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All Siemens dishwashers, regardless of the particular design, comply with high quality standards. The German brand has earned a reputation as a reliable manufacturer - the company's products are high-tech, equipped with innovative solutions and many convenient options.

This approach also affected the cost. Siemens dishwashers belong to the medium and highest price range. In this article, we will consider the best brand offers that are in high demand among buyers. We study the technical characteristics of these models, their advantages and disadvantages. We also give recommendations regarding the choice of a dishwasher.

Features dishwashers Siemens

Since 1847, the German company Siemens has been developing in the field of electrical and lighting engineering, energy and medical equipment.

For most users, the brand is known as a manufacturer of large home appliances and mobile phones.

Dishwashers Siemens
Since 1967, Siemens, together with the Bosch trademark, are part of the single largest concern. The collaboration of Siemens with Bosch made it possible to technically improve products and bring their products to leading positions

The product lines of both companies sometimes overlap - in household appliances, including dishwashers, the same technologies are often used. However, there are differences between brand products.

Siemens dishwashers are positioned as premium equipment.

The technician has gained this status thanks to a number of competitive advantages:

  1. Reliability. All Siemens dishwashers are manufactured in German factories according to European standards using high-precision and high-quality components.The degree of reliability of German technology is beyond competition - this is evidenced by the minimum number of user requests to service centers.
  2. Manufacturability. The machines are equipped with an inverter engine that increases the efficiency and safety of work. Most models perform condensation drying with a heat exchanger. In the most advanced units from Siemens, the innovative Zeolith technology is implemented.
  3. Multifunctionality. The software and practical options are impressive. The developers took into account all the requirements of the customers and proposed optimal modes with the possibility of their independent adjustment - the choice of temperature, washing and drying speeds.
  4. Technical specifications. The involved innovative solutions made the work as economical as possible - Siemens dishwashers belong to the energy consumption classes A, A +, A ++ and A +++. In addition, all equipment is very quiet - the noise effect does not exceed 45 dB.

The company’s arsenal has a wide range of domestic dishwashing equipment. You can choose a model taking into account the individual characteristics of the family and the dimensions of the kitchen.

What to look for when choosing a dishwasher?

The range of brand units includes several dozen models. In order not to get confused in the variety of samples, it is necessary to adhere to the conditional selection algorithm.

Criterion # 1 - model installation method

One of the determining purchase criteria is the installation method. The choice of model depends on the intended location of the machine relative to the kitchen set.

Dishwasher Siemens
Like any premium product, Siemens dishwashers differ in price from comparable competitor products. Price range - 350-1500 cu

All Siemens dishwashers can be divided into four groups:

  • freestanding;
  • fully integrated;
  • partially integrated;
  • recessed with remote panel.

Most users prefer integrated dishwashers that are completely hidden behind the furniture facade. The main arguments: aesthetic harmony of the interior and additional sound insulation. If you are inclined to such a model, we recommend that you read the instructions for self-installation of the facade.

A variety of integrated modifications - dishwashers with an open control panel.

Partially built-in dishwashers
The slot with buttons and display remains visible, which allows you to monitor the progress of the process and select the parameters of the equipment without opening the door

In partially embedded models, the front side remains open. The Siemens range includes several such dishwashers, their features: compactness (height - 45-60 cm) and the possibility of "tapping" into vertical cabinets.

If large-scale repairs with updating kitchen furniture are not planned, then a freestanding dishwasher will be the best option.

The manufacturer Siemens offers two solutions: roomy floor-standing units and desktop compact ones. Plus isolated technology - a more affordable cost.

Criterion # 2 - hopper capacity and dimensions

Both parameters are interconnected - the larger the dimensions, the higher the capacity and performance of the equipment.

Based on the dimensions, Siemens dishwashers can be divided into three categories:

  • full-size models;
  • narrow aggregates;
  • mini-cars of small height.

