TOP 10 Gorenje vacuum cleaners: rating of popular brand representatives + tips for customers

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Last update: July 2019

Gorenje is a world famous brand under which an abundance of various household appliances is produced. Customers especially appreciate the brand's vacuum cleaners.

How to choose a Grenier vacuum cleaner, so as not to waste money? Check out a number of subtleties and a detailed rating. All this will help to order equipment that will facilitate household chores and will allow you to enjoy cleaning.

Rating of the best Gorenje vacuum cleaners

When preparing the TOP, the following technical parameters were taken into account: design, power (suction and consumption), type of dust collector, its volume and dimensions of the device. Also, the place in the rating was affected by the cost, equipment and ease of use.

10th place - Gorenje VC 1411 B

The last place in the ranking is occupied by a rather inexpensive model of cleaning equipment with average characteristics. Vignet VC 1411 B is a classic vacuum cleaner that can only be used for dry cleaning of smooth and fleecy surfaces.

Also in the list of features you need to add the presence of the indicator of the filling of the garbage container and the power regulator, which is built into the housing.

Technical description of the model:

  • design and type of cleaning - classic / dry;
  • the largest power consumption - 1.4 kW;
  • vacuum cleaner suction power - 275 W;
  • type of dust collector and its volume - a textile or paper bag of 2 liters;
  • nozzles included in the kit - brushes for the floor, crevices, as well as the carpet;
  • dimensions (WxDxH) and weight - 240x380x220 mm, 3.1 kg;
  • power cable length - 5 meters.

The main complaint of buyers to the presented model is the lack of a nozzle for cleaning furniture. The extremely modest suction power and poor quality of the plastic also bother. But for those who want to save money, this device will be an excellent choice.

9th place - Gorenje VC 1825 PSWG

If you need an affordable, but unusual in design vacuum cleaner, then pay attention to the 1825 model from the Gorenie line. This device is available in two colors: white and green.

But its main highlight is cyclone filter located right on the handle. Such an engineering solution allows you to quickly shake out the dust, without bending once again.

The list of advantages of this model also needs to include a 6-stage filtration system and the capacity of a plastic dust container. In addition, the Gorenje VC 1825 PSWG is characterized by high suction power with a modest rate of energy consumption.

Technical description of the model:

  • design and type of cleaning - classic / dry;
  • the largest power consumption - 1.8 kW;
  • model suction power - 360 W;
  • type of dust collector, as well as its volume - a cyclone filter or a 3.5 liter paper / fabric bag;
  • nozzles included in the kit - carpet, floor and crevice brush;
  • dimensions (WxDxH) and weight - 430x315x230 mm, 4.4 kg;
  • power cable length - 5 meters.

The presented vacuum cleaner is ideal in everything except the quality of materials. The vast majority of owners indicate that the mounting location of the cyclone filter and the telescopic pipe break after a few months of operation.

8th place - Gorenje MVC 72 FW

When cleaning equipment is required for a car interior or maintaining more or less normal cleanliness in the house, a handheld vacuum cleaner, namely the Gorenje MVC 72FW, will be the best assistant.

This is a fairly lightweight model that runs on battery power. Now you can get rid of the wires forever, almost forever. Keep in mind that operating time on a single charge is only 14 minutes.

The advantages of the model should also include light weight and compactness. Also, the manufacturer did not stint on the package bundle. In the box you will find two nozzles designed for cleaning garbage from different surfaces.

Technical description of the model:

  • design and type of cleaning - manual / dry;
  • maximum power - 55 W;
  • type of dust collector, as well as its volume - a plastic container (cyclone filter), designed for 0.4 liters;
  • nozzles included - 2 pcs.;
  • dimensions (WxDxH) and weight - 120 x 115 x 405 mm, 0.7 kg;
  • power cable length - runs on battery power;
  • the duration of one charge is 14 minutes.

With a more detailed consideration of the presented model of a manual vacuum cleaner, two main disadvantages can be distinguished. The first is an excessively long period of time required to recharge. Also, many are embarrassed that such a "baby" can make quite a loud noise.

7th place - Gorenje VC 1901 GCY IV

Seventh place rightfully earned 1.9 kWth device. Burning VC 1901 GCY IV can be considered a universal cleaning technique that will suit absolutely every housewife.

High suction power, an indicator for filling the dirt container, a power regulator, 9 stages of filtration and just a huge radius of action are only a small part of the advantages of this model.

Technical description of the model:

  • design and type of cleaning - classic / dry;
  • the largest power consumption - 1.9 kW;
  • suction power - 360 W;
  • type of dust collector and its volume - a cyclone filter designed for 1.7 liters;
  • nozzles included - one universal brush for carpet and floor;
  • dimensions (WxDxH) and weight - 295x420x480 mm, 7.1 kg;
  • power cable length - 7 m.

