DIY Samsung washing machine repair: analysis of popular breakdowns and repair tips

Evgenia Kravchenko
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Last update: June 2019

Owners of home appliances of a famous South Korean brand will be interested to know how to repair a washing machine Samsung do it yourself. Unfortunately, breakdowns and malfunctions occur in any household appliance, regardless of its price segment. You need to know how to properly and timely eliminate them.

In our proposed article, all typical types of breakdowns and methods of dealing with them are analyzed in detail. The process of disassembling the unit and replacing damaged parts or assemblies is described in detail. We will familiarize you with the decryption of error codes, which are warned by Samsung's self-diagnosis system.

Samsung washing machine specifications

First, you should familiarize yourself with the main features of these machines. Firstly, it is a stylish design.

Stylish appearance of the Samsung car
The appearance of Samsung devices is always elegant. It is recognizable at first sight, and this indicates a responsible approach to design and high build quality

Secondly, this is the original design of the drum. Modern modifications washing machines Samsung equipped with a fundamentally new technical solution - a drum Diamond Drum.

It refers to the innovative form of honeycomb drums with a surface covered with many convex pyramids and small water holes in which the fabric is not drawn.

Thanks to this design, a gentle washing regime is ensured. These drums can be very roomy - with a load of up to 12 kg of laundry, depending on the model of the machine.

Thirdly, there are noteworthy double ceramic coating heaters that are not covered with scale, as well as invertor a motor attached directly to the drum in some versions.

Also interesting features Fuzzy Logic and Smart Checkresponsible for the correct calculation of the washing mode depending on the amount of loaded laundry, as well as for the diagnosis of various malfunctions of the machine.

Smartphone-controlled washing machines
The appearance of Samsung devices is always elegant. It is recognizable at first sight, and this indicates a responsible approach to design and high build quality

The number of washing programs depends on the model of the washing machine. Even the simplest modifications are equipped with all the necessary set of programs, and new models have a washing mode called ECO Bubble - With the help of air bubbles, laundry is easier to wash even in cold water.

Spin Characteristics
Samsung washing machines can provide spin speeds of 800, 1000, 1200 and 1400 rpm, but at the same time produce little noise, unlike machines of other brands (according to customer reviews)

If the machine is marked with Wf, then this means that this model has front loading, and if in its name there is an abbreviation Wd, it means that the machine is equipped with a built-in dryer.

But brand cars Samsung there is one small drawback - their instability to voltage drops in the network, which is important in our Russian reality.

When the voltage becomes either too high or low, a control system called Volt Control just turns off the washing mode to resume it immediately after stabilizing the mains voltage. This is not always convenient, therefore it is better to connect the washing machine through a voltage regulator.

Standard Type Machine Device
The device is of a standard type: the diagram shows all the main parts of the body and the rear. The design and principle of operation of machines of various brands are similar (+)

After a brief familiarization with the parameters of this brand, we will proceed to consider the main breakdowns.

Typical household appliance failures

To understand the malfunction that has arisen, you need to consider the most common of them and the causes of their occurrence.

Here is a list of common problems:

  • No water is poured into the machine’s tank - this means that the heating element or the intake valve or drain pump, or it may not work the pressure switch;
  • The machine does not turn on - the sunroof is not very tightly closed, the locking system or the “Start” button does not work, a break in the power cord, poor contact. It can also be more serious problems, such as a failure of the heater or engine;
  • The drum does not rotate when the motor is running - torn drive beltWorn bearings or engine brushes. It is possible that a foreign object has fallen into the gap between the drum and the tank;
  • Water does not drain - this problem means a blockage in the drain hose, or in washing machine filteror in the sewage system;
  • The hatch of the car does not open - malfunction of the locking system, or the handle is damaged;
  • Water leak - occurs during depressurization of seams or machine parts, as well as leaking drain hose or pump;
  • Water discharge - if the water is drained before it has already accumulated, then this is either a connection problem or a malfunction of the control system;
  • Problems with wring - the “Spin off” button does not work, problems with draining or with the electric motor of the washer;
  • Sounds unusual for washing - Worn bearings and oil seal. They will have to be replaced, and it may be necessary to replace the drum;
  • Big vibration may be caused by a large amount of loaded laundry or improper installation of the appliance;
  • Management System Issues - The terminals on the buttons are oxidized or the contacts are shorted due to water ingress.

