Scarlett vacuum cleaners: ten best offers and recommendations for future owners

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The Scarlet product line is dominated by budget-friendly vacuum cleaners. Models without any frills, with clear functionality and controls. What else is noteworthy about the products of a popular brand and which unit is better to give preference to? We will deal with these questions in order.

We will designate the best Scarlet vacuum cleaners, note the strengths and weaknesses of each model, referring to user reviews. Tips for buying a household appliance will help you choose a practical home assistant.

Best deals from Scarlet

The Scarlett trademark initially positioned itself as a Russian-English brand. The company is registered in the UK, and the production of goods was planned to be carried out in Russia. However, almost the entire range of products is made in factories in China.

Marketing research is carried out in Russia, but the development and implementation of innovation is the work of Chinese engineers. Such a redistribution of tasks allows the release of functional and practical devices to the needs of domestic consumers. An important advantage of Sino-Russian cooperation is a loyal pricing policy.

The compiled rating includes various types of units: conventional, vertical and robotics. All vacuum cleaners are designed for dry cleaning.

1st place - Scarlett SC-VC80B80

Rating Leader - bag assembly high power. At an affordable cost, the vacuum cleaner boasts good technical characteristics: a capacious dust collector, an improved filtration system, a telescope handle, and a practical set of nozzles.

SC-VC80B80 owes its first position to a high user rating - most buyers are satisfied with the choice.


  • ordinary unit;
  • engine power indicators - 2000 W, thrust - 390 W;
  • filtration system - HEPA12;
  • bag dust collector - 3.5 l;
  • options - speed control on the body, mechanical valve on the handle, tank filling indicator, auto winding;
  • completeness - two nozzles, including a slotted accessory;
  • weight - 6 kg;
  • telescope handle.

Of the main advantages, consumers highlight the good quality of cleaning, convenient reusable dust bag. The HEPA filter is washable, so there is no additional maintenance cost. Despite the impressive weight, the vacuum cleaner is quite easy to move, an additional plus is the presence of a rubberized bumper.

Identified disadvantages of SC-VC80B80: noise during operation, the same auto-win and start buttons, which is inconvenient to use, dubious hose quality.

The budget unit is universal - it is suitable for cleaning spacious and compact apartments. Its power is enough to clean hard surfaces and carpets.

2nd place - Scarlett SC-VC80C11

Unit cyclone type demonstrates good traction - about 320 watts. The main feature is maintaining a stable suction force due to bagless dust collection technology.

The HEPA filter is responsible for cleaning the outlet air stream, which holds up to about 99.8% of contaminants. The barrier element does not need to be replaced - it is enough to rinse it.


  • traditional vacuum cleaner;
  • motor power - 1500 W, thrust value - 320 W;
  • HEPA filtration of the outgoing air flow;
  • cyclone - 1.5 l;
  • options - container filling indicator, cord winding;
  • completeness - nozzle for floor, furniture, slotted accessory;
  • weight - 3.2 kg;
  • compound handle.

The unit appealed to lovers of technical innovation. The regular bag is replaced by a cyclone tank, which provides good traction throughout the cleaning process.

Main advantages of SC-VC80C11: low costsufficient power for domestic use, light weight and convenience of use. A vacuum cleaner cleans carpets well.

Some buyers were unhappy with the short cord. The length of 5 m is enough for a full cleaning of a small room. In addition, sometimes a loud move and a persistent smell of plastic are noted. There are complaints about the stability of the unit - SC-VC80C11 can overturn during sharp turns.

3rd place - Scarlett SC-VC80C91

Representative multicyclone series with a big dust bag. The SC-VC80C91 module differs from the previous Scarlett SC-VC80C11 vacuum cleaner by the increased dust collector, increased power and the presence of a telescopic tube. Modified unit design and cost.

The model appeared recently, therefore, it is difficult to objectively judge its operational parameters.


  • traditional unit;
  • power consumption by the engine - 1800 W;
  • cyclone - 2 l;
  • HEPA filtering - yes;
  • options - container filling indicator, “slider” of speed change is placed on the block, additional adjustment of air flow on the handle, automatic winding of the power cord;
  • completeness - 2 brushes;
  • weight - 3.8 kg;
  • telescope handle.

On a par with capacious dust collector engineers managed to maintain the ease and maneuverability of the model. Steady wheels provide good passability of SC-VC80C91 and prevention of turning over.

The multicyclone draws dust well, and it power remains stable. However, after each cleaning, you have to clean the container and rinse the filter.

Cons of the unit: short cable, noisy work.

4th place - Scarlett SC-VC80H12

Another new product from the company in the market of cleaning equipment. SC-VC80H12 - 2 in 1 wired vertical vacuum cleaner. The unit does not have a bulky module on wheels. On the handle is a compact dust collector, control module, filter and engine. There is no hose, and a universal brush is installed on the telescope handle.

The vacuum cleaner can be used in two positions. When cleaning the floor - a standard elongated handle; for cleaning small areas, a portable crevice nozzle is used.


  • vertical vacuum cleaner;
  • motor power - 600 W;
  • HEPA filtering - not provided;
  • cyclone - 1 l;
  • options - transformation into a manual mini-vacuum cleaner;
  • completeness - 3 brushes, including a round nozzle on a removable block;
  • weight - 2 kg;
  • aluminum telescopic tube.

The SC-VC80H12 does not have a power adjustment, as well as an indication of the fullness of the container. The module is equipped cyclone dust collector. After cleaning, the container is opened and freed from debris.

The vacuum cleaner is very convenient in storage and use, but the power of the unit does not reach the performance of conventional devices.

5th place - Scarlett IS-VC82C05

Bright model traditional vacuum cleaner. The device is equipped with a multi-cyclone dust collector in two compartments. In many declared characteristics, the unit surpasses previous counterparts from Scarlet, however, users note some shortcomings in the work. The identified shortcomings did not allow to put IS-VC82C05 above 5th place.


  • ordinary vacuum cleaner;
  • engine power - 1200 W;
  • premotor HEPA filtration;
  • cyclone - 2 l;
  • options - transformation into a manual mini-vacuum cleaner;
  • completeness - 2 combined nozzles, turbo brush;
  • weight - 5.8 kg;
  • steel tube telescope.

Users focus on compactness, maneuverability model and low cost. However, along with these pluses, there are also minuses: a sharp drop in traction when the filter is clogged, container capacity is not enough to service the entire apartment. A significant part of the volume of the dust collector is occupied by the cyclone mechanism.

As the practice of the owners of IS-VC82C05 shows, the unit is suitable for small apartments. When cleaning spacious rooms, you often have to interrupt work and clean the filter.

6th place - Scarlett SC-VC80H07

The module attracts customers with a beautiful elegant design and battery life. Wireless Vertical Unit SC-VC80H07 greatly simplifies the cleaning process - there is no need to pull the bulky tank and monitor the position of the wire.

The model includes a removable manual apparatus for cleaning the car interior, local cleaning. At a price, a vertical vacuum cleaner will cost no more than Scarlet cylindrical units.


  • ordinary vacuum cleaner;
  • power consumption - 65 W;
  • exhaust filter - no;
  • cyclone - 0.5 l;
  • options - the presence of a manual mini-vacuum cleaner;
  • completeness - 2 nozzles;
  • weight - 1.8 kg;
  • telescopic tube.

SC-VC80H07 is powered by a nickel metal hydride battery, which will last a full charge for 20 minutes of cleaning. The ability to adjust traction intensity is not provided.

In everyday life, the vacuum cleaner proved to be a low-power device. The unit copes with small debris; it is quite problematic to perform quality general cleaning. It takes more than 5 hours to restore battery performance.

A maneuverable vacuum cleaner is suitable for everyday guidance of the marathon of a small apartment. For spacious apartments, it is better to choose a more powerful device.

7th place - Scarlett SC-VC80B01

Model bag vacuum cleaner in demand among buyers due to the simplicity of design and good power - 300 watts. Unit is different reinforced filtration system.

To protect the motor, 2 antistatic coarse cleaning barriers are installed. Special bag material Dust trap keeps the smallest dust, preventing it from seeping out.


  • traditional type apparatus;
  • power characteristics of the motor - 1800 W, thrust indicator - 300 W;
  • bag - 2 reusable dust collectors of 2.5 l; it is possible to use paper bags;
  • options - adjustment on the body, adjustment of the air flow on the handle, auto winding, vertical parking, container filling indicator;
  • exhaust filter - yes;
  • completeness - 2 combined nozzles, parquet brush;
  • weight - 3.7 kg;
  • chrome telescopic tube.

Reviews on the SC-VC80B01 are quite controversial. Most buyers praise the unit for quality of cleaning - work efficiency in practice confirms the stated indicators.

However, there are a number of negative points: a pungent odor of plastic remains for a long time, high noise pressure, periodic jamming of the cord, insufficient wire length.

By and large, users are satisfied with the purchase and do not regret the purchase, especially since the price of the SC-VC80B01 is very affordable.

8th place - Scarlett SC-VC80B03

Compact vacuum cleaner with original design. The streamlined body in red attracts the attention of buyers. An interesting solution to the SC-VC80B03 is a retractable carry handle. It can be retracted for storage. The wheels visually merging with the bottom panel of the body are made to match the futuristic module.

In addition to the striking design, the model is notable for the practicality of nozzles, low cost, lightness and maneuverability.


  • conventional type aggregate;
  • motor consumption - 1400 W, suction - 300 W;
  • pre-coarse filter bag Dust trapblocking the exit of dust particles;
  • dust collector - 1.2 l;
  • options - tank filling indicator, automatic winding of an electric cord;
  • completeness - 2 combined brushes;
  • weight - 3.26 kg;
  • composite pipe.

The main advantages of SC-VC80B03, according to users: ease of assembly, low cost, good traction, spectacular design. The set has brushes necessary for cleaning different surfaces: floor, upholstered furniture. The copy is perfect for a small apartment - it does not take up much space during storage, vertical parking is possible.

Of the minuses, buyers indicated: a short hose, loud noise, fast overheating of the motor, the body is made of thin plastic.

Some specially purchased cheap SC-VC80B03 for temporary use - for the period of repair work. However, the unit performed well in less “extreme” situations. He well cleans carpets, collects garbage from parquet, laminate and tiles.

9th place - Scarlett SC-VC80R10

Representatives robotics complete the rating. Compared to previous positions, autonomous units are slightly more expensive. However, this cost is much less than analogues of robotic vacuum cleaners from other manufacturers.

SC-VC80R10 is designed for dry cleaning. An additional option is the ability to wipe the floor with a damp cloth. The robot is lightweight, compact, the design is traditional for units of this type - a round module with side brushes.


  • robotic apparatus;
  • engine power - 55 W, suction capacity - 15 W;
  • air filter;
  • cyclone with a capacity of 0.2 l;
  • options - moving along three paths, wiping the floor, color / sound indication of a low charge;
  • completeness - charging base, side brushes, cloth;
  • weight - 1.6 kg;

The unit is equipped with an overlay soft bumper that prevents damage to furniture in the event of an accidental collision. Drop sensors are mounted in the device. Management and docking are carried out manually.

The power source is a 850 mAh NiMH battery, the operating time on a single charge is about an hour. It takes 240 minutes to restore the battery.

SC-VC80R10 works quietly - 65 dB, in operation and maintenance is simple. However, this robot will not replace a full-fledged vacuum cleaner. He will become additional assistants in daily maintenance of cleanliness.

10th place - Scarlett SC-VC80R11

The ultra-thin SC-VC80R11 robot differs from the previous version only in color. The module is fully consistent with the shape, design, technical equipment and functionality of the SC-VC80R10 black vacuum cleaner. The presented device R11 has silver color.

On the top cover of the module there is a start button, a cover under which a dust collector is placed. Along the perimeter, the unit is framed by an LED display ring.


  • robot vacuum cleaner;
  • motor consumption - 55 W, thrust - 15 W;
  • air filter;
  • 0.2 L cyclone;
  • options - movement along three paths, the function of wiping the floor, color / sound indication of reduced charge;
  • completeness - side brushes, docking station, napkins;
  • weight - 1.6 kg;

Satisfied customers celebrate simplicity of managementlow noise. The unit is better suited for a small apartment. He will have time to go around and clean it in an hour. To service a larger battery area is not enough.

There is also a negative review about the use of SC-VC80R11. The unit failed after three months of active work - stopped moving forward, began to spin in one place.

What to look for when choosing a vacuum cleaner?

In order not to be disappointed in the purchase, it is necessary to understand in advance the features of various vacuum cleaners, determine the model of the dust collector and compare technical specifications with the working conditions: the housing area, the prevailing types of flooring, and accommodation in a pet house.

Types of cleaning equipment

The first cases should decide which type of construction preferable.

All the variety of the model range can be divided into three categories:

  • usual - traditional "barrels" on wheels;
  • vertical
  • robots.

Cylindrical units Do not lose popularity. The modules are universal in use, do a good job of cleaning different coatings, are characterized by high power and throughput.

Bag vacuum cleaner
The disadvantages of traditional devices include: significant energy consumption, inconvenience of storage. The hose and unit take up a lot of space, which is extremely inconvenient in small housing

Vertical vacuum cleaners compact design - a small dust collector and brush are attached to the handle. There are two options for "electric brooms": wired models and battery packs.

Vertical units are often equipped with turbo brushes to facilitate wool collection. In addition, such devices consume less energy and are convenient to store. Cons: increased noise pressure, the difficulty of cleaning under low furniture.

Robotic assistants have the main competitive advantage - independent work with minimal human participation.

Vacuum cleaner robot
Smart technology is oriented in space, recognizes walls, obstacles, approaching stairs. Many models are designed for dry cleaning and mopping

The main disadvantage of robotics is low productivity. It is rather an addition to a more powerful brother. An important minus is the high cost. The price of premium units is many times more than traditional vacuum cleaners.

An additional assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of robotic vacuum cleaners, as well as tips for their selection are given in this article.

Features of different dust collectors

The type of garbage container also affects the quality of cleaning, practicality and ease of maintenance.

In the Scarlet trading line, there are two options for a dust bag:

  1. Bag. The cheapest option. Easy to use - it is not necessary to empty the container after each cleaning. Reusable bags are provided in Scarlet models, they can be replaced with paper bags. Minus - as the container fills, the draft of the device falls.
  2. Cyclone. Contaminants enter the plastic tank and are divided into different fractions. The main idea of ​​technology cyclone filter - conservation of suction power.

Cons: bulkiness of the module, the need to wash the filter. Some models are not designed for the collection of construction waste.

Cyclone vacuum cleaner
Cyclonic vacuum cleaners are louder in operation. Particles of pollution at high speed spin in a dust collector and beat against the walls of the tank

In the Scarlet assortment there are no units with an aquafilter. This type of dust collector provides the most effective cleaning of the outgoing air, as well as its humidification.

Accounting for technical characteristics

An important indicator of the effectiveness of a vacuum cleaner is traction. The optimal suction power of a household device is 300-350 watts.If you plan to clean carpets, cleaning animal hair, it is better to look at the unit for 400-450 watts.

Vacuum cleaner options
Often, manufacturers indicate the maximum power of the vacuum cleaner at the start of work. When filling the dust box, the efficiency of the technique decreases

In addition to power characteristics, attention should be paid to such parameters:

  • tank volume - for spacious rooms choose more capacious tanks;
  • noise - the average figure is 70-80 dB, optimally 66-69 dB;
  • filters - the more filtration levels, the cleaner the air;
  • pipe device - telescopic more convenient composite modules;
  • additional functionality - Auto winding, tank full indication, traction adjustment, smooth start are welcome.

It is desirable that the vacuum cleaner has rubberized wheels to protect the floor from scratches. A soft bumper around the perimeter of the module will protect the furniture from damage during a collision.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Tips for customers choosing a vacuum cleaner for the home:


Budget Scarlett units often demonstrate good power, maneuverability and practicality in operation. However, they have weaknesses. Often consumers complain about a short cord, very loud work and dubious quality of plastic.

Have experience using a Scarlet vacuum cleaner? Tell readers about the features of the operation and maintenance of such air conditioners, share a general impression of the effectiveness of the technology. Leave comments, ask questions, add product reviews and tips for buyers - the contact form is located below.

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  1. In my opinion, bag vacuum cleaners are no longer being produced, because it is very inconvenient. My grandmother had a vacuum cleaner with a bag; it was bought 7 years ago. For me, the important thing in a vacuum cleaner is that it has a lot of power. As well as ease of movement. Noisiness does not matter to me. If they take less money for noise, I will take the cheaper option. The length of the cord is also not important to me, since there are sockets throughout the apartment.

  2. Irina

    The price, of course, is tempting, but the quality of their products leaves much to be desired. I took a Scarlett mixer and a juicer - they didn’t work for a month and broke! Tortured returning them under warranty to the store. When buying a vacuum cleaner, sellers also praised Scarlett. Apparently, they are given some kind of allowance for them. I ended up buying Bosch. It turned out more expensive, but the vacuum cleaner is standing, I've been using it for six months now.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Despite your bad experience, the Scarlett technique is quite normal. And even LG, even Bosh, or any other brand can break. I had a Scarlett vacuum cleaner for a very long time, almost 6 years. True, I do not want such a model with garbage bags, containers are much more convenient. And now, when choosing a new vacuum cleaner, I will fully consider models from Scarlett.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Agree. Unfortunately, the purchase of Scarlett equipment is a lottery. Of the 15 household appliances, in total, purchased by different members of my family in different cities of Russia, only one electric kettle has lived for more than a year. But one does not have to be surprised, it is enough to disassemble at least once a cheap household appliance - an abundance of frail plastic parts, cheapened to impossible circuits ... Actually, how much they paid, they got it. This technique is not for a large family, of course.