Construction Karcher vacuum cleaners: top ten models + recommendations for customers

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Construction, repair work - troublesome and dusty classes. And if you need to tear down or build a wall, connect the room to the balcony, Karcher construction vacuum cleaners become convenient helpers during cleaning.

Looking for a reliable and powerful unit? Then we advise you to take a closer look at the vacuum cleaners of the German brand - powerful devices can suck in not only dust, but also sand, wood chips, dry paint, and cope with severe pollution. There are devices for working in production conditions. It remains only to make the right choice.

Our article will help in this matter. We outlined the design and functional features of Karcher vacuum cleaners, compiled a rating of the best offers of the company and prepared a summary table of their characteristics, as well as practical recommendations for choosing construction cleaning equipment.

Features of brand building vacuum cleaners

Kärcher construction vacuum cleaners are divided into two types: household and industrial.

Household Aggregates Suitable for cleaning at home during and after repairs. They collect fine debris, cement, asbestos, gypsum, wood dust and liquids.

From ordinary household vacuum cleaners are more reliable, power and volume of garbage containers.

Connecting the tool to a vacuum cleaner
There are models with a socket for connecting a tool that can be useful in home workshops.

The design of household appliances includes a wider hose, shockproof housing, multi-stage filtration system.

Any such apparatus can be used without a bag if it is intended to collect liquids or debris with large particles.For fine dust it is better to put a bag in order to extend the life of the main filter.

Industrial (professional) vacuum cleaners are used by construction and repair crews for continuous work, as well as for commercial purposes in enterprises with other activities.

The devices are reliable, roomy (25-110 l), can work for a long time without interruptions and are simply distinguished by a huge suction force - in some models this figure reaches 300 mbar.

The design of such devices includes large wheels that provide maneuverability, and ergonomic handles for carrying.

Industrial vacuum cleaner Karcher
In the lineup of the manufacturer there are devices with iron wheel holders and chippers on the body. Powerful, maneuverable and functional - this technique will be a great helper

As for the functionality, industrial units can collect everything in a row - both solid waste and liquids, as well as connect to and work with a power tool (some models).

The principle of their use is similar to the economic one - you can use the bag or do without it. But such units are not suitable for cleaning their own housing and other household needs because of their impressive size and weight.

Top 10 best building models

The famous German brand produces several lines of construction vacuum cleaners. Their main purpose is cleaning during and after repair work.

But they are not by chance called economic. The devices find their application in the garage, in the country house and garden, in the apartment and workshop. Powerful appliances are bought by allergy sufferers to get rid of household dust, and owners of long-haired animals for cleaning carpets.

The rating includes models that not only do a good job of their main task, but can also be used on the farm for other needs.

They differ from each other in technical parameters and appearance. The first nine devices are intended for domestic use, the last unit is useful in the work of a small construction or repair team.

1st place - Karcher WD 3 P Premium

The absolute leader in the formula "price quality". With a modest set of nozzles / brushes, it performs its main cleaning functions well - it collects small and large, dry and wet debris without replacing the filter.

The device consumes only 1000 watts, but it is quite powerful: it copes with the earth, sawdust, pieces of dried mounting foam, splinters, nails, cotton wool, cement.

It has a socket for connecting the instrument synchronously. And thanks to the blowing function, the device is useful where suction is not possible. The kit includes a nozzle for working in hard to reach places.

Technical specifications:

  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • power consumption - 1000 W;
  • noise - 77 dB;
  • dust bag - bag and cyclone filter (17 L);
  • weight - 5.96 kg.

Buyers like the ease of operation and ease of use, the vacuum cleaner easily moves on the floor, just disassembled and washed after construction work.

Of the advantages we can distinguish excellent suction power, low weight for such dimensions, large dust collector, good filtration system and low cost.

The disadvantages include the lack of a telescopic tube, the relatively high price of additional nozzles and consumables. Negative feedback also applies to short cord lengths (4 m), increased noise, and instability when pulling the hose.

A detailed overview of the configuration, characteristics, and functionality of the WD 3 Premium model is given in this article.

2nd place - Karcher WD 5 Premium

Highly efficient powerful unit with a 25 liter dust collector and a self-cleaning filter system, which is placed in a special cartridge for easy and hygienic replacement.

The design provides a convenient carrying handle, it serves as a lock to open the tank. There is a blow function.The device is quite suitable for construction work: it copes with concrete and brick chips, sand, pieces of gypsum, dust from sanding walls, metal shavings.

Technical specifications:

  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • power consumption - 1800 W;
  • Noise - 71 dB;
  • dust collector - bag and cyclone filter (25 l);
  • weight - 8.2 kg.

The advantages are recognized: a large trash can, which is enough for several cleanings during the repair, relative low noise in comparison with other models, compactness - the design provides a compartment for storing nozzles.

Among the inconveniences, users highlighted the flexibility of plastic tubes, an ill-conceived brush that can clog with ordinary paper. This also includes not very high-quality work with fine dust (milling of drywall) - you need to often break through the filter, and when collecting liquids it needs to be removed altogether.

3rd place - Karcher WD 2

The device closes the top three thanks to its low price and simplicity of design. This is one of the first models in the business line, but it is still popular.

The device is suitable for cleaning the consequences of repairs: dirt, dust, small debris removes efficiently. In everyday life, it can be used for cleaning the interior of a car, cleaning in the hallway, basement, garage.

The peculiarity of this model is that it is recommended to insert a paper bag for dry dust, and if you need to work with fine particles of garbage, you need to replace the filter with a cartridge. The latter is purchased separately.

Technical specifications:

  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • power consumption - 1000 W;
  • noise - 77 dB;
  • dust collector - bag and cyclone container (12 l);
  • weight - 4.5 kg.

The list of pluses is light weight, compactness, ergonomics, the presence of a carrying handle, Ease of Management.

The main drawback is users consider the lower blowing: a dusty cloud can rise in a too dusty room because of this. Another disadvantage is instability when meeting with small obstacles, for example, own wire.

4th place - Karcher WD 6 P Premium

Powerful household appliance with a 30 liter stainless steel dust bag. The device has a power regulator located on the case, and blow function. A well-thought-out filtration system allows cleaning without changing the filter.

Due to the large tank, built-in socket for tools, the ability to collect large enough and medium rubbish (glass, pieces of concrete, gravel), fine dust (plaster, drywall), the vacuum cleaner is suitable for large-scale repair and construction works.

Technical specifications:

  • type of cleaning - dry and wet;
  • power consumption - 1300 W;
  • noise - not indicated;
  • dust collector - bag and cyclone filter (30 l);
  • weight - 9.5 kg.

Users praise the maneuverability of the wheels, excellent suction power, the presence in the design of a telescopic handle. The device looks massive, but the weight does not prevent it from being easy to operate.

The device has water collection option, which is useful if during repair it breaks the pipe and flooding occurs, or if it is necessary to drain the bottom of the pool.

Users complain about the reduced power of the vacuum cleaner and frequent blockages when cleaning in too dusty areas. Other disadvantages include the large weight of accessories (additional hose, several tubes), the absence of a floating head on the main brush and a lock on the swivel wheels.

The power regulator is not very conveniently made - first it turns on to the maximum, and then it can already be unscrewed to a minimum.

5th place - Karcher WD 4 Premium

Usual powerful and reliable device with blowing function, 6 nozzles and a pocket for small components. This is a good model for repair work, which belongs to the middle class.

Features of the device: 20-liter stainless steel waste bin, professional filters, the presence of holders on the hose housing and accessories.

Technical specifications:

  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • power consumption - 1000 W;
  • noise - 77 dB;
  • dust collector - bag and cyclone filter (20 l);
  • weight - 7.4 kg.

Users mark impressive suction power, mobility during the work, ease of the handle, a large volume of a dust collector. The container snaps quickly and easily with the system Pull & push. Apparatus can absorb liquids and glass. There is a convenient crevice nozzle.

Among the shortcomings: poorly copes with fine dust, there is no mechanism for twisting the cord, blowing function.

6th place - Karcher WD 5 Premium Renovation Kit

Extra-class device with highly efficient filtration system and a 25 liter waste container. The main advantage of the model is the availability of a set of building nozzles. The device is equipped with an additional hose and extension tubes with a diameter of 45 mm, as well as a floor nozzle.

The design also provides a removable antistatic handle, if necessary, you can attach the nozzle directly to the hose.

Technical specifications:

  • type of cleaning - dry and wet;
  • power consumption - 1100 W;
  • Noise - 80 dB;
  • dust collector - bag (25 l);
  • weight - 9.1 kg.

The advantages include: comfortable nozzles for collecting different types of garbage (small, large, wet and dry) and the absence of the need to change the filter when changing activities. there is blow function.

It can be used to absorb large volumes of water, liquid mud. It copes well with powder abrasives, oils, small bolts, nuts, screws.

In the cons, noise and dimensions are standardly present, as well as the impossibility of auto-winding the cord.

The last “minus” by the manufacturer was made intentionally in many models - engineers consider such winding extremely impractical in construction conditions, because along with the wire, debris can also get into the case, which can cause a quick breakdown.

7th place - Karcher WD 3

The device is an elementary class. Large dry garbage, dust, dirt, moisture can be collected in a 17-liter container. And thanks to the latches Pull & push the dustbin is easy to remove. there is blow option. The cartridge filter does not need to be removed when alternating dry and wet cleaning.

Technical specifications:

  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • power consumption - 1000 W;
  • noise - 77 dB;
  • dust collector - bag and cyclone filter (17 l);
  • weight - 5.5 kg.

Lightweight, compact, requires little storage space. The vacuum cleaner effectively copes with pollution and consumes little electricity. It does not turn over; there is a carrying handle. The design is very easy to disassemble. On the body there is a place to place the tube and hose.

Of the minuses, buyers allocate a small amount of dust compartment, which needs to be cleaned several times in one large-scale cleaning, but this is done quickly. Two more drawbacks - not very convenient nozzle for walls and floors, the need to remove the filter when collecting liquids.

8th place - Karcher WD 5

Representative first class vacuum cleaners with a 25 liter waste bin. It can easily cope with sawdust, shavings, fine dust. The device is suitable for collecting large amounts of water. There is a blow. The model can be used in small production.

Technical specifications:

  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • power consumption - 1800 W;
  • noise - 76 dB;
  • dust collector - bag and cyclone filter (25 l);
  • weight - 7.9 kg.

It works relatively quietly, just assembled and disassembled. Users mark excellent suction power, automatic filter cleaning, the ability to connect nozzles directly to the hose.

It removes everything from large pieces of building materials to fine dust after the operation of a grinder, hammer drill, hammer drill, grinder.

Among the shortcomings: bulging wheels make it difficult to walk around corners and maneuver around the room, plastic pipes and joints are not very reliable.

9th place - Karcher WD 4

Vacuum cleaner with a 20 liter tank. Suitable for collection of large construction waste - broken brick, fragments of plaster, wood, the remains of paints and varnishes, pieces of drywall, ceramic tiles.

The container is made of stainless steel, so large solid fractions will not damage its walls. The cartridge filtering system of the device allows you to work with fine contaminants.

Technical specifications:

  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • power consumption - 1400 W;
  • noise - 77 dB;
  • dust collector - bag and cyclone filter (20 l);
  • weight - 7.5 kg.

Among the advantages, an ergonomic carrying handle, the presence of a slotted and parquet nozzle in the kit, which are stored in a compartment on the apparatus body, are noted.

A significant plus is the ability to collect wet and dry garbagewithout changing the filter. Another device can automatically turn off when overheating, and its body is made of shockproof material.

Of the minuses, one can distinguish the absence of blowing and clamps on the piano wheels - sometimes it is inconvenient to maneuver.

10th place - Karcher NT 20/1 Ap Te

High-performance and compact unit for professionals. The flat pleated filter of this vacuum cleaner can self-clean in a semi-automatic mode thanks to the system Apclean.

The wheels of the device are maneuverable, and the hose can be extended with metal tubes from the kit.

The model is suitable for commercial use by private repair and construction teams. With it, it is easy to keep the workplace clean, prepare the basis for the finish and do a general cleaning before handing over the object to the customer.

Technical specifications:

  • type of cleaning - dry and wet;
  • power consumption - 1380 W;
  • noise - not indicated;
  • dust collector - bag and cyclone filter (20 l);
  • weight - 8.5 kg.

Among the advantages, a spacious garbage tank, excellent suction power, low noise, high mobility in conditions of continuous use, the presence of brush-nozzles for floors for wet and dry cleaning, and the presence of a compartment for accessories.

The design provides hooks for winding the cable. The device is able to work for a long time without interruption.

Users complain about the static from the hose during operation and expensive consumables.

Comparative table of models from the rating

Household vacuum cleaners are marked Wd (MV in the previous version) and are divided into 5 types by number after the letter designation.

Decoding of digital designations:

  • 2 - the simplest appliances with a 12-liter plastic dust collector, the cheapest and lightest in weight;
  • 3 - entry-level units with a 17-liter plastic container and blowing function;
  • 4 - middle class vacuum cleaners with a 20-liter steel dust collector and a cassette filter;
  • 5 - Extra-class devices with a 25-liter steel container, a self-cleaning filter system, the ability to collect large amounts of water;
  • 6 - Extra-class appliances with a 30-liter steel dust collector, power regulator, and a sophisticated filtration system.

If you need a model with a socket, choose a vacuum cleaner with a mark R.

Console Premium reports more attachments.

 WD 6 P PremiumWD 5 PremiumWd 5WD 4 PremiumWd 4Wd 3 pWD 3 PremiumWd 3Wd 2
Repair Work+++++++++
Work with a power tool++
Blow function++++++
Small fluid collection+++++++++
The collection of large volumes of water+++
Workshop cleaning+++++++++
Car cleaning+++++++++
Hallway cleaning+++++++++
Garage cleaning+++++++++
Basement cleaning+++++++++

Karcher NT 20/1 Ap Te will cope with all the points in the table and even with the connection of a power tool.

Many modern models of power tools are equipped with a nozzle for dust removal, to which you can attach the hose of a vacuum cleaner. This is not very convenient, but this method is quite suitable for creating comfortable working conditions.

Mechanically, this is ensured by suitable diameter adapters, splitters and adapters.

What to look before buying?

A powerful construction vacuum cleaner eliminates the tedious long-term work with a broom, saves and protects against harmful microscopic dust.To find your model, you need to clearly set the tasks that a useful device will handle.

Tip # 1 - choose the type of dust collector and filter

Construction vacuum cleaners are different in functionality, configuration, dimensions. First of all, we look at the type of dust collector.

There are three traditional varieties:

  1. Cloth bag.
  2. Paper bag.
  3. Cyclone (container).

A significant advantage of Karcher household vacuum cleaners is the ability to work with and without a bag. In the first case, filtering is better, but less container volume.

AT bagless vacuum cleaners A convenient system for collecting large debris and liquids is implemented, but they are distinguished by increased noise. And if you work with small particles, it will be too dusty. It remains only to choose the right kit for work in certain conditions.

Vacuum cleaner bag Karcher
On dust collectors, you can save and buy non-original bags, but you need to use high-quality filters

Fabric bags finely dispersed dust is poorly retained and labor-intensive during cleaning, but they are reusable.

Paper products provide more thorough filtering, but they are thrown away with the contents, require constant replacement and are torn from coarse particles of garbage.

Check availability before purchase. bags for carcher modelswhether non-original consumables are suitable, because the cost of some branded bags is quite high.

In addition to the tank, you should pay attention to the filtration system. The design of the vacuum cleaner is equipped with disposable and reusable filters. Not only the quality of cleaning, but also the degree of engine wear depends on their variety and cost.

In budget models, you have to change and clean filters much more often than in expensive counterparts.

Tip # 2 - look at the power parameters

Worth comparing power consumption for different devices: the higher this number, the more thorough the cleaning will be. But this parameter affects not only performance, but also increases power consumption.

For domestic conditions and the work of a private repair and construction team, an apparatus with a power of 1000-1400 watts is quite enough. A device with such a range of digits will not overload the network and ensure high-quality cleaning of small and medium volumes of garbage.

The next indicator is degree of depression. Devices with a digit up to 120 mbar are suitable for cleaning small debris, dry mixtures. If the value is greater than 120, such a vacuum cleaner can be used for rooms contaminated with large waste.

Vacuum cleaner Karcher
For Karcher vacuum cleaners, the degree of vacuum is indicated in mbar, so to compare this indicator with models from other manufacturers, you need a table

Tip # 3 - select the tank volume and add-ons

Let's move on to the tank capacity. For household needs and finishing work, an apparatus with a container volume of up to 50 liters is enough. If more serious construction and repair tasks are set before the device, we buy a professional model with an indicator of 50 liters or more.

Trash bin
When choosing the volume of the garbage tank, consider the main drawback of a large dust collector - the need to move, shake out the container itself or throw out the collected garbage with the bag.

If you need a power outlet for a power tool, look at the characteristics of the devices: Karcher works with equipment with a minimum power of 100W and a maximum of 2100W.

When working with a power tool at the same time, the vacuum cleaner turns on only after turning on the “partner”, and turns off also behind it, but with a slight delay.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How construction vacuum cleaners work, principles of choice.

Classification of garbage to be handled by a construction vacuum cleaner. How to connect the power tool to the device.

With all the assortment diversity from other manufacturers, Kärcher products are always popular with consumers. The dozen models presented in the rating were selected taking into account the demand of customers, the number of reviews with different emotional coloring.

Devices are sorted by technical characteristics, main and auxiliary functionality. What is more important: tank volume, power, filtration system or long continuous operation - you choose.

Have experience using a Kärcher construction vacuum cleaner? Please share with your readers your impressions of the work and ease of use of cleaning equipment. Leave feedback, comments and ask questions - the contact form is below.

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    I am engaged in apartment renovation, and we all bought a construction vacuum cleaner Karcher WD 3 P Premium. This model is completely suitable for us. Since the vacuum cleaner has a lot of power, it’s good for them to remove any construction debris: cement, earth, chips and other fragments. The main thing is that it weighs little, so it is easy to control and easy to move around the room: cleaning with it is quick.

  2. I do not quite understand from the material that these vacuum cleaners have both a bag and a container for collecting garbage?