Do-it-yourself Indesit washing machine repair: an overview of common problems and how to fix them

Evgenia Kravchenko
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Author: Tatyana Zakharova
Last update: June 2019

Popularity withtyralnye cars Indesit received due to low cost. But for the initial cheapness you have to pay extra for repairs - the reliability of the brand is in question. But many of the causes of irregularities can be eliminated without any problems with one's own hands.

We will talk about how to repair the Indesit washing machine with your own hands. In the article we presented, the causes of common breakdowns and methods for restoring the working capacity of the equipment are described in detail. Our recommendations will help to achieve an optimal result.

Methods for determining the breakdown

First of all, you need to determine what kind of breakdown has occurred. Initial diagnostics will help you decide whether it is possible to fix the problem yourself or still have to spend money on professional repairs.

The right step would be to familiarize yourself with the circuit diagram of the washing machine in order to have an idea of ​​where what is located.

Indesit washing machine
In many cases, a breakdown in an Indesit washing machine can be repaired by one's own hands. But for this at least you need to get acquainted with the design of the machine

Sometimes for certainshenia The reasons for the failure of household appliances are enough to read the instructions for use, which, among other things, contains recommendations for eliminating breakdowns.

The first step is to look at the display. If it is not possible to perform the specified process, the washing machine issues special codes on the display.

Washing machine malfunction signals
Launched in recent years, models of Indesit washing machines are equipped with displays, the signals of which are the first to report a malfunction

Error codes for the operation of the washer are given in the instructions that the manufacturer attaches to his own product without fail:

  • F01 - in control of a driving motor, a triac semiconductor device was closed;
  • F02 - due to open circuit or short circuit tair generator lost the ability to signal rotation of the drive motor, another reason for this error is the motor lock;
  • F03 - the temperature sensor circuit was shorted or ruptured;
  • F04 - breakdown of the water level sensor;
  • F05 - due to interruption of the operation of the drain pump, blockage of the drain path, malfunction of the water sensor, the “empty tank” signal is not supplied;
  • F06 - due to errors in the buttons on the front panel, the program code is not defined;
  • F07 - the heater does not heat up;
  • F08 - malfunction of the wiring, relay or the tube heater itself;
  • F09 - EEPROM memory failed;
  • F10 - at the water level sensor there was a simultaneous disappearance of signals about both a full and an empty tank;
  • F11 - In the drain pump, the supply voltage has disappeared;
  • F12 - communication between the controller and the display module is broken;
  • F13 - open or short in the sensor circuit responsible for the drying temperature;
  • F14 - malfunction in the heater;
  • F15 - damage in the relay of the heating element responsible for drying;
  • F16 - drum lock;
  • F17 - no power is supplied to the door hatch lock or it was forgotten to close it;
  • F18 - an error occurred while communicating with the controller and processor chips on the main electronic module, managementscreaming asynchronous drive motor.

With full decoding error codes In the operation of Indesit washing machines and ways to eliminate violations, an article will be introduced that is fully devoted to these important issues.

It is possible to check various contacts, wiring, sensors using a very useful device - multimeter. The device will show if there is power everywhere.

Use in work of a multimeter
If you have previously encountered electrical repairs and know how to use a multimeter, it will help clarify the situation and indicate some errors

Sometimes it’s enough to listen to the sound made by the unit. When the washing machine starts to creak, excessive noiseto eatand sometimes rumbling, most likely, there were problems in the bearings or the drum, the stuffing box is damaged, the counterweight fastener is loosened, the shock absorbers are in poor condition.

Self Repair Guide

A wizard call is the only right solution when:

  • the warranty period has not expired - subject to the operating rules, repairs will be free;
  • threatening smoke went out of the car.

In other cases, they say there are options.

But always the first stage of repair begins with disconnecting the faulty equipment from the mains. For negligence, electricity will punish necessarily and severely. An indispensable rule of the home master: do not act at random, use the instructions.

