TOP-7 Galaxy vacuum cleaners: rating of popular models + what to look at when choosing equipment

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The assortment line of home helpers is constantly being updated. Relatively recently, Galaxy vacuum cleaners appeared in stores - a relatively low-cost household appliances from a Russian-Chinese manufacturer.

How does she deal with cleaning, does she justify her cost with at least minimal functionality? Let's try to answer these questions.

Brand Product Features

The brand entered the market in 2011. The representative and owner of the brand is Simbirsk-Crown company (Ulyanovsk), but the plants are located in China. Among the declared advantages of its cleaning equipment, the manufacturer distinguishes the optimal ratio of quality and cost, ergonomics.

Particular attention is paid to the design of models. The leading studios of France and Japan participate in the development. All materials used in the production are environmentally friendly. Product Warranty - 12 months.

The range includes vertical and standard models of vacuum cleaners. The former have a well-thought-out design that facilitates cleaning, makes it quick and comfortable. They are compact, it is easy for them to allocate a place for storage in the apartment, house, suitable for daily restoring order.

Galaxy Vacuum Cleaner
Vertical vacuum cleaners are always ready to work and convenient for instant cleaning, which is a significant advantage if the family has children, pets

Standard models are distinguished by an unusual and catchy design, good ergonomics, mobility. They are equipped with a high-quality filtration system, rubberized wheels, a transparent container.

Top 7 best models

Consider the vertical and ordinary horizontal brand vacuum cleaners with all their advantages and disadvantages, which will help you choose the most suitable device.

The main source of information for the rating was customer reviews and ratings, as well as technical parameters of the devices.

1st place - Galaxy GL6256

The vertical model combines standard functionality and the possibility of "manual" use.The vacuum cleaner is suitable for large-scale cleaning, as well as for daily quick help with the housework - to collect sprinkled sugar or crumbs in the kitchen, sand and dirt in the hallway.

The HEPA filtration system deserves special praise, which maintains a stable suction power in combination with good air purification.

Upholstered furniture, curtains, carpets, bookshelves, appliances - the compact dimensions of the device and many nozzles make it possible to remove dust from various surfaces.


  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • size (cm) / weight - 50x18x12.5 / 1.6 kg;
  • power suction / consumption - 130 W / 700 W;
  • dust collector - 1.2 l;
  • cord length - 4 m.

Users like the low cost, convenience and lightness of the device, vertical “parking”, sufficient power with small dimensions, and a washable filter.

In a large transparent dust container, filling is visible during cleaning. Satisfies and low noise. The following nozzles are supplied in the kit: for mattress, dust, pile brush.

Among the shortcomings was the design of the device: due to the thickness of the body, it is difficult to vacuum under furniture, which is located at a small height from the floor. After several months of operation, the wheels may stop spinning.

The disadvantages are fast overheating, poor build quality - sagging fasteners for the container, thin plastic on the joints. The only surface the device cannot cope with is long-pile carpets.

2nd place - Galaxy GL6254

This model is one of the most convenient and mobile in the cyclone line on the market. The list of its indisputable advantages includes mobility, compactness, lightness, functionality.

The main purpose of the device is to clean even surfaces located below, so it does not have a suction hose and additional nozzles are not supplied, but only for floors and carpets.

Due to the design features, the device cannot be used to remove dust under the bed, cabinet, in the gap between the back of the sofa and the seat. It is not suitable for removing cobwebs from the ceilings - the apparatus is difficult and inconvenient to keep the canopy.


  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • size (cm) / weight - 80x27.5x18.5 / 4 kg;
  • power suction / consumption - 300 W / 1500 W;
  • dust collector - 1 l;
  • cord length - 5.5 m.

Among the advantages: compactness, the presence of a power regulator on the case. The positive characteristics are high power: the device easily collects debris and dust.

There is only one brush, but it has a retractable bristle and a rubber scraper. Users also like the ergonomic handle, it is convenient to hold it, the device does not slip off your hands during operation.

The disadvantages are the buyers attributed to rapid heating and the smell of plastic appearing at the same time. The device requires cleaning the container after each cleaning, otherwise the suction power is reduced. Noise is also noted, the device makes a sound with a whistle.

Another disadvantage is the lack of replaceable filters on sale due to the atypical shape. Some users have solved this problem by putting a nylon trail or napkin on the filter so as not to spoil it with periodic washing.

3rd place - Galaxy GL6255

The device is lightweight and convenient in design. It combines the functionality of a vertical and manual vacuum cleaner. In addition to the universal nozzle, a slotted and furniture one is supplied.

In the miniature case there was a place where you can store the nozzles. There is an indicator of filling the dust bag, convenient wall mounts.


  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • size (cm) / weight - 28x18x48 / 2.5 kg;
  • power suction / consumption - 100 W / 700 W;
  • dust collector - 0.5 l;
  • cord length - 4.5 m.

Users relate the assembly to the advantages of the model - all parts are made with high quality, there is no feeling of cheap plastic, despite the lowest price in comparison with “colleagues”. The device is convenient to use, maneuvers well in the room, has a rather long cord.

The power of the device and the volume of the dust bag are enough for working with carpets.But with severe contamination, you often have to clean the container. Due to its low weight and dimensions, a child of 7-8 years old can cope with cleaning.

Among the shortcomings highlighted the lack of devices for winding wires, it has to be wound on the body of the vacuum cleaner.

The built-in container is convenient from the point of view of repair (there are no constantly breaking latches), but it complicates the operation - you have to move the entire structure with a cord to clean up accumulated debris.

Some buyers do not like the power button on the device, on the handle it would be more convenient.

4th place - Galaxy GL6253

The most expensive device in the line. The device is orange, but complemented by a transparent case. A significant advantage is the 5-step HEPA filtration system, equipped with a multi-cyclone, microporon and three-layer cotton filter.

The cord is reeled up automatically. A telescopic extension tube and a comb brush are supplied.


  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • size (cm) / weight - 80x27.5x18.5 / 4 kg;
  • power suction / consumption - 500 W / 1900 W;
  • dust collector - 3 l;
  • cord length - 4.5 m.

Strengths of the model: on the case there is an indicator of filling the dust container and power regulator. Users are pleased with the compactness, low weight, high power. The device copes well with dust in hard to reach places.

Among the complaints there is noise, but not critical. Negative reviews also relate to build quality - the device resembles a children's designer, designed for short-term use.

There is a smell of plastic when heated. It overheats in 10-15 minutes after the start of cleaning. If you turn off or the corresponding function works, you need to wait at least half an hour for it to cool.

5th place - Galaxy GL6251

The heaviest vacuum cleaner of the entire line. Compact and easy to use, the device is made in blue. Like the previous model, it is equipped with a 5-stage filtration system that traps fine dust. The 3-liter container is quite roomy.

The design of the device allows you to throw garbage in one motion. Another plus is the rubberized wheels, thanks to which the vacuum cleaner can be used on surfaces that require a delicate attitude.


  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • size (cm) / weight - 41x30.5x34.5 / 5.7 kg;
  • power suction / consumption - 500 W / 1700 W;
  • dust collector - 3 l;
  • cord length - 4.5 m.

Users are satisfied with the automatic winding of the cord. The low price of the device and beautiful design are noted. Cleans upholstered furniture well. There is a disassembling nozzle for cleaning small parts, for example, to clean the system unit of a computer.

Negative reviews relate to power that feels less than what the manufacturer claims. The filter is quickly clogged. During operation, the hand gets tired due to the non-ergonomic tilt of the handle. The fastenings on the container and at the hose connection are very weak.

Sometimes the vacuum cleaner beats an electric shock, but this may be due to the accumulation of static charge on the pipe during carpet cleaning, upholstered furniture.

6th place - Galaxy GL6250

Made in purple. It has sufficient power for cleaning carpets, there are appropriate nozzles, a telescopic tube, self-winding cord, blowing function.

The last option is useful for removing dust inside the PC, components and other equipment, as well as from patterns on vases, dishes.

Like all standard models of this brand, it is equipped with a 5-stage filter system with a three-layer HEPA, nylon and microporon element.


  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • size (cm) / weight - 39.5x30.5x30 / 5.1 kg;
  • power suction / consumption - 400 W / 1700 W;
  • dust collector - 3 l;
  • cord length - 3.5 m.

The advantages include design, compactness and low price. The ease of washing the container was noted. It copes well with cat hair on carpets. The filtering system is not satisfactory.

The device is convenient for moving - mobility is provided with rubberized wheels.Suitable even for collecting small amounts of construction waste.

The small length of the cord and telescopic tube fell into the cons. The last remark is relevant for tall people whose height is more than 175 cm - you have to vacuum up in a bent position. There are complaints about overheating.

7th place - Galaxy GL6252

Made in red. Equipped with a 5-stage filtration system, there is a winding wire and a blow function. It differs from its colleagues mainly in design, the parameters coincide with the previous model.


  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • size (cm) / weight - 39.5x30.5x30 / 5.1 kg;
  • power suction / consumption - 400 W / 1700 W;
  • dust collector - 3 l;
  • cord length - 3.5 m.

Users recommend using the appliance only for daily quick cleaning. There is enough power to clean the carpet and collect spilled products.

It occupies the last place in the ranking according to the set of shortcomings: a short cord and a telescopic tube, poor connection of the hose to the body. The quality of the plastic is not up to par, the unit is overheating, it produces an unpleasant odor.

Recommendations for customers of Galaxy technology

Vertical models are rightly called electric brooms. Light weight, low power - these parameters are suitable for quick cleaning in a small area. The devices easily cope with the task of removing crumbs from the floor or animal hair from the carpet (also applies to hair).

If you need a similar device, it remains only to determine the design and purchase one of the three offered.

When choosing a standard vacuum cleaner, consider the following points:

  1. Power - if the device has to cope with carpets, fabric coverings, animal hair, then we need the most “strong” models from the line, such as the GL6253 and GL6251.
  2. Weight. The lightest device is the GL6253, the heaviest is the GL6251.
  3. Cord length - the last two models have it less.

Standard vacuum cleaners in the range are quite powerful and equipped with convenient containers. A 3-liter capacity is usually enough for several cleanings, provided that there is light dirt, but it is best to clean it after each use.

All models are equipped cyclone filter, which suggests increased noise - about 70-72 dB.

Vacuum cleaner suction power
When purchasing a vacuum cleaner with high power, pay attention to its increased energy consumption. This parameter is indicated in the documentation and on the device body.

After buying during operation, consider the lateral arrangement of the wheels, such devices can only move directly.

You can read more about how to choose a good vacuum cleaner for the home in this stuff.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Expert advice on choosing household cleaning equipment:

If you need an inexpensive device with enough functionality for daily cleaning, Galaxy cleaning equipment will suit these requirements. You should not expect supernatural opportunities from budget models. Brand vacuum cleaners are fully consistent with their price category.

Do you have experience using Galaxy vacuum cleaners? Please share it with our readers, tell us if you are satisfied with the work of the equipment? Leave your comments, ask questions, share experiences - the communication unit is located under the article.

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