Rating of the best iRobot robotic vacuum cleaners: a review of models, reviews + what to look for

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In the crazy rhythm of life, many of us simply do not have enough time to live, especially for a long and tiring cleaning. Consider purchasing a smart, high-tech housework assistant. The best offer on the market are iRobot robotic vacuum cleaners that gently and thoroughly clean flooring from dust and litter.

In our article, the best robotic cleaners of this brand are described in detail. We presented the technical characteristics of the devices, listed the functionality. In order to facilitate the selection and comparison of units, we compiled a rating based on feedback from equipment owners.

Features of iRobot brand robots

Since the advent of the first model, iRobot technology has gained a lot of diverse functions. Representatives of the latest generations have learned to compose thoughtful work routes, with high accuracy to recognize obstacles, and independently return to the platform.

Charging time was reduced from 12 to 2 hours. IRobot Corporation devices began to work with minimal human intervention.

The main advantages of the equipment

The advantages of company robots are confirmed by reviews of real users, including the following nuances:

  1. An extensive assortment with an optimal set of programs and functions.
  2. Long battery life.
  3. Productive cleaning of large areas.
  4. Effective debris removal from various floor coverings.
  5. Cleaning in hard to reach places.
  6. Defining cleaning boundaries using the system "Virtual wall".
  7. Saving the route and remembering the jamming pattern.
  8. The ability to remotely control from the application in the latest versions.

In addition, consumers celebrate unique technology. iAdapt. It allows the robot to quickly analyze the space. When he begins to work, a set of touch sensors is responsible for his safety.

Local cleaning of contaminated sites
Devices featuring DirtDetect technology can focus on particularly dirty areas. By detecting such zones, the robot devotes more time to them and enhances the suction power.

It is also important that when moving around the house, the brand's robotic vacuum cleaners do not get confused in wires and cords. This is possible thanks to the introduction of anti-confusing system by developers. If the robot touches the cable, the brushes stop rotating until it is released.

Powerful Filters Hepainstalled in vacuum cleaners take care of indoor air quality. The filter element prevents the return of small debris, wool and dust into the room, blocking it in the dust collector.

In general, customer reviews show that the robots of the American brand rarely fail, stand out for their interesting design, excellent navigation and solid assembly.

The negative nuances of these vacuum cleaners

Despite the huge list of advantages of the Irobot vacuum cleaners, there are also some moments that cause user discontent:

  1. Some models of robots cope with the cleaning of carpets with long hairs.
  2. Certain devices are subject to restrictions on operation in wet rooms.
  3. Washing vacuums exhibit fairly low passability.
  4. Not all devices are focused on local cleaning.

It should be borne in mind that when starting from a station, the device may not find the base on its own after it finishes work.

Brush Vacuum Cleaner
Owners of models of brushes with fleecy brushes complain that caring for them implies many nuances. If there is no desire to bother with cleaning the work units for a long time, it makes sense to consider options with silicone rollers

The problem with finding a charging station also arises if the process is interrupted due to various factors: tangling in the cords, full filling of the dust bag, accidental tipping, etc.

Functional features of iRobot’s

The legendary iRobot brand has been around for more than two decades. During this time, the company has earned an excellent reputation, which directly affects the quality of each piece of equipment that goes on sale.

Therefore, stopping your gaze on the robotic vacuum cleaners of this brand, you can not worry about the quality factor of the model you like - it by default meets the expectations of consumers.

Robot from iRobot
When choosing aggregates from iRobot, one should take into account that the equipment is intended for use in domestic conditions - there is no question of cleaning construction debris and dust deposits in the garage. For these purposes, specialized equipment exists.

Also, when choosing, you should pay attention to such important circumstances:

  • cleaning modes - choose the model that best matches the planned front of tasks;
  • power - the higher this indicator, the better the garbage will be absorbed;
  • the processed surface - not all models are universal and able to cope with floor cleaning and maintenance of fleecy coatings, for which it is recommended to purchase model for carpets;
  • duration of work - It is necessary to compare the capabilities of the model of the brand you like with the actual area where it will be cleaned;
  • type of management - the smarter the robot and the more control options, the higher its price tag;
  • equipment - immediately check the availability of consumables (replaceable wipes, brushes, etc.) in the region of residence;
  • dimensions - the height of the case should be 0.5-1 cm lower than the bottom of the lowest furniture in the house, including radiators, to prevent the robot from getting stuck.

The iRobot brand vacuum cleaner that suits your individual requirements is always accompanied by a user manual and warranty. It is important to check their availability in order to protect yourself from a fake. With regard to control, the programmable models will have a higher cost.

You also need to pay attention to the type of robot - at the iRobot company, not all models suck dust and have a dustbin in the design. Some dust is simply collected using a dry / damp cloth.These are floor polishers.

Robot without a waste bin
The robot polisher is ideal for caring for parquet, tile or laminate. It will carefully collect dust, wool and other garbage with a dry cloth, and if desired, it will refresh the surface with a damp cloth. True, he can not cope with carpets

Also, before buying, you should provide a place to store the robot and charge the battery. This moment requires special attention - after all, some models are charged directly, others go to the base, and others have the opportunity to remove the battery and charge it separately while the vacuum cleaner is standing in the cabinet.

The most important thing is to decide on the necessary functions so that they are really used. And do not overpay for unnecessary. Not all owners use all the features of their model, choosing the optimal mode for daily cleaning.

TOP 8 popular brand robotic vacuum cleaners

The range of the manufacturer AyRobot presents three lines of vacuum cleaners. Among the proposed models of smart cleaning equipment, you can easily choose the suitable option for office premises, apartments, houses or summer cottages.

Model # 1 - iRobot Roomba 980

One of the latest top models of the brand worth about 54,000 rubles. Equipped with an innovative management system.

Roomba 980 has a built-in wi-fi unit, thanks to which you can control the operation of the device through a special application in your smartphone, not being at home. In this way, the initial settings and subsequent parameter changes are performed.

Main characteristics:

  • weight - 3.95 kg;
  • food - Li-ion battery 3300 mA / h;
  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • modes - general / local / according to a given schedule;
  • dust collector volume - 1 l;
  • battery life - 120 minutes;
  • the time required for recharging is 180 minutes;
  • coverage area - 100 square meters. m .;
  • Noise - 60 dB;
  • supported coatings - carpets, tiles, linoleum, laminate.

The vacuum cleaner uses the patented mapping technology and instant orientation in space. Before starting work, the room is scanned through the built-in camera.

When moving to the carpet, the Carpet Boots function is activated, which increases the suction power. If a heavily contaminated area is found along the way, a sensor is turned on, which focuses the efforts of the device in a problem place. Following this, a map is formed, which is needed to build a route and avoid obstacles.

The equipment monitors the direction of movement, remembers the path and the last cleaning point. The device is equipped with rubber rollers that perfectly clean any surface, without winding the remnants of hair, thread and wool. Side brushes collect garbage well near furniture, on baseboards and in corners.

Roomba 980 is often involved in comparative tests of leading models from different manufacturers. According to the results of research, the device is always in the top three winners.

The vacuum cleaner is able to fully clean several rooms located on one floor. He does not get confused in the wires, determines the edges of the stairs, overcomes sills up to 19 mm high. After completing the work, the robot independently goes to the base for the purpose of subsequent recharging.

Model # 2 - iRobot Roomba 960

Robot vacuum cleaner, similar in functionality to the leader of the rating. Its average price is slightly lower - 45,000 rubles. Roomba 960 is also controlled via a smartphone from anywhere, builds maps, draws up a cleaning plan, and has advanced navigation.

Main characteristics:

  • weight - 4 kg;
  • power supply - 2130 mAh Li-ion battery
  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • modes - general / local / on schedule;
  • dust collector volume - 1 l;
  • battery life - 75 minutes;
  • the time required for recharging is 180 minutes;
  • coverage area - 150 square meters. m .;
  • Noise - 60 dB;
  • supported coatings - carpets, tiles, linoleum, laminate.

In the automatic mode, the entire free area is cleared, when the local function is turned on, contaminated sites fall under special control. Roomba 960 comes with the original Virtual Wall fixture, which allows you to limit the working space for a vacuum cleaner.

Unlike the 980th model, the Carpet Boots option is absent in the vacuum cleaner, which improves the quality of carpet cleaning. The main brushes of the device look like silicone scrapers.

The HEPA filter holds small particles of dust, preventing them from re-entering the surrounding air. The device signals about arising problems with sound notifications.

It is possible to additionally enable the cleaning function along the walls, configure automatic suspension of work after the dust collector is clogged. When the battery runs out, the robot goes to the substation, and upon completion of recharging continues cleaning.

Model # 3 - iRobot Roomba 886

The last member of the 800 series of iRobot Roomba 886 robotic vacuum cleaners. The manufacturer has equipped the model with an advanced dust collection system AeroForce and improved brush design, which greatly simplifies the maintenance of the cleaning module. On average, a device costs about 37,000 rubles.

Roomba 886, depending on the active mode, moves around the room or removes limited space. It is controlled using the remote control or button on the top cover of the case.

Main characteristics:

  • weight - 3.8 kg;
  • food - the Ni-MH battery of 3000 mA / h;
  • only dry cleaning;
  • modes - general / local;
  • dust collector volume - 0.5 l;
  • auto work - 180 minutes;
  • it takes 180 minutes to recharge;
  • coverage area - 100 square meters. m .;
  • Noise - 60 dB;
  • coatings for work - carpets, linoleum, parquet, tile.

Using indicators obtained from sensors, the device estimates the area of ​​the room and independently chooses the route. Thanks to the air accelerator, the vacuum cleaner has a high suction power. At the outlet of the bin, the air is cleaned with a high-performance HEPA filter.

The technology helps to navigate in space and eliminate pollution in hard-to-reach areas. Wall-following.

The laser range finder and the option evaluating differences in height protect the equipment from falling, ensuring its safe operation. Rubberized edges of the case prevent damage to interior items and furniture.

Model # 4 - iRobot Roomba 681

Modification of the middle class with a good set of functionality. Roomba 681, in comparison with the previous options, attracts a more affordable price - up to 26,000 rubles. A distinctive feature of the modification is the updated design, made in the style of techno.

Main characteristics:

  • weight - 3.6 kg;
  • food - 2130 mAh Li-ion battery;
  • dry cleaning;
  • modes - general / local;
  • dust collector - 0.5 l;
  • battery life within 180 minutes;
  • it takes 180 minutes to recharge;
  • working area within 80 square meters. m .;
  • noise - 65 dB;
  • coverings - small pile carpets, linoleum, parquet, tiles.

The robot vacuum cleaner of the 681st model operates according to a three-level cleaning system. A blade-type scraper sweeps away debris, brushes rotating in different directions direct it to the dust collector, a vacuum tube draws in the remaining dirt.

The device remembers the location of objects, maneuvers during cleaning, does not fall and does not turn over thanks to iAdapt technology and built-in sensors. The “anti-confusion” system prevents him from getting stuck in the pile, cords and wires.

At the last stage of the cycle, air is filtered from pollen, allergens, and fine dust particles. After completing the cleaning cycle, the robot goes to the charging base.

Model # 5 - iRobot Roomba 616

The basic modification, costing about 20,000 rubles, offers a standard set of functions. Roomba 616 during the cleaning process itself determines the path, moving in a spiral, zigzag or in random order.

Main characteristics:

  • weight - 3.6 kg;
  • food - the Ni-MH battery of 2200 mA / h;
  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • modes - normal;
  • dust collector volume - 0.5 l;
  • battery life - 60 minutes;
  • the time required for recharging is 180 minutes;
  • coverage area - 60 square meters. m .;
  • Noise - 60 dB;
  • supported coatings - short-pile carpets, linoleum, parquet, tiles.

Rubber and pile brushes remove debris well in all areas, and the built-in filter prevents wool and dust from returning to the room.

On one charge, the robot manages to clean up in several rooms. Compact dimensions allow it to easily penetrate under low furniture. In order to make it easier to control movement, you can additionally purchase a convenient IR-remote.

Product scope Roomba 616 limited by the virtual wall function. The indicator indicating the filling of the garbage container is absent in this model - the device can continue to work with a full dust collector.

Model # 6 - iRobot Braava Jet 240

The equipment from the Braava series stands out among other vacuum cleaners by the availability of wet cleaning. Braava jet 240 - A universal washing robot worth about 16,000 rubles. It is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and other small rooms.

Main characteristics:

  • weight - 1.25 kg;
  • power supply - Li-ion battery 1960 mA / h;
  • type of cleaning - wet / wash / dry with a dry cloth;
  • battery life - 240 minutes;
  • the time required for recharging is 120 minutes;
  • Area coverage - for wet cleaning 30 sq. m., dry - 60 square meters. m .;
  • Noise - 40 dB;
  • supported coatings - wood, laminate, stone, tile, linoleum.

The vacuum cleaner works without filters and brushes. It has a simple control system, integrates with the manufacturer’s application iRobot HOME. For comfortable transportation, the device is equipped with a convenient handle. The fundamentally different square design and compact dimensions make it possible to clean hard-to-reach areas.

For each type of cleaning, the robot uses different wipes, which can be pre-saturated with detergents and fragrances. Caring for the equipment is simple: just drain the remaining liquid from the tank and remove the used napkin.

Thoughtful navigation helps the device to navigate well in space, quickly find the base for recharging the battery. Sensors prevent flips and falls. The movement of the model is differentiated “Virtual wall”.

Model # 7 - iRobot Braava 380T

The Braava series robot maintains perfect cleanliness of the floor surface, destroying a maximum of harmful microorganisms and bacteria living in the room. iRobot Braava 380T is a representative of robot polishers. It differs from other representatives of the iRobot brand range by the presence of an aquafilter.

Main characteristics:

  • weight - 1.8 kg;
  • food - the NiMH battery of 2000 mA / h;
  • battery life - 240 min;
  • type of cleaning - dry and wet;
  • the time required for recharging is 120 minutes;
  • area coverage - not indicated;
  • noise - not indicated;
  • supported coatings - hard, waterproof surfaces.

Features of this model: the dust is not absorbed, but is collected on a dry or damp cloth, which should be attached to the panel before starting the vacuum cleaner, and the panel should be installed in the lower part of the housing, following the instructions that came with the kit.

Also included is a Pro-Clean panel with dispenser washing solution, which provides constant moisturizing wipes. It is used if necessary to perform wet cleaning.

The iRobot Braava 380T robot uses the NorthStar navigation system - cubes that build room maps. But for the sequential cleaning of several rooms, additional equipment is necessary. cubes.

To protect against damage in collisions with obstacles, the vacuum cleaner body is equipped with a soft bumper. There are also optical sensors that detect obstacles and elevations, protecting the device from collisions and falls.

As for the advantages of this model, the owners first of all call excellent cleaning - the device maintains cleanliness in the room without carpet coverings almost perfectly, although the trajectory of its movements raises questions. Among the advantages are its compact dimensions and quiet operation.

The main disadvantages, users consider the lack of a virtual wall, as well as the fact that the vacuum cleaner does not call itself on charging and is not "friendly" with the carpets.

Model # 8 - iRobot Braava 390T

A budget model designed for wet and dry cleaning of hard coatings closes the rating of robotic vacuum cleaners of the Ayrobot brand. Its average market price is 19,000 rubles.

Braava 390T is still the native land representative of the floor polisher-washers. It is able to carefully and delicately remove dirt from various kinds of surfaces. And the compact dimensions of the robot give more room for maneuver.

Main characteristics:

  • weight - 1.8 kg;
  • food - Li-ion battery 2000 mA / h;
  • type of cleaning - dry / wet;
  • battery life - 240 minutes;
  • the time required for recharging is 120 minutes;
  • Area coverage - for wet cleaning 32 sq. m., dry - 93 square meters. m .;
  • Noise - 36 dB;
  • supported coatings - wood, laminate, stone, tile, linoleum.

The navigation system of a smart vacuum cleaner contains a special beacon, which is installed indoors at a height. Through it, the device receives data about the space and determines its own location.

The robot starts cleaning from open areas, and then goes into more inaccessible areas. During dry cleaning, it moves in parallel, while wet, it moves along the herringbone trajectory. After the end of the cycle, the floor polisher goes into sleep mode.

On the front panel of the design are indicators that inform about the selected mode, charge level, and completion of work. The set of the robot vacuum cleaner includes a cloth suitable for washing and reusable use.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Useful recommendations for choosing robotic vacuum cleaners from the happy owner of one of the representatives of this kind of equipment:

After buying a robot vacuum cleaner, you no longer have to set aside time for cleaning. A smart assistant will do all the work on his own. In order for the equipment to serve for a long time and in good condition, you should periodically arrange maintenance for it and release the filled dust bag.

Tell us about how you chose an iRobot brand vacuum cleaner to maintain order in your own house / apartment. Share what has become the decisive criterion for you to make a measured purchase. Please leave comments, ask questions, post a photo on the topic of the article in the block form below.

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  1. Tatyana

    I always considered these robotic vacuum cleaners just a toy for wealthy people. But recently, my sister was presented with an iRobot of the Roomba 616 and I was able to see his work closely. It turned out that he really works and kills. Moreover, it collects a lot of dirt and dust from a visually clean floor. A robot can drive onto a carpet and overcome small obstacles. It’s true that he can’t do it in the corner and under the furniture under which he cannot climb. But in any case, it greatly facilitates life. Now I want to have such a vacuum cleaner.

    • Well, I don’t know, we have a Roomba 616 vacuum cleaner for more than a year. Thanks to its small size, it fits perfectly under the bed, under the closet, and other inaccessible places. By the way, it also copes with corners perfectly. It can also be controlled using the remote control, which we took separately. The only negative is that there is no indicator that should signal that the dust and garbage container is full. Otherwise, an excellent and quick maneuverable vacuum cleaner.

  2. Sergei

    When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, you must pay attention to the area that he is able to clean. Accordingly, select the area of ​​the apartment. If the apartment has thresholds, for example, between rooms, then you need to take a model that can overcome them. You should not buy vacuum cleaners of outlandish companies that do not have service centers in our country. IRobot, for example, has such centers.