Candy washing machines: TOP-8 of the best models + an overview of the unique features of brand technology

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When choosing household appliances for home, users try to find a good balance between quality and cost of products. This requirement is fully met by Italian Kandy washing machines - inexpensive, but not inferior in function to the famous European brands.

A huge plus is the presence of non-standard models, which due to their compactness occupy a minimum of space in bathrooms and kitchens. What is more remarkable Candy washing units?

We will understand the technical equipment of the equipment and give practical recommendations for choosing a home assistant. A compiled rating of the eight sales leaders indicating the operating parameters, model capabilities and user reviews will help decide on the feasibility of buying a washing machine from Kandy.

Features washing machines from Candy

The first household appliances launched by Candy on the market was a laundry machine under the unpretentious name “Model 50”. The simplest unit, manufactured in the 45th year of the last century, successfully coped with the washing function.

A year later, the Kandy brand was born, and another 10 years later the company entered the European market under this brand.

By 1968, cars are becoming more functional and can operate in 6 modes. In 1978, the system appears ZOOMdue to which it was possible to save all stages of washing, and at the same time, the total time for processing linen significantly reduce.

By the end of the 20th century, Kandy washing machines have gained a modern design, and in addition to standard models, consumers are presented with narrow and compact options.

Kandy washing machine in the interior
The company began to actively expand its capacity and, starting in 2005, buy up well-known brands in China, Finland, and Turkey. The Russian company Vesta was also absorbed.

Advanced technology Mix power system attracted new users in 2011. High-quality washing of products at + 20 ° C interested economical housewives.

Lovers of cars with vertical loading also expected a bonus: the opening of the drum became smooth, and the control was more convenient.

Smartphone-controlled cars
On the occasion of the company's 70th anniversary, which was widely celebrated in 2015, many new technologies and options were introduced, including Wi-Fi technology

Today, Candy is a perfect model of household equipment with many useful features and convenient controls.

A lot of positive feedback from grateful customers is the first signal that Kandy washers do their job well.

The following points are especially noted:

  • energy saving - most of the devices belong to the energy classes A ++ and A +++;
  • excellent washing quality in any of the selected modes, even in delicate and low temperature;
  • introduction of modern technologiesFor example, NFC is a control method from a mobile device;
  • variety of models with a different set of functions and modes;
  • wide size range, especially the presence of compact devices;
  • attractiveness of models - units differ in laconic, but elegant design.

Speaking about the Candy brand, one cannot fail to mention the unique developments of the company's engineers, which significantly improved the quality of washing.

The front-panel models have significantly improved the control screen: indicators of codes and symbols have become larger in size, brighter and more understandable. The screen displays information in full about the running program, temperature, additional options.

Along with cars from the “advanced” series (for example, Grandvita), you can always find a traditional model with simple controls and a minimum set of popular programs.

Front-loading washing machines
The consumer is offered a wide range of washers with front loading type, the most popular within the CIS countries. The range includes full-size, narrow and compact built-in models

Despite the budgetary cost of Candy washing machines, they perform many functions. Perhaps, for this reason, the devices can not withstand the load, fail or simply do not fully cope with the goal set for them.

According to experts, the quick wash program does not justify the declared 100% efficiency and loses at the rinse stage.

Optional rinse
To completely remove the powder from the laundry, you will have to apply another rinse - fortunately, the machines have a separate function for this

In addition, the manufacturer saves on the quality of the materials used, as often the following troubles occur:

  • electronics fails due to power surges - additional protection is needed (stabilizer or filter);
  • breakdowns of individual moving parts occur - cuvettes, hatch, cover;
  • Some models may flood the pan due to the lack of an overflow sensor.

Sometimes there is a crash in the program, but the problem is usually solved by turning off and rebooting the device.

Unfortunately, Kandy cars do not always meet the expectations of users, however, due to the low cost, as well as the economy of water and energy consumption, they remain popular.

Tips for choosing the best brand model

Before buying a new assistant for washing clothes and other things of the Kandy brand, do not neglect the basic tips that are relevant when choosing a washer.