Considering the disadvantages of this device, you immediately need to allocate a lot of weight. On the market you can find lighter models that will not differ in power from this sample.

Also confusing is the noise level. The volume of the device can reach 84 dB. So get ready for the vacuum cleaner to buzz like a fighter.

6th place - Gorenje SVC 144 F

For those who are accustomed to clean up comfortably, the SVC 144 F model from Gorenje is designed. This vacuum cleaner has a combined design. It harmoniously combines the advantages of a manual and a vertical model.

The manufacturer made it really easy to use. The handle of the device has a nice shape. The length of the pipe is more than 1.1 meters. This is the best option for a hostess of any height.

Well, more and more will incline you to purchase this particular device by highlighting the cleaning area. Now you can clean even in pitch darkness.

Technical description of the model:

  • design and type of cleaning - combined (manual and vertical) / for dry cleaning;
  • electricity consumption during operation - 95 W;
  • type of dust collector, as well as its volume - a container made of plastic (cyclone filter), designed for 0.6 liters;
  • the nozzles that come with the kit are only a turbo brush designed to clean carpet and smooth surfaces;
  • dimensions (WxDxH) and weight - 260x170x1180 mm, 2.5 kg;
  • power cable length - runs on battery power;
  • operating time on one battery charge reaches 40 minutes;
  • Battery recharge time is 6 hours.

But such a wonderful device also has a downside - this assistant shows an extremely modest suction power. Also, no one will like excessive noise.

5th place - Gorenje VC 1615 G

If you want to save money, but at the same time order a vacuum cleaner that is not bad in terms of technical characteristics, then you need to look towards Gorenie VC 1615.

Yes, its price depending on the store varies from 2,900 to 3,200 rubles, which may cause some suspicions. But at such a reasonable price, it shows a tangible force of absorption. Performance reaches 330 watts, and electricity consumption does not exceed the mark of 1.6 kW.

Technical description of the model:

  • design and type of cleaning - classic / dry;
  • the largest power consumption - 1.6 kW;
  • vacuum cleaner suction power - 330 W;
  • type of dust collector and its volume - a fabric or textile bag of 2 liters;
  • nozzles included - classic for carpet / floor, as well as a brush for cleaning crevices;
  • dimensions (WxDxH) and weight - 240x380x220 mm, 3.1 kg;
  • power cable length - 5 meters.

The disadvantages of the presented model are only two - a short cord and poor suction of garbage. Many owners complain that the filter cup does not in any way trap dust and everything flies into the bag at once.

As for the power cable, then five meters is hardly enough even for a small two-room apartment.

4th place - Gorenje VC 2321 GPRBK

Unit G Force Plus Series It stands out from the competition with its original design - a black streamlined case made of matte plastic with cherry-colored inserts.

In addition to appearance, the manufacturer supplied the model with a rubberized bumper Activebumpertouch control and LED display with light indication and brush Xpandzone with increased suction area.

Technical description of the model:

  • design and type of cleaning - classic / dry;
  • the highest power consumption - 2.3 kW;
  • model suction power - 470 W;
  • type of dust collector, as well as its volume - 3 l bag;
  • nozzles included in the kit - combined, dust crevice;
  • dimensions (HxWxD) and weight - 430x270x310 mm, 5.8 kg;
  • capture radius - 12 meters.

To increase the service life, the manufacturer has provided a soft start system that protects the unit from power surges. In the vacuum cleaner there is an indication of the filling of the bag, a clip for fixing the pipe, the handle is rubberized. Power adjustment - only on the body.

Demand for the unit is limited due to the novelty of the model, as well as a fairly high cost.

3rd place - Gorenje VC 2303 RCY IV

The three leaders are opened by a red, classic vacuum cleaner. The VC2303RCYIV model from Gorenje is simply amazing with its suction power. In some cases, the device is even difficult to tear from the carpet and floor.

You also need to supplement the list of advantages with a relatively light weight (4.7 kg) and a decent radius of action - 19 meters.

Technical description of the model:

  • design and type of cleaning - classic / dry;
  • the highest power consumption - 2.3 kW;
  • vacuum cleaner suction power - 430 W;
  • type of dust collector, as well as its volume - a plastic container (cyclone filter), designed for 1.7 liters;
  • the nozzles included in the kit are universal only for carpet and smooth surfaces;
  • dimensions (WxDxH) and weight - 295x420x480 mm, 4.7 kg;
  • power cable length - 7 meters.

But this device is not so good. Firstly, the presented vacuum cleaner is very noisy during operation. The quality of the plastic used to make the case also leaves much to be desired.

Well, the last minus is the integral design of the brush. Therefore, be prepared that it would be simply impossible to clean it perfectly.

2nd place - Gorenje SVC 216 F

In second place is the designer vacuum cleaner brand Gorenie combined type - SVC 216 F. Amazed thousands of customers with its ease and autonomy.

You can clean up for an entire hour without worrying about how much charge is left. At the same time, putting the house in order will be really simple, even if you are a fragile girl.

Technical description of the model:

  • design and type of cleaning - combined (manual and vertical) / dry;
  • the highest electricity consumption is 125 W;
  • type of dust collector, as well as its volume - a plastic container (cyclone filter), designed for 0.6 liters;
  • nozzles included - classic for floor and carpet;
  • dimensions (WxDxH) and weight - 260x170x1180 mm, 2.5 kg;
  • power cable length - runs on battery power;
  • operating time on a single battery charge reaches 60 minutes;
  • charge recharge time - 6 hours.

The presented model has a few drawbacks. Cons are the inability of the device to cope with animal hair and problems with cleaning the turbo brush. Also, some owners claim extremely fast filter contamination.

But this is not the point, if you do not have animals and fluffy carpets on the floor or if you are not going to do daily cleaning. In all other respects, the device fully justifies its price.

1st place - Gorenje VC 1821 PSWBU

Beautiful vacuum cleaner Power Slide Series with a dust bag. The model belongs to the budget category, but it is highly efficient - the suction power is 360 watts.

In addition to excellent performance, the VC 1821 PSWBU model boasts compact dimensions, a capacious dust collector, a convenient telescopic tube and the presence of a fine filter.

Technical description of the model:

  • design and type of cleaning - classic / dry;
  • the largest power consumption - 1.8 kW;
  • model suction power - 360 W;
  • type of dust collector, as well as its volume - 3 l bag;
  • included nozzles - a combined wide carpet brush and crevice nozzle;
  • dimensions (WxDxH) and weight - 440x305x245 mm, 4.9 kg;
  • power cable length - 5 meters.

The vacuum cleaner has an indicator of the fullness of the garbage bag and automatic winding of the cord. The vacuum cleaner moves confidently enough - rubberized wheels are provided that do not leave scratches or marks. There is a convenient handle for carrying, parking is possible in two positions - vertical and horizontal.

The model appeared on the market recently, but is already in demand among buyers due to its affordable price and good power. Minus - there is no adjustment of the suction force on the handle.

Features of the choice of cleaning equipment

When planning to order cleaning equipment, first of all you need to be guided by technical specifications. No design, any additional functions or special design can not hide the fact that the device simply can not cope with its task.

Among the technical parameters that you have to decide immediately, you should especially highlight:

  • type of construction;
  • maximum and nominal values ​​of consumed and suction power;
  • the highest noise level of equipment during operation;
  • filtration system efficiency;
  • view and volume of the dust bag;
  • a complete set.

To consider all at once is simply unrealistic.But before going to the store, you still need to go a little deeper and understand some of the subtleties. This is the only way to order a cleaning assistant who will help you quickly and without problems to keep the house perfectly clean.

Construction and quality of materials

On the current market there are four models of basic designs: classic, manual, combined, as well as robotic vacuum cleaners. Each of the previously listed types of cleaning equipment has its own characteristics. We will deal with them in more detail.

Classic vacuum cleaners will be the perfect choice for home. They are relatively light and quite powerful. The average weight of such devices varies from 4 to 7-8 kg. But keep in mind that there are models with aquafilters, the mass of water which can reach 10 kg.

Vacuum cleaner
If you want to maintain cleanliness in the car, then spend money on a manual vacuum cleaner. This is a one-two-pound device that can run on battery power for 15-20 minutes. In addition, its price rarely exceeds the mark of 4,000 - 5,000 rubles

Combined represent a successful symbiosis of vertical and manual vacuum cleaners. They are perfect for full cleaning throughout the house, as well as for everyday cleaning of shelves with books or collecting small garbage from furniture.

But the main disadvantage of the combined model is its low power. Therefore, it is better for owners of high-pile carpets to pay attention to the classic or robotic version.

Concerning vacuum cleaner robots, then this is an expensive cleaning technique, which saves you from having to clean the house. They automatically scan the room and choose the optimal route of movement. In addition, they can even climb under furniture and clean every corner of your home.

If you are seriously thinking about buying a robot vacuum cleaner, we recommend that you read our other article, where we have collected all the pros and cons of such an acquisition. More details - go to the link.

Consumed and absorbed power

The final power of the vacuum cleaner depends on the suction power, the performance of the electric motor, as well as the rate of charge loss. Moreover, for devices equipped with steam generators, boiler power and steam pressure are also important.

Vacuum cleaner Gorenje
Do not confuse power consumption and suction. These two characteristics have very little in common. Remember that the suction power depends on the engine performance, the type of dust collector, as well as the reasonable design of the device

Most often, suction power is indicated in units such as Watts and AeroWatts. As for the optimal value, you need to be guided by the range of 350-450 units. Such an indicator will be more than enough to clean any smooth surfaces, as well as carpets with any pile length.

Maximum noise and filters

Most buyers who have not previously encountered the purchase of cleaning equipment think that the higher the power, the more the vacuum cleaner will look like a tractor. But this is not so.

The noise level depends on the quality of the engine, as well as the structural features of the housing. If the manufacturer saved on materials, then you will need to buy ear plugs with a vacuum cleaner.

The optimum noise level can be considered in the range 71–92 decibels. The minimum value is comparable to the normal conversation of a company of people.

As for air purification, almost any modern vacuum cleaner is equipped with three stages of filtration.

The first is a dust collector. It can be represented by a plastic container, a fabric / paper bag or an aquafilter. The largest particles of debris and dirt accumulate in them.

Motor filter
The second level of filtration is represented by a motor filter. It is needed to protect the engine from clogging and, as a result, overheating. This part does not need to be replaced, but it needs to be removed, cleaned and washed from time to time.

The last cleaning step is performed by the exhaust air filters.The most commonly used parts are HEPA or S-Class.

Initially, these purification systems were used in astronautics and medicine, where they showed their effectiveness. For example, HEPA filters will help collect more than 99.5% of garbage from the air.

Additional functions and equipment

Be sure to check out the complete set of cleaning equipment. After all, to collect dust from all corners of the apartment, you will need various nozzles.

It will be great if in the box with the device you will find classic, crevice and round brushes. Well, if a dog or a cat lives in your home, then make sure that the turbo brush is included.

As for the additional functions, here you need to observe the middle ground. The list of useful sensors includes the indicator of the filling of the garbage container, a sensor that monitors the condition of the engine, as well as protection against sudden voltage drops.

AT this stuff You can find many useful tips on choosing a good vacuum cleaner for your home.

Vacuum cleaner brand Gorenie
Vacuum cleaners are presented on the current market in the price range from 3 to several hundred thousand rubles. This allows everyone, without exception, the buyer to choose the device that suits him according to the budget and characteristics

Brand cleaning equipment price

All existing models of cleaning equipment can be divided into three classes: economy, middle and premium.

The budget class, as a rule, is equipped with an exhaust air filter, has a good quality of materials, but has extremely limited functionality.

Inexpensive vacuum cleaner
The middle class will be a great choice if you buy equipment for many years. Devices of this kind boast a wide range of additional functions. For example, they can be equipped with a separator water filtration system and a steam generator

As for high-end devices, they are not suitable for short-term use. This kind of vacuum cleaners are multifunctional, high-quality and powerful, but they are designed for everyday long-term work.

Therefore, they are chosen by companies that provide services in the field of cleaning offices and apartments.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Tips for choosing low-cost cleaning equipment:

Just a huge assortment of Gorenje vacuum cleaners will confuse any customer. Without skills and certain knowledge to understand this abundance of technical characteristics is simply impossible.

However, using the above recommendations and reading the presented rating of devices, you can order an effective home assistant.

If you have experience using Gorenje vacuum cleaners, please share it with other visitors to the site. Tell which model you preferred and why? Are you satisfied with your own choice? Write your comments, ask questions about the topic of the article in the block below.

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  1. I agree that the Gorenje VC 2303 RCY IV vacuum cleaner has a powerful ability to absorb dust and dirt. It is really hard to tear it from the carpet, so you have to adjust the power with the handle. But it must be borne in mind that the more the garbage container is filled, the more the vacuum cleaner's power drops. I like that this model has a relatively light weight. And the length of the cord allows you to clean the room and in the corridor.

  2. Svetlana

    I don’t know, they took Gorenie twice - they were not impressed.And the name is "grief and burns." Of course, we tried budget models, they upset us: power, smell when unpacking (plastic is so-so), and you can't even call them quiet. In general, the price / quality ratio is the norm. Now I looked through the text and regretted that they did not take the 2303 model. Maybe the truth is, it is so powerful and high-quality. In addition to vacuum cleaners, this company somehow did not meet in technology, it will be necessary to take a closer look.

  3. Yes, “Gorenje” vacuum cleaners are good, there are different models, different in terms of garbage collection. But! After all, there are other equally good brands, maybe not as well-promoted, but producing excellent vacuum cleaners. I recently bought a new home - the “Dauken DW600” vacuum cleaner, a great thing! Lightweight, easy to operate, powerful. It simply leaves no chance for dust. And the garbage container - once cleaned, even the hands do not get dirty. I am very pleased with him.