Activator-type washing machine: technical specifications and selection rules

Evgenia Kravchenko
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Author: Alesia Markova
Last update: June 2019

Despite the sincere affection of compatriots to drum washing units, they still have rivals. Not everyone is happy with an irrational stationary installation. It strains a solid weight and impressive dimensions.

An activator type washing machine is ready to become a worthy alternative to the drum technique. Slightly forgotten, but still in demand equipment can serve perfectly. In our proposed article, typical models are presented, their technical characteristics are described, and functionality is listed.

Specificity of activator type machines

The nuances of using washing machines with an activator are remembered by few representatives of the older generation. From time to time, they share memories of a blouse wound on an impeller or a worn jammed working disk.

Probably, these household troubles caused a massive transition to equipment with a drum. Note that the new activator models of the indicated shortcomings are devoid.

Oddly enough, residents of numerous states of America prefer the activator type. We will not question their commitment. We’ll better understand what the washing technique of this category actually is, how it differs from the usual drum system.

Activators are called machines in which the washing solution drives the working blade disk. It is made of reinforced durable plastic. The blades are convex ribs resembling similar elements on the drums of machines that are familiar to us.

The principle of operation of the activator washing machine
In activator washing machines, water rotates with processed laundry and detergent. Rotation can be performed in two directions, with and without pauses.

The disk is rightfully assigned the technical term “activator”. Most often it is located at the bottom of the washing tank, less often on its side wall. It can rotate either with pauses in one direction, or with pauses in two opposite directions, or with reverse, but without pauses in work.

Outdated and new kind of activator
In new generation washers, the obsolete paddle disk is replaced by an impeller. The work environment activated by him moves along the most efficient path

Varieties of units with activator

By the number of tanks in the system, cars with an activator are divided into one-tank and two-tank varieties. The first option performs all operations laid down by the manufacturer within a single tank. The second, as is clear from the definition, is equipped with separate containers in the amount of two pieces: one of them is washed, the second is dried.

In addition to the tanks and activators already described, the washing machines are provided with a relay or other similar device, with the help of which the period of operation of the washing drum, directly the activator, the drying centrifuge and the pump pumping the liquid is set.

In the simplest models of machines, a level gauge is installed inside the tanks, designed to control the filling of the working cavity, taking into account the washing mode.

According to the type of control systems, activator machines are divided into electromechanical and electronic. The mechanics are more affordable, more reliable in operation, as not equipped with complex nodes and programming devices. Electronics are more expensive, more vulnerable to breakdowns, but much more convenient to use.

According to the degree of automation, machines with an activator are conditionally divided into:

  • The simplest models. These are machines with electromechanical control and V-belt drive. They have a tank, an activator and an elementary type of timer.In most models, there is no spin, and if it is, then this is a device with two rubberized rollers and a drive handle.
  • Semiautomatic devices. They include a washing tub and a drying centrifuge. The activator and centrifuge motors are driven by a time relay. The activator is activated through a V-belt drive, a centrifuge basket through an elastic coupling.
  • Automata There are one or two tanks. Perform laundry processing operations according to programs that take into account the type of fabric and the degree of contamination. All processes in them are automated, to select the necessary procedure there is an electronic control panel.

Automatic machines operated in the American open spaces with an activator are connected to pipelines with hot and cold water. In them, as in the simplest models, there are no heating elements for preparing water for washing, which significantly reduces energy consumption.

In the simplest machines with an activator, only washing is done by mechanical rotation of the working medium with linen inside the tank. To start the wash you just need to switch the relay toggle switch on the control panel. It is not necessary to connect them to the water supply system: it is easier to fill with water through a hose, focusing on the level gauge.

Upon completion of washing, soapy water is drained through a hose connected to the bottom of the tank into the sewer. In machines, the pumping process stimulates the pump. All models are equipped with filters to hold the fibers of the fabric, hair, animal hair, thread, etc.

Scope of equipment

The specifics of installation and connection of washing machines with an activator is determined by the technical complexity of the units and the degree of soiling of the laundry. Automatic machines, which most often include a drying chamber, weigh about 70-100 kg. Install and connect them in a stationary manner for continuous operation.

Electromechanical protozoa and semi-automatic models weigh an average of 10 - 25 kg, which is their indisputable advantage. Lightness is actually a guarantee of mobility, which provides the opportunity to take them with you out of town in the summer for use in the country, easily transported to a new apartment for those who do not yet have permanent housing.

