Miele vacuum cleaners: top ten models, user reviews + customer recommendations

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All Miele vacuum cleaners, regardless of type and series, are able to fully satisfy the needs of customers in terms of cleanliness and hygiene of the premises. The average life of the units exceeds 20 years.

Each device passes special testing. During this procedure, finished models are activated and continuously work for 1000 hours. If no problems arise, the batch goes on open sale.

The main advantages of Miele technology

Vacuum cleaners from the brand of household appliances Miele are deservedly popular. They differ from models of other brands by accurate assembly, good performance and high level of reliability.

Mile technique in the living room
Tightness of the case is a characteristic feature of Miele devices. It is provided by durable rubber seals laid along the joints and connectors. As a result, dirty air does not leak through the seams and does not spoil the general atmosphere in the room

Each line of vacuum cleaners of the German company Mile has its own specifics and demonstrates maximum efficiency in certain operating conditions.

This allows the client to choose the device in strict accordance with personal needs, without overpaying for unclaimed functions.

Among the advantages inherent in all products include such items as:

  • ergonomics;
  • maneuverability;
  • strength of connecting and fastening elements;
  • outward elegance;
  • practicality;
  • prolonged service life.

For its models, the company gives a company guarantee and provides quality service in certified service centers.

Parts used for repair or replacement are shipped from Europe. Masters have the appropriate qualifications and are well versed in all the nuances associated with the technique.

We also offer to get acquainted with principles of vacuum cleaners various designs.

The specific features of vacuum cleaners

Mile company is actively developing and widely applying progressive innovations and modern technologies in production. Thanks to this approach, the products become more efficient and acquire additional optional features that simplify and speed up the harvesting process.

Mile instruments are equipped with shock absorbing wheels Dynamicdrivefixed on steel axles. Rubberized rollers perfectly maneuver and rotate freely 360 degrees. Smooth surfaces do not scratch or wipe, even with intensive cleaning.

Miele brand vacuum cleaner on the floor
In the process of removing dust and debris, aggregates from Mila move easily and do not create additional noise on smooth, hard surfaces. Brushes glide easily and leave no residue on the floor

In the floor models are engines with smooth acceleration. After switching on, they do not immediately “break off” from the spot, but evenly gain momentum to achieve operating power. This technology significantly reduces motor wear and protects the electrical network from overloads.

Filtration system Airclean has a multi-stage structure and provides a high level of purity of the exhaust air.

All nozzles are easily put on a soaking-up tube. A characteristic click suggests that the perfectly accurate position is occupied and that you can safely proceed to restore order.

Rating of the best models from Mile

The rating list includes 10 modules manufactured at the company's production facilities in Germany. They are equipped with a universal filter mount that provides multi-level cleaning of the outgoing air flow.

This makes it possible to install a new generation filtering unit even in the simplest, most cost-effective devices released several years ago.

Place # 1 - Miele SBAD0

An inexpensive, compact and powerful vacuum cleaner consumes the optimal amount of electricity and copes well with cleaning up the premises, regardless of their size.

Main parameters:

  • power - 1400 W;
  • a kind of dust bag - a bag HyClean 4,5 l;
  • optional features - cleaning fleecy and smooth surfaces, care for upholstered furniture, removing stubborn dust from crevices and narrow spaces;
  • what is included - a nine-stage filtration complex, nozzles for floors, crevices, shelves and furniture, brush nozzle with artificial bristles;
  • add-ons - a compartment for storing nozzles, a flavor function, a practical and reliable system for connecting a telescopic tube and nozzles, a temperature limiter that protects the engine from overheating, an indicator for filling the dust container;
  • noise level - 79 dB;
  • cable length - 5.5 m;
  • weight - 5.85 kg.

Users praise the suction power, low noise even when operating in high power mode, good mobility, resistance to mechanical damage and build quality.

Customers do not like two positions - a too short network cable and expensive replaceable bags.

Place # 2 - Miele SDAB3

Stylish and manoeuvrable unit with high suction power. Vacuum cleaner series Compact C2 PowerLine It attracts attention with a snow-white casing, excellent equipment and quite quiet operation - an engine with a noise reduction system is installed in the device.