TO full-sized dishwashers include models 60 cm wide. Their height, as a rule, is standard - 82 cm. In such models, the capacity of the hopper is 12-14 sets.

Width narrow units - 45 cm. This is the most popular series of dishwashers, allowing you to equip even modest kitchens with appliances.

Dishwasher capacity
Due to the ergonomics of the hopper and mobile baskets, it is possible to maximize the use of internal space, the capacity of narrow modifications of a typical height is 9-10 sets. This is enough to serve a family of 4

Baby Dishwashers 45-60 cm high are able to wash 6-8 sets in one cycle. Such options are designed for a family of one or two people.

When choosing roominess, it should be understood that one set of dishes means a set of 8 items: a deep and flat soup soup for second courses, a cup, a saucer, a glass, a spoon, a knife and a fork.

The volume of the bunker must be selected based on the number of people, taking into account the dimensions of the dishes used for cooking - pans, pans and trays take up a lot of space.

Criterion # 3 - technical potential and functionality

In Siemens dishwashers, technologies are brought together that allow you to get a high washing result against the background of convenient operation and economical consumption of resources. Note the most significant and recommended of them.

Drying Technology Zeolith

Unique drying technology, which has no analogues and is characterized by high efficiency. Its principle of operation is based on the properties of the mineral - zeolite absorbs moisture and transforms it into heat.

Zeolite drying
The use of the natural qualities of the material allowed to accelerate the work cycle, reduce energy consumption, avoid the formation of stains on the dishes, as in condensation drying

The container with zeolite is located in the corner of the lower part of the body. At the washing stage, the accumulated heat is spent on heating the water, and in the drying mode it is transferred by dry air to the chamber. Zeolite is a self-healing substance, it is not necessary to change it during the operation of the equipment.

IQdrive inverter motor

The heart of the dishwasher is the motor. All modern Siemens models use an inverter motor.

Inverter motor
Brushless motors completely displaced their predecessors thanks to significant advantages: quiet running, energy efficiency and durability

AquaStop and AquaSensor Technologies

Absolute leakage protection system. In German dishwashers, a two-stage mechanism is provided.

When a leak occurs, the solenoid valve is activated, blocking the flow of fluid. In an emergency, the water pumping system is turned on.

Built-in sensors monitor the transparency of the water. The technology aims to reduce resource consumption - if the quality of the water meets the standards, then the machine can reuse it.

IntensiveZone and VarioSpeed ​​+ Cleaning Functions

The mode for simultaneous washing of different degree of contamination and durability of dishes.

In the lower box, the water pressure and temperature are higher - in this zone pots, contaminated baking sheets and pans are placed. At the top, dishes are washed in a gentle mode - here you can set cups and fragile glass.

Double rocker
DuoPower. The Germans' proprietary design is a rotating double rocker. The hydraulic system ensures efficient distribution of water throughout the chamber; even inaccessible zones of the bunker are involved

The machine operates in accelerated mode, washing time is reduced by 30-50%. The program is indispensable if the dishes need to be washed very quickly.

The dishwasher changes the algorithm and the operating parameters: water pressure, amount of rinsing. This mode is not suitable for fragile dishes made of thin glass.

Water Condition Monitoring Technology

Optosenser - monitoring the state of water. Due to the built-in sensors, the device notifies users of the content of lime and calcium suspensions, as well as the need to use regeneration salt.

The system allows you to react and soften water in time, protecting dishes and the internal details of the dishwasher.

TimeLight Option
Time-Light. Convenient device for fully integrated machines. The unit projects a light message on the floor, informing about the remaining operating time.

Additional features dishwashers

In addition to the listed technologies and functions, many Siemens models have additional solutions designed to make using the dishwasher as convenient as possible.

Useful options:

  1. Opening the machine is done with the touch of your fingers, and you can refuse handles on the facade. The technology is provided in some embedded models.
  2. Program with increasing water temperature to 70 ° - The mode is relevant for the care of children's dishes and washing chopping boards.
  3. Snooze timer. Provided in most Siemens dishwashers.The start of work can be programmed at the right time, for example, at night, when electricity consumption is considered at reduced rates.
  4. Glasschon system and Brilliantshine. Both technologies are aimed at gentle and high-quality glass washing, provide a gentle washing regime at low temperatures and a neutral indicator of water hardness.
  5. Children castle. A useful device is not provided in all units. This option is necessary to lock the control panel - the child will not be able to independently launch or change the program.

A practical solution from Siemens - DossageAssist. Special compartment for dissolving tablets. Soapy water is already supplied to the bunker with dishes, which means that the tablet will not clog between the dishes and the machine will not work idle. An overview of the best tablet detergents for dishwashers we have given in following material.

VarioDriwer. Some machines have a third upper compartment for convenient placement of cutlery, scoops, shovels, and other kitchen utensils. This solution frees up space in the main bunker and increases its capacity.

The best models of dishwashers Siemens

A review of the technical parameters of popular units with an eye on user reviews and a price will help you make a decision.

Place # 1 - Siemens iQ300 SR 635X01 ME

Fully built narrow model with 10 sets, equipped with a protective block Aquastop, indicators of the presence of salt / rinse aid, water purity sensor, sound notification of completion of the cycle, stratum delay timer and other useful options. Siemens iQ300 SR 635X01 ME belongs to the middle price range.


  • Type - narrow
  • Installation - fully integrated
  • Capacity - 10 sets
  • Display - is
  • Energy Class - A +
  • Water Consumption - 9.5 L
  • Number of programs - 5
  • Half load mode - no
  • Leakage Protection - Complete
  • Dimensions - 44.8x55x81.5 cm

Water consumption per cycle is 9.5 liters, while energy consumption is 0.84 kWh. This energy efficiency model complies with class A +. The noise level is quite acceptable - only 48 dB.

The dishwasher works in standard modes:

  1. Automatic programs. Used for most types of kitchen utensils, washing and rinsing temperatures - 65 ° C.
  2. Intense. Great for cleaning old dirt from pans, pans, etc. Wash at 70 ° C.
  3. Delicate. The machine reduces water pressure and heating temperature to 40 ° C. The program is applicable for fragile dishes.
  4. Fast. Express washing of different dishes, operating cycle temperature - 45 ° C.
  5. Economy. It can be used instead of a daily program. The mode lasts a little longer, but resource consumption is reduced.

Additionally, VarioSpeed ​​Plus, an intensive zone, extra drying, a light beam on the floor, showing the operating time, are provided. It is also possible to use 3-in-1 funds.

Most reviews of the Siemens iQ300 SR 635X01 ME confirm the quality of its performance. Of the shortcomings note: the lack of hygienic cleaning.

Place # 2 - Siemens iQ100 SR 215W01 NR

The best option for a small kitchen. The width of the model is only 45 cm. The dishwasher is installed separately, does not require integration into cabinet furniture. Despite the dimensions, such a model can wash 10 sets of dishes in one cycle.


  • Type - narrow
  • Installation - freestanding
  • Capacity - 10 sets
  • Display - no
  • Energy Class - A
  • Water Consumption - 9.5 L
  • Number of programs - 5
  • Half load mode - no
  • Leakage Protection - Complete
  • Dimensions - 45x60x85 cm

Like all Siemens representatives, the model is equipped with an inverter motor and a security system Aquastop. There is also a child lock, the ability to use 3-in-1 funds.

Functionality iQ100 SR 215W01 NR:

  • 5 programs - 4 main modes + preliminary soaking;
  • special opportunity: VarioSpeed;
  • load sensor and AquaSensor;
  • regeneration electronics - determination of water composition;
  • postponement of work for 3 ... 9 hours.

A narrow model is a good option for temporary use, for example, in the country. There are no complaints about the dishwasher, the unit copes with its task.

Place # 3 - Siemens iQ700 SN 678D06 TR

The model contains technologies aimed at maximally efficient use of natural resources and user convenience. To wash 14 sets, you need a minimum of water and electricity. Another feature of the Siemens iQ700 SN 678D06 TR is the ability to remotely control from a smartphone using Wi-Fi.

To use the option on a tablet or smartphone, you must install the application Home connect. The program is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


  • Type - Full Size
  • Installation - fully integrated
  • Capacity - 14 sets
  • Display - is
  • Energy Class - A
  • Water Consumption - 9.5 L
  • Number of programs - 8
  • Half load mode - yes
  • Leakage Protection - Complete
  • Dimensions - 59.8x55x81.5 cm

Noise at work is only 41 dB. A childproof lock and a sound notification of the completion of the washing cycle are also implemented.

The functionality of the Siemens iQ700 SN 678D06 TR and the equipment are impressive:

  • additional modes: pre-rinse, night wash, glass, half load;
  • temperature selection;
  • special features: Shine & Dry, VarioSpeed ​​+, Hygiene;
  • washing and rinse aid loading indicators;
  • a device for determining the purity of water;
  • beam on the floor - time indication with projection onto the floor;
  • integrated heat exchanger;
  • touch control.

Ergonomic VarioFlexPro roomy duct system with optional VarioDrawer drawer. The upper tank is adjustable in height, there are latches for glasses, folding lattices for plates and folding shelves for cups.

Users appreciated the functionality, there are no comments on the work. An additional plus - fingerprints do not remain on the metallized coating.

The only argument holding back high demand is price.

Place # 4 - Siemens SN 215I01 AE

This model belongs to the middle price segment, but is equipped with an excellent set of options and technological solutions. It is quite capacious and economically consumes electricity and water.


  • Type - Full Size
  • Installation - Freestanding
  • Capacity - 12 sets
  • Display - is
  • Energy Class - A ++
  • Water Consumption - 9.5 L
  • Number of programs - 5
  • Half load mode - no
  • Leakage Protection - Complete
  • Dimensions - 60x60x85 cm

Siemens SN 215I01 AE, despite its high performance, works quietly - the noise level is up to 48 dB. The manufacturer also provides protection against children, full protection against leaks and a special coating on which fingerprints do not remain.

There is an indicator of the presence of salt and rinse aid, a water purity sensor. Of the additional options: loading sensor, VarioSpeed ​​Plus, extra drying.

Using advanced technology is as comfortable as possible thanks to high-tech equipment. The owners are satisfied with this model and did not find any significant flaws.

Place # 5 - Siemens SN 658X01 ME

The dishwasher holds up to 14 sets of kitchen utensils. Installation type - fully built-in, water consumption - 9.5 liters per cycle, electronic control.


  • Type - Full Size
  • Installation - fully integrated
  • Capacity - 14 sets
  • Display - is
  • Energy Class - A +
  • Water Consumption - 9.5 L
  • Number of programs - 8
  • Half load mode - no
  • Leakage Protection - Complete
  • Dimensions - 59.8x55x81.5 cm

During operation, the dishwasher emits no more than 39 dB of noise. The duration of the usual mode is 195 minutes, at the end of the cycle the user receives clean and dry dishes, due to the presence of effective drying of the condensation type.

Operating parameters and features of Siemens SN 658X01 ME:

  • the basic washing functionality is supplemented by the following programs: VarioSpeedPlus, intensive zone, additional drying, hygiene plus, load sensor, Touch Control;
  • the number of temperature conditions to choose from - 5;
  • timer start with delayed start for 1-24 hours;
  • power consumption - 1.05 kW per hour;
  • salt / rinse aid indicator;
  • water pollution degree sensor;
  • full protection system: baby lock and AquaStop;
  • beam on the floor to control completion of the cycle.

