Bosch washing machine errors: troubleshooting + recommendations for resolving them

Evgenia Kravchenko
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Author: Maria Khodun
Last update: June 2019

Bosch brand washing machines are considered one of the easiest to use. Convenience is expressed in the fact that the user, in most cases, can independently correct the errors of the Bosch washing machine, having minimal knowledge.

The intelligent system reports faults by displaying them as codes on the display. Let's take a closer look at what they signal.

Code List and Troubleshooting

Devices are represented by such series as Maxx, Logixx, Classixx, Avantixx and Home professional. The trouble codes displayed on the sensor of the Bosch washing machine are the same in most cases in all series.

No. 1. Problems with the door of the machine

Due to insufficiently tightly closed loading door, a code appears F01. Immediately make sure that the door is slammed shut, regroup the laundry so that it does not interfere with the correct fixation of the hatch (you must clearly hear a click when closing).

Also, the problem may be a faulty hatch handle, door parts, guide parts or a locking element. In the event of a breakdown, they must be subordinated or replaced.

Checking the functionality of the details of the hatch of the machine
To correct the error F1, it is necessary to check the functioning of all parts of the hatch: mounts, handles, the lock mechanism responding to it and adjacent parts

The code F16 signals that washing does not start due to an unopened hatch. In this case, you will need to slam the door and restart the program again.

If the error persists, then check the operation of the door, the locking tab, the locking element and, if necessary, update the damaged parts. Check wiring.

Dismantling and repair of the handle of the hatch of the washing machine
Often problems are found in the door handle. It should be carefully disassembled using a screwdriver and subjugated, replacing damaged elements

If the door lock is not slammed, it blinks on the screen F34. This is one of the critical errors, so turn off the device immediately. There may be two root causes.The first - the door does not close, and the second - the door does not automatically lock.

In the first case, the door does not slam or opens again or the hatch cannot physically close (something is interfering). This happens due to the skew of the door during deformation, or the hook-latch does not fall into a special hole, or when the plastic guide wears out.

Replacing damaged hatch parts
To identify the causes of a door malfunction (F34), it is necessary to disassemble it and carefully inspect it, also check the bolts, hinges and the locking system

In the second situation, the problem is either a breakdown of the blocking element, or a clogging of the blocking device (litter or small objects got into it), or the control module breaks down (which is very rare).

You can fix it by disconnecting the device. Next, check the lock, hinges and the door itself, the locking system and its wiring. Then, if necessary, repair or replacement of parts is carried out. The module is checked, and if it burns out - a replacement is needed, if the software flew - then you need to reflash it.

Critical error F36 signals a malfunction of the locking system (broken lock). The reason may be an open hatch or lack of locking. Reboot the machine, check door closure for tightness, review wiring, hinges, lock and control module. Update or repair the details.

Door Lock Replacement
One of the root causes of error F36 is a defective blocking element. The part should be carefully inspected, then, if necessary, repaired or replaced.

The code F61 indicates that the door has the wrong signal (it is in both open and closed at the same time). This error is critical, so press ON / OFF immediately.

The reason could be a module freeze. To fix, do not turn on the device for 30 minutes. At this time, call the wizard or check the module, hatch lock (locking mechanism) and wiring yourself.

No. 2. Errors due to water problems

The code F02 appears on the display when there is no water. To provoke such an error can:

  • breakdown of the circuit board, inlet valve or pressure switch;
  • incorrect installation of the device;
  • water supply tap blocked;
  • lack of water or pressure in the water supply;
  • clogged inlet filter;
  • it does not close tightly or the sunroof is not blocked.

You can fix these problems yourself. To start, reboot the controller. If the problem is in it, then you should rewrite the software or replace the board, in this case, use the services of a specialist.

If not, it is necessary to check the correct connection of the machine, the hose should not be pinched. Check the water pressure in the system and the handle of the tap that feeds it.

Cleaning the feed hose filter
Clean the inlet filter (rinse the mesh of the hose for water supply). The filter itself is located at the connection point of the inlet hose at the top of the machine

Inspect the inlet valve, then the blocker and subordinate if it is faulty. Check the pressure switch (pressure sensor) and the wiring leading to the sensor for damage. Do the same with the door.

The code F03 it is displayed if there are difficulties with draining the water and there may be several reasons for this error, namely:

  • clogged dust filter or sewer;
  • the drain hose is clogged or deformed;
  • critical stretching or tearing of the drive belt;
  • malfunction of the drain pump;
  • problem with the module.

