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An automatic washing machine is an indispensable tool for a modern housewife. The stores offer a huge number of such miracle devices that gently remove dirt, rinse thoroughly, and also dry and even iron things.

When choosing a model, a logical question arises: which washing machine is better for everyday use? We will try to answer it in detail, and also indicate the models that occupy leading positions in the ratings.

To figure out which washing machine is best to buy, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the classification of existing units, evaluate their characteristics, and also study the main selection criteria that you should definitely consider before buying a home assistant.

Typical “washing machine” device

The main working element of a modern automatic machine is a drum dotted with numerous holes. This part is installed inside the tank where the laundry is loaded.

Heated water enters the heater, as well as a detergent. The drum rotates in different modes, first soaking, then washing, and then rinsing and wringing the laundry.

All actions of the unit are controlled by a processor, in the memory of which the washing modes available for this model are stored. The control unit also monitors operations using signals from the sensors.

Choosing a program for the washing machine
It is enough for the owner of the washing unit to select the desired program, after which the consumer electronics will accurately fulfill all the processes planned by a certain mode

In addition to vending machines, there are also top-loading activator washing machines. They are characterized by a simple device and the ability to intervene at any time in the process. In such models, water is poured manually, and washing with the activator is carried out at the same speed.

Washing machine hoses
Hoses are connected to the body of the unit, with the help of which water flows from the water supply system into the machine and, after a washing cycle, is drained into the sewer. The pump is inside the housing

Classification of modern machines

Before choosing a new model of a washing machine, it is necessary to consider the various options presented on sale, paying attention to functional features.

Division by type of load

Washing machines front loading - The most common type of washing machine today, where things are placed inside through the front door. Such models fit perfectly into the interior, they are available for embedding.

Disadvantages of front-loading machines
The disadvantages of frontal machines include a complex design, the inability to intervene in the selected program and some loading difficulties: to put the laundry in the drum, you must bend or squat

Units of this type are highly functional due to the fact that they are equipped with technological control units. Since manufacturers pay special attention to this particular type of machines, their lineup is constantly increasing.

Automatic machines top loading They work similarly to the type described above, however, the open part of the drum is not placed on the side, but at the top.

Top Loading Machine
Vertical loading machines are characterized by high wear resistance of bearings on which the drum is mounted. They also have less vibration and noise than front models.

pros vertical washers - compact due to the elongated shape. Such machines have maximum protection against leaks, it is more convenient to load laundry in them, which is especially important for people with health problems.

Among the shortcomings can be called the inability to integrate into furniture in the bathroom or in the kitchen and a not too wide range.

Exploitation semi-automatic activator type makes owners attend the process and even take some part in it.

However, they are still in demand due to the low price, unpretentiousness and ease of management. In addition, such machines do not require a mandatory connection to the water supply and sewage systems.

Activator type washing machine
Mini-washing machines with activators are still popular among summer residents and owners of small housing. The working body of the unit is located in the bottom or in the side wall of the machine. It is he who sets in motion the working environment during the wash

The main element of the unit is the activator, directly performing the wash. It is located in the bottom of the tank, which has a vertical design.

Some models activator type washer equipped with an additional centrifuge for spinning clothes. Modern cars are compact and quite effective for their price.

Differences in Management Method

The technical features of the models are closely related to the specifics of the control unit. In machines of the activator type, a mechanical circuit is used, which operates with the help of rotary handles.

The functions of such a device are minimized, often it only allows you to change the time period of the cycle or randomly stop the engine.

Machine control unit
In modern machines with front or vertical loading, an electronic control system is used, the choice of modes in which is carried out using buttons or a rotary dial

The latest models are equipped with a touch screen on which you can not only select programs, but also track the stages of washing.

Dimensional parameters of cars

The installation location of the automatic machine should be selected in advance in order to consider models with certain dimensions.It is important to understand that the dimensions of the unit are directly related to its capacity. On the compact washer, which takes up a minimum of space, will have to be washed one and a half to two times more often than on a standard-size machine.

