TOP 10 industrial vacuum cleaners: the best models + tips for potential buyers

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Professional construction or industrial vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning rooms after repairs, for cleaning large production halls, as well as in the work of cleaning companies. Their distinguishing features are high performance and the presence of powerful filters that hold dust particles of any origin.

Such units are presented in product lines of various manufacturers. You must admit that the variety of offers complicates the choice somewhat. Which vacuum cleaner should I prefer? We will help you choose the best device.

The article presents the top ten models, their operating parameters, functionality are indicated, the advantages and disadvantages identified by users are described. In addition, we indicated the main criteria of the equipment, which should definitely be considered when buying industrial cleaning equipment.

Top ten models

Using a vacuum cleaner, you can perform dry, wet cleaning, collect garbage after an explosion or fire. Also, there are models for collecting hot waste.

These devices are used both during work and for the final cleaning of surfaces.

Specialists divide such vacuum cleaners into two types:

  • industrial industrial vacuum cleanerswhich are designed for continuous cleaning of large areas and have tanks up to 125 l;
  • household industrial - for carrying out small works, because their volume of tanks for dirt does not exceed 70 liters.

Industrial devices differ from conventional ones by the presence of a more powerful motor. Their main task is not only to clean the room from garbage, but also to clean it from dust floating in the air.

The industrial vacuum cleaner an irreplaceable assistant
Industrial vacuum cleaner, an indispensable assistant during the repair. With its help, it is easy to get rid of various construction debris, chips and clean the air.

Such dust can be explosive or flammable, it can contain spores of the fungus, harmful microparticles, in other words, it can cause allergies or difficulties in the work of the respiratory system.

Our rating includes some of the best industrial models, which are arranged in order of increasing price. Having familiarized with it, everyone will choose a suitable model for themselves.

Place No. 1 - Union PSS-7320

The suction power of this unit is at least 1600 watts. But he consumes no more than 2000 watts of energy. Suitable for wet and dry cleaning in production, in workshops and in workshops.

Industrial vacuum cleaner Union
An indisputable advantage is the stainless steel tank, as well as the high power of this class model. And affordable cost allows you to purchase a device even a small company


  • volume - 20 l;
  • device height - 60 cm;
  • hose length - 1.5 m;
  • cord length - 3 m;
  • weight - 5.2 kg;
  • additionally 3 spare paper trash bags.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting the lack of a cooling system, which does not allow the device to be used continuously for a long time, and a short hose for cleaning.

Place No. 2 - Elitech PS 1235A

A great a budget option for cleaning after repair work in a small room. Under the skin there is a powerful engine that consumes energy with a power of 1200 watts.

Industrial vacuum cleaner Elitech PS 1235A
The highest dust absorption rating of this device does not exceed 280 watts. But this is quite enough to cope with fine dust after repair


  • type of dust collector - bag + container;
  • volume - 35 l;
  • weight - 9.3 kg;
  • device height - 57 cm;
  • cord length - 5 m;
  • hose length - 3 m;
  • additionally 4 nozzles.

One of the main advantages users consider long hose and cableThe kit includes disposable paper trash bags.

Place No. 3 - Metabo AS 20L

Small dimensions allow the device to cope perfectly with cleaning even the smallest rooms. The device has industrial approval.

Appearance Metabo AS 20L
The manufacturer indicates a maximum power consumption of 1200 W, and the declared suction power is 280 W


  • type of dust collector - container;
  • volume - 20 l;
  • device height - 58 cm;
  • hose length - 1.75 m;
  • cord length - 5 m;
  • weight - 5 kg;
  • in addition - 2 special nozzles and 2 working pipes.

Users like that there is a separate place to store all accessories and device mobility.

Of the minuses, many said that the device itself can turn off if the garbage tank is completely filled during wet cleaning and you need to spend time cleaning it.

Place No. 4 - Kärcher NT 35/1 Tact BS

Such a vacuum cleaner is proposed to be used for cleaning bakeries and chambers for drying products, as well as for dry and wet garbage collection in other industrial premises. It is easy to transport due to its light weight and dimensions.

Device from Karcher
The manufacturer indicated the maximum power consumption: 1380 W, and the dust suction power is 330 W


  • type of dust bag - bag;
  • volume - 35 l;
  • device height 51.7 cm;
  • cord length - 7.5 m;
  • hose length - 3 m;
  • nozzles - 4 pieces;
  • weight - 12.8 kg;
  • in addition - a sophisticated filter cleaning system and a place to store accessories.

One of the main advantages of the device, its owners consider the availability automatic filter cleaning, good suction power, as well as a separate place for storing nozzles, cord.

Some users called the plastic container a minus.

In the arsenal of the German brand there are many productive and reliable construction vacuum cleaners. See the top ten offers in this review.

Place No. 5 - Dastprom PP-220 / 20.3-1.5

Great for mixed mud harvesting in large areas. It will clean any surfaces from dust, because the suction power is at least 500 watts. But the power consumption reaches 1500 watts.

Vacuum cleaner from Dastprom
The owners call the compressor option one of the pluses, and the small size of the vacuum cleaner allows it to be transported in a car


  • volume - 20 l;
  • instrument height - 89 cm;
  • hose length - 5 m;
  • cord length - 3 m;
  • weight - 17.4 kg;
  • in addition - 5 different nozzles and other accessories, as well as 2 cyclone tanks.

Among the shortcomings, users highlight the fact that the device is not suitable for collecting fine dust.

Place 6 - Messer DE 25

Great for for medium construction projects, as well as for cleaning before and during repair and construction works.

Vacuum cleaner from Messer
The power consumption of the device does not exceed 1200 W, and the suction power of dirt and dust is at least 350 W


  • type of dust bag - bag;
  • volume - 25 l;
  • instrument height 45.8 cm;
  • hose length - 4 m;
  • cord length - 4 m;
  • weight - 12 kg;
  • in addition - an electromagnetic vibration system for the mechanical cleaning of filters.

Of the benefits, users highlight the presence of a belt to secure the working hose, a stable design on wheels. The vacuum cleaner is very convenient to use.

The main disadvantage is the fabric bag for collecting waste.

Place No. 7 - Dastprom PP-220 / 52.3-3-C2

Domestic cleaning apparatus is used most often in production, in workshops for dry or wet cleaning.

Dastprom PP-220 / 52.3-3-C2
The power consumption of the device is not less than 3000 watts, but it sucks in dust with a force of 400 watts


  • type of dust collector - container;
  • volume - 52 l;
  • filter systems - 3 steps;
  • instrument height - 89 cm;
  • hose length - 5 m;
  • weight - 59 kg;
  • in addition - 7 different nozzles for thorough cleaning.

Unit owners are satisfied overheat protection system, which allows you to work for a long time without the need for shutdown. Of the minuses, it is worth mentioning the large weight and dimensions, but they are completely leveled by excellent technical characteristics.

Place No. 8 - Ghibli AS 40 KS

This model can be applied. for professional cleansing construction sites, auto repair shops, food and industrial facilities. The vacuum cleaner will cope with long-term continuous operation.

Industrial vacuum cleaner
The manufacturer indicates the maximum suction power of the order of 300 watts, and the power consumption of 3450 watts, so the device can not be called economical


  • type of dust collector - container;
  • volume - 40 l;
  • the height of the device is 146 cm;
  • hose length - 3 m;
  • weight - 51 kg;
  • in addition - 3 powerful turbines.

Among other things, pressure gauge providedthanks to which the user can analyze the state of the filtration system. On the case there is a separate basket for brushes and nozzles.

Of the advantages, users distinguish a convenient design on wheels, thanks to which the vacuum cleaner is easy to move, as well as the presence of three suction turbines. Of the shortcomings, a short hose is called, but 10 meters of the cord, to some extent, remove this problem.

Place # 9 - Blizzard S500DE

Will fit for large enterprises and workshops, because it can work without interruption for a long time. The device is designed for cleaning an area of ​​300 square meters. Its dust suction power is 600 watts. And the power consumption is about 1500 watts.

Vacuum cleaner Blizzard S500DE
Of the pluses, it is worth noting the large engine power, the presence of a separate handle for shaking the filter, as well as a temperature relay


  • type of dust collector - hybrid cyclone;
  • volume - 20 l;
  • device height - 60 cm;
  • hose length - 1.5 m;
  • weight - 51 kg;
  • in addition - a noise muffler and a pneumatic socket.

Of the minuses, the owners allocate a lot of cost, so the device is ideal only for large companies.

Place No. 10 - Ghibli Power InDust AX 60 TP Z22

Professional three-phase apparatus designed to clean dust class M and ATEX. The absence of a gearbox makes the vacuum cleaner almost silent and as powerful as possible, and also makes it possible to use it continuously (up to a day).

Vacuum cleaner for industry
Thanks to the special magneto-thermal protection of the engine, the device can work with the most dangerous explosive dust. Suction power not less than 260 W, with a power consumption of 3000 W


  • tank volume - 60 l;
  • nozzles - purchased separately;
  • filter system for working with different types of dust;
  • device height - 140 cm;
  • hose length - not specified;
  • weight - 80 kg;
  • Additionally - electronic balancing of the turbine, vacuum sensor.

Of the advantages it is worth highlighting noiselessness, power, work with all types of dust. Some users, as a minus, call the high price, high weight and the fact that all nozzles need to be purchased independently.

Our rating covers a wide variety of models. Be sure to read the documents on the device and check the warranty to avoid unpleasant situations.

Key selection criteria

Before purchasing an industrial vacuum cleaner, make a list of the functions that a working machine should perform. After that, it will be easier to choose the right model, and you will not overpay for extra options.

Dust class and type of dust collector

Knowing the class of dust and dirt is very important. The type of industrial vacuum cleaner depends on what kind of dust you need to collect. Next, we consider the basic designations that can be found in the instructions for cleaning equipment.

Decryption of letter markers:

  • L - the device is used for dry cleaning of ordinary dust - low hazard. For example, from clay, concrete, paint, varnish, etc.
  • M - the device copes with wood and concrete debris - the middle class of danger. Devices with this class are also used for cleaning in power plants.
  • H - the unit cleans of highly hazardous dust with pathogenic and allergenic bacteria. For example, fungus, microbes, fertilizers, caustic dyes.
  • ATEX- industrial vacuum cleaner is used to clean from explosive and flammable dirt - the highest hazard class.

Waste with a high degree of fire hazard can be removed only by special industrial devices.

The working process
By connecting the appliance to a vacuum cleaner, it is possible to avoid the formation of a large amount of hazardous dust, and also to keep the workplace clean

Depending on the purpose for which the equipment is needed, the type of dust collector is also selected. So, among the most common, the following types stand out.

Cloth bag. It is reusable, so the accumulated debris must be shaken out. They are made of dense non-woven fabric. If the fabric is double or with special impregnation, then it is able to trap even fine dust, if another fabric is used, then only large particles.

Disposable Paper Bags can be thrown away after filling and you don’t have to come in contact with dust. They collect dust particles not less than 0.3 microns in size.

It is not worth collecting garbage in such bags, which can damage them, for example, glass, stones, fragments of materials, etc., otherwise the garbage can get into the engine, which will lead to breakage.

Containers used in units with cyclone filter. They are easy to clean, but, unfortunately, such models are noisier. They are great for large industrial debris, liquid mud and water.

The rating of the best building models without a bag is presented in this article.

Specialists, in parallel with the container, recommend using a bag, because this way you can extend the life of the main filter and collect fine dust.

Aquafilter It is considered the most effective, because it “picks up” even the smallest dust and is not afraid of large waste and glass. However, such filters are not installed on large vacuum cleaners.

Draining dirty water from washing vacuums
Washing vacuum cleaners have a new feature. To drain dirty water from the tank, you do not need to disassemble the device. It is only necessary to unscrew the pipe and drain the unnecessary fluid

Filter system. In most of these vacuum cleaners, you can find fine filters, a cyclone system, or aqua filters. There are a lot of species in the modern market.

Simpler vacuum cleaners are equipped with a manual cleaning system, that is, the one that the user conducts. The filter must be carefully pulled out, cleaned with a brush and / or water, dried and replaced.

Most modern models have an intelligent system that itself regulates the degree of pollution.Such a system can be fully automatic and semi-automatic.

The latter is connected when the owner presses the button and special high-frequency vibrations act on the filter. In some models, manufacturers added to this purification and directed air flow.

Auto-cleaning occurs in the same way, only without user intervention. It will make it possible not to clean the filters after each use.

All devices are equipped with filters.
Remember that the filter is in all industrial models, and sometimes there are several. Since this type of cleaning involves biological cleaning, do not forget to clean them in a timely manner.

The system itself is installed above the filter in the form of a special valve that regulates the flow of air. It is they who clean the filter from debris and dirt.

This valve turns on both automatically and in manual mode. The presence of such a system increases the price, but if the device is used often, then it will quickly pay off and save time.

Construction and power of equipment

As a rule, the steel casing is coated with a special resistant paint. The device protected in this way receives additional noise isolation.

Also, the method of movement plays an important role, because industrial units are quite heavy.

Industrial vacuum cleaners
Industrial vacuum cleaners, in addition to excellent technical characteristics, are heavy. Such models are equipped with wheels for greater ergonomics.

The dimensions and, to a certain extent, the amount of garbage collected depend on the volume of the container and the dust bag.

If we talk about the force of absorption, then the optimal number is considered to be more than 400 watts. The higher the indicator, the better the cleaning quality. Please note that before buying it is worth checking whether the mains will withstand a high load.

The cleaning efficiency depends on the capabilities of the motor. If you need an apparatus for cleaning small rooms and non-hazardous dust, then focus on an indicator of 2 kW.

If there is a need for an industrial model that will smoothly clean large surfaces, then the power should be more than 3 kW.

Vacuum cleaner dimensions
The dimensions are affected by the size of the garbage tank, engine, the presence of turbines and filters. Select priority features to avoid overpaying for unnecessary features

There are vacuum cleaners with two or three engines, which allows you to not wear out the mechanism. There are three-phase models and those that run on battery power. The latter are limited by battery life.

Air washing is provided in the washing devices for the motor, so that moisture does not get on live parts. Graphite brushes fail much faster than the engine itself, of which they are a part. Therefore, they must be checked and replaced, if necessary.

Cleaning protection
When cleaning large particles of dust, chips, debris or hazardous debris, be sure to use a face shield, gloves and, if necessary, headphones

Based on these key technical indicators, you can easily find the right industrial vacuum cleaner.

Additional equipment features

Most often, additional functions do not affect the quality of cleaning, but significantly simplify the life of users. Consider the most significant of them.

Industrial vacuum cleaner and its characteristics
The industrial vacuum cleaner should be easy to use. Wheeled construction, long cable, working hose and several nozzles

Some models have a separate outlet on the housing for connecting power tools. This allows you to not be distracted while performing complex tasks.

Special adapters and splitters are also suitable, thanks to which it is possible to simultaneously connect several dust generating devices or hoses. Especially if there is a need to connect devices from other manufacturers to the vacuum cleaner.

When choosing a suitable model, also pay attention to the length of the hose and what material it is made of.

It is worth paying attention to protecting the engine from overheating, if the device is used in large workshops, or in production.If there are fluctuations in electricity in your area, you should install a fuse or relay so that expensive equipment does not fail.

Thanks to the vacuum control function, users have the ability to change the suction force by controlling the pressure.

A light warning about the filling of dust collectors, the condition of the motor, filters, a possible breakdown will also be a pleasant addition.

If you purchase a washing or combination appliance (wet + dry cleaning), then pay attention to the drain neck. Now, to clean the dirty water tank, you just need to unscrew the drain and drain the water.

Washing Vacuum Cleaner
A washing industrial vacuum cleaner will quickly get rid of spilled water or oil. In these models, the motors are reliably insulated to avoid short circuits and injuries.

Whatever device you choose, remember that any equipment needs timely cleaning and thorough care.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Tips for choosing industrial models of vacuum cleaners:

Any vacuum cleaner for the industry will provide: comfortable and safe conditions both in a large workshop and in a small room, since it will quickly deal with harmful dust, there is no danger of ignition of debris particles due to sparks from electrical appliances. In addition, it will save time on cleaning.

What type of vacuum cleaner did you prefer? Or are you just planning to purchase an industrial cleaning unit? Please share your experience of choice and impressions about the use of technology. Leave comments, ask questions, add product reviews and tips for buyers - the contact form is located below.

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    I know the Soyuz brand firsthand, there are a lot of tools of this brand in my workshop. But their vacuum cleaners are not of the highest quality. True, I do not have this top model. But as I later learned from acquaintances, all models of the manufacturer have one problem: bad filters. Yes, and the equipment they suffer. The barrier is short, I had to change it. While I use it, but soon I’m thinking of buying another vacuum cleaner, but definitely of a different company. I do not recommend this to anyone.

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