Firstly, you need to determine in advance the maximum drum load. This indicator is completely dependent on the needs of a particular family.

Secondly, allocate space for installation of the unit and take into account dimensions of the future assistant. This is especially true for owners of a small bathroom, kitchen or hallway.

Thirdly, the functionality implemented by the manufacturer in a particular model is important. It is from its filling that the cost of the unit directly depends. Therefore, you need to choose the programs that are really required.

Cold wash
A feature of the mini-car is a function that is not typical for all household units - washing in cold water. The button on the panel is indicated by a snowflake.

For example, for models with drying, the price tag is much higher than for similar ones in terms of the number of loaded items and in functionality.

Fourth, you should decide on the type of control - someone is more comfortable with a button, others - touch or remote using the application on a smartphone.

Fifthly, the type of drum loading matters - vertical or frontal. And the type of installation - the built-in models of Candy, like all other brands, have an unreasonably high price tag.

Let us consider in more detail in what cases and what type of machine of this manufacturer is better to prefer.

Features of standard machines

If the area allows and you need a powerful, full-fledged unit for regular washing of clothes in a large family, the washing machine from the series remains the best option Grando vita - a capacious, but relatively quiet machine with an inverter motor and 16 programs.

The standard Kandy brand machine has a spin class B, that is, at the end of the wash, the laundry humidity is at least 45%, but also not more than 54%.

This is not the most energy-efficient model (class A), however, taking into account the functions assigned to it and the presence of a volumetric tank, it perfectly copes with the load.

Low noise during operation
For a large and roomy unit, the noise level emitted by the washer during operation is really low - 51 dB. When spinning, it increases to 78 dB

When to choose a washer with dryer?

Drying machines are becoming more popular for an obvious reason: in urban conditions, it is not always possible to hang clothes and dry them in the traditional way.

If, after drying, things remain wet, then before the final drying is enough a short period of time. Sometimes even an hour is enough at room temperature. Clothing after the normal spin cycle dries much longer.

Representatives of the brand Kandy - Grand evo and Grando vita, and among the models there are also narrow options. The cost due to the additional function is slightly increased, but the cars remain in the budget segment - 25-35 thousand rubles.

Kandy washing machine with dryer
The machine with dryer has a complete set of 16 programs and convenient functions, for example, delayed start or control from a smartphone

It is believed that drying increases the cycle of processing of linen. However, the Kandy models have in stock a program designed for only 59 minutes, including drying (with the condition of loading 4 kg of things instead of 6 kg).

Sensors located inside the unit monitor the level of laundry drying and the degree of humidity.

There is the possibility of independently adjusting the humidity of things in order to make it easier to iron, steam or dry in a straightened form.

If you are looking for a washing machine that can additionally dry clothes, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this rating. In the review - the best units from different manufacturers.

Features of units with vertical loading

The model with the upper type of loading is appropriate if the area for opening the front hatch is too small and the space above the machine is completely free. Samples are devices from the series Evo plaisir.

According to reviews, the cars meet the declared functions, but they can make more noise than the specified parameters - 61 dB.

Kandy Top-loading washing machine
A width of 40 cm is great for cramped spaces, but before buying, you should consider the depth that exceeds the dimensions of the front models - 63 cm

The loading volume of 7 kg, the number of revolutions of 1200 and the energy class A suit many users. At the same time, the usefulness of the “delayed start” and “hand wash” functions are noted.

There is a choice between mechanical or manual type of control - the second option affects the cost, but not critical. A model from the latest release can be purchased for 20 thousand rubles.

Alarming reviews regarding the reliability of some parts. For example, the latch on the drum door turned out to be a weak point.

Do not forget that in vertical models, spontaneous opening of the drum doors during operation threatens with troubles - from a simple stop of washing to engine breakdown.

The advantages of narrow cars

Narrow cars are favorites, regardless of manufacturer or specific model. And why buy a deep typewriter if a narrow one in full format performs all its functions?

