Wall-mounted washing machine: pros and cons of a hinged solution + rating of the best models

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The recipe for success is to do what you love, putting maximum time and effort into it. At the same time, you need to be in shape: have a good rest, take care of yourself, dress carefully. There is not enough energy for household chores, and household appliances come to the rescue. A market novelty is a wall-mounted washing machine that can solve the problems associated with washing clothes.

We will figure out how good such a model is and who will suit it, what are the features of the installation and operation of ultra-compact format equipment. We compiled a rating of the best wall washers, indicated their operating parameters and gave user reviews. A review of models will help determine the choice of a home assistant.

Why do I need a hinged washer?

Wall-mounted household appliances are convenient, and many manufacturers have probably thought about creating such washing machines. However, only a few companies have succeeded in implementing the project and launching the existing models on the market. Daewoo is rightfully considered the market leader, it was the Korean brand that created the first mounted unit.

Miniature wall mounted machines are available. They can be found in large shopping centers and ordered in some online stores. However, such offers come across infrequently. Not in every store where a hinged washing machine is presented in the catalog, it is available.

DWD-CV701PC - special model
There is a huge variety of models of washing machines. Each of them is good in its own way, but everyone has one common characteristic - the floor-mounted installation method. Mounted units are fundamentally different - they are mounted on the wall

Not many of our compatriots decided to buy a unique washer, but still they are enough to get acquainted with the results of test drives, user reviews and make their own conclusions. Like any home appliance, wall-mounted units have their drawbacks, limitations and operation features.

To make a sober decision about the appropriateness of the purchase, it makes sense to compare the model with other types of washing machines:

In the wall-mounted model, a frontal method for loading laundry is provided, as in conventional machines. However, to open the door does not have to free up a lot of space. Since the washing machine hangs on the wall, its door, even when open, practically does not interfere with movement around the bathroom.

Placing a mounted model in the bathroom
The hinged structure can be mounted over a bathtub, toilet, sink or even a kitchen table. If there is furniture or plumbing under the machine, the door will not interfere with walking, and the risk of banging its head on it is minimal. The main thing is to get used to suspension equipment

Narrow models are compact and save space, but they still stand on the floor, which prevents full cleaning. In addition, the problem of the place for opening the door remains unresolved. If we compare the capacity of narrow and wall-mounted models, then it is almost the same.

Floor-mounted model over the toilet
The relevance of wall-mounted washing machines is obvious. Some "folk craftsmen" are so desperate that in attempts to save space they install floor models over plumbing. This is not only potentially dangerous, but also ugly. Wall washer solves the problem

In terms of spaciousness, the wall-mounted machine is clearly inferior to full-size models. If you need to wash a lot of things at the same time, the hinged device will not cope with the task. In this case, it is better not to experiment and buy a traditional outdoor model with a drum for 5-12 kg.

Stylish model design
Although the wall-mounted machine is inferior to floor-standing models in some respects, it has its own advantages: economical power consumption, low weight, compactness, stylish ultramodern design

As for the quality of washing, the wall-mounted car can be compared with a class B floor model. It is this technique that is in most Russian apartments. The attachment is inferior to Class A machines in terms of number of functions, quality of washing and spin.

Typical device and features

The device, presented on the market of hinged washers, is similar to each other. The pioneer in this market niche was the DWD-CV701, it appeared on sale in 2012 and has already confidently won an army of fans. Those who managed to purchase a compact device, note some shortcomings, but are generally satisfied.

Practical wall mounted washing machine
Korean company Daewoo was able to surprise customers not only with the features of fastening a new washing machine, but also with a fairly wide functional set

The first washing machine is made in the form of a brilliant parallelepiped with rounded corners - in the best futuristic traditions.The drum loading is frontal, and the door is made of transparent plastic, through which silver details are visible. In appearance, it resembles a porthole.

Light shiny surfaces optically expand the space, and even a small bathroom seems bigger, cleaner. The design of the model is ideal for rooms decorated in the modern, high-tech, minimalism styles.

Installing a machine over plumbing
The weight of the washing machine is in the range of 16-18 kg. Even taking into account linen and water, it is not heavier than 50-60 kg. This simplifies installation and allows you to install a wall-mounted machine on the plumbing. The fasteners are reliable, but if they fail, then when the device falls, the damage will be minimal

Ease of use is an important factor. If the machine is installed on the wall, taking into account the growth of the owner, it is much easier to load laundry in it than in the floor model. In addition, the weight of things does not exceed 3 kg, which facilitates the task.