Full-sized aggregates usually have a height of 0.7-0.9 m, while their width and depth can vary. For frontalons, 0.6-0.8 m are considered standard parameters.

Front-size full-size machine
Front-type washing machines are divided into narrow and full-sized. For the location of the full-sized model, a lot of space will be required, the choice of which should be taken care of in advance

However, if the width usually remains unchanged, then the depth of the models can be reduced to 0.3-0.4 m, which is especially important for embedded machines. Machines with vertical loading are quite narrow 0.4-0.6 m, but have a large depth of 0.6-0.65 m.

Vertical washer in the bathroom
Finding a suitable niche for installing a vertical machine is much easier, but it can not be built into the kitchen, because it is loaded through the hatch located at the top

Selection by tank material

This factor is of primary importance, since it largely depends on the durability of the washing machine.

The tank can be made of the following materials:

  • Stainless steel. The most durable, but also the most expensive option, which is most often used in cars of famous brands.
  • Enamelled steel. Somewhat cheaper option. Under normal conditions, it is quite reliable and durable, however, a solid object that has fallen into the tank can damage the enamel, which will dramatically reduce the life of the device.
  • Plastic. The most democratic option, most often used in budget automatic and activator models. Such an element is lightweight and is not afraid of corrosion, however, it can crack in case of mechanical impact or imbalance.

Not only durability, but also the cost of the model directly depends on the material from which the drum is made.

Plastic tank
A washing machine tank made of plastic weighs significantly less than its metal counterparts, does not rust and is easily cleaned of mineral deposits

Technical characteristics of washing machines

Each washing machine has a marking consisting of three Latin letters that indicate the working qualities of the device, namely, the energy consumption class, the washing quality and the spin quality.

Average power consumption of the machine

Efficiency of the unit depends on energy consumption. This indicator is determined by the actual energy consumption required to wash 1 kg of cotton at 60 ° C.

Choice of unit by class
Most washing machines on the market, in terms of energy saving, belong to classes A, A +, according to washing efficiency, to A and B. Moreover, spin quality indicators can belong to class C

According to the results obtained, the machine is assigned the following markings:

  • AND - 170-190 W / h;
  • B - 190–230 W / h;
  • C - 230–270 W / h;
  • D, E, F, G- up to 400 W / h, such devices are extremely rare on sale.

Enhanced energy-saving qualities are also distinguished by class cars A +, A ++ and A +++. Since washing units are used sporadically, this factor is hardly worth determining.

Quality of washing and spinning

The next letter of the label indicates washing quality. To determine this indicator, a reference sample of cotton underwear is processed that has been processed in a reference washing machine.

In the tested model, a similar thing is washed, which, after washing, is compared with the standard. If the appearance of the products is 100% identical, then the device that is being tested is awarded the highest class A.

At the same time, the standard even for the lowest class G should not be lower than 80%, which visually does not differ too much from perfectly washed clothes.

Typewriter Alert Label
The spin speed and quality depend on the number of revolutions gained by the unit during the procedure.The faster the spin is performed, the more the drum unwinds and more energy is spent. Therefore, in energy-saving models, the spin class is usually not the highest

The third letter indicates the effectiveness of the spin of the unit. To determine the linen is weighed before and after washing. If the difference between the first and second indicators does not exceed 10%, the spin system receives the highest rating A.

The largest number of revolutions is intended for spinning terry things (towels); 800 rpm is enough for cotton; delicate fabrics (silk, wool) it is desirable to wring out at a rate of 400.

Standard washing programs

In washing machines, there are several modes for washing, for each of which a special temperature, rinsing time, methods and amount of water supply to the drum, and the number of revolutions during the spin cycle are provided.

