How to choose a good vacuum cleaner for home and apartment: varieties of equipment + tips for customers

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Buying household appliances for cleaning is not an easy task, requiring your special attention and time. Agree, it is extremely unreasonable to purchase the first vacuum cleaner that has come into view - the device must meet expectations, be convenient and functional.

You are completely confused in the rich assortment offered by various manufacturers, and do not know how to choose a vacuum cleaner that will become a reliable and worthy helper in household chores?

We will help you figure it out - the article discusses the types of vacuum cleaners, their features and important criteria that matter to the buyer. Recommendations are given to help you choose the best option for home and apartment. The material in the article is equipped with visual photographs and video tips for choosing household vacuum cleaners for the home.

Varieties of household vacuum cleaners

Depending on the type of work performed, vacuum cleaners come in for dry and wet cleaning, for mopping floors, washing windows and other surfaces. Some models perform only one type of cleaning, while others are universal and are able to combine several options.

Also, all vacuum cleaners available on the market differ in appearance, technical characteristics, dimensions, weight, type of dust collector and filtration system.

Difference in Appearance

Household appliances purchased for home use should have a number of useful features. In addition, it simply must be easy to use, and its price tag - to meet the expectations of the owner.

In appearance, the devices can be as follows:

  • ordinary - classic performance;
  • vertical or 2-in-1 - manual + vertical option;
  • automatic - robotic devices;
  • embedded - central dust removal systems.

If the first three options are quite popular among users, then the built-in technique, or correctly called a system, is only gaining momentum. It is more often used in the industrial sphere than in the domestic one. Although the owners of suburban housing already understand the benefits of built-in dust removal systems.

This option will be the best solution for a 2-3-storey cottage with a total area of ​​200-250 m2. Moreover, the built-in system will first have to be installed, having air ducts throughout the house. And it’s more convenient to do this at the stage of construction and home decoration.

In addition, in addition to the standard type of cleaning within the house, the owner can count on the automation of cleaning activities of a narrow focus. All this is possible due to the presence in the market of specialized household appliances.

Depending on the equipment and its purpose, assistant vacuum cleaners look different and can perform the following functions:

  • automated floor polishers - rub the parquet or laminate using a wet or dry cloth;
  • window washers - can be robotic or manual, but they both wash windows and other vertical surfaces, for example, tiles in the bathroom;
  • submariners - help in cleaning the home reservoir (pool) from dirt and debris;
  • compact hand tools - vacuuming car interiors, keyboards and other delicate surfaces.

Dimensions, weight and appearance may vary significantly. Therefore, it is important to choose the option that is most suitable for your needs.

Differences in type of cleaning

Let us dwell on the capabilities of household appliances. Initially, there are three main types of devices that can perform dry, wet or combined cleaning of surfaces.

Dry surface cleaning method

Everything is simple here - if we are talking about a classic model from the budget price range, then most often its functions are limited to dry floor cleaning.

But with a power regulator, you can clean various types of surfaces from dust - sofas, pillows, curtains, carpet, linoleum, etc.

Dry vacuuming
Vacuum cleaners that perform only a dry type of cleaning are most common. Moreover, this is the most popular technique among buyers. This device is convenient to use, just look after it, and there is plenty to choose from - the range is wide and includes offers in various price ranges

Wet cleaning technique

Washing models are a separate technique. Often, such vacuum cleaners only perform floor cleaning and require substantial preparation for this process.

It is necessary to remove dust, debris and scattered things in the rooms, properly assemble the device itself by installing all the filters and filling the necessary containers with water and a washing solution.

After completion of the washing measures, it is necessary to wash all containers, filters and other details, dry them in disassembled form and only then you can collect everything or send it to storage. Read more about the operating rules of vacuum cleaners-washers read in this article.

Wet Carpet
A vacuum cleaner will help to cope with wet cleaning several times faster. You do not have to constantly bend down to wash the rag or squeeze it, removing any remaining liquid - just adjust the water supply by pressing the lever on the handle

Moreover, the market offers units that can operate in automatic mode - washing robots. Some manufacturers even offer to control their work remotely using their smartphone / iPhone for these purposes.

To do this, you have to install the application, after which you can not only start / stop the robotic cleaner, but also monitor the order of tasks and plan the hours of cleaning procedures.

Combined version of cleaning equipment

The third option is combined, when the vacuum cleaner is able to combine wet and dry type of cleaning. This is convenient, because pre-treatment of the rooms before washing is not required.

Vertical model for wet cleaning
On universal models, you can often hear user complaints. Especially when it comes to vertical devices or robots - the owners claim that after treating the surface with such a vacuum cleaner, stains remain on it, or it simply stretches the dust moistened previously with water

Separately, it is worth talking about a highly specialized technique that is designed to clean certain types of surfaces. This is usually also a dry or wet option.

You do not need to expect beyond such capabilities vacuum cleaners and it is worth understanding that the same window washer will wash the window cloth wonderfully, but he is unlikely to be able to clean the carpet or vacuum the sofa.

Differences in the purpose of cleaning equipment

An important criterion is the appointment of cleaning equipment. It is important to understand that large manufacturers are guided in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners to a wide range of consumers. And the tasks that the buyer will set for a particular model are important in the development and construction of new models.

Therefore, in the market for cleaning equipment, you can find models not only for domestic purposes, but also for household needs for industry. Are in demand construction vacuum cleaners.

It is important to use the purchased product for its intended purpose, then it can be guaranteed that it will serve the stated period, moreover, it can exceed it 2-3 times.

If you violate this rule, then the probability of damage increases. And in such cases, the manufacturer will refuse warranty service - if the vacuum cleaner is used in improper conditions, all warranty obligations are voided.

Therefore, if, for example, you plan to use the device on a house plot or in a garage, then it is better to look at economic models right away. Moreover, many manufacturers can find good deals at a very affordable price.

What to look for when choosing?

Getting acquainted with the variety of household appliances and figuring out how to choose a good and reliable vacuum cleaner for the home and subsequently not regret the purchase, study the main criteria that influence the adoption of the right decision.

Below we provide a number of useful tips for choosing a technique, taking into account its technical characteristics and design features.

Criterion # 1 - type of vacuum cleaner and its use

The type of vacuum cleaner, its purpose and capabilities are extremely important criteria. For example, not all models are able to help harvest fallen leaves from an apple tree, maple, birch, while this task will be economical. Such are available from the German brand Karcher.

Household version of a vacuum cleaner
Thanks to the stainless steel tank, they can be used to clean the site of leaves, small pebbles and other inclusions. And the option of blowing will help to get garbage out of the most difficult cracks. The vacuum cleaner is extremely good in all respects, and the price of a number of models is affordable for most potential buyers

But such an assistant will be extremely inconvenient when the operational cleaning of small areas is required - to clean the car interior after a family trip with 1-3 year old children. Or quickly collect crumbs from shortbread cookies from the table and floor.

For these situations, a compact device will simply be indispensable - hand vacuum cleaner. It is devoid of bulky pipes, hoses and a long cord. What makes its use incredibly convenient and simple.

But keeping the house clean is the prerogative of robotic assistants. Many models are able to work according to a schedule drawn up for them a week in advance.

Robotic house cleaner
The owner does not need to be in sight during cleaning - the device will go around the rooms to clean and stand on its own when the battery is running out. And the owner of this automatic miracle vacuum cleaner will receive a report on the work done on the smartphone

That's just the cost of such perfect technology is not at all small. But in this matter, saving by buying a cheap Chinese robot is not worth it. The characteristics and capabilities of cheap models are rather mediocre - therefore, the expected result will not succeed.

Vertical option suitable for owners of small apartments or houses - they are most often rechargeable, and one charge is enough for 20-60 minutes of cleaning in the best case. What will be clearly not enough for cleaning a two-story cottage with an area of ​​300 m2 and more.

For large houses vertical vacuum cleaner Suitable as an aid in the fight against debris and dust. When you need to collect the wool of a molting pet from pillows or to refresh the room in which they cleaned yesterday.

Option 2 in 1 or vertical + portable / manual - this is a more expensive pleasure. But it is worth buying it consciously - because the capacity of a plastic container, as a rule, is 0.2-0.6 liters. Yes, and you can’t fill it to the eyeballs - you need to empty it when ½ or 2/3 of the garbage has collected there.

Vertical type of cleaning equipment
With a vertical assistant, you should not dream of a full-scaled general cleaning of a two-room apartment once a week or two - this technique will not cope with this task. Is it going to be a wired model with the most voluminous dust collector. And then the container will most likely have to be emptied a couple of times

For general cleaning best suited classic vacuum cleaners with any type of dust bag.

Will be the cleanest after cleaning model with water filter - after such cleaning, even the air in the room will become fresher. But a significant minus of such a technique is the difficulty in maintenance.

The aquafilter must be washed and dried at the end of cleaning.And many manufacturers sin with a huge amount of water filter parts, which can be assembled after drying, if you arm yourself with additional instructions.

This is especially true if the functionality of the vacuum cleaner is expanded to the ability to perform floor cleaning / wet cleaning of carpets / curtains and other things. Here it is very difficult to understand without instructions.

But after weekly training, there will be no problems with assembly / disassembly. But you will be extremely satisfied with the quality of cleaning.

Criterion # 2 - dust collector and filter system

The type and volume of the dust bag is also an important criterion when choosing a home cleaning equipment.

Now on sale the most common options are:

  • bag - disposable or reusable, which collects a maximum of dust, holding up to 99% inside, and some manufacturers offer bags of HEPA materials;
  • plastic container without cyclone - an extremely rare phenomenon characteristic of extremely inexpensive models, with a rather weak filtration system;
  • cyclone capacity - a popular option for a dust collector due to its special design cyclone filter a negligible fraction of dust penetrates the container;
  • water container - an aquafilter that provides the cleanest air at the outlet, because its special design moistens the smallest dust masses with water, trapping them inside;
  • combined option - bag / cyclone, aquafilter / bag, these options are also extremely rare.

Therefore, in order to decide which version of a vacuum cleaner to choose, given the features of their dust collectors, it is extremely important to first identify the main tasks for which the device is needed.

Vacuum cleaner Zanussi ZAN1214
Another type of dust collector is a plastic container without a cyclone. It preceded the development of cyclone filters. Such vacuum cleaners are extremely inexpensive, but due to the characteristics of the waste bin, they give back a lot of dust. Therefore, the air in the room cannot be called clean after cleaning with such a device

If you have frequent cleanings, and the rooms are mostly smooth floors, then the cyclone will be optimal.

If in many rooms there are carpets, and there is a cat in the house, then a bag technique will do. Such models stand out with a high level of power.

And although it falls somewhat with filling, it’s not essential, which doesn’t interfere with collecting hair and wool from carpets. True, the bag is still not recommended to be stuffed to the eyeballs.

If someone in the family is allergic to dust or even has small children and allergies, you definitely need to take an aquafilter.

A vacuum cleaner with a similar type of dust collector exits clean air at the outlet, leaving not only dust particles inside the box with water, but also tiny inclusions like pollen of flowering plants.

An important role is played by the amount intended for purchase.If the budget is quite limited, and there are no special requirements, then the best option would be a classic vacuum cleaner with a bag or cyclone filter.

The first option will cost less, but do not forget that you will regularly have to spend money on consumables - buy single or reusable bags.

The cyclone initially has a slightly higher price tag, but the dust collector is made of durable plastic, which will serve as much as the vacuum cleaner itself.

As for additional filters, most models are equipped with a pre-motor filter and an outlet filter located at the air outlet.

Better when included Hepa filter 13 and higher. Such a filter element not only provides the highest possible degree of purification of air masses, but is also quite simple to maintain. Why just rinse it under running water as it gets dirty.

Criterion # 3 - power consumption and absorption

Another significant characteristic is power. This parameter can often be seen not only on the box with the device, but also on the body of the vacuum cleaner itself. But here the manufacturer is a little tricky, indicating power consumption. But the suction power on the case is extremely rare to see.

Moreover, it is the suction power, which is also called the suction force, traction, that is important.

Carpet Cleaning
Fig 9. For a smooth floor surface, a suction force of 250-300 watts is sufficient. If this characteristic is higher, then the device may well cope with the cleaning of carpets and sofas

Classical models have the highest suction power, vertical devices in second place, and robotic cleaning equipment in third.

But not only this indicator affects the quality of cleaning, so robots with a thrust of 25-40 watts show an excellent result, picking up garbage with elongated side brushes and pulling it directly into the garbage container.

Criterion # 4 - type of power supply for the vacuum cleaner

According to the type of power supply, the devices can be autonomous or network dependent. Which one is better to choose depends on your goals.

If you don’t know how to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your apartment, given the way the appliance is powered up, then focus on your needs, personal preferences, the presence of children and animals, and the frequency of cleaning.

The most powerful are wired models. They are ideal for cleaning a small apartment - a cable length of 6-8 meters allows you to clean the entire room from one outlet, and vacuum the kitchen from the outlet in the corridor.

Criterion # 5 - Features and Accessories

As for functionality, when choosing, you should decide what type of cleaning is needed - only dry or floor cleaning too. Based on your needs and you need to choose a model.

In order for the harvesting equipment to successfully fulfill the predefined functions, the manufacturer completes it with a set of accessories. Among which there is one or more brush nozzles, a pipe and a hose for a conventional type of vacuum cleaner, a battery and a charger for stand-alone models.

Sometimes the battery and brushes have to be bought. Also, the owner will have to buy the necessary brushes, if they are not included in the basic package.

Most often, users additionally purchase a turbo brush, a soft-bristled brush for parquet, an additional battery, and garbage bags.

Options Thomas Multiclean X10 Parquet
When choosing a home assistant, be sure to appreciate the need for all the accessories and other accessories that come with the kit. It happens that the set of components is very rich and most of them are not useful. And the price of such a number of accessories significantly affects

As for the pipe, it is better to choose a telescope pipe made of metal rather than plastic. The component is not so convenient, many owners note difficulties when docking its two parts.

The hose should be solid, moderately flexible. And at the ends contain movable nozzles, which, ideally, provide 360 ​​degrees rotation.

Criterion # 6 - reputation of the manufacturer of equipment

In order to figure out how to choose the right vacuum cleaner, you need to pay attention to the reputation of the manufacturer and the reviews about the product you like left by the owners on specialized online sites.

Instructions and warranty included
When choosing a technique, you need to check the accompanying documents, the availability of a warranty card and the period of operation specified by the manufacturer. A quality vacuum cleaner has an average life of 3 years. The minimum time is 1 year, but this is mainly the life of the battery or individual accessories

Among popular brands Samsung, Philips, Dyson, Tomas, Bosch, Xiaomi, Karcher, LG, Bort, Polaris and Kitfort.

It is important, choosing the equipment of a particular manufacturer, to take into account the existence of service centers in your region, the availability of components in stores, so that in case of repair you do not have to wait for a spare part by direct delivery from China.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Subtleties of choosing the best option for cleaning equipment:

Video about the characteristics that matter when choosing a household vacuum cleaner:

Having familiarized yourself with the main types of cleaning equipment, you can choose the best option for yourself. The main thing is to correctly determine your requirements and compare them with your budget.

In general terms, for cleaning rooms with carpets and animals in a private house, classic models with a bag are most suitable, for manual cleaning of individual sections of the room from crumbs and other contaminants, a manual or vertical appliance is suitable.

For general cleaning in the apartment a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter or a cyclone is suitable. The first is preferable with increased requirements for the purity of the exhaust air.

If you want to maintain order in the apartment, but you don’t have enough time for this, the ideal solution would be to buy a robot with control from a smartphone.

And which vacuum cleaner did you choose for your home or apartment? Please tell us why you gave preference to a particular model, whether you are satisfied with the work of the acquired equipment. Add reviews, comments and ask questions - the contact form is below.

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  1. For my one-bedroom apartment, an ordinary wired vacuum cleaner is enough. The only thing that it needs to be powerful is to remove dust from carpet and furniture well. It is also important to me that it is well cleaned and light. For myself, I chose an inexpensive and powerful Rowenta vacuum cleaner. I am quite satisfied with its characteristics and parameters. And for a large private house, you need a vertical powerful washing vacuum cleaner.

  2. Maria

    It seems to me that vacuum cleaners with garbage bags are still the most convenient. Naturally, in order to save money, it is worth using reusable bag options. Constantly buying disposable is pretty expensive. The suction power should not be looked at on the box, where manufacturers write a larger number - the power consumption, but in the passport of the vacuum cleaner. Well, you definitely need to look so that the kit contains at least the minimum set of necessary nozzles. There is a huge selection of vacuum cleaners on the market, everyone will be able to choose the best one.

  3. Elena

    I chose the Bosch Athlet rechargeable battery for my home, but I trust German manufacturers more. It is quite compact and not very loud. It is declared as a vacuum cleaner with a power of 2400 watts, so it takes about 5 hours to charge. Electricity eats very little. Even smaller than a regular table lamp. Took in black glossy color, so it looks very beautiful.