Bosch washing machines: brand features, an overview of popular models + tips for customers

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German Bosch washing machines retain their first position in the ranking of the most popular appliances. There are several reasons for its popularity: reliability, functionality, practicality and safety.

The company is constantly improving and expanding its lineup, embodying the most daring technological solutions. An important advantage of Bosch equipment is a loyal pricing policy. You must admit that there are plenty of arguments in favor of German brand equipment, but how to choose the best of the best?

We offer you to get acquainted with the features of Bosch washing machines of different series, as well as find out what parameters should definitely be considered when buying. To narrow your search, we have prepared a rating of the best offers of the company. The list of leaders includes popular washing machines that have received many positive reviews from users.

Features washing machines from the brand Bosch

The first washing machine came off the production line of Bosch Corporation in 1914. Initially, the units were intended for use in factories, and in 1972, the washers went on sale and began to be massively used in everyday life.

Working in conditions of tough competition, the concern is developing dynamically, regularly introducing its own technologies and “refreshing” the model range. The manufacturer exercises tight control over the devices assembled in its branches.

Bosch Corporation
Today, Bosch has 270 subsidiaries around the world, producing an extensive line of household appliances. Despite this fact, brand products are still associated with German quality, being a symbol of comfort and reliability.

The main advantages of Bosch washing equipment:

  • multistage leakage protection;
  • many models have control over drum imbalance and foam formation;
  • economical consumption of resources - the energy class of many devices - A +, A +++;
  • the option of weighing linen allows you to automatically calculate the consumption of detergent composition, water;
  • assortment of color schemes of the equipment - in addition to traditional white, black and silver products are offered;
  • self-diagnosis - the machine signals about detected problems in the operation and displays error code;
  • innovative function 3D AquaSpar - spot injection of liquid to quickly wet the laundry and speed up the washing process;
  • Intelligent system for determining the optimal number of revolutions based on the weight of things;
  • 3D washing provides effective stain removal - in some versions the drum rotates in a circle and horizontally;
  • the possibility of reloading during the washing process;
  • compact sizes - the assortment contains narrow units 40 cm wide;
  • wide range - there are horizontal / vertical loading washers, built-in and free-standing.

Each model is equipped with a balance stabilizer to prevent shaking, overload protection and a pollution sensor.

Washing machine
Regardless of the price category, all Bosch equipment is made of high-quality components. Warranty period for the motor and Aqua Stop system is 10 years

Even so technologically advanced equipment is not without flaws.

Choosing a Bosch washer, you should consider some nuances:

  1. The equipment assembled in Russia is slightly inferior in quality to European analogues. However, there is a plus - the appearance of domestic factories made it possible to bring the cost of washing machines to the same level as models of lesser-known manufacturers.
  2. Some consumers note the noise of devices in the spin mode at high speeds. This disadvantage is observed in front-loading and vertical-loading machines.
  3. In some models, the weak element is the hatch lock. The latch on the door sometimes works tight or quickly fails.
  4. In vertically oriented models, the parking option does not function correctly. At the end of washing, the drum is not always located with the flaps up - it must be additionally scrolled.

Washing machines are produced at 41 plants, 4 of which are located in Germany, and the rest in Southeast Asia, Western and Eastern Europe. The share of German products from the total output is only 7%.

Serving Bosch Washers
After-sales service specialists note that technology from the homeland of Bosch lasts 5-7 years longer than its international counterparts

What to look before buying?

First of all, it is necessary to compare the technical capabilities of the unit with the expected loads.

The main attention should be paid to: the method of loading, dimensions of equipment and performance. Understanding the markings will help sort out the range of Bosch washers.

In order not to get confused in the variety of washing machines from Bosch, you should adhere to the conditional selection algorithm.

It is imperative to determine the following parameters:

  • type of load;
  • overall dimensions;
  • performance - the maximum weight of things;
  • spin speed;
  • power consumption.

Let's take a closer look at these features of brand washers.

Way of loading and capacity

Download Method. Bosch offers models with a side and top cover. Front-wheel cars will cost less than vertical counterparts, they are easier to maintain and less noisy.

The upper part of the horizontal washing machine can be used as a cabinet; above it, it will turn out to place a functional worktop or washbasin. The main thing is to provide a place for opening the door.

The design of vertical washing machines is more complicated, and accordingly, the cost is higher. Due to the biaxial mounting of the drum, the machine can shake violently during operation.

Download Method
Plus top-loading washers - the compact width allows them to be installed in small bathrooms.The final choice in favor of a particular model depends on the designated location for the equipment

Spaciousness. The basic selection criterion is the “carrying capacity” of the drum. When choosing should be based on the number of family members. If 3-4 people live in the house, then a machine with a capacity of 5 kg is considered optimal. For each subsequent member of the family, 1.5 kg should be added.

Spin speed
In the passport for washing units with drying, two permissible load parameters are indicated: for the washing-drying mode and the usual program with spin. The first value is 2-3 kg lower than the second

From a position of economy, a machine with a capacious drum is more profitable. For one approach it will turn out to wash all linen. However, in a small space, you have to compromise by choosing narrow models.

The optimal size of the machine

Before buying, you need to measure the space reserved for washing. In frontal Bosch cars, the height and width are usually 85 cm, 60 cm, respectively. The main difference in the dimensions of the washers lies in the depths.

Possible options:

  • full-size deep machines - more than 55 cm, designed for loading - 6-9 kg depending on the model;
  • standard - 45-55 cm, the technique is capable of simultaneously washing 5-6.5 kg;
  • compact washers - 35-44 cm, maximum load up to 5 kg.

Bosch vertical washers are mainly available in one size: depth - 65 cm, height / width - 90/40 cm.

Spin speed and its class

The indicator indicates the number of revolutions per minute and determines the degree of humidity of the washed items.

Segmentation of the Bosch range by spin:

  • 900-1000 rpm;
  • from 1000 rpm

It is important to consider both the minimum and maximum values. The lower bar indicates the possibility of spinning delicate things, and the upper one shows the quality of preliminary drying of cotton fabrics.

Spin class
An additional characteristic of the quality of work is the spin class. The final moisture content after washing is up to 45-54%, which corresponds to the lettering “A” and “B”

The accompanying documents indicate washing class. The letter mark A-G indicates the efficiency and thrift of the wash.

All Bosch cars, regardless of cost and design features, belong to class A - the highest indicator of the operation of devices.

Basic criteria for energy consumption

The generally accepted standards provide for 7 categories of devices based on energy consumption. Classes are marked with Latin letters: A - the most economical devices, G - high-cost equipment.

New generation washing machines are characterized by minimal energy consumption. The equipment represents classes A +, A ++ and A +++.

Power consumption washer
Products from the plus group, compared with products belonging to category A, consume 10-50 percent less electricity. Bosch type A +++ washing machines are available today.

Design features of different series

German brand cars are produced in one of five series. Each group is distinguished by design features, implemented technologies and additional functionality.

More on Serie 2 cars

The optimal balance of quality and affordable cost. Devices correspond to washing class A and energy consumption A +++.

The most significant technologies have been implemented:

  • Activewater - A smart control system adjusts the operating parameters to the weight of the loaded laundry;
  • Varioperfect - choice of accelerated or economical mode while maintaining high quality washing;
  • AquaSpar - cascading wetting;
  • recognition and elimination of excessive foaming - the machine slows down the movement of the drum and starts additional rinsing;
  • unbalance elimination - a gradual increase in the number of revolutions for the distribution of linen throughout the drum.

The maximum load of Serie 2 washers is 6 kg, the estimated cost is 300-320 cu

Features of the Serie 4 technique

The most popular cars that combine convenience, safety of use with affordable cost.

Industrial equipment: child lock, anti-vibration bands on the case, non-contact motor EcoSilence Drive. In the fourth series there is functionality, as in the previous group of Bosch washers.

EcoSilence Drive Engine
EcoSilence Drive Magnetless Brushless Motor is proprietary. The motor is controlled by an electronic system, providing energy savings and noise reduction up to 77 dB at maximum speed

General Parameters of Serie 6 Washers

Series Avantixx combines about twenty modifications with different form factors: narrow, built-in and full-sized frontal, as well as vertical.

Equipment with electronic control, classic design and rich functionality:

  • “Carrying capacity” - 6-9 kg;
  • delayed start option;
  • AllergyPlus - anti-allergic washing regimen suitable for the care of linen of children and sensitive people;
  • two types of drums: Variosoft - drop-shaped protrusions of convex and concave shapes provide variability of washing modes depending on the rotation vector of the drum, Wave drum - “bubbles” for gentle effect on the tissue;
  • 3D-AquaSpar - triple water supply;
  • innovative washing program Active oxygen - antibacterial treatment of linen, destroying up to 100% of microorganisms;
  • multi-level protection system: child lock, unbalance control, Aquastop, foaming sensor, detergent dosage indicator.

The cost of equipment Serie 6, depending on the model, ranges from 410 cu up to 950 cu

Distinctive features of devices Serie 8

Cars Series Logixx 8 - units with front loading. The group included about ten copies of full-size freestanding washers.

The equipment belongs to the premium segment and is suitable for families with children, where it is often necessary to remodel many things with different impurities.

Logixx 8 Series
Features of the series: available in white / black, EcoSilence Drive motor, AntiVibration vibration absorption system, drum load indication, increased door diameter - 32 cm, VarioSoft drum

It is possible to save an individual washing program, select an operating mode for the effective removal of 16 types of stains.

Bosch offers the buyer a lifetime warranty on Aquastop - protection against leaks. Estimated price of Logixx 8 - 700-950 cu

Features Serie Home Professional

Full-size premium technology. With a drum volume of 65 l, productivity in one cycle reaches 8-9 kg. The models embody all the advantages of their predecessors.

Serie home professional
Additional features: multifunctional TFT-display, i-Dos technology - dosing of detergents in auto mode, AntiStain - stain removal system, water contamination sensor. Price range - 1000-1300 cu

The best models of brand washers

German washing machines are rightfully respected - over the years of operation, the equipment has gained a reputation as reliable, convenient and durable. We offer a closer look at the most popular units.

Model # 1 - Bosch WLG 20260

Bosch WLG 20260 - comfortable compact model “Carrying capacity” of 5 kg, unit depth - 44 cm. It is popular among consumers due to its small size, low cost along with an impressive functional arsenal.

The main characteristics of the model: washing / drying / energy consumption class - A / C / A, spin during spin up to 1000 rpm, electronic control.

This model is freestanding, but if desired, you can install a washing machine in the headset - in the design of the unit there is a removable cover for embedding.

It is mounted in the machine digital display, allowing the user to immediately receive information about the selected mode and duration of a particular program.

Technological equipment: child lock, housing protection against leaks, elimination of imbalance and foaming, start washing programming. Water consumption - 45 l, hatch size - 32 cm.

Among the shortcomings, users note: the duration of some programs, stagnation of water in the rubber door seal.

Model # 2 - Bosch WLL 24266

Bosch WLL 24266 - fully functional machine 45 cm deep, maximum load - 7 kg. Product Line Assembly Serie 6 equipped with brushless motor EcoSilence Drive with inverter control. Such a motor ensures the durability of the equipment, the efficiency of its operation and quiet running.

Unit technical features:

  • stitching the completion of washing;
  • the possibility of reloading things;
  • partial (case) protection against leaks;
  • the presence of anti-vibration bands;
  • exclusive drum surface Variosoft provides gentle washing of things;
  • variety of washing modes - 17 programs;
  • technology 3D-AquaSpar - uniform and quick wetting of linen;
  • LED display and keys Touch control - pause, select / disable spin;
  • door opening angle - 165 °.

WLL 24266 implements technology EcoPerfect/Spedperfectdesigned to optimize the washing mode. Additional information: washing and spin class - A and B, respectively, electricity consumption - class A +++, water consumption - 42 liters per standard cycle.

Users are happy with the purchase - the build quality and functionality of the unit justifies the cost. Almost all customers note washing efficiency, quiet operation (56-77 dB), a full-fledged seamless drum, design and a varied selection of programs.

It is possible to adjust the volume of the signal at the end of the cycle. The unit is able to automatically adjust the washing time based on the amount of linen.

The identified drawback is the refusal of the machine to perform spinning when the balance is disturbed, for example, when loading one large thing (jacket). Some do not like the implementation of an informative display.

Model # 3 - Bosch WLG 20060

Bosch WLG 20060 - a budget option with high quality indicators. Case depth - 40 cm, capacity - up to 5 kg. The model can be installed separately or built into a niche thanks to a removable cover.

Features of the WLG20060 washing machine: spin class - C, energy consumption - 0.19 kW * h / kg, washing efficiency - A. As in the previous versions, there is control of the level of foam, drum congestion, and also the case protection from leaks.

The unit is equipped 15 diverse programs, among which each user will be able to find the most suitable for themselves.

There is a prewash for extremely dirty things, gentle processing of delicate fabrics, washing in large quantities of water.

Families with children especially note the presence of a washing regime for children's clothes and the incredibly demanded stain removal option, which is especially useful to mothers of growing fidgets.

Disadvantages, according to users: the lack of a display, a separate rinse program and loud spin operation.

Model # 4 - Bosch WAY 32742

Bosch WAY 32742 - freestanding bulky equipment front loading. It is a multi-functional roomy unit with a drum load of up to 9 kg.

The depth of the unit is 59 cm, the energy consumption is 0.12 kW * h / kg. This model belongs to the most economical appliances, the quality of washing and spin is high.

Technical equipment for the WAY 32742 washing machine:

  • drum for gentle washing Wavedrum;
  • inverter motor EcoSilence;
  • water pollution sensor;
  • rotating drum light;
  • multi-stage security system.

There is an option to cancel / stop the spin cycle, select the end of the wash.

Information about the operating mode is displayed on a digital screen with backlight. A feature of the machine is the presence of the “Prevention of creasing” option and the function of cleaning the drum.

Model # 5 - Bosch WLG 2426 W

Highly popular model among buyers. WLG 2426 W - representative of the middle price segment Serie 4. The machine is narrow (depth 45 cm), capacity - 5 kg, energy class - A.

The washing machine is provided 14 programs, including a practical mode for children's things - the washing phase is increased in time and an additional rinse is activated. This cycle ensures the removal of allergens and microorganisms.

Implemented technologies:

  • Varioperfect - reduction of energy consumption due to reduction of the washing program;
  • Voltcheck - protection against power surges;
  • 3D-AquaSpar - uniform, quick wetting of things;
  • unbalance suppression;
  • foam control;
  • large informative display.

User opinions on the WLG 2426 W home helper diverged. Among the clear advantages distinguish good washing quality, the ability to reduce cycle time in most programs, the presence of a child’s lock.

Of the minuses, note: whistling during the spin cycle, inconvenience of installation - to connect, you must step back 3 cm from the wall, since the drain hose goes beyond the dimensions of the machine. Choosing a place for the technique, it should be borne in mind that instead of 44.5 cm it will take more than 47 cm.

Model # 6 - Bosch WVH 28442

Bosch WVH 28442 is a representative of washing machines with built-in dryer. A more complex construct explains the inflated prices for such models.

Bosch washing and drying technology allows you to get clean and dried items at the exit thanks to the steam ventilation function.

The unit launders up to 7 kg of clothes in one cycle, and fully dries - 4 kg. On the LCD touch screen, you can set one of 12 programs. The model has a removable panel for "tapping" the equipment into a niche or under a functional worktop.

The energy class is A +, the wash is A, but the spin is slightly inferior in class, corresponding to class B. Although, according to users, things at the end of the wash look flawless.

The manufacturer also took care of safe operation by equipping the machine full protection against leaks and children. The washing machine also controls the level of foam formation and imbalance.

Advantages over analogues: availability of option Aquastop, inverter low noise motor, automatic capacitor self-cleaning and efficient drying with air conditioning.

Of the minuses, the following stand out: it does not dry out dimensional things well, such as a duvet cover, a sheet, there is no way to completely turn off the spin.

The owners also complain that the program for delicate things does not work well when processing really delicate fabrics that require careful handling.

Model # 7 - Bosch WVG 30461

Bosch WVG 30461 is roomy, practical and multifunctional model with the possibility of washing up to 8 kg, drying - up to 5 kg.

There are four programs for drying clothes: intensive, delicate, refreshment and airing at low temperatures.

Functionality of the Bosch WVG 30461 model:

  • the possibility of reloading;
  • extra rinse, easy ironing;
  • antimicrobial cleaning;
  • 14 washing programs.

The machine is equipped with a brushless motor, child lock and anti-leakage system.

Technology AutoDry measures the moisture level in laundry that is drying. The unit is equipped with a touch screen, a drop-shaped drum Variosoft.

The main advantages of this washing machine according to user reviews:

  • a wonderful mode of washing children's clothes, which allows 4.5 hours to completely rid the fabric of harmful microorganisms that could settle there;
  • excellent drying quality due to the presence of humidity control, which allows you to dry things without drying them;
  • Quiet operation even in the spin mode, although the manufacturer claims 52 dB for washing and 74 dB for spin.

Of the minuses, picky owners indicate the remaining smell of detergents after rinsing. Therefore, you have to start the machine again, choosing the "super-rinse".

Labeling Explanation

The alphanumeric designation of the washing equipment contains information about some parameters.

Standard marking is as follows:

XXX 11 11 1 XX,


  • X - alphabetic characters;
  • 1 - digital notation.

