Philips vacuum cleaners: top ten offers on the market + selection recommendations

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Author: Natalya Listyeva
Last update: July 2019

Philips vacuum cleaners are practical and reliable indoor cleaning equipment. They are distinguished by good build quality, reliable fasteners and a robust housing.

The minimum set includes nozzles for floors, carpet, narrow crevices and baseboards. Advanced modules are equipped with additional elements that increase cleaning efficiency and facilitate the process.

Next, we will talk about the top ten models of the brand, give their technical characteristics, and also indicate the advantages and disadvantages in the opinion of users.

Top 10 Philips Brands

In the ranking list of Philips brand vacuum cleaners, there are 10 of the most popular household appliances. These models have become the best-selling in the past year and a half.

1st place - Philips FC8296 PowerGo

Philips FC8296 is classic appliance for quick and comfortable home cleaning. Due to its high power, it eliminates pollution even from thick, fleecy surfaces. It weighs little and does not cause difficulties when carrying.


  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • consumption - 2000 W;
  • suction - 350 W;
  • dust collecting capacity - 3 l bag;
  • noise - 82 dB;
  • cord - 6 m;
  • complete set - a set of nozzles, a combined 2-in-1 brush, a brush for removing wool from furniture, a rotating nozzle Turbo brush;
  • optional features - cleaning dust, small debris, hair and wool from smooth and fleecy surfaces, cleaning hard-to-reach places and narrow openings;
  • add-ons - high performance filter Super clean airable to hold more than 99% of harmful particles, cord auto-winding button;
  • weight - 4.3 kg.

Customers give models high marks for suction power, which allows efficient removal of debris from different types of surfaces. I like the compactness of the dimensions and the large number of nozzles that come with the kit.

Clients do not observe expressed minuses. Some are unhappy that the dust bag is disposable and needs to be replaced, however, this can not be called a complete flaw.

2nd place - Philips FC9733 PowerPro Expert

The device is characterized by high suction power for household vacuum cleaners and is suitable not only for standard cleaning, but also for deep cleaning of premises from pet hair even during molting.

It has rubberized wheels, leaves no residue on the laminate and parquet flooring, easily moves on thick, fleecy surfaces. Moderately noisy and at the same time covers an extensive area due to the long network cable.


  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • consumption - 2100 W;
  • absorption - 420 W;
  • dust collecting capacity - cyclonic tank 2 l;
  • noise - 79 dB;
  • cord - 7 m;
  • complete set - aerodynamic nozzles floor / carpet TriActive + and Diamond flex for parquet with the ability to rotate 180 degrees, HEPA13 filter;
  • optional features - daily and general cleaning, cleaning surfaces from deeply ingrained dust, professional and highly effective parquet care;
  • add-ons - a special compartment for nozzles, an anti-allergenic output filter, rubberized wheels, a power adjustment lever on the case;
  • weight - 5.5 kg.

Owners of the model admire its unsurpassed power. The unit is so strong that it easily removes the hair of cats and dogs from smooth floors and fleecy rugs, removes hair, micro debris and dust that has been eaten deep into the coatings.

Outlet air is cleaned with a special anti-allergenic filter. As a result, after cleaning the room does not smell like burnt dust.

Some customers say that sometimes the unit is noisy. However, this applies only to the moments of cleaning at the highest power and is a natural manifestation of a progressive, multi-speed engine.

3rd place - Philips FC8293 PowerGo

Budget vacuum cleaner with optimal functionality, reasonable power and a set of necessary nozzles are stably in demand. The presence of a telescopic tube makes it possible to configure the unit for the growth of the user.


  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • consumption - 1800 W;
  • suction - 300 W;
  • dust collecting container - bag s-bag 3 l;
  • noise - 82 dB;
  • cord - 6 m;
  • complete set - nozzle for cleaning gaps and combi-option floor / carpet, fine filter
  • optional features - dust removal from surfaces of various types, including carpets with deep pile;
  • add-ons - storage space for additional nozzles, filter Super Clean Air;
  • weight - 4.3 kg.

Customers note a pronounced suction power of the device, quite sufficient for regular restoring order in a normal living room. I like that the level of fullness of the dust-collecting bag does not affect the performance and efficiency.

Of the minuses, the absence of a power regulator, the inconvenient attachment of a brush with a tube on the vacuum cleaner body and the simplified external case design are mentioned.

4th place - Philips FC6169

Progressive and elegant handsome man with a catchy design and detailed functionality belongs to the class of vertical battery models.

The absence of a power cord does not restrict movement during the cleaning process. At any time, you can detach the upper unit and continue manual cleaning.


  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • battery voltage - 18 V;
  • dust collecting capacity - 0.6 L cyclone unit;
  • noise - 83 dB;
  • the battery is lithium-ion;
  • complete set - fine filter, turbo brush for enhanced cleaning Turbo and Nozzle TriActive, classic 2-in-1 nozzle and mini-turbo for soft surfaces;
  • optional features - work on one charge for 40 minutes, full recovery in 300 minutes;
  • add-ons - suction power regulator on the handle, technology Powercyclone, increasing the efficiency of cleaning events, a charge level indicator, auto shut off when discharging, convenient parking anywhere;
  • the weight of the device is 3.2 kg.

Customers consider the main advantage of the product to be light weight, comfort and constant readiness for cleaning. No need to remove the unit from the storage room and connect a long mains cable.

It is enough to remove the vacuum cleaner from the station, press one button and within a few minutes remove the local contamination that has accidentally appeared.

The device also does global general cleaning, and in a short time.Nozzles are diverse and make it possible to process not only the floor, but also furniture with different upholstery, skirting boards, crevices and hard-to-reach spots.

I like the presence of two speed modes and a long operating time on one charge. But there are no flaws in the model.

5th place - Philips FC9911 PowerPro Ultimate

Powerful, strong and maneuverable vacuum cleaner easily copes with difficult tasks and allows you to effectively remove deeply ingrained dust, small and large debris, hair and hair of pets from various surfaces.

The air at the outlet undergoes multi-stage cleaning and is completely freed from irritants. This function makes the device relevant for use by allergy sufferers and people suffering from pulmonary diseases and asthmatic manifestations.


  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • consumption - 2200 W;
  • suction - 400 W;
  • dust collecting capacity - 2.2 l cyclone tank;
  • noise - 80 dB;
  • cord - 6 m;
  • complete set - brushes small and full-size, crevice nozzle, TriActive + floor / carpet "3-in-1", telescopic tube made of stainless steel with anodized coating;
  • optional features - power control on the handle, automatic winding of the cord, efficient cleaning of contaminants;
  • add-ons - filter Ultra Clean Air HEPA 13 high dust holding technology Nano cleancontributing to dust settling at the bottom of the container at the time of opening, aerodynamic design PowerCyclone 7rubberized wheels that do not scratch the laminate and parquet;
  • weight - 6.3 kg.

Customers like the original design, the most powerful suction ability and optimal noise during operation. Customers note that cleaning with this vacuum cleaner is easier and much faster.

Thanks to nozzles of various shapes and purposes, the unit reaches the most isolated corners of the room and quickly makes them completely clean.

Significant minuses were not identified. Some users faced a deterioration in the auto-winding mechanism, but this problem did not appear in the mass and, rather, became a technical drawback of a single product.

6th place - Philips FC8383 Performer Compact

A simple, quite powerful device, not burdened by any excesses. Differs in high-quality assembly and the strong case.

Rubberized wheels make the unit maneuverable and make it easy to move around any type of cover without even getting bogged down in dense pile.


  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • consumption - 2000 W;
  • absorption - 375 W;
  • dust collecting capacity - 3 l bag;
  • noise - 83 dB;
  • cord - 5 m;
  • equipment - advanced floor / carpet brush Extraclean for smooth coatings and pile, nozzle for dust and cleaning crevices;
  • optional features - technology Airflow maxproviding excellent suction power regardless of the level of fullness of the dust collector and the duration of cleaning activities;
  • additions - a place for storing nozzles, a self-winding cord, a synthetic dust collector with a ribbed surface, good air permeability, but reliably retaining dust;
  • weight - 4.5 kg.

Customers point to good power, ergonomics, light weight, a smooth initial launch and the availability of replacement bags for both branded and analog ones.

A combination of a reasonable price with normal functionality and high performance deserves special praise.

Of the minuses, the lack of a power regulator and the softness of the hose, which twists and wrinkles during operation, are mentioned.

7th place - Philips FC9071 Jewel

One of the most powerful in its class, the FC9071 Jewel has enjoyed steady popularity for more than a year. It surpasses classmates in many ways and allows you to quickly clean large spaces without physical exertion.

It easily moves on the surface on large wheels, maneuvers well and, despite its exceptional strength, does not create a pronounced noise effect.

Due to the long cable connection has a large-scale working coverage and makes it possible to get to any remote place in the room.


  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • consumption - 2000 W;
  • suction - 450 W;
  • dust collecting capacity - 3 l bag;
  • noise - 76 dB;
  • cord - 7 m;
  • complete set - brushes aerodynamic floor / carpet Tri-active and a small one for local cleaning, a nozzle for cleaning cracks, a metal telescopic tube with a varnish coating;
  • optional features - deep cleaning of smooth and fleecy surfaces, simultaneous removal of dust and large debris, adjustment of power level on the body;
  • additions - a compartment for saving nozzles, washing filters HEPA 13 and HEPA AirSeal, with enhanced functions of dust particles retention, indicator notification about filling the dust-collecting tank;
  • weight - 5.7 kg.

What impresses users most about this model is the combination of high suction power with a quiet sound.

A powerful vacuum cleaner works much quieter than many premium battery models and makes it possible to clean at any convenient time of the day, without fear of disturbing other residents or neighbors.

The owners did not find critical flaws in the device. There were complaints about the lack of bristles. Some customers noted that the handle for horizontal carrying would not hurt, but the unit did not cause any serious complaints.

A detailed overview of this model of vacuum cleaner can be found at the link.

8th place - Philips FC6404 Power Pro Aqua

Compact, maneuverable and convenient device Ideal for daily cleanliness in small city apartments. It activates quickly and moves easily due to the absence of cords that are constantly tangled under your feet.


  • type of cleaning - dry and wet;
  • battery type - lithium-ion;
  • suction - 26 W;
  • dust collecting capacity - 0.6 l cyclone tank;
  • noise - 83 dB;
  • cord - no;
  • complete set - nozzle TriActive Turbo for the simultaneous collection of particles of dust, hair and wool, nozzle for wet cleaning and cleaning crevices, microfiber nozzle;
  • optional features - vertical and manual cleaning, fluid collection, wet cleaning of surfaces with water or detergent, 2-in-1 function for cleaning floors and furniture, compatibility with any floor coverings, working on a single charge for 40 minutes, full recovery in 5 hours;
  • add-ons - a 0.2 L plug-in unit for clean water, a washable 3-layer filter;
  • weight - 3.2 kg.

Owners note the general comfort of using the device, the optimal weight and the ability to quickly conduct local cleaning events on a single charge in rooms from 40 to 50 sq.m.

The wet cleaning function is not satisfactory. Clients indicate that this type of cleaning is comparable only to a quick wipe of the mop and does not give a significant effect. Some consider the model to be overpriced.

9th place - Philips FC8796 SmartPro Easy

Attractive and compact robot cleaner. For orientation in space, the FC8796 has 23 sensors, the battery life is 115 minutes, and it takes 240 minutes to restore the battery charge.

The vacuum cleaner is installed UltraHygiene EPA12holding up to 99.5% of dust - this barrier prevents the return of garbage into the air.

Intelligent technology implemented in a robotic unit Smart detection 2 - the device analyzes the situation, adjusting the cleaning mode. After reducing the charge, the vacuum cleaner goes to the base on its own. The robot operates in 4 modes, it is possible to schedule cleaning for 24 hours in advance.


  • type of cleaning - dry and wet;
  • suction power - maximum 600 Pa;
  • dust collecting capacity - cyclone filter, 400 ml;
  • noise - no data;
  • cord - missing, battery operation;
  • equipment - side brush, remote control, microfiber nozzle, charging base;
  • optional features - 4 modes of cleaning and movement;
  • add-ons - timer, filtering EPA 12;
  • weight - 2 kg.

A large number of reviews indicates the popularity of the model. Among the advantages distinguish: quiet operation, ease of maintenance, ultra-thin body (5.58 cm), cleaning efficiency.

Identified cons: the lack of a virtual wall, the difficulty of entering obstacles - a fleecy carpet, the dubious quality of wet cleaning over large areas. The device does not build a map of the room, hits the corners, and sometimes it takes a long time to search for a base.

A robotic appliance is more like an addition to the more powerful traditional vacuum cleaner for everyday use. Such a unit is best used in small rooms without carpets.

10th place - Philips FC8776 SmartPro Compact

Highly progressive home robot assistant with good power and a wide range of functions. It moves around the room independently and in one pass serves a strip 30 cm wide.

Depending on the given program, it can walk in a spiral, in a circle and along walls. It works for 120 minutes without recharging. Fully restored in 4 hours.


  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • the battery is lithium-ion;
  • consumption - 24 W;
  • dust-collecting capacity - a cyclone compartment with a volume of 0.3 l;
  • noise - 58 dB;
  • cord - no;
  • complete set - brush TriActive XLpractical side brushes, AC power adapter, charging station;
  • optional features - 4 cleaning modes, correct cleaning of hard coatings, stage sensor;
  • add-ons - a protective bumper, softening the blow at the moment of collision with furniture, walls or doorways, 4 driving wheels, facilitating movement on difficult surfaces and improving overall passability;
  • weight - 1.73 kg.

Customers believe that this unit is perfect for daily cleaning of spacious rooms with smooth surfaces. Separately, they note a very quiet operation and the ability to independently choose the cleaning mode depending on the level of pollution.

The disadvantages include problematic movement on fleecy surfaces and a tendency to entangle in wires. Dissatisfaction is caused by the external case, which is very sensitive to mechanical damage, especially when in contact with metal elements (batteries, etc.).

We recommend that you review the overview of this model of vacuum cleaner, which is presented in this stuff.

Some tips for buyers

Before buying, it is advisable to take into account your wishes for power, type of vacuum cleaner, a set of options that future equipment should have. We will examine in more detail with important characteristics.

The first parameter to look at is the suction power. The higher this indicator, the faster and more thoroughly the vacuum cleaner will clean the room.

This is especially important for families with children and owners of long-haired and furry pets. It is better for such customers to choose models with a suction power of 400 watts or more. Weaker units simply can not cope with the load.

The second important position is the volume of the dust bag. If he is small, cyclone capacity or the bag will have to be cleaned or changed regularly. The tank will not have a large volume of this problem, but if it is full above 50%, the suction capacity may drop.

Replaceable Philips Bags
For Philips vacuum cleaners, it's best to buy branded replacement dust bags. They are better than analog ones in quality, reliably hold particles of garbage inside and do not tear even at 100% fullness.

The third criterion is overall usability. The most comfortable are robots. They can clean the room on their own and only at strictly specified times.

To implement this plan, the owner just needs to set a program and do not have to think more about cleanliness of the house. However, such “smart” helpers are worth a lot and are beyond the means of many.

A vertical vacuum cleaner takes up minimal space, runs on battery power and is always at hand. With its help, you can remove small debris from the floor and furniture in a couple of minutes, remove dust or any other pollution that has clogged up in the corner.

But to carry out general cleaning at a time with such an appliance is unlikely to succeed. For global and long-term clean-up events, a vertical vacuum cleaner simply does not have enough battery power.

Philips Vacuum Cleaner
Battery models work very smoothly with smooth surfaces. Brushes and nozzles are designed to gently care for parquet and laminate, without leaving scratches and scuffs

A classic unit with good power easily removes all types of contaminants from surfaces of any type and helps tear the room to a shine.

But its storage requires space, and the network cable inevitably gets underfoot and clings to furniture during the cleaning process.

Therefore, before buying, you need to determine the range of upcoming tasks for household appliances and only then make a choice.

Tips for choosing a vacuum cleaner for the home are presented in this stuff.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to choose a vacuum cleaner - interesting nuances of the process in the author’s video:

Which vacuum cleaner model is better - with or without a bag. Valuable tips for buyers:

What you need to know about washing vacuums:

Buying a vacuum cleaner from the Philips brand is a crucial moment that requires attention and a balanced approach.

The assortment line includes simple low-cost products, functional and high-power mid-level units, progressive vertical modules with a battery and smart robots that work independently according to a given program.

Among the many samples, the buyer without any difficulties will find for himself the most suitable version of household appliances.

If you have questions about the topic of the article when you’re familiarizing yourself with the information, or you can supplement the material with valuable information regarding the choice of a vacuum cleaner - leave your comments, share your experience, participate in the discussions in the block below.

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