Light washing equipment is a real find for young parents. She erases just a couple of dozen minutes. Using electromechanical washing machines with an activator, you can quickly and easily put in order baby clothes and diapers, eliminate the formation of stable spots, and always have fresh, laundered items in stock.

Laundry machines in the country
Attracting by the availability of prices, ease, ensuring ease of transportation, the absence of the need for a mandatory connection to the water supply system, activator technology is indispensable in the conditions of the private sector

Economic advantages and reasonable benefits

In addition to priority mobility and the ability to use activator cars without connecting to communications, there are a number of positive qualities that can not be ignored, these are:

  • Power saving The washer tanks are filled with already heated water, which significantly reduces costs. True, in the assortment offered for sale there are also models with a heating element, in this case the economic effect will come from the fact that you need to heat a relatively small amount of water.
  • Low water consumption. Also a relative criterion. Only electromechanical varieties with a load of a washing tank of 1 - 4 kg of dry laundry are consuming little. Stationary machines with drying are washed like mini-laundries, water is consumed in accordance with the status.
  • Undemanding to detergents. Electromechanical units with an activator “accept” any kind of powder, including handwashing products. Downloading them to electronic equipment that is sensitive to foaming is not recommended.
  • Reliability of work. In the assembly of machines with an electromechanical type of control, elementary mechanical devices and components are used. Situations that can disable them rarely occur.
  • Extremely short washing time. The period of processing of linen in equipment with an activator varies from 5 to 30 minutes. Owners of equipment have the opportunity to choose the optimal time mode, start the machine several times without the long breaks that are required by electronic types.

A weighty argument in favor of acquiring a simple washing machine with an activator is its very attractive price, varying in the range from 1.5 to 7.5 thousand Russian rubles, and its vast scope of use. This is truly autonomous equipment that does not need to supply water from a centralized system.

Low detergent
You can pour and pour literally any detergents into the washing tank of electromechanical models, including powders intended for hand washing

List of operational disadvantages

The indisputable advantages of washing machines with an activator do not deprive them of shortcomings, in the list of which are listed:

  • Limitations in washing modes. At the disposal of the owners of electromagnetic models there is only a timer, with the help of which the washing and drying period is set, if the equipment is equipped with a centrifuge. Electronically controlled machines also have few programs.
  • Top loading. Machines with activator release exclusively top loading, because of which it is impossible to integrate them into furniture kitchen sets.
  • The need for handmade. Activator washing equipment requires the participation of the owners in the spin and rinse processes. If the unit is not connected to water supply lines, then temperature preparation and water collection are also carried out manually.

If you use a machine with an activator in a private, uncomfortable house, then both the set and the discharge of water will be quite laborious. First, it will need to be collected in a separate container, then disposed of in a drain pit or gutter. In addition, the equipment can not be started during the absence of the owners, it is necessary to constantly monitor the washing.

Note that the restrictions in the choice of modes are peculiar only to old electromechanical models, the responsibilities of which do not include putting in order thin linen and cashmere sweaters. The new developments take into account the wishes of consumers, it is possible to wash delicate and colored things.

Hair and Fluff Retention Net
In order to prevent electromechanical models from clogging during washing and draining water, mesh bags or a thin cloth should be used in which dangerous things are to be wrapped

Typical options for activator washers

Consider the specifics of the design and operation of washing machines with an activator mechanism for moving the working medium on the most popular models in everyday life. We will distribute them into categories corresponding to technical complexity. We begin to disassemble with a typical representative of the washers without spinning, then we turn to the semiautomatic device and automatic machine.

All types of machines are required to wash and perform the functions of rinsing, spinning, drying, if they are laid down by the manufacturer, without damaging the structure of the fabric.

Model # 1 - Baby 2

Compact machine related to the series aggregates of the brand "Baby", designed for washing a small volume of a batch of linen at home. The weight of the load should not exceed 1 kg in the dry state.

28 l are poured into the tank for washing and rinsing, the washing duration does not exceed 5 minutes, you can rinse no longer than 4.2 minutes. The time interval between rinsing and washing for at least 3 minutes.

Activator in demand on the market
“Old-timer” in the segment of activator washing machines, presented on the domestic market, is a series of equipment with the logo “Baby”

Processing loaded into the laundry tub is carried out under the influence of a circulating soapy solution penetrating between the fibers and pores of the fabric. The washing container includes a plastic tank and a similar lid. The activator and its triggering devices are mounted in the side wall of the unit.

The blade disk is driven by an electric motor, to the shaft of which it is just attached. The input of electrical equipment into the washing tank is made through the flange, a sealing cuff is used to seal it. The motor casing is equipped with a cap with a switch fixed on it.

Circuit device typewriter Baby
Activator washing machines brand Baby is mounted in the side wall. The electric motor is moved outside the washing tub, which significantly increases its safety

Before washing in the Baby-2 machine it is recommended to soak heavily soiled cotton linen in a washing solution, stubborn stains should be thoroughly soaped. If you want to stretch delicate lace or wardrobe items with fringe in the simplest machine, it is better to place them in a net or bag made of thin fabric.

It is not recommended to pour water into the washing tank with a temperature above 80º C, a minimum heating of 30 - 40º C is used to process clothes made of wool and viscose. If washing of not too soiled laundry will be carried out, a reduction in the period of its implementation is allowed.

Washing is done in the simplest way. In a tank filled with water of suitable temperature fall asleep powderstrictly observing the dosage. The procedure is activated by the toggle switch located on the control panel. At the end of the wash, absolutely clean water is added to the tank, heated to 40 ° C, and rinsing is started.

The washing equipment of a similar category includes all modifications of “Baby”, “Fairy”, SM models with the logo “Oka”, “Princess”, “Snow White”, “Slavada”. There are the simplest models in the Mabe product line, Bosch and a number of foreign companies.

The principle of operation of the washers of this class will visually depict the video:

Model # 2 - Renova WS-40PET

The semi-automatic machine with the Renova brand activator of the WS-40PET series is an excellent option for suburban farms that are not connected to centralized utilities and country houses.

The unit weighs only 12.7 kg, which is extremely attractive for seasonal use. The list of reasonable advantages includes the neat dimensions of the machine and ease of operation.

We will not ignore the moderate power consumption of 360 watts. You can load 4 kg of laundry into the tank, for the processing of which there are already 2 modes. The duration of the procedure is set using the timer.

The activator rotates in a reverse manner. The control is simple, all the tips for starting systems are on the control panel, it's hard not to understand them.

To carry out immediate duties, Renova is equipped with two tanks: one for washing, the second for drying. The washing compartment can be opened during the operation, the centrifuge is blocked to prevent the release of squeezed laundry and injuries to the owners.

The one-piece body is made of heavy-duty reinforced plastic, i.e. he definitely does not threaten rust and the appearance of oxides. Microorganisms can hardly linger on the walls, mold will not start, will not appear bad smell. They can be washed away from it without any problems.

Note that you need to adapt to the operation of the activator semiautomatic device. It is possible that at first there may be problems with the spin in the centrifuge in terms of spoiled things. It is better to begin the development of technology with “careful” modes, after testing which you can safely proceed to tougher measures.

During operation, light equipment naturally vibrates quite strongly. At this time, it can spontaneously throw off the drain hose and drain the water from the tank.

Technical data of the line of washing machines
In the line of two-tank washing machines of the Renova brand there are models designed for washing clothes weighing from 3 to 8 kg. Modifications differ in weight, dimensions of the case and power consumption

Foreign competing semiautomatic devices from Indesit or Bosch have no such problems. Of course, they weigh more, they also cost, but for stability they are supplied with a steel frame.The design provides shock absorbers and noise absorption systems.

Renova’s “rivals” are simply abundance. In the Russian segment, these are two-tank models with the logos “Fairy”, “Cinderella”, “Siberia”, “Assol”, “Saturn”, etc. There are also many companies that produce portable semiautomatic devices abroad, for example, South Korean LG, their neighbors “Daewoo”, the Chinese “Supra” and “Haier”, the Americans “Maytag”, the Japanese company “National”, the international concern “Mabe” and many others.

The Daewoo brand of South Korean washing equipment has units with an air-bubble operating pattern. The following video will introduce the features of their device and operational advantages:

Model # 3 - Frigidaire MLCE10ZEMW

High-end equipment requires connection to hot and cold water lines. Frigidaire logo washes wash fine fabrics like jeans and fine silk underwear. In one case, there is a washing chamber and a centrifuge for drying.

