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According to scientists, less than 10 kg of dust accumulates in a small apartment over the year. Cope with such a volume of cleaning alone is difficult, best of all vacuum cleaners of various types cope with this task. Choosing such an assistant for myself, I want him to clean cleanly and serve for a long time.

These are the aggregates of the brand LG. A well-known manufacturer produces a wide range of various devices. Relatively recently, vacuum cleaners appeared in itLG Kompressor with new features.

What is the difference between a compressor and a conventional unit?

If you compare normal cyclone vacuum cleaner and the apparatus with the compressor system, you can immediately notice the design differences. The container of the latter is additionally equipped with a blade, which is driven by the motor.

During the operation of the device, dust enters the tank, where it is pressed by a blade moving at a constant speed. The result is a fairly dense briquette.

Vacuum cleaner with compressor system
The unit with a dust pressing system is equipped with a special blade, which is driven by a motor. It compacts the dust entering the container, compressing it into compact briquettes.

It is very simple to remove from the container. It is enough to open the lid and shake the briquette. When emptying the flasks of standard cyclone devices, you inevitably have to come in contact with dust. Often it scatters when shaking, the filter is clogged with wool and debris and you have to get them.

There are no such problems with the compressor system. In addition, its use makes it possible to increase the maximum capacity of the dust bag by three times.

This means that in a container of an aggregate with a dust pressing system it will fit three times more than in a glass of the same volume as a conventional vacuum cleaner. The manufacturer is confident in the quality of his design and gives a ten-year guarantee on all elements of the compressor system, promising its uninterrupted operation.

Dust pressing system
The scheme of the dust pressing system. Its use makes it possible to accommodate three times more dust and debris in a container

Rating of the best devices

Almost all units of the brand are distinguished by high quality, efficiency and reliability. And yet, users note the best models that are in particular demand. We offer TOP devices with a compressor system.

Model No. 1 - quiet LG VK88504HUG

The model is different high suction power 420 watts, power consumption at the same time 2000 watts. This combination makes it possible to effectively clean coatings of any type, including long pile.

The user can switch the power at any time to clean a specific coating. The regulator is on the handle, which is very convenient. The handle itself is ergonomic, does not slip in the palm of your hand, provides a good grip.

The system is implemented in the unit Turbocyclonethat provides constant power of absorption. The dusty stream enters the filter, where it is separated into air and dust. The first enters the filter elements for final cleaning. Dust enters the container, is pressed and removed.

The quality of air purification is ensured by the use of the element HEPA 13/14 grade. It can be washed, which extends the filter life.

The unit is convenient to use. It is quite compact and lightweight. It weighs 6 kg, but is easy to move because it is equipped with special rollers. The telescopic aluminum tube is adjustable in size, durable and lightweight. The range of the device is 9 m, the cord is reeled up automatically.

The unit is equipped with five different nozzles, among them a turbo brush and a two-in-one brush, used for upholstered furniture.

Users are satisfied with the power of the unit and the quality of its cleaning. They note the compactness and maneuverability of the model, a low noise level. The manufacturer equipped it with a double sound absorption system, therefore, at maximum power, the device produces 78 dB.

Of the shortcomings, the insufficient length of the hose and cord is noted, which makes it not very convenient to clean large rooms.

Model No. 2 - effective LG VC73180NNTO

A good model for lovers of cleanliness in the house. Develops a suction power of 380 watts. The device will cope with the cleaning of smooth and pile coatings. You can switch the power of the device using the convenient knob on the handle. There are several operating modes for different coatings.

It consumes 1800 watts of power, which, together with the ability to regulate it, makes the vacuum cleaner quite economical. The unit is equipped with a 1.2 L polycarbonate container. This may seem insufficient, but given the availability of the system, the compressor can be safely multiplied by three.

Stable power during operation of the device is provided by the built-in Turbocyclone system. She is also “responsible” for high-quality air purification. The filter element is installed at the output. HEPA high grade 13. This allows the device to trap up to 99.9% of contamination.

The unit weighs 5.9 kg; it is quite compact, like most cyclone-type devices. A cord length of 6 m provides the unit a range of 9 m. The aluminum telescope tube is adjustable in length, making working with the device as convenient as possible.

The kit includes a main brush with a choice of carpet / floor mode and three nozzles. There are no tubes for cleaning hair and wool.

Users are satisfied with the power of the device, which is not lost during operation, dust pressing option and quality of cleaning. I like the convenient switch on the handle of the device and the adequate cost of the device.

Of the shortcomings, some model noise is noted, which during operation produces up to 82 dB. The reason is the lack of a double noise reduction system.

Model No. 3 - convenient LG VC83101UHAQ

Good choice for pet owners. The unit copes with the “excellent” cleaning of wool, since it absorbs pollution with a force of 420 watts. Able to work with smooth and fleecy surfaces.

The manufacturer offers several possible cleaning modes, varying in power. You can switch from one to another by moving the slider on the knob.

The dust container volume of 1.2 l may seem small, but given the dust pressing system, it is more than sufficient for a full cleaning of a large apartment. Telescopic tube made of aluminum. It is lightweight and comfortable to use. At the same time, the pipe is very strong and durable. The cord length is 6 m, which provides the unit with a radius of action of 9 m. The weight of the device is 6 kg.

The device features an effective air purification system. The stream goes through multi-stage filtration and is finally cleaned at the outlet with an eight-layer HEPA 13 cl. As a result, 99.9% of particles of contaminants are retained, which is confirmed by certificates of allergists.

The unit has a good complete set, including five brushes and nozzles. Especially important for pet owners is the presence of a turbo brush.

Users liked cleaning efficiency and lack of smell of dust after it. Many were pleasantly surprised by the power and the suction power that was not lost during the cleaning process. Of the shortcomings of this model, an insufficient cord length is noted. For some, the hose turned out to be not quite convenient, because it seemed too rigid.

Model No. 4 - functional LG VC73188NELR

Relatively inexpensive device with minimal trim levels. But at the same time its operational characteristics are at its best. The suction power of the device is 380 watts, and the power consumption is 1800 watts. Very good, economical combination.

Power is adjustable. On the handle of the unit is a switch that activates one of several possible cleaning modes. Ergonomic and comfortable.

Like all devices with a compressor system, this one has a small dust collector in volume. Only 1.2 liters, but it holds much more than standard analogues. Due to the fact that the container is small, the developers managed to make the unit more compact.

Used to stabilize power during operation Turbocyclone systemseparating the suction stream into dust and air.

Final cleaning takes place in a HEPA 13 filter; optionally this model can be equipped with HEPA 14. In any case, a regular replacement of the element will be required. The telescopic tube is made of aluminum, which makes it durable and light. The cord length is 5 m, this provides the unit with an 8-meter radius of action. The package is minimal and includes only two nozzles.

Users liked combination of quality and cost apparatus, the effectiveness of his cleaning. Satisfied with the extra snap button, which makes nozzle replacement easy. Among the shortcomings of this model are called the lack of a turbo brush, a short cord and some noise. The device produces 82 dB during operation.

Model No. 5 - maneuverable VK89380NSP

A model for those who have no pets at home. The unit will delight the owner of 380 W with suction power, power consumption at the same time at the level of 1800 watts. It is quite enough to get rid of pollution a smooth or pile coating.

But here, he may not be able to completely remove the wool from the long-pile carpet. To adjust the power and set the cleaning mode, use the slider on the handle.

Implemented in the unit Turbocyclone systemhelping to maintain stable power during operation. The suction pipe is adjustable in length, made of aluminum. Therefore, it is characterized by low weight and durability. The mass of the device is 5.9 kg, it is maneuverable and easily moves on the floor with the help of wheels. The radius of the vacuum cleaner is 9 m, since the length of its cord is 6 m.

The unit is quite noisy. There is no dual sound cancellation system, so it produces 82 dB during operation. The dust container is made of polycarbonate and has a volume of 1.2 liters.

The model comes with three different brushes and a nozzle for cleaning gaps.There are no special accessories for removing wool, and there is no compartment for storing nozzles either.

Users liked quality of cleaning, high suction power. Provided that the filters are replaced on time, there is no smell of dust in the air. Nozzles are practical and comfortable. Everything you need for efficient cleaning is included.

The shortcomings of the model, buyers considered the noise at work and the lack of a turbo brush, which helps to remove pet hair.

Model No. 6 - budget LG VK76A09NTCR

Powerful well-equipped unit for a small amount. The device absorbs dust with a power of 380 W, which is enough to clean almost any surface. Power adjustments are not provided, it remains constant.

A dust collector made of durable polycarbonate has a volume of 1.5 liters, which allows you to work for a long time without emptying it.

A special system is used to clean the air. Ellipse Cyclone. The filter in the dust collector has a special shape that provides the incoming air stream with high centrifugal force. With its help, on the narrowest part of the flask, dust and even its microparticles are easily separated from the air.

Further cleaning is done using the item HEPA grade 11. Eight filter layers trap contamination by 99.9%.

The unit is convenient to use. The extendable suction pipe is adjustable in length. It is made of steel and is very durable. The activation button is located on the case.

The cord extends 5 m, which provides the instrument with a range of about 8 m. After operation, it automatically reels up. The vacuum cleaner is quite light, only 5.2 kg. Four nozzles are included in the package. One of them - turbo brush for hair and wool.

Users are satisfied combination of unit cost and functionality. They like the quality of its cleaning and the hygienic removal of dust briquettes from the container. Pleased with the presence of a turbo brush and a capacious container

. The shortcomings and high noise level were attributed to the shortcomings. Given the absence of a dual sound absorption system, it is about 78 dB.

Model No. 7 - practical LG VK89682HU

Good model for quality cleaning. It consumes 1800 watts and produces 380 watts of suction power. For cleaning various surfaces, you can select the appropriate modes. The switch is located on the handle of the device, which is very convenient.

The device copes well with cleaning a smooth floor covering, as well as carpets with different pile lengths. It also removes wool, provided that a special turbo brush is used.

Stable suction force determines turbocyclone system. It also provides high-quality cleaning of the air flow from dust, which is sent to the container, where it is gently pressed. The volume of the dust bag of this model is 1.5 liters, which makes it possible to empty it quite rarely.

Output Filter - HEPA 13, optional 14. Removes up to 99.9% of particles of pollution, including allergens.

The device is easy to set up for easy cleaning. The telescopic tube can be adjusted in length. It is made of aluminum, therefore lightweight and very durable. The length of the cord determines the range of the unit. It is equal to 9 m.

The device is sold with a set of four nozzles. It has everything you need, including a turbo brush that effectively removes hair, even long, and wool.

Users praised quality of cleaning, lack of a smell of dust in the course of cleaning and after it. I like the simplicity of removing garbage briquettes from the container and the ability to regulate power during operation.

The buyers considered the drawback to be a short cord length and a fairly high level of noise emitted by the device during operation. The manufacturer claims that it reaches 77 dB.

Not only these, but also other vacuum cleaners of this brand are popular with buyers. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the most popular among users. ten models of vacuum cleaners LG.

What to consider when choosing the best model?

All lg vacuum cleaners with a compressor are of the cyclone type and have a dust pressing system. The rest of their characteristics vary significantly, when choosing it is worth considering such points:

Cyclone vacuum cleaner
On the body of the unit, the power consumption is usually indicated. She is many times more suction power and has nothing to do with it. You can find out how efficiently the vacuum cleaner will work only from the technical documentation

Suction power and power. One of the main characteristics of the device. The suction power indicates how efficiently the unit will work. A value of 250 W is considered the norm, but if it is larger, then it is better.

The devices of the series are available with power from 380 to 420 watts. The difference is small, but nevertheless, it is better for carpet owners and pet owners to choose a device with maximum suction power.

Sometimes confusion occurs when a potential buyer takes the power consumed by him, which is usually indicated on the case, as the suction power of the unit. This value is from 1500 W and higher. Its value does not affect the efficiency of the device, rather characterizes its efficiency.

Possibility of power regulation. The option may seem superfluous, but this is an erroneous opinion. It makes it possible to configure the unit for cleaning certain surfaces. For example, to clean a smooth laminate or linoleum, high power is not needed, while cleaning a carpet can not do without it.

The correctly selected mode allows gentle, but effective cleaning of any surfaces, including tulle, drapes, etc.

Power control knob
It is very convenient if the power regulator of the vacuum cleaner is on the handle of the device. Then in the process of work it will be possible to easily switch the cleaning modes, choosing the optimal

Another important point. It is optimal for the switch to be on the handle of the device. So it will be possible to quickly and without unnecessary movements translate the device into optimal mode.

Given that this will have to be done many times in one cleaning, this switch arrangement can be considered the best. After all, if the regulator is located on the case, you have to bend down to it quite often.

The volume of the glass for dust. For units with an incoming dust compaction system, the volume of the container is not so important. Their design is such that containers hold more debris than their similar tanks without a compressor system.

Therefore, the volume of 1.2-1.5 liters, which are considered small for standard devices, in this case is enough for a long time. They will collect dust as much as a device with containers of 4-4.5 liters.

Design features of the camera. Cyclonic chambers can be very different and have additional systems that improve their operational characteristics. Vacuum cleaners of this type are equipped with two types of chambers.

Turbocyclone. The system helps maintain a constant high suction power, which does not change as the container fills. Effectively separates the flow coming into the filter into dust and purified air.

Turbocyclone System
The scheme of the Turbocyclone system. Its work allows you to maintain a stable high suction power and effectively clean dusty air flow

Ellipse Cyclone. Inside the container is an element of a special shape. Due to this, the centrifugal force that separates the dust from the air stream is significantly increased. The system is able to remove even microparticles of contaminants, including plant pollen.

Number and type of filters. Any vacuum cleaner can work efficiently only with correctly selected clean filters. You need to understand that there are models with elements that need to be washed with water, there are devices with one-time filters.

It is clear that sooner or later any of them will have to be changed, but those that can be washed will last an order of magnitude longer. Therefore, before buying, you should clarify which filters are in the model you like.

It is important to know their cost and availability.Unfortunately, it often happens that it’s very difficult or even impossible to get the right type of filter. Optimally, if the unit is equipped with universal elements that are suitable for several models. As a rule, it is not difficult to purchase them, and the cost is relatively low.

The complete set of the device. Each of the models is equipped in different ways. In any case, there is a brush that can be switched to carpet / floor modes. In the first case, the bristles are removed, in the second, on the contrary, it extends.

In addition, nozzles can be used to clean crevices, for upholstered furniture, for keyboards, for fabrics and curtains, for parquet, etc. If there are animals in the house, it is recommended to use a turbo brush for cleaning.

Turbo brush for vacuum cleaner
This is how a turbo brush works. In the process of its movement, the roller with bristles inside the body rotates and wraps itself hair and wool

This is a special nozzle with a roller rotating inside the body with bristles on which the wool is wound. Optimal if it has a cover. Then the brush can easily be cleaned from the wool it has collected. Another important point is the length of the cord.

If you are not afraid of the need to plug the device into different sockets during the operation, then the cable length can be any. If this option does not suit you, you need to look for devices with the longest cord.

For more detailed recommendations on choosing a good vacuum cleaner for the house, we set out in this stuff.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Elite series, a novelty in the Lg compressor family:

How to clean the container for vacuum cleaners with a dust pressing system:

User opinion about the vacuum cleaner with compressor system:

Vacuum cleaners c The collected dust pressing system is convenient and practical. Users are very pleased that the capacity of the dust bag has been significantly increased and there is no need to come into contact with dust when emptying the container.

It is only necessary to choose the right model so that it is optimally suited for certain operating conditions. Such a vacuum cleaner will last a long time and will delight its owners with good functionality.

If you have experience using an LG vacuum cleaner with a compressor, please share it with our readers. Tell us which model they chose, are you satisfied with the operation of the device? Write your comments, ask questions, share your experience - the block for communication is located under the article.

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