DIY repair of the dishwasher: analysis of breakdowns and errors + nuances of elimination

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Last update: June 2019

If the dishwasher breaks down, do not rush to call the service center. Perhaps the trouble can be eliminated independently, without additional investment.

To do this, diagnose and identify the cause of the breakdown. The error code and explanations in the instructions will tell you whether it is possible to repair the dishwasher with your own hands or if you still have to call the masters.

And how to determine the cause of the failure and what can be done in a particular case? We will analyze all these issues in detail in our article, paying attention to the popular types of malfunctions and how to solve them.

Procedure for solving problems with a new dishwasher

Repair activities should not be started without checking the terms of warranty service for dishwashing equipment. Most often, the manufacturer gives a 1 year warranty, but responsible companies extend the period of free repair or replacement up to 5 years.

If the machine breaks down during the first year of operation, self-disassembling or replacing spare parts is not recommended. You should immediately contact the store where the dishwasher was purchased and clarify the repair rules.

Shop assistant in store
During the purchase of the PMM, one should also inquire about the terms of warranty service. If they are not indicated on the product card, then full information should be given by the seller-consultant

Approximate procedure:

  • filing an application for warranty repair - in a store or service center must provide a special form or fill out yourself;
  • selection of a convenient time for the export of equipment;
  • drawing up an act of transfer at the time of export;
  • if desired - filing an application for the issuance of a replacement product.

The last item is spelled out in law “On the Protection of Consumer Rights” (Article 20). The application is presented to the store representatives under signature, the original is kept by the buyer.Instead of a broken equipment, they give out a new one of the same class for the entire time of repair.

Service center employees transport equipment
If the device weighs 5 kg or more, the store takes care of its delivery to the service center. Dishwashers belong to the category of equipment with free transportation

But one should not always hurry with the delivery of equipment for repair. To prevent the seemingly correct actions from becoming an incident, you should first check whether the machine is connected correctly. So, the dishwasher may not work, because they forgot to plug the plug into a power outlet or open the water tap.

If you installed and connected the dishwasher on your own, it will not be out of place to check whether everything is connected correctly. The main nuances of self-connection we brought in next article.

It is necessary to check whether the wiring is working and if the circuit breaker is turned on in the apartment electrical panel. You can check the current supply to the outlet using another appliance.

If all the connection steps are completed correctly, and the new machine does not perform the task or works intermittently, we recommend using warranty service.

Typical breakdowns and repair recommendations

With machines whose warranty period has ended, everything is simpler - you can disassemble them, try to replace small parts yourself, and if you have enough experience, then carry out complex repairs.

Consider the most common problems faced by dishwasher owners, and find out how to establish the work of irreplaceable assistants.

Problem # 1 - Poor Cleaning Quality

If your dishwasher is bad and does not completely wash the dishes - we are looking for the causes of "improper behavior".

Whitish stains on plates, food debris, smeared on the bottom of the pan, glasses that have lost transparency - all these are signs of poor cleaning.

They appear in case of violation of the rules of operation of the machine or the wrong choice of detergents. Recommendations for choosing the best detergents we brought here.

Also, the reason for poor cleaning is often untimely cleaning of the filters.

It is easier to start the inspection by inspecting the internal surfaces and parts. It is necessary to unscrew the filters, remove the spraying arms, carefully clean everything with brushes under running water and put it in place.

How does this happen:

The filter mesh on the water inlet hose also needs regular flushing. If it gets clogged with dirt particles, the water pressure weakens, the dishes turn out to be poorly rinsed.

Incorrectly selected detergents or poor dosage also affect the quality of the wash.

The absence of rinsing agent leads to the fact that stains from powder remain on glass and ceramic dishes. The same result gives the use of funds not intended for use in the PMM.

Carefully read the instructions for the machine, especially the section on detergents, as well as read the recommendations of manufacturers of three-in-one tablets, powders and rinses.