Turn off the washing machine before repair
To perform repair work, the washing unit is first disconnected from the mains. It is also necessary to shut off the tap of the inlet hose, if necessary, disconnect it from the machine

No. 1: elementary malfunctions in the operation of the machine

If the display does not report a malfunction, there are no leaks, smoke, or the smell of burning, then usually the problem can be easily eliminated:

  • If the home laundry does not turn on, first you need to check whether the plug is firmly inserted into the socket. Sometimes the washing machine may turn off due to power surges. You must also make sure that the operating mode is correctly set on the control panel;
  • When water does not enter the tank, it is recommended to press the button responsible for turning on and stopping the unit again, make sure that the door is closed tightly. Sometimes the fault is insufficient pressure in the water supply system, maybe the tap was simply shut off, the hose was damaged. The reason may lie in failuree both programs and control systems. Elimination is repeatednym appeal to buttone "Start/Pause»;
  • With idle drain First you need to check the filter - sometimes it is enough to just clean it.

And the source of a terrifying roar can be any object (for example, a coin) that accidentally ends up in the drum.

Coins in the drain filter
Often the cause of increased noise during the operation of the washing machine is not a breakdown, but metal objects that are not unloaded from the pockets of clothes before loading into the drum

No. 2: out of order TEN

This is a fairly frequent breakdown, although the declared service life TENA 10-15 years old. However, numerous washings in very hot and hard water, constant tank overloads, nhigh-grade detergents do an evil deed.

Over time on heating device - TENE a kind of "coat" is formed from various salts. From overheating, it fails, it is no longer possible to restore it. The malfunction of the heater is indicated by the cold hatch when the washing mode is on and, naturally, linen that has not been washed in cold water.

Scale on the heater
The faulty TEN has a recognizable guise - a “fur coat” of scale, carbon deposits. Many manufacturers use special coatings against scale formation, but Indesit is not one of them.

Replacing a damaged part is quite simple: manufacturers placed TEN so that it is easy to get to it by opening the back cover of the case. The only inconvenience - the machine must be disconnected from all communications to turn the right side for repair.

The heating element is placed under the drum pulley. When disconnecting and re-returning the wire board, one should not forget about care.

Tools will need a minimum: a fairly flat and curly screwdriver, a key with a head. More to check TENA will be needed multimeter or tester. It is most reasonable to buy a new heater the original Italian.

The sequence of operations:

  1. Disconnect the unit from all communications.
  2. ABOUTtkruto thaw bolts around the perimeter of the cover.
  3. Next, under the tank you need to find the contacts of the heaterand and withlay down probes to them multimeter. Nohmal resistance - 25-35 Ohm, other indicators indicate a malfunction.
  4. Next operation: otsoedinotnie all wires having terminals, fixing in memory of their position.
  5. Then I will openchewing on nutand on a bolt, the end of which is located in the center of the base of the heater.
  6. In order for the bolt to go into the hole, it followsneatly knockutt.
  7. Put forward the foundation TENApicking it up with a flat screwdriver.
  8. Rearrange temperature sensor from damaged parts to new TEN.
  9. To clear from the formed garbage a seat for electric heater.
  10. Pleavingto have new TEN to the place intended for him, sacrepeatl bolt.

Then it remains to return the wires to their previous position, closedto whine back cover of the machine and reconnect with communications.

Testing the operation of the washing machine
After cleaning the washing machine and carrying out repair operations, all parts of the unit are connected in the reverse order. Then the unit is connected to communications and check its performance

No. 3: there were problems with the drain

Also a fairly common problem. The pump is the weak spot of automatic washing machines. In addition to clogging, when it is enough to clean the hose and filter, it can jam the impeller. Located washing pump behind slivnfilter, which should be unscrewed and removed.

Lsave the impellers should be tried for rotation. Too legkim it should not be: in the normal state, the impeller due to the magnet in the coilturns around with certain delays. Sometimes threads, hair, laces and other similar rubbish so windingyut impellerthat even block her. All these interference must be removed.