Installing an upcoming wash program
All washing programs are set using the control panel, which is usually located on the front of the automatic machine. It is not recommended to cancel or change the selected mode during program execution

The most common programs include:

  • Cotton. In this case, water with heating at 90 ° C is used to wash the laundry.
  • Wool. Gentle operation in water heated to 30-40 ° C.
  • Synthetics. A specially designed program for washing synthetic products at 60 ° C.
  • Delicate wash. At a temperature of 40 ° C, careful processing of products from silk, tulle or other delicate fabrics occurs.
  • Quick wash. In this case, the averaged process indicators are used. Washing is carried out at 60 ° C, the spin on the average number of revolutions (600-800).
  • Handwash imitates a similar process due to the low temperature of 30-40 ° C with slow rotation of the drum. It does not provide for spinning.
  • Prewash. The process includes a period of soaking, allowing you to remove stubborn stains.
  • Economy. A program that optimizes the consumption of electricity, washing products and water.

Do not chase too many modes. As practice shows, housewives are usually limited to 3-4 programs.

Modes of operation of the washing machine
It should be remembered that the more functionality a household appliance has, the more expensive it is. If there is no urgent need to perform “hand wash” or “automatic drum cleaning”, it is better to take a simpler model

Additional functions and options

In addition to the main modes, modern washing machines can also be equipped with additional features:

  • Half load. Such a function allows washing with less laundry than indicated in the characteristics of the model. This reduces the process time, and also reduces the consumption of electricity and water.
  • Intensive Wash. For washing heavily soiled laundry, an aggressive mode of operation is used with an increased consumption of water and electricity, as well as an increased number of revolutions of the drum.
  • Extra rinse. A thorough washing of the washed laundry minimizes the amount of laundry detergent remaining on the clothes.
  • Water ionization. The function provides an additional disinfection of linen with the help of silver ions, which is considered beneficial for health.
  • Pre-ironing. The program allows you to slightly spread things in the drum creating the effect of easy ironing.

A number of manufacturers leading in the production of washing machines now offer models with a drying function. Such equipment is more expensive than standard offers, but it makes it possible to refuse to dry out things or to buy a non-cheap drying machine at all.

Washer dryer
A washer and dryer costs more than a conventional machine, but it eliminates the need to dry clothes and the desire to buy an oven or a machine

In addition, it is worth paying attention to such nuances as:

  • Display availability, which reflects all stages of washing.
  • Leakage protection. It is complete and partial.The first implies special protection of the case, thanks to which water cannot overflow, even if there is excess water in the drum. With partial protection, the water supply to the washer is interrupted in the event of an emergency.
  • Turn off the machine in case of problems with water supply. Many models are equipped with a similar function, which guarantees an emergency shutdown of the unit in the absence of water in the pipes.
  • Noiselessness. The special design of the machine reduces the noise level during its operation. It is worth considering that the most noisy are units that operate on a belt drive. At the same time, devices with direct drive, between the motor and the drum of which a minimum of connecting elements are located, function much quieter. In addition, they vibrate much less during operation.
  • Child protection. In order to prevent children from interfering in the washing process, manufacturers offer an additional device lock, which can be removed only by knowing a certain key combination.

Other options include regulation of the water level in the tank, delayed start, control of the formation of foam, control of the imbalance of the drum and others.

Child lock
The function of blocking from interference in the process of curious young researchers will prevent unforeseen breakdowns of the control unit, extend the working life of the equipment

Some tips for choosing

For families with children, it is best to prefer the automatic option, which allows the loading of 6-7 kg of laundry. It is desirable that the machine has an economy class of at least A and several programs. Functions such as a shortened wash cycle, child protection, and a delayed start will be useful.

For small families or individuals living alone, a compact washing machine with a load of up to 4-5 kg ​​is enough. Enough basic option with several programs and an enameled or plastic tank. The energy class can be taken as A or B.

For a summer residence, an activator type device is quite suitable - ordinary or, if the area allows, with a centrifuge.

A washing machine for a small family
Small families or single users do not have to chase an impressive amount of washing capacity. A unit with a load of 4-5 kg ​​of laundry in a dry state is enough

Popular vending machine manufacturers

The range of washing devices on the market can be divided into three categories:

  • elite models;
  • middle class;
  • budget devices.

