dimensions - 40 * 60 * 89 cm;
  • energy efficiency - class A +++;
  • maximum spin - 1000 rpm;
  • sound effect - 58-76 dB;
  • security system - case protection against leaks, foam control, automatic drum balancing;
  • functionality - 14 programs, delayed start, technology Fuzzy logic, LCD display, selection of spin intensity, temperature adjustment.

Advantages: smooth opening of the hatch cover, “parking” - stop of the drum with upward directed wings. Among the negative reviews, one drawback is called - spin noise. According to company representatives, it may be caused by improper installation.

Place No. 7 - EW6S4R04W

Narrow machine series PerfectCare 600. This option is designed for a family of two people, to wash blankets in such an aggregate, heavy winter jackets will not work. However, despite the modest dimensions, the EW6S4R04W washer pleases with functionality and technical equipment.

Basic features:

  • capacity - 4 kg;
  • dimensions - 60 * 34 * 85 cm;
  • energy efficiency - class A +;
  • maximum spin - 1000 rpm;
  • sound effect - 58-77 dB;
  • security system - full protection against leaks, foam control, "baby lock", drum balancing;
  • functionality - 14 programs, snooze timer, informative LCD display, options Timemanager, Softplus and SensiCareas well as anti-allergenic and antibacterial system Anti-Allergy Vapor.

The cost of the machine refers to the average price range. Demand for the model is not very high due to the small capacity. Users respond positively to the cost-effectiveness of the washing machine, the variety of programs, ease of operation, the absence of vibrations and “jumps” on the spin.

Identified shortcomings: noise during operation, problems with the lock on the doors - sometimes it gives an error E40.

Place # 8 - EWT 1262 ISW

Top loading device, with maximum laundry weight up to 6 kg and with energy consumption A ++. The machine has 14 working programs, endowed with additional functionality - mode Fuzzy logic and the possibility of reloading linen.

Basic features:

  • capacity - 6 kg;
  • sizes - 40 * 60 * 85 cm;
  • energy efficiency - class A ++;
  • maximum spin - 1200 rpm;
  • sound effect - 58-75 dB;
  • security system - case protection against leaks, foam control, child protection, drum balancing;
  • functionality - 14 programs, 9 hours timer, temperature / spin adjustment, LED display, option AutoSense - the machine adjusts the washing parameters for each load, washing the wool - there is a certificate Woolmark blue.

Advantages: automatic selection of key parameters, soft-opening door. Another plus is the use of technologyFlexcare, which involves the automatic installation of the duration of work and the adjustment of energy consumption depending on the weight of things.

Disadvantages: lack of indication of operating time, duration of washing cycles, no container for liquid products.

Place 9 - EWC 1350

The solution for the most modest in size premises - model EWC 1350 3 kg capacity. The width of the washer is 50 cm and the height is 67 cm. Such a baby can be installed without problems in a compact bathroom, and use the free space for practical and roomy shelves.

Basic features:

  • capacity - 3 kg;
  • sizes - 50 * 51 * 67 cm;
  • energy efficiency - class A;
  • maximum spin - 1300 rpm;
  • noise effect - no data;
  • security system –protection against leaks, “child lock”, foam control, drum balancing;
  • functionality - 15 programs, 3 or 6 hours timer, temperature / spin adjustment, indication of program execution, choice of washing completion time, adjustable legs, mode for washing wool.

Despite the very modest roominess, the unit can not be attributed to the budget models. The cost of a washing machine makes you think about the feasibility of such a purchase. EWC 1350 is rather a forced solution for smart apartments, when there is simply no place for full-size equipment.

The number of reviews indicates the popularity of the mini-unit. Among the advantages of the washing machine are noted: great programming capabilities, easy to understand control panel, good maintainability - there are widespread spare parts for the machine, excellent washing and spin quality.

Disadvantages: poor access to the drain filter, possible program failure, belt break and bearing breakage after 4-5 years of use. Some note the whistle of the machine on the spin cycle, the duration of the programs, in rare cases, a break in things. Over time, the top panel may turn yellow.