Next, we will consider methods for fixing them with your own hands, because it is not always possible to call the wizard. And for this it is necessary to have a set of necessary tools.

Samsung washing machine frontal type
A list of the most common malfunctions that occur in the operation of the Samsung washing machine is in the manual that the manufacturer attached to the product.There you can often find a way to fix the problem.

Before starting repairs, you need to make sure that all the tools from this list are available:

  • flat and Phillips screwdrivers or screwdrivers;
  • set of wrenches;
  • pliers, ticks, nippers;
  • tweezers - elongated and curved;
  • powerful flashlight;
  • long-handled mirror;
  • soldering iron;
  • gas-burner;
  • a small hammer;
  • knife.

In addition to these tools, you may need a magnet to pull out small metal objects that are inside the machine, a long metal ruler to align the drum, a multimeter or a voltage indicator.

Washing machine repair tools
A set of the most necessary tools for repair will be needed for repair operations available for the home craftsman. Most of the tools can be found in the household; borrow the rest from friends

But this is not all, in addition to the necessary set of devices, the purchase of the following consumables for repair is required:

  • sealant;
  • Super glue;
  • insulating resin;
  • soldering materials - rosin, flux, etc .;
  • wires
  • clamps;
  • current fuses;
  • rust remover;
  • electrical tape and adhesive tape.

Sometimes multimeter not needed, just plug the machine into the network and select a mode with high water temperature. It’s easy to understand from the operation of an apartment electric meter whether power is supplied to the heating element.

Instrument disassembly sequence

If you are a beginner, you can advise you to use the camera to shoot video or to photograph the workflow so as not to confuse the sequence of actions and then assemble the machine correctly.

Keep in mind several important rules that must be observed before starting repairs:

  • it is necessary to drain all the water from the machine;
  • before disassembling the washing machine it is necessary (!) to disconnect the device;
  • choose a bright and fairly spacious place for repair.

If the unit cannot be moved to a convenient place, then the maximum illumination of the workplace should be ensured.

The first step is to remove the top panel of the washing machine.

Removing the top panel of the washer
Removing the top panel is easy - just unscrew the two screws on the back of the case, slightly slide the cover back, then lift and remove it

The second step is to remove the powder container, this is easy to do. Next, you need to remove the cuff from the hatch. Caution is needed here. Use a screwdriver to pry off the retaining clamp, remove it, and then remove the o-ring. This should be done carefully, trying not to tear soft rubber.

Removing the rubber hatch seal
Carefully remove the o-ring - the main thing is not to damage it by negligence. You can push the cuff inside the drum - there it will be safe

It was the turn of the control panel. In order to remove it, you need to unscrew the two screws on the front of the panel and another one located on the right.

Dismantling the control panel
Then carefully separate the control unit from the housing and set it aside. The control panel can also be removed after removing the cuff from the loading hatch.

Next, you can begin to dismantle the lower front panel. Pulling the latch lever, we separate the base part of the facade - access to the drain filter and the hose for the emergency filter is open. Now you can remove the front panel by unscrewing the eight mounting screws. Open up TEN and drain pump.

If during the repair process it is required to remove the tank and drum, then we advise you not to do this alone. Be sure to bring an assistant to this business. Before removing the tank, it is necessary to disconnect the heating element, disconnect all pipes, as well as the electrical wiring from the motor.

To do this, put the machine on its side, then remove the 4 screws on the bottom cover. The engine opens with a counterweight fixed with shock absorbers.

Disconnect the wiring from the connectors.It is important to remember what is attached to, therefore, before disassembling, it is desirable to photograph everything, then to repeat everything exactly as in the picture.

