Overview of the quietest vacuum cleaners: the top ten models of popular brands

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All the quietest vacuum cleaners are similar only in one thing - the minimum noise that accompanies the cleaning process. In other parameters, they differ significantly.

This allows the buyer to choose a model that is most suitable not only for noise level, but also for engine traction, suction force, additional options and cost. Expect that the equipment will be completely silent, not worth it. But to shout it down to hear the interlocutor, it is not necessary.

In this material, we consider the characteristics of the quietest models of vacuum cleaners, determine based on the feedback from the owners their main advantages and disadvantages.

How to make a quiet technique?

The loud sound accompanying cleaning events is considered the main disadvantage of vacuum cleaners. Engineers from the technical laboratories of popular brands are struggling to solve this problem and are actively using all means to reduce noise.

Woman with a quiet vacuum cleaner
Weak-sounding vacuum cleaners are suitable not only at home, but also for hotels, children’s institutions, boarding houses, rest houses, hospitals and other institutions requiring mandatory observance of silence

To muffle the sound, the engine is placed in a housing of a special design. Additionally, the inside is treated with a special soundproofing foam. It bears fruit, but makes the weight of the vacuum cleaner heavier.

Structurally, it becomes a little more bulky and large, which complicates its use and storage in small apartments and studios.

TOP 10 silent models

The rating of the quietest vacuum cleaners includes units that emit sound during the cleaning in the range of 45-70 dB. With these indicators, cleaning takes place in comfortable conditions and does not interfere with people living or just being around.

Rank # 1 - Genio Deluxe 370

The winner of the rating - a record-quiet robot from the Genio company - not only perfectly removes dust deposits, debris, crumbs, animal hair, hair and specks, but also qualitatively washes smooth floors with soft microfiber.

It has a capacious battery, it works for a long time without recharging and quickly restores order in rooms up to 100 square meters. m. Advanced functionality allows for cleaning events at four different capacities.

The device has a convenient display with backlight. Management is carried out by the remote control. The vacuum cleaner is programmed by the days of the week and can be cleaned in rooms when the owners are not at home.

Short overview of parameters:

  • noise - 45 dB
  • varieties of cleaning - wet / dry
  • battery - Li-Ion 14.6 V with a capacity of 2150 mAh
  • full recovery period - 3 hours
  • working time on one charge - 120 minutes
  • consumption / suction power level - 50/24 W
  • a kind of dust collecting module - cyclone filter, 0.65 L
  • what is included in the kit - a side brush, a bumper for softening impacts, a central turbo brush with a fleecy-rubber coating for garbage of various types and sizes, replaceable nozzles for smooth and soft surfaces, a spare cleaning filter
  • weight - 3.3 kg

Users give models excellent marks for quiet but efficient performance. The device well removes all types of debris, does not scratch the laminate, tile and flooring. The battery can withstand heavy use and does not crumble even after several years of operation.

An extensive software package, originally embedded in the processor, makes it possible to adjust the cleaning power and options for moving the device around the room.

The model also has disadvantages. She does not create a room map, poorly distinguishes between delicate objects (legs of chairs, tables, etc.) and can not always stand on her own to recharge. Thresholds with a height of 4-5 cm often become an insurmountable barrier.

Hair is wound around the central brush and must be regularly cleaned manually. Voice alerts on the device cannot be turned off.

Place # 2 - PANDA X600 Pet Series

In second place is a worthy representative of Japanese household appliances - PANDA X600. It has an optimal suction draft, is well-oriented in space and can easily cope with restoring order on the territory of up to 120 square meters. m

The functionality of the internal processor provides the ability to program for cleaning at a certain time.

The device carries out wet and dry processing in five modes at different powers and is able to disinfect the premises using an ultraviolet lamp mounted in the housing.

Short overview of parameters:

  • noise - 50 dB
  • cleaning - wet / dry
  • type of battery - NiMH with a capacity of 2000 mAh
  • recovery period - 300 min
  • operating time on one charge - up to 90 minutes
  • power consumption / suction - 25/22 W
  • type of dust collection module - cyclone, 0.5 l
  • what is included in the kit - a soft bumper, side brushes, a brush with an elastic nap for cleaning the inner container, cloth for wet cleaning, two progressive filters, a virtual wall, a control panel
  • weight - 3 kg

Owners of this model are generally satisfied with the purchase. A home assistant thoroughly cleans dust not only from the floors, but also from the baseboard. It works best on smooth surfaces. Laminate flooring and parquet do not rub or scratch.

The garbage container is easily removed from the housing, does not jam and is quietly inserted back.

Of the negative aspects, the owners note the low efficiency of wet cleaning and the tendency of the unit to tang up in the legs of chairs, wires and small objects (toys, slippers, etc.) lying on the floor.

Sometimes the device cannot find the base on its own and needs to be taken there to recharge.

