Rating of Midea vacuum cleaners: an overview of the best models + what to look at when buying brand equipment

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Midea vacuum cleaners have a special place in the home appliance market. Most models from the assortment of the brand belong to the budget segment. Inexpensive, outwardly attractive instruments are easy to operate and do not require a long study of the instructions before use.

The set of nozzles includes only the most necessary items. Together with them, the process of maintaining order in an ordinary apartment, a cozy studio, a house or a spacious cottage becomes easy, fast and pleasant.

The power of the units varies from small to high indicators. Focusing on them, the client can easily find for himself the most successful and best-priced product.

Features of harvesting equipment

Midea modules differ from competitors' devices in a bright, attractive appearance, simplified functionality and low weight. The devices are equipped with simple engines, and the housing is made of durable household plastic.

The exhaust air purification system is equipped with a universal microfilter. The products of the new lines are equipped with advanced HEPA filtration systems.

Midea vacuum cleaner on smooth floor
On the universal brushes of vacuum cleaners from the Chinese brand Midea there is a special lever. It allows you to quickly switch the nozzle from cleaning the carpet to cleaning the laminate, linoleum, parquet and vice versa with one click

There are no narrowly targeted devices in the company’s catalog for cleaning only smooth surfaces, removing pet molt products, or collecting accidentally spilled water. All units perform normal functions and do not offer anything else to users.

The lack of bells and whistles, innovative developments and technological innovations allows the company to keep low prices on products and in this way discourage customers from more famous, expensive brands.

TOP 10 vacuum cleaners of the brand Midea

Midea cleaning household appliances are available in several of the most requested options.

The assortment line includes traditional models with dust bags of different capacities, progressive cyclones, advanced 2-in-1 hand-operated products powered by a battery, and smart cleaning robots.

On devices, the brand sets loyal prices. Thanks to this, the products are well sold and successfully compete with devices of other manufacturers.

The rating list contains models that are most often sold over the past year through online stores and supermarkets of home appliances. They turned out to be the most popular and received the highest ratings from real users.

1st place - Midea VCB33A2

Compact, manoeuvrable and attractive in appearance budget device for collecting garbage and dust combines good quality work with low noise effect.

Easy to move on smooth and fleecy surfaces. It has an indicator showing how full the dust container is.


  • suction draft - 250 W;
  • engine power - 1400 W;
  • where the dust is collected - one and a half liter dense bag;
  • cleaning class - dry;
  • where the power is regulated - on the body using a mechanical element;
  • completeness - a set of nozzles for cleaning fleecy and smooth coatings, crevices and narrow spaces;
  • cord length - 4.5 m;
  • noise - 74 dB;
  • product weight - 2.5 kg.

Buyers are generally satisfied with the model and respond positively about it. Like good mobility, stability and optimum retraction force small specks, mixed debris and dust particles. Light weight makes it easy to carry the product around the apartment during the cleaning process.

On the downside, customers rank the short power cord and the case arrangement of the processing mode controller.

A lot of complaints are caused by a plastic sliding tube for suction. In the process of cleaning activities, it is highly electrified and forces to take breaks during the cleaning of large spaces.

2nd place - Midea MVCB52A

Elegant design, quiet operation and high power make this model very popular with buyers. A bag-type vacuum cleaner with a very spacious dust collector is an excellent choice for cleaning spacious rooms.

Among the additional advantages can be identified: the presence of a full indicator of the garbage tank, as well as two power switches - on the handle and body.


  • suction draft - 450 W;
  • engine power - 2200 W;
  • where the dust is collected - a 6 liter bag;
  • cleaning class - dry;
  • where the speed is regulated - on the hull and the handle;
  • completeness - nozzles for upholstered and cabinet furniture, combined brush floor / carpet;
  • cord length - 7 m;
  • noise - 62 dB;
  • product weight - 7.6 kg.

Most users respond very well to the model. Almost everyone notes high power, quiet operation, ease of operation, a long cord and the practicality of nozzles.

Identified shortcomings: large dimensions, lack of a turbo brush in the kit, insufficiently tight connection of the hose with the dust collector.

3rd place - Midea VCC35A01K

A simple vacuum cleaner to maintain cleanliness and order does a good job of removing surface dust, debris, hair and other contaminants. Thanks to the telescopic tube, it reaches difficult places. Facilitates the care of furniture, textiles, cornices and baseboards.


  • suction rod - 250 watts;
  • engine power - 1800 W;
  • where the dust is collected - a 1.5 liter cyclone tank;
  • cleaning class - dry;
  • where the speed is regulated - on the body of the product;
  • completeness - crevice and dust nozzles, universal combi brush carpet / floor with foot switch;
  • cord length - 4.5 m;
  • noise - 75 dB;
  • product weight - 4.2 kg.

Customers say that the vacuum cleaner performs its functions, does not overheat during prolonged cleaning and easy to move in the room.The nozzles included in the kit make it possible to carry out cleaning events not only on large empty spaces of the room, but also in the corners and along the baseboards.

Complaints are caused by too short a wire to connect to the network and excessive noise during engine operation at maximum power.

4th place - Midea VCM38M1

Inexpensive, but modern and advanced model for high-quality home cleaning is not equipped with a bag, but cyclone type container. It effectively holds particles of dust and debris inside, and at the end of cleaning it is easily cleaned.

The engine starts smoothly and quite quiet. The microfilter handles outgoing air well and removes all irritants from it.


  • suction draft - 350 W;
  • engine power - 1800 W;
  • where the dust is collected - 3 liter cyclone container;
  • cleaning class - dry;
  • where the speed is regulated - on the case;
  • completeness - the main combi brush for floor and carpet, dust parquet nozzle;
  • cord length - 5 m;
  • noise level - 69 dB;
  • product weight - 4.8 kg.

Low price and good working ability make the module attractive in the eyes of users. The strength and power of the unit allows you to quickly clean large areas and collect all the garbage at a time, without wasting time on additional approaches.

Equipping the wheels of the unit with a rubber coating allows the device to be used on smooth surfaces without fear of damaging, scratching or rubbing parquet, tile or laminate.

Not very convenient owners consider a cyclone container. It quickly fills up and requires cleaning after 2-4 cleanings. There is a problem with consumables. The original filter is almost never found on the market, and analogues are not always suitable in design.

5th place - Midea VCB43B1

Comfortable, practical and modern budget line vacuum cleaner It has an optimal retracting force, copes well with cleaning surfaces of various types and structures.

It does not overheat in the process of cleaning events. Steadily keeps on a floor, does not turn over and economically consumes electric energy.


  • suction draft - 320 W;
  • engine power - 1600 W;
  • where the dust is collected - a dense roomy bag of 3 l;
  • cleaning class - dry;
  • where the speed is regulated - on the front of the case;
  • completeness - a standard set of nozzles;
  • cord length - 5 m;
  • noise - 69 dB;
  • product weight - 5.7 kg.

Owners celebrate good suction capacity module, high-quality filtration HEPA systemergonomic handle for vertical transfer and relatively quiet operation even in the most active mode.

As a minus they call the specific smell of plastic, palpable during the first operation. Then, according to users, it loses intensity and eventually disappears completely, but right after the purchase this moment is very noticeable.

Small brush rollers cause a lot of complaints. Hair is often wound around them, and the rotation stops. The brush no longer slides on the floor, but shuffles, making an unpleasant sound. The wheels of the model do not have a rubber coating and wipe smooth, hard surfaces, leaving unaesthetic marks on them.

6th place - Midea VCS43A15

New from Midea - high power bagless vacuum cleaner. The 450 W suction capacity allows you to quickly and efficiently clean high pile carpets, tiles, laminate and other floor coverings.

The unit attracts the attention of customers with an attractive design, compactness and good equipment. The power switch is located on the case, there is an automatic winding and foot button "ON / OFF".


  • suction draft - 450 W;
  • engine power - 2200 W;
  • where the dust is collected - 3 liter cyclone filter;
  • cleaning class - dry;
  • where the speed is regulated - on the hull;
  • completeness - mini turbo brush for upholstered furniture, nozzles floor / carpet and crevice;
  • cord length - 5 m;
  • noise - 74 dB;
  • product weight - 6.9 kg.

The model is installed HEPA filter, and also provides a smooth start of the engine.

The VCS43A15 vacuum cleaner appeared on the market not so long ago, so it is difficult to give an objective assessment of its performance. But those users who managed to try the equipment in practice are satisfied with the purchase, despite the fact that the price of the model is slightly higher than other household units from Midea.

7th place - Midea MVCB45A1

A lightweight version of a powerful vacuum cleaner with excellent retraction force It is not afraid of intensive use and can work for a long time without disconnecting from the outlet. Perfectly draws dust deposits from fluffy and fleecy carpets.

Helps maintain perfect order in highly polluted rooms. At one time removes from any coatings animal molt products, threads, hair and small particles of debris.


  • suction draft - 430 W;
  • engine power - 2000 W;
  • where dust collects - a capacious bag;
  • cleaning class - dry;
  • where the speed is regulated - on the case;
  • completeness - a mini-turbo brush, a set of nozzles for a carpet, smooth floor, furniture, crevices, cornices and baseboards;
  • cord length - 7 m;
  • noise level - 65 dB;
  • product weight - 5.8 kg.

Progressive filter HEPA system effectively cleans the exhaust air from dust particles and makes it more pleasant for breathing.

Good suction power of the unit makes it possible to carry out not only the daily scheduled, but also the deep general cleaning. Silent work allows you to use a vacuum cleaner without disturbing anyone in the room and without disturbing your neighbors.

Somewhat complicates the cleaning process is a short telescopic tube. Too large dimensions of the main brush make it uncomfortable and bulky. To get with it to hard-to-reach places is problematic.

The rollers installed inside the brush are very noisy when moving, quickly clogged with hair and stop turning well. Sometimes on smooth surfaces the vacuum cleaner leaves traces of passage and mashing.

8th place - Midea VSS01B150P

Vertical Battery Type with a removable portable vacuum cleaner for cleaning the car interior and cleaning hard to reach places. The model has an attractive design, is compact in size and light.

Power adjustment on the handle, there is a shutdown when overheating, a tank fill indicator. The NiMH battery is included in the package, its capacity of 1500 mAh ensures continuous cleaning for 20 minutes. It takes 300 minutes to restore battery power.


  • operating voltage - 14.4 V;
  • where the dust is collected - cyclone filter, 0.35 l;
  • cleaning class - dry;
  • where the speed is regulated - on the handle;
  • completeness - a portable detachable manual vacuum cleaner, an electric brush;
  • the length of the cord is not;
  • noise - no data;
  • product weight - 2.2 kg.

The vacuum cleaner is more suitable for quick everyday cleaning. It is very light and even a child can handle it. The noise is insignificant, does not require much storage space.

Some were unsatisfied with the power of the unit and the limited time.

9th place - Midea VSS01A14P

Progressive vertical manual module It works relatively quietly, easily moves on smooth surfaces and does not scratch parquet and laminate. An active turbo brush effectively removes not only dust and small debris from the floor, but also pet hair, fluff and hair.

The design provides a convenient and simple detachment of the upper part of the module for more intensive cleaning activities in small locations or furniture.


  • a variety of the battery pack - NiMH with a capacity of 2200 mAh;
  • operating time on one charge - up to 55 minutes;
  • how much is needed for a full recovery - 270 min;
  • where the dust is collected - a 0.3 liter cyclone;
  • where the speed is regulated - on the handle;
  • cleaning class - dry;
  • completeness - turbo brush, combi nozzle “2-in-1”;
  • noise - 74 dB;
  • product weight - 3.25 kg.

Users praise the model for the combination low price with wide capabilities and high quality efficiency. The compact device takes up a minimum of space, charges quickly and is always at hand. The absence of wires makes it possible to clean everywhere, regardless of the electrical outlet and without getting confused in the wires.

Two power levels allow deep intensive cleaning and instantly remove suddenly appeared garbage, crumbs, spilled cereal products, sand or earth from flower pots.

There is only one drawback of the product - a weak filtration system. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy such a vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

10th place - Midea MVCR01

Small and agile robot cleaner With a minimum number of additional options, it is inexpensive and performs all the basic functions of a home cleaner. It is controlled by a special remote control. It is easily cleaned and independently returns to the base after global cleaning of the room.


  • a variety of the battery pack - NiMH capacity of 1000 mAh;
  • operating time on one charge - up to 1 hour;
  • how much is needed for a full recovery - 300 min;
  • where the dust is collected - a 0.3 liter cyclone;
  • cleaning class - dry;
  • completeness - side brush, control panel, soft bumper;
  • noise - 70 dB;
  • product weight - 3.5 kg.

Of the positive qualities, the owners primarily mention the price of the device, much lower than that of similar units of competing brands. Very like quiet work and the ability to shift some of the cleaning activities to the robot.

They do not like the small battery capacity, the lack of an option to build a room map and the problem with buying consumables. In addition, the owners report that the robot does a poor job cleaning carpets and gets confused in wires.

Tips for potential buyers

The Chinese company Midea produces household vacuum cleaners of a budget and mid-price category. Even progressive upright models and smart robots are inexpensive compared to many other brands. However, this does not mean at all that the technique is not trustworthy.

Midea vacuum cleaner after cleaning
Simple and affordable units of the Chinese manufacturer are in great demand. Owners recommend using them not only for rare local cleanings, but also for global cleaning before the holidays

When planning a purchase, you should know that the company produces vacuum cleaners only for dry cleaning. When do you need a device for wet cleaning, it is worth paying attention to the products of other brands. There are simply no such products in the brand catalog.

If a vacuum cleaner is required for a small apartment with predominantly smooth coatings, it is enough to purchase a simple option with a total power of up to one and a half thousand watts.

Such units have a suction power of up to 300 watts, but this is enough to remove dust from the floor, laminate or linoleum.

Owners of fluffy pets should pay attention to stronger units with a working power in the range from 350 watts to 450 watts.

A vacuum cleaner with such capabilities will instantly pick up shreds of wool from any gender, pull out the fluff from the fleecy carpet and help keep living spaces of any size in order, even during the period of active molting of the animal.

Residents of city apartments should choose more quiet vacuum cleaners. Then the cleaning can be carried out at a convenient time for themselves, without disturbing the neighbors on the landing.

Midea carpet cleaner with pile
The Midea product line has vacuum cleaners that combine high suction power with quiet operation, not exceeding 62 dB. Such a unit will be a lifesaver for owners of spacious rooms with fleecy coatings on the floor

For older people, simple, inexpensive models with a minimum of functions are perfect. They are lightweight, inexpensive and significantly facilitate the process of maintaining order in the room.

More tips for choosing a home vacuum cleaner can be found at this stuff.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to find and buy a good dry cleaning machine:

Which vacuum cleaner to prefer - with a bag or with a cyclone tank:

Should I buy a Chinese robot vacuum cleaner. Interesting information for potential customers:

By purchasing a vacuum cleaner manufactured at Midea's production facilities, the client receives a workable unit with a set of necessary functions. The brand does not overload models with cool, but not always necessary bells and whistles, but seeks to make reliable cleaning equipment at the best price.

Each unit receives an annual guarantee for free repair and the right to service in branded service centers. To pick up original consumables for equipment is not so simple. But they can be replaced with inexpensive analogues and continue to operate in a comfortable mode.

Please share with our readers your own experience in choosing and using a vacuum cleaner for your home. Tell us on which model you chose and what guided you. Write your comments, share your experience, ask questions - the contact block is located under the article.

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  1. Valeria

    Now there are a lot of unknown brands that produce literally everything: from dummies to fridges and washing machines. I haven’t heard anything bad about Midea. I know that they occupy the budget segment, so their requirements should not be increased. My friend's Midea VCC35A01K is not bad, it definitely rolls with her money. The only thing I didn’t like was that it was quite noisy.

  2. Valentine

    We have a Midea VCB43B1, we must pay tribute to him: he fulfills his money honestly. I was more than pleased with this technique. It is inexpensive, but it works very well. We paid 3000 for a vacuum cleaner, its power is good. Yes, of course, there are no frills, but it copes with its functions. In general, I recommend a closer look. The only thing I don't like is, of course, the bag. Constantly have to shake. And all the same, dust particles settle there, you won’t learn how to deal with it, just change the bag over time.