Makita Vacuum Cleaners: Top 8 Brand Brands and Tips for Interested Buyers

Evgenia Kravchenko
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Author: Tatyana Zakharova
Last update: August 2019

Household Makita cleaning equipment is not as popular in Russia as Samsung or Philips, but the range of models on the market is quite diverse. In addition to home appliances, Makita's powerful industrial and garden vacuum cleaners are present, as well as the company's latest development - compact cleaning robots.

Consider how the Japanese positively differ from the competitors' alternative equipment, and what are their disadvantages.

TOP 8 best Makita vacuum cleaners

In terms of popularity and sales level, vertical low-power models for the home are in the lead - it was they who got to the first steps of the rating. However, users also recognized the benefits and other types of vacuum cleaners, therefore, consider their capabilities.

Place # 1 - DCL181FZ

Comfortable compact model for universal use: Suitable for both home cleaning and dust removal at a car dealership. It does not perform washing functions, but this is a property of all vertical / manual Makita appliances. It runs on battery power, one cycle - only 20 minutes.

The trash bin is small, designed for daily cleaning. If you clean up regularly, then its volume is quite enough for the "kopeck piece". It is equipped with a crevice nozzle that helps to penetrate into corners and distant areas under furniture.

Technical specifications:

  • type - manual;
  • cleaning - dry, cyclone 0.65 l;
  • battery - yes;
  • additional nozzles - 1 piece;
  • suction power. - 30 watts;
  • weight - 1.2 kg;
  • the cord is not.

Due to its lightness and small dimensions, the two-speed appliance becomes a permanent household assistant: it quickly removes dirt in the hallway, crumbs spread across the floor in the kitchen, and book dust on the shelves. It works responsibly, rarely gets into repair.

The main minus is the equipment. Users are unhappy that they have to buy the battery and charger separately, as well as the pre-filter.

Place # 2 - CL106FDZ

The model, in design reminiscent of the first. However, it has some technical differences - a slightly higher capacity, but a slightly smaller waste bin.

Sold without battery and charger - these parts must be purchased separately.However, the quality of cleaning satisfies customers, just an understaffed device is ultimately more expensive.

Technical specifications:

  • type - manual;
  • cleaning - dry, cyclone 0.60 l;
  • battery - yes;
  • additional nozzles - 1 piece;
  • suction power. - 32 W;
  • weight - 1.0 kg;
  • the cord is not.

Light and easy-to-use model It suits everyone who loves a quick, without too much preparation cleaning. The battery device is popular with children helping family members. The quality of the tidy is excellent, all elements are safe and do not require special care.

The minus is the same as its predecessor - insufficient equipment. Not suitable for heavily soiled rooms due to the size of the dust bag. But if you clean up daily and get used to constantly shaking out the garbage, then you can buy for a large apartment.

Place # 3 - VC2512L

Construction vacuum cleaner for wet and dry cleaning. Despite its performance, the unit has quite compact dimensions. The VC2512L vacuum cleaner can be used as a dust extraction device when working with power tools - for this purpose autoplay option when turned on.

The unit has a good complete set: a plastic and textile bag, fixture for a pipe, a universal and crevice nozzle, two pipes, a hose tip with the draft regulator.

Automatic filter cleaning system - Push & cleanin a vacuum cleaner there is a built-in socket for power tools as well blow function.

Technical specifications:

  • type - ordinary;
  • cleaning - dry and wet, bag - 25 l tank;
  • the battery is not;
  • additional nozzles - 4 nozzles;
  • power - 1000 W;
  • weight - 8 kg;
  • cord - 5 m.

The vacuum cleaner is designed for the cleaning of construction waste, relevant dust class L - soft wood, graphite, artificial stone and other safe non-toxic substances.

Customers are happy with the purchase - the cost justifies functionality and power of equipment. Some note a not very convenient tube holder, the absence of a delay in disconnection - the vacuum cleaner turns off along with the power tool.

Place # 4 - CL100DW

One of the most convenient and easy transforming models. It differs from the previous ones in its design - in white. It operates with a capacity of 20 l / s, designed for a small amount of garbage - a dust tank of 0.6 l.

