Why the washing machine does not turn on: causes of failure + repair instructions

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Regardless of the brand and functionality, the service life of washing equipment is from 5 to 15 years. However, due to frequent changes in electricity, poor-quality water, mechanical damage, the units malfunction the system.

The instructions below will help you independently determine the reason why the washing machine does not turn on, and tell you how to fix the breakdown with your own hands.

Causes of damage to the units

Before discarding the machine due to its malfunction, you can diagnose it yourself. Often, breakdowns in the product are minor, so replacement of parts is carried out without calling the master.

The technique may not start the washing program or even not turn on completely for several reasons. Their timely detection will extend the life of a few more years and save money on this.

No. 1 - lack of power supply in the network

In the case when, when the power plug is turned on, the display does not light up, and in products with a mechanical control type the device does not start at all, then there may not be a current flowing.

The reason for this may be a malfunction in the electrical panel, failure of the circuit breaker, sockets, or a trip in the presence of an RCD.

Electric panel in good condition
Breakage in the shield can occur due to a long service life, voltage drops in the system, burnout or mechanical damage to the wire (for example, in the case of repair work), other

The machine, as a rule, knocks out during a short circuit, a sharp drop in current in the network or water entering the outlet.To check its serviceability, you need to make sure that it is turned on correctly.

If the machine knocked out, the lever will be in the lower position - off. If after switching on the device does not work, it means that it has failed and will need to be completely replaced.

A characteristic feature of knocking out a protective device is an electric shock to the user when trying to start the machine, after which this device turns on.

The RCD is triggered in order to prevent fires during leakage of currents and to prevent electric shock when a person turns on the equipment.

Therefore, there may be a power outage or the device may have failed due to its poor quality. If this is the reason for the lack of electricity, then it is necessary to check its performance and the presence of related problems in the switchboard.

In another case, the lack of starting the equipment occurs when the outlet breaks.

Socket for connecting equipment
Externally, the device may look a little burnt, with characteristic black marks in the plug connection holes or molten

To check its serviceability, you need to use an indicator screwdriver and see if there is current in it. You can also try connecting another electrical appliance, such as a hairdryer, iron or desk lamp. If the products work, then you need to look for another reason.

Via multimeter You can check the presence of phase in the outlet in the following way:

  1. Take the measuring device and turn on the AC current measurement mode (ACV).
  2. Set the maximum value on the device - 220 V.
  3. Connect the probes of the device to the sockets of the outlet.
  4. Record network readings on a special board.
  5. Based on the information received, conclude that the outlet is working or needs to be replaced.

When the above methods have been carried out and the cause has not been identified, then the performance of the machine parts should be checked.

No. 2 - malfunction of the elements of the power cord

The product wire is constantly subjected to various deformations - bends, pinches, tension, creases. Therefore, the possibility of damage during operation is not ruled out.

To determine this type of breakdown, it is necessary to visually inspect the cord, as well as the plug. Devices may have traces of burning or melting plastic, corresponding to an unpleasant odor.

Connecting the machine using an extension cord
If such a problem is found, it is strictly forbidden to use the cord and plug, as this may result in electric shock or short circuit.

You can also check if there are fractures in the wire using a multimeter. In this case, the device will need to be connected to all three wires in turn. If a breakage is detected, it is advisable to replace the cable, rather than connecting the elements using electrical tape.

If the machine is connected to the network using an extension cord, then the reason for the lack of start can be hidden in this device.

The functionality of the extension wire should also be checked by connecting other electrical appliances. In the event of a malfunction, the equipment will need to be connected through another device or directly to a wall outlet.

No. 3 - problems with the “Power On” button

Washing may not start due to problems with the Start button. This problem is most often encountered in a newer generation of device models. The principle of operation of such products is the direct supply of current from the power cord to the button.

To check whether a part is working or not, you must perform the following series of actions:

  • disconnect the device from the power supply;
  • remove the upper part of the body of the product;
  • unscrew and remove the control panel on which the button is located;
  • disconnect the wire connection from the button;
  • connect a multimeter in them and check for current when the button mode is on.

If the button is operational, the device will produce an appropriate sound.If a problem is found, the part must be replaced.

The button to start washing in the device
The button may be pressed due to prolonged use of the equipment, clogged with dust or detergent, and may not work due to breakage of internal wires

Some technology has a slightly different device principle, and the voltage is not supplied to the power button, but to the command device or electronic module. It depends on the model and manufacturer of a particular unit.

