Overview of the Electrolux ESL94200LO dishwasher: what are the causes of overpopularity?

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Author: Oksana Chubukina
Last update: August 2019

Among the household appliances of the Swedish brand, the built-in dishwasher Electrolux ESL94200LO is especially popular. Along with modest basic characteristics, the unit shows a high quality of washing and differs from competitive products at affordable cost.

Additional advantages: good roominess and economy. The budget model has received many positive reviews from consumers.

Expert rating:
/ 100
  • Price Affordability
  • Complete leakage protection
  • A practical set of programs
  • Good washing quality
  • Ergonomic loading hopper
  • Noisy work
  • No display and light indication
  • The risk of damage to the heater
  • Lack of timer
  • No latch for cups and glasses

Let's take a closer look at the technical characteristics of the dishwasher and compare it with similar competitor models.

Appearance and device of the dishwasher

ESL94200LO is a representative of the Slimline range of embedded appliances from Electrolux. The product line is compact in size, unit width is 45 cm.

Model ESL94200 is perfect for small kitchens and families for 3-4 people. An important plus explaining the increased interest in the machine is the relatively low price, the cost range is 250-300 cu

From the general description, we turn to a detailed assessment of the appearance, structure and completeness of the dishwasher.

Appearance of ESL94200
Since the ESL94200 is designed for full integration into a furniture set, the exterior of the case is not particularly attractive. Hanging door available

On the front side below there is a small ledge under the kitchen base. In a separate position, the unit does not please with stability. At checking the performance of the dishwasher Prior to installation, care must be taken when opening the door and loading the baskets.

Hoses for connecting to the water supply and sewage systems, as well as the supply wire, are traditionally located on the rear panel of the case.

We also recommend reading our other material, where we talked in detail about how install a dishwasher.

Special attention should be paid to such parameters of the dishwasher:

  • equipment and ergonomics of the bunker;
  • Control Panel;
  • water supply system device;
  • detergent container;
  • completeness of the model.

Internal equipment. Description of structural elements and removable parts will give a basic idea of ​​the device dishwasher.

Diagram and internal structure of the dishwasher
Two baskets are provided for loading dishes. The upper container is adjustable in height - this allows you to "adjust" the position of the shelves for different sizes of kitchen utensils and use the space rationally

Large pots, pans and baking trays from the oven are placed in the hopper. In the lower basket of the dishwasher there are folding shelves for plates. For washing cups, rubberized holders are provided in the upper container.

Control Panel. The button for selecting the washing program and indicator system are located on the front side of the door.

Control Panel
The electronic control panel is concise and clear. Interpretation of designations: 1 - turning the unit on / off, 2, 3 - program indicators, 4 - button for selecting the washing mode

In the ESL94200LO model there is no LED display and the option "beam on the floor." You can’t find out the remaining time until the end of the cycle; a sound notification signals the completion of work.

Hydraulic system. Water is supplied through two rotating sprayers. One spray bar is located under the lower basket, the second - above the top.

Filtration system
At the bottom of the washing chamber under the sprayer there is a filtration system - small nets protect the dishwasher motor from pollution

Capacity for detergents. A two-compartment plastic container is located on the door. The tank is designed for rinse aid and cleaning agent. Salt is placed in a separate compartment, which is located at the bottom of the hopper.

Detergent dispenser
The ESL94200LO is designed for use with tableted or bulk detergents. When laying multi-component tablets, salt and rinse aid can be discarded.

The scope of delivery also includes a convenient funnel for filling salt and a cutlery basket. The removable container can be installed on the lower or upper level of the hopper.

The appearance, structure, ergonomics of the hopper, washing programs, and the description of the ESL94200LO dishwasher control panel are clearly presented in the following video:

Technical and operational characteristics of ESL94200LO

The effectiveness, quality of work and practicality of the kitchen assistant is mainly influenced by the following parameters:

  • overall dimensions and capacity;
  • type of drying;
  • safety system;
  • resource consumption;
  • noise;
  • washing class.

Loading volume. With a fairly compact size, the capacity of the Electrolux built-in dishwasher is 9 sets. According to accepted standards, one set of dishes includes: two dinner plates, cutlery for one person, a cup, a glass and a saucer.

Dishwasher dimensions
Dimensions of the unit casing: width - 44.6 cm, height - 81.8 cm, depth - 55.0 cm. The model is designed for installation under a kitchen worktop

Type of drying. Most Electrolux models, including the ESL94200LO, use the condensation drying method. The principle is based on the evaporation of water droplets due to exposure to residual heat after washing.

The evaporation process is slow, and traces are sometimes noticeable on dried plates and cups. Meanwhile, condensation drying also has advantages: noiselessness and minimal energy consumption.

Safety system. A powerful argument in favor of the ESL94200LO is the availability of complete leakage protection. Not all Electrolux dishwashers have this option.

Leakage protection
The model implements an effective Aqua-Control system - water supply to the hopper through a double hose with an electromagnetic valve

When the washing chamber is depressurized, the unit will use a sensor to detect a problem, block the water supply and turn on the drain pump. An additional feature is protection against water hammer.

It should be noted that the ESL94200LO dishwasher does not have a button lock - the “child lock” option.

Energy consumption. The machine consumes 0.87 kW / h in one cycle, which corresponds to energy efficiency class A. Water consumption depends on the washing mode and ranges from 8 -13 liters.

ESL94200LO Specifications
Dishwasher ESL94200LO can not be called quiet. The noise level reaches 51 dB, which means that it’s unlikely to use the equipment at night

In the arsenal of Electrolux there are models with an indicator of 44 dB or less. Some units have a night mode - the equipment lasts longer, but its noise is within 37 dB.

Model functionality

The user can choose from five washing programs with three different temperatures. Available Modes:

  1. Eco The economic program for washing at a temperature of 50 ° C. Suitable for everyday use on lightly soiled dishes. The cycle is characterized by a low level of electricity consumption (0.87 kW / h) and a water consumption of 9.5 liters. The duration of the program is 225 minutes.
  2. Normal Washing kitchen utensils of the usual level of contamination, including utensils with dried-up food debris. Water is heated to 65 ° C, the cycle time is 110 minutes. The most expensive mode in terms of resources: electricity - up to 1.6 kW / h, water - up to 16 liters.
  3. Intensive It will help to cope with old pollution, fatty deposits and burnt food. Ideal for washing pots, pans, baking trays and processing boards. Cycle parameters: temperature - 70 ° С, duration - 130-150 minutes, energy consumption - up to 1.2 kW / h, water consumption - 11-13 l.
  4. Quick Plus. Accelerated program - a good result in the shortest possible time. This mode is suitable for dishes with fresh contaminants. Washing is carried out at 65 ° C or 60 ° C, the duration is 30 minutes. Unlike previous programs, there are no pre-wash and drying cycles. During operation, the unit consumes 8 liters of water.
  5. Rinse & Hold. Rinsing and soaking is important when washing heavily soiled dishes. Pre-hydration lasts 14 minutes, water consumption - 4 liters.

In quick rinse mode, no detergents are used. The Rinse & Hold program is perfect for refreshing plates and cutlery that have not been used for a long time.

ESL94200LO control panel
Any of the modes is selected with one button. When pressed, the indicator lamp of a particular program lights up. For user convenience, the panel displays graphic icons and cycle names

An additional feature is setting the level of water softening. This adjustment allows you to partially neutralize stiffness, spending the optimal amount of salt. Water softening increases washing efficiency, protects the unit parts from scale.

The salt supply is adjusted according to the water hardness in the region. Information can be obtained from the water service.

ESL94200LO stiffness adjustment
Tabular data from the passport ESL94200LO. Explanation of the symbols: 1 - factory setting of the program, 2 - at this level of hardness, salt is not used (the indicator does not light)

As you can see, the dishwasher from the Electrolux modification ESL94200LO is endowed with basic functionality. The arsenal of equipment does not provide for popular options, such as delayed start, half load, disinfect dishes, double rinse. However, the model does not claim to be super-functional, as it belongs to the budget class.

Pros and cons of the unit: user opinions

The compact dishwasher due to its affordable cost and good spaciousness is popular among buyers, as evidenced by many consumer reviews.

Among the positive aspects of technical equipment and operation are often noted:

  1. Ease of Management. One-button selection of programs is considered by many to be a model's merit. The kit provides detailed instructions with a step-by-step description of how to operate the dishwasher.
  2. The lack of extra devices. The basic set of modes is enough to use the dishwasher.The model has programs for washing dishes of various pollution, a definite plus is the presence of an economical express cycle.
  3. The quality of the sink. Users are satisfied with the result - the machine copes well with the task, washes out old pollution at a temperature of 70 ° C. For glass and china, the Eco program is better.
  4. Reliability. Country of assembly ESL94200LO - Poland. European quality is confirmed by many years of operating experience, the number of complaints about the operation of the unit is minimal.

The layout of the washing chamber and the presence of an adjustable basket were appreciated by many consumers.

Hopper ESL94200LO
Even very large pans and pans are placed in the hopper. However, when washing large dishes there are difficulties with the location of a removable cutlery basket

There were some complaints about the ESL94200LO. The most common flaws according to users:

  • quite noisy work - if there is no door in the kitchen, then the rumble is clearly audible in other rooms;
  • no delayed start - it is impossible to program the start of a start;
  • in the open position, the lower basket is slightly tilted inside the dishwasher - this complicates the loading / unloading of dishes;
  • during washing, you can hear glasses and cups knocking - they are not fixed on the brackets;
  • tightness of opening the door;
  • the weak point of the dishwasher is the heater.

There are practically no complaints about the quality of the wash. The main condition is to comply operating rules. The manufacturer recommends placing heavily soiled dishes in the lower compartment, turning them upside down.

In general, the machine met the expectations of users. Many consider the ESL94200LO model to be the leader in the price-quality ratio.

Comparison with similar dishwashers

How do premium aggregates differ from budget equipment? The representative of the expensive series is a dishwasher ESL4660ROW. General characteristics of the two models: dimensions, capacity, equipment of the hopper and the presence of complete protection against leaks.

Comparison of parameters
In other parameters, ESF4660ROW is superior to ESL94200LO. Key benefits: low resource consumption, quiet operation, SensorControl availability, delayed start-up, hot water connectivity and additional programs

ESF4660ROW incorporates innovative AirDry drying technology. You will have to pay more for the functional potential of the equipment, the price of an improved model is about 600 cu

We offer you to familiarize yourself with other popular among users dishwashers from Electrolux. More details - go to the link.

Let's compare the ESL94200LO with products of the same price category Bosh and Siemens. Distinctive features of competitors of the German assembly: reduced water consumption, the presence of an inverter motor, less noise.

Comparison of dishwasher characteristics
In the Bosh model, partial leakage protection is implemented, there are water purity sensors and a glass protection function. Siemens dishwasher has five levels of water supply, a glass protection system, a filter self-cleaning device

Despite similar parameters, German dishwashers Siemens are more expensive, the price of the presented model starts from 430 cu

Competitive models from other manufacturers

Compare dishwashers that can compete with the unit in question. As a basis for the assessment, we take the type of installation and the case width close in size. Suppose that potential buyers of this type of equipment have equal living conditions and family size.

Competitor # 1 - BEKO DIS 26012

In contrast to the dishwasher BEKO DIS 26012 discussed in the article, it can wash more dishes per session. 10 sets are freely placed in its bunker, and 10.5 liters are required for washing. The energy efficiency of the unit is pleasing - class A +, as well as a moderate noise level - A +. A comprehensive leakage protection system is provided.

On board the machine 6 programs are implemented, there is a preliminary soaking, as well as a half load mode.

The BEKO DIS 26012 model surpasses functionality of a dishwasher from Electrolux.It has a water purity sensor, a display, the option “beam on the floor”, as well as a timer for delaying the start of the wash up to 24 hours.

Buyers in most cases are satisfied with their choice. The unit is praised for its spaciousness, good washing quality, ease of connection and quiet operation.

Cons BEKO DIS 26012: certain difficulties in adjusting the water hardness, the duration of the modes. Some note that the dishwasher door cannot be locked in the open position.

Competitor # 2 - Weissgauff BDW 4124

Fully removable dishwasher for 9 sets. The unit attracts customers with low cost, good functionality and energy efficiency (class A +).

The machine has three levels of delayed start timer, LED-indication of the presence of rinse aid or salt, complete protection AquaStop. In the bunker - 3 baskets (medium with height adjustment). Such equipment allows you to load up to 10 sets at a time.

But the number of programs is relatively modest - only 4 modes. Among them: intensive, normal, economical and fast. There is no half load program. The model has the ability to use any detergent.

Weissgauff BDW 4124 reviews are controversial. Most users speak about the good quality of the sink, note the capacity, ease of placement of dishes. Single reviews are negative. They write about the lack of effectiveness of washing and drying. There are no complaints about the performance of the equipment.

Competitor # 3 - Hotpoint-Ariston HSIE 2B0 C

The machine has standard dimensions for narrow fully built-in dishwashers (45 * 56 * 82 cm) while its capacity is higher than typical - 10 sets. Classes of energy consumption, washing and drying - A.

The unit is quite “gluttonous” in terms of water consumption (11.5 liters), but the noise level emitted during operation is 51 dB. There are 5 washing programs, there is a half load mode, an express cycle.

Additional features: full protection against leaks, sound notification of the end of work, indication of the presence of rinse aid / salt, adjustment of the position of the upper basket.

The model appeared on the market recently, but due to its low price, it quickly became popular with buyers. Of the advantages, users have already noted: a good set of programs, drying efficiency.

One person expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of washing dishes. An additional minus is the lack of a delay in starting.

Conclusions and the best deals on the market

Despite its very ordinary features, the ESL94200LO dishwasher is in demand. The unit is compact, easy to use and roomy. In practice, the dishwasher showed a good washing result and reliability.

If you have any experience using the Electrolux ESL94200LO dishwasher, please share it with our readers. Tell us what guided you when choosing whether you are happy with the operation of the device. Leave your comments in the box below.

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  1. Valery

    By functionality, a good dishwasher, I have no complaints in this matter. Washes well, quiet, easy to manage. The problem is that only six months later it broke. Called the master - he says flew TEN. The previous Electrolux dishwasher worked for almost ten years. The master claims that there is nothing to be surprised at - the quality of products of this brand has deteriorated. Now, probably, I will take something else.

    • You shouldn’t be so.The quality could have subsided slightly during the transfer of production to Russia, but now, in my opinion, everything has returned to normal.