How to choose a vacuum cleaner for the pool: the top ten models + what to look at before buying

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The pool is an ideal place to relax. Nothing could be better than basking in the sun, swimming in hot weather. But for the pond to look neat and last for more than a decade, it must be cleaned regularly. This is especially important if the bowl is not equipped with a filtration system.

A vacuum cleaner for the pool helps to remove all debris from the bottom - a special type of cleaning equipment designed to work in extreme conditions. Such an assistant is indispensable in caring for different types of artificial ponds. The owner of the pool faces a difficult task of choice - the aquatic equipment market offers many different models.

How not to make a mistake with the purchase? We will help you in solving this issue. The article provides a rating of the best submarine vacuum cleaners, describes the features of different types of devices, and also lists the main criteria for choosing cleaning equipment for the pool.

TOP 10 pool vacuum cleaners

With the advent of the first cleaning technology for water tanks, this market niche began to develop rapidly. Today, both in online stores and on shelves of real retail outlets, a huge assortment of these types of units is presented.

At the same time, models have significant differences in appearance, power and design. To make it easier to navigate the enormous variety of vacuum cleaners for the pool, a unique rating was compiled. It presents three types of devices: manual, semi-automatic and robotic vacuum cleaners.

When compiling the TOP, the technical characteristics of the models, their average price and customer reviews were taken into account.

10th place - DOLPHIN WAVE 300 XL2

An automatic vacuum cleaner for cleaning commercial and large domestic swimming pools DOLPHIN WAVE 300 XL is put in the last place in the rating.He does a great job of cleaning up the debris and dirt on the bottom and walls of the tank.

The model is quite popular among buyers who have at their disposal pools from 25 to 60 m. Cleans the bottom, pool walls, as well as the level of the water line.

Appearance of DOLPHIN WAVE 300 XL2
This robot vacuum cleaner is put in last place because of the very high cost - not every owner of a 25 meter pool can afford such a technique

Main characteristics:

  • suction power - 40 m3/hour;
  • cable length is 43 m;
  • double filtration system for maximum purification of pool water from small and large debris;
  • working cycle time - 1-8 hours;
  • weight - 25 kg;
  • The set includes a remote control and a special trolley.

The DOLPHIN WAVE 300 XL offers outstanding cleaning quality and excellent performance. It is equipped with two active brushes and four side brushes, which allows you to automatically reach all hard-to-reach places without any effort on the part of the user.

A significant drawback of the model is the too high price tag - the cost of this vacuum cleaner ranges from 1 million rubles. In all other aspects, it is a good choice for large pools.

9th place - Bestway 58304

The main feature of the Bestway model is its compatibility with almost all filtration systems. The vacuum cleaner can work with devices showing performance from 3.8 liters in one hour.

Exterior view of Bestway 58304
A good solution was to integrate a pressure regulator and a pre-filter into the unit. This makes the cleaning process quicker and also helps to avoid clogging of the hoses.

The advantages of Bestway 58304 include:

  • maneuverability - you will forever forget about the painful cleaning of sand and silt from the bottom of the pool;
  • universality - Many adapters are supplied for connecting to all possible filtration systems;
  • quality - durable plastic was used to manufacture the device, it will withstand more than 3 years of active use;
  • price - In online stores, a vacuum cleaner is offered for only 6,500 rubles, while some suppliers sell it at a discount, so with luck, you can save about one and a half to two thousand rubles.

Speaking about the shortcomings of the presented device, it is worth highlighting a significant weight (about 5 kg) and a rather short hose (6.1 meters). But if you buy it for a 5-meter pool, then these shortcomings are not so significant.

8th place - Bestway 58427

Cheapness, high performance and consistent quality - this is only a small fraction of the advantages of the Bestway 58427 cordless vacuum cleaner.

The cost of the device is only up to 4,000 rubles. But for the money you get a device that can facilitate the care of an inflatable pool / jacuzzi with a diameter of up to 6 meters.

Exterior view of Bestway 58427
This vacuum cleaner with a built-in battery will cope with bottom cleaning in frame and inflatable pools, the diameter of which does not exceed 6 m

This device is different:

  • convenient handle equipped with a 3-meter bar;
  • fast battery charging - up to 50 minutes;
  • ease of use;
  • light weight - 2.1 kg.

As such, the device has no drawbacks. Yes, it was possible to cling to a small length of the tube, but it is completely leveled by an extremely low price.

7th place - Emaux CE306A SHOWA

When you own a fairly large pool, pay attention to the Emaux CE306A SHOWA. This semi-automatic type vacuum cleaner is suitable both for bowls buried inside and for tanks mounted on the surface.

Appearance of Emaux CE306A SHOWA
This semi-automatic vacuum cleaner is easy to use, just connect it with a hose to the skimmer. It will help keep the pool bottom clean.

The unit, like all other semiautomatic devices, is connected to a garden hose. To remove contaminants, he makes vibratory movements. Ease of cleaning is guaranteed by a corrugated hose. It provides high maneuverability.

Emaux CE306A SHOWA works with virtually no noise. But for the convenience you have to pay.After all, the price tag of a semi-automatic vacuum cleaner stopped at around 13,500 rubles.

6th place - Zodiac Vortex 4 4WD

If you want to quickly and without unnecessary worries remove any pool in size, then a Zodiac Vortex 4 4WD (RV 5500) vacuum cleaner will be a good solution. But this is really an expensive device, the cost of which is quite high.

Appearance of Zodiac Vortex 4 4WD
High-tech assistant - the robot vacuum cleaner Zodiac Vortex 4 4WD is able to take on the responsibility of cleaning the pool. Its weight and dimensions are not a problem - the kit includes a convenient trolley for transporting the device to the place of work


  • pump productivity - 16 m3/hour;
  • the length of the floating cable is 21 m;
  • the robot can work with all types of cladding, whether it be polyester, PVC film or tile;
  • electricity consumption during operation reaches 150 W;
  • dimensions - 430 * 480 * 270 mm;
  • The Zodiac Vortex 4 4WD comes with a remote control and a special trolley.

Yes, the device has pretty good parameters. But even so, the manufacturer overpriced its price. It was the high price that became the reason for placing this robot vacuum cleaner in the 6th place in the rating.

5th place - AquaViva Luna 5220

AquaViva Luna is the latest in the pool cleaning equipment market. It stands out among its counterparts with a sophisticated design, a robust frame and excellent filtering.

Appearance of AquaViva Luna 5220
This vacuum cleaner copes well with cleaning various debris from the bottom of the pool. Moreover, the bottom should be flat so that the user gets maximum cleaning efficiency

For 30,000 rubles you get an assistant with the following technical specifications:

  • maximum pump performance - 7 m3 in an hour;
  • power cable length is 12 m;
  • the greatest depth of immersion is 1.8 m;
  • electricity consumption at work - 40 W;
  • the duration of the working cycle is up to 2 hours.

Since its introduction to the market, AquaViva Luna has won the hearts of customers due to its high performance, low power consumption and the ability to absorb water not only in front, but also on the sides of the device.

The dust collector holds enough debris to clean a large pool without stopping.

The disadvantages of the device can be considered significant weight (5.5 kg) and a modest cable length. Due to the latter parameter, the maximum pool size cannot exceed 10 m.

4th place - Zodiac MX 9

If you pay a little, then instead of AquaViva Luna you can order a modern vacuum cleaner from Zodiac. For 38 000 rubles you get a high-performance vacuum cleaner with a universal brush. And thanks to the two types of nozzles, you can remove all possible particles of dirt.

Appearance of Zodiac MX 9
The trajectory of movement provides the most effective cleaning of the bottom of the pool from any material - be it tile or concrete

Parameters of Zodiac MX 9:

  • maximum productivity reaches 10 m3/hour;
  • hose length is about 12 meters;
  • movement speed - 8 meters in one minute;
  • required pump capacity - 8 m3/ h;
  • dimensions - 1030 * 380 * 230 mm.

This vacuum cleaner has become a real godsend for tile and concrete pools. The route of his movement draws the letter "X", which guarantees high quality work.

But consider the unpleasant fact that the size of the pool cannot be more than 10-11 meters. After all, the cord length of the Zodiac MX 9 is only 12 m.

3rd place - Kokido Telsa 50

A manual type vacuum cleaner took the eighth line of the rating. It boasts high performance, a complete lack of a hose and no wires - it works on the battery completely autonomously for up to 45 minutes, providing high quality cleaning.

Exterior view of Kokido Telsa 50
This model is convenient to use - if you need to clean the bottom, you can easily remove the handle and install a telescope pipe

The suction power of the device can reach 5.7 cubic meters per hour. This indicator will be more than enough to remove all kinds of contaminants from the bottom, steps and side faces of the bowl.

The device is simple and easy to use. Thanks to the floating head, you can clean even the most inconvenient places.And thanks to the presence of a removable handle, which can be removed and replaced with a telescope pipe, you can even get stuck dirt from a depth of up to 3 meters.

This device has no significant minuses. But remember that it is only suitable for small bowls of the pool.

2nd place - Watertech Pool Blaster MAX

The Pool Blaster MAX Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is an example of a productive, versatile and lightweight device. He can handle more than 160 square meters on a single charge. At the same time, with such a speed, the quality still remains at its best.

Appearance Watertech Pool Blaster MAX
The universal high-performance unit is a great assistant for cleaning the walls and bottom of the pool

Technical specifications:

  • the cleared surfaces - acrylic, PVC, tile, polypropylene, and also fiberglass;
  • continuous operation time - 1 hour;
  • charging time - up to 10 hours;
  • dimensions - 400 mm * 170 mm * 190 mm;
  • weight - 2.5 kg.

It is a quiet appliance with a flexible cleaning nozzle. It allows not particularly straining to clean a huge pool. At the same time, this can be done in just 60 minutes.

1st place - Watertech Pool Blaster Max HD

The leader in the ranking is the improved Pool Blaster MAX. It features an even lighter body, better filtration system and greater performance.

Appearance Watertech Pool Blaster Max HD
The improved handheld vacuum cleaner model is especially popular among users due to its ease of use and excellent cleaning quality.

Technical specifications:

  • the cleared surfaces - acrylic, PVC, tile, polypropylene, and also fiberglass;
  • continuous operation time - 1 hour;
  • charging time - 8-10 hours;
  • dimensions 400 mm * 170 mm * 190 mm;
  • weight - 2.2 kg.

To filter water, the vacuum cleaner uses a set of bag microfilters. This allows you to collect 40% more garbage. At the same time, the price of a productive assistant is only 19,000 rubles.

What kind of vacuum cleaner is better for the pool?

When choosing the appropriate cleaning equipment for a reservoir, you first need to pay attention to the type and design of the device.

Today, manufacturers offer manual, semi-automatic, as well as automatic vacuum cleaners. Each of the species has a number of significant differences and advantages. But, in order to finally decide on a purchase, you need to familiarize yourself with each type in detail, considering its shortcomings.

No. 1 - agile and simple hand models

Handheld vacuum cleaners for swimming pools are distinguished by their elementary design and simple maintenance. They are designed to care for inflatable and frame tanks, the volume of which does not exceed 40 cubic meters.

Choosing this kind of unit for medium or large tanks is not worth it. Their cleaning will take too much time.

Handheld vacuum cleaner for the pool
Typically, the complete set of a manual vacuum cleaner includes a pair of nozzles and an aluminum rod. Using a skimmer (net), you can collect garbage from the surface of the water. The nozzle is suitable for cleaning the bottom, and with a brush you can wash the steps, walls and bottom of the pool

The principle of operation of manual models is simple to disgrace. To get started, you just need to connect the unit to the garden hose. When the water supply is open, all the dirt rises from the bottom of the pool and is drawn into a special bag through the filter.

Both nozzles of this kind of vacuum cleaner are attached to an aluminum rod. Typically, a pen is made of lightweight material. Therefore, even a fragile girl will be able to cope with cleaning her favorite vacation spot.

The disadvantages of manual vacuum cleaners include:

  • need for availability filtration systems;
  • the absence of a bag or filter on most models where sediment settles;
  • inability to use for cleaning large and medium pools.

As for the benefits, hand held vacuums are cheap. In online stores you can find the device for only one and a half thousand rubles. This makes it accessible to the buyer with any income level.

No. 2 - semi-automatic cleaning units

Semi-automatic vacuum cleaners are considered more modern and productive. Their distinguishing feature is that the user can optionally change the flow rate of water.

Semi-automatic vacuum cleaner for the pool
Semiautomatic devices have a more complex cleaning brush. Thanks to it, it is possible to cope with cleaning the tank without any problems and in a short period of time. At the same time, cleaning is really convenient

The category of cleaning equipment presented above is an intermediate stage between manual and automatic vacuum cleaners.

Semiautomatic devices also have a simple operating principle. Using a special membrane, they are attached to the walls or the bottom of the bowl and absorb all the debris. After that, the device moves to another place.

Devices of this type are perfect for collapsible, frame and stationary structures. They can also be used to clean inflatable pools.

Some models are equipped with a special dirt bag. But in most cases, the vacuum cleaner will need to be connected to a skimmer. You do not need any additional tools for this. Everything is as fast and convenient as possible.

The obvious disadvantages of semiautomatic devices are the following:

  1. Limited service life. Most models wear out after three years.
  2. Long cleaning. The average pool with such a vacuum cleaner will have to be cleaned for about 2 hours, or even more.
  3. Pump Capacity Limitations. Many semiautomatic devices can only work on a device with a capacity of more than 0.75 kW.

As for the benefits, devices of this type are completely independent of the electrical network. Thanks to what they will be an ideal choice for a country house. In addition, they are suitable for all existing types of pools.

No. 3 - modern and advanced robotic vacuum cleaners

Robotic vacuum cleaners are fully automatic devices. These are innovative units that will be the best choice for large stationary pools. At the same time, they do everything on their own, with minimal involvement of the owner.

Robot vacuum cleaner for the pool
If we compare the robot vacuum cleaner with other types of cleaning equipment, then, unlike analogs, it is completely immersed in water along with electrical components. This allows him to get to all even the most remote corners of the reservoir and clean them qualitatively.

Do not be afraid that if moisture gets inside the vacuum cleaner, you can get an electric shock. Manufacturers envisioned this and ensured a sufficient level of security. The transformer converts the electric current coming from the mains and makes it completely safe for humans.

The main advantage of robots is their independence from a skimmer or reservoir filtration system. This design feature allows them to move freely along the bottom of the pool, collecting all small and medium debris.

The device is equipped with a filter to collect dirt. Do not forget to clean it after cleaning.

Pool vacuum cleaner
Many models of automatic vacuum cleaners for the pool work in two modes: from the remote control and independently. In the first case, the owner controls the device. This will be useful if the bowl has an unusual shape with a complex topography.

In independent mode, the work of the submariner is based on an algorithm embedded in his memory. He goes around the bottom looking for trash. In some cases, if provided by the manufacturer, the vacuum cleaner may run into the walls and steps for subsequent cleaning.

Automatic pool cleaning technology has the following disadvantages:

  • high price - significantly higher cost compared to manual and semi-automatic units;
  • power dependenceas well as cable lengths;
  • limited application - not suitable for all types and sizes of pools;
  • the appearance of “blind spots” - with a complex configuration of the bowl, the robot can pass areas with garbage.

Users love pool cleaner robots for their independence. Now you don’t have to spend several hours resting to manually remove the pond.

All you need is to lower the robot into the water, set the program, and at the end of cleaning, wash the replaceable filter. Also, the models are distinguished by high performance, having very modest dimensions.

The main criteria for the selection of cleaning equipment

Before deciding to purchase a device, it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the nuances that are worth paying attention to. It is important to understand that not every vacuum cleaner will cope with your task.

The choice of a vacuum cleaner for the pool
A responsible approach to the selection of cleaning equipment will help to avoid wasting money. Adequate knowledge will allow you to choose a model that perfectly cleans the surface of the tank

Power unit. The parameter is the main selection criterion. It should fit the size of the pool bowl. Give preference to those models that can work for about 5 hours without stopping.

Also, sufficient performance will save your time if you decide to choose a manual or semi-automatic vacuum cleaner.

Be sure to check with the consultant how well the device copes with cleaning the surface. Do not forget to ask about whether he is "friendly" with pools of complex configuration.

Cord length. It must exceed the size of the bowl. Otherwise, you will have to use an extension cord, which is not recommended for safety reasons.

Types of filters and frequency of replacement. Having learned about this, you can approximately calculate how much it will take to service the device.

Which manufacturer's equipment is better?

The number of manufacturers of vacuum cleaners for swimming pools is increasing every day. Despite this, finding a device worthy of its money is not easy. But there are a number of brands that offer productive and easy to maintain units for a reasonable price.

The list of the best manufacturers includes:

  • Intex;
  • Ultramax;
  • Zodiac;
  • Dolphin;
  • Mountfield;
  • Bestway
  • Watertech;
  • Emaux.

Please note that the above companies have both successful and not very models. Therefore, do not buy anything blindly. To save time and money, thoroughly review the specifications and the device itself. Only then make the final decision.

When servicing the pool requires an integrated approach. Before proceeding with vacuum cleaning, it is necessary to treat water with coagulants that convert dirt particles into flakes. In this form, garbage is easier to remove. For rules on the selection and use of coagulants, read this article.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Tips for choosing cleaning equipment for pool care:

The pool vacuum cleaner is a loyal assistant in cleaning the bottom and side faces of the bowl. If you are guided by all the selection criteria presented and get acquainted with the rating, you can order a productive, affordable and convenient to use device.

Looking for an inexpensive and high quality pool cleaner? Or is there experience using a specific harvesting model? Tell our readers about the specifics of use and maintenance of such units. Share your personal experiences and ask questions - the comment form is located below.

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  1. Makar

    If you want to install a pool in the courtyard of a private house, do not skimp on a vacuum cleaner to clean it. Be sure to buy at least a regular, mechanical one. Otherwise, in less than a week, your pool will turn into a swamp with water insects swarming in it. For example, we have one of the most budget options - from Intex. Included in it were a telescopic tube, a vacuum cleaner brush, a net. Therefore, it is convenient for them to collect garbage not only from the surface of the water, but also in all layers. And also “wash” the bottom and walls of the pool. It copes with its task perfectly (sucks everything in!) And it’s much easier to handle than you might think. Recommend.

  2. For about a year we tormented ourselves with cleaning the pool: we flushed the water and washed everything, then we scored again. When they calculated the costs, they realized that the pool was going out golden. It’s easier to buy a vacuum cleaner, not necessarily super-powerful, you can use it manually (we have a small pool). It will pay off in less than six months. It’s easy to wield it, it cleans everything well, and you can keep the water out.