Due to the advantages of the design, it is suitable for cleaning furniture, pantries and even the ceiling - the kit includes a plastic extension tube. One working cycle lasts 12 minutes, but recharging is also quick - less than an hour.

Technical specifications:

  • type - manual + vertical;
  • cleaning - dry, cyclone 0.60 l;
  • battery - yes;
  • additional nozzles - 1 piece;
  • suction power. - 14 watts;
  • weight - 0.9 kg;
  • the cord is not.

Users like that this small-sized device has good performance. It does not cause difficulties during storage or during transportation. The house easily fits in a closet or just outside the door. A big plus is the fine filter.

The minus of the model is the way to charge the battery. It has to be taken out and inserted into the charger, models with a base are considered more convenient.

Place # 5 - CL104DWYX

The model belongs to the category car transformerswhich can be useful in the house. A device with a long handle quickly turns into a small device, which is more convenient to deal with dust in a car dealership. It operates on battery power, but not for long - 15-30 minutes, the operating time depends on the selected power - 5 W or 14 W.

In the vacuum cleaner CL104DWYX implemented cyclone technology, the volume of the dust bag is enough for a full-fledged cleaning of a two-room apartment. The suction pipe is integral, the kit includes a Li-Ion battery and charger.

Technical specifications:

  • type - manual + vertical;
  • cleaning - dry, cyclone filter 0.50 l;
  • battery - yes;
  • additional nozzles - slotted, standard;
  • suction power - 20 W;
  • weight - 1.1 kg;
  • the cord is not.

Users are satisfied compactness of the device, the presence of power adjustment on the handle, an indicator of filling the dust tank. The unit does not take up much space - it can be stored in a cabinet. The model is perfect for small rooms.

The disadvantage of a battery vacuum cleaner is the likelihood of battery failure. Users say that after 1.5-3 years, the battery stops charging and needs to be replaced.

Place # 6 - DRC200Z

Unlike household compact models, Makita's robot is serious production device, which is suitable for arranging large halls, vestibules, office premises. Its tank is designed for increased volumes of garbage - 2.5 liters.

The control is carried out either by buttons on the case, or by using the remote control, which operates at a distance of 20 m. The device operates in two modes, programming is possible, for example, choosing a cleaning time. Depending on the installed batteries, in one cycle it cleans 300-500 m² of area.

Technical specifications:

  • type - robot;
  • cleaning - dry, cyclone 2.5 l;
  • battery - yes;
  • additional nozzles - no;
  • suction power. - there is no data;
  • weight - 7.3 kg;
  • the cord is not.

Diligent robot - a great purchase for owners of warehouses, office buildings, entertainment facilities. It can be programmed for the night - by the morning there will be no trace of debris. But keep in mind that the model does not clean the floor, but only removes dirt.

Benefits - huge dust baggood performance the presence of a timer and a remote control. One drawback is the high cost (from 60 thousand rubles and above).

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the intricacies of choosing robotic vacuum cleaners for home.

Place # 7 - DVC260Z

A model that can be attributed to the usual, but in fact it is a device for limited area cleaning. It is equipped with straps for fastening on the back like a satchel, so that you can easily move along the narrow aisles of trains, aircraft, as well as in cramped warehouses or in offices.

The volume of the dust bag is large - 2 liters. The battery model charges in an hour and works with a capacity of 1,500 l / min.

Technical specifications:

  • type - knapsack;
  • cleaning - dry, 2 l bag;
  • battery - yes;
  • additional nozzles - 1 piece;
  • suction power. - there is no data;
  • weight - 3.9 kg;
  • the cord is not.

Knapsack models are not usually bought for a house, but for production or cramped public places, they are simply irreplaceable. The cleaning quality is excellent, as is the reliability of all parts.

The disadvantage is the lack of a battery and charger in the sales kit. They can be purchased separately, but in general the purchase will cost 5 thousand rubles. more expensive.

Place # 8 - BVC350Z

The second version of the “production” cleaner, which refers to manual, but it can also be worn on the shoulder strap. It works at 2 speeds, and the first allows you to save energy, since the suction power is only 15 watts. Time is “tied” to power: at the first speed, the operation cycle is 26 minutes, while at the second - only 13 minutes.

The big advantage is bulk garbage bag, as much as 3 liters. You do not need to take care of constant overflow all the time and perform a laborious cleaning procedure.

Technical specifications:

  • type - manual;
  • cleaning - dry, 3 l bag;
  • battery - yes;
  • additional nozzles - 1 piece;
  • suction power. - 50 watts;
  • weight - 2.2 kg;
  • the cord is not.

A productive professional model is purchased for offices, warehouses, shops, workshops. She has proven herself in terms of quality of cleaning and reliability of parts. The main minus is the lack of a battery and charger when buying.

Tips for choosing a model for the home

The main difference between all Makita brand vacuum cleaners is their production focus. That is, they can not be called simple household models, one way or another they are professional. Even small hand-held appliances can be used not only to collect dust on sofas, but also to clean drywall before puttying.

Disassembled vertical Makita dust
One of the features of Makit models is the simplicity of the design. Vacuum cleaners do not have 4 stages of filtration or aquafilters, but they clean dry garbage efficiently and rarely fail

Choosing a device, it is necessary to analyze all its capabilities, evaluate functionality, design features, the availability of additional options, and specifically for Makita, the configuration is very important.

By purpose and type, all vacuum cleaners are divided into several categories:

The technical parameters of the units can be found by carefully studying the instructions. We recommend that you pay attention to noise, power, design and dimensions of the dust collector, weight, presence or absence of the battery.

For professional models, Makita cleaners are relatively quiet - this is noticed by both builders and housewives. But the noise in production or garden models is higher than in vertical ones.

Makita vacuum cleaner tank with dust bag
Units are equipped with two types of dust collectors: cyclone and bags. The former are easier to clean, the latter are convenient for quick waste disposal. The volume of household containers - from 0.5 l, production - up to 20 l

Models are constantly appearing on the market, reviews of which are not yet available. But you can definitely say that they are also professional, reliable and efficient. Even the devices of the Chinese assembly fully justify their value, work without interruptions and almost do not break.

There is an article on our website where we talked in more detail about how to choose a vacuum cleaner for the home. More details - go to the link.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Hand Models Overview:

Test results for construction vacuum cleaners:

Features of building models:

According to their characteristics, manual transformers are most suitable for use in urban apartments - light, compact, but powerful enough. For a country house with a workshop and a personal plot, it is better to purchase a construction unit - it will collect chips and will help with cleaning dry foliage in the yard.

Makita vacuum cleaners are different, but they are united by the reliability and excellent cleaning quality inherent in Japanese technology.

Thinking about buying a Makita vacuum cleaner, but still have doubts? Ask for advice from our experts or other site visitors - leave comments, ask questions in the block below.

If you own a Makit vacuum cleaner, please tell us about your experience in using it. Indicate your opinion about the model, upload photos in the block with comments.

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Visitors Comments
  1. We have a construction unit, it is convenient for them to clean a large area not only at home, but also on the street. This is especially true for harvesting dry leaves in the yard. I like that there is a big tank in the vacuum cleaner. But the only drawback is the rather large weight, about 7 kg. Therefore, the husband vacuums with this vacuum cleaner. It is easy to manage, but still an instruction is attached to it.

    • Karina

      Interesting, Anna. And how do you think it is worth it? For example, it seems to me excessive to buy a construction vacuum cleaner. It is good for its purpose, but just for cleaning an apartment or house its power is excessive. Accordingly, the price of such a vacuum cleaner is more expensive. The dry leaves you mentioned are remarkably swept away by a regular panicle or rake. Is it worth it to overpay twice?

      • Expert
        Evgenia Kravchenko

        That's why he and a construction vacuum cleaner, in order to be used in the relevant field, to buy such equipment for simple cleaning in the house is inexpedient. Makita construction vacuum cleaners generally proved to be excellent, like other tools and equipment of this manufacturer.

        After repair work, a lot of construction debris and dust remain in the room, a household vacuum cleaner simply can not cope with this amount of work. And if it does, then the service life will be significantly reduced. The construction of the construction vacuum cleaner itself is made in such a way that it can collect a large amount of garbage, including large ones. Pay attention to the tank and trash bag! A vacuum cleaner can even be used to collect leaves in the yard, but buying exclusively for this is unreasonable. It is better to take specialized equipment.

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