No. 4 - failure of the electronic module or programmer

The serviceability check of these parts is carried out only after the correct connection of all electrical circuits, the integrity of the wires, plugs, and the device that locks the hatch has been checked.

These units of the unit are quite expensive, so the feasibility of replacing them must be decided independently on an individual basis.

Disassembled Command Appliance
The reason for the failure of the elements may be careless handling of equipment, voltage drop in the network, moisture in the mechanism or defective new part

To detect a breakdown, the command device must be disassembled. Their devices differ depending on the model and make of the machine. The general disassembly procedure is the same, but the appearance of the part may be different.

No. 5 - the locking system does not work

If the equipment is turned on and the power indicator lights up and there is no start of the washing program, you should check the serviceability of such an element as the sunroof lock.

Typically, the machine locks the door when starting a program. If this does not happen, then you need to pay attention to this node.

Performing a hatch lock replacement
In devices with a horizontal type of loading laundry, the door is locked using a special lock, which is located on the side of the hatch

For this, the front part of the product body is disassembled and the tester measures the presence of voltage in this element. If the current passes, but the mechanism does not work, then it will require a complete replacement.

In that case, if the device shows a lack of voltage, then check and repair of the control unit - an electronic module or a command device is needed.

No. 6 - interference filter malfunction

In the device of each model, a special element is installed, which is responsible for the damping of electromagnetic radiation during operation - an interference filter.

The part allows you to protect other equipment from electric waves, which can disable it. In the event of a breakdown of this unit, the machine will not turn on, and the indicators will not light.

Washer Interference Filter
The filter may break due to prolonged use of the product, short circuit, or factory defect. In the event of a breakdown, the electrical circuit is disturbed, therefore, the voltage is not supplied to the control unit and the equipment does not work

In addition, the surge protector prevents the electronic internal system of the device from burning out or malfunctioning.

The more expensive the product and the more functionality in it, the more nodes are prone to breakdowns in the event of power surges. There is a high probability that one of the important elements will burn out: circuit board, motor, heater, wiring.

Therefore, it is imperative to conduct timely filter change in case of failure, to protect the device from more serious damage.

No. 7 - damage to internal wiring

Most devices have such an internal structure in which the wires come into contact with each other and during vibration can intersect, twist, fall out of the sockets of electrical circuits and break off.

Automatic washing machine display
In the event of such a breakdown, the technician will turn on, but the display with indicators will either light up at the same time, or blink, or go out

To identify a cliff or burnout area, it is necessary to completely disassemble the device. A careful study of the wiring and circuits, as well as the use of a tester will help identify problem areas. Subsequently, it will be necessary to replace or solder the damaged areas.

Step-by-step equipment repair instructions

Having studied all possible types of breakdowns, as well as having diagnosed the washing machine, then you should proceed to replace the required part or assembly. For repairs, you will need screwdrivers, a multimeter, electrical tape, circuits, as well as new spare parts if necessary.

The instructions below will help you repair a specific item on your own. Before disassembling and testing the unit, you should read the instructions to understand the features of the internal layout and the type of breakdown in a particular model.

Repair element

The power button may not work due to sticky or dirty. In this case, it is recommended to clean the area in which the trigger element is located.

It will be enough to use a napkin and some sharp object in the presence of a strong coating, for example, a knife.

To perform the cleaning, you will have to disconnect the device from the network and disassemble the front panel. It is necessary to disassemble the panel carefully, remove the button and wipe all the plastic parts. Then reassemble in the reverse order.

Switch element replacement part
If the button does not work due to a break in the internal wire, then you will need to purchase a new part. When ordering, specify the model of the machine and its serial number

Dismantling the unit is carried out in a similar way. For convenience, it is better to use a camera or phone and record all the steps of dismantling. This will prevent errors during the assembly process.

Next, you need to replace the spare part and check its performance using a tester. After assembling the device, check once again whether everything is done correctly and whether the program starts.

Checking the health of the command device and its repair

If other controls and the network connection of the unit are checked and working, then you should proceed with the analysis of the command device. You will need to completely disassemble this part into small particles and carefully inspect them.

To check for breakage and repair the programmer, you must:

  1. Disassemble the front panel of the unit to gain access to the mechanism.
  2. Remove the control unit and proceed to disassemble it in detail.
  3. By pressing on the side clips, release the cover and remove the board.
  4. Inspect the board and check for burning spots, if necessary, solder such places.
  5. Using a multimeter, measure the resistance at the contacts.
  6. Check for foreign particles, debris in the central gear.
  7. Remove all gears and core from the device.
  8. Visually evaluate their integrity, treat the parts with alcohol and assemble in the reverse order.

When disassembling this unit, be sure to check the engine winding.

Unit Programmer Repair
During operation of the unit, the element may burn, and therefore interfere with proper operation. When a problem is detected, wire replacement will be required.

Some cars have a more complex programmer design, so their repair is not always advisable. Often, items are simply replaced with new ones.

Replacing implement lockout device

The locking device may fail as a result of the long life of the product.

Constant heating of equipment and sudden cooling leads to the fact that the bimetallic plate is deformed and loses its functional properties. As a result, the element breaks, the replacement of which requires complete disassembly of the lock.

Door lock
With the device door open, the replacement of the part is carried out by removing the lock. To do this, use a Phillips screwdriver and pliers to remove the cuff clamp

To carry out the dismantling, it will be necessary to unscrew the two screws that secure the lock to the product body. After the element is released, it is necessary to remove it, gently holding it with the hand on the back side.

For convenience, the unit body can be tilted slightly back so that the drum does not interfere with free access to the part. Replacing a lock with a UBL is quite simple:

  1. It is necessary to disconnect the connectors with wires from the old element and reconnect them to the new part.
  2. Install the replaced spare part, fix it with the screws.
  3. Return the cuff to its original position and secure it with a clamp.
  4. Check the operation of the device by running a test wash.

If the device door is jammed in the closed position and it cannot be opened, you need to disassemble the upper part of the case.

Using your hand, feel for the location of the lock, press the latch to open the hatch. Next, replace the broken element according to the above instructions.

For other ways to unlock the door of the washing machine, read Further.

Step-by-step replacement of a broken interference filter

Initially, it should be understood that the surge protector cannot be repaired. In the event of its breakdown, its full replacement with a new part will be required. You can buy it in a specialized store - buy a similar one or pick up a similar one according to its characteristics.

Filter interference in the washing equipment
Outward damage to the filter can manifest itself by constantly knocking out machines in the switchboard, which threatens with a possible circuit or even fire

To check the need to replace this element, you will need to make the following list of manipulations:

  • disconnect the unit from the mains;
  • unscrew the screws on the rear panel and disconnect the upper part of the housing;
  • at the top there is a filter that you need to check with a multimeter.

The test should be carried out by first setting the tester in the resistance measurement position.

Multimeter for machine diagnostics
Connect the probes of the device to the input and output of the capacitors. The value on the device should be about 0.47 uF

Contacts should be checked in pairs, and as a result, the indicator should be 680 kOhm. Data may vary slightly.

However, if the resistance indicators are close to the value of infinity and the capacitance of the capacitors is equal to zero, then this indicates a failure of the element.

Spare parts should be replaced in the following order:

  1. Unscrew the fixing bolts that secure the filter to the housing.
  2. The stages of disassembly can be photographed so as not to get confused in the assembly order.
  3. Disconnect the connectors with wires and connect to a new product.
  4. Collect all the elements in turn.

Next, you need to check the correct operation of the equipment. It is better to run a short wash without loading laundry.

If the necessary part is not available in the store and you need to wait a while until it is delivered, you can connect an external surge protector.

Such a device is similar to a conventional extension cord and is connected to the mains via an outlet. You can also connect other electrical appliances to it, which you often have to use.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The video will help you understand why the washing machine does not turn on using the Whirlpool unit as an example, as well as perform the necessary parts repair or replacement on their own:

Video tutorial on identifying the cause of a device breakdown and the features of replacing the start button:

The plot describes in detail the purpose of the interference filter in the washing equipment, the features of its replacement in case of failure, as well as how to start the device without it:

It should be noted that modern equipment is characterized by a high-tech electronic control system and a complex design. Therefore, in the event of any breakdown, detailed diagnostics and testing of many elements of the washing machine will be required. To do this, some knowledge and tools are needed, and detailed photo and video instructions will help to cope independently with the solution of even a complex problem.

If you have the necessary knowledge or skills in the field of repair of washing machines, please share them with our readers. Leave comments, ask questions - the block for communication is located below.

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    In the event of a breakdown, the main thing is to understand whether you can handle the repair yourself or it is better to invite a master. And then you can make even worse through inept actions. I manage when I need to remove the front panel and check the contacts, tighten something, solder, but I do not risk disassembling the machine and replacing complex parts. Not everyone has enough knowledge to carry out such repairs correctly, even according to detailed instructions.

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