The latest models of the Kandy brand were no exception: they are productive, economical and multifunctional.

Narrow washing machine
There is always the word smart in the name of narrow Candy models. Despite the depth of only 40 cm, they effectively wash, rinse and wring clothes and linen

The list of programs and individual settings depend on specific models - narrow devices are available in almost all series. They work as quietly as standard machines (on average 56-58 dB), wring laundry at 1200-1400 rpm, have a loading tank of 7-8 kg.

The design of the new generation models is assembled in such a way that the machine works stably, without vibrations and movements on the floor, but only with the correct installation and alignment of the support legs.

The secret to the popularity of compact devices

Not all manufacturers can boast a line of compact cars, and Kandy always has a few complete units available, but presented in a mini version.

A true breakthrough - model series Aquamatic. Miniature devices are placed where even narrow units are not included. They can be easily installed under the sink, in a corner or in a niche between plumbing fixtures.

In the kitchen, a small unit is installed under the countertop of the desktop, where it does not bother anyone.

Among the functions there are those that are not always used: drain without spinning, only rinsing, only spinning. Thought out even such little things as a convenient handle for opening the hatch with a recess for the fingers.

For those who are not happy with the rinse, the function is provided. Aqua +, allowing you to rinse things more efficiently - until the powder or conditioner is completely removed. However, you should know that five times rinsing with an intermediate spin is an additional consumption of water and electricity.

If you live in a house with a tight bathroom or temporarily rent a house, Kandy from the Aqua series is suitable for all indicators - inexpensive, convenient for installation and transportation, a functional machine.

The best cars of the brand Kandy

Each series of machines includes several similar models that may vary. washing class and energy consumption, the number of revolutions during the spin cycle, the volume of the loading tank and many other characteristics.

To highlight common features and choose the most suitable option for your needs, we suggest considering models of the most popular washing machines for the home.

Model # 1 - Candy CS4 1052D1 / 2

Candy CS4 1052D1 / 2 is most bought washer, enjoying special respect among all representatives of the model range of this manufacturer. Such popularity is due to the most successful ratio of cost and functionality.

This unit has the most demanded programs pre-installed, among which are economical, washing children's clothes, quick and prewash. The capacity of the drum is 5 kg.

Energy consumption and washing correspond to class A, noise during washing and spin is 58 and 79 dB, respectively. The diameter of the loading hatch is 35 cm.

For safety reasons, the manufacturer has equipped a washer child protection and protected the housing from leaks. Also implemented control foam level and imbalance.

Despite the affordable price tag, the machine in question is equipped with digital display, has an intelligent control type. If desired, the owner can download the application and remotely control the unit from a smartphone.

Of the minuses, the owners indicate the uselessness of protection against children, because even with a lock, the machine can be turned off. The noise is also not satisfactory, which, according to users, makes it difficult to do other things.

Model # 2 - Candy GVS34 126TC2 / 2

Another popular machine among customers is the Candy GVS34 126TC2 / 2. Its maximum load is 6 kg. It refers to a freestanding type.

This model is equipped with a display, has electronic control, and if desired, remote. Why do you have to install the application on your gadget.

The main parameters of the machine: hatch diameter - 35 cm, plastic tank, 15 programs installed by the manufacturer, water / electricity consumption - 48 l / 0.15 kWh per 1 kg of laundry.

Of the advantages of the model, it should be noted full protection against various leaksthanks to which the apartment is not in danger of flooding. Also provided child protection and foam control.

There is also built-in timer, allowing you to postpone the start for up to a day, and the ability to change the temperature and spin speed at your discretion.

This model is not without its drawbacks.Among them are: problems using smart touch, noisy set of water, lack of boiling.

Model # 3 - Candy CSW4 365D / 2

Candy CSW4 365D / 2 is not just a washing machine, it is washer-dryer. She is able to wash up to 6 kg in one cycle, and dry up to 5 kg of various linen. Moreover, its price tag is quite affordable for such kind of washing machines.

And a load of 5 kg for drying is considered a very high rate. Even more expensive cars often take up to 4 kg of things to dry.