Main parameters:

  • power - 1800 W;
  • a kind of dust bag - a bag HyClean 3.5 liters with a protective net;
  • optional features - all types of cleaning activities on smooth and fleecy surfaces;
  • what is included - a nozzle for gentle cleaning with bristles, a brush for upholstered furniture, a nozzle for the floor and a slot adapter;
  • add-ons - auto-winding cord, filter Aircleantelescopic tube, 6-speed power switch on the housing, tank fill indicator, place for nozzles;
  • noise - no data;
  • cable length - 6.5 m;
  • weight - 6.5 kg.

Users are satisfied with good and stable power, a capacious bag, compactness and maneuverability. To store a vacuum cleaner, you can select a high shelf in the cabinet.

Complaints about blowing air up during operation, the inconvenience of the handle due to the atypical angle of inclination. Some consider the cost to be slightly overpriced for such parameters.

Place # 3 - Miele SDCB0 HEPA

The model implements a highly efficient filtration system created from advanced components Hepa13. The cable length allows you to carry out cleaning activities within a radius of 10 meters from the electrical outlet.

The general design provides the ability to wind the hose on a telescopic pipe, secure the suction part into the grooves on the housing, preparing the vacuum cleaner for compact storage.

Main parameters:

  • power - 1800 W;
  • a kind of dust collector - a multi-layer bag of 3.5 l;
  • optional features - efficient and quick cleaning of rooms, removal of dust deposits, stubborn dirt, crumbs and debris, care and maintenance of upholstered furniture and textile surfaces;
  • what is included - nozzles for floors, crevices / baseboards / shelves and furniture cleaning, HEPA filters;
  • add-ons - a separate internal compartment for storing nozzles, vertical / horizontal parking, smooth engine start;
  • noise level - 79 dB;
  • cable length - 6.5 m;
  • weight - 6.5 kg.

The buyers like the vacuum cleaner for its ability to quickly and efficiently remove dust deposits without creating excessive noise in the process.

Of the minuses, users distinguish not always the correct operation of cable auto-winding and the high cost of consumables being replaced.

Place # 4 - Miele SGDA0

A convenient, practical and solid model for cleaning large rooms has a long network cable and a spacious dust bag.

It equally well removes dust, dirt, debris, hair, wool and fluff from smooth surfaces, carpets and rugs. Not afraid of intensive operational loads. Automatically shuts off in the event of engine overheating.

Main parameters:

  • power - 2000 W;
  • a kind of dust collector - a bag with a volume of 4.5 liters;
  • optional features - highly efficient cleaning of floor coverings, upholstered furniture and hard-to-reach narrow spaces of the room, cleaning of crevices, cornices and baseboards;
  • what is included - parquet, slotted and furniture nozzles, brush nozzle with natural bristles for enhanced cleaning;
  • add-ons - six-step power adjustment, holders for the suction tube on the sides and the back of the case, economical energy consumption (class A), ergonomic front handle for transfer;
  • noise level - 79 dB;
  • cable length - 7.5 m;
  • weight - 6.9 kg.

The module is highly appreciated by customers for combining suction power with a low-noise process and unsurpassed efficiency.

The owners say that he easily copes not only with ordinary dust and debris, but also qualitatively removes the undercoat of molt animals from floor coverings and furniture.

The disadvantages customers include only the rather high cost of the device. However, almost everyone agrees that the product of a German manufacturer is still worth the money given and performs its functions perfectly.

Place # 5 - Miele SGFA0 HEPA

Progressive unit for cleaning rooms in any level of pollution. Thanks to the innovative filtering system, it thoroughly cleans the exhaust air flow, avoiding the appearance of an unpleasant smell of burning dust in the room.

Main parameters:

  • power - 2000 W;
  • a kind of dust collector - a bag of multilayer material 4,5 l;
  • optional features - dry daily and general cleaning, care for upholstered furniture and textiles, cleaning cornices and household appliances;
  • what is included - nozzle for smooth / deep coating, long and short slotted nozzles, universal brush;
  • add-ons - soft bumper to protect against damage when in contact with furniture, walls and supporting structures, nine-level airflow filtering, foot activation / deactivation switch;
  • sound effect - 79 dB;
  • cable length - 7.5 m;
  • weight - 6.9 kg.

A solid premium segment unit is praised for its flawless assembly, good housing quality, great retracting power and the presence of grounding on the handle, completely eliminating accidental electric shock.

Functional deficiencies could not be identified. Some users pointed to a heavier telescopic tube, but this point is more likely to relate to individual perception and does not attract real minus.

Rank # 6 - Miele SKRR3 Blizzard CX1 Red

Premium Representative Blizzard CX1 Series. The new generation German unit operates on monocyclone technology Vortex.

With a small working capacity and economical energy consumption, it has excellent suction capacity. Thoroughly cleans the exhaust air stream and removes allergens and irritants from it.

Main parameters:

  • power - 1100 W;
  • a kind of dust collector - cyclonic capacity of 2 l;
  • optional features - dry cleaning of residential premises;
  • what is included - nozzles for crevices, skirting boards, cornices and upholstered furniture, nozzle for delicate cleaning, telescopic tube Comfort
  • add-ons - filter Gore cleanstreamoption Click2openproviding the convenience of cleaning the container, parking system;
  • noise - 76 dB;
  • cable length - 6.5 m
  • weight - 6.5 kg.

Among the advantages, users highlight the ergonomic handle, the absence of the need to change bags, ease of maintenance, quiet operation at minimum power, good and stable traction.

Of the minuses, the bulkiness of the equipment is distinguished, the absence of the ON / OFF button on the handle, insufficiently tight closing of the lid due to which the vacuum cleaner body can be covered with dust.

Place # 7 - Miele SGEA0 Cat & Dog

This is an ideal assistant for maintaining order in rooms where there are fluffy pets.

The device easily collects from the floor, furniture and textile coatings not only hard wool of animals, but also soft undercoat that deeply eats into carpets even with the most minimal pile.

New generation filter prevents odors from the dust bag Active airclean.

Main parameters:

  • power - 2000 W;
  • a kind of dust collector - a 4.5 l replaceable bag;
  • optional features - effective maintenance of perfect order, cleanliness and hygiene in rooms where there are pets;
  • what is included - a set of nozzles for cleaning surfaces of different structures and qualities, a turbo brush, nozzle Airteq for cleaning the floor at low power;
  • add-ons - carbon filter for enhanced air purification and neutralization of unpleasant odors, shockproof housing made of modern durable plastic;
  • noise level - 79 dB;
  • cable length - 7.5 m;
  • weight - 8.2 kg.

Customers who have already bought the module note that it fully meets the expectations and fulfills all the promises given by the manufacturer.

Using a progressive turbo brush from fleecy carpets and smooth coatings, all costs of molting long-haired animals, dust and small debris are easily removed.

The unit is reproached with a high price and too noisy work when processing the room with a turbo brush.

Place # 8 - Miele SGMA0 Special

The solid, powerful flagship of the brand is equipped with an economical engine capable of developing greater suction power with minimal energy consumption.

Main parameters:

  • power - 2000 W
  • a kind of dust collector - HyClean GN 4.5 l bag
  • optional features - prolonged dry cleaning of any complexity in houses and apartments
  • what is included - a set of nozzles for cleaning soft, hard and polished surfaces, HEPA filters, a turbo brush
  • additions - activation and adjustment of power on the handle, fixing the fasteners of nozzles and brushes, cable winding system Comfort, maneuverable castors on steel axles that do not damage glossy surfaces, ergonomic control handle
  • noise - 80 dB
  • cable length - 7.5 m
  • weight - 9.78 kg

About the vacuum cleaner respond positively.They praise his strength, suction power and high level of efficiency of all harvesting events carried out with German equipment.

The stumbling block for many is only the high cost of a branded device.

Place # 9 - Miele SKCR3 Blizzard CX1 Parquet

Cyclone vacuum cleaner Blizzard CX1 Series improved configuration. The unit is a premium segment, therefore, its price is appropriate. The vacuum cleaner shows good power, moderate noise, excellent floor cleaning quality.

Advanced equipment makes this cleaning device a universal assistant for the care of various types of floor coverings, as well as for cleaning cabinet and upholstered furniture.

Main parameters:

  • power - 900 W;
  • a kind of dust collector - cyclone filter 2 l;
  • optional features - dry cleaning;
  • what is included - nozzles for crevices, for upholstered furniture, a universal brush for the floor, as well as a special one for parquet and laminate - Parquet twister;
  • add-ons - filter element HEPA AirClean Lifetimeoption Click2open - non-contact emptying of the dust container, handle EcoComfortmount for brushes;
  • noise - 76 dB;
  • cable length - 6.5 m;
  • weight - 8.56 kg.

Like all models of the Blizzard CX1 series, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with technology Vortexproviding a powerful air stream. The highlight of the vacuum cleaner in question is the shock absorbing wheel system Dynamicdrive. Such a chassis provides smooth movement of the unit and a careful attitude to floor coverings.

Buyers are satisfied with the power of technology, maneuverability and very quiet operation. Pleased with the possibility of vertical parking, the provided attachment for nozzles and a special parquet brush.

The model is ranked ninth because of the high cost and some shortcomings. Users note the difficulty of extending the extra nozzle on the handle, a short cord and the lack of a turbo brush in the kit.

Rank # 10 - Miele SJQL0 Scout RX1

An innovative robot capable of working in 5 different modes. Designed for high-quality cleaning of smooth surfaces and carpets with low and medium levels of pile.

Main parameters:

  • battery life - up to 120 minutes;
  • a kind of dust collector - 0.6 l cyclone capacity;
  • optional features - the technology of "trouble-free" movement, following a predetermined path for the full cleaning of floor coverings, scanning the space to avoid collisions with furniture and falls;
  • what is included - side brush, soft bumper;
  • add-ons - internal navigation system, remote control, magnetic tape to limit the processing area, timer and built-in clock;
  • sound effect - 65 dB;
  • cable length - no;
  • weight - 2.87 kg.

Owners consider a big advantage a capacious battery, which allows you to clean not only a small room, but also a spacious apartment or house at a time.

Among the shortcomings are the inability to set a cleaning program for the days of the week, poor cleaning in the corners and the need for repeated passage through areas of severe pollution.

Valuable Buyer Tips

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you need to clearly focus on the characteristics of the room and personal requirements for the quality of cleaning.

If there are a lot of long-pile carpets in the house, it is worth choosing the unit with the highest suction power. Only he will quickly remove all the dust, ingrained in a deep and soft coating.

Mile vacuum cleaner brush
To achieve maximum cleaning results, you can purchase a high-power device equipped with a special electric brush. An additional accessory will speed up the harvesting process and increase its efficiency by 25-30%

Pet owners need to pay close attention to the series Cat & dog. It presents models that qualitatively remove fluff, wool and coarse hair from floor coverings and furniture.

In addition, the units of the line are equipped with a filter complex Active Airclean. It absorbs unpleasant odors and inhibits their spread throughout the premises.

The owners of apartments and houses with predominantly smooth floor coverings are suitable devices from the series Parquetequipped with a special brush for thorough, but gentle care for hard surfaces.

Such models will quickly collect dust, dirt and debris, without damaging the glossy floor susceptible to external influences.

Vacuum cleaner Mile with storage for nozzles
Miele appliances are a good option for a small apartment. They are compact, take up little space and can be parked both horizontally and vertically. For nozzles there is a place inside the housing or a convenient mount on the outside

The universal solution for complex cleaning will be the representative of the series Total care. Thanks to a large number of nozzles of various formats, he can cope with cleaning both smooth and fleecy surfaces, furniture and textiles, eliminates dust in crevices and clean up places that are difficult to reach.

A progressive filter complex will effectively eliminate all unpleasant odors and prevent them from seeping into the room.

We also recommend that you read our other article, where we described in detail what criteria you need to pay attention to when choosing a vacuum cleaner for the home. More details - go to the link.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The rules for choosing a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning in an apartment or house according to optional capabilities, number and type of nozzles:

The difference between the Miele models with bags from cyclones:

Features of the dust bag in the aggregates of the German brand Mile:

Devices manufactured under the Miele brand are equipped with only the necessary options and are equipped with useful nozzles, which always have applications in both a compact apartment and a spacious house.

The German manufacturer does not seek to impose anything superfluous on the client and produces several lines of models for certain tasks. By purchasing a vacuum cleaner, the client receives a device that is fully and fully consistent with its needs and requirements.

Do you have something to supplement our material with? Or Have a question about choosing a Miele vacuum cleaner? You can leave comments on publications, participate in discussions and share your own experience in choosing cleaning units. The contact form is located below.

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