Pump breakdown
The pump in automatic washing machines is a weak spot. Often the only way to return the machine to operability is to replace the spare part with a new

It happens that the plastic case was deformed and began to clamp the blades. When there is no possibility of replacement, the blades need to be cut with a knife no more than 2 mm, and the washing machine can still be used.

If after this work is not restored, it means that the breakdown is more significant and requires a detailed inspection - the pump will have to be disassembled. The car is laid on its side, youtwist the screws securing the pump to the housing disconnect electricwires and 2 hoses.

Wlangs if necessary awayare shrinking. The motor windings are checked with a tester to exclude the possibility of a break. The usual resistance value is 150-300 ohms.

Not hoping for memory, it is worth noting the orientation of the pump relative to engineI am. Then the pump motor disconnectingThey are removed from the housing, the rotor is removed from the stator. Often inside, everything is clogged with dirt, which interferes with the rotation of the rotor. In such cases, a thorough flushing is necessary.

Bearing rotor axis lubricationcomes around lithol, oil seal is recovering. Subsequent assembly is carried out using sealant to prevent leakage.

Cleaning the washing machine filter
To make the machine work, sometimes it is enough to get rid of the dirt accumulated in the filter. The filter is removed, washed with clean water and put in place.

If you follow the instructions for caring for the washing machine and once every 6 months clean the drain hose, the likelihood of a breakdown in the drain system will be greatly reduced.

No. 4: y washers refused "heart"

Motor at Indesita well designed, reliable and durable. However, there is nothing eternal, and at one not-so-wonderful moment the “heart of the machine” can fail. Pricina not only wear of the mechanism, but also excessive overloads can become.

Disassembly Procedure:

  1. First, external panels are removed from the machine, usually upperyuy and back.
  2. ABOUThook up power wires.
  3. Remove the belt from the pulley.
  4. ABOUTquintessentialMounts, remove the motor.

After diagnosis, make the final decision on engine repair or replacement. Usually they tend to the last option - restore engineIt’s difficult, easier to completely replace. Installation of a new engine is carried out in the reverse order.

Washing machine motor
Usually, after diagnosis, they come to the decision to replace the engine, especially when a problem is detected in the wires. Original models are expensive, but you can purchase an inexpensive analog

The assembly should be photographed before disassembling, then there will be no problems with where to screw it.

No. 5: bearing malfunctions

When in a running washing machine, especially when spine, unusual, and not episodic, but gradually amplifying sounds appear, this is a clear signal of a malfunction bearings, aboutcurrent for ease of rotation of the drum.

Hand-made repair in this situation is possible, but you cannot call it simple - you need utmost care, strict adherence to the sequence of operations:

  1. ATtop and remove the back panel.
  2. Remove the dispenser, control unit.
  3. Cuff clampknit, remove the cuff and the sunroof lock device.
  4. Drepairto whine front wallu and counterweight.
  5. Remove tubular electric heaterhaving fixed in memory the sequence of connecting wires.
  6. ABOUTtupisto have parts connected to the drum tank, demonto navigate drive remyen and motor.
  7. Remove the tank, place it on an even place with the pulley up, then unscrew the pulley bolt, the pulley itself extractwhose
  8. With a mallet (you can use a simple hammer and a wooden gasket) to drown the shaft down, untwist and divide the tank into two halves.
  9. Use a special puller to removebearing, demonto navigate former oil seals.
  10. Having installed fresh epiploons, to press in the new bearing.

The washing machine is assembled in the reverse order with strict priorityand operationth. So that the tank does not leak, all seams must be sealed.

Dismantling bearings from the tank
In the latest series, the tank has become non-separable, suggesting that during such breakdowns the indispensable disposal of the unit. But in Russian service centers, they invented a way to reanimate Indesit - the tank is cut along the weld, and the bearings become available again

The main thing when replacing a bearing is care and adherence to the sequence of operations.

No. 5: the hatch lock refuses

A floppy hatch lock can cause another nuisance - the washing machine will stop turning on. The locking device is also equipped with contacts, and when something prevents complete closure, electricity does not flow to the units of the unit.

Failure usually causes accumulated dirt in the castle. After its elimination, the normal operation of the device, as a rule, is restored.

Troubleshooting hatch lock
To eliminate problems with the lock of the washer hatch, it should be disassembled and cleaned; if necessary, damaged parts or the entire device must be replaced

No. 6: replacement of shock absorbing devices

ANDmortiserYou dampen excessive vibrations that appear in the washing machine. This is especially necessary during spin cyclewhen the spinning drum onand higher speed. Over time, they decrease their effectiveness.

As a result - excessive vibration, atypical noises, knocking in the process spin cycle. ABOUTbull breakdown cause - wear gasketand sharing porschyen and cylinder, which later warpare comfortable.

In the cylinder of the shock absorber there is a rod consisting of a rod and gaskets treated with high friction lubricant. Fluctuations are suppressed by moving the piston.

RezkThe push of the tank causes the piston to rush into the cylinder, reducing vibrationYu. There’s also a spring in the cylinder, returnthat is original pistonposition - its so calledhowl returnableOh.

Replacing shock absorbers on cars
Repair consists in the complete replacement of shock absorbers, since spare parts for them are not separately manufactured. Replacing the shock absorber is not difficult, only getting to it is difficult

To get to the shock absorbers, you will have to remove the rear panel (in some versions, the side or front cover can be removed). Having unscrewed the nut at the bottom of the shock absorber, it is disconnected from the body. In the same way, the part is released from above.

Depending on the condition and design of the parts, replacement or shock absorber repair. If the part is damaged, it is removed;novy shock absorber and fixed in reverse order. It happens that it is enough to replace the worn-out gasket.

In the latest models, dampers are used instead of shock absorbers, where the return spring has been replaced by a whole spring system, mounted in the upper area of ​​the tank and providing it with "suspendeduyu "position. This design is more reliable, better dampens unwanted shocks.

To check the operability, the damper must be removed from the housing by unscrewing the bolt in its lower segment, and try to press on it so as to compress and then unclench the mechanism. If the result is minimal, the device is in normal working condition. When the piston easily changes position, the damper needs to be replaced.

They are removed from the housing in the same way as conventional shock absorbers, although in some models the mounting bolts are replaced with plastic pins with latches. Install the new damper in the usual way - in the reverse order to the assembly.

Pair replacement shock absorber
Even if 1 damper is damaged, both will have to be changed. Otherwise, the load will be distributed unevenly and cause a new breakdown.

No. 7: detergent remains in the tray

It happens that washing powder does not want to leave the tray. This usually happens when they roll him in without measure. The problem disappears if the rules are followed. backfill detergent. The fault can also be weak water pressure. Worth a try sweepto thaw junction filter washingth machine with inlet hose.

Another option: powerto have pressure in the water supply tap. Sometimes water cannot get into the tray due toabitwow valve. Then you should extend the tray, find the valve in the form of a button and carefully clean it.

The correct dosage of powder
When the powder is not completely washed out of the tray, it hardens and is difficult to remove.For prevention, the washing procedure should be done regularly

These are the most common causes of improper behavior of the detergent powder, which are easy to cope without resorting to the help of masters. Bmore a difficult case would be a failure of the inlet water valve when the powder does not leave the tray at all.

Here, valve replacement is already required. The same can be said about the solenoid valve, which is responsible for filling the detergent cell with waterami.

No. 8: flashed control module

Control unit in washing machines Indesit It does not have reliable protection against moisture, as a result, condensate gets on the contacts, short circuits occur that bring the device out of operation.

Repair requires subtle diagnostics in the "Auto Test" mode, serious knowledge in radio engineering, mastery of a soldering iron, skills in handling microcircuits, boards, a semiconductorami. This is usually the field of activity of qualified professionals.

