Samsung washing machine errors: how to understand the malfunction and repair

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So that the owner can independently find out the mistakes of the washing machine Samsung the manufacturer has created a signal system. In the event of a malfunction, a specific code consisting of letters and numbers is displayed.

On those devices where there is no monitor, the corresponding indicators at the buttons on the board light up. Knowing the code decryption, you can eliminate a minor breakdown without resorting to the help of professionals. Let's take a closer look at what the main error codes signal.

Symptoms of a Major Problem

Elementary diagnostics can be carried out by the presence of previously unobservable deviations in the operation of the machine or changes in its appearance.

Unusual odor

A similar phenomenon can occur with severe wear of mechanical parts. The problem is solved by replacing them with new ones.

If the smell of burning is clearly felt, this is a signal of a short circuit. The machine should be turned off and turned to professionals.

Samsung washing machine
The washing machine launched under the Samsung brand fits seamlessly into any interior. Understanding how to manage it is quite simple - you only need to set up a program that is suitable for those things that will be loaded into the drum. In this case, the machine will select all modes

Unusual noise

A loud noise is heard while filling the tank with water - the reason lies in the high pressure. If the regulation of the inlet valve fails, there may be foreign objects in the supply hose.

Periodic noise during spin cycle indicates that the machine is not installed correctly or that a foreign object has fallen into the drum or the housing.In this case, the unit should be well inspected and reinstalled.

The cause of noise during the discharge may be a skew of the underlying surface. To eliminate the loud sound, you must correctly install the housing and make sure the drain pump filter is clean.

If during operation the motor is very roaring or there is a knock, a professional consultation is needed.

Body color change

The paint may peel off and change color when installing the washing machine in a room with high humidity. The bottom of the unit body and its bottom usually suffers.

If the damage is insignificant, then you can tint and clean the places of changes yourself. To further resolve the problem, reinstall the machine in a dry, well-ventilated room.

The appearance of mold on a typewriter
Under inappropriate conditions, the washing machine can quickly become unusable. Therefore, in a bathroom where there is always high humidity, it is better not to install it

Various manifestations of water leakage

The presence of a puddle flowing out from under the casing indicates flaws in the hoses designed for draining and supplying water. If cracks and holes are indeed discovered during self-examination, the elements should be replaced. Otherwise, specialist intervention is required.

If the powder compartment is full or becomes clogged, leakage can also occur. To fix the problem, clean the compartment well.

If the inspection reveals a leak from the places where the pipes are connected to the machine, reassemble or replace the seal part.

Door malfunction

Jamming reports a power outage. In this case, to open the door, you need to press and hold the power button for a long time in this state.

If the door does not close, it is possible that an excessive amount of laundry in the drum or foreign objects getting into the gap interfere with it.

Problems with the car door
The loading door of the machine should open and close easily. The occurrence of violations may indicate not only malfunctions of the mechanism itself, but also more serious problems of the unit

Display malfunctions

Symbols hang and there is no backlight - this may indicate moisture in the control panel. The machine should be disconnected from the network and dried for a day. If the display does not light up when turned on or unknown characters appear on it, you must contact a service center.

Possible errors and solutions

If a combination of numbers and letters appears on the display of the washing unit, or for models without a screen, a combination of burning lights is displayed, after which the machine stops working - this means that certain problems have occurred.

Knowing the decryption of codes, you can quickly navigate the severity of the problem and determine whether this is a consequence of the carelessness of the user or if a serious breakdown occurs that requires the intervention of professionals.

No. 1. Violations of the pressure switch

The appearance of such combinations on the screen as 1E, E7, 1C indicates abnormalities in the operation of the water sensor, the so-called pressure switch. On models where a display is not provided, in this case the indicators of all washings flash and the indicators of all temperature modes except Bio 60 ° C.

The machine begins to signal about the failure that occurred literally immediately after switching on. Most often, this breakdown requires contacting specialists, but in some cases you can fix the problems yourself.

Damage to the pressure switch of the washing machine
Adjusting the amount of water to be poured is very important for the normal operation of the washing machine. If the level switch (pressure switch) fails, the unit will not be able to perform its functions.

To eliminate violations, do the following:

  • For 5 minutes disconnect the machine from the power supply. If the reason was a one-time malfunction of the sensor, the unit will begin to execute the program normally.
  • It is necessary to check all contacts from pressure switch to the control module.It is likely that the cause of the error lies in the disconnection of one of the connectors.
  • In order to detect a problem, you need to check the condition of the tube connecting the water level sensor to the pressure sampling chamber. Perhaps it is bent or flown. To fix the error, you should return it to its original position.

