TOP-10 wet vacuum cleaners: ranking of the best models + recommendations for customers

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Tired of never ending floor cleaning by hand or with a mop? Agree that the presence of a multifunctional device that can remove dust from carpets and wash floors would make your life easier.

Want to get an assistant who would perform the function of wet cleaning quickly and efficiently, but can not decide?

We will help you - the article presents the rating of equipment selected by such criteria as decent performance, good quality, high ratings from users and TOP sales.

Please note that there are three types of wet vacuum cleaners - robotic, vertical, cordless and standard wired. Therefore, compare the proposed models, their functionality and technical specifications, and then make the right choice.

TOP-10 devices for wet cleaning

Technological advances in the technology market have made it possible to rapidly develop and produce advanced vacuum cleaner models by enterprises. Thanks to the big variety of unit designs It became possible to choose a device based on your own wishes and requirements.

In this regard, we have prepared a list of the best according to the users of vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning and who best cope with various cleaning tasks.

Rank # 1 - Clever & Clean AQUA-Series 01

The unit is a robotic type designed for cleaning in dry and wet conditions. Built in housing Ultraviolet lamp eliminates pathogenic bacteria that are on the carpet and floor.

To wipe the floor surface, it is enough to pour water into a special tank, and fix a napkin to the bottom of the device.

Main characteristics:

  • type of unit - robot;
  • cost - 17990 rubles;
  • operating time without recharging - 90 min .;
  • battery power - 2000 mAh;
  • functions - scheduled cleaning, 6 operating modes;
  • equipment - charging station, AC adapter, remote control, water tank, side brushes, accessories for the care of the unit;
  • additional features - an ultraviolet lamp, a power regulator, return to the base for recharging, touch height difference sensors, a double type of filtering from fine dust, allergens, an audible signal to block movement and a notification about a full discharge.

The device is controlled using the touch screen or remote control. The device is equipped with sensors to prevent it from falling and colliding with obstacles.

Of the disadvantages:

  • lack of a virtual wall;
  • unable to turn off sound alerts;
  • lack of navigation system.

To worth buying a robot vacuum cleaner? The unit is suitable for daily indoor use up to 100 square meters. m., pet owners and families with children.

Place # 2 - Everybot RS500

The unit is designed to automatically wipe the floor, as well as use it in manual mode to clean vertical and horizontal surfaces. In one cycle, the device removes no more than 30 sq m.

Main characteristics:

  • type of unit - robot;
  • cost - 12900 rubles;
  • operating time without recharging - 50 min .;
  • battery power - 2150 mAh;
  • functions - 6 cleaning modes, manual cleaning of vertical and horizontal planes;
  • equipment - additional microfiber cloths, remote control, charging, protective bumper pads;
  • additional features - optical sensors for the difference in height, touch, illumination, automatic water supply from the tank for wetting napkins, an aquafilter.

The main purpose of the device is to wipe the floors in wet mode, as well as polishing a flat surface.

Additionally, the robot can be used to collect dry debris and dust, manually wipe the windows, mirrors, cabinet facades. Another advantage is the signal from the sensors about a possible obstacle and a height difference of even 15 mm.

Users noted the following disadvantages of the device:

  • it is impossible to carry out cleaning under low cabinets and cabinets;
  • does not wipe the floor in places where toys, furniture, other objects are conglomerated - it is better to first free the surface for more efficient cleaning;
  • noise during contact with obstacles - despite the declared function of reacting to obstacles, the sensors do not always work.

A practical model for those who need automatic and manual cleaning.

Place # 3 - Thomas Allergy & Family

The device is designed for wet and dry cleaning of surfaces from dust and allergens.

Dry cleaning with technology AQUA-BOX involves efficient dust collection in a water container without using a dust bag. Unique brand technology THOMAS WET-JET allows you to clean the air from the smallest particles of dust and allergens entering the AQUA-BOX.

Main characteristics:

  • unit type - standard with vertical parking;
  • cost - 20590 rubles;
  • working time - works from the network for unlimited time;
  • power consumption - 1700 W;
  • functions - dry and wet cleaning, air cleaning, fluid collection up to 1.8 l;
  • equipment - fine filter of class 13, Aqua-box, dust bag made of HEPA material, nozzle Aqua stealth, crevice, parquet, floor / carpet, spray, for furniture;
  • additional features - brush storage section, power adjustment Touch tronic, cable auto-winding, spring-type rollers for comfortable movement of the device.

The technology for washing parquet and laminate using the Aqua Stealth nozzle allows you to gently clean the surface to a shine. Other brushes are intended for updating pile of carpets and furniture, collecting hair, wool, fluff, garbage.

Depending on the type of coating, you can independently adjust the power level of the vacuum cleaner.

For a long service life, the manufacturer took care of the quality of the filter elements. Foam and HEPA filters are washable, therefore, they extend the life of the product.

Cons: noise, bulkyness, lack of a nozzle for washing carpet products, an inconvenient place to store nozzles - accessories get knocked down by a hose during the cleaning process.

It is recommended to use for people suffering from allergic reactions.

Place # 4 - iRobot Braava 390T

Robotic unit with the function of dry cleaning and wiping only hard surfaces - laminate, tile, marble, stone, parquet. It collects fine debris and dust.

Such a device is purchased as an addition to a standard wired or wireless unit.

Main characteristics:

  • type of unit - robot;
  • cost - 18900 rubles;
  • operating time without recharging - 240 min .;
  • battery power - 2000 mAh;
  • functions - wiping floors in dry and wet mode, automatic and quick cleaning;
  • equipment - navigation cube, turbo-charging base, additional panel for water Pro-clean, adapter, cleaning panel for all types of cleaning, 2 sets of napkins;
  • additional features - cleaning up to 93 sq. m. in one cycle, aquafilter, navigation system North starcleaning along the walls using technology PerfectEdgeTM, height difference sensors, soft bumper.

The product does not absorb garbage particles, but collects them with a wet or dry cloth. For consistent cleaning, the system builds a map of the room. If you need to clean several rooms, you will need to install additional navigation cubes in the case.

In the process, you should not worry about the need to wet the napkins. The device will independently control their moisture level.

Known disadvantages during operation:

  • the inability to collect large garbage;
  • use only on smooth hard surfaces;
  • difficulties with overcoming thresholds of 3-5 mm;
  • insufficiently good results - you have to start re-cleaning.

The device is suitable for owners of apartments with tiled floors or laminate floors, which do not have carpets and walkways. It is used as an auxiliary device to the main one as a polisher.

Place # 5 - KARCHER Puzzi 8/1

Expensive premium unit, which belongs to a number of professional cleaning equipment. The model qualitatively performs the tasks of cleaning furniture upholstery, carpets, car interiors, and is used for intermediate cleaning.

Main characteristics:

  • type of unit - normal;
  • cost - 34890 rubles;
  • working time - unlimited, works from a network;
  • power consumption - 1380 W;
  • functions - wet cleaning, fluid collection;
  • equipment - nozzles for washing windows, hose with water inlet, nozzle for stairs, stone coatings, upholstered furniture, blinds, standard manual, metal nozzle;
  • additional features - a cyclone filter, indication of filling the dust bag, foot-type switches, a holder for a hand nozzle, a folding hook for a cable.

High-power suction turbine, increased productivity ensure almost complete drying of the surface after washing. The product is comfortable due to the presence of carrying, reliable, practical and functional.

Among the disadvantages are the high price and insufficiently reliable attachment of the nozzle to the hose.

In the process of operation, other minuses were practically not noticed. The ideal device for car owners, rooms with lots of carpets and furniture.

Place # 6 - Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter

The unit with an aquafilter, which is distinguished by the presence of large containers for water and detergent - 4 l and 2.4 l in accordance. Thanks to the water filtration system, the device provides fresh and clean air in the apartment.

Main characteristics:

  • unit type - standard with vertical parking function;
  • cost - 13990 rubles;
  • working time - works from the network for an unlimited period of time;
  • power consumption - 1600 W;
  • functions - dry, wet cleaning, air washing, fluid collection;
  • complete set - fine filter, aquafilter, nozzle Aqua stealth, narrow, floor / carpet, adapter for nozzle, for upholstered furniture, carpets, washing concentrate;
  • additional features - dust suppression technology THOMAS WET-JET, rubberized engine and pump control buttons, washable filters, convenient handle for transporting the unit, cable auto-winding.

An average cost option with a large number of functions that allow you to perform a dry and wet type of surface cleaning, as well as to collect spilled liquids in a tank. It is convenient to use this model in the event of a sudden flooding or breakdown of the washing machine and water flowing out of it.

Main advantages TWIN T1 Aquafilter:

  • dry cleaning without using a dust bag;
  • improved filtration of air masses;
  • excellent result of mopping;
  • the ability to clean large rooms due to volumetric tanks;
  • washable filter elements.

For the convenience of turning on the device and winding the cable, moisture-proof buttons are installed on the case, working by pressing it once with a hand or foot.

Among the shortcomings, users noted the lack of a container for nozzles, a power regulator is not provided, the vacuum cleaner itself is quite heavy and oversized.

A decent option for cleaning an apartment or house with combined types of surfaces.

Place # 7 - GUTREND FUN 120

Universal robot for wet and dry cleaning of surfaces, with the ability to work up to 130 minutes without recharging. The device features a dual filtration system and the presence of 5 basic cleaning modes.

Main characteristics:

  • type of unit - robot;
  • cost - 17,490 rubles;
  • operating time without recharging - 130 min .;
  • battery power - 2600 mAh;
  • functions - standard dry cleaning, 5 modes - auto, on a schedule, along walls, heavily contaminated locations, wet;
  • equipment - station for wet cleaning module, charging base;
  • additional features - auto-recharge for recharging, detection of obstacles, preventing falling, protection against obfuscation, sound notification, pre-filter and HEPA filter, LED-display, touch buttons, backlight, shock-absorbing bumper, built-in clock, timer.

The device has 10 pairs of sensor sensors that can avoid collisions with obstructing objects. A bumper with shock absorbing rubber gasket protects the body from damage in the event of a collision.

Using the touch buttons located on the case, you set the necessary program.

The volume of the dust bag is enough to perform 3-4 room cleanings. To clean it, just press the lid of the device and remove the container. The HEPA filter and pre-filter clean the air entering the device, releasing it without the smallest dust particles.


  • too sensitive display;
  • wraps wires on the brushes during operation;
  • lack of voice alerts;
  • no dust container fill sensor provided.

The device is suitable for owners of apartments up to 140 square meters. m. with various types of surfaces - carpets, tiled or marble floors. Also, the device thoroughly cleans the air of impurities and dust particles, so it is suitable for allergy sufferers.

Rank # 8 - KARCHER FC 5 Premium

A modern device of vertical type, designed for cleaning floors with the simultaneous collection of dirty water.

Main characteristics:

  • type of unit - vertical wired;
  • cost - 14990 rubles;
  • working hours - unlimited;
  • power consumption - up to a maximum of 460 W;
  • functions - wet wiping of surfaces;
  • complete set - cleaning rollers, liquid containers, station for installation and storage of the device, detergent, dispenser;
  • additional features - auto-cleaning of rollers in operating mode, easy movement of the device due to forward rolling pads, the ability to clean walls, baseboards, in corners, under furniture, convenient storage of products and accessories at a special station.

The device simultaneously performs wet hygiene and collects water that comes from the nozzle to collect dust and dirt. After cleaning the surfaces, the floors dry out within 1-2 minutes. When using the unit, you will save up to 85% of water resources, in comparison with manual floor cleaning.

Features of the model that highlight its advantages:

  • thorough cleaning in hard to reach places;
  • regular brush cleaning during the cleaning process;
  • the ability to wash microfiber pads at 60 degrees.

The unit has an aquafilter with a volume of 0.2 l and a tank for clean water - 0.4 l. A 7-meter cable length is enough to clean a two-room apartment without additional connection to another outlet.

Disadvantages identified by users during operation: a small water container, lack of automatic cable winding, insufficient power, heavy weight.

A decent apron for mopping without the function of collecting dry garbage, which is suitable for owners of small apartments. In the arsenal of the company there are no less worthy representatives with an aquafilter, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with eight leaders from KARCHER.

Place # 9 - Tefal VP7545RH

An exclusive device that provides high cleaning efficiency due to work in 2 stages: dust absorption and steam washing. Unique nozzle for collecting garbage and steam Dual clean & steam provides easy and convenient movement of the device in any direction.

Main characteristics:

  • type of unit - vertical;
  • cost - 13050 rubles;
  • working time - unlimited, works from a network;
  • power consumption - 1700 W;
  • functions - 2 in 1 cleaning - dry + steam treatment, collection of spilled liquid;
  • equipment - nozzle for double floor cleaning Dual clean & steam, a reservoir for liquid of 0.7 l, a cyclone filter with a volume of 0.8 l;
  • additional features - a power regulator on the handle, cleaning the air masses during the operation of the device, the destruction of microbes, bacteria.

Why pay attention to this model? Users during operation note that the unit removes dirt in the corners and near skirting boards, perfectly collects wool and rinses surfaces from dirt, does not leave stains. And also qualitatively pours steam over the floor, destroying dust and germs, and is convenient to maintain.

The cyclone technology used in the device allows you to clean the air of allergens and other microparticles. Therefore, you can not only carefully and thoroughly clean the apartment, but also take care of family health.

Cons of the device:

  • lack of wire winding mechanism;
  • it is not recommended to clean marble surfaces and carpets;
  • impossible to clean under furniture;
  • noisy and heavy.

A decent option for wet cleaning with steam cleaning function. The model can be used in a 2-3 room apartment, where the solid surface of the floors - laminate, tile, parquet predominates.

Rank # 10 - ARNICA Hydra Rain Plus

Multifunctional model for collecting dry garbage and wet floor cleaning. An aquafilter is installed in the product, which collects dust particles and mixes them with water by DWS technology. Filter element HEPA-13 blocks the exit of dust residues into the room air.

Main characteristics:

  • type of unit - normal;
  • cost - 15990 rubles;
  • working hours - unlimited;
  • power consumption - 2400 W;
  • functions - collection of garbage, spilled liquids, wet mopping, humidification and purification of air;
  • complete set - nozzle for wet cleaning, for washing upholstered furniture, adapter, universal, crevice brush, turbo brush, nozzles for various fabrics of furniture upholstery, holder for brushes, shampoo, air fragrance;
  • additional features - garbage collection of almost any size, destruction of up to 99.99% of dust particles, aromatization and air cleaning, vacuum cleaning of bedding, toys, quick and easy washing of the aquafilter.

The model is in demand among users for its multifunctionality, good equipment, high power and average price.

Cons of the device, noted during use: the lack of adjustment of power and automatic winding mechanism of the wire, insufficiently high-quality plastic housing and poorly sprayed water and detergent during wet cleaning.

The product is suitable for people prone to frequent diseases, asthma, as well as families with young children, where it is constantly necessary to monitor the cleanliness and humidity of the air. However, one must be prepared that such an assistant needs to comply with a number of operating and maintenance rules.

How to choose a wet cleaning technique?

To select a reliable, multi-functional and high-quality unit for wet cleaning, it is necessary to take into account some features of the technique and also focus on your needs.

Criterion # 1 - water tank capacity

For wet cleaning in washing units, special water tanks, cleaning and liquid collection agents have been installed. If your apartment has 1-2 rooms, then you can safely buy a vacuum cleaner with a small tank volume - up to 2-3 liters.

Robotic type wet cleaning unit
You can also pay attention to robotic models, although you can pour up to 1 liter of water into their tanks. They do a good job cleaning floors.

For large apartments and houses you will need a device with a 3-8-liter tank. Thanks to its capabilities, you can carry out cleaning in one cycle without changing the water.

Criterion # 2 - dimensions and power

Using conventional units, you can wash windows, cars, carpets, upholstered furniture. The suction power of the dust masses determines how efficiently and quickly the cleaning will be done. The higher this indicator, the better the unit will clean the surface of dust, wool, dirt.

And here washing robots - compact and maneuverable, but they perform only superficial wet cleaning with microfiber cloths. Only a few models are used for cleaning sofas and carpets. The rest serve as a polisher.

Standard view of the washing device
Standard wire washing devices are bulky and heavy due to filling them with water and various means. They are difficult to move, but in terms of functionality they are more practical

Criterion # 3 - type of device and equipment

Before buying, decide which type of device is best suited for cleaning surfaces. If the apartment is dominated by hard flooring, it is worth paying attention to robots. They do all the work on their own, with minimal user involvement.

Wet Carpet Cleaning
If your goal is to clean carpets, paths and furniture from dirt and dust, then it is better to purchase standard type products

A set of wired devices includes several nozzles that are designed for a specific type of cleaning. It is worth choosing a model with the maximum number of brushes, for example, for cleaning furniture, collecting liquids, polishing.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The nuances of the choice of units for wet cleaning:

General recommendations for choosing a household vacuum cleaner:

The range of vacuum cleaners for mopping and wet cleaning of surfaces is quite diverse. You can become the owner of a modern robotic device or purchase a standard wired model for multifunctional cleaning.

Choose which vacuum cleaner is the best in quality for wet cleaning, and our tips will help you quickly and correctly determine the model.

Have experience using a washing vacuum cleaner from the rating? Or did you choose a different unit for the house? Please share with your readers your impressions of the work of cleaning equipment with a washing function.Leave feedback, comments and ask questions - the contact form is below.

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