Below we will consider them in more detail.

Elite washing machines

Famous German companies can be attributed to this category. Aeg, Miele. They produce extremely reliable equipment, the operation period of which is at least 10-15 years.

AEG machines are equipped with a tank made of a special plastic alloy, the strength of which exceeds even stainless steel.

Miele Cell Drum
A feature of the Miele models is the use of a special drum design, the inner surface of which resembles a honeycomb, which guarantees an extremely careful attitude to the laundry

Production of the company Miele differs in wide use of innovations; In addition to traditional frontal options, the company also offers a line of vertical devices.

The washing machines of these companies operate silently and are equipped with a large number of useful functions, which guarantees the highest quality of washing. The downside of such cars is the price, which exceeds $ 1,000.

Mid-range cars and budget models

This segment includes cars worth 600-800 dollars, which are produced by well-known companies: Bosch, Whirlpool, Electrolux. These are high-quality machines characterized by reliability, functionality and excellent performance.

Samsung WF7450SAV washing machine
Samsung WF7450SAV washing machine is specifically designed for washing baby clothes. It provides not only a thorough rinse of clothes, but also the processing of silver ions

Budget washing devices are also popular. This category includes household appliances like European (Ariston, Zanussi, Indesit) and Asian (Samsung, LG) manufacturers.

Although these machines are somewhat inferior to the expensive products of German companies, they will become faithful helpers, providing high-quality washing for many years.

The best models according to experts

The ratings of modern washing machines will help determine the choice of the unit. According to the data provided by service centers for 2017, the German brand is the leader among middle and budget class cars Boschproducing the most reliable automatic machines.

Behind him is the no less famous German brand. Siemens, and closes the top three technology of the Swedish concern Electrolux.

In the middle of the ranking are popular Korean brands (LG Samsung), whose cars also rarely appear in repair shops. The first of them pleases customers with a reliable engine and direct drive, which ensures a minimum of noise during operation.

Equipment Ariston and Indesit in reliability inferior to the "Asians". The washing machines from BEKO.

The following automatic units are leading in the quality of washing: Bosch Hotpoint-ariston, Indesit, LG. Users, judging by the polls, prefer brands like Bosch and LG.

Top 7 washing machines

Among the models that received the best reviews are the following.

Place # 1: Bosch WLG20061

Premium quality at a budget price. The model is compact in size (only 45 cm deep), silent operation with minimal vibration.

This model has a vertical type of loading and a capacity of up to 5kg. The machine has 12 standard programs washing, as well as special programs for washing children's clothes, removing stains, etc. Foreseen complete leakage protection.

Applies to models with energy class A - consumes 0.19 kWh / kg. She needs 57 liters of water per wash. Users mark affordable price, easy operation, excellent washing quality, as well as thorough rinsing and spinning.

Among the shortcomings, users noted the lack of a display and a hose for emergency drainage of water from the drum, although for fairly little money this can hardly be considered disadvantages.

Place # 2: Electrolux EWF1287HDW

The machine with dryer is perfect for a large family (load up to 8 kg). The equipment is notable for its affordable cost, but at the same time high quality and excellent functionality.

The model belongs to very economical units with energy class A ++. The noise level generated in the washing mode is only 51 dB, and during the spin cycle it can increase to 73 dB.

The manufacturer has provided a number of useful additional features: imbalance control, the ability to wash blankets and other bulky textiles, stain removal, delayed start. Users like the quiet operation of Electrolux EWF1287HDW, easy operation, steaming mode and good build quality.

Some users complain of noise and vibration during the spin cycle, although the problem here may be that the machine is not set to level.

Place # 3: Bosch WIW28540

Built-in model with a capacity of 8 kg with front loading type. It will be an ideal solution for a large family, as allows you to rub a large amount of laundry at a time.

This is one of the quietest models from Bosch, the noise level in the washing mode is only 41 dB. In addition, the machine belongs to the series of very economical appliances, since it has energy efficiency class A +++.

