Dimensions of automatic washing machines and other parameters affecting the choice of equipment

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When leaving for a new machine, it is necessary to determine how much things it should wash in one cycle, what functionality of programs and additional options will be required for a high-quality washing, as well as the size of the washing machine that will fit in the place prepared for it in the apartment.

When choosing a washing machine, it is incorrect to consider only functions and modes. Often, after buying a multifunctional modern typewriter, the machine has nowhere to place it, and when transported to the apartment, it does not enter the doorways.

Therefore, when communicating with the seller-consultant, you must immediately indicate the dimensions of the washing machines in order to get acquainted only with suitable options and not waste time on bulky models that are unacceptable in a particular situation.

What to consider when placing?

The dimensions of the machine include: height, width and depth. If the first automatic machines were of standard dimensions 85x60x60, now the market for household appliances is filled with different models - from standard to narrowest.

For the possibility of embedding the unit under the sink, placing it on supports, with maximum space saving, there are compact models, all dimensions of which are much smaller than standard ones.

Standard dimensions of washing machines
The amount of laundry that can be washed in one working cycle of the machine depends on the width, height and depth of the washing machine

To minimize the area are increasingly used top loading machines. A narrow-width aggregate, with a width of only 40 cm and loading laundry through a window on the top panel, makes such a machine as versatile as possible.

Indicator No. 1 - the height of the equipment

Almost all units with vertical and front loading are 85 cm high. Due to the adjustable screw legs, these models, if necessary, can reach 90 cm. And if rubber stands are used to stabilize the vibration, the unit becomes even higher.

Some compact models, for installation under the sink, have a maximum height of 70 cm. This is necessary so that a special bowl-sink with edge drain can be fixed on top, and this design was flush with the rest of the furniture in the bathroom.

Built-in washing machine in the kitchen
The height of the built-in models of machines varies between 81-85 cm. With the help of adjustable legs, it is necessary to ensure that the gap between the top of the machine and the tabletop is 2-4 cm

Household models with front loading 85-90 cm high should be installed with a margin of space above them, since the loading door opens upward.

The standard sizes of the vertical cover are 40-45 cm, therefore, for the convenience of loading and removing linen, you must leave 45 cm above it.

If the height of 130-140 cm is not too significant for the user of the machine, then a shelf for washing powder and other household products can be installed above it and the spare space.

Indicator No. 2 - width of cars

Most often, cars with a frontal window have a width of 60 cm. There are narrower models with a width of 55-59 cm. This is important if the room where the unit will be standing is very small, and every centimeter is taken into account.

Embedded Models practically do not differ in width, since for proper placement, the gap between the walls of the machine and the walls of the countertop should be 2-4 cm.

Narrow top loading machine
In vertical machines there is an option to reload laundry. This innovation came with the advent of AddWash series units with an additional boot window.

If the corner is too narrow in the bathroom, hallway or kitchen, or it should be placed between furniture and sanitary fixtures, it is better to purchase a model with vertical filling, since the width of these devices does not exceed 45 cm.

Indicator No. 3 - the depth of the washers

The depth of the machine is an important indicator, because when living in an apartment where a bathroom is combined or small in size, full-size equipment will have nowhere to place and you will have to buy a narrower model.

Standard models with a width of 60 cm can be placed in a boiler room, a specially designated room in a private house, or in the bathroom, if its area allows you to install such a unit, and it is necessary because of the significant capacity of things.

More often, narrowed or narrow models are purchased for combined bathrooms, since when installed behind the machine there are communications, sockets, which takes up additional space and a full-size unit may simply be inappropriate.

Machine with open hatch

When choosing a place for a front-loading washing machine, it is necessary to take into account the availability of free space in front of the unit in order to open the hatch for loading and removing laundry. When placing the machine in the corridor, it is necessary to remember the need for water supply and sewage, which will take 10-15 cm of additional space behind the machine. Therefore, the unit should be much narrower than the space allocated for it in the room.

If the bath area does not allow you to place both the machine and the sink, they can be combined. To do this, consider compact models that are built into a narrow sink with an edge drain.

The depth of the built-in models for the kitchen varies between 54-60 cm, so you can find the unit for any configuration of the kitchen and install it, leaving a standard 2-4 cm gap.

Additional criteria affecting choice

The choice of a washing machine is based on several criteria. They are interconnected, because if the desired load for a family is 5 kg, then the machine will have small dimensions.

If the machine has the option of washing with steam or pre-dissolving the powder in the machine’s functionality, then a steam generator or bubble generator is installed inside the machine in the mode Eco bubble, then its dimensions become larger due to the placement of additional equipment.

Criterion No. 1 - weight and dimensions of equipment

The weight of the machine affects the possible vibration.Therefore, ultralight models are not presented on the market, as this is fraught with significant movement of the unit on the floor surface.

The weight of modern devices is in the range of 50-80 kg. So, the narrowest LG machine weighs 59 kg, and standard models of Hotpoint Ariston machines have a weight of 66-76 kg.

Quiet machine from Miele
Low vibration reduces noise emitted by the machine. Through the introduction of auto stabilization technology, the operation of the units is almost inaudible. The quietest cars from Miele and LG are recognized

The machine needs a significant weight for the machines to reduce vibration, since they have a small support on the base. To achieve the necessary parameters, weighting agents and balances are built into the product design.

The new models from Samsung and LG have an electronic balancing system in which vibration is minimized by changing the speed.

Another important criterion when choosing a machine automatic machine are the dimensions of the product. Since in small bathrooms, often, there is not enough space to put a full-size washer or a narrow model, the machine "moves" into the corridor or into the kitchen.

Installation of a wide unit in the corridor leads to the fact that there is very little space left for the passage, so a narrow or narrowed model should be purchased. When installing the machine in the kitchen machine, it is simply built into the kitchen.

Built-in washing machine model
In the case of choosing built-in appliances, you should especially carefully select the dimensions of the product, since when installing built-in appliances it is very important to leave certain gaps between the cabinet and household appliances

The choice of an automatic washer must be approached wisely, as it is assumed that it will last several years.

Therefore, before buying, you should decide what features are preferred and what dimensions should have household appliances.

To determine the dimensions, you need to do the following:

  1. Allocate a place for washing, make measurements of free space, niches.
  2. Decide on the model of the machine, which load will be preferable, vertical or frontal. To do this, take into account the size of the room and the space around the designated niche.
  3. Measure the doorways of the front door and the doors to the room where the washing machine will be located, since sometimes you have to remove the jambs to bring the unit into the room.
  4. Write down the received sizes and preferences on a leaflet.

Having decided on the size of the device and its location, it is worth considering other parameters that may affect the choice.

Criterion No. 2 - drum loading volume

The next selection criterion is the load volume. In a family of 5 or more people, the minimum load required to save water and electricity is 7 kg.

Some models of washing machines are designed for 8 and 9 kg. In this case, it is necessary to consider a full-size automatic machine.

Energy efficiency class
On the facade of the machine you can find a table with a class of energy consumption. Moreover, in the top cars, the bar is raised and now you can see the markings A +, A ++, A +++. If the unit is used often, then it is worth paying attention to this characteristic if it is used once a week, then there is no point in overpaying when buying for an additional plus

Machine manufacturers did not stop at 9 kg achieved with a maximum unit width. To date, the proportions of the maximum volume with the minimum dimensions have been achieved. So, in the new line of Samsung washing machines with a width of 45 cm, you can wash as much as 8 kg of laundry per cycle.

Criterion No. 3 - the functionality of the unit

The main options are reflected on the front control panel. Here are the washing modes with operating parameters - time, cycle temperature. In addition, the panel contains spin and rinse controls, with which you can also set the necessary parameters, depending on the number of spots, volume and structure of clothes.

In addition, the latest generation washing devices are equipped with technological innovations that can be attributed to the functionality of the washing machine. The consultant should inform about these functions when choosing. Each of them is indicated by an icon or an inscription on the download window or information panel of the device.

Samsung Eko Bubble Feature
Innovative functions of VarioPerfect, ActiveWater, AllergyPlus, ComfortControl, EcoSilence Drive in modern models allow consumers to save energy, reduce washing time, remove allergens, so be sure to consider additional labels and icons when choosing a unit

So, the latest models of Samsung washing machines have a function Eco bubble. Before starting the wash, the internal generator generates air bubbles in which the washing powder dissolves. Air foam penetrates into fabrics at the level of microfibers and launders any dirt faster than with normal washing.

A series of washing units from LG and Electrolux, thanks to technology True steam and Steam systemare real home dry cleaners. With their help, easily, at no additional cost, you can look after silk, woolen and other delicate things.

In addition, things forgotten in the wardrobe can be given a fresh look without washing, to cope with allergens and unpleasant odors.

Criterion No. 4 - additional options

Additional, but no less important functions of automatic washers include soaking, prolonged rinsing, minimal ironing, and removal of animal hair. Modern units are equipped with innovative features that help make washing more comfortable.

Hotpoint special anti-allergy regimen
On Hotpoint Ariston and AEG machines, there is an anti-allergy program in the list of modes. And if there are allergies in the house, then it is better to purchase a machine with this program

In a device from Siemens with technology i-dos and in German Miele with function Twin dos, built-in automatic dosage of detergents. For the automatic Dos system to work, it is necessary to fill a special container or insert blocks of powder into the dispenser. After determining the weight of the laundry, she doses the amount of detergent necessary for washing herself.

Some Siemens models are equipped with a program Stainremovalwhich, by accurately calculating the temperature, time and volume of water, washes 16 kinds of spots.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

What to look for when buying a washing machine:

How to correctly install a washing machine and a bowl of sink in the bathroom:

Where to place the automatic machine in a small bathroom:

When buying a washing machine, it is necessary to take into account not only the functions, load volume, but also the dimensions, since various models of washing machines are presented on the home appliance market, from full-size to the narrowest models.

If the size of the bathroom allows you to accommodate a standard unit, then for the possibility of washing voluminous things and a large amount of linen, you can purchase a full-size machine. If the room where the washing machine will stand is very small or to support a design idea it needs to be built into furniture or under the sink, it is necessary to choose narrower, more compact models.

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  1. We have a very good Samsung washing machine at home.She is over 10 years old and works well. The bathroom size allows you to put a washing machine. We have a standard size, volume 5 kg. This is enough to wash the clothes of 4 adults. Baby items are washed separately. Over the entire period of operation of the washing machine, it broke only 1 time. And then the handle failed, it had to be replaced.

  2. Irina

    Progress does not stand still; it turns out that my typewriter lacks an electronic balancing system. I have an old Samsung with standard dimensions and front-loading. With a light load, it behaves decently, and if you download a bedding set or a down jacket, be prepared that the machine will meet you at the door of the bathtub. With a heavy load, she jumps around the bathroom like an Indian on the prairie.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Normally adjust the machine to level. You can also buy special anti-vibration pads. They are inexpensive, but not bad help.

  3. Marina

    Our bathroom is very small. Only a bathtub is placed there, but there is a bit of space between it and the wall, just for a narrow washing machine. I bought a new Candy to replace the flying washer. Size, of course, was of paramount importance, but I still paid attention to functionality. In the purchased model, for example, you can select the degree of soiling of the laundry and there is a “steam” washing function. And it also has the ability to control through the Android application. To me, Candy is a great option for a narrow washing machine.

  4. Valery

    So many criteria really. Eyes when buying run up))) We opted for the pool in the end. The load volume is large, she herself erases quietly and does not consume much water.

  5. Lena B.

    The indesit has several options for small kitchens, 40 cm wide. We have chosen the most capacious of them, 6 kg, vertical. And it squeezes perfectly, and there are enough different programs.

  6. Irina

    It is a pity that there was nowhere to put a large washer, because of which I had to sacrifice the load in favor of the dimensions, but nothing, they took a vertical machine, took root with us.