How to eliminate them? First you need to check the drain filter, if necessary, clean it. If this does not work, then inspect the drain hose for kink or improper positioning.

Reinstall it as needed, or clean it with special chemicals. Check, correct or replace the drive belt, carry out the same actions with the pump. Testing the main board is best left to the master.

Cleaning the drain filter
To correct error F03, it is necessary to clean the water drain filter; for this, it must be removed and washed under a stream of water.The filter is located at the bottom of the machine behind a small hatch

The code F04 signals that water is flowing. You must quickly disconnect the device from power to avoid electric shock. Then shut off the water and find the source of the leak (the place where it started, inspect first), and also check the tightness of all connections.

There may be several reasons for this problem: a leak in the hose, the drain filter is loose, the dispenser is broken, the rubber sleeve is broken, the filler pipe in the apparatus tank or the tank is damaged, the inlet valve pipe is out of order, and the drain pump is worn.

Causes of water leakage in the washer
A frequent cause of leaks is damage to the hose or loose connection to the unit. If damaged, replace hose

To eliminate it is necessary:

  • inspect the hose, renew if damaged;
  • screw the filter plug tight;
  • get the hopper for washing powder, rinse, dry, replace if damaged;
  • if the seal is not damaged too much, try to subordinate it; if they are worn, replace them with new ones;
  • in case of serious damage replace the cuff;
  • in the event of a tank malfunction, it should be replaced.

The code F17 occurs if water does not flow. On some models, this error may appear as E17.

It can provoke its occurrence:

  • closed tap tee that delivers water;
  • water pressure less than 1 atmosphere;
  • clogged filter or water supply hose;
  • The electronic controller or intake valve does not function
  • the pressure switch ceased to function.

It’s easy to remove the error: open the water supply tap, after which the cycle will end, and the pump will drain the water in a couple of minutes. Reboot the electronic board, and if the problem is in it, then replace the unit or reflash it.

Clean the strainer and blockage in the hose, if any. Check the voltage on the valve coil, as well as the pressure switch, the sensor controller and its branch pipe, change parts if necessary.

Inlet valve cleaning
When the machine does not draw water for some reason, check the intake valve and water supply hose for damage.

When the water in the washing machine does not drain at the right time, the code flashes F18.

Symptoms and varieties of error:

  • water may leave slowly due to a program malfunction; for the same reason, the machine freezes before draining;
  • irregular drain (once);
  • there is no drain after rinsing;
  • the laundry is not spinning.

This is due to a clogged “garbage” filter, incorrect installation of the water drain hose (it could be bent), if the pump does not rotate or the controller malfunctions.

Checking the drain hose
Error F18 will appear on the display if the Bosch washer stops draining water. First, carefully check the water drain hose, then see if the siphon to which the hose is connected is clogged

To solve the problem, restart the washer. If it does not help, then de-energize it, remove the filter and clean it from clogging.

Then, in turn, perform the following steps:

  • the hose must be straightened and installed correctly; check the blades (threads or debris could wrap on them);
  • if the pump is out of order, then replace it;
  • check the control unit;
  • inspect the wiring connecting the module with other elements, to fix such problems it is better to call the wizard.

When the Aqua-Stop function is triggered, a code appears F23. Immediately you need to disconnect the machine from the network, tighten the valve, drain the water, check for leaks.

Washbasin tray with float
The simplest version of the AquaStop system is a pan with a float that shuts off the water supply in case of leakage

Also inspect the connecting circuits for breaks, inlet hose and pipe, hose with solenoid valve, pressure switch. All of these components need to be replaced in the event of a breakdown.

If the turbidity sensor does not work (code F25), the program will end the wash without rinsing.The reason may lie in the formed limescale on the aqua sensor, a faulty pressure switch, a clogged filler or drain path, if dirty water comes in.

It is necessary to clean the inlet and drain filters. Replace the aqua filter (turbidity sensor) or descale it. To flush the system, start the laundry without the highest water temperature. Contact a plumber or install a flow filter yourself. Replace defective parts.

When the code is displayed F29, this indicates that no water is flowing through the flow sensor. There may be several reasons: the machine is not installed correctly, the sunroof is poorly closed, there is no or weak pressure, the filter mesh is clogged, the filling valve or pressure switch are broken.

First, check the hatch, pressure and straighten the hoses. Then look at the filter, valve and pressure sensor. After eliminating the root cause, the draining process will begin after 5 minutes, then you can resume the interrupted cycle.

Flow Sensor Problems
Code F 29 signals problems with the flow sensor, in this situation a comprehensive check of some parts of the machine is required

If the permissible amount of water is exceeded (DTC F31), the wash cycle will not end until the water is drained. This is a critical error, if it occurs, you must immediately unplug the device from the outlet.

It occurs due to illiterate installation and connection of the device, due to a violation of the location of the hose. The pressure switch, water intake valve, pump or controller are faulty.

Pressostat replacement
Error 31 often occurs due to improper operation of the presostat. To troubleshoot, you must test the device and update it in the event of a breakdown.

To fix it, normalize the position of the hoses, if necessary, install a special valve on the drain hose and turn on the drain mode. If this does not help, then reinstall the machine correctly, or check and replace the defective part.

Number 3. The heating process is broken

If there are problems with heating the water, the code flashes F19 The reason may be low voltage or its differences, the formation of scale, blown heaterproblems with the temperature sensor or board.

Scale TEN
TEN is the cause of several errors in the operation of Bosch machines. It must be carefully removed and cleaned or replaced with a new one.

To fix, reboot the device, normalize the voltage. If there are no changes, then it is necessary to check and update the thermostat, heater and wiring to it. In some cases, the descaling of the heating element helps.

Repair TENA step by step
The diagram shows the location of the heater in the Bosch machine and what actions need to be performed to remove it painlessly

The code F20 informs the user that an unplanned heating of water has occurred (temperature is higher than the set temperature, things fade, the device heats up very much).

The error can be caused by a program malfunction, a broken thermostat, a failed heater relay (heater). Each element must be checked and replaced by first disconnecting the device from the network.

When the NTC sensor (thermistor) fails, the display lights up. F22.

There may be several reasons:

  • connection to the water supply is broken - not enough water is circulating in the system, so there is no heating;
  • weak voltage in the mains or its absence;
  • breakdown of the controller, its wiring or electric heater;
  • incorrectly selected wash program;
  • failure of the level sensor or thermistor.

To fix the problem, check the inlet hose and its location. Then - an electronic board, perhaps you need to repair or replace an item. Repair of the wiring of the module or the electrical circuit due to burnt contacts may be required. Check the heater and the operability of the temperature sensor, update if they break.

Violations in the electrical part
Often, the failure of the machine to work and heat water is associated with a violation of the insulation of the internal wiring of the sensors and system nodes.In this case, the unit will need to be disassembled and damaged wires replaced.

Test the operation of the pressure switch, and if it is broken, replace it. It makes sense to connect a stabilizer that will “save” from power surges.

The code F37 means that problems with heating the water are related to the breakdown of the NTC sensor. In this case, the sensor itself or its wiring leading to the board could break.

Please note that the sensors are different: bimetallic, gas-filled, electronic. Each of them requires a different repair. Immediately eliminate the system malfunction and check the thermistor, wiring, control board, then replace the necessary parts.

Temperature sensor in the machine
The location of the temperature sensor in the Bosch washing machine is shown and how it can be removed for replacement or verification.

The short circuit of the thermistor is displayed as F38 on the display. Immediately turn off the machine from the network. The cause of the accident can be a thermistor breakdown, voltage drops or a malfunction of the module. You should inspect the NTC sensor, check the voltage, after disconnecting the washer from the mains.

Number 4. Sensor problems

If the display is lit F26, then a pressure sensor (pressure switch) can be broken in the machine, protecting the device from voltage problems, it is also needed to measure the amount of water in the tank.

This is a critical error, it must be fixed as follows:

  • turn off the washer for 30 minutes. (ON / OFF button) to reload it;
  • check how the pressure switch works;
  • Check that the connection chains are not broken.

If this sensor is not configured, it will display F27. In this case, it is necessary to restart the machine, check the pressure switch, wiring, water pressure and inlet hose. Repair if necessary or replace broken parts.

When no water is collected in the tank, flashes F28. This is due to a malfunction of the flow sensor. To start, reboot the system. Then, diagnose the flow sensor, the filler valve, and also check the wiring for malfunctions (debris, no pressure). Update defective parts.

If the flow sensor fails and it produces too high, or, conversely, a low value, then the code can be seen on the display F60 The cause may be low or high pressure in the water supply system, problems with the filling valve, lack of water in the system, failure of the level sensor or board, breakdown of the blocker or heater, or problems in the drainage pump.

Replacing the inlet hose valve
If the reason for the failure of the washing machine lies in the malfunction of the inlet hose and valve, they must be replaced with new parts

Check if the wiring, flow sensor, filter in the filling valve are functioning properly. If there is a problem with the water supply system, then it is easy to solve it yourself or by inviting a specialist. In other situations, verification of all specified parts and their replacement is necessary.

The code F59 appears when the 3D sensor is not functioning and a measurement error occurs. The reason is a module error, the cable of the electronic board is departing, the sensor has burned out or is faulty.

In such a situation, you must first restart the device, then check the correct position of the magnet, the wiring and 3D sensor of the device, the module and fix the problems.

Causes of breakdown with code 29
The cause of the malfunction of the sensor system may be a violation of the connection to the control unit of the washing machine. You can fix it yourself

No. 5. Incorrect drum rotation

Unrealistic engine speeds that cannot be controlled provoke a code F42. The error is critical, so reboot the device using the power button and check the module.

Also F42 may occur due to a damaged TACHO sensor (monitors the speed of the device), due to engine breakdown or malfunction of the triac on the board. You can fix the problem by replacing the speed sensor, repairing the engine and its wiring or a section of the electronic board.

If the engine is locked and the drum does not rotate at all, the code is visible F43. This critical error occurs due to jammed laundry between the drum and the tub.

To fix it, you must:

  • restart the machine;
  • to see if the boundary level of laundry load is exceeded;
  • check the health of the TACHO generator;
  • Verify that the module and wiring are functioning correctly.

This error requires a momentary repair. Therefore, check the drum, the internal parts of the device, replace them if necessary.

Fire hazard
If the problem is in the motor, then you can not use the washing machine, as this can provoke a short circuit and fire. In case of error F43, immediately disconnect the machine from the mains so that no accident occurs

When there is no rotation only in the opposite direction, you can see F44. The error is critical, so you need to enable restart, and then check the module and the parts responsible for rotation.

A malfunction can be caused by a failed triac, drum imbalance, an overloaded tank or a broken reverse relay. After preliminary testing, it is necessary to replace the triac on the board, relay or controller.

No. 6. Motor disturbances

Behind the code F21 motor failure is hidden, since the rotation of the drum depends on it. When you see this code, you must immediately stop the wash, disconnect the device from the network, drain the water, remove the laundry, wipe the drum inside and call the master.

The blame for this error may be:

  • too large load of linen;
  • sprawled or damaged drive belt;
  • control board failure;
  • failure of the TACHO sensor, worn engine brushes;
  • damage to the motor itself;
  • stuck in the tank, an object that blocks rotation;
  • bearings worn and flowed.

To eliminate it, check the drive belt for breaks - it may need to be corrected or updated.

Drive Belt Repair
The integrity of the drive belt is the key to the smooth operation of the engine of the washing machine. It should be checked for damage and tears.

Inspect the wiring and control unit, wires and contacts - sometimes a module replacement may be required. If the machine runs on a commutator, rather than a direct-drive engine, then its important part, carbon brushes, could be damaged. They are not repairable and require replacement.

Carbon brushes
Carbon brushes - one of the key parts of the engine of the Bosch machine, in case of any malfunctions, replace them with new ones

Next, test the engine, if necessary, repair or replace with a new one, disassemble the washer housing and remove a foreign object, update bearings.

When problems with the motor, a critical error occurs E02. Immediately turn off the device, otherwise there is a risk of fire to the wiring or engine and call the wizard. He will check whether the graphite brushes of the engine, the motor, its resistance, connecting contacts, key modules, as well as the engine modules, TACHO sensor are working.

Number 7. Software malfunctions and system protection

The code F67 signals a breakdown or overheating of the card (controller). Reboot the machine immediately. If the code reappears, then there may have been an error or malfunction in the card encoding between the power and control modules.

It is necessary to call a specialist to replace it with a new working part or to reprogram the module. Card repair is possible if the processor is fully operational.

Reboot the washing machine programmer
Thanks to the control module, all electronics of the washing machine work, sometimes it can freeze. Therefore, if any errors occur, first reboot the system by turning it off for 30 minutes

The code E67 visible if the washing machine module fails. The error can be displayed due to unstable voltage, disturbance of wiring or differences in the network, breakdown or burnout of key parts (capacitors, triggers, fuses) or random button presses on the control panel.

If the module overheats, then to restart it, unplug the machine from the wall outlet for 30 minutes.When the voltage stabilizes, the code should disappear. Owners of technical skills will be able to repair the card themselves and replace the board, reprogram the controller, otherwise - call a specialist.

Module repair
To repair the controller with your own hands, you need to have certain technical skills. If you are not confident in your abilities, then call a specialist

When the functional protection of the machine is activated, appears on the display F63. An error may occur after a short circuit. The cause may be a software malfunction or processor failure.

To fix it, you must reset the program by turning ON / OFF, then see how the module works. The code F63 not displayed - everything is in order. Otherwise, you should call the wizard to conduct a full diagnosis and find out the cause of the problem.

Board problems
Fatal error F63 occurs when a functional protection is triggered. If our advice did not help, you should call a specialist to diagnose the problem.

There can be several such reasons. Most often, the machine can knock out traffic jams or an automatic machine. This is due to a failure of the heater, the Start button or the engine. The root cause of the failure of the elements lies in high humidity or oxidized contacts, it is they who knock out the plugs or machine.

If the machine does not start and is displayed F40, then this means that there was a malfunction in the mains. In simple words, the washing machine does not start.

This error may occur when:

  • voltage below 190 W;
  • if knocks traffic jams or automatic;
  • RCD triggers;
  • damage to the cord, plug, outlet, or the interference filter is damaged.

Also, the cause may be a breakdown of the start button or board.

In such cases, you should consult an electrician to fix the problems, or check and replace the parts yourself.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

For experienced users, the following are visual video tutorials on how to deal with some malfunctions in the Bosch washing machine on your own.

The video shows how to reset error codes F 21-26 and enter the service test:

Visual correction of error F 17 in the Bosch machine with commenting on possible causes of malfunctions:

How to remove the heater from the Bosch washer? The author demonstrates the whole process, commenting in detail on it:

In the event of a breakdown, do not get lost. It is necessary to analyze the situation soundly, using our recommendations, as well as study the instructions with tips. And having knowledge of all the malfunctions in Bosch machines, you can easily cope with them.

If you have any personal troubleshooting experience with the Bosch washing machine, please share it with our readers. Tell us what kind of damage you had to deal with and how you fixed it. Write your comments, ask questions - the block for communication is located under the article.

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  1. Novel

    Why Bosch? My door (in the hinge area) was deformed on the LG washing machine, it also underwent self-repair - now everything is ok.
    I was confused by the error F40 in the list. Seriously? Does it even happen? I expected that the washer simply would not work and was protected from knocking out traffic jams (automatic machine).It turns out that children are not so safe to use the machine on their own .. There are no words.

    • Alexander

      Error codes vary depending on the manufacturer, so each brand has its own material. There is also for your LG washing machine.

      As for the error F40, it signals about problems with the power supply system of the washing machine, and then we need to look at the reason.

  2. Olesya

    Sometimes this system is just buggy. Errors F2 and F3 popped up, although everything was in order with the filter and the water supply. As a result, it turned out that the problem is in the slope of the drain (we have a private house, the drain of the sewer under an insufficiently large slope is made). The washing machine worked properly, but the error periodically popped up. The invited master said simply to ignore.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. Sorry, but to beat off your master’s hands and select a license (I doubt that it exists). You’ll ruin your device and things will not be washed in a quality manner. And how do you live with such a drain and what is the problem of raising plumbing fixtures higher?

  3. Larisa

    Faults appear absolutely in any washing machine. This is household appliances. I would not focus only on Bosch. Personally, I really like the car. High availability is one of the most important advantages. For some reason, Russian people first break, and then read the instructions. The first thing I always do is begin to study it. Simple malfunctions can be dealt with on your own, but serious ones are best left to the craftsmen from the service center.

  4. And if I have an old vertical without a display, then how can I find out the error code? Where should I see him?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello, it would be nice if you indicated the model of your washing machine. For the future I’ll leave a small instruction for those who face a similar problem. The bottom line is: the error code is determined by indicators that are lit or blinking - this is very important. That is, based on which indicators are on or blinking, you determine the error code from the table. Then just read what this error means.

      I attach the instructions with the images, which indicate the marking of the indicators, the combination of indicators corresponding to the error codes, decoding of the error codes. An example is shown on a washing machine with a vertical Bosch classics 5 machine.

      Attached photos: