Silent washing machines: an overview of the 17 quietest models on the market today

Evgenia Kravchenko
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Author: Mikhail Yashin
Last update: December 2019

For a person to live comfortably, it is necessary that household appliances do not create excessive sound background. Therefore, almost silent washing machines are very popular among consumers, and manufacturers pay much attention to the quiet operation of their devices.

Are you looking for equipment with minimal noise effect, but don’t know which model to prefer? Our article will help to understand this issue. We prepared ratings for the quietest frontal and vertical washers, described their operating parameters and functionality, and outlined the advantages and disadvantages of the units.

In addition, they listed the causes of noise during the operation of the equipment, and also suggested methods that will help to independently reduce the “sound” level of the washing machine.

Causes of noise in the washers

During normal operation, the noise level of new devices is low. Compliance with the rules of installation and placement can minimize its intensity. Increased or atypical sound means the breakdown of one of the nodes and the need for repairs.

Drum rotation during operation and spin

The main “classic” sound of the washing machine comes from a rotating drum and partially from the motor. It is uniform, monophonic, characterized by a smooth increase and decrease in strength. Hum is emitted by things in contact with the drum and with each other and water.

Modern engines are virtually silent, emit minimal noise inverter washing machines.

Information on the maximum sound value is given in the technical documentation.As a rule, the manufacturer indicates two values: when washing and when spinning at maximum speed. Modern devices usually fit in volume at 55 and 77 decibels, respectively.

Loading laundry into the washing machine
For each model, the parameters for loading laundry are determined. If they are not observed, then there will be a skew in the placement of things inside the drum, which will cause vibration and noise during washing

Many manufacturers provide the ability to program the spin mode with revolutions less than the maximum. This leads to more residual moisture, but less damage to things and reduces the sound of the device.

Design changes in motors and drives also contribute to quieter operation. First of all, the sound level was positively affected by the rejection of the belt connection in favor of the direct drive clutch.

It should also be noted that the new inverter motors are much quieter than commutator ones. They can hardly be heard against the background of noise from a drum loaded with things.

If wear on shock absorbers is detected, they should be replaced.

Like any dynamic parts, the shaft (axis) of the drum and bearing wear and tear over time. In this case, the smoothness of movement is violated and during rotation, a whistling tone begins to be traced in the emitted sound spectrum. The noise level becomes uneven, and its strength begins to pulsate with a frequency of 1 to 3 seconds.

If such symptoms occur, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the problem. Jamming the bearing at full speed can lead to such severe mechanical damage that machine repair will be inappropriate. Instructions for replacing the bearing in the washing machine are given in this article.

Washing machine repair
If there is a sound atypical for the washing machine, you must immediately look for the cause. Otherwise, a minor problem can cause serious damage.

Other loud sound sources

Often increased noise occurs when draining or collecting water. Most users who write about high sound levels in reviews of washing machines think this is due to pump malfunctions or design flaws in its design.

However, it happens more often for other reasons:

  • An inflection causing a reduction in the cross-section of the hoses. This leads to the creation of a discharge zone during the operation of the pump. Forced air intake causes gurgling sounds.
  • The presence of a local maximum at the water supply hose. Air accumulates in it, forming a bubble. The pump will have enough effort to push it through, but a loud gurgling sound comes up when you start.
  • Clogged either in the water inlet hose itself. Or a similar situation may form in the area of ​​its connection with the water supply system. This reduces the power of the water pressure below the permissible, which is indicated in the technical documentation.
  • Excessive pressure. When draining water as a result of high pressure, loud sounds arise from the outlet pipes or sewers. This problem occurs when they become clogged or have insufficient bandwidth. The washing machine has nothing to do with it.

The next possible problem is vibration. It occurs with an uneven distribution of mass inside a spinning drum.

The counterbalance system partially compensates for the imbalance of the centrifugal force, and the shock absorbers create an inertial component, which, by summing the forces of the opposite direction, practically stops the transfer of vibrational energy to the body.

Washing machine in the bathroom
The objects put on the washing machine come into motion at the slightest vibration. Therefore, do not place hard objects on the machine, as they will generate a sound when washing

However, even in healthy devices, slight vibration still exists. Therefore, it is necessary when choosing the location of the machine to provide a gap between it and other solid objects, such as a sink, bathroom, wall, etc.

If the open space is undesirable, then it can be filled with foam rubber, covering the top with soft rubber or polyurethane foam insert.

If suddenly the noise of the wash has increased significantly, the vibration has appeared stronger than usual, it is necessary to stop the process. Most likely, mechanical problems arose in the system of counterweights, shock absorbers or in the region of the central axis of the drum.

Before continuing, you need to find and fix the problem, otherwise serious damage may occur.

If a rattling or knocking sound is heard, then this is possibly a consequence of a foreign object falling into the niche between the drum and the body. It is necessary to stop the washing process and find the source of sound. Most likely, this is a nut or screw. You need to find the place from where it fell, and restore the integrity of the mount.

At installing a washing machine A common mistake is misaligning it. To achieve a more accurate position, you must use a level.

The legs should be twisted diagonally: for example, set the near right and far left legs, having achieved horizontal position on the diagonal, and only then adjust the position of the remaining legs.

Anti-vibration washing machine mat
If the legs from the washing machine were lost or broken, then anti-vibration mats can be used. They are made of foam rubber, have good adhesion, so they will not move even on slippery linoleum

Another reason may be unassembled tank position fixation bolts, which are used when transporting the device from the store to the consumer. Although modern washing machines trigger a protection system when they try to start the device while blocking shock absorbers.

The monotonous sound of any adequate volume will not cause small children to wake up. But the signals of the electronics about the completion of work can wake the child. Therefore, you need to find ways to reduce their volume or completely turn off.

Rules for calculating the integral indicator

In order to avoid subjective assessments when making the rating, a calculation formula was developed:

R = (A1 + 2 * A2* (Owed / O)) / K,


  • R - calculated noise figure: the lower it is, the quieter the device works;
  • A1 - noise level during washing;
  • A2 - the noise level during the spin cycle is taken with a raising factor of “2”, since it is at this stage that the machine makes a sound of maximum power;
  • Owed - the average median value of the maximum spin speed among the models under consideration (equal to 1200 rpm for both types of machines);
  • O - maximum spin speed of a particular model;
  • K - reduction factor.

Combined ratio Owed / O, as applied to the noise level during the spin cycle, was taken from the considerations that, with the same sound power indicator, a model with high revs should get a higher place in the rating.

This is true if we consider the following example. Suppose two models have the same noise level during spin cycle, but machine “A” has a maximum value of 1200 rpm, and device “B” has 1400.

Then it is logical to assume that, for example, with delicate washing with a spin speed of 800 rpm, the washing machine “B” will be quieter.

Washing machine control panel
Almost all modern models allow a reduction in spin speed. This not only helps to maintain the integrity of the laundry, but also reduces the sound level.

The coefficient “K” is initially equal to “1”. If it is possible for the user to reduce the spin speed (all models have a shutdown), he is assigned the value “1.1”. If there are options that positively affect the noise level, the value “0.1” is added for each of them, but no more than two times for one model. Thus, K lies in the range [1.0; 1.3].

Front washing machines rating

For 15 popular manufacturers, an up-to-date integrated rating has been compiled reflecting the noise of their washing machines.

Brands are ranked taking into account the declared sound power at different cycles, the possibility of reducing the maximum speed, as well as the presence of functionality aimed at achieving silence during operation. For analysis, only the latest models with almost the same permissible dry laundry load (5-8 kg) were taken.

Presentation of new models of washing machines
Presented at the presentations, new washing machines are produced using modern technologies that reduce the friction of moving parts, which leads to a decrease in sound level

All technical information on the models under consideration was taken from the websites of manufacturers of washing machines or from instructions for use posted on the Internet.

10th place - Indesit BWE 81282 L B

The model in question is BWE 81282 L B (production - Russia). Sound level 56/82 dB at a maximum speed of 1200 rpm. The ability to turn off the spin, a timer is provided for transferring the start of washing for 1 ... 24 hours. leak proofthere is a remedy child locks.

In the arsenal of the unit 16 different programs. The machine launches things from delicate, woolen, mixed fabrics, tidies down jackets, performs pre-treatment, removes stains. It can work in accelerated mode.

Controlled touch electronics, for monitoring the operating data, the machine is equipped with a display. Foam level is controlled automatically.

The lack of drying function is recognized as a minus. Not everyone is happy with the material from which the unit tank is made. It is made of plastic, stainless steel last longer.

9th place - Siemens WS 12T440

The model in question is Siemens WS 12T440 - a freestanding washer. Noise level 56/78 dB at a maximum speed of 1200 rpm. Control the balance of the model and the level of foam formation.

Change spin speed and the ability to cancel it. The machine is completely protected from leaks, from the intervention of children by a blocking system.

The set of programs has modes for processing clothes from silk, jeans, woolen, delicate fabrics. The machine performs pre-washing, washing shirts, underwear, impregnation, hygiene. Driven unit intelligent electronics, to control the working data is digital display.

There is no drying in this model either, the tank is made of reinforced plastic, which despite the reinforced formula is still inferior to stainless steel.

8th place - Atlant CMA 70C1010

The model in question is CMA 70C1010 (production - Belarus). Sound level 59/73 dB at a maximum speed of 1000 rpm. Auto-correction of rotation speed in case of imbalance and foam control.

The spin speed can be changed or disabled at all. Using the timer, you can delay the activation of washing.

The model offers potential owners 15 various programs. It launches sports equipment, items from delicate, woolen and easily creased fabrics.

It can work in accelerated mode, rinse in an increased volume of water, perform preliminary soaking, successfully fights stains. It is controlled by electronics.

The drying function is again not provided. The design of the washing machine uses a plastic tank. The disadvantages include weak protection against leaks, which only the body resists.

7th place - Electrolux EW8F3R28S

The model in question is EW8F3R28S (assembly - Poland). Sound level 50/73 dB at a maximum speed of 1200 rpm. The balance and level of foam formation are automatically controlled.

You can select the spin speed and its cancellation. Mounted timer to delay launch for up to 24 hours, it is blocked from the intervention of children.

Laundry has 14th programs. It perfectly copes with putting things in order from silk, denim, wool and easily creased fabrics. Handles outerwear and down jackets. It works in high-speed mode, rinses in an increased volume of water, removes stains.

The model is equipped with a wash function and steam refreshment, control electronic touch type.

Cons: the unit does not provide for drying, the tank is made of plastic. From leaks, which are quite probable during the washing process, only the body protects.

6th place - Samsung WW65K42E09W

The model in question is WW65K42E09W (assembly - Russia). Sound level 54/73 dB at a maximum speed of 1200 rpm. Vibration Prevention Technologies and balance control, there is a foam control device. Spin speed can be controlled or canceled altogether.

Among the strong advantages of this model is the mode for automatic drum cleaning. The model provides an opportunity to use programs in the amount of 12 pieces. Individual feature is bubble wash and the availability of a hatch for additional load of linen during a running cycle.

Perfectly handles the processing of children's, delicate, woolen things. It accelerates washing and super-rinses, removes stains.

Identified shortcomings: there is no drying, the tank of the washing unit is made of plastic, only the body of the machine can protect from possible leakage.

5th place - Candy BWM4 147PH6 / 1

The model in question is BWM4 147PH6 / 1 (production - China). Sound level 51/77 dB at a maximum speed of 1400 rpm. Model automatically controls the balance and independently monitors the level of foam.

The spin speed can be selected or canceled. The machine is fully protected from leaks and from the participation of children in operation.

There are only 8 modes, the washer copes with wool, things from delicate and mixed fabrics. Gently handles easily creased clothing with steam. A smartphone can be used in control, for which you should download the corresponding program.

And this machine is also without drying, and the plastic drum again.

4th place - Hotpoint-Ariston VMUF 501 B

The model in question is the Hotpoint-Ariston VMUF 501 B with a drum capacity of 5 kg. Sound level 60/83 dB at a maximum speed of 1000 rpm. Change in spin speed.

According to the noise level declared by the manufacturer in the washing mode, the VMUF 501 B model has an excellent indicator among all the options considered.

At the disposal of the owners of washing equipment of this model will be 16 different programs. Toiletries made of delicate fabrics and items made of wool are washed perfectly.

Spin can be adjusted as you wish or canceled altogether. Controlled intelligent electronics, to monitor the operation of the mounted display. There is a system for blocking the intervention of the younger generation in programming and operation.

There is no drying, the tank is plastic, not too disposing to a belief in its reliability. Lack of leakage protection is just a case.

3rd place - Beko WRS 55P2 BSW

The model in question is Beko WRS 55P2 BSW (production - Russia). Capacity - 5 kg. Sound level 60/68 dB at a maximum speed of 1000 rpm. Automatically imbalance and foaming are controlled.

To transfer the start of work for up to 19 hours, the machine is equipped with a timer. To prevent the participation of children in the process, a timer is provided.

The washing machine offers to use a set of programs of 15 pieces. It perfectly erases wool and black clothes, carefully and safely tidies children's and sportswear.

Performs accelerated and economical washing, soaks and preprocesses. It erases downy clothes and shirts.

Disadvantages: there is no drying, there is no protection against leaks, plastic was used in the manufacture of the tank.

2nd place - LG F-1096ND3

The model in question is F-1096ND3 (assembly - Russia). Sound level 55/73 dB at a maximum speed of 1000 rpm. Silent wash mode, balance control and foaming. Change spin speed and the ability to turn it off.

You can delay the start of the wash using a timer. The model is ideal for families with allergies, as it has a health protection function.

At the disposal of future owners will be an aggregate with 13 different operating modes.The washing machine carefully processes clothes from delicate, woolen, mixed materials. Tidies baby clothes, removes stains.

It works in online mode, rinsing in a large volume of water. Self-cleaning drum. The model is suitable for installation in furniture.

Drying is traditionally not. The machine has relative leakage protection - only the case. The tank is plastic.

1st place - Asko W2086С.W.P

The model in question - Asko W2086С.W.P holds 8 kg of things. Sound level 54/75 dB at a maximum speed of 1600 rpm. Balance and Foam Control.

Spin speed adjustment and the ability to cancel it. An Active Drum drum is installed in the unit; there is an option to clean it in automatic mode. Energy consumption corresponds to class A +++.

The washing machine removes pollution from sports equipment, items from woolen, mixed and delicate fabrics. Performs super-rinse, soaking and pre-treatment. It copes with stable spots, eliminates creasing.

The tank is made of stainless steel alloy. The unit is fully protected from leaks and the intervention of children.

The lack of drying and the high cost appear in the list of disadvantages.

Rating of vertical washing machines

Many companies do not supply vertical loading devices to Russia, therefore this rating has fewer positions than that performed for front-end options.

7th place - Hotpoint WMTF 701 H

The model in question is WMTF 701H (production - Slovakia). Sound level 59/75 dB at a maximum speed of 1000 rpm. The appropriate spin speed can be selected or canceled by the specified function. In order to postpone the launch for up to 19 hours, a timer is set.

At the disposal of users who bought a car will be 18 programs. The pre-treatment and enhanced rinsing are subject to the washing, it can work quickly or economically. Suitable for removing contaminants from children's clothing, items from delicate and woolen fabrics. It is controlled by electronics, there is a display.

The list of cons is the lack of drying and blocking from curious researchers, the model tank is made of plastic.

6th place - Indesit BTW A5851

Indesit BTW A5851 has a noise level 61/73 dB at a maximum speed of 800 rpm. Dimensions of the washer 40x60x90 cm.

Independently controls foaming and imbalance. There is a device that allows you to turn off the spin or change the speed.

The model offers 12 different programs, can wash things from delicate fabrics, pre-wash is provided. It is possible to reload laundry. It is controlled by intelligent electronics.

Cons: the machine is not equipped with a dryer, there is no blockage from inquisitive researchers, the drum is made of plastic.

5th place - Gorenje WT 62113

The model in question is WT62113 (production - Slovenia). Sound level 59/75 dB at a maximum speed of 1100 rpm. Foam and balance control. The ability to turn off the spin and select the optimal speed. You can start the unit with delayed start up to 24 hours using the timer.

The unit can operate in 18 different modes. It erases woolen, delicate, children's things, tidies sports equipment. At the request of the owners, it can process quickly or economically, pre-wash, there is a bio-enzymatic phase.

Significant pluses direct drive and washing temperature adjustment. The hull is equipped with towing wheels if necessary.

The list of minuses includes poor protection against leaks, lack of blocking from children. No drying. The washing tank is made of plastic.

4th place - Zanussi ZWQ 61226 CI

The model in question is ((production - Poland). Sound level 57/76 dB at a maximum speed of 1200 rpm. Balance and foam control carried out automatically. If there is no need for spinning, you can turn it off or change the number of revolutions.

The choice of programs is minimal - 8 pcs.There is an economical mode, quick, as well as washing things from mixed materials and wool. As well as creasing prevention and prewash and refresh mode. It is possible to reload laundry.

The unit is controlled by sensory (intelligent electronics), installed to monitor the stages of washing and other actions digital display. The machine is blocked from the participation of children, protection from children is provided.

Among the shortcomings are a plastic tank and a rather high cost.

3rd place - Bosch WOT 20255

The model in question is Bosch WOT 20255 (production - Slovakia). The maximum capacity of the drum is 6.5 kg, it is possible to reload the laundry.

The maximum speed is 1100 rpm. Balance and foam control made automatically. It is possible to turn off the spin and select its optimal speed. Using the timer, the start is delayed for 1 ... 24 hours.

The model erases woolen things, children's clothes. Rinses in super-mode, removes stains, protects from creasing. She has direct injection and a quick wash.

It is controlled by an intelligent electronic system, a display is mounted to monitor performance. Upon completion of the cycle, smoothly the hatch opens automatically. To tow the unit, the hull is equipped with wheels.

There is no drying and protection from young owners, the tank is plastic. Partial leakage protection implemented (housing only).

2nd place - Candy CST G282DM / 1

The model in question is Candy CST G282DM / 1 (production - China). Sound level 61/77 dB at a maximum speed of 1200 rpm. Imbalance and foaming are controlled. There is protection from children.

You can change the spin speed or turn it off altogether. The start of washing can be rescheduled for up to 24 hours using the timer.

The unit offers the owners 15 different programs. There is a hygiene program and a compartment for liquid powder. Impeccably erases things from woolen and delicate materials. Erases in accelerated mode, preprocesses and removes stains.

The flaps of the drum at the end of the session open smoothly. It is controlled by electronics, there is control from a smartphone, equipped with a digital display.

Disadvantages: only the case protects against leaks, the tank is made of plastic, there is no drying.

1st place - Electrolux EWT 1366 HGW

The model in question is EWT1 366 HGW (production - Poland). Sound level 51/77 dB at a maximum speed of 1300 rpm. The machine itself controls imbalance and foam formation. Spin speed can be selected or disabled. To transfer the activation of washing for up to 20 hours there is a timer.

The model offers owners 14 different programs. It erases wool, denim, delicate fabrics, tidies down jackets and sports equipment. Refreshes things with a ferry. At the end of the cycle, the unit flaps swing open. A system is provided to protect against small experimenters.

Among the minuses: a tank made of plastic, minimal protection against leaks with the help of the housing, lack of drying.

The rating is based on the intensity of sales in online stores that provide information to the Yandex market.

As you can see, among the presented models there are no units with drying. If you are looking for a washing machine with this option, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this review.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Soundproofing a washing machine by pasting with sound-absorbing material the inside of the walls and panels:

Install anti-vibration pads to reduce noise and stabilize the washing machine:

All washing machines generate sound during operation. Its greatest strength occurs during the spin cycle, when the drum rotates at maximum speed. The noise figure is not the main selection criterion, but it largely determines the comfort of operation of the equipment.

Looking for a quiet washing machine for your home or apartment? Or is there an experience in applying the model from the given ratings? Tell our readers about the specifics of the operation and maintenance of such devices.Share your personal experiences and ask questions - the comment form is located below.

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  1. Alyona

    When our old car began to make some strange sounds, it was decided to turn it in and buy a new, modern, noiseless washing machine. I read reviews for a long time, compared them at prices. As a result, I chose the LG F-1096ND3. She was the best option in terms of price and quality. I like the silent wash mode and 13 modes for different types of things. Yes, the machine is plastic, but it fit perfectly into the interior of our bathroom, I am happy with the purchase.

  2. rose flower

    I have a vertical washing machine “Virpul”, so I look, it is not even in the rating. Is she mine, so noisy that there wasn’t enough place for her in the rating? And I thought she was more or less. It makes noise with me mainly during the spin cycle. And even so, that I do not even pay attention, it works for itself, but it works. Previously, we had a frontal "Electrolux", so her bearing flew off, knocked.

    • Alexander

      Virpul has a quiet vertical model - TDLR 60230, 51 dB for washing, 72 for spin. There is also a full-size FSCR 90420 with 49/69 dB.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      If your washing machine is not in the rating, this does not mean that it is noisy. This rating was compiled based on the statistics of purchases through the Yandex Market service. Your washer may not have been included in the rating simply because it is not in such wide demand as for other models.

      For example, a Whirlpool FWSG71283WBV washing machine has a noise figure of 54/79 dB, which is noticeably lower than the Indesit BWE 81282 L B. Nevertheless, the latter is in great demand, and therefore actually got into the rating.

      By the way, after several years, the sheets of vibration insulation in the machine can wear out, so they should be replaced. One such sheet costs about two dollars. You can also replace the current vibration and noise insulation in the washer with a better option.

      Attached photos: