Top 5 best vacuum cleaners from Zanussi: rating of the most successful brand models

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Want to make your life easier and not spend several hours manually cleaning the apartment? Choose a decent unit for cleaning surfaces from dust and debris, which will significantly reduce the entire process. For example, Italian vacuum cleaners Zanussi - a combination of modern design and excellent product quality.

The best models of cleaning equipment of this brand will be introduced by our article. For comparison and reasonable assessment, we gave technical specifications, described the functionality of the units. Our recommendations will help you choose the best unit for you personally.

Rating of the best models from Zanussi

Due to the variety of the model range, the consumer can purchase a cleaning device suitable for operational capabilities and a price tag.

So that you do not have to compare prices, specifications for a long time, study a lot of model reviews, we conducted an analysis and prepared material on the most popular Zanussi devices. In each model, options, positive and negative aspects highlighted by customers are considered.

Model # 1 - Zanussi ZAN1920EL

The product is made in blue, has a stylish design and functionality. Designed for dry cleaning of all types of surfaces and upholstered furniture.

The appearance of the vacuum cleaner Zanussi ZAN1920EL
The unit is convenient to operate, it is simple and easy to care for: it is enough to rinse the garbage container and filters under running water with a detergent

Operational characteristics of the device:

  • noise - 83 dB;
  • filtration system - cyclone, motor, fine filter;
  • type and volume of the dust bag - 1.2 l container;
  • accessories set - 4 pcs., including combined, floor / carpet, turbo, for furniture, it is additionally possible to purchase a parquet brush;
  • auto winding cord - yes;
  • power - 800 W;
  • radius of action - 7.3 m.

The cable length is enough to cover a room of standard dimensions. The presence of a telescopic retractable pipe, maneuvering brushes of various sizes make it possible to clean under furniture, in crevices, near walls, in the corners of a room, to clean sofas, chairs, and upholstery.

The power switch located on the handle allows you to change the suction power of the dust masses with one movement of the hand and select the desired cleaning mode.

Universal and combined brushes are suitable for cleaning smooth hard surfaces, dense and long-pile carpets, furniture with any type of upholstery. For visual control over the filling of the container, a mechanical indicator is built into the product.

Identified deficiencies:

  • the need to empty and wash the container, filters after each cycle;
  • power reduction when the dust bag is full;
  • the complexity of managing the main large nozzle.

Easy-to-operate, with a large set of nozzles, high-quality assembly unit, which is suitable for daily cleaning of any type of floor, collecting wool and garbage.

Model # 2 - Zanussi ZANSC10

Conventional type device with a refillable cloth dust bag. Done in purple. Its price tag is also pleasantly pleasing to consumers.

The appearance of the vacuum cleaner Zanussi ZANSC10
It is distinguished by the presence of large foot buttons for turning on and winding the network cable inside the structure, low weight - only 4.54 kg, and high engine power

Operational characteristics of the device:

  • noise - 84 dB;
  • filtration system - washable exhaust, motor microfilter;
  • type and volume of the dust bag - dust bag 2 l;
  • accessories set - standard DustPro;
  • auto winding cord - yes;
  • power - 1400 W;
  • radius of action - 7.2 m.

Compared to the previous model, the device is more powerful and lightweight. The package includes 2 spare fabric bags. The nozzle has built-in latches that allow you to install the device in both vertical and horizontal position.

Manual power control allows you to set the required level depending on the type of surface - parquet, tiles, curtains, steps, carpets. The unit is characterized by a high degree of filtration due to the presence of a washable microfilter and motor, which traps more than 99% of the dust mass.

Cons identified during operation:

  • lack of a transport handle for moving;
  • low-maneuverable cleaning brush;
  • insufficiently long telescopic tube.

The device has a high suction power, which can be controlled using a power regulator. The universal unit of the budget series with a minimum number of brushes.

However, we note that in our lineup this is one of the noisiest cleaning machines. If the buzz of equipment during operation is very worried, it is better to consider a purchase silent vacuum cleaner. The rating of “quiet” models will be introduced by the article recommended by us.

Model # 3 - Zanussi ZAN2020

Product with cyclone filter for collecting dust, at a cost exceeding the previous device. For the convenience of the consumer, a power control system is provided.

The appearance of the vacuum cleaner Zanussi ZAN2020
The unit is easy to control due to the ergonomic handle and pipe with adjustable height position, as well as large maneuverable wheels

Operational characteristics of the device:

  • noise - 82 dB;
  • filtration system - Hygiene, exhaust not washable;
  • type and volume of the dust bag - 1.2 l container;
  • accessories set - standard DustPro, parquet, crevice, for upholstered furniture;
  • auto winding cord - yes;
  • power - 1600 W;
  • radius of action - 7.2 m.

A high-power device with a low noise level, which perfectly copes with the collection of dust and wool due to a 300 W suction power. The presence of a washable container minimizes user contact with accumulated debris.

Among the shortcomings, buyers highlight the lack of an indicator on the garbage container and a control unit on the handle, the inability to wash the exhaust filter element.

Model # 4 - Zanussi ZAN3020

The unit is a middle class with a type of dust collection in a bag. The model is characterized by mobility, compact size and silent wheel movement.

The appearance of the vacuum cleaner Zanussi ZAN3020
This vacuum cleaner is designed only for collecting dry dust and debris, cleaning items of upholstered furniture

Operational characteristics of the device:

  • noise - 82 dB;
  • filtration system - 2 microfilters not washable;
  • type and volume of the dust bag - 1 l bag;
  • accessories set - standard DustPro, AeroPro turbo brush, crevice, for upholstery of upholstered furniture;
  • auto winding cord - yes;
  • power - 1500 W;
  • radius of action - 7.75 m.

The kit comes with 2 waste bins for one-time use and a set of nozzles for cleaning various surfaces. Rubberized soft wheels with a wide diameter protect the delicate floor surface from damage and small chips, as well as reduce noise when moving the device.

The product has a wider range of use in the cleaning process than previous models. The presence of a turbo nozzle provides high-quality cleaning of carpets and furniture from animal hair and wool.

The main disadvantages:

  • lack of indicator of pollution of the filter;
  • small volume of a dust collector;
  • the need to purchase new filter elements when clogged.

The device is suitable for efficient and delicate cleaning of parquet, tile, marble and self-leveling floors.

Model # 5 - Zanussi ZAN1900

The device is a container type, made in red. The softness of the wheels of the product provides almost silent movement and is safe for coating. The device can be used on marble tiles or laminate.

The appearance of the vacuum cleaner Zanussi ZAN1900
The design of the product is a classic, streamlined rectangular shape with a retractable type tube. Large buttons on the case - convenient for turning on / off with the foot

Operational characteristics of the device:

  • noise - 83 dB;
  • filtration system - sponge motor, standard exhaust, both washable;
  • type and volume of the dust bag - 1.2 l container;
  • accessories set - universal DustPro;
  • auto winding cord - yes;
  • power - 800 W;
  • radius of action - 7.3 m.

The model is characterized by a high class of energy saving - B, and the level of surface cleaning - from A to C, depending on the type of floor. Thanks to effective filtration, the incoming air-dust masses are almost completely cleaned of harmful impurities and allergens, after which cleaned air remains in the room.

There is no dust collector indicator in the product, however, the need to clean the container can be determined visually through the transparent wall of the vacuum cleaner. The universal nozzle with rotating brushes is used for cleaning a hard surface, deep and thorough cleaning of carpet pile, upholstery.

The owners of the device note that in the process of use, no shortcomings were identified. The unit is compact, quite powerful, which qualitatively cleans the floor of large and small debris.

What to look before buying?

When choosing a suitable cleaning unit, you should decide on a combination of standard and unique functional capabilities, dimensions, motor power and dust suction force.

Carpet cleaning with a turbo brush
You should also pay attention to the type of product, the features of your room and its cover, the presence of animals or children in the apartment, the desired set of options and the class of energy saving, other factors

Consider the most important criteria that will allow you to find the perfect cleaning assistant.

Criterion # 1 - the desired type of waste bin

If you prefer to buy a cheaper option, in which there is no need to empty the dust bag after each cleaning cycle, you should give preference to products with a hygienic cloth bag. However, keep in mind that if it is worn, you will need to purchase disposable paper bags on your own.

If you do not want to spend money and time on the search for spare accessories, you should choose bagless devices. Their feature is the absence of an indication of the dust collector, so the frequency of its cleaning must be determined independently or perform this procedure after each use.

Advantage cyclone aggregates - minimum user contact with dust during operation and maintenance of parts. Such devices are equipped with HEPA filters, which purify air from impurities at a high level.

Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner Model
Units with cyclone filtration are recommended for use by families with young children and users who are prone to allergic manifestations of various etiologies

The pricing policy for models with and without a bag is slightly different. As a rule, container products are much more expensive than their bag competitors. In Zanussi vacuum cleaners, the cost can vary by 30-50%.

Criterion # 2 - optimal dimensions of the device

For large-sized houses, where you have to clean a large area, it is better to purchase devices with a bulk dust container or bag.

This will allow you to complete a full cleaning cycle without having to empty the dust container in the process of using the unit.

A characteristic inconvenience for cleaning in country houses is the location of outlets. Often they are not on flights of stairs or in the area of ​​entrance groups, which require more frequent cleaning than living rooms. The best solution to this problem will be cordless vacuum cleaner. Our recommended article will help you find the right model.

