The best manufacturers of washing machines: a dozen popular brands + tips for choosing washing machines

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Last update: April 2019

The rating of home appliance manufacturers includes the best manufacturers of washing machines on the market. Buyers of these brands most often choose products in online stores and supermarkets.

The companies presented in the survey are widely known and have been producing quality products for consumers for more than a year. All units are subject to a branded warranty, and repairs and scheduled maintenance are carried out at certified service centers.

TOP 10 brands

The ranking of the most popular manufacturers of modern washing machines includes Electrolux, Candy, Samsung, LG, Indesit, Bosch, Beko, Gorendje, Hotpoint-Ariston and Atlant.

They offer products in different price categories from budget to super-premium lines with a whole list of bells and whistles. To choose a washing machine for yourself from a wide range is not difficult.

Place # 1 - Electrolux

The Swedish brand produces vertical, frontal, compact and fully integrated units with a capacity of 3 to 9 kg. In addition to standard programs, washing machines Electrolux There are interesting additional features.

Technology SensiCare protects things from excessively long washing. The machine automatically selects the optimal time for processing laundry. As a result, fabrics retain their attractive and neat appearance for much longer.

The choice of washing machine modes
FreshSsent's progressive system allows you to clean delicate garments from dirt in a gentle mode. At the same time, things look and feel just washed, despite the accelerated program of work

Some models have a built-in function. Softplus. It controls pre-soaking and evenly distributes things in the drum, providing detergent access to each fiber. The laundry becomes softer after washing and retains a fresh aroma much longer.

Timemanager provides an opportunity to individually adjust the duration of one cycle and process the laundry depending on the time available to the owners. In this way, energy can be saved without compromising the quality of the wash.

Place # 2 - Candy

Generally, washing machines from Candy delight customers with a harmonious combination of price with build quality, attractive appearance and a wide range of useful functions.

These units show excellent washing results not only in intensive mode when using the most hot water, but also in delicate or low temperature.

Kandy brand washing
In the range of units from Candy there is a full-sized washing machine for a large family, at the same time containing 10 kg of linen. With such a home helper, you can clean up three sets of bedclothes or a warm jacket with a dense liner and a hood at a time

Another hallmark of Candy home appliances is their high energy efficiency. Most models are abbreviated A ++ and A +++.

The new lines are equipped with a system that allows washing clothes at a temperature of +20 ° C, rather than +40 ° C without loss of quality. This allows you to further save more than 50% of the energy spent in the process of one wash.

Place # 3 - Samsung Brand

Units from Samsung are consistently popular and sell well. Wide range of products Samsung washing machine allows customers to choose a brand model in terms of size, method of loading, functionality and cost.

Electric power control system Volt control allows devices to operate normally even in conditions of severe fluctuations in mains voltage If the indicators remain within 165-275 volts, the washing process does not stop.

When these parameters are violated, the power to the device is blocked and the possibility of failure of the electronics is minimized. When resuming the correct supply of energy, the machine continues to wash from the same stage at which a sudden failure occurred.

The best washing machines from Samsung
The latest Samsung washing machines are connected via Wi-Fi to a smartphone or laptop. This helps to deeper study the functionality, remotely activate the operating mode, and with high accuracy to identify errors or problems in the work.

The drums have a tetrahedral structure and balancing technology. Ceramic heater, installed in many models, works more efficiently and, unlike metal counterparts, does not suffer from scale.

The technique withstands active use and gives good results on both dense and delicate fabrics.

Place # 4 - LG

And here washing machines from LG attract the attention of customers with loyal value, intuitive controls and the availability of the necessary functions.

The advantages of technology include quiet operation, which steeper and more expensive products can not always boast of.

Washing machine from LG
LG washing machines are equipped with inverter-type motors with reduced noise generation. In the process of functioning, the machine creates a weak sound background, which does not interfere with a comfortable rest and a full sleep

In addition to the line of budget devices, the concern produces a premium series with a large number of advanced options and the ability to control via a smartphone. The only thing that is not in the range is the models with vertical loading.

Rank # 5 - Indesit

Frequent popular choice - washing machines Indesitwhich are sold at a reasonable price and are of optimum quality. In addition to the usual dimensions, the company’s assortment includes super-heavy models with a width of only 33-35 cm.

Machine from Indesit
Indesit washing machines are available in two versions.The decorative ring of the front door can be white or metallized. This design solution allows you to combine the machine with existing furniture and household appliances

Among the main technological features, energy efficiency allows saving about 30% of electricity per cycle by washing in moderately warm water.

In some models there is a function of blocking the panel from accidental pressing, and the ability to delay the start of the program.

Rank # 6 - Bosch Brand

Bosch manufactures stand-alone and built-in units with vertical and horizontal loading, including compact models for small rooms. Almost all washing machines Bosch equipped with an advanced multilevel system of leakage protection, economically consume electricity and water, which makes it possible not to overpay on utility bills.

The washing machine of a famous manufacturer
The Bosch concern offers, in addition to snow-white washing machines, black, and completely silver. Color models are usually acquired by customers, demanding related not only to the technical properties of household units, but also to the aesthetic component

The premium line includes detached modules of large capacity, capable of removing a wide variety of fresh and old pollution from delicate and dense fabrics.

Place # 7 - Beko

About washing machines from Beko we can say that they have long been in steady demand in the Russian market. These washing machines are equipped with a nickel-plated heating element.

Scale does not form on such a surface, and corrosion does not occur. Devices serve for a long time and reliably even in conditions of heavy use.

Best Beco washing machines
Beko washing machines correctly use detergent, storing it in the drum until the cleaning process is complete. This leads to more economical powder consumption and high-quality washing of even very dirty laundry.

Convenient informative display allows you to comfortably control the device, exposing the necessary modes and programs. The models provide active, standard and delicate washing, the possibility of soaking and additional rinsing.

Rank # 8 - Gorenje

Gorenje offers its products in classic white, sophisticated black and catchy red-pink colors. According to dimensions washing machines Gorenje They are very diverse and you can choose a model both in a compact and in a spacious room.

Washer from Gorenie
A special distinguishing feature is the specific design of the front hatch, which allows you to open the door almost 180 degrees. This greatly facilitates the process of loading bulky and heavy items into the drum.

Modes pleasing usefulness and variety. Many models have a silent wash program that allows the unit to be operated at night when electric energy is supplied at a reduced rate.

Rank # 9 - Hotpoint-Ariston Brand

The assortment of the company is dominated by frontal models with a capacity of 6 to 11 kg. They also implement the most advanced functions and technological innovations of washing.

Top-loading appliances are more modest and can hold no more than 7 kg of laundry at a time. Among their main advantages are a small width and the ability to add things during the current processing cycle.

Hotpoint washing machine Ariston
Some models have an Anti-Allergy program. In this mode, at a temperature of 40 ° C, the appliance cleans laundry of common allergens - pollen and animal hair. The laundry is rinsed thoroughly, and about 99% of the detergent is removed from the fabric fibers.

Also washing machines from Hotpoint-Ariston do an excellent job of cleaning up problem spots and easily remove about twenty types of contaminants from different-structured surfaces.

An optimally calibrated temperature range allows you to do the processing efficiently without affecting the overall color of the thing.

Rank # 10 - Atlant

This Belarusian manufacturer has been manufacturing washing equipment since 2003. Atlant washing machines relate to budget options, are distinguished by good performance and reliably serve their owners.

Unlike many foreign products, it has protection against voltage surges in the network and is easily adapted to the quality of domestic water.

Washing machine Atlant
Despite the low cost, Atlant machines economically consume electricity and provide good washing quality in all available modes. The manufacturer treats customers responsibly and provides a three-year company guarantee on its products.

The Atlant plant assortment includes not only full-size, but also compact models. The width of the narrowest products does not exceed 32 cm. This makes it possible to use them in very small residential premises, city studios and dormitories.

What to look at when buying?

Thinking over the question, which of the well-known companies should choose a washing machine, it is necessary to take into account several important parameters. Only then will the acquisition fulfill the necessary tasks, delighting the owners with quality work. And you don’t need to pay money for extra bells and whistles.

Dimensions and loading principle

When choosing a washing machine, you must first accurately determine its location in the apartment. If the area of ​​the kitchen or bathroom is large enough, you can purchase a full-size freestanding model.

For small rooms it is better to take narrow washer or unit designed for installation under the sink.

Washing machine in the interior
When buying a washing machine, it is worth knowing that in compact products all elements are located close and tight to each other. This shortens their natural wear and significantly reduces the overall operating period of household appliances

Front-loading devices are more common and among them it is much easier to find a model that is suitable for all parameters. In addition, they are convenient to use as a table, stand or continuation of the work surface.

But a wide door in a small room sometimes gets in the way. The output in this situation is a machine with vertical loading. Of course, it does not show how the washing process goes, but it can be placed in a small narrow space.

Drum volume

Capacity is an essential criterion for choosing the right washing machine. Directly, it depends on the total number of people who are going to use a household appliance.

According to the averaged data provided by manufacturers, the calculation is as follows:

  • for one person or a couple, an aggregate with a single load of up to 4 kg is enough;
  • parents with 1 or 2 children have enough cars for 6 kg;
  • for a large, large family, you will need a device of 8-10 kg.

If there are no children yet, but their appearance is planned for the near future, it is worthwhile to choose a machine with a good load in advance. She will not stand idle for sure.

Washing pillows in a washing machine
Devices with a capacity of 3-4 kg are designed for washing clothes, bedding and oversized textiles. If you need to regularly remove dirt from pillows, blankets and other large things, you should buy a model with the possibility of a single load of 6-7 kg

It's just not reasonable to take the most capacious car. It will occupy a lot of space in the room, and at low load it will consume a lot of water.

Therefore, before buying, you should clearly define your real needs and based on them choose the appropriate option.

Instrument Control Methods

Modern washing machines are controlled in two ways:

  • mechanical;
  • electronic.

In mechanical models, the washing mode and other parameters are set manually, by turning certain lever switches and pressing the buttons.

In electronic models, the user selects a washing method with one touch, and the internal processor of the household unit adjusts all other options.The setting is as accurate, correct and effective as possible.

Washing machine control panel
The main advantage of mechanically controlled machines is the simplified arrangement of internal moving parts. This makes them 50-60% more operational than electronic options.

Mechanical control is most often found in models of the old series and modern budget devices with limited functionality.

Expanded electronic options are inherent in the line of middle and premium classes. Using such devices is easier and much more convenient, but they cost much more than mechanical analogues.

Machine power consumption

The energy class is indicated by letters in the range from "A" before "G". The most advanced models are marked with the letter “A” and several pluses next to it. The more of them, the more reasonable the device consumes energy.

Models abbreviated as "A ++" or "A +++»Are considered the most economical and cost significantly more than analogues with fewer pluses.

Woman takes laundry out of the washer
A powerful but economical washing machine will qualitatively remove all contaminants from the laundry and clothes without spending a lot of electricity on it. Owners will receive impeccably clean items and will not pay huge sums of utility bills at the end of the month.

Whether it is worth paying for energy efficiency is a moot point. If a roomy and high-power machine is used almost daily, then spending extra money on an economical unit will be advisable.

When washing is rare and in small quantities, energy savings are unlikely to cover the initial costs of the appliance. This nuance should be taken into account and a choice made on the basis of the real load that the equipment will experience.

Features of the washing machine functionality

All washing machines have basic and additional options. The standard list includes such items as:

  • washing linen from cotton fabrics;
  • processing of colored things with temperature control so that a saturated shade does not come out;
  • delicate removal of contaminants from thin products;
  • express program for those in a hurry.

This is performed by each device, regardless of the brand-manufacturer, size and cost. The list of additional features is much wider and contains a variety of processing options for linen, clothing and other textile products.

Mom, baby and washing machine
If there are children in the house, you should pay attention to products with bio-programs. They are able to remove fresh and stubborn dirt and remove complex stains of grass, berries, blood, caustic paints and other substances that often appear on trousers, dresses and T-shirts of active kids.

Each additional option increases the cost of the machine, so you need to carefully look at which functions are really needed and which ones can be freely saved.

Additionally, washing machines have a variety of safety features:

  • child protection - completely blocks the unit, not allowing the child to accidentally change the washing mode, open the door or somehow suffer in the process of contact with household appliances;
  • partial or complete blockage from leaks - protects the unit from overflow, and the apartment from flooding, stops the flow of water with a leaky tank or a broken connecting hose;
  • surge protection - does not allow individual components of the household appliance to burn out or fail as a result of an unexpected power surge;
  • front lock lock - does not allow the front door to suddenly open during the washing process.

The usefulness of these options and the appropriateness of overpaying for them, the buyer determines independently.

Work tank material

The tank of washing machines is made of stainless steel or plastic. Corrosion-proof modules have an additional anodized coating to protect them from corrosion, they tolerate enhanced operation well, but they make a louder noise during operation.

Because of this, many brands do not want to equip their washing machines with them.

Washing machine tank
Metal tanks are more common with premium washers from famous brands. Companies from Turkey, China and Asian countries almost never equip household appliances with stainless tanks, preferring cheaper and more practical modern plastic

A plastic tank is better than metal and retains heat. This makes it possible to save on energy consumption. The high level of noise absorption makes it popular in the production of particularly quiet cars.

The disadvantages of the product are only susceptibility to fire and poor resistance to shock. It serves as a plastic tank for a long time and functions perfectly throughout the entire operational period.

Noise Level Technique

The bulk of the machines when washing makes sounds in the range of 50-60 dB. Models called silent, in the process of work produce only 46-49 decibels.

The noise level is reduced due to a thick layer of insulation from a practical, modern material and the replacement of a standard commutator motor with a more advanced three-phase asynchronous motor.

Laundry in the washing machine
When purchasing a quiet unit, it should be remembered that the spin process will take place with a more pronounced sound effect. The difference with the sounds during washing is from 15 to 20 dB, depending on the brand of the manufacturer

This device of a new generation practically does not make noise and makes it possible to wash at any time convenient for yourself and even at night, without fear of waking up or disturbing other people living in an apartment or house.

However, the cost of such models differs significantly from the price of conventional mid-noise modules.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

A reasonable choice of a washing machine for the home - tips from sellers of household appliances.

How not to make a mistake when buying a washer. What parameters are really important, and what can you close your eyes to.

Acquisition of a washing machine - tips from practicing physicians to future customers.

To buy a good washing machine, it is worth studying the characteristics of the proposed options, deciding on personal requirements, and taking into account the affordable budget.

In addition, you need to read the reviews of real customers on independent sites about the technique of the brand you like. Many users can be contacted via social networks or email.

Many owners will be happy to share their impressions and talk about interesting nuances of the equipment identified during operation. Having detailed first-hand information on hand, making the right choice will not be difficult at all.

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  1. Alexander Nikolaevich

    Personally, I chose a direct-drive LG washing machine. When buying, I paid attention to such parameters of the washing machine as the tank volume, dimensions, type of control and the level of energy conservation. The direct drive washing machine is very quiet, so I decided to buy just such an option. The type of control is also an important factor, since, for example, the mechanical type is considered more reliable. I advise everyone to pay attention to these nuances.

    • Diana

      Honestly, Alexander Nikolaevich, the downsides of LG cars with direct drive cover all the positive qualities. Firstly, the cost of repairs. Details on such a machine are much higher. Secondly, the machine is very susceptible to power surges. Bearing is a separate issue altogether.Due to work at high speeds, it crashes much faster than on other models. Well, and so touted energy conservation is so meager that it is not even felt.

      • Alexander

        Strongly disagree with you. The cons attributed to you by LG washing machines are far-fetched, and some are completely invented.

        What are the main advantages of any washing machine? First of all, of course, high-quality performance of its main purpose - washing. There are no questions to LG.

        Secondly, build quality and durability. What is the difference, how much more expensive are the spare parts and repairs of the washing machine if it is assembled in good faith and will work adequately without repair much longer than most others? The LG control module is quite reliable and holds the voltage better than the same Indesit or Zanussi. So this claim is also by. And the fact of more expensive spare parts for LG is very controversial - something is more expensive, something cheaper.

        In general, I think that you are biased in your assessment of LG.

  2. We also have an LG washing machine at home. Only we have touch control, and I do not want to say that this is bad. Only when buying, you must also watch that the control unit is waterproof. LG also has a premium series of washing machines with many features. Be sure to look at the energy saving class of the machine, respectively, there will be less energy consumption.

  3. Zahar S.

    Thank you for talking about Hotpoint, interested. Google, there are very interesting models.

  4. Anastasia

    Hotpoint hit, my darling! It’s a pity that only 9th place, I would put it in the top five 🙂