Dismantling the machine tank
We proceed to dismantle the tank. First you need to remove the counterweights attached by bolts, and then the springs, to unfasten the shock absorbers. Only then can you remove the tank from the machine body together with the assistant

But it remains to disconnect the drive belt from the engine. To do this, simply remove the belt from the pulley. Remember that when dressing the belt, you must put the drive belt first on the small drive pulley, then only put it on the large driven pulley and align it in the center of the pulley.

Repair machine damage Samsung

We present you a diagram of the device, which will be most welcome for repair. The technical content of cars of different brands is about the same. If you have already encountered replacement parts for a washing machine, it will be easier for you to cope with the next repair.

Scheme of parts washing machine
The list of component parts of the washing container: 1 - heating element (TEN); 2 - the front of the tank; 3 - front brackets, total 5 pcs.; 4 - bracket TENA; 5 - TEN spacers, 2 pcs .; 6 - screws, 3 pcs.; 7 - overlay; 8 - washer; 9 - screw; 10 - drum; 11 - a sealing cuff; 12 - the back of the tank; 13, 14 - tank clamps, total 9 pieces

Now you can start the story about certain types of breakdowns and how to repair them.

No. 1: unexpected stop during washing

The most common cause is insufficient water pressure. Then the machine stops, and to start it again, it must be turned off, and then turned on again. If a lot of laundry is loaded to make the machine work, just turn it off and remove the excess.

Samsung washing machine diagnostics
With all the problems of stopping the washing machine during operation, you can figure it out quickly enough if you correctly determine the reason that is not associated with the failure of parts of the equipment

If there is a break in the power cord or an initially bad contact in the power button, then the device periodically turns itself off. The machine may stop even if it is not placed evenly and there is some skew.

No. 2: difficulties with water intake

To eliminate this problem, you should first check the water pressure in the water supply system, and also make sure that the valve supplying water to the machine is well open.

Cleaning the water system in the machine
If everything is in order, then check the presence of debris and foreign objects at the inlet of the filling valve, hose and cleaning filter

You should know that the free end of the drain hose connected from below must be located at a height of more than 2/3 of the height of the device, otherwise water will immediately pour out of the machine.

No. 3: emergence of a leak from the unit

There are many reasons to explain this problem. Sometimes it’s enough just to clean the powder container well - because of its clogging, water can simply flow out of it.

Washing machine emergency leak
The most common cause of flooding caused by a washing machine is damage to or disconnection of the drain or fill hoses. Leakage may also occur during depressurization of joints

If, having checked these hoses, you are convinced that everything is in order with them, then the reason lies in the O-ring.

It is necessary to check the tightness of the joints of the seals, both in the door and in the connection of the filling hose. If they are worn, they should be replaced. Then you need to check the drain pump and hose for foreign substances stuck there.

No. 4: breakdowns and wear of the heating element

Therefore, the washing water does not heat up. This is due to failure TENand, but do not rush to change it - this may be damage to the wiring.

Therefore, you should carefully check the entire electrical circuit, as well as the contacts of the TENbut with multimeter. If the tester shows the presence of voltage in the entire circuit, then this means that TEN still have to be replaced.

Dismantling the heating element of the washing machine
In order to remove the heater, you need to disconnect all the wires and sensors, and then unscrew the nut securing it, then get the heater

The place where the heater is installed should be thoroughly cleaned, only then can a new one be installed TEN.

No. 5: noise and vibration during operation

The most common cause of noise is improper installation of the machine. Because of this, the unit produces a strong hum in spin. To do this, the position of the machine must be leveled with the help of a level.

But sometimes excessive noise can occur due to severe wear of the bearings. It is impossible to repair them - only change. For an inexperienced repairman, this is a rather difficult task, because sawing and subsequent gluing of a non-separable tank, behind which the bearing is located, may be necessary.

Therefore, if you are not confident in your skill, then do not tackle this matter, it is better to call the wizard from the service center. But if the tank of your car can be disassembled, then this task can be your strength. To do this, remove the tank, then disassemble it by unscrewing the bolts and disconnecting the latches of the mounts.

Removing the bearing from the seat
The bearing must be removed using a special puller or hammer. We warn you that you need to use a hammer very carefully so as not to damage the parts

After the unfit bearing has already been removed, the shaft should be thoroughly cleaned, checked to see if it is worn, and then only install new bearing.