Its low cost negatively affected the quality of the spin cycle and the energy consumption class, which correspond to letter B. But the washing efficiency corresponds to class A.

This washing machine is equipped 15 different modes. Among them there are programs for daily use, such as “quick wash” or “mixed fabrics”, and rarely used. Among the latter are delicate fabrics, wool and stain removal.

Main advantages: excellent washing and drying quality, leakage / child protection, the ability to control from a smartphone, a large selection of programs, low price tag.

Disadvantages: flimsy plastic, you need to read the instructions in order to use the modes correctly and get the desired result, remote control is possible only from the phone on the android.

Model # 4 - Candy CBWD 8514TWH

An interesting option is the Candy CBWD 8514TWH. it washer-dryer, the tank of which holds the maximum amount of linen - 8 kg with almost standard dimensions of 60x55x82 cm. The maximum load of things for drying is 5 kg.

Another feature of the model is built-in installation type. She will ideally fit into any interior thanks to this characteristic. As for the type of download, it is frontal.

The energy consumption, washing and spin quality of this unit is high and corresponds to class A. But the water consumption is high - as much as 115 liters will be required for 1 wash cycle.

Candy CBWD 8514TWH equipped 15 programs, among which fast, economical, washing jeans and children's clothes are in special demand. Of the additional options there is a choice of spin speed, a child lock.

The main advantages of this washer-dryer: the presence of complete protection against various leaks, a timer with a delay of up to a day, smartphone control.

Of the minuses, the most significant one should be noted - too high a price. Which, in principle, is inherent in the embedded type technique.

Users are satisfied with the quiet operation of the equipment, good washing quality and spaciousness. The model integrates seamlessly into the kitchen, drying works fine, but you still have to iron things after it.

Model # 5 - Candy EVOGT 12072D

The rating of popular Kandy brand washing machines will not be complete without aggregates with vertical type of loading. The most purchased model of this type from this manufacturer is the Candy EVOGT 12072D.

Its dimensions are 40x63x88 cm, the maximum load is 7 kg. If desired, the user can perform additional loading after the start of washing in the selected mode. Such an option is provided in the functionality of the unit.

In the upper part of the design there is a digital display on which all information about the selected mode, its duration is displayed. There are 18 different programs in the arsenal of the machine.

Of the benefits, users point to good drum capacity, excellent washing and spin quality - many things are almost dry at the end of the wash cycle.

Among the shortcomings, many owners note spin volume, the fragility of this washer. At the end of the warranty period, a number of users broke it. For some, only the loading hatch cover broke.

Big complaints about incomplete instructions, which do not spell out at all how to properly prepare the machine for the first launch.

Not all customers who first bought such a model are aware of the presence of 8 shipping bolts and 2 transverse brackets secured with plastic cylinders.

Model # 6 - Candy Aqua 114D2

The undisputed leader among compact models is Candy Aqua 114D2.This machine has dimensions 51x44x69 cm, its drum holds up to 4 kg of things. The popularity of the model is due to the optimal ratio of useful functions, load volume and price tag.

In this washer preinstalled 16 programsincluding delicate mode, super-rinse. There is also an option "Anti allergy".

Energy consumption corresponds to class A +, washing efficiency - A, and spin - class C. The user has the opportunity to choose the speed of the spin or completely abandon it.

Owners in their reviews positively note the presence of short programs, well-washed items from any fabrics and compactness of the unit, which ensures its free placement in any modest niche. It will turn out install a washer even under the sink in the bathroom.

Of the minuses, there are questions about the build quality; users also complain about increased noise during the spin cycle and a small container for detergents.

Model # 7 - Candy Aqua 1D1035-07

Candy Aqua 1D1035-07 is baby up to 3.5 kg and a diameter of the loading hatch of 30 cm. Which is enough to provide invaluable assistance to a young family.

Its dimensions are also very modest - 51x46x70 cm. And this is the main plus of the model, because of which it is chosen among other representatives of washing equipment. After all, there are not so many compact options on the market, and there are many small-sized apartments and guest rooms in the country.

It is not surprising that the compact Candy Aqua 1D1035-07 is in demand among potential buyers. And its functionality is quite worthy of attention: to the services of the owner 16 programs, including delicate processing of delicate fabrics and wool.

The user also has the ability to choose a washing temperature and drum rotation speed during spinning. Or to cancel it altogether so as not to embrace an overly delicate thing.

The model does not have significant shortcomings if the transportation bolts are removed and properly operated. Some owners complain about the noise during the spin cycle and its lack of effectiveness. Which is fully explained by his class (C).

Model # 8 - Candy GVS4 136TWN3 / 2

Candy GVS4136TWN3 / 2 is one of the brand's new products. It is made in white, and the highlight is attractive design - an elegant edging of a loading hatch of black color.

The machine not only looks stylish and modern. It is also characterized by a high class of energy consumption, which corresponds to A +++, while washing and spinning are also very good - class A and B, respectively.

The maximum load of this washing machine is 6 kg with dimensions 60x40x85 cm. Drying and steam treatment is not provided, which is not surprising when it low price tag.

Another feature of Candy GVS4136TWN3 / 2 is that the manufacturer takes into account modern realities - the machine is equipped with digital display, It has touch control type and the ability to set programs remotely using a smartphone.

The presence of the necessary modes makes this model interesting in the eyes of buyers. It can even wash silk and wool.

There are no shortcomings yet - the washing machine is completely new and users have not yet had time to thoroughly study it in order to highlight significant disadvantages.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Broader coverage of Candy models is featured in expert videos shot by sales professionals.

A detailed analysis of the configuration and set of functions of the nonsense washers is presented in the video:

The following video will introduce the advantages of mini-type washers from Kandy:

Modern Kandy models assembled in Russia or China are unlikely to be compared in terms of functionality and quality with analogues of the Miele or Bosch brands.

It is worthwhile to understand that Candy is a budget car that does not claim to be the first in the ratings. However, for regular washing of not so dirty things, as well as for installation in rooms with a lack of free space, they are ideal.

Looking for an inexpensive but functional washing machine? Or have experience using aggregates from Kandy? Tell our readers about the quality of washing, the specifics of the operation and maintenance of such units. Share your personal experiences and ask questions - the comment form is located below.

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  1. Irina

    I chose a washing machine from this company and indesit. Both cars were good, but the indesit had a larger drum volume and the down jackets could be washed.

  2. Yulia

    Our Candy washing machine is already 6 years old, you might say, an old-timer. At that time, it was very difficult for us to pick up a washing machine, because the bathroom is very small, and even the narrowest models got into it with difficulty. Then they took the Aquamatic 80F. She is the smallest of all washing machines I have ever seen. It erases well, only when it squeezes it starts to jump out and is very noisy.

  3. Sergey I

    Candy is great. I installed one in my private house, but I did not count, of course, with the dimensions. Then you noticed correctly, I just hurried, I had to expand the space a little. It is a pity that Aquamatic did not take it, this series is really very mobile. There is a Candy GVS34 in the apartment, the maximum load is 6 kg, but we do not completely comply with this restriction, since the machine is durable, it failed once, but decided to turn off the banal for a couple of hours. Maybe this is a kind of reboot or something.

  4. Radchenko Petr

    Candy is a grater - things are spreading before our eyes. If, you, the wardrobe is not 200-1500 p. unit, taking Candy, you will receive long-term expenses for clothes, which in 2 years will devour all the savings. In addition, Candy does not normally rinse, it’s in my model that I also have an anti-allergy regime, although it’s still sad.

    I have been using the Candy EVO44 8123 DCW model for 4 years. I compare it with Bosch WAT24442OE, Hot-Point ariston vertical loading (I haven’t remembered the model for a long time), Electrolux EWS1064EDW and LG are also ancient in another apartment, I won’t say the model, an old 6kg device 10 years ago. My Candy is the worst of this list. Purchased in 2014, production is already in Russia.