Repair electronic circuit board
In 9 cases out of 10, the repair of the control unit of the Italian Indesit machine is to replace the contacts. This is one of the most uncomplicated procedures for those in the subject.

For rare daredevils from the army of home craftsmen, the most common tips:

  • remove the cover from the control unit;
  • remove the module;
  • inspect faulty contacts and connections;
  • unsolder damaged parts;
  • solder in their place air-conditioning elements.

But working with electronics is far from everyone's ability, therefore, we recommend that you abandon experiments and turn to professionals.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

You can learn about the practical application of repair and replacement tips by watching educational videos.

Video # 1. Quick replacement of the heater in the Indesit washing machine:

Video # 2. How to change the bearing yourself:

Video # 3. Self-locking lock on washing machines:

As they say, the eyes are afraid, and the hands are doing. Good luck to those who are not afraid of repair, who are happy to receive new knowledge and skills.

Those who have not been helped to diagnose a malfunction by any of the described methods should probably contact certified craftsmen from a service center. They know exactly how to diagnose a breakdown and repair a household washing machine. Indesit in any situation.

Want to share your own experience in restoring the washing machine? Do you have valuable information on the topic of the article, which may be useful to site visitors? Please write comments, ask questions, post a photo on the topic of the article in the block form below.

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  1. Denis

    An interesting article learned a lot from it. We have been washing the Indesit car for the third year, and has been washing fine clothes so far.

  2. Elena

    What we just did not happen with the washing machine, there were problems in the heating element, replaced independently. The main thing is to choose the same heater so that the connector matches. Then the bone from the bra got stuck in the drum and stuck a piece, we got it, but I had to unwind and remove the tank. Then there was a problem with automation, but only a specialist was called here because the husband did not want to contact the microcircuits. In general, we have this machine for more than 7 years.

  3. Guest

    Regarding the replacement of bearings - for a blonde ride.

    • Irina

      You want to say that changing the bearing is useless?

      • Expert
        Evgenia Kravchenko

        Most likely, the person has in mind the fact that the article does not describe in very detail instructions for replacing bearings. Yes, indeed, general advice has been given that I may not disclose all the subtleties that you may encounter when replacing. But the emphasis in the material is not on the text part of the article regarding bearings, here is a video attached, which, incidentally, lasts an entire hour! The procedure for replacing bearings from A to Z is shown, as they say, using the Indesit washing machine as an example.

        The video is notable for the fact that in this model there is a glued tank, so it is difficult to get access to the necessary details. I also want to note that this video is useful to those who need to clean or replace the heater.

        In addition, from the same section there is a link to more detailed instructions - we wrote a separate article to disclose this operation in more detail.

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  4. You can call the wizard and not steam. But you just need to clean it, then it will last longer.

  5. Good time to all! Need some advice. INDEZIT wiu 100, in the work was not enough, about a year. It was 7 years old. Fills with water, the drum turns on, launches the wash, but after 8-10 minutes the emergency light comes on. The “rinse” and “wash” lamps flash, the machine stops. Water intake is not up to the norm. THANK! Write in a personal email -

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello, Yuri. Thank you for accurately indicating which indicators are lit on your Indesit wiu 100 typewriter. Using them, you can actually determine which error code the washer generates. For the future I recommend to keep to your bookmarks this materialsuddenly come in handy.

      If I correctly understood the description of the blinking indicators, then you have error F03, which means that the washer does not heat the water. The cause of the problem lies either in the malfunction of the temperature sensor, or in the failure of the heater.

      Eliminated by replacing these parts. If these parts are in order, then you will need to repair the control board or the sensor-board wiring. In this case, you already have to call the master, and you can replace the heater and the sensor yourself.

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  6. Alexei

    Indesit Wil 85. The first 2 lamps are lit horizontally. It was that all 4 were burning horizontally. Vertical always go out.

    • Alexei

      Photo errors. 2 flashes on the left.