The machine is not equipped with a water heating system, which can be appreciated without a hitch as a merit of technology. There are no thermal devices in the design: sensors, blocks, heating elements that constantly fail.

This fact cannot but please our fellow countrymen and residents of other CIS countries who are familiar with the negative consequences of an unstable electricity supply. There is a device for adjusting the volume of water depending on the weight of the loaded laundry.

To prevent overfilling during tank filling, there is a water level control system. The tipping of the machine is prevented by the imbalance control system, which ensures the stability of the equipment when spinning.

Extremely reduced the duration of operations performed by the mini-laundry Frigidaire. The washing cycle runs for a maximum of 30 minutes, a spin is performed for a maximum of 40 minutes. The temperature for washing and rinsing is selected in four different modes. During centrifuge operation, the spin chamber lid is locked.

A specific feature of this washing machine is the three-active movement of the components of the washing system. The tank rotates only in the direction characteristic of a clockwise direction, the activator with pauses moves both against it and in its direction.

As a result of the application of three motion paths, the mechanical effect on the working environment is significantly enhanced, as a result, the quality of the wash increases. At the same time, getting wrapped in things and jamming the activator is excluded.

Filling or pouring, as well as loading the laundry, is done from above. The lid of the washing tank can easily be opened to control what is happening. There are 4 different positions for choosing the optimal washing mode. Drying mode can be programmed or set using a timer.

Washer-dryer activator machine
The machine has a washing tub and a drying chamber, operates in four different temperature ranges, rinses and launders items from delicate and easily crushed fabrics

The bottom of the machine with the activator is equipped with a self-cleaning filter, which carefully collects the fibers, stitches, feathers, and fluff separated from the laundry. The filter is connected to a system for collecting and removing contaminants into the sewer through the bottom.

Materials that are resistant to abrasion and aggressive media are used in the manufacture of the tank and moving parts. They are not afraid of corrosion and mechanical stress.

There are practically no competitors in the two-tank Frigidaire automatic machine. Activator models with one tank and top loading are available at Aeg, "Mabe", "Bosch", "Whirlpool».

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

A promotional video will familiarize with the proven benefits of miniature washers with an activator:

It cannot be said that activator-type washing machines are really in demand in the CIS countries. As the main unit for home washing, no one has been considering them for a long time. But they can be a great help to young families and adherents of summer life in the summer.

Please leave feedback in the block form below, post photos and ask questions about the topic of the article. Tell us about your experience in the selection and operation of a machine with an activator. Share useful information and the intricacies of using washing equipment with site visitors.

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  1. Andrew

    I bought an activator-type washing machine at my cottage about a year ago. The first thing that bribed it was its price and small size: it easily climbed into the back seat of the car. Washes well if few things are not heavily soiled. So, as a budget option, this type of washing machine is well suited and the dimensions are much smaller than its counterparts.

  2. Yulia

    This type of washing machine with two tanks was in our rented apartment. Wow, and I was tormented with it: while you collect this water into the tank, then it erases, then you drain it yourself, then you need to collect water to rinse, then drain and put the laundry back into the centrifuge. And if the machine is not pulled out at the same time from the outlet, then it was beating an electric shock. A couple of times I forgot about the hose, water poured on the floor. Inconveniently, and that’s it. Another thing, when there is no choice at all, this one is better than none.

  3. I want to take such a machine. We have no extra space in the hostel, but in the basin hands tired of washing. Excites only the effectiveness of such a machine. A friend says that the spots in them do not really wash off. You have to soak your clothes in advance and rub the stain with laundry soap. Scary or is it?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. Any washing machine, even an automatic machine, hardly erases stubborn stains. Things with those require preliminary soaking or the use of specialized tools - stain removers. Of course, the convenience and quality of washing can not be compared with expensive “automatic machines”, but for the hostel the option is quite acceptable.

  4. Kristina

    A long time ago I did not see such gizmos on sale 🙂 As for me, it’s easier to add and buy a simple Indesit, IMHO. They erase perfectly, at the price not biting, serve for a long time.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. In fact, there are a lot of them on sale, they are simply rarely put on display in prominent places. Washing machines of this type are still relevant to this day, for example, in villages, in dormitories or in summer cottages, where there is no possibility of connecting an automatic machine to the central water supply system.