Place No. 10 - EWS 1477 FDW

it side loading inverter machinewhich refers to narrow models. Classification of the main characteristics: spin - B, washing class - A, power consumption -A +++.

Fifteen programs complemented by time management optionsTime managerimbalance controlFuzzy logic, the possibility of delaying the start. The model is made in Italy. The official warranty from the manufacturer is 1 year.

Basic features:

  • capacity - 6.5 kg;
  • dimensions - 60 * 45 * 85 cm;
  • energy efficiency - class A +++;
  • maximum spin - 1400 rpm;
  • noise effect - up to 76 dB;
  • security system - protection against leaks, foam control, automatic drum balancing, "child lock";
  • functionality - 14 programs, delay start timer, compartment for liquid means, choice of temperature regime, options Softplus and SensiCare, wide informative LED panel.

Advantages noted by customers: design, good spin, economical, quiet operation and diverse functionality.

Cons of the washing machine: a loud signal that the program is shutting down, high cost, extraneous sounds and vibration during the spin cycle (rattling). Some have noticed errors in the operation of electronics.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video seminar on Electrolux washing machines, their technological features and advantages:

How not to make a mistake when choosing:

Any washing machine "Electrolux" can be called a quality and functional product. But to choose a device that is optimal for you in terms of its technical and economic parameters, you can only carefully study all the characteristics. After the purchase, you will only have to take care of the correct installation of the equipment.

Which washing machine do you prefer? Or are you just planning on buying a home helper? Please share your experience of choice, impressions about the use of technology. Leave comments, ask questions, add product reviews and tips for buyers - the contact form is located below.


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  1. I have such a washing machine at home and I am very pleased with it. I didn’t want to buy because of the bulky design, there are more beautiful visual cars, but I'm glad I chose this one. It is smart, there are many washing modes, it works quietly, economically. Most of all, it pleases me that it is without vibration. The old one from Indesit arranged races like at a hippodrome.))) There is simply no better in its price range.

  2. Tatyana

    At our place, the Electrolux washing machine with front loading of 4.5 kg. We bought it at the beginning of 2005, that is, we have it for more than thirteen years. During this time, she had two expensive repairs. The first time the bearing flew, and the second time the heater burned out. Both times we called the master to the house. After the second case, the car has been working for a long time, and we often erase. Nice car.

  3. Svetlana

    Do not tell me - how much can I reduce the washing time? Other cars (brands) cotton mode - 60 degrees, spin 800 - erases 3 hours. Why so much?

    But if you reduce it to 1.5 hours (well, that’s a lot ... you can, say, up to 50 minutes) - this is usually enough for these parameters with your head to wash ordinary linen.

    Those. Are there any sanctioned washing modes?

    1) Let's say 60 degrees - spin 1000-800 - 50 minutes?
    2) And 40 degrees (well 30 degrees) - spin 1000-800 - 20-15 minutes?

    Is it possible to wash it with “Electrolux”?

    • Galina

      Yes, you can wash as much as you like, stop the wash cycle after the right time, turn on the rinse / spin and that's it. Only in typewriters it is strictly calculated how much time in this mode the device removes the thing to the maximum.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      The minimum washing time on modern washing machines is 30 minutes, less simply does not happen. During this time, the washer should collect water, heat it, wash things, drain the water, squeeze out a few things, collect water, rinse, drain the water and squeeze things.

      For example, Electrolux EWS 1064 NOU (attached photo): select any mode and reduce the time using the “Time Manager” option. The initial time is reduced by almost 2 times with this option. If you select the “Fast” or “Refresh” mode, you can get a washing time of 30-35 minutes.

      I strongly do not recommend using the advice above with stopping the cycle through turning it off and then starting rinsing / spinning. These are extreme measures that adversely affect the electronics of the washing machine, if you apply them constantly.

      Attached photos: