Kitfort vacuum cleaners: the top ten according to customers + tips for choosing brand equipment

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Last update: July 2019

Kitfort vacuum cleaners are popular with buyers - domestic cleaning equipment of a company of Russian origin, which for some reason uses a foreign name. Moreover, this part of the assortment is distinguished by a variety of design options from the usual classic models, to robot vacuum cleaners and quite affordable cost.

We offer you to get acquainted with the most purchased models of the brand.

TOP 10 Kitfort sweepers

We’ll try to determine, based on user preferences, and commercial sales, the top ten Kitfort household vacuum cleaners.

In order to evenly distribute the equipment in the TOP according to the design, he will take equivalent parts of the modifications:

  • robotic cars;
  • hand held;
  • standard.

Given the popularity among buyers, Kitfort robotic projects were at the very top of the rating.

Following a fairly solid position occupied the apparatus of manual and combined action. Finally, the dozens continued to hold the final part of the traditional classic models.

Place # 1 - Kitfort KT-533

Kitfort's vacuum cleaner rating leader is the model identified by the KT-533 manufacturing logo. Fully automatic system, which the user recalls only when necessary to charge the battery.

Robotic sweeper, the purpose of which is dry and wet cleaning. Being an autonomous device, the KT-533 vacuum cleaner receives power from a rechargeable battery with a voltage of 14.4 volts (battery capacity 2500 mA / h.).

Charging capacity is enough for 2 hours of harvesting. The charge takes 5-6 hours.

This robot is equipped with a 300 ml waste bin. For wet cleaning, a water tank is also used, also having a capacity of 300 ml.

The compact design of the robot vacuum cleaner (315x315x71 mm) is virtually silent. According to the declared characteristics, the noise level of the machine is not higher than 60 dB.

The working weight (full equipment) is only 4.8 kg, and in the light mode, a total of 3.8 kg. The device relates to Class III electrical installations in terms of protection against possible electric shock.

Among the advantages, users call possibility of two hours of workprogramming by day of the week and excellent cleaning result.

Cons: periodically tangled in wires, does not have a dust container filling sensor and requires regular cleaning of the housing from dust, which sticks to it during operation.

Place # 2 - Kitfort KT-516

The KT-516 modification vacuum cleaner robot, created by Kitfort, claims to be one of the most powerful models in this class of sweepers. The effectiveness of cleaning the device is confirmed by practice. At the same time, the cost is comparable to budget models.

This robotic apparatus domestic purposes could take the first position in the rating, but ended up in second place due to somewhat shorter working hours (80-90 minutes) compared to the leader. In other respects, the car looks even preferable.

So, the model has a waste bin capacity of 500 ml, and the power as a whole reaches 25 W (the leader has 20 W).

True, the used battery with a voltage of 14.4 volts has a capacity of 2000 mA / h - that is, 500 mA less. This is due to the reduction of working time.

The appliance is equipped two-stage filtration system. One of the working steps (fine cleaning) is a HEPA filter.

The robot is endowed efficient turbo brushthanks to which the user receives high-quality cleaning of soft coatings. Low noise (60 dB) and relatively light (maximum 5 kg), which the owners consider an undoubted plus.

Of the minuses, problems were noted with overcoming even a low obstacle in the form of a children's puzzle mat, as well as the inability to “remember” the cleaned area - the device can be cleaned in the second circle in the just washed room.

Place # 3 - Kitfort KT-518

Only the delicate white color of the case is already attracting consumer views to the KT-518 vacuum cleaner-robot from Kitfort.

Meanwhile, a pretty shell is hidden quite effective, completely automatic garbage collector. Which, despite its attractiveness, is designed to perform dry cleaning.

Functionality of the device:

  • auto;
  • manual;
  • local;
  • Scheduled.

An interesting function of a vacuum cleaner is cleaning only by passing the area along the perimeter (along the walls). In addition, the device is configured to move randomly, in zigzags or spiral.

The working volume of the garbage collection is 300 ml. The capacity of a fully charged battery (2600 mA / h) is enough for 110-130 minutes of operation. The battery is charged up to 100% capacity in about 4-5 hours.

Meanwhile, a power supply unit (charging module) with an increased operating voltage of 19 volts is used for this model.

It is also worth noting that this device is one of the lightest structures of the robotic type - 2.1 kg without equipment and 3.6 kg with full equipment, quiet and cleaned well. What users consider a virtue. Perhaps this is the main reason for getting the equipment to the third line of the TOP-10 rating.

But among the minuses they call a small garbage container and a manufacturer’s defect - the device does not clean within a radius of 1 meter around the base.

We also offer to familiarize yourself with the rating of Kitfort robotic vacuum cleaners, which is presented in this stuff.

Place # 4 - Kitfort KT-531

Budget option, when compared with the prices of previously noted models. It was the affordable cost that most likely helped the KT-531 vacuum cleaner-robot from Kitfort to reach the fourth position.

Again stands out attractive design, but also the functionality does not lag behind in the effectiveness of the action. An interesting autonomous class sweeper.

As for technical and operational characteristics, the device does not differ in super efficient cleaning, but cleanliness in the house, according to the owners, ensures a good level.

The power supply unit of the charging module generates a voltage of 24 volts. The battery is used nickel-metal hydride, under an operating voltage of 14.4 volts, with a working capacity of 1000 mA / h. The cleaning time on the battery, subject to a full charge, is 40-60 minutes.

This model is not equipped with a turbo brush, but in terms of equipment maintenance, this approach seems even more convenient for the user.The cleaning mode is exceptionally dry.

The advantages of the KT-531 vacuum cleaner are two side brushes. Doubling the number of such cleaning tools, compared to classic models, leads to increased speed and better cleaning quality.

The owners also highlight its reliability among the advantages, affordable price tag and the ability to perform their cleaning functions perfectly.

Of the minuses, they call only the lack of wet cleaning options and related accessories.

Place # 5 - Kitfort KT-527

Wireless model vertical sweeper. In fact, a universal tool, because it is easily transformed into a mobile handheld device.

Such equipment is now in high demand. Therefore, it is not surprising that the vacuum cleaner from Kitfort model KT-527 reached the fifth position in the TOP-10 rating.

This technique is built on wireless technology. A vertical vacuum cleaner will not replace a robot, but the quality of cleaning with this machine is clearly not affected. On the contrary, the manufacturer claims impressive results.

This device for household cleaning is equipped with a rotary turbo brush, the design of which, in addition to everything else, is complemented by a backlight.

With such a tool, cleaning becomes available in almost any place and even where there is a lack of lighting. By the way, it is permissible to “brush” the brush not only on the working rod, but also on the flexible hose.

The trash bin is easy to remove and wash. During operation, two speeds are available to the owner of the vacuum cleaner. At low, the action time is limited to 40 minutes, and at high, the machine runs for about 25 minutes.

Processing Objects:

  • household;
  • country house;
  • Offices
  • car interiors.

For power, a 22.2 volt battery with a capacity of 2200 mA / h is used.

Compact vertical vacuum cleaner - A clear advantage for owners of housing with a small living space. In the parking lot, the KT-527 does not take up much space. In addition, the design allows partial disassembly, which leads to additional space savings.

Of the minuses, users point to a small dust collector, its inconvenient emptying and a long battery charge. Although 240 minutes is a pretty good indicator.

Place # 6 - Kitfort KT-509

One more vertical modelMarked as Kitfort CT-509. True, in this embodiment, wireless technology was not used. The developers decided to limit themselves to the cable option for power supply.

More powerful design than KT-527 (650 watts vs 90 watts). However, this machine already belongs to the category of designs of vacuum cleaners that receive power through the cable. Accordingly, the sixth place in the ranking, as wired models are popular just below wireless systems.

The filtration system of the machine is based on a cyclone design with HEPA filter. An easily removable garbage collection container (1.2 l) is used.

Used filter elements must be cleaned. The device supports the transformation from a vertical model to mobile hand model.

Meanwhile, the system is quite noisy, which the owners note as a clear minus. According to technical parameters, the noise level is 80 dB. But in practice, the sensation is all 85 dB. True, unenviable noise characteristics are compensated by the low weight of the equipment - a maximum of 2 kg.

The main advantages of this model, users consider high power, convenience in processing various types of surfaces, Great price.

Place # 7 - Kitfort KT-525

Vertical vacuum cleaner KT-525 resembles something original in technological design. But all originality is a cyclone filter that has already proved itself in practice in combination with design fantasies.

This version of the sweeper is represented by three modifications. Each differs in some varieties of design, in particular, color performance. However, in terms of technical characteristics, all three modifications are almost identical.

A typical model is a wired connection to an electrical network. Power consumption - 600 watts. This version is not as noisy as the previous one (76 dB), but has less suction power.

The design is also based on cyclone filtration incoming air. Coarse and fine filters allow washing. The set of working nozzles includes three brushes for different surfaces and cleaning conditions.

The vacuum cleaner transforms from a vertical state into compact handheld device. Moreover, the transformation is carried out literally at the touch of a button.

This point is noted as useful by many users, as it makes it possible to quickly switch from one type of cleaning to another. They also praised the long cord, ease of use.

Of the minuses - flimsy plastic, creaking of individual components and an uncomfortable main nozzle.

Place # 8 - Kitfort KT-513

Ergonomic and relatively lightweight (3 kg) cleaning system, which can be used both for cleaning local areas and for general cleaning.

Nothing supernatural. Small in size motor, rod and working nozzle. This simplicity contributed to getting the model into the coveted eight, as the buyer never refused the affordable cost.

The design of Kitfort KT-513 is based on the principle of cyclone filtration of air flow. The garbage container (capacity 0.4 l) is removed as dust accumulates and emptied in one motion. The dust collector is equipped with a fine filter, which allows washing if necessary.

Compact design increases the feeling of comfort at work. However, judging by the reviews of the owners, the suction power of this model leaves much to be desired, despite the claimed power of 500 watts.

Nevertheless, the eighth place in the rating, which can be explained, most likely, by the external side of the design. Meanwhile, the appearance, created on the basis of plastic, also does not inspire much confidence in terms of reliable operation.

This model, like all others, has transformation function. That is, the machine is quickly and easily transferred from one operating mode to another. It is enough to detach the floor bar to create a manual vacuum cleaner.

Still among his dignity is the ease of management and maintenance, quick waste bin cleaning.

Place # 9 - Kitfort KT-522

In ninth position classic design - Kitfort KT-522. This model is presented on the market in three versions, the differences between which in fact are determined only by the color painting of the case.

The already classic Kitfort KT-522 model is seen as the best option for the average buyer. Sufficient efficiency, good power and a very low price.

The power consumption declared by the manufacturer reaches the level of 1400 W. Filtration system - cyclone, supplemented with filtering elements of coarse and fine cleaning. The volume of the garbage collection is 2 liters.

Working nozzles are mounted on a tube-rod (telescope) made of light metal. In turn, the tube-rod is connected to the vacuum cleaner through a flexible corrugated hose. In general - a classic of household cleaning machines.

The development is a representative of wired cleaning systems - connection to the electric network via cable. A five-meter-long electrical cord is automatically unwound and unwound if necessary.

The following disadvantages were noted: a rather noisy machine (80 dB) and also heavy with respect to female labor (5.6 kg). However, if you take into account the movement of the vacuum cleaner with large diameter wheels, this factor can be ignored.

As for the pros, here is high powerallowing carpet cleaning, the convenience of usepractical dust collector.

Place # 10 - Kitfort KT-529

The tenth place of the rating, according to user preferences, received exclusively manual model KT-529 Kitfort brand. The device is a super portable cordless handheld vacuum cleaner - this is one of those useful little things that help a lot, for example, to clean the car interior.

Similar designs of vacuum cleaners are also in use by the consumer of household cleaning equipment. Despite the small size and low power (40 W), the manual control machine copes not only with dust, but also sucks the liquid.

The design accommodates a small capacity waste container. This element provides dust collection in the volume of 0.55 liters, and in the case of cleaning liquids - 0.15 liters.

Given that the system is supported by battery power, a base charge station (9.6 V, 0.25 A) is supplied with the machine.

Complete set of nozzles consists of three working elements: silicone, pile and slotted nozzles. what users mark as a virtue. Also a plus is the ease of construction - the mass of a handheld vacuum cleaner is not more than 1.25 kg when fully equipped.

A relatively quiet model (70 dB), the duration of which, with a fully charged battery, is 18 minutes. Owners consider short working capacity the main disadvantage of the device.

Recommendations to potential buyers

What are the recommendations typical for potential buyers in the case of Kitfort household vacuum cleaners? First of all - the warranty period established for all types of cleaning equipment. By rating TOP-10, this factor is overlooked, but in vain.

If you pay attention to the declared warranty period, the manufacturer Kitfort does not give more than 1 year. What is 1 year of operation of a vacuum cleaner?

We can say - the first acquaintance with the machine for household cleaning. It turns out, not having time to get acquainted with the device, it's time to say goodbye.

Hand vacuum cleaner from Kitfort
When choosing a technique, you need to pay attention to the configuration and test directly in the store the capabilities of the model you like. Also, such a test will evaluate its noise and usability

The next point is the unreasonably low prices of some household cleaning machines. The catalog of brand vacuum cleaners contains models, the cost of which is 2000 rubles. A serious technique, in principle, cannot cost that much money. Then what do these price tags hide?

Thus, choosing something from the products of the manufacturer in question, you should not buy “in a hurry”. It is recommended to take a closer look. Carefully study the offers, specifications, examine the ratings.

A scrupulous approach to the selection will leave more chances to purchase high-quality equipment at an affordable price.

Read more about how to choose a good vacuum cleaner for the home. Further.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Features of various types of cleaning equipment and recommendations for choosing the optimal model for domestic use:

Ratings, of course, help to choose equipment for specific consumer needs. However, you should not rely 100% on the ratings presented. The logical approach to the choice is when several criteria are used, including a review of characteristics, reviews and comparison with competitors.

We decided to purchase a Kitfort vacuum cleaner for the home, but doubt your own choice? Ask your questions to our experts or other visitors to the site - the owners of the equipment will be happy to help you make the choice.

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  1. Dambit

    I own a Kitfotr vacuum cleaner, namely the KT-518 model (robot), I took, so to speak, a try. To be honest, I didn’t expect anything extraordinary from the Russian brand for some reason, besides I have a rather budget option ($ 150). But the benefit of my expectations did not materialize, a good device for its price, I have been using it for about 2 months. There are no complaints about the assembly and quality of materials, I recommend trying if you do not want to spend a large amount of money on a robot vacuum cleaner.

  2. Kitfort - a Russian company that collects from foreign components or is everything completely domestic?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. The company's products are assembled in China, but in general, the founding company is located in Russia.

  3. Vitaliy

    Don’t tell my slippers a robot vacuum cleaner :))) tell me how much time and mat you need to clean long hair from the brushes of this device :))) this is a completely toy for tiled floors and fun cats.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. How much long hair do you need and how much do you need not to clean to clog the brushes so that they can be cleaned with the mat for a long time? 🙂