Compact stair treads
You should pay attention to the presence of steps in the house: for a multi-storey building, it is better to buy an additional lightweight version or use it as the main cleaning device

If your housing is small in size and there is not so much storage space for the unit, then it is worth considering the purchase of a medium-sized vacuum cleaner. The compact device is easy to use, it is more maneuverable, practical in maintenance and operation.

Criterion # 3 - type of cleaning required

In the presence of long and short-haired pets in the room, the problem of cleaning surfaces from wool lumps is always relevant.

To facilitate cleaning and maintain cleanliness in the house, choose devices equipped with a turbo nozzle. With its help, you can quickly and easily clean any upholstery of furniture, carpets from adhering and stuck in wool pile.

If you do not have animals, but the floors are carpeted, then such a brush will also become a necessary accessory. It gently and thoroughly cleans the soft surface of dust deposits and other types of contaminants.

Hard surface nozzle
For tiles, laminate or wooden floors, choose nozzles for hard surfaces or combined, which can be switched to the floor cleaning mode. Such brushes gently clean the floor without leaving scratches on the surface

If there are expensive marble or bulk floors in the room, you should also pay attention to the wheels of the cleaning unit.

For delicate surfaces, it is necessary to select models with rubberized soft wheels, with shock absorption, preferably of large diameter. They will not leave marks when moving the device, preserving the original appearance of the surface.

Choose units with combined nozzles that are manually adjusted to a specific type of surface - wooden, stone floor or carpet.

Criterion # 4 - filter system features

Zanussi harvesting equipment uses motor and output fine filters, which are or cannot be washed. The advantage of washable filter elements is a long service life. If clogged, the part can be cleaned under running water and continued to be used.

The engine compartment filter protects the assembly from debris that can damage parts.

Filtration elements are of constant and replaceable type, which must be additionally purchased with wear. Permanent - to be washed, therefore more durable. You will have to spend additional money on shift ones, for which not every consumer is ready.

Washable HEPA filter
Fine filtration elements are designed to effectively clean the air masses entering the device during the cleaning process.

Filters trap tiny particles of impurities, such as dust, allergens, and bacteria. Microfilters absorb from 80% or more harmful masses, retaining particles of more than 0.3 microns. S-Class filters are considered advanced, which trap more than 99% of the dust.

More efficient 4-stage HEPA filters with a particle cleaning rate of 85 to 99.99%. They are both permanent washable and replaceable, which must be replaced after complete contamination.

Such elements make their fiberglass, which due to porosity retain the smallest particles of impurities that were in the air.

Criterion # 5 - power consumption and absorption

The power consumption of the motor on average varies between 800-1800 watts. As a marketing ploy, many manufacturers highlight this option in large numbers to attract the attention of the buyer.

However, the strength and quality of dust absorption does not depend on this. Power consumption indicates the level of energy consumption. With the same indicators of this parameter, vacuum cleaners can have completely different force of drawing in air masses together with garbage.

The useful power of the unit can be in the range of 250-480 watts, and for a standard apartment up to 320 watts is enough. Such information must be sought in the passport or product specification. Allergy sufferers are better off choosing devices with maximum suction power, however, when they are used, carpeting wears out faster.

Vacuum suction power demonstration
You should also distinguish between two concepts - the maximum useful and the actual average effective power. In the first case, the indicator is calculated in the first seconds of operation of the device, and in the second - the average value for the entire cycle of operation

The quality of suction also depends on other factors - engine features, type of unit, number of filter elements and their types, assembly of parts and components of the vacuum cleaner. It is optimal to choose a device with a power regulator, which can manually adjust the suction force with optimal energy consumption.

Having familiarized yourself with the main criteria, pay attention to the nuances. Choose models of popular firms with good reviews and decent features.

For large rooms, you should buy a device with a volumetric dust collector and a high dust suction force.

For combined coatings, it is optimal to select an aggregate with a universal nozzle or a large set of brushes for various surfaces. If in technology you value the maximum net power, then consider options for models with a consumption of 1800 watts.

If after reading the article you still have doubts, there is a desire to find out what brand of vacuum cleaner better to purchase, we recommend that you read the review of the best manufacturers of cleaning equipment. It evaluates products from leading companies in the segment.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Recommendations for choosing a suitable vacuum cleaner for the home:

Useful video tips will help to upgrade the filter, which will improve filtering in the device:

Do it yourself repair of the power regulator of the Zanussi cleaning unit:

The quality and efficiency of cleaning floor surfaces and furniture depends on the type of cleaning device and its power. The health of family members using cleaning equipment is also associated with it. Therefore, do not save on a device to maintain cleanliness in the room.

Choose a high-quality, medium or high performance device, in the price range from 3500 rubles and above.

Want to share your experience in choosing and using a Zanussi brand vacuum cleaner? Do you have useful information on the topic of the article, which may be useful to site visitors? Please write comments in the block below, post a photo and ask questions.

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