This model is appreciated for its high capacity, versatility, ease of use and excellent sink quality. Owners are absolutely satisfied with the modes preset by the manufacturer and the provided useful options.

Cons of Siemens SN 658X01 ME users are not found.

Place # 6 - Siemens iQ100 SR 615X10 DR

An interesting option for a narrow but roomy dishwasher is the Siemens iQ100 SR 615X10 DR. She can wash 9 utensils.

Thanks to the discreet dimensions, the machine fits in a standard kitchen set. The optimal placement is on the same level as the working area of ​​the kitchen, i.e. 83/84 cm, which includes a cabinet height of 81.5 cm and a countertop thickness.


  • Type - narrow
  • Installation - fully integrated
  • Capacity - 9 sets
  • Display - no
  • Energy Class - A
  • Water Consumption - 8.5 L
  • Number of programs - 5
  • Half load mode - no
  • Leakage Protection - Complete
  • Dimensions - 44.8x55x81.5 cm

The model is made in silver, the hopper is made of stainless steel, all buttons are placed on the top of the door. The capacity of the hopper is improved by an additional hanging basket for placing cutlery and holders for glasses.

Features of the Siemens iQ100 SR 615X10 DR:

  • basic programs, automatic mode with a temperature range of 45-60 ° C;
  • special options: load sensor and VarioSpeed;
  • 4 temperature conditions;
  • on timer - from 3 to 9 hours;
  • power consumption - 0.8 kW / h during standard operation;
  • children's castle.

Of the advantages, users note the excellent build quality, ease of management and a wonderful result of washing various contaminants.

As for the minuses of the Siemens iQ100 SR 615X10 DR, some owners complain that the model is noisy with the claimed 46 dB.

Place # 7 - Siemens iQ100 SR 216W01 MR

Another representative of the middle price segment. An excellent solution for a family of two to three people, the capacity of the bunker is 10 sets. The model is compact (width - 45 cm), fits in the kitchen, the control panel remains open.


  • Type - narrow
  • Installation - Freestanding
  • Capacity - 10 sets
  • Display - no
  • Energy Class - A
  • Water Consumption - 9.5 L
  • Number of programs - 6
  • Half load mode - no
  • Leakage Protection - Complete
  • Dimensions - 45x60x85 cm

Technical equipment and programs: DuoPower hydraulics SpeedMatic hydraulics, DossageAssist system, AquaSensor, which determines the degree of water pollution. Also a loading sensor, a light sign for the presence of rinse aid / salt and 5 temperature modes.

Two capacious baskets are provided for loading, the top box is regulated on height. Additionally there are folding lattices, shelves for cutlery and cups.

The control panel is concise - many buttons were replaced with a rotary switch. The display and Start button are integrated into the module.

Place # 8 - Siemens iQ500 SR 655X10 TR

The model is attractive in several ways: compactness, excellent spaciousness, functionality and affordable cost. Narrow built-in units of the type Siemens iQ500 SR 655X10 TR are popular among users. Deficiencies in the configuration and operation were not identified.

With the average price of this model, its many characteristics correspond to the parameters of premium units.


  • Type - narrow
  • Installation - fully integrated
  • Capacity - 10 sets
  • Display - is
  • Energy Class - A
  • Water Consumption - 9.5 L
  • Number of programs - 5
  • Half load mode - no
  • Leakage Protection - Complete
  • Dimensions - 44.8x55x81.5 cm

Technical features of the product: special features: VarioSpeed, IntensiveZone, Hygiene Plus, load sensor, the hopper is equipped with VarioFlex boxes and a third-level shelf - VarioDriwer.

There is also a delay in starting up to 1 day, a beam on the floor and pre-installed DuoPower and AquaSensor technologies.

The machine is equipped with a full security system and child protection. The rear legs of the housing are height-adjustable, a plate is provided that prevents moisture from the dishwasher to the countertop.