PANDA X600 does not suit you for a number of criteria, but did you like the cleaning equipment of this brand? Recommended to see a selection of the best vacuum cleaners PANDAto choose a suitable option.

Place # 3 - iRobot Roomba 960

An honorable third place belongs to iRobot Roomba 960. The device even in the most intensive mode works quietly and does not interfere with either residents or neighbors.

It moves around the rooms on rubberized wheels with shock absorbers. In auto mode, it adapts to various floor coverings, draws a map of the room, responds well to the installed “virtual wall” and does not cross the designated boundaries.

It is well-oriented in space thanks to the built-in navigation system, it easily finds the base and independently enters to recharge.

Short overview of parameters:

  • noise - 55 dB
  • types of cleaning - dry + polisher
  • battery - 2130 mAh Li-Ion
  • full recovery period - 3 hours
  • working time on one charge - 75 minutes
  • power consumption / suction - 50/33 W
  • type of dust collection module - cyclone, 0.6 l
  • What's in the kit - a universal turbo brush, side brush, bumper to mitigate the impact when in contact with furniture and walls, a virtual wall
  • weight - 3 kg

The owners claim that the "smart" home assistant completely takes care of the process of maintaining cleanliness on any floor coverings.

The functionality is flexible, it allows you to program the module for cleaning on certain days / hours, indicating the number of passes in one area. Additionally, control of the vacuum cleaner via the Internet through virtual applications is available.

The robot easily passes through narrow passages, does not get confused between the legs of tables / chairs, does not perceive curtains as an obstacle and quietly dusts them.

At night, at dusk it loses its maneuverability and poorly recognizes the room. After harvesting, the cyclone must be thoroughly cleaned. If this is not done, the traction power is seriously reduced and the quality of dust removal is markedly reduced.

You want to get the smart assistant of this manufacturer, and Roomba 960 does not suit you? Then look, please, our selection the best robotic vacuum cleaners iRobot brand.

Place # 4 - Midea MVCB52A

The fourth in the TOP 10 is the vacuum cleaner of the Chinese company Midea. In it, the manufacturer managed to combine the most powerful suction power with the quietest sound of the engine.

The heavy, strong unit in one pass qualitatively removes dust deposits from smooth surfaces. It copes with the removal of debris, small specks, hair and molt products of pets not only from linoleum, laminate and parquet, but also from rugs, woven tracks and carpets with a dense deep pile.

Short overview of parameters:

  • noise - 62 dB
  • dry cleaning
  • power consumption / suction - 2200/450 W
  • kind of dust collecting module - 6 l bag
  • what is included in the kit - a set of universal nozzles for complete care for multi-structured floor coverings, upholstered furniture, textiles and skirting boards
  • wire length - 7 m
  • where is the power regulator - on the case
  • weight - 7.6 kg

This unit is most often purchased by apartment owners in high-rise buildings. They like that the device demonstrates high efficiency and does not create an excessive noise effect during the cleaning process, which can interfere with the rest of other residents of the room or neighbors in the stairwell.

As a drawback, buyers note the impressive weight of the product, visually flimsy overall housing, often clogged suction tubes and not very reliable attachment attachment. None of the users mention technical disadvantages.

Did you like this vacuum cleaner, but its weight bothers you? We recommend that you familiarize yourself with other models popular vacuum cleaners Midea.

Rank # 5 - Electrolux USORIGINDB UltraSilencer

The optimally strong, powerful, efficient unit from the Swedish brand is on the fifth line of the list. It intelligently consumes electricity and works quietly, while providing good suction power when cleaning dust, crumbs, hair and small debris.

The innovative Silent nozzle ensures a clear fit between the brush and the floor. The AeroPro system, which includes a nozzle, a tube and a flexible smooth profile hose, minimizes the noise produced during harvesting without sacrificing processing efficiency.

Short overview of parameters:

  • noise - 65 dB
  • types of cleaning - dry
  • power consumption / suction - 1800/340 W
  • variety of dust collection module - 3.5 l s-bag
  • what is included in the kit - AeroPro Silent brush for carpet and floor, nozzles for deep cleaning of upholstered furniture and crevices, Hygiene Filter 12 filter unit
  • wire length - 9 m
  • location of the power regulator - on the outside of the case
  • weight - 8 kg

Owners praise the device for operability and note that cleaning with such a convenient and practical home assistant takes less time. A long wire allows you to clean within a radius of 12 meters, without switching in the process to different outlets.

The plastic case does not emit any odor and shows good resistance to mechanical damage. The wheels normally maneuver and do not get stuck in thick and deep flooring.

As a minus, the owners note the heavy weight of the product, the suction hose that is too stiff, not twisting, but wriggling during cleaning. I do not like that the power switch is located on the case and there is no automatic cord winding function.

I like the technique from Electrolux, but it is embarrassing to have a cord that you can stumble on and on? In this case, we recommend that you consider top wireless models brand.

Rank # 6 - Karcher DS 6.000 Mediclean

The module from the Karcher brand, which settled in sixth place, looks attractive and has good maneuverability on different-structured surfaces. It saves energy, but not at the expense of cleaning quality.

Facilitates the process of maintaining cleanliness and order in a city apartment, a miniature studio and a spacious country house. Effectively cleans dense carpets, raises the pile and draws deeply ingrained dust.

Short overview of parameters:

  • noise - 66 dB
  • dry cleaning
  • power consumption - 900 W
  • a kind of dust-collecting module - 1.7 L aquafilter
  • what comes with the kit - a standard set of nozzles for different purposes and a turbo brush for more efficient cleaning of very dusty surfaces
  • wire length - 7.5 m
  • location of the power regulator - no data
  • weight - 7.5 kg

Owners note the impeccable build quality, high housing strength, good suction power and the latest generation of HEPA filter systems.

After cleaning, the rooms become very clean and do not smell of dust. The unit even copes with old pollution and leaves an ideal order.

The only thing this vacuum cleaner is reproached with is some cumbersome construction. In a small apartment there are difficulties with storage, since the unit takes up a lot of space. In all other respects, users are completely satisfied with the Karcher technology.

If Karcher DS 6.000 Mediclean does not suit you for any parameters, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with other vacuum cleaners Karcher with aquafilterin demand with buyers.

Place # 7 - Polaris PVB 0804

On the seventh line is a Polaris vacuum cleaner that is simple without frills. With optimal suction power, it works very quietly. Perfect for cleaning events in spacious living spaces.

The collected garbage, crumbs, specks and dust are sent to a dense bag and held securely there, without penetrating into the surrounding air. The device is sold at a loyal price, has a company guarantee and is serviced at certified service centers.

Short overview of parameters:

  • noise - 68 dB
  • types of processing - dry
  • intake / absorption level - 800/160 W
  • a kind of dust-collecting module - a three-liter bag
  • what's in the kit - a set of nozzles for cleaning furniture sets, soft and hard flooring
  • wire length - 6 m
  • power controller location - front on the chassis
  • weight - 4 kg

In addition to almost silent operation, customers note the good maneuverability of the vacuum cleaner and the mobility of the brush, thanks to which you can easily get to the most inconvenient places and dusty corners.

As a drawback, the owners cite the lack of a slot for storage of a crevice nozzle in the housing.For her, she has to look for a separate place in the house, and then interrupt the cleaning in order to get it and put it on the suction pipe.

Place # 8 - Thomas TWIN Panther

The low-noise, but productive vacuum cleaner from the German brand Thomas takes an honorable eighth place. His chip in the ability to perform not only dry but also wet cleaning. He washes high-quality smooth surfaces, carpets with deep nap and upholstered furniture.

The case made of shockproof plastic shows good mechanical resistance, almost does not scratch during operation and does not fade over time. A large reservoir for the working fluid and a spacious dust bag allow you to process a large area at a time.

With an effective home assistant, maintaining cleanliness not only in a city apartment, but also in a spacious country cottage with an area of ​​more than 150 square meters, becomes easy and pleasant.

Short overview of parameters:

  • noise - 68 dB
  • types of cleaning - dry / wet / liquid collection
  • power consumption - 1600 W
  • type of dust collection module - XXL bag and dirty water tank
  • what comes with the kit - a large set of nozzles for different purposes, an adapter for processing smooth surfaces
  • wire length - 6 m
  • weight - 11 kg

This model is highly rated by users for minimal noise. Other vacuum cleaners, capable of not only collecting dust, but also washing floors / carpets, work much louder and sound notifications “notify” all neighbors about the cleaning taking place in the house.

The device from the Thomas brand does its job quietly enough, fan spraying washing liquid and leaves behind a clean surface. Soft rubberized buttons are pressed easily and do not require efforts to activate the module.

No technical disadvantages were found in the unit. Some owners complain about the large dimensions, but rather, they should be attributed to the design features of the model. Combining dry and wet cleaning in a compact case is still problematic.

Place # 9 - Tefal TW8370RA

The ninth position in the list of quietly running models is the cyclone module from Tefal.

With a small engine power and economical energy consumption, it well removes not only dust and small debris from soft and hard surfaces, but also hair, thread and undercoat of molt pets.

The large length of the wire allows you to connect to one outlet to clean a large spacious room.

Short overview of parameters:

  • noise - 68 dB
  • types of cleaning - dry
  • power consumption - 750 W
  • type of dust collecting module - 2 L cyclone tank
  • what is included in the kit - nozzles for cleaning surfaces of any type, including parquet and laminate, 2 types of turbo brushes
  • wire length - 8.4 m
  • location of the power regulator - on the case
  • weight - no data

Users note that the vacuum cleaner, indeed, works very quietly. Being next to him in the room, you can calmly talk without raising your voice to a scream. An economical motor consumes little energy, but it perfectly removes dust not only from smooth, but also from fleecy surfaces.

An expanded set of brushes and nozzles allows cleaning of different intensities at a convenient time. Neighbors do not complain about the sound of a vacuum cleaner and there is no need to time the cleaning to their absence at home.

Clients consider the lack of vertical parking and a problem with the center of gravity a drawback, due to which the vacuum cleaner can sometimes fall on its side during movement.

Tefal TW8370RA belongs to the Silence Force series of silent vacuum cleaners developed by the brand. More information about the features of the technology in this series we have given in next article.

Rank # 10 - Philips FC8780 Performer Silent

The classic unit manufactured by Philips closes the top ten leaders in the rating of the quietest vacuum cleaners. The compact size and relatively light weight make this device useful in a small apartment or small studio, where every meter of empty space is literally worth its weight in gold.

The module takes up little space, but it is always at hand and, thanks to the very quiet sound of the engine, makes it possible to clean at any convenient time, without disturbing people living in the immediate vicinity.

Short overview of parameters:

  • noise - 66 dB
  • types of cleaning - dry
  • power consumption / suction - 650 W / not specified
  • variety of dust collecting module - 4 l bag
  • What's in the box - TriActive Pro, parquet nozzle, crevice brush and built-in brush
  • wire length - 9 m
  • weight - 5,4 kg

As for power, users are completely satisfied with the suction power of this model, although the manufacturer does not indicate exact data in the device certificate.

Silent operation combined with efficient cleaning of diverse surfaces, maneuverability and compactness give the device a special appeal.

Convenient operation and a long power cord (9 m) speaks in favor of this vacuum cleaner, which not every wired unit can boast of. Thanks to this, you can do the cleaning in the entire small apartment without switching between outlets.

The build quality is not satisfactory - the owners are pleased with the appearance, assembly and lack of plastic smell. The vacuum cleaner, thanks to the large and maneuverable wheels, easily moves around the room, does not get stuck on the thresholds and does not tumble. The filtration system also does not raise questions - thanks to the anti-allergenic filter, it does not smell during dust cleaning.

The main disadvantage, according to the owners, is the need to regularly change and buy replaceable bags.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Practical tips for choosing a silent vacuum cleaner for the home.

What kind of vacuum cleaner is worth buying for a comfortable cleaning.

How to care for a vacuum cleaner to prevent popular breakdowns. Recommendations of employees of the repair shop.

Choosing a quiet but efficient vacuum cleaner with a good level of efficiency is not difficult. When the budget allows, it makes sense to stop at "smart" robots. They carry out cleaning with minimal noise and have wide functionality that allows to minimize the participation of owners in cleaning events.

If funds are limited or the device is needed to maintain order in rented housing, a dormitory or in a country house, spending large funds is not necessary. Can easily pick up a silent vacuum cleaner from a budget or mid-priced category that combines efficiency, useful options and relatively quiet sound during the cleaning process.

You use a very quiet vacuum cleaner, but we did not consider it in our rating? Tell us about the advantages and disadvantages of your assistant, add the original photo of the model in the comments to this publication.

If you have any questions about choosing the best model or want to clarify any nuances, write to us in the feedback block below, our experts will try to clarify difficult points.

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  1. Maria

    I have a Rowenta vacuum cleaner at home. The fact that he is noisy does not bother me, even if we take into account the presence of a small child. When I vacuum the room, the noise does not interfere, because I vacuum the carpet for about 10 minutes at most. And if I do this while the child is sleeping, and he sleeps in another room, then I just close the door from the room where I vacuum and the baby does not wake up. I believe that it is not worth overpaying for low noise.

  2. Even the quietest vacuum cleaner will still make noise.We had a Karcher DS 6.000 Mediclean. Yes, the sound of a vacuum cleaner can not be compared, but there is a lot of noise. But a robot vacuum cleaner is a completely different matter. He quietly “rustles” and restores order. Only now the cat reacts to it inadequately, tries to ride and snorts. So, the cat needs to be closed in another room. And so, while the children are sleeping, it is quite possible to organize cleaning.

  3. Natalya

    My husband and I bought a Samsung SC 6360 about 10 years ago. My daughter was still small and very scared of the noise of a vacuum cleaner. Our assistant has 3 power levels. I used the lowest even while my daughter slept. And even if you set it to maximum volume, you can’t call it a loud noise. Oddly enough, the dimensions of the vacuum cleaner are standard. It looks like an ordinary vacuum cleaner, but few people can compete with it in terms of noise. We are still using it and do not plan to change it to another model.