Ariston washing machines: brand reviews, review of popular models + what to look at before buying

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Last update: August 2019

The popularity of washing equipment is explained by three qualities: functionality, design and moderate cost. Given these factors, it becomes clear why Ariston washing machines occupy a leading place in TOPs and ratings.

Today this brand sounds different, but still has a set of unique features and great design. Interested in buying Ariston appliances?

We offer to understand the features of brand washing machines, evaluate their functionality and technical selection criteria. The rating of the most popular models will help determine the purchase and acquire a reliable assistant for solving everyday problems: washing, rinsing and removing stains from things.

The subtleties of choosing Ariston brand washing machines

Stylish automatic machines brand Ariston stand out from similar offers of competitors. They are functional, differ in load volume, power consumption, cost.

Customers are pleased that you can choose the best option, depending on the needs and financial capabilities of the wallet. Let's get acquainted with the distinguishing features of the models offered by the brand.

Features of Hotpoint Ariston machines

If we analyze the range of household appliances of network giants, then among the new collections of washing machines you can always find the Hotpoint-Ariston line.

Among the new models, there are always economy options and expensive units, stuffed to the eye with modern software.

Ariston Laundry Technique
Ariston household appliances in terms of sales came out on 3rd place in the world. The company logo and design of washing machines have become recognizable, and home machines themselves have become popular even among the most demanding users

Almost every year, new features appear in the functionality of machines, and the design continues to strive for excellence.

Special features of brand washing units

Let us dwell on the functions of brand models, which are the basis of their work.It is these possibilities of processing clothes and linen, as a rule, that are decisive when choosing a machine.

Washing technology Ariston
There is a standard set of actions that cars of almost all brands have. However, Ariston has personal achievements, for example, a special technology for washing clothes with stains of various origin

Consider the original Hotpoint Ariston washing machine technology that European engineers have been working on.

And the design of new machines "had a hand" Makio Hasuike, a native of Japan. It was he who once worked in such concerns as Seiko, Hitachi and Honda, and when he got to Italy, he became the leading designer of the Ariston brand, the author of the line "A high resolution" and collections Futura.

Look at the gallery below - we have listed the main distinguishing features of the technology of the Ariston brand.

In addition, machines from any series have a traditional set of functions: short-term and standard washing, soaking and boiling, processing of children's things.

Several popular modes allow you to wash your laundry at the recommended temperature, with an extra rinse and a delicate spin.

Technical criteria for choosing a machine

When choosing and buying a machine for home use, the technical characteristics that are fundamental to the functioning of any machine are important.

Consider the main parameters that you need to pay attention to when examining products yourself.

Programs washer Ariston
Among the characteristics there is always a point indicating the number of programs. On average, there are 14 different modes for cotton and synthetics. When choosing, they usually rely on 3-4 main programs

With tables generally accepted washing classes, spin and energy savings are available in the technical documentation.

There are few top-loading cars in Ariston's collections. They cost more than front models, although they usually have a standard set of modes and functions. These are quite powerful machines with a load of about 7 kg.

The advantage is the ability to stop the machine at any time for the purpose of reloading. Front models do not have such a function, unlike, for example, automata samsung.

Browse Popular Models

Some models are especially popular due to the good ratio of cost and complex functions, as well as the presence of additional options that other models do not have. Find out which machines from the latest collections have become the favorites of housewives.

Place # 1 - MVTF 601HC

For a family of 2-3 people, a vertical type washing machine with a spacious tank of 6 kg is perfect. One of the advantages of the model is washing optimization, which is possible with incomplete loading: time and energy for one cycle of processing things takes much less.

Convenient so-called "Parking" - The top position of the loading hatch always when you have to open the lid. You do not need to rotate the drum manually further in search of holes for loading laundry.

Facilitates powder filling and a built-in dispenser with a printed scale - no need to use special measuring cups to fill the cuvette.

In addition to traditional delicate washing, there are modes of manual processing of wool and silk - even more gentle and gentle. At the same time, things are perfectly rinsed and squeezed out with high quality. Some housewives like special modes, for example, for curtains and curtains.

A useful modern option is delayed start. You can load the laundry and delay the washing for several hours (maximum interval - 24 hours). Additional pluses: smooth opening of hatch doors and electronic displayat which all the stages of the process are indicated.

Place # 2 - RSM601W

Ariston RSM601W is one of the most popular models among buyers. Which is especially pleasing low noisea, published by the machine during operation, and attracts capacious drum for relatively little money.

Already by the appearance of the model, you can determine that it belongs to a narrow type of apparatus, which means it can save space in the bathroom or in the kitchen. In addition, a stylish and economical machine intelligently consumes energy and water resources.

Despite the reduced depth (43 cm), the machine has a standard size tank of 6 kg.

You can easily, by incomplete turning the knob, set the washing mode - intensive or gentle. The first is necessary for heavily soiled laundry, the second - for things that give freshness daily.