If the above work is done, and the code still appears on the display, it is better to contact the service center and entrust the repair to specialists.

No. 2. Problems with the washing machine tachometer

Codes 3E, 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, 3E4, 3C, 3C1, 3C2, 3C3, 3C4, 8E, 8E1, 8C, 8C1, EA may appear on the screen as a result of an error tacho sensor. This small device is responsible for the engine performing a certain number of revolutions.

On models without a display, in such cases, the washing modes will flash and the 40 ° C and Bio 60 ° C.

Likely reasons:

  • An amount of laundry is loaded into the drum, the weight of which exceeds the established norm and the engine simply cannot pull such a load. If the clue is in this, then after removing some of the items to be washed and restarting, the device continues to work normally.
  • Demonstration of the code of the described error in the washing machines “Samsung"May occur due to an accidental failure. To check the option, you need to turn off the machine from the outlet and turn it back on after a couple of minutes.

If the restart is successful, there is no reason to worry.

Problems with the tachometer
You can determine the malfunctioning of the tachometer by poorly wrung laundry, slower rotation of the drum during spinning or its complete stop, unstable rotation speed during washing

Number 3. Problems with the water supply system

How to decrypt errors 4E, 4C or E1? If, during washing or rinsing, the machine stops executing the program and the indicated flashing combinations appear on the display, this is a message indicating that the flow of water into the drum with the laundry has stopped. On models without a screen, in this case, the indicator lamps for the washing mode and the minimum temperature light up.

There may be several reasons for the error:

  • The inlet hose through which water enters the machine is clamped with something.
  • Clogged filter located at the outlet of the same hose.
  • The user simply forgot to open the valve of the water supply tap.
  • The pressure is too small.
  • There is no cold water in the system.

To accurately determine the cause, you should restart the program and listen to the sound of pouring water.

Inlet filter cleaning
The filter through which water passes prevents pollution of organic and mineral origin into the tank of the machine. Even small particles that linger on its mesh can prevent the washing machine from functioning normally.

Further actions are completely dependent on the presence or absence of sound:

  1. If it is heard, but the car is standing and continues to indicate an error - perhaps the drum is overloaded or things are erased that absorb almost all the water from the tank.
  2. When it is clearly audible that water is flowing in, the weight of the laundry complies with the standards specified in the instructions and the fabric does not absorb much water, but the blinking display still indicates an error, you need to check the water pressure. Most likely, he is weak.

If there is no sound of pouring water with the supply tap open and normal pressure in the system, the following steps should be performed: clean the filter, restart the control unit by turning it off from the outlet for 15 minutes, then turn on the machine to the outlet and restart the same washing mode.

Cleaning the inlet filter
The filter of the water intake system of the machine must be cleaned periodically. An unscheduled inspection and cleaning is carried out if there is no water in the tank during activation, an open tap and a normal pressure in the water supply

Number 4. Failure of the drain system

What to do if the code is displayed 5E or E2? In models without a display, the machine signals by flashing all washing modes and the backlight of the temperature indicator 40 ° С.An error indicates problems with draining the water.

The reasons for the code to appear may be as follows:

  • The hose through which the machine drains water is clogged or kinked. After cleaning or returning the hose to its normal position, normal operation of the unit is restored.
  • The drain filter is clogged. To check the version, you need to remove, clean, rinse and screw in back.
  • A siphon is located at the point where the machine is connected to the sewer. To eliminate this problem, you need to disconnect the drain hose from the connection to the drain pipe, immerse it in some container, start the program and wait for the water to drain. If it flows freely, an urgent need to clean the siphon.

The machine can give such an error if the contacts of the drain pump are removed. After their tight connection, the code does not appear on the screen.

Outlet filter cleaning
It is not at all difficult to clean the drain filter from contamination. If you regularly perform such a procedure, its twisting will not require much effort. In addition to dirt and lint, here you can find small objects that got into the car with the laundry: buttons, coins

A single failure in the system can also cause a demonstration of an error. To check this, you need to turn off the device and turn it back on after 10-15 minutes.

No. 5. Reaction to power surges

How to determine the causes of errors Uc, 9C, 9E1, 9E2 and eliminate them? These numbers and letters may appear at any time during program execution. They mean a shortage or excess of the norm of the voltage in the network for several seconds. In fact, it is volt control that protects electrical components.

If the error appeared on the screen and then quickly disappeared, the network jump was short-lived. In this case, nothing needs to be done. Prolonged reflection of the code on the screen can be a signal of problems in the mains.

The reasons for signal reflection can be as follows:

  • Regular power outages. With such problems, it is worth installing a stabilizer.
  • Failure in the volt control system. In this case, it is enough to restart the program by turning the washing machine off and on.
  • Using a low-quality extension cord to connect the unit to the network can also cause a demonstration of an error. Replacing it will solve the problem.

Very often, a volt-control error is displayed on the display in case of poor-quality wiring, an old outlet, etc. After replacing these elements, everything falls into place.

Power problems
The indicated group of errors signals problems with the supply of electricity. Samsung washing machines are sensitive to overvoltage and undervoltage and instability of the current supply

No. 6. One-time malfunction of the machine

How to fix the error AE, AC, 13E? The listed error codes appear in case of interruption of communication between control cards, the function of which is to receive information from numerous sensors, process it and issue a command to the executing mechanisms.

You can fix the error by disconnecting the device from the network. If it was a one-time failure - when you restart the machine will work normally.

Testing the control board
The control board can be called the “brain” of the washing machine, which ensures the sequence of performing certain actions in accordance with the program selected by the consumer. Only a professional can diagnose microcircuit problems

In the case when the code is again displayed on the screen after a shutdown, you need to call the wizard for accurate diagnosis.

Number 7. Accidents in the control system

What are the codes talking about? 6E, Eb, bE, bE1, bE2, bE3? On models without a display, in case of this error, the inclusion of all the washing mode lamps and all temperature indicators, except 60 ° C, is noted.

There are several reasons for demonstrating the error:

  • Problems with the triac responsible for the operation of the engine of the machine. Normally, he turns it on and off and sets the desired number of revolutions.
  • Violations of the buttons of the washing machine.
  • Problems in the control module.

You can try to fix the error yourself.First disconnect the device from the network and turn it on again. If the reboot helped, it was a one-time error.

Error in the control system Samsung Samsung
When this group of errors is highlighted, the failures are confined to the control system. This may be a malfunction of the triac, relay, total station, organs or control board

The numbers on the display may indicate sticking or, conversely, the lack of contact of one of the buttons on the control panel. To fix the problems, you should click the buttons several times or hold them pressed. Indicated encoding may indicate overload power sockets or its malfunction. When replaced with a new car, it starts to work well again.

Number 8. Errors in operating modes

This problem segment is indicated by CE, AC, 4C2. On models without screens, a similar error is reflected by the flashing of all washing modes and the temperature indicator button button located at the very top that lights up. In this case, the code indicates the excess of water temperature.

Washing machine connection
Connect the washing machine to the water supply and sewage system strictly according to the rules. If something is not clear, it is better to consult a specialist

To fix the error, the first thing to do is to check if the inlet hose is connected to the pipe with hot water. If everything is okay with this, restart the machine. With a one-time failure, it will work normally.

No. 9. Wrong preparation for washing

How to respond to combinations DE, DE1, DE2, DC, DC1, DC2, ED? Units without screens react to an error by flashing all wash modes and temperatures. The combination shown means that the door is not closed.

It is easy to eliminate the error - you should check the condition of the machine door. Perhaps a piece of thread that has entangled the hook, or a lock interferes with the operation of the mechanism. Perhaps one of the parts of the door bent.

The washing machine door is not closed
To restore the operation of the washing machine after inspection and identification of an unclosed door, you will need to close the door tightly and restart the program

What to do - appeared H1, H2, HE, HE1, HE2, HC, HC1, HC2, E5, E6? On the panel of the machine, where the display is not provided, the washing indicators are turned on, as well as the second from the top and the lowest temperature indicators. It should be noted that when working without heating, an error does not appear.

There are two main causes of the error:

  • The unit is not correctly connected to the mains.
  • Does not work TEN (a heating element).

If you try to correct the situation yourself, you should check that the unit is connected to the mains correctly. In the case of using an extension cord, it is better to replace it with a new one or connect directly.

Display error code
Typically, a breakdown code appears at 10-15 minutes of washing, but in some cases it occurs at the very beginning, from the first seconds. If the error is displayed at another time - most likely, this is a one-time failure

If, as a result of the actions taken, the machine again indicates a malfunction, contact a professional.

What does the appearance of a combination mean? LE, LC, E9? Machines without a screen signal malfunctions by the lit washing buttons and temperature indicators located at the very bottom and at the top.

Such an error occurs on the screen when water leaks from the unit. There are several reasons for its appearance:

  • The drain hose is below the prescribed level.
  • It is not properly connected to the sewage system.
  • Water leaks through a hole or crack in the tank.

In order to troubleshoot the following steps:

  1. Unplug the unit.
  2. Check the position of the drain hose. Normally, he must first go up, and then go down.
  3. Check if the drain filter is open. A leak may also occur through it.
  4. Disconnect the water drain hose from the sewer and put its end into the sink or other container.

Then you should restart the device. If everything went fine, the reason is eliminated.

What does display mean? UE, UB, E4? On the control panel without display, in this case, all the washing modes and the temperature indicator of the second blink from above. The combination indicates the difficulty of the machine with a uniform distribution of linen before wring.

Difficulties with an extraction
The code designations UE, UB, E4 indicate difficulties that arose in the machine with the washing of the washed laundry, which happens due to a violation of the rules for loading things into the drum of the machine

To correct the situation, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Drain the water tank.
  2. Unplug the machine.
  3. After waiting 15 minutes to open the door.
  4. Having unraveled the linen that has strayed in the heap, evenly distribute it over the tank.
  5. Close the door and start further program execution.

In some cases, after the manipulations, the machine continues to work normally.

No. 10. Unit temperature sensor damage

What to do if the screen is showntE, Ec, tc? If the machine is not equipped with a display, with an identical malfunction on the control panel of the washing machine Samsung all washing modes and temperature indicators “Bio 60 ° С "and" 60 ° С ".

An error indicates a problem with temperature sensorresponsible for measuring the temperature of the water in the unit.

Thermal sensor failure
The temperature sensor controls both the switching on of the heating element in the machine and its switching off after the water has heated up to a certain temperature. In the event of its failure, the water may either not warm up at all or boil

It is possible to fix the breakdown yourself with the help of overload. If this action does not bring any results, you need to contact a service center. Most likely, you will need to replace the sensor either TEN.

No. 11. Foam Signal

The emergence of combinations Sud (5ud) or Sd (5d) the screen indicates that there is too much foam in the tank. Most often this is due to the use of a powder that is not suitable for washing in an automatic machine.

Increased foam during washing
Excessive foaming is characteristic when using detergents for hand washing. Foam can penetrate the electrical part of the unit and create conditions for short circuiting. Determining whether the powder is suitable for washing in an automatic machine or not is very simple - it is always indicated on the packaging

The amount of detergent is also easy to calculate: 1 tablespoon is considered the norm. per 1 kg of dry clothes.

In this case, no action is required. After the deposition of foam, the unit will automatically continue washing.

We also recommend that you read our other article, where we talked about how to deal with typical malfunctions of a Samsung washing machine. Read more - read Further.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

What are the error codes and how to act correctly when they occur on the machine’s display, you can find out from the following video:

How to quickly restore the functions of the machine when the code 3E appears on the display, the video will demonstrate:

Combinations of numbers or indicator lights are tips that can be used in most cases to quickly navigate and troubleshoot on your own without going to the workshop. Such an opportunity will help even the owner unaware of the technology significantly save both time and money.

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  1. Alexander

    The Samsung washing machine was bought six years ago, and the last year has become increasingly “capricious”. For example, the spin function freezes - water does not leave, either the pump does not work, or the machine thinks for a long time to turn it on. You have to sometimes run a forced spin. I advise you to use a descaler, it will also deodorize the inside of the machine and help get rid of stagnant water. The sealing cuff, which is in contact with the door, was nibbled by the cat, because of this the tightness of the chamber was damaged, that is, when washing, water flowed out. The problem was eliminated by artificially building up the layers of the rubber cuff with glue for installing car windows.

  2. Valentine

    In addition to a washing machine from Samsung, we still have a microwave oven and TV. The company has established itself as a worthy manufacturer, and its products as a standard of quality and durability of technology. Of the problems listed here for seven years of use, they had difficulties with the spin, drain modes. I don’t particularly look at the letters on the display, I was able to intuitively understand what needs to be done to solve the problem.

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