Interpretation of the first three letters (XXX).The initial symbol is the same for all Bosch-W washers, that is, “washer” is a washing machine.

The second letter may have the following meaning:

  • L - front narrow machine;
  • A - freestanding full-size with horizontal loading;
  • I - integrated frontal;
  • O - vertically oriented washing machine.

The third letter indicates that the machine belongs to a certain series:

  • K, T - the sixth generation of the release of 2015 and 2016, respectively;
  • G, h - fourth series;
  • S, w - Logixx 8;
  • Y - The latest generation of Home Professional technology.

Numerical designations carry information about three parameters of the machine: spin speed, control method and design.

Marking Bosch Washers
The first two digits are an indicator of the quality of the spin. To find out the maximum speed, you need to divide the number by 2 and multiply by 100 (+)

The third digit is the type of display, legend:

  • 2 - narrow informative screen;
  • 3 - display with LED indication;
  • 4 - multifunctional symbol display;
  • 7 - text screen.

The fourth figure indicates the functional features of the modification, possible options:

  • 0 - standard equipment;
  • 1 - the ability to supply hot water;
  • 3, 4 - Adjustable and non-adjustable equipment with AquaStop, respectively;
  • 6 - multilevel protection;
  • 7 - promotional.

The last digit is the color code of the case. 1 - white performance 0 - black. In the sixth series, some models are marked with the letter "X" - silver color.

The Latin letters at the end of the name indicate the region of manufacture of the equipment or the intended market:

  • EU - countries of the European Union;
  • OE - Ukraine, Belarus, Russia;
  • BY - Eastern Europe;
  • Ee - Spain;
  • DE - Germany.

Bosch-branded washing machines manufactured in Turkey WAB and WAA. Models made in France Wot, Spain - WAQ.

The rating of the most popular washers will help you make a choice. The list of the best representatives is based on the analysis of technical data and customer reviews.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

A video will introduce the rating of the best Bosch cars and their functional features:

Design features and narrow machine selection options:

Bosch cars along with high quality and durability boast a competitive priceA wide gradation of products allows you to choose models of different capacities for any room size. All series of household appliances meet the main requirements: safety, efficiency and practicality.

Share with your readers your experience of choosing and using a washing machine. Tell us which unit you bought, whether you are satisfied with the quality of the wash, the set of home assistant programs. Please leave comments and participate in discussions - the feedback form is located below.

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  1. When we chose a washing machine, we only looked at the companies that were heard. The manager recommended us to take Bosch: they are more reliable and durable, the company has the most powerful equipment and millions of revolutions. We took the WLG 20060, it is a little simpler, without a display, but it costs an order of magnitude cheaper. We are pleased with the machine, it washes well and does not make noise during washing.

    • Vadik

      Olga, do not confuse people, you write about the price “an order of magnitude lower” - is it 10 times lower? Is your car worth 2500? An order of magnitude is a comma left or right, that is, if something costs 20,000, then an order of magnitude lower will be 2,000.

  2. Anastasia

    Bosch launches great washing machines. We have been using the washer of this brand for more than 7 years, and so far there has not been a single problem with it. Of course, it is important to operate it correctly and carry out preventive maintenance, as with any other washing machine, and with equipment in general. It erases well, it does not work very loudly, even when it is spinning, which is quite economical in terms of electricity consumption.

  3. Tatyana

    We monitored Bosch WLG20261OE, WLG24261OE and WLG 2426 W. Judging by customer reviews, Bosch has a lot of complaints about the quality of work: noise and vibration during the spin cycle; does not rinse clothes without additional rinsing; low density of the gum to the drum; tight lock of the hatch lock - quickly fails; residual water in the detergent drawer. Frequent breakdowns after operation from 3 months to 2–3 years: “the motor broke down, the ten burned out; failures in electronics. " Given the high cost of repairs and spare parts, the Bosch brand is not worth buying?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      It would not be sad to admit it, but these models of washing machines that have the above problems are collected in Russia. The same models that you listed collected in Germany do not have such significant drawbacks.

      If you buy washing machines Bosch, then you need to pay attention to the country of origin. The first step is to choose a German assembly, also Turkish and Polish assemblies are noticeably better quality than Russian production.

      The article was a little tricked that the domestic assembly of Bosch washing machines is slightly inferior in quality to European production. Still, statistics show that 70% of SC customers in Russia bought domestic-made washing machines.

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