The manufacturer has provided 14 standard washing programsas well as special programs: night mode, economical washing, quick washing and much more.

Users are provided with a number of useful functions: half load, foam and imbalance control, delayed start, child protection. The machine is equipped with a stainless steel drum, which guarantees a long service life.

On the network you can find many rave reviews from users who like the quality of the wash, the basic set of programs and quiet operation.

Place # 4: Electrolux EWF1408WDL

The capacious unit, capable of washing up to 10 kg of laundry at a time, has an increased energy efficiency class A ++. The washing device is also equipped with special equipment that allows you to accurately calculate the amount of necessary water and detergent based on the weight of the laundry.

The machine Electrolux EWF1408WDL provides steam laundry functionthat refreshes things, removing odors, and also straightens folds, simplifying ironing.

The device has especially proven itself in washing delicate fabrics, having received a gold certificate from the International Union of Wool Manufacturers. It is also possible to stop washing by reloading the laundry, and individual installation of the program.

Users really like the capacity of the washer, the good quality of washing, as well as the ability to process things with steam. Of the shortcomings, one can note only the cost, but models of other manufacturers with such functionality are much more expensive.

Place # 5: Samsung WW60H2200EWDLP

High-tech machine with the ability control via smartphoneby installing on it a special program. Designed for loading up to 12 kg.

Samsung washing machine WW60H2200EWDLP has energy class A ++ and consumes only 39 l of water for one wash cycle.

The manufacturer has provided 12 standard washing programs and special programs that allow you to wash delicate and children's clothes, remove stains, effectively wash outer clothing and much more. Among the useful features in the washer is child protection, control foam level and unbalance.

Owners praised quiet work, affordable cost, many washing modes, stylish design. The disadvantages include the noisy operation of the machine and a short drain hose. Although for such a price, a device with similar functionality will be quite difficult to find.

Place # 6: Siemens WS10G140

The compact appliance with a width of 40 cm is characterized by reliability and high quality washing. It has a front loading type and is designed for washing no more than 5 kg of laundry per cycle.

The Siemens WS10G140 has a number of important features useful for home washing: for example, imbalance controlfoam leakage protection, child protection.

The unit, which has a democratic value, has 15 basic programs, as well as special programs for washing delicate linen, the mode of quick and preliminary washing, including washing products from mixed fabrics and wool.

The advantages of the washing unit can be called compact dimensions, ease of operation, good roominess and reliability. Cons: a short drain hose and quite noisy work.

Place # 7: LG F-80B8LD0

The washing unit, which belongs to the middle price category, has a direct-drive engine, which is guaranteed for 10 years. The machine of this series offers users 14 programs and silent wash. Spin is performed at 800 rpm, maximum heating 95 ° C.

The machine LG F-80B8LD0 has a good quality-price ratio, it is a silent device with high energy class A +. The device is equipped with an intelligent control system that allows you to determine the optimal amount of powder and water.

Among the advantages it is worth noting: affordable cost and good quality washing. Disadvantages: lack of display, uncomfortable powder tray, noisy operation, long washing modes.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

In the presented video you will hear the opinion of the master about the common brands of washing machines.

Choosing a washing machine is not an easy task. First of all, you should decide on the budget that you are ready to allocate, as well as identify which functions of the unit will be especially useful to you.

Given these factors, we can begin to study the range of specialized stores of household appliances, where, of course, there is the right option.

Share with your readers your experience in choosing and using a washing machine. Tell us which unit you bought, whether you are satisfied with the work of a home assistant. Please leave comments and participate in discussions - the feedback form is located below.

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    Not so long ago, my husband and I were choosing a new washing machine. We looked at many models of washing machines and various manufacturers. Before that, there was a front-loading washing machine. This type of download suited me. Only when bedding was washed did it take extra effort to get it out of the washing machine. This time bought a top-loading washing machine. And as it turned out, it’s very convenient to load laundry. And it works quieter than the previous washing machine.

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