Rowenta vacuum cleaners: ranking of leading models and recommendations for choosing

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Last update: July 2019

The Rowenta trademark does not belong to promoted brands, household appliances with its logo can not be found in all network and online stores. However, Rovent vacuum cleaners deserve the attention of potential users. Among the advantages of cleaning units is good functionality along with affordable cost.

Thinking about buying a vacuum cleaner from Rovent, but don’t know which unit to prefer? To solve this issue will help us compiled a rating of the best models of the German brand. The list contains vertical sticks and ordinary floor-mounted vacuum cleaners, which are most in demand among users.

TOP 10 best Rowenta models

The rating of devices is based on the manufacturer’s advertising statements and real user reviews posted on the Internet.

Roventa vacuum cleaner in the interior
When choosing vacuum cleaners, criteria such as the average market price, technical specifications, the presence of additional functions and useful innovative developments were also taken into account

All Rowenta vacuum cleaners have one thing in common - they are designed to remove dust and small debris, wet cleaning is not provided. This means that the models have only 2 types of dust collector: a two-section plastic container or a reusable bag.

Place # 1 - Rowenta RO 6963EA

Stylish black vacuum cleaner with large side wheels and a transparent bright red plastic container located in the front of the case. It has a power typical of all the latest models of the brand - 750 watts.

The volume of the garbage container is large - 2.5 liters, therefore, the vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning in a private 2-storey building or a large apartment.

The model is maximally equipped for comfortable use: it is equipped with an automatic winding of the power cable, a convenient carrying handle, an indication of the dust bag filling, a power level switch located on the handle.

One of the benefits is large set of nozzles, including a turbo brush, perfectly coping with severe pollution, wool and other hard to separate garbage.

Technical data:

  • type - floor, ordinary;
  • cleaning system - cyclone filter 2.5 l;
  • additional nozzles - there is;
  • power - 750 W;
  • cord - 6.2 m.

The model is new, but already positively evaluated by users. They approved rubber wheels, convenient for transportation around the rooms, a set of brushes and nozzles of various directions, a long range of almost 9 m. Noise - only 75 dB, which is relatively small compared to powerful models of other brands.

Deficiencies have not yet been identified, since the model is new.

Place # 2 - Rowenta RH 9051

Comfortable stick model universal purpose, operates in 2 modes: as an electric cleaner for the floor, and as a portable handheld vacuum cleaner to remove dust from furniture, shelves, clothes. The volume of the dust bag is small - 0.4 l, so the garbage will have to be shaken out often.

The main advantage is the possibility of cleaning without reference to the power point. The vacuum cleaner runs on the battery for 30 minutes, then a 3-hour charge is required. Compared to conventional models, the device is lighter.

Technical data:

  • type - vertical, 2-in-1;
  • cleaning system - cycle. 0.4 liter filter;
  • additional nozzles - there is;
  • power - no data;
  • cord - no, runs on battery power.

A vacuum cleaner is useful for those who like to clean often - this type of device is not suitable for general cleaning. It takes up little storage space and fits easily in a cabinet. This is the best option for small apartments. Its portable part is useful for cleaning the car interior.

Disadvantages: noise - 85 dB, a small amount of dust collector, limited power. Do not rely on a vertical model if you need to remove construction waste or tidy up multi-room housing. And another minus is the rather high price.

Place # 3 - Rowenta RO 3798

The model fell into a worthy 3rd place due to popularity - it refers to inexpensive cleaning equipment. The design is traditional: the oval-shaped red-black case is located on medium-sized wheels, the dust container is under the lid.

The volume of the dust bag is small, only 1.5 liters, but it is enough to carry out a thorough cleaning in a 2-room apartment.

A medium-length cord is 6.2 m, that is, a radius of about 8.8 m. If you have to clean carpets in the hall or large hall, an extension cord is useful. The advantage of the model is its excellent cleaning quality.

The case is equipped with a convenient and large handle, which allows you to easily carry the vacuum cleaner from room to room, lift it to the second floor.

Technical data:

  • type - floor, ordinary;
  • cleaning system - cycle. 1.5 liter filter;
  • additional nozzles - there is;
  • power - 750 W;
  • cord - 6.2 m.

The noise of the model is 79 dB. The manufacturer completes the vacuum cleaner with a pipe telescope and the following brushes: floor / carpet, parquet, mini turbo brush, for furniture, crevice, flexible crevice.

Customers rated the device positively, it is suitable as an assistant for regular cleaning of rooms with low and medium pollution. They can clean carpets, but not all, but only with a low pile.

The device without any frills, performs the main function laid down by the manufacturer - it removes dust well. The only drawback is the regular cleaning of the filters, but this procedure applies to all cyclone-type vacuum cleaners.

Place # 4 - Rowenta RH 8879

Easy rechargeable stick model vertical type. The practical device copes well with dry floor cleaning, regardless of the type of flooring. Also removes dust from textile furniture upholstery.

The battery charges for a long time - 6 hours, but the period of operation is relatively large - 65 minutes. During this time, you can tidy up an area of ​​about 100 m².

Advantages of the stick - light weight, convenient to operate design. A power regulator is always at hand. The 0.5 L dust collector is easy to remove and clean.The HEPA filtration system prevents dust particles from entering the air.

Technical data:

  • type - vertical;
  • cleaning system - cycle. filter 0.5 l;
  • additional nozzles - there is;
  • power - no data;
  • cord - no, runs on battery power.

Users like device power, comfort during operation and maintenance. The model does not require constant maintenance, the garbage can can be washed and dried quickly. It is convenient to use a delta brush to clean corners and areas around the baseboards.

Disadvantages: loud noise, especially when installing max power - 80 dB, price - about 19 thousand rubles.

Place # 5 - Rowenta RO 5295

Beautiful and powerful vacuum cleaner conventional floor construction, with a black body and silver elements. Under an elegant black lid is a 3 liter dust collector. Refers to budgetary categories, suitable for home cleaning 2-3-room apartment.

The range is about 8 m, limited to a 6-meter length of power cable. To clean large rooms, you will have to use an extension cord or switch the device to another outlet. Case dimensions are small, and medium-sized wheels - thanks to this, the model is convenient to move during cleaning.

Technical data:

  • type - floor, ordinary;
  • cleaning system - cycle. 1.5 liter filter;
  • additional nozzles - there is;
  • power - 1900 W;
  • cord - 5 m.

Users like traction stability - dust and small debris easily fall into the container, you do not have to drive the nozzle many times in one place. Attracts attention and Beautiful design.

The main inconvenience is cleaning the dust bag: to get it, you must first unhook the hose, then open the cover. Also, many are not satisfied with loud noise - 84 dB.

Place # 6 - Rowenta RH 8995

The model continues the line of Air Force cyclone vacuum cleaners. The attention is attracted by the bright red color and characteristic of this series. delta-nozzle. Light weight - only 3.91 kg.

The device is easy to use for the entire cleaning period, the duration of which is 75 minutes. But you must remember that charging takes at least 360 minutes.

The battery stick is not tied to a power outlet, therefore it is not limited to a specific range. The level of the dust collector does not affect the suction power, the device effectively removes dirt throughout the entire process.

Technical data:

  • type - vertical;
  • cleaning system - cycle. filter 0.5 l;
  • additional nozzles - there is;
  • power - no data;
  • cord - no, runs on battery power.

The main positive side of the vacuum cleaner is a light weight, and the child easily copes with it. Stylish appearance, ease of use also belong to the pluses. Power adjustment on the handle, the mode can be selected depending on the coating and the level of contamination.

An obvious minus is the noise level of 77 dB, a characteristic feature of all vertical models of the Rovent brand.

Place # 7 - Rowenta RO 8341

Beautiful model with a blue case and silver inserts with a power consumption of 750 watts. Suction power - an important indicator - is not the greatest, but suitable for regular home use.

The main advantage is rich nozzle setincluding a turbo brush and a 2 liter dust collector. This model uses a cyclone filter, not a traditional bag, so you don’t have to spend extra money on buying new dust collectors. Only clean the plastic container from time to time.

The cord length is impressive - 8.4 m, which will allow you to expand the cleaning radius to 11 m. This is a pretty nice bonus - for most Rovent vacuum cleaners, the cord is 5 m long. The weight is small, a little more than 6 kg, which means moving around the rooms or transportation of the device will not be a problem. There is a convenient handle for carrying.

Technical data:

  • type - floor, ordinary;
  • cleaning system - with a cyclone of 2 l;
  • additional nozzles - there is;
  • power - 750 W;
  • weight - 6.2 kg;
  • cord - 8.4 m.

Buyers rated the power of the device, the quality of cleaning and ease of use.Filling the container occurs after several cleanings. It needs to be serviced periodically.

The noise level is acceptable - 68 dB. The kit includes a HEPA 13 filter, microfilter, telescope tube. Of the nozzles, the manufacturer offers the following: floor / carpet, parquet; telescopic slotted, small.

The owners note that this vacuum cleaner is beautiful, convenient, it collects dust well from parquet and carpets.

No significant minuses were found, except for the price - this model is by no means budgetary.

Place # 8 - Rowenta RO 6984

Stylish and practical vacuum cleaner of the usual type with sophisticated filtration system and cyclone garbage collection. The manufacturer claims that 99.98% of the smallest dust, allergens and microbes remain in the dust bag. Noise - only 75 dB.

A big plus - the model is equipped with a special mini-brush, which carefully collects wool from upholstered furniture and carpets, not without reason the device belongs to the series animal care systems.

The second advantage is an additional feature - fluid collection options, which may become necessary in an emergency in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Technical data:

  • type - floor, ordinary;
  • cleaning system - cycle. 2.5 l filter;
  • additional nozzles - there is;
  • power - 750 W;
  • weight - 5.1 kg;
  • cord - 6.2 m.

Advantages of the model: high-quality cleaning, maneuverability, compactness, light weight. Very convenient maintenance - the dust collector is removed from the housing in one motion.

The only drawback is that there is no power adjustment.

Place # 9 - Rowenta RO 3786

A beautiful steel-colored model with a cyclone-type cleaning system. It has a characteristic power of 750 W characteristic for the last line of the Rovent brand. In a set - a set of nozzles allowing to make full-fledged cleaning in the house.

The capacity of the garbage container is small - 1.5 liters, so it is recommended to purchase the model for small apartments. The radius of action is about 9 m. The wheels are rubberized, therefore, when moving, the laminate or parquet does not scratch.

Technical data:

  • type - floor, ordinary;
  • cleaning system - cycle. 1.5 liter filter;
  • additional nozzles - there is;
  • power - 750 W;
  • weight - 3.6 kg;
  • cord - 6.2 m.

Users appreciated ease of use and quality of cleaning. The dust collector is small, but its design allows for quick cleaning and does not take much time. Due to the weight of 3.6 kg, the device is easy to carry from room to room.

The disadvantage is noise - 79 dB, as well as the lack of a power regulator.

Place # 10 - Rowenta RO 3985EA

Compact, lightweight representative of the line Compact power practical black. As a dust bag - a bag, but its volume is large for such a small model - as much as 3 liters. The bag is an element of a filtration; it improves hygiene of operation along with the HEPA filter.

Power 750 W provides high-quality cleaning of various coatings for floors, armchairs and sofas. The manufacturer claims that this model uses an eco-engine to reduce energy consumption by half.

Technical data:

  • type - floor, ordinary;
  • cleaning system - with a bag of 3 l;
  • additional nozzles - there is;
  • power - 750 W;
  • weight - 3.68 kg;
  • cord - 6.2 m.

Advantages of the model: complete with a convenient mini-brush for collecting "naughty" garbage, low noise - 75 dB, good suction power, compactness. This pet vacuum cleaner will appeal to pet owners.

The disadvantage is the need to replace the bag, for the purchase of which you will have to regularly spend money.

Vacuum cleaner recommendations

When purchasing a Rovent vacuum cleaner, you should evaluate each model you like from different angles.

Criteria vacuum cleaner selection:

  • functionality;
  • technical specifications;
  • equipment;
  • quality of cleaning;
  • ease of operation and maintenance.

All Roventa models are designed for dry cleaning. If you need a multifunctional device with the ability to wash the floor, then you should look for it from other manufacturers.In solving this issue will help rating of washing vacuum cleaners.

The type of vacuum cleaner can be identified by the marking:

  • RO - These are the usual floor models on wheels;
  • Rh - vertical sticks resembling a mop in shape.

Among the second type there are also 2-in-1 models with a detachable portable mini-vacuum cleaner.

Both floor and vertical models differ in shape, design features and color.

Technical parameters are indicated in the instructions.

Attention should be paid to such characteristics:

  • noisiness
  • power consumption;
  • suction power;
  • type and volume of the dust bag;
  • power cable length;
  • weight and dimensions.

If the noise level is unimportant, you can purchase a model with an indicator of 82-84 dB, but for fans of quiet cleaning, Roventa offers solutions with a noise level of 75 dB. If this indicator is not enough, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with silent units other manufacturers.

The power consumption for new models with a cyclone is 750 watts. Among the traditional vacuum cleaners with a bag, there are devices with a capacity of 1900-2000 watts.

750 W Roventa Vacuum Cleaner
But the degree of purity is more affected by such an indicator as suction power. Unfortunately, its value is not always indicated in the technical data sheet of the device. Average recommended values ​​for the home - 200-400 watts

Dust bag causes difficulties during maintenance. To get it, you first have to open the lid, and for some vacuum cleaners, unfasten the hose. But on the other hand, the volume of the bag pleases, as a rule, it is the same for all models of the Rovent brand - 3 l. Minus - the need for replacement.

Cyclone Models much more convenient to maintain. The process of spilling debris occurs quickly, which is important for people with a shortage of free time. In addition, the plastic container does not need to be replaced, if used correctly, its shelf life is equal to the term of use of the device.

A few tips for a successful purchase:

Recently, the Rovent brand has released many new products, reviews of which are very few. But even in appearance, you can guess that the latest solutions are slightly modernized representatives of previous series.

Therefore, to find out more about the characteristics or quality of cleaning of a particular model, you should look for an alternative in design that is similar in design from the "old" ones.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Recommendations for choosing a household vacuum cleaner in the following video:

Roventa occupies a worthy place among manufacturers of cleaning equipment due to the release of vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning. The “vacuum” line of the German brand came to life due to a large number of new products. Among the latest models are both budget devices with a bag and expensive "cyclones" with additional functions.

Looking for an inexpensive and high-quality vacuum cleaner for cleaning an apartment or a house? Or is there an experience in applying the technique of the Rovent brand? Tell our readers about the quality of work, the nuances of the operation of such equipment. Share your personal experiences and ask questions - the comment form is located below.

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  1. We have been holding the Rowenta vacuum cleaner for a year now. During use, I noted that the cord is quite long, the vacuum cleaner itself is powerful, this is evident by the quality of carpet cleaning and the strength of suction to it. The trash bin is easy to remove and just as easy to clean. The vacuum cleaner is not heavy, even I, a fragile girl, can carry it around the apartment. The vacuum cleaner has large maneuverable wheels.

  2. I have a RO 2712EA. It has long been serving faithfully) It’s probably not very suitable for a house, but ideal for an apartment. Here, a small cord length is not a problem, and the bag lasts for several cleanings, and compact dimensions go as a definite plus. Its power is high, it perfectly removes dust, cleans carpets and upholstered furniture, and also copes well with wool and hair.