TOP-7 Supra vacuum cleaners: an overview of popular models + what to look for when buying brand equipment

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All the cleaning equipment of the Supra brand can be safely attributed to the “economy” category, since the cost of popular models fits into the framework of 2000-4500 rubles. Despite the low price, Supra vacuum cleaners cope with their duties and perform the functions laid down in them by the manufacturer.

Thinking about buying a budget unit, but don’t know which model to choose? We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our rating, as well as evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of Supra vacuum cleaners. The information provided will help you decide on the feasibility of the acquisition and not make a mistake in choosing a home assistant.

TOP 7 best Supra models

Vacuum cleaners, which took the first 7 places in the rating, scored the maximum number of positive reviews on the websites of companies that implement equipment and in consumer reviews.

Vacuum cleaner brand Supra
Vacuum cleaners were also selected taking into account their technical characteristics, basic and additional functions, operational qualities, cleaning efficiency and equipment

The rating included models of two types: vertical and conventional, on wheels. At the same time, vacuum cleaners from one category can differ in design, type of dust collector, power indicators and other important parameters.

Place # 1 - Supra VCS-1602

Compact budget option designed for dry cleaning. It is presented in two bright colors: red and blue.

Its functions extend not only to cleaning the floor - the device perfectly vacuums mattresses, sofas, curtains. A traditional dust bag bag holds 2 liters of garbage, which means that with frequent cleaning, dust does not need to be constantly shaken out.

Thanks to its 300-watt suction power, it does a good job of cleaning low-pile carpets. The manufacturer did not specify the noise parameters, but consumers note that the sound during operation is loud. The range is limited by a 5-meter power cable, i.e. about 7 m.

Technical specifications:

  • type - ordinary;
  • cleaning - dry, 2 l bag;
  • additional nozzles - 1 piece;
  • power - 1600 W;
  • weight - 4.46 kg;
  • noise - no data;
  • cord - 5 m.

The model sells well due to its low cost, but not all consumers praise the purchase. Many are unhappy with the lack of a carry handle, loud noise, and insufficient cord length. Male users note not very successful assembly and quality of the materials used.

But there are positive qualities: it copes well with the main task, a roomy bag does not need to be constantly cleaned. The device is compact and lightweight, it can be stored in a cabinet.

Place # 2 - Supra VCS-1603

A slightly modernized version of the previous model, but with other, improved features. With the same power consumption of 1600 watts, it sucks in garbage with a power of 350 watts, which has a positive effect on the quality of cleaning. The case "grew" a little due to the increased by 0.5 liter bag, the volume of which is 2.5 liters.

Power is not adjustable, but there is an indicator on the case that lights up when the bag is full. Upon sale, the unit is equipped with two reusable bags. In the future, consumption will have to be bought. The color scheme of the model has changed, two options are available: purple and blue.

Technical specifications:

  • type - ordinary;
  • cleaning - dry, 2.5 l bag;
  • additional nozzles - 1 piece;
  • power - 1600 W;
  • weight - 4.22 kg;
  • noise - no data;
  • cord - 4 m.

The main advantage is low cost. Thanks to her, the unit was chosen by summer residents and those who urgently needed an inexpensive temporary replacement. Also, consumers are satisfied with the volume of the bag, the ability to buy an inexpensive expense, a small but thoughtful set of nozzles.

Disadvantages of the model: a very short cord, a loud sound during operation, the lack of a power switch.

Place # 3 - Supra VCS-2081

A model of interesting design from the new series, designed for dry and wet cleaning. In appearance it resembles a space robot moving on wheels. This design is justified by a 10-liter volumetric tank-aquafilter. Case color - black and white.

With an economical energy consumption of 1000 watts, it has excellent debris absorption rates of 380 watts. Along with dust and dry debris, liquid can also collect.

Almost all dust falling there settles in the water filter, while the air freshens perfectly. In addition, the container is very convenient to maintain: after collecting garbage that enters the tank with water, you just need to pour the dirty liquid into the toilet.

Technical specifications:

  • type - ordinary;
  • cleaning - dry / wet, aquafilter 10 l;
  • additional nozzles - 4 pieces;
  • power - 1000 W;
  • weight - 4.8 kg;
  • noise - 76 dB;
  • cord - 5 m.

Buyers appreciated the budget model with aquafilter. Alternative options for other brands are much more expensive, at least 10 thousand rubles. The cleaning quality can be estimated as average, the fluid collection function is a big plus. At the same time, the unit is not bulky and lightweight, convenient to operate.

Cons marked by consumers: not enough long power cable, which also has to be rewound manually, loud noise, despite the average parameters specified by the developer.

After each cleaning, you should thoroughly wash and dry the container, you can not leave liquid dirt in the dust bag.

Place # 4 - Supra VCS-4011

Vertical models are not represented in such an extensive assortment as floor ones, and Supra VCS-4011 is one of the most successful.

it cyclone type device, works in 2 speed modes. But at maximum power it lasts only 15 minutes, although the charging time is as much as 5 hours. There are two color options: black and orange.

The volume of the plastic container for garbage is large - 0.5 l, given the type of vacuum cleaner. The trash is shaken out quickly, with one click. The manufacturer’s weight is not specified, but the design of the device does not differ from alternatives with a weight of 2.5-2.6 kg.

Technical specifications:

  • type - vertical;
  • cleaning - dry, 0.5 liter cyclone;
  • additional nozzles - 1 piece;
  • power - 150 W;
  • weight - no data;
  • noise - 70 dB;
  • the cord - no, it works from the battery.2200 mAh

According to reviews battery model corresponds to low cost: removes the average, but copes with the basic functions. Many are satisfied with the mobility of a vacuum cleaner, which is also suitable for cleaning a car dealership. By weight - lighter than analogues of other manufacturers.

Cons of the model: insufficient productivity, prolonged charging, too short a period of active cleaning. There are complaints about the hard plastic wheels of the brush, they are not as gentle as rubber.

If you are looking for a vertical model with a floor cleaning function, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this rating. There are no such offers in Supra's assortment.

Place # 5 - SUPRA VCS-2236

Compact, manoeuvrable model on large wheels, with a 2-liter cyclone dust collector and two universal nozzles.

The container is easy to clean - no need to unhook the hose each time. You can learn about the degree of filling the tank with garbage without opening the lid, since the walls of the dust bag are transparent.

If you need to clean up in large areas, you will have to constantly switch the 5-meter cord or carry an extension cord. Suction - 400 W, sufficient for thorough cleaning of any surfaces and even for fleecy carpets.

Technical specifications:

  • type - ordinary;
  • dry cleaning cyclone filter on 2 l;
  • additional nozzles - floor / carpet, crevice;
  • power - 2200 W;
  • weight - no data;
  • noise - no data;
  • cord - 5 m.

The cost of a vacuum cleaner is so small that buyers purchase the device without first analyzing its characteristics. However, many are satisfied, as the unit performs its tasks. In addition, it is easy to clean, and if necessary, it can be washed.

The main disadvantages: a short hose of insufficient flexibility, a short telescopic tube, is too heavy if you carry a vacuum cleaner with you when cleaning an apartment.

Place # 6 - SUPRA VCS-2025

Another Supra brand vacuum cleaner with cyclone filter. It is extremely simple, but its power is enough to clean a typical carpeted apartment. Also, buyers are attracted by the rather nice cost of the device.

The room is cleaned by collecting dust in a cyclone filter and passing air through a fine filter at the outlet. The device carries out only dry cleaning of rooms and furniture.

The brush in the kit is not one, but 2 at once - universal, designed for thorough cleaning of floors / carpets, for crevices. An easy-to-carry handle is fixed on the case, here is a power switch.

Technical specifications:

  • type - ordinary;
  • cleaning - dry, 2.5 L cyclone filter;
  • additional nozzles - floor / carpet, crevice;
  • power - 380 W;
  • weight - not specified;
  • noise - not specified;
  • cord - 4 m.

Of the advantages of this model, the owners call the light weight of the device, low cost, easy to clean dust collector. Also, the vacuum cleaner draws in trash well and the main brushes are included in the package.

The main disadvantages: a short cord, a small pipe diameter, which is why it is often clogged by some users. A motor filter that requires regular flushing is also quickly clogged. If you do not take care of the filter and do not clean the dust collector in time, the suction power drops sharply.

Place # 7 - Supra VCS-1601

The rating is completed by a model reminiscent in design of instruments from the first two positions. But unlike them, it is equipped with a large comfortable handle. You can choose the color of the vacuum cleaner: red or blue.

Dust is collected in a traditional dust bag bag, which will eventually have to be changed. The indication of occupancy is on the housing.

In general, this is a standard low-cost model with a mini-set of options and modest configuration. In addition to the main floor brush, a combination nozzle for furniture and hard-to-reach spots is included. The main advantage is light weight.

Technical specifications:

  • type - ordinary;
  • cleaning - dry, 2 l bag;
  • additional nozzles - 1 piece;
  • power - 1600 W;
  • weight - 3.2 kg;
  • noise - no data;
  • cord - 4 m.

In addition to low cost, users like safety and compactness of the device - you can safely involve small children in the cleaning. The bag is large, holds a lot of garbage. Included is a spare dust bag.

Consumers believe that the suction power is insufficient, and the cord is too short (you could not save on such nuances). The vacuum cleaner quickly overheats, which is harmful for the engine, and for owners who have to smell plastic.

Tips for choosing a Supra model

Obviously, the Supra brand belongs to the economy category. Even a device with an aquafilter costs less than 5 thousand rubles.

When planning a purchase of an inexpensive vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to take into account its weaknesses, namely:

  • brittle and thin plastic body trim;
  • unreliable connections requiring careful handling;
  • modest equipment - minimum nozzles and consumables;
  • structural and optional drawbacks - there is no carrying handle, power switch, nozzle compartment, auto winding.

It can be assumed that the power and noise indicators indicated by the manufacturer do not always correspond to reality. Even if in the process of testing the model showed good results, after several months of operation it significantly “loses”.

Vacuum cleaner from Supra with packaging
You should not be content with one design when choosing a device: be sure to study the instructions, familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics and design features

Be sure to check which dust collector is in the unit. Many users do not like to mess with a bag when there are many alternative cyclone models. It is much easier to remove garbage from it, and the plastic container does not require regular replacement.

The maximum cleaning and dust removal is carried out by washing machines with an aquafilter, but they have their own minus - the need for more meticulous maintenance.

A few recommendations for a successful purchase:

Judging by the reviews, many vacuum cleaners of an economical brand do their job well and last long enough without requiring repair.

It is logical to recall one more advantage of inexpensive vacuum cleaners: even if the motor fails, you can quickly buy a new model without significantly reducing the family budget.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Recommendations for choosing a home vacuum cleaner from a home appliance store consultant:

Medical advice on choosing the best assistant for cleaning a house or apartment:

Vacuum cleaners of the Supra brand do not occupy the top places in the ratings of the most powerful models, but they are popular among consumers due to the low price, lightness, compactness, simplicity of the device. If you need an inexpensive assistant without any special requirements, then the unit of this manufacturer will fit perfectly.

Are you looking for an inexpensive vacuum cleaner for cleaning an apartment or a house? Or is there any experience with the use of technology from Supra? Tell our readers about the performance and maintenance of such units. Share your personal experiences and ask questions - the comment form is located below.

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  1. Yulia

    I choose a vacuum cleaner for the home. Of course, I want to take it cheaply, so that it is of high quality. But I doubted and “torn” between 2 models: SUPRA VCS-1601 and UPRA VCS-1631. As a result, I took the second one because I liked the design. In the store you won’t understand if there is enough power or not, it’s convenient to use it or not. Still subjective. So, I’ve been using it for a couple of months, in principle, the vacuum cleaner is normal, it works out its money, but here it’s not enough power, it doesn’t absorb all the rubbish the first time.

  2. Alexander

    If you need a vacuum cleaner only for tidying up an apartment, then Supra economy class vacuum cleaners are quite suitable. To bring cleanliness and order, they are quite suitable. If you need a vacuum cleaner in order to show off to your friends and acquaintances with its various functions and options that you will never use in practice, then take an expensive unit from a more famous brand.