The powder and conditioner compartments in Daewoo units resemble spoons in shape, making them very convenient for dispensing bulk and liquid products.

The manufacturer took care of the safety of customers and thought out a system of protection against children. It is activated by pressing the "Program" buttons plus "Rinse" and "Spin" and holding them for 5 seconds.

Wall-mounted mini-washing device
When connecting, you need to monitor the location of the drain hose. There is no pump in the mounted mini-car; water is drained by gravity. If the hose is pinched, the appliance will not work.

Functionality provides for several programs. As a rule, there is a wash in cold water, a mode for children's and delicate things, cycles for cotton at + 40 ° C and + 60 ° C.

You can start the appliance without washing - exclusively in the rinse and spin mode (700-800 rpm.). After washing, things remain wet, but water does not drain from them. Some mini-washers have the option of hygienic drum cleaning.

Wall model as an addition to the floor
The hinged model is perfect as an additional washing machine (and this is the best option), but in many cases it can be used as the main

Bonuses for picky buyers - silent operation of the inverter motor, almost complete absence of vibration and a honeycomb cover of the drum, saving delicate and delicate fabrics. We also recommend that you read the full-sized rating inverter washers.

Over time, Daewoo diversified its assortment of wall-mounted units, the washing quality improved, the design changed a bit, options for delaying start-up and hygienic cleaning of the drum were added. Features of different models, their functionality and user reviews are displayed in the rating of hinged washers.

Wall Washer Rating

A place
Maximum load
Spin speed

Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV703W

Quiet and working baby with a set of practical washing programs

Expert rating:
/ 100

The Korean mini-machine is a typical representative of wall units. Compact dimensions allow you to install a washer in a bathroom of any size, the design of the washer is universal, so it fits perfectly into the interior of different styles.

Despite its modest size, the manufacturer managed to implement a number of useful technologies in the DWD-CV703W model. An inverter motor is installed in the machine, which guarantees the durability of operation and quiet operation. An interesting development is a star drum with small holes for water supply. The design of the tank prevents the laundry from getting stuck and catch.

Technical specifications:

  • capacity - 3 kg;
  • energy consumption / washing and spin classes - A / A and E;
  • drum rotation intensity - 700 rpm;
  • programs - 6;
  • options - baby lock, display, drum balancing / foam control, timer, tank cleaning option, super-rinse;
  • weight - 17.3 kg;
  • dimensions - 55x32x60 cm.

The unit is quiet enough. The noise level declared by the manufacturer in the washing mode does not exceed 54 dB, and during the spin cycle - 64 dB. The DWD-CV703W washing machine can be placed not only in the bathroom, but also in the kitchen - it will not distract you with loud work.

It is very convenient to load laundry into the machine, the size of the hatch is 26 cm. The selected washing parameters are displayed on a small display.

The model is praised for its beautiful design, ease of use, the ability to quickly and efficiently wash clothes. However, some buyers note the difficulty of installation - the unit must be fixed only to a strong, even wall. No anchors included.

  • There is a super-rinse function
  • Tank cleaning option
  • Fast mode availability - 29 minutes
  • Low noise
  • Good quality laundry
  • No leakage protection
  • Exacting installation
  • No pump - gravity drain

Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV702W

Wall washer - a great solution when there is not enough space in the apartment

Expert rating:
/ 100

The model is not much different from its brother - the DWD-CV703W washing machine. Its capacity is also 3 kg, the user can choose from 6 washing programs, there is a delay in starting, a functional display with indication of the remaining time and a lock from children.

Distinctive features: the presence of partial protection against leaks and increased speed in spin mode.

Technical specifications:

  • capacity - 3 kg;
  • energy consumption / washing and spin classes - A / B and D;
  • drum rotation intensity - 800 rpm;
  • programs - 6;
  • options - child lock, display, drum balancing / foam control, timer, case leakage protection, super-rinse;
  • weight - 16.5 kg;
  • dimensions - 55x29x60 cm.

Almost all buyers respond positively to the operation of the hinged washer. Pleased with the opportunity to save space in a small bathroom, a beautiful design and a sufficient set of washing modes. The noise level during operation is low, however, with poor-quality installation and poor fixation, the unit can vibrate strongly during extraction.

DWD-CV702W will be a good solution for smart apartments, where one or two people live. To serve more users, it’s better to look for an alternative, for example, narrow washer with a load of 4-5 kg.

  • There is a signal about the end of washing
  • Beautiful design
  • Silent work
  • Express wash available
  • Case leakage protection
  • Spin Vibration Complaints
  • The complexity of installation
  • Water is drained by gravity

Xiaomi MiniJ Wall-Mounted White

The machine is a drop with advanced functionality and the ability to control from a smartphone

Expert rating:
/ 100

A high-tech novelty from the Chinese brand Xiaomi attracts attention with its unusual design - the case is made in the form of an inverted drop. The device is controlled by a door made of black tempered anti-reflective glass. In the off state, the display does not light, only the power button is viewed.

The model is equipped with a quiet engine, the door seal is made of an antibacterial material that prevents the growth of bacteria. The mode of hygienic cleaning of the drum, a washing program at a high temperature (+ 95 ° C), separate cycles for silk items, underwear and shirts are provided.

Technical specifications:

  • capacity - 3 kg;
  • energy / washing and spin efficiency classes - no data;
  • drum rotation intensity - 700 rpm;
  • programs - 8;
  • options - child lock, display, drum balancing / foam control, timer, Wi-Fi control, tank cleaning, program end signal;
  • weight - 24 kg;
  • dimensions - 58x35x67 cm.

An important competitive advantage is the ability to control from the phone.The user will be able to remotely set the start time, receive information about the end of the wash, view statistics on water and electricity consumption.

It's too early to talk about the performance of the MiniJ Wall-Mounted White unit. The model has recently entered the consumer market, and due to its high cost and shortage in the retail network, demand for a “smart” washer is limited.

  • Heated water to 95 ° C
  • Smartphone Control
  • Hygienic drum cleaning mode
  • Sound Volume Adjustment
  • Sleep mode display
  • High price
  • Difficult to find in retail outlets
  • The smartphone application and display are not Russified
  • No leakage protection

Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC

Hot Sales - World's First Wall Mount

Expert rating:
/ 100

The world's first wall-mounted washing machine. It was this model that served as a prototype for the creation of subsequent miniature mounted units. The DWD-CV701 PC has streamlined shapes, the color is silver, the control buttons and the display are located at the bottom of the front of the chassis under the door.

Technical specifications:

  • capacity - 3 kg;
  • energy consumption / washing and spin classes - A / B / C;
  • drum rotation intensity - 700 rpm;
  • programs - 6;
  • options - button lock, display, foam / unbalance control, partial leakage protection, super-rinse;
  • weight - 17 kg;
  • dimensions - 55x29x60 cm.

The washer appeared on the market more than seven years ago and has already managed to gain popularity. A large number of user reviews confirm the relevance of the ultra-compact format.

Some adapted the mini-unit for summer use at the dacha - the machine copes with washing of bulky things (T-shirts, shorts, T-shirts and linen).

DWD-CV701 PC works quite quietly and does not “jump” in spin mode provided that it is installed correctly. Users are advised to mount the washer on chemical anchors. In addition, when connecting to a water supply system, it must be noted that after installation, the water hose cannot be pulled out.

  • Intuitive controls
  • There is a case protection against leaks
  • Super Rinse Mode
  • Detailed instructions in Russian
  • Silent work
  • Fasteners from the kit do not fit
  • No delay in starting
  • Bearing failure likely after a couple of years

Pros and cons of the mounted unit

Hanging mini-washing machine has several significant advantages over floor counterparts:

  1. Silent work. One of the main complaints about washing machines is the strong noise during the spin cycle. The wall-mounted model makes sounds at work, but they are not heard in the next room. It can be washed at any time of the day without risking waking the family.
  2. Lack of vibration. Another problem that owners of washers face is vibration. For a suspended model, this would be really dangerous, because the structure can simply fall off the wall during the spin cycle. To minimize vibration, the developers of mini-units used special seals.
  3. Easy to clean. Floor models exclude the possibility of cleaning under them. To clean the floors, I had to move bulky equipment. There are no such difficulties with the suspended structure: nothing interferes with the general cleaning.
  4. Download convenience. To put the laundry in the car or get it after washing, you don’t have to bend over, which is inconvenient, and it hurts for older people with a sick back or pregnant women. If you mount the mini-car correctly, you can load things with maximum comfort.
  5. Cost-effectiveness. Washing programs are reduced, therefore, the consumption of water and electricity is minimal.
  6. Ergonomic design. Models are compact, look stylish. The design is designed so that the device does not clutter up the space, and thanks to the rounded corners of the machine it is impossible to get hurt.

Of the shortcomings emit a small drum volume and not the highest quality of washing.Such models really are not suitable for a large family, but they are sometimes washed and wrung out worse than class A floor machines. But small-format equipment is indispensable if you need to quickly put things in order after a working day.

The main disadvantage of a wall-mounted washing machine
By and large, the main disadvantage of a hinged washing machine is the overpriced. Non-poor people who do not have to wash things in large quantities can afford such a purchase.

Installation and connection can be difficult. It is difficult to independently install a mini-car, even despite the low weight and the presence of the manufacturer's instructions. There are few specialists with experience in such work, because the model has appeared recently and is not very popular. This automatically leads to an increase in the cost of the service.

The compact electric assistant is ideal for a bachelor apartment. Lonely people who keep order in the house rarely accumulate mountains of linen. They usually prefer to wash things as they get dirty. The drum volume is enough for a set of casual clothes or bedding.

Wall mounted model in a cramped bathroom
In small apartments, sometimes there is not a single extra square centimeter, and there is simply nowhere to install a washing machine. Wall model can be a real salvation

The hinged model is indispensable for families with small children, where mothers have to wash their dirty clothes after each walk. However, one can hardly rely solely on a hinged baby. It is also desirable to have a voluminous standard model for washing bedspreads, bedding, and blankets.

Features of operation and installation rules

The hanging mini washing machine works just like a standard floor washing machine. The difference for the user is only in the location of the device. As a rule, manufacturers enclose detailed operating instructions with additional illustration for installation.

Original manufacturer's instructions
Daewoo has made sure that customers use the machine correctly. The instructions provide a detailed list of components with their image. It's impossible to get confused

When installing, you should follow a few rules:

  • Be sure to check the configuration of the model. The technical documentation describes and depicts the necessary details. All of them, including fixing anchor bolts, should be included.
  • Install the hanging model on a solid wall. Although the machine itself weighs a little, it cannot be attached to plasterboard partitions. During operation, it may break.
  • Follow the instructions when connecting to the water supply. Make sure that the water supply system works perfectly, and only connect the machine after that. Use hoses, hose fitting.
  • Consider the features. A short hose is provided for connection to the sewer, so the distance should be small.
  • Take care of comfort. Install the U-shaped drain elbow. This will prevent unpleasant odors during washing.

As practice shows, for the reliability of fasteners it is better to use chemical anchors. However, they will have to be purchased separately, since they are often not provided for in the standard configuration.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Overview of the wall-mounted machine from Daewoo, its device, functionality and specifics of operation:

Step-by-step master class on installing a hinged washing machine:

A unique baby can be installed not only at home or in the country. A yacht is a very suitable place, according to one of the buyers:

Compact hanging washers found their consumer - the demand for such models is gradually increasing. Manufacturers are just starting to master this category of household appliances, but it is already clear that in the near future we can expect the appearance of new models of other brands.

Do you have personal experience using a hinged washing machine? Please share it with our readers and tell us about the features of the innovative device.Write your comments and ask questions in the block below.

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  1. Valeria

    I have never seen a machine of this type. I would love to buy such a baby and hang in the bathroom on the wall. I would use it for additional washing, for daily small laundry. I have a 6 kg wash. I caught fire, searched online stores and could not find it. Everywhere they write that they are not available. Although there are many positive reviews. Who will tell you what the price of such pleasure is, and where to order it?

    • Guzalia

      You can order on ozone, there is Daewoo.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      In Eldorado, for example, in an online store. Before calling, specify the availability and the possibility of bringing to order from other warehouses. By the way, their delivery is very cheap, about 500 rubles to the client’s door.

  2. Marina

    Recently I was visiting friends and just saw one of the examples of how home-grown “craftsmen” get out of the situation when there is no place in the bathroom for installing a washing machine. They fixed the washing machine (the usual narrow one with front loading) over the toilet! You get up, sorry, from the toilet and hit your head on this typewriter ... That's interesting, but is this installation allowed for safety reasons?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. First of all, such installation is not allowed by the manufacturer himself, who talks about the installation in detail in the manuals. Yes, even specialized wall-mounted models are allowed to hang only on a solid wall monolith or of brick. No more special requirements.

  3. Svetlana

    I have not seen anyone have such a miracle of technology as a wall-mounted washing machine. She, of course, saves a lot of space, but still looks to me like a curiosity. And connecting it is not as simple as a regular, floor-mounted one. I do not like it, it is too small, except for washing socks. And ordinary floor-standing cars look funny on the walls, like overgrown.