Dirt on the dishes
Dirt on dishes may also remain due to poor preparation of heavily soiled pans and pans. If you do not remove large, solid, dried pieces of food, then some of them will remain or fall into neighboring trays

Be sure to follow the installation procedure recommended by the manufacturer - place the cups in the upper tray, the plates in the middle, and large-sized utensils in the lower. If you break the scheme, then heavily soiled dishes will not receive enough care.

Problem # 2 - water remains inside the case

A small puddle at the bottom of the washing chamber is a sign of normal functioning of the machine.

A certain amount of liquid is necessary to maintain a certain level of humidity - with it, rubber seals do not dry out and remain elastic longer. But excess water is a signal of a malfunction of the PMM.

Water in the dishwasher pan
If the water level on the pallet is higher than 1 cm, and food remains are floating in the muddy liquid, it is necessary to look for the cause of the breakdown in the drainage pumping system

The main causes of stagnation of water in the pan are several:

  • outlet hose connected too high, because of which the water is in no hurry to leave the washing chamber; it is necessary to lower the tap to a height of 35-45 cm;
  • blockagedue to improper care - about once every 1-2 weeks the filters should be cleaned;
  • water pump - disruption of the pumping device;
  • sensor - breakdown of the water level sensor.

If the first two reasons can be eliminated independently, then the second can cause difficulties. Broken sensors or a pump require replacement.

The best way out is to invite a specialist from the service center for detailed diagnostics and selection of a suitable spare part.

Both types of parts (pump and sensor) can be original and alternative. Original ones are usually more expensive, and Chinese counterparts are cheaper.

However, trying to save money, do not lose out as spare parts - it is better to read reviews in advance and consult with a service employee.

Problem # 3 - unexpected shutdown of the machine

A dishwasher that stops work before the end of the cycle is an alarm. A single case can be explained by a failure of the electronic system or a power surge, but regular stops indicate, most likely, problems with the power supply.

To start, you can apply a restart - click On after 20-30 sec. If the washing process has started, the current in the network has stabilized.

If the network is weak and congestion occurs from time to time, it is better to invest in stabilizer - So you will prevent possible malfunctions and thereby save the machine parts.

The reason for the temporary lack of voltage in the network can be electrical installations - sockets, tees or filters.

"Intermediaries" between the outlet and the power cord should be avoided, it is better to use the connection directly. But if a surge protector is nevertheless used, then choose a device with a fuse.

TEN in the dishwasher
Often the shutdown occurs due to a failure of the heating element - the heating element (the arrow indicates it in the figure). A thick layer of limescale or a hole leads to overload, and the machine automatically turns off

If you have previously changed the heater in a boiler or washing machine, you can also repair the dishwasher. It is important to choose the right part, similar to a broken one, and carefully install it.

Do you have a Bosch dishwasher and does it have a problem with the heater? We recommend that you familiarize yourself with instructions for replacing the heater do it yourself.

The most difficult thing is when the dishwasher is constantly stopped by the control module with failures in the program. It is almost impossible to repair it on your own, so it’s better to invite a master to diagnose and repair it.

Problem # 4 - Unregulated Water Drain

Such a malfunction can not be noticed immediately. The motor and pump of the machine are constantly in operation, water enters and immediately leaves the washing chamber, while the dishes still remain dirty.

If you look at the counter of cold water, then the problem can be identified faster - it wraps up liters, which merge into the sewers for nothing.

Error E15 in the dishwasher Bosch
If the sensors are OK, an error code appears on the display. For different brands, it is different.For example, Bosch dishwashers issue the code E15 - the activation of the Aquastop system, which protects against leaks

However, sometimes the electronic control system does not work, and you have to guess by indirect signs - water drainage, pump operation.

If the water inlet valve is faulty, the process of recruiting and draining becomes endless. Water enters, but there is no cessation signal. An overflow is created, which is eliminated by automatically turning on the pump.

In such cases, you can do one of the following:

  1. Block the water.
  2. Turn off the power.
  3. Get to the inlet hose connection.
  4. Disconnect hose, remove filter.
  5. Find the valve and check its functionality.

To check use a multimeter. The probes are connected to the contacts of the intake valve and determine the resistance. The norm is 500-1500 Ohms, other values ​​indicate a malfunction. A broken part must be replaced.

Another reason is the failure of the electronics. Repair can be done by anyone who can solder the pump triac or perform similar actions. Otherwise, it is better to contact the service center.

Problem # 5 - dishes are not drying

The remaining drops of water on the dishes can turn into ugly stains and stains, so the dishes must be thoroughly dried. If the dishwasher does not regularly dry the dishes, we determine the causes on our own.

The most common type of drying in dishwashers of the budget and middle class is condensation.

That is, the dishes dry out under natural conditions, and only the case heated after washing helps it in this. Once the metal has cooled, the drying process will slow down. To extend it, the car door is ajar.

Towel drying
You can use a towel and wipe all the dishes by hand, but it’s better to find out what drying is suffering from, and if possible fix the problem

The first reason is the failure of the heater or the temperature sensor. Repair will not bring much success, so these parts are best replaced immediately. When replacing in a service center, they sometimes give a guarantee of 6 months for a newly installed part.

The second reason is the fan. It applies to machines equipped with a turbo dryer. If the fan fails, the forced supply of hot air stops, the dishes remain damp.

Exit - fan replacement. It can be located in the upper and lower parts of the washing chamber, and for some models - on the side.

When choosing a new one, the make and model of the machine should be considered. A non-native part will not fully cope with its task, so try to choose an analogue of a broken device that is suitable for technical specifications.

Problem # 6 - the car is humming

This is one of the most frequent complaints received from consumers at the time of delivery of the dishwasher for repair. Loud noise, not typical of a working machine, reports the failure of one of the parts.

There are two main reasons: worn out bearing water circulating pump, or pumping out of order water pump.

To replace the bearing, it is necessary to get the pump by following these steps:

  • turn off the power;
  • dismantle the pallet;
  • turn off the pump, loosening the clamps;
  • carefully disconnect the wires and pipes.

Having removed the pump, we disassemble it to get to the bearing. First, remove the heating element, then remove the impeller and anchor.

Dishwasher pump
Unfortunately, the details of modern inexpensive machines are not reliable and can work on average 3-4 years. Then there is another replacement of worn parts

In the depths below the rest of the parts is a bearing. Under it is a gasket, which is also a consumable. If it is worn, it is better to replace it immediately, otherwise then you will have to disassemble the pump again.

We take out the “knocking” bearing, insert a new one in its place. Assemble in the reverse order.

The installation of a new pump takes place in the same order: we dismantle the old device, find the breakdown, and if it is serious and cannot be repaired, we replace it. For the convenience of work, the machine can be put on its side, if conditions allow.

Problem # 7 - foam does not wash off after washing

The process of cleaning dishes is arranged so that first detergent enters the chamber, then rinse aid, and at the end all residual substances are washed off with water.

If, at the end of the cycle, foam remains on the bottom of the chamber, on the walls or baskets, this indicates either the improper use of detergents or a malfunction in the settings.

Foam inside the dishwasher
Some users do not regret the powder, do not observe its dosage, and, on the contrary, do not use rinse aid. As a result, the foam is poorly washed off, remains on the dishes and elements of the lower section

To avoid violent foaming, you need to study the instructions, remember the dosage and follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

A number of models are not intended for use with 3-in-1 tablets. As a result, the machine does not correctly recognize the product, and by the end of the cycle it does not have time to completely dissolve.

If the function of using universal tablets is present, but previously separate funds were laid, you need to change the settings of the dishwasher. How this happens is detailed in the instructions.

A clogged filter may also cause heavy foam in the bottom of the box. Food debris serves as an obstacle to draining water, especially foam, as a result of which part of it remains at the bottom by the end of the cycle. A simple filter cleaning will improve the situation.

Breakdown type electronic tips

Modern models are equipped with many sensors that control most of the processes. They are located on the inside of the body, at the valves, behind the walls and are sensitive to water levels and temperature changes.

As soon as an emergency occurs, the sensors give a signal, the relay activates and stops the washing process. The electronic display shows the error code of the dishwasher, by which you can determine the reason for its stop.

Error on dishwasher display
You can not use codes of one brand to determine the breakdowns of another - different manufacturers have different symbols. Usually they have alphanumeric designations

Code List can be found at the end of the instructions in the repair section. Usually it has the form of a table where the notation itself is listed, a list of breakdowns and recommendations for their elimination.

Fragment of a table with Bosch model codes
A fragment of the table with the codes of the model Bosch SMV44IX. Explanations from the last column help to cope with the problem without resorting to calling specialists

Sometimes self-diagnosis gives a code indicating several reasons at once - you will have to check the probability of all in turn. If the breakdown is serious, then in the table you can find the recommendation “contact a service center” or “call a specialist”.

Older models, especially those that have survived more than one repair, often suffer from electronics and failures.

If the machine gives a deliberately wrong code, you should give it in for repair or think about buying a new one - kitchen appliances, like other appliances, have a limited service life.

Popular breakdowns of dishwashers of famous brands, error codes and methods for their elimination, we reviewed in our following articles:

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to repair a heater in Bosch and Siemens - error code E09:

When and how to replace the water supply valve:

Do-it-yourself pump repair - video tutorial:

It is worthwhile to independently repair the dishwasher if you are confident in your abilities or there are clear instructions from the manufacturer. Complex failures, such as failure of the electronic board or motor, are best delegated to qualified craftsmen.

Plus, contacting a service center is a guarantee for a newly installed part, and the advantage of self-replacement or repair is cost savings.

Do you want to supplement our material with information about other failures with an explanation of the cause of their occurrence and recommendations for elimination? Write your comments below under this material, add unique photos of the work site or the details referred to in your comment.

If you still have questions about troubleshooting, feel free to ask our experts and other visitors to the site in the comments section.

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  1. Victor

    I try to repair the equipment with my own hands. No wonder there is a proverb: “Gods do not mold pots.” When there was a problem with the dishwasher, I immediately found the manual that came with it. All common errors are listed there. Although I myself suspected that the heater had failed, because the water stopped heating. He took it off and found exactly the same on the market. Replacing, in fact, it was not difficult, carefully disconnect everything, and then attach it in the same sequence. That's all.

  2. Ilona

    I would not risk fixing the dishwasher myself. One wrong move, and you have to buy a new one. At our place there was a situation when the dishes were washed poorly, after calling the master it turned out that the heater burned out. They themselves would not have been replaced, as we don’t know where to buy it. And there’s no time for that. So, the repairman should be engaged in repair, who even has spare parts for this, and don’t have to run around, look.

  3. Alexei

    My ariston lsfk 7b09 washes without stopping. The program does not finish the wash. Twists and twists his impellers))) With a forced stop and a drain command - everything merges, everything inside is hot. Unfortunately, you don’t have a solution to such a problem ... Maybe someone will tell you?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. First of all, I would like more details. We are sure that we can answer your question, but without additional information, alas, this will not work out well.

      I’m interested in what indicators are blinking with this error, whether there is any extraneous noise, how it reacts to given programs (is there such a problem for all). So far, one of the options is a malfunction of the control module. For some reason, it cannot let all nodes work at the time set by the timer. What exactly to do without diagnosis can not be determined. Need a flashing of the module, its repair or replacement.

  4. Andrew

    Hello. Dishwasher Bosch SGS45М22EU / 52, there is a washing function in the upper box. During automatic washing, the lower impeller stopped working. Checked, rotates freely, no blockage. Maybe the water flow switch has broken, where is it? I will repair it myself. Thank.