Review toode to mistakes

In conclusion, we present a short list error codesmost often issued by the unit.

E1 - system error when filling water. Means that the required water level at the bay is not reached within 20 minutes. It is eliminated by turning off and then turning on the machine.

E2 - error when draining. Most often occurs when the drain filter is clogged.

E3 - too much water. You do not need to do anything, within 2 minutes the water drains automatically.

E4 - too many things. Their mass does not match the parameters of the machine. Need to extract too much.

E5 - water heating does not work.

E6 - malfunction of the heating element.

E7 - malfunction of the water level sensor in the tank.

E8 - water heating does not match the selected wash program. Most often due to problems with TENoh.

E9 - water leak or drain, recorded more than 4 times.

DE Door - bad blocking. Most often - a badly closed hatch door.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

We bring to your attention a good video that you need to watch before you begin to independently replace the bearing.

The process of dismantling and replacing bearings:

What does the disassembly process look like:

Before starting an independent repair, you always need to correctly evaluate your own strengths and not take on overwork. But it’s not very difficult to repair the washing machine yourself, it’s enough to understand mechanics, electrical engineering, and have the right tools and materials always at hand. You will succeed!

Want to talk about how to restore the functionality of the Samsung washing machine with your own hands? Do you have valuable information on the topic of the article, which is worth sharing with site visitors? Please write comments, post photographs, ask questions in the block form below.

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  1. Elvira

    Most often, we had problems with the washing machine with a drain - my husband cleaned the filter and the drain hose, as they sometimes clogged. And recently it was such that when washing, water even in the sink rose to the limit. And, in theory, she had to go through the protective drain holes of the sink, but flowed straight to the floor. A couple of times I noticed that before the end of the wash, the timer was on several digits for several minutes, as if it had hung, but continued to spin.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. Well, this is definitely a blockage somewhere on the sewer sewer line or its improper installation. Correct, washing such a drain is not good.

  2. Svetlana

    I thought that a lot of noise and vibration is a feature of the popular model of our Samsung washing machine. And for the answer, I went to the Internet. Here I found out that noise arises from worn bearings. I wouldn’t fix it myself, so they called the wizard from the service center. I was still worried about the 5D error, there was a lot of foam, and the drain filter was clogged several times.

  3. On my typewriter the key icon is on, what happened?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. You did not specify a model for the washing machine. In general, if this icon is lit during washing on modern Samsung models, this means the usual door lock during washing. But if it blinks, the problem may require contacting a service center and means one of the reasons:

      1. The lock lock has broken.
      2. Problems with the heater.
      3. The pressure sensor is experiencing any difficulties in operation.
      4. Problems with the control module.

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    Thank you so much!!! YOUR lessons are in our favor!

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    Thank! Useful and practical. Everything came in handy.

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    Hello! I ask for your advice! According to his wife, his pants were washed with a gold chain in his pocket (according to her, she was sure that she “washed” a chain of 90% + they searched everywhere at home). Samsung wf8598nmw9. There is nothing except the seeds in the filter. It’s impossible to see through the holes of the drum, as they are very small. TEN was shot - the design of the tank does not allow viewing its bottom. The gum in front of the drum also does not bend back to view. It’s problematic to do something with wire. it's not a sock and a chain is not so easy to find. There are no extraneous sounds. Because I’m not sure that the item remained in the tank until I want to disassemble it (I feel that this is not an hour’s work). What advise besides the service center? Thanks in advance!

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. I advise you to still look under the galoshes (seal). If not, unfortunately either parsing the machine or saying goodbye to the chain. The probability that she sailed away, especially if she was light enough and not very long, was too high. A small chance of being stuck in the drain hose, if there is a small knee, it is not difficult to inspect it.

  7. Hello. Do not tell me what could be. It erases and rinses normally, the drum rotates. During the spin cycle, the drum does not spin up to the desired speed, the numbers are 7 and 8, and then 14 lights up on the display and the water begins to fill into the machine again.