What brand of vacuum cleaners is better to buy: TOP-8 rating of brands of cleaning equipment manufacturers

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Before buying cleaning equipment for use at home, you need to determine not only the list of desired options, the cost of equipment, but also immediately decide which brand of vacuum cleaners is better to buy. Efficiency, functionality, quality, durability of the product, as well as technical and design features, depend on this.

We will acquaint you with the most popular foreign manufacturers, which during the period of activity have earned a good reputation and are successfully developing to the present. Thanks to the information provided regarding the technologies used, the introduction of new technical capabilities, you can independently decide on the manufacturer.

The best world brands of vacuum cleaners

Manufacturers of cleaning equipment produce many types of devices of various modifications and designs, with special functionality and additional accessories.

Consider the best brands of units for dry, wet and combined cleaning of dirt, so that you can choose for yourself a decent option.

Place # 1 - Xiaomi

A popular Chinese manufacturer of smartphones, vacuum cleaners, televisions, accessories, products of the Smart Home category and other technical devices that differ in a simple control system and an intuitive interface.

The products are made of high quality materials, have a unique design and are famous for a wide range of functions.

Manual cleaning
One of the main activities of the company is the development and production of robotic, manual cleaning products and mops with the function of spraying and collecting water

Robots are especially popular and in high demand among buyers. In the ranking of the most purchased and sought-after goods, robotic models are in the leading first positions.

Xiaomi technology features

The products are characterized by a low noise level - not exceeding 75 dB, which makes it convenient to use at a later time or during rest.

Ultra-fine filtration using elements such as HEPA allows you to capture the smallest particles of dust and microparticles. The LED backlight located on the housing provides a more comfortable cleaning in the dark.

Xiaomi's technical devices are distinguished by many smart features.

Controlling a robot using a smartphone
Units can be synchronized with smartphones using the installed program, providing access to personal settings for suction power, schedule and time of movement, cleaning area, as well as monitor charging

Autonomous devices are high-performance and have good technical parameters. The minimum runtime of the device is 50 minutes. One charge cycle is enough for use on the territory up to 200-250 m2.

When fully discharged, robots tend to automatically return to the recharging device. Manual units for recharging must be connected to the network through an adapter.

Popular brand models

Among the best models of robotic type are Mi Roborock Sweep One, as well as a model of the older generation Mi Robot Vacuum.

The first model can be used to collect dust and mop the floor, it perfectly recognizes carpets and moves barriers up to 2 cm. Thanks to the sensors, the device independently determines the working area.

The gadget is characterized by the presence of a vacuum system, an improved HEPA11 filter, a 5200 mA battery, noiselessness and durability.

Robot Vacuum, unlike the previous device, performs only dry garbage collection in automatic or user-defined mode. It has 12 sensors built in that protect against collisions, analyze the room and build a motion map.

Vertical unit Roidmi f8 The wireless type with a 4-level filtering system is characterized by a high suction force of air masses - 1100 l / min.

Unit of vertical type 2 in 1
The maximum time of one work cycle is 55 minutes: this is enough for a high-quality collection of a dust layer of 350 m2

The manual device is equipped with a disinfecting, standard nozzle and LED-backlight.

Rank # 2 - Thomas Brand

A company that has existed for more than 100 years, created in Germany by a family with the same name Thomas.

The company is distinguished by:

  • the presence of a large number of counterparties;
  • impeccable reputation;
  • highly skilled staff;
  • innovative developments;
  • production of environmental products;
  • high quality indicators.

The company offers consumers an innovative technique with aquafilters, which received awards for the ability to use for allergy sufferers, 100% pollen capture and air purification by 99.99%, the development of dust suppression technology Wet jet.

Unique brand technology

The company produces standard bag-type units, wireless, built-in, for dry cleaning, as well as detergents with various filtration systems.

Schematic view of aquabox
The famous Aqua-Box system is a proprietary brand technology. The presence of the box allows the device to maintain a constant suction force, to collect garbage particles efficiently, and to effectively purify the air. In addition, the container is convenient and easy to clean.

Another advantage is the protection of the motor from moisture on it due to the built-in sensor in the box.

Thanks to the use of a device with such a filtration system, the room is saturated with moisture, and microparticles of dust and allergens flying in the air get inside the tank and settle to the bottom.

The protective function of the Wet-jet contributes to the absorption of intake dust through the formation of a water wall in the Aquabox.

Model with aquafilter
Products with an aquafilter are distinguished by effective cleaning of the room from small debris, a layer of dust, wool, hair, as well as the presence of the humidification function

Such devices can collect liquid and wash the air.

The best representatives of the lineup

Buyers most often opt for a model Drybox with separation of dust into fractions and Perfect Air Feel Fresh with the function of aromatization of air, which are designed for dry cleaning of the territory.

Vacuum cleaner Allergy & Family
For combined cleaning, the Allergy & Family model is recognized as the best - in addition to the basic cleaning of surfaces, it supports the function of collecting spilled liquid and multi-stage air cleaning

Vertical device 2 in 1 Quick Stick Family - A practical model for manual use, which copes with express cleaning of a smooth surface, pile coatings and upholstered furniture.

The top ten brand models can be found in this stuff.

Place # 3 - Karcher

A world-famous German company that has gained wide acceptance among consumers around the world.

Under one of the best brands of Karcher vacuum cleaners, hundreds of different items of equipment have been produced - sinks, steam and conventional vacuum cleaners for home and professional use, steam and windshield wipers, pumps, etc.

Varieties of units and their capabilities

Karcher washing appliances ideally clean carpets, textiles, upholstery, car interiors, and parquet.

Vacuum cleaner model Karcher
Devices are recommended for use by owners of animals, children and those suffering from allergic reactions to dust, pollen and wool

Special units for collecting ash have been developed for owners of fireplaces, barbecue, barbecues, which allows you to quickly and safely collect burnt firewood.

Robotic gadgets are modern devices for battery life housework. Such products themselves choose the optimal route of movement, carefully collect small debris, and when discharged, they return to recharge.

A range of household appliances - the ability to clean large areas, for example, in a garage, basement, workshop, car or house during repair.

Also, the brand produces standard models of cyclone and bag type, with an aquafilter and vertical.

Popular KARCHER Models

Among consumers, the most popular units for dry cleaning are WD 3 Premium,Vc 3 and DS 6 Premium Mediclean. They differ in average cost, good performance and high suction power.

Vacuum cleaner Karcher WD 3 Premium
Model Karcher WD 3 Premium is able to cope with various types of garbage, typical of a country house or cottage - scraps of wood chips and logs, ash in a fireplace, etc.

Owners of equipment note that the products of this brand are distinguished by high-quality assembly and plastic quality, reliability and a long service life.

Place # 4 - Philips

The Dutch company, which is famous all over the world for its unique developments in the field of healthcare, medical imaging, IT-systems, and also produces multifunctional home appliances.

Among vacuum cleaners, you can find models of any type, cost, with a different list of functions and technological capabilities.

Buyers note that breakdowns in the units of this company are quite rare, and if they happen, it is due to factory defects or improper operation.

Philips sweepers benefits

Bag products of this brand do not lose their popularity among consumers due to high power and the presence of ultrafiltration - Super clean air or HEPA 13providing dust retention of more than 99%.

Wireless units are characterized by a long operating period of up to 65 minutes, as well as the ability to clean surfaces in dry or wet mode.

Philips robotic device
Gadgets are distinguished by the presence of a 3-level system for collecting garbage and dust, the ability to use on uneven surfaces, carpets, and the Smart Detection system adjusts the cleaning mode for a specific type of surface

The container type is a great option for people who are prone to allergies. Filter element Ultra Clean Air HEPA 13, antiallergic and EPA 10 trap up to 99.95% of pollutants.

Technology Nanoclean prevents the spread of dust clouds during the opening of the garbage container.

Innovative design Powercyclone It is aimed at performing perfect cleaning of the room in 3 stages: capturing the air-dust mass and directing it into the container, accelerating the flow in the chamber, separating microparticles from the air.

Devices robotic type perform high-quality cleaning of the territory offline.

Hand-made products are designed not only to perform standard cleaning, but also to remove dust mites and allergenic microparticles flying in the air.

Washing devices are also characterized by the use of innovative technologies. Function Triple acceleration Allows the appliance to collect dust deposits and mop floors at the same time, followed by drying hard surfaces.

TOP Philips models

Consider the best, according to customers, models of various types - robots, normal and vertical 2 in 1.

Harvesting equipment Philips
The Philips business card is a modern, unique design that sets models apart from devices from other manufacturers.

In popularity, the model received the most positive votes from users. FC8383 Performer Compactdesigned for dry cleaning. The best robot recognized FC8822 SmartPro Active, and from units vertically type - FC6172 PowerPro Duo.

Customers rated these models the highest rating for the quality of the cleaning, the ease of use, the presence of unique options.

Rank # 5 - Samsung Brand

The South Korean company is in the TOP 10 world brands due to successful developments in the field of electronics.

The brand produces televisions, smartphones, cleaning and other equipment: you can choose a device in a different price segment - budget, medium and premium.

The products of this company are distinguished by a high-quality assembly of mechanisms and parts, excellent functionality, and a memorable design.

Innovations and achievements of the company

Conventional, standard products with and without a bag, robots and vertical devices are equipped with a large number of functions using new technological solutions.

The following innovations are applied in devices:

  1. Turbo Anti-Tangle protects the device from winding hair, woolen lumps on the filter, which allows to maintain the suction force 2 times longer.
  2. Ergrupen Easy Grip prevents slipping in hands, and also provides its comfortable use.
  3. CycloneForce It is specially designed for the effective separation of debris microparticles from the dust mass, which allows you to maintain a constant power, and filter elements - clean.
  4. HEPA filter protects 99% or more from dust spreading during cleaning, which is confirmed by the “4 stars” quality mark of SRI “SLG”.

The package includes several different nozzles. Brush Extreme force improved design evenly captures debris and dust particles, providing the highest quality surface cleaning.

Set of nozzles for various coatings
A universal set of nozzles: the Parquet Master brush is designed to clean floors without any coating, Power Pet Plus is used to collect wool, and the 3-in-1 nozzle is used for crevices, dust and soft upholstery

All devices have a high suction power, which makes it possible to clean the most contaminated areas and collect wool from soft surfaces.

Top rated models

Product VC15K4130HB users appreciate the stylish design, maintaining a constant power, the presence of technology to eliminate allergens. The cyclone type device is designed to perform dry operation.

Samsung Cleaning Technology Design
Appearance and color options of cleaning equipment of the Samsung brand meets the expectations of customers. The design of the appliances is stylish, the equipment is well thought out, and a set of basic functions is enough to maintain cleanliness in the house

Robotic gadget VR10M7030WW Although it costs about 30,000 rubles, it has an improved design.

Due to its unique shape it is possible to clean in the most inaccessible places. The device independently chooses the optimal route, and due to the wide brush it quickly cleans the floor of dust over a large area.

The best models of robotic vacuum cleaners of this brand can be found here.

Place # 6 - Bosch

Another popular German company, which is famous for its attention to every detail.Harvesting equipment of this brand is considered the best in terms of value and functionality.

Technological capabilities of devices

Bosch vacuum cleaners have a wide range of possibilities, therefore they are suitable for use in various conditions - for cleaning hard floors, collecting lumps of wool and hair from upholstery of upholstered furniture, cleaning carpets and paths.

They are also suitable for wet cleaning of various coatings, for cleaning the interior of a car or for delicate care of wooden and stone coatings.

Bosch range
The company manufactures various technical devices for home and cars, which are of the highest quality and long life.

Functions and technologies:

  • Easyclean - quick and convenient cleaning of the container for collecting dust masses;
  • Sensorbagless - air flow control technology with auto-cleaning of the membrane filter element;
  • Filtering through HEPA 14 - capture up to 99.99% of harmful impurities in the air;
  • Bag & bagless - the ability to use 2 types of dust collector, depending on the needs - a bag or a plastic container;
  • Quattro power - quick and thorough cleaning of premises with minimal energy costs;
  • Silence sound - noise reduction system, reducing the rate to 59 dB at maximum speed;
  • Hyspin - The motor of the latest generation, which reduces the level of energy consumption.

All types of cleaning devices from a German company meet high standards of cleanliness and manufacturability.

Best cleaning assistants

The leaders in the number of sales and positive reviews were the model BBH 216RB3 vertical type and conventional type BGL 42130designed for dry surface care.

Bosch Vertical Instrument
The BBH 216RB3 perfectly copes with cleaning tasks in any corner of the apartment and in the car interior thanks to a removable portable device

The second device differs in average cost, the presence of a filter system, patented by the company, the system Air clean hepa and a wide range of action.

Read about what to consider when choosing cleaning equipment from this manufacturer. Further.

Place # 7 - LG manufacturing company

The South Korean manufacturer of audio-video equipment, smartphones and household appliances, known worldwide for its decent quality and wide assortment range. Modern cleaning units are characterized by high power, efficient and quick cleaning of the territory.

Advanced and high-tech products help turn cleaning into an easy process. Compact dimensions, light weight, bagless dust collection technology are the main advantages of LG cleaning equipment.

Innovative Technology Solutions

Instrument line Kompressor It allows to collect garbage, hair, dust and wool from any surface with high quality and without difficulties.

The main advantage of using compressor technology is the maximum churning of suction particles into briquettes, which allows you to use a container to collect more waste.

System Ellipse cyclone It is aimed at eliminating traces of allergens and other polluting particles in the air.

Cyclonic Garbage Collection Technology
Innovative technology provides effective cleanliness in an apartment where children, elderly people, people with chronic diseases and allergies live

Series Cordzero - silent and compact wireless technology, characterized by the presence of several replaceable batteries in a set, a convenient control mechanism on the handle and vacuum technology for separating micro dust from air AEROSCIENCE.

Robot Type Gadget Line Hom-bot stands out among a similar type of device with a volumetric dust container - 0.6 l. The battery charge is enough for cleaning in standard mode up to 100 minutes.

The corner cleaning wizard efficiently collects trash in hard to reach areas. Ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces.

Cheap LG models

From budget options, a model is distinguished VK76A02NTL and VK76A09NTCR, which are designed to collect dust masses.

Vacuum cleaner LG VK76A02NTL
The low-end LG VK76A02NTL model is liked by its excellent features, among which there is a sufficient cord length and a conveniently removable dust collector made of transparent plastic. But the scratch-resistant material of the case causes complaints

Users recommend these devices because they consider them maneuverable, functional, of high-quality assembly, with an improved filtration system and decent suction power.

Rank # 8 - Miele Brand

The last place in the ranking of the most famous manufacturers of vacuum cleaners is occupied by the company Miele, which positions itself as a manufacturer of premium-class equipment.

In the assortment of the company are home care, linen, refrigeration equipment, cooking products and more.

Brand Harvesting Concepts

The company offers many cleaning options with a differentiated set of options.

Vacuum cleaner red Miel
The company's goal is to regularly improve existing technologies to meet the new needs of a wide range of consumers. For which, over 100 years, many awards and prizes have been received in the field of technological developments.

Devices are equipped with shock-absorbing wheels for gentle movement on the floor Dynamicdrive. For ease of use in standard products, the handle is attached to the pipe using a clip with a locking system.

Technology Vortexused in container-type devices allows the suction of dust masses at a speed of more than 100 km / h. Fine dust filter element Gore cleanstream constantly provides excellent cleaning due to the self-cleaning function.

Mechanism ComfortTwister gives improved maneuverability to vertical units. The supplied electric brush copes with the cleaning of pile coatings.

Most popular appliances

Models SBAD0 and SGDA0 - The best cleaning devices for dry operation. The devices have many positive reviews, characterized by low noise, ease of use and high cleaning efficiency.

The ranking of the best brand models is presented in this article.

Miele SBAD0 Classic
Vacuum cleaner model Miele SBAD0 is able to cope with carpets with different pile heights. The type of dust collector is a bag, which provides high suction power with timely replacement of the bag

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Rules for choosing the brand of the cleaning unit depending on the type of construction:

The cleaning equipment companies represented in the TOP-8 ranking have a common goal - to meet the highest standards as much as possible, introducing the latest formulas and technological capabilities. Therefore, in the process of finding a worthy brand of a vacuum cleaner, pay attention not only to the popularity and worldwide popularity of the brand, but also take into account the combination of functional solutions and price factor.

Please tell us which criteria when choosing a vacuum cleaner have become decisive for you? Which brand did you prefer and why? Write your comments, ask questions, share experiences in the block below.

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  1. I like the quality of the Karcher company in terms of cleaning quality. The power of the vacuum cleaner is very cool, a lot of nozzles. But there are 2 significant disadvantages: it takes up a lot of space and weighs a lot. That is, or carry heaviness, or vacuum once a week, when her husband is free. Therefore, I chose for myself an inexpensive powerful option from Rowenta.This is a powerful lightweight vacuum cleaner that is easily cleaned of debris and takes up little space. Since we live in a small apartment, we have enough of such a wired vacuum cleaner. As soon as we buy a house, we immediately purchase a vertical washing vacuum cleaner.

  2. I agree that Samsung and Bosch have a special weight and fame on the technology market. But not very affordable cost is also attached to fame. Although Rowenta is not listed, I like their vacuum cleaner. Firstly, it has good power (it sticks well to the carpet), secondly, it has a convenient garbage container, it is easy to clean.

  3. Karina

    I bought 2 vacuum cleaners for the house. One is washing and the other is ordinary with a bag. The detergent took Karcher, but often I do not use it, since I have to periodically disassemble it, wash it and dry it. I get it once a month when I do a super spring cleaning. And I have a Bosch vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning. Every day it is used (at home a cat and a dog). Super-duper at all. It is rechargeable, the wire under your feet does not get confused and even the baby is already trying to vacuum it)

  4. Vladimir

    Previously, there were always Samsung vacuum cleaners, I still used a small Karcher, but recently all the equipment at home has become from Xiaomi. In terms of price-quality ratio, this is an ideal option. They always have the latest latest technology, and prices are lower than those of competitors by 2 times. I now have a Roborock S50 Xiaomi Mi. If there are young children, just super. Rides every day and removes something, also wipes.