Samsung Vacuum Cleaners with Anti Tangle Turbine: Specifications + Model Overview

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As you use the vacuum cleaner, the power of the unit decreases. The main reason for the reduced productivity is the winding of the fibers and the subsequent clogging of the filter elements. Samsung's vacuum cleaner with Anti-Tangle turbine is deprived of this drawback - the technology prevents large particles of litter and hair from getting on the filter grate.

We will figure out in which models the option is implemented and how effective it is.

Turbine operation principle Anti-Tangle

In most vacuum cleaners, the declared suction power exceeds the actual operating values. Unit performance decreases over time - dirt accumulates on the radiator grill, hair is wound, and traction is reduced.

Samsung has solved this problem by adding a turbine to the instrument. Anti-triangle. To evaluate the effect of an innovative solution, you need to understand how a standard cyclone filter.

The usual element consists of two compartments: the first chamber - the collection of fine dust, the second - the accumulation of debris larger. Under the influence of centrifugal force, pollution of various sizes is separated.

Anti-Tangle Technology
Fibers and hair belong to the intermediate category of litter. They are very light and rise together with the dust, heading towards the dust filter

Accumulating on the grate, debris obstructs airflow, suction power drops, and the motor overheats. In order for the vacuum cleaner not to burn out and resume work with a “new force”, the filter must be cleaned.

The device with Anti-Tangle is different in design. The cyclone filter consists of three sections; a small turbine is placed at the top of the dust collector - opposite the central chamber. Rotating at high speed, Anti-Tangle creates a repulsive force, freeing the airflow from the debris.

Turbine Anti-Tangle
As a result, large particles of litter fall into the external compartment, and the intermediate vortex from the turbine discards hair, fibers and wool, not passing them to the central container. Fine dust particles rush to the filter

As tests have shown, a Samsung vacuum cleaner with an Anti-Tangle turbine holds a high level of performance twice as long as other units. Traction power does not drop, but the engine remains safe.

The characteristic features of these vacuum cleaners

In addition to the presence of a turbine that prevents winding hair, vacuum cleaners of this series have a number of additional advantages:

  • unpretentiousness in service;
  • excellent power;
  • ease of management;
  • air filtration.

Ease of maintenance. In cyclones, the exhaust filter must be cleaned periodically. It is enough to wash and dry a foam sponge.

Container cleaning
Ease of cleaning the dust box. Collected trash accumulates at the bottom of the tank. The user does not come in contact with the dirt - just take out the container and shake the contents into the urn

High power. The range of Anti-Tangle units is represented by vacuum cleaners of different capacities. The power range is 380-440 W - this is quite enough for efficient garbage collection in one pass.

Samsung vacuum cleaner handle
Ergonomic handle. Thanks to the special configuration, it was possible to reduce the load on the brush and prevent twisting of the flexible hose. Handle Material - Lightweight Plastic

On most models of the Anti-Tangle series, the control buttons are located on the top of the handle. This allows, without being distracted from the harvesting process, to change the suction intensity depending on the type of coating - the “+” and “-” buttons.

The handle with the electronic module makes the operation of the vacuum cleaner more comfortable. There is no need to bend down to start or shut down the unit - the “Start»Provided on the holder.

Air filtration
Air filtration. The air flow driven through the cyclone separator, at the outlet passes through the prism of the filter elements. Maximum cleaning, removal of bacteria and allergens provides a HEPA-barrier

Some modifications are completed with a brush Anti-triangle tool. The nozzle is specially designed for quick removal of pet hair and hair. The fibers are not wound on the brush, which means that you will not have to be distracted by its cleaning.

3 in 1 nozzle
3 in 1 nozzle. A practical accessory for removing trash from different surfaces. Transformer brush: nozzle with a narrow tip - cleaning crevices and corners, with extended bristles - spot cleaning, lint-free care for pillows, upholstered furniture

The working stroke of Samsung vacuum cleaners cannot be called quiet. The rumble volume of various modifications with the Anti-Tangle turbine is about 85-88 dB.

Technological innovations from Samsung

An innovative solution is implemented in four series of vacuum cleaners of the Korean brand. Vacuum cleaners differ in appearance, suction capacity, dust collector volume, completeness and maneuverability.

We consider each of the options, paying attention to design, equipment, technical and operational characteristics. User reviews will complement the general idea of ​​Anti-Tangle modifications.

Series # 1 - Powerful and Functional VC5100

The VC5100 product line features high-performance 440-watt units. CycloneForce technology is complemented by the Anti-Tangle turbine. Despite the impressive parameters of the dust collector (2 l), it was possible to lighten the models by 25% relative to the VC5000.

Samsung offers a choice of three colors for the VC5100: black, burgundy and black and blue. The design of the unit is made in a modern hi-tech style, without flashy futurism.

The main element is a transparent container with a cyclone filter and garbage compartments. Vacuum cleaners are equipped with large rubberized wheels, providing good throughput and stability of units. A special handle is provided for carrying.

Anti-Tangle Tool Brush
The package includes an Anti-Tangle Tool with airflow dividers. Garbage, hair and large litter enters immediately into the container and does not get tangled on the brush

In addition, the VC5100 vacuum cleaners are equipped with a standard two-stage brush and a multi-function “3 in 1” nozzle.

Features of the device and operation of Samsung high-performance units:

  • a powerful 2100 W motor produces 440 W thrust;
  • control module and performance adjustment are placed on the handle;
  • on the back of the case there are buttons to start and rewind the wire;
  • the length of the tube is adjustable and adjusted to the user's height;
  • a cleaning system with a HEPA filter holds up to 99.9% of contaminants, including dust mites and pollen;
  • the dust collector is supplemented with a convenient handle for quick extraction and emptying of the container.

VC5100 Series models include an exhaust filter clogging indication. User reviews on VC5100 vacuum cleaners are mostly positive. Of the pluses most often noted: good traction, an excellent result of cleaning animal hair.

As well as ease of operation, easy operation of the unit on different surfaces - it does not turn over and does not “skid” on carpets, the optimum ratio of price and power. By cons, some buyers attributed the poor fixation of the nozzles to the pipe and the breakdown of the control panel on the handle.

Series # 2 - maneuverable and productive VC4100

The devices in this series are inferior to the VC5100 models of suction intensity. The maximum thrust of VC4100 vacuum cleaners is 390 watts with a power consumption of 1,500 watts. Continuing the comparison with its predecessors, it is worth noting the reduced volume of the dust collector to 1.3 liters and the weight of the device itself - the mass of the unit is only 4.6 kg.

Models of the VC4100 series are prototypes of the VC5100 line of vacuum cleaners. The shape of the case, wheels and the garbage container is the same, the difference is in the dimensions of the structural elements.

VC4100 Series Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum cleaners of this series are very convenient and easy to use. The telescopic tube is adjustable in height - even a child can control the unit

Features of the VC4100 series vacuum cleaners:

  • the plastic case is framed in a soft S-shaped bumper - a rubberized tape protects the furniture from scratches in the event of a collision;
  • a pre-motor filter made of foam can be washed - timely cleaning allows you to maintain high traction of the device;
  • the set does not have Anti-Tangle Tool; the devices are equipped with a two-stage main brush and a narrow “2 in 1” nozzle;
  • The filtration system is internationally recognized, the VC4100 units are equipped with HEPA.

The series features three models with a black body and blue accents, as well as orange and raspberry elements. Good power, maneuverability and affordable cost explain the popularity of the series.

The main advantages according to users: economical energy consumption along with good performance, ease of maintenance and practicality of the container, compactness, ease of use.

Consumers have identified the following shortcomings during operation: to maintain good traction, the pre-filter should be washed regularly, slight distortion of the housing with a dust collector, and the inability to store in an upright position.

Series # 3 - the enlarged dust collector at VC3100

The design of this series is different from previous models. The dust collector is made in the form of a wide, slightly flattened thicket. The bottom panel of the block is made of black plastic, the upper part has multi-colored inserts: blue, red, green or burgundy.

Vacuum cleaner dust collector
Models of the VC3100 series differ in a capacious bowl - 2 l. This allows you to clean a large area without being distracted by cleaning the waste bin.

Distinctive features of units:

  • control options: buttons on the body or on the handle;
  • good traction - traction power 380 W, consumption - 1800 W;
  • excellent cross-country ability thanks to rubberized wheels;
  • housing stability - the dust collector repeats the shape of the vacuum cleaner block and does not shift the center of gravity;
  • there is a groove in the front for fastening the pipe with a nozzle - units of the VC3100 series are convenient to store in an upright position;
  • kit composition: universal two-stage brush and nozzle "2 in 1"; Additional accessories can be purchased separately.

Pre-motor and output filters are responsible for the delay of debris and dust inside the cyclone vacuum cleaner. If necessary, they can be cleaned. The main arguments in favor: affordable cost, a capacious dust collector, the presence of a turbine against winding hair, fairly light weight.

Most often, customers are unhappy: fast clogging of the premotor filter, a short cord, noisy work, poor agility of the nozzle. Hair can be wound on wheels and on the brush itself.

Series # 4 - budget units VC2100

This series includes simple, inexpensive models that combine compactness, maneuverability and affordable cost. The maximum suction power of the VC2100 units is 380 W, the capacity of the trash can is 1.5 liters.

The models are presented in different colors. By assembly and appearance, the VC2100 series almost completely repeats the previous representatives - Samsung vacuum cleaners of the VC3100 series.

Characteristic features of compact units:

  • laconic case without unnecessary elements - on the rear panel there are “Start” buttons and automatic wire winding;
  • comfortable grip Easy grip - the rotary mechanism prevents twisting of the hose;
  • small overall dimensions and light weight give the vacuum cleaners maneuverability; the VC2100 moves along the floor without any effort;
  • there is a convenient handle for carrying on the case; special fasteners are for fixing the pipe.

The completeness of the VC2100 is limited to a standard two-stage brush and a narrow nozzle for collecting dust. In all models of the budget series, the control buttons are located on the case.

Owners are not always flattering about the VC2100 series vacuum cleaners. Significant disadvantages according to users: fast engine heating, unreliable latches holding the filter, failure of the buttons on the dust collector. Of the pluses, good power is noted at the beginning of cleaning, the ease of the unit and maneuverability.

TOP 7 best brand models with Anti Tangle

The Samsung series of vacuum cleaners discussed above are represented by models that differ in appearance, maneuverability and cost.

Therefore, without the experience of using such a technique, it is difficult to find the best option on the fly. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating of the best and most purchased models according to the real owners of units with Anti Tangle technology.

Place # 1 - Samsung VC18M3160

Samsung VC18M3160 is the best-selling model. Its cost on average is 7 thousand rubles, and the technical specifications completely satisfy the needs of most potential buyers.

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with power adjustment buttons on the handle. The capacity of its dust collector, like all representatives of the VC3100 series, is increased and amounts to 2 liters, which is especially convenient when cleaning large rooms. Additional parameters: noise - 87 dB, capture of the main nozzle - 29 cm, cleaning radius - 9 m, rotary knob Easy grip.

Owners like that this vacuum cleaner is equipped with a telescopic tube, as well as a nozzle "2 in 1", which allows you to easily clean the smooth surface of the floor, and fleecy areas of the carpet.

Also a big plus of the model is the excellent quality of cleaning surfaces from animal hair and hair, which is achieved thanks to the Anti-Tangle turbine.

Of the minuses, some owners indicate an insufficient cord length - the available 6 meters are not enough to cover the desired territory. And the lack of a brush for cleaning furniture causes complaints from a number of users.

Place # 2 - Samsung VC21K5170

Another actively bought model is the Samsung VC21K5170. This cyclone impresses with its sophisticated design, excellent suction power (440 watts) and a cord extended up to 7 m, which allows you to process a large area without changing the outlet.

A feature of this vacuum cleaner is the presence of an indicator that indicates the level of filling of the dust bag.

Power control is carried out using the buttons on the handle. The model captivates potential owners with a strict black color - such an assistant can easily fit into almost any interior.

Among the advantages of the unit, the owners note the presence of a filter HEPA H13collecting more than 99.9% of dust. Easy to carry, sufficient suction power and the availability of a set of nozzles 3-in-1 also applies to benefits.

As for the shortcomings, numerous owners complain that this vacuum cleaner quickly overheats. Also upsets the easily soiled glossy case, which is coated with scratches during daily use, and the low mobility of the hose.

Place # 3 - Samsung VC18M3120

Another popular brand cyclone vacuum cleaner is the Samsung VC18M3120. With the Anti Tangle turbine, its price tag averages 6.7 thousand rubles, which is more than affordable for most potential buyers.

To control power, there is a regulator on the body, also the unit is equipped with a rotary handle Easy grip and telescopic tube.

Maximum suction power is 380 watts, the volume of the dust container is 2 liters. The package includes a fine filter and nozzle "2 in 1"allowing you to clean the floor and carpet.

The main advantage of this model is its attractive price. According to the owners, with such a price tag, it has no shortcomings. I also like the excellent power, which does not decrease with time, if properly operated and cleaned.

Of the minuses, the owners point to fragile plastic, the need to correctly insert parts after maintenance, the high cost of new filters, which have to be bought every 6-12 months.

Place # 4 - Samsung VC15K4130HB

This model has earned an honorary title. “Customer Choice” and a high rating among other representatives of the brand equipped with the Anti Tangle turbine. Which was formed thanks to the positive reviews of the owners.

Users are attracted by the stylish design, the presence of a dust filter fill indicator and the presence of a fine filter in the kit. The volume of the garbage container is small - only 1.3 l, noise up to 86 dB. The total weight of the device is 4.6 kg.

Additional features: telescopic (retractable) pipe, cord 7 m long, soft bumper, brush for cleaning the floor and carpet, supplied. The main advantage of this vacuum cleaner is its good suction power. This parameter is 390 watts, which is enough for cleaning dust, hair and wool of pets from carpets and sofas.

Among the shortcomings, the following were noticed: users complain about the lack of smooth adjustment of power, as well as the extremely inconvenient location of the buttons - during the cleaning process, they involuntarily touch their hand and the power changes.

Place # 5 - Samsung VC21K5150HP

One of the representatives of high-power devices with the Anti-Tangle VC5100 series turbine is the VC21K5150 vacuum cleaner. Its average cost is 14 thousand rubles.

This vacuum cleaner is allocated with a capacious garbage container, the volume of which is 2 l, with a suction capacity 440 wattsthat allows you to effectively collect wool and other rubbish from various surfaces - floor, carpet, sofa and other furniture.

Additional characteristics of the model: the width of the main brush - 30 cm, the noise level - 84 dB, the radius of the cleaning zone - 10.5 m. The unit is equipped with a filter with a high degree of delay of small particles (99.95%) - HEPA H13telescopic tube and nozzles 3-in-1.

Among the advantages of the vacuum cleaner, the owners note the excellent quality of cleaning, the optimal capacity of the dust container, and the extremely simple and convenient cleaning of the latter. Among the minuses, users pay attention to the need to regularly buy replacement filters and accidentally pressing the power control buttons on the handle.

Place # 6 - Samsung VC18M21C0

Model VC18M21C0 applies to VC2100 Series and takes a rather high place in the rating due to the correspondence of real characteristics to the declared ones. Its cost starts from 5.1 thousand rubles and is fully consistent with the configuration and functionality.

The vacuum cleaner has a suction power 380 watts, its change is carried out by the regulator located on the body. Moreover, the power can drop sharply if you do not clean the unit from dust in time and change the clogged filter.

The capacity of the dust container is 1.5 l, the cord length is 6 m, the noise level at maximum power is 87 dB. Additional features of Samsung VC18M21C0: rotary knob Easy grip, retractable suction pipe, nozzle «2 in 1".

The main advantage of the model is an affordable price tag. Moreover, for its price this vacuum cleaner has practically no drawbacks. This is the opinion expressed by most users.

The noted drawbacks are inherent in most vacuum cleaners - this is the need to regularly take care of the cleanliness of the working elements of the unit and the need to periodically change the fine filter.

Place # 7 - Samsung VC18M2110

Another popular vacuum cleaner is the Samsung VC18M2110. Its average cost is 5.8 thousand rubles.

The model is characterized by suction power at 380 watts, maximum noise up to 87 dB, dust collector with a capacity of 1.5 liters. Power is changed by the smooth movement of the regulator located on the body.

Of the additional characteristics of this unit, it should be noted that the rotary handle Easy grip, a retractable suction pipe and nozzles for cleaning carpets and floors that come with the kit - «2 in 1".

Customers like the model's low noise and excellent cleaning result. However, for this it is necessary to regularly clean the container and the net from dust and hair, change and clean the filters in a timely manner.

Among the shortcomings, users point to rapidly accumulating dust on a pre-engine filter made of blue foam. Some owners complain about the need to rinse it after each cleaning.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Recommendations for choosing the optimal household vacuum cleaner:

The speed and advantages of cleaning with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a non-clogging turbine are presented in the video:

Design features and significance of the Anti-Tangle turbine, an overview of the functionality and verification of the operability of a vacuum cleaner equipped with such a turbine:

Samsung has come up with a practical solution to maintain the traction of the vacuum cleaner during cleaning. At the customer’s choice - 4 series of units with Anti-Tangle technology of different completeness and performance.

Some models have received many positive reviews, but there are also those that do not live up to customer expectations. Therefore, before buying, you should carefully study the attractive model.

Want to talk about which model of vacuum cleaner you have chosen to facilitate the cleaning of your own house / apartment? It is possible that your arguments will convince other site visitors. Please write comments, ask questions, post a photo on the topic of the article in the block below.

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