Worth mentioning technology Digital motion - development of Hotpoint-Ariston. The drum, even during one washing cycle, changes the rotation algorithm several times, so that one or another fabric is cleaned more efficiently. All drum movements are controlled by electronics.

There is a convenient mode for cotton linen: the water heats up to + 20ºС, which allows you to maintain the original whiteness of the fabric for a long time. Parents will be happy with the mode for washing baby clothes.

In order for the spots of various nature to disappear without a trace, you do not even need to use pre-curing or soaking. Pleasing and economical cost.

Place # 3 - RST703DW

The main feature of the model is proprietary technology. direct injection. It lies in the fact that the powder enters the tank in the form of foam. The efficiency of cleaning things in the Ariston RST703DW washer thanks to direct injection technology increases immediately by 60%, and even the most difficult stains are washed off at +20 ° C.

The manufacturer counted about 100 types of stubborn stains that the machine can handle without additional bleaching or curing.

AT large loading tank volume of 7 kg easily fit three sets of bed linen.The diameter of the hatch is 34 cm, which allows you to easily load large and heavy things, such as rugs or bedspreads, without crumpling them beforehand.

White and colored linen can be placed in one load, while the saturation of the shades of colored things is preserved and the molting characteristic of ordinary effective washing does not occur.

Additional benefits: 16 programs to choose from Anti-allergy mode, a special mode of washing things from wool, delayed start.

Place # 4 - VMSL501B

The super-heavy model has a width of only 42 cm, while the loading tank holds 5.5 kg. This is an economical model for a small family, designed for everyday washing of not so dirty things.

If you regularly need to wash complex stains or baby clothes, it is better to purchase a more powerful machine.

The advantage of the machine is auto weight function. The machine, without external intervention, determines how much water is needed for a loaded portion of laundry. Suppose that when washing towels, the volume of water will be noticeably greater than when processing blouses made of synthetics.

Power saving mode and delayed start - Standard options for Hotpoint-Ariston machines. Thus, for only 14,900 rubles, you can purchase a full-fledged machine with 14 wash programs and useful additional features.

Place # 5 - CAWD 129

One of the most popular models from Hotpoint-Ariston - the great demand for equipment is confirmed by numerous customer reviews.

The demand for the CAWD 129 frontal washer is explained by its multifunctionality, a set of practical programs, good storage capacity and enough loyal value. The tank holds 7 kg of laundry, the model provides for drying things (up to 5 kg) by residual moisture.

The machine works in 13 washing modes, 3 programs are provided for drying. Thanks to technology Woolmark Platinum Care The opportunity of gentle washing of woolen things is realized. Among the no less relevant programs are: washing children's clothes, delicate fabrics, super-rinsing, Mix 15, antibacterial and quiet mode.

The unit can be built in furniture, washing machine dimensions standard: 60 * 55 * 82 cm. The model relates to appliances with energy consumption class B, the washing efficiency is class A. The washing machine is provided auto balance to reduce vibration, foam control and partial leakage protection (housing).

CAWD 129 reviews are numerous. Most buyers among the advantages note: good roominess, the availability of drying, the variability of the operating modes, excellent washing quality.

Identified deficiencies: lack of an informative display, drum lights and a child’s lock. Some users note that the hose length for installing the equipment is not enough, they also talk about noise during water intake, as well as a pungent odor when working in the drying mode.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Even more information about the machines and the features of the selection can be gleaned from videos shot by experts and users of models.

The subtleties of choosing a washing machine in the following video:

Expert advice on the selection of the optimal washing machine for domestic use in the video:

Hotpoint-Ariston automatic machines have established themselves as practical, economical, easy-to-use household assistants. With a huge set of features and beautiful design, they have an affordable price.

Perhaps it makes no sense to buy expensive washing equipment if there is a chance to purchase a budget model of a trusted brand.

Have experience using a washing machine from Ariston? Please share with your readers your impressions of the operation of the equipment, the quality of washing and drying things. Leave feedback, comments and ask questions - the contact form is below.

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  1. Ekaterina

    I can not say anything bad about Ariston washing machines. Our past worked well for more than 8 years and without major breakdowns. It’s just that during this time it’s morally outdated, because I wanted something new. I would recommend first of all to choose a washing machine in size. Not all bathrooms can accommodate a standard size. And then you have to choose according to your financial capabilities. Indeed, now the price range is very different, depending on the “filling”, the same Ariston can cost from 15-17 thousand and up to 40-70 thousand.

  2. Ariston - wonderful washing machines, I have a model RSM601W. We bought it specifically for our small bathroom, but it fits as a standard model. The machine is very functional, with as many as 14 washing modes, though I still use only 3-4 basic ones. There is a convenient display on which manual correction of the washing program is possible. In general, I am happy with the purchase.

  3. Masha

    Hotpoints are beautiful ... They look like spaceships)) especially the one with a silver insert around the hatch.