Comparison of a brand with competitors

In the market for dishwashers along with goods Siemens units from Bosch and Electrolux.

To understand whose cars are the undisputed leaders, you need to compare the parameters that mainly affect the decision of the buyer:

  • manufacturability and reliability;
  • practicality - ease of use;
  • pricing policy.

On the first two points Siemens and Bosch confidently ahead of Electrolux. German brands' products are similar to each other - brands from a single concern often borrow technology.

However, in terms of reliability, Siemens can give priority - the company produces dishwashers mainly in Germany, less often - in Poland. Bosch has production facilities in different countries, so the quality of assembly of goods is slightly different.

In the German representatives of household dishwashers implemented technologies: Zeolith, Activewater, Timelight. To get acquainted with the best representatives of the Bosch lineup, please go to this link.

Thanks to the additional third compartment, the capacity of Siemens and Bosch is 14 sets, compared to 13 for the Electrolux.

According to the criteria of “price / quality”, Bosch dishwashers can be considered leaders. Siemens is not inferior in equipment, but the cost of models of this brand reduces demand. Electrolux is a worthy, as a rule, more affordable alternative to German dishwashers. The best offers of dishwashers from Electrolux we reviewed here.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How the Zeolith drying function works, an excursion to the dishwasher factory in Germany, an introduction to innovative technologies:

Pros and cons of having a dishwasher in a young family, especially its use. As well as technical equipment, programs and additional features of dishwashers in the video review of the owner of the Siemens brand aggregate:

Siemens dishwashers are high-tech, many of them rightfully belong to the premium class. However, even with a modest budget, you can choose a suitable, multifunctional model.

The main feature of Siemens dishwasher technology is its high build quality and the introduction of innovative solutions.

Thinking about buying a Siemens brand dishwasher, but want to clarify a couple of nuances? Ask your questions under this article - other site visitors and our experts will help you deal with controversial issues.

If you use the dishwasher considered in our rating, please share your opinion in the comments section - does it wash dishes well, do you have problems or malfunctions? Add unique photos of your dishwasher.

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  1. Peter

    For some reason, there is very little information in Russian about the Siemens SN 278I36TE model. Did she even import to our country? Neither on sale, nor user reviews can not find. Can you tell me another model with control via the “smart home” system?

    • Vladimir

      Yes, it is really difficult to find a Siemens SN 278I36TE dishwasher in Russia. As a matter of fact, and all Siemens equipment as a whole. I don’t know how about industrial equipment, but German-made household appliances are imported through Ukraine and Belarus.

      Regarding the dishwasher Siemens SN 278I36TE, its cost is about 1 thousand dollars, which is a very substantial amount. If you find it difficult to sell, then you can consider analogues, for example, the same Whirlpool. Their price is more affordable, even for models that are integrated into the smart home system.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Good afternoon! The Siemens SN 278I36TE dishwasher is almost impossible to buy in Russia. This model is created and produced only for European countries, including which it can be purchased in Ukraine. For integration into the “smart home” system, the PMM must have the function of connecting to the Home Connect mobile application. The following Siemens models presented by the manufacturer in the Russian market have such an opportunity: SN678D06TR and SN656X06TR.

      Both cars are full-size (60 cm), built-in. Please note that the price of models starts from 100 thousand rubles.

      Dishwashers of other manufacturers have a similar option:
      1. Xiaomi Viomi Internet Dishwasher 8;
      2. Bosch SMV88TD06R, Bosch SMV66TX06R;
      3. Neff S517T80D6R.

      In 2020, Electrolux promises to introduce its models with Home Connect.

      More information about the smart home system and its equipment can be found in this article on the same site.

  2. Sergei

    Good afternoon! What is the reason for the significant price difference between the models SR 655X10TR and SR656X10TR?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. In fact, the latest model has one more program. In 1 of them 5, in 2 - 6. IntensiveZone allows you to serve hot water under high pressure and completely wash even dried fat from the dishes.