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Demand for dishwashers is constantly growing - consumers appreciated the convenience of using such equipment and its economical consumption of water resources. In turn, manufacturers are trying to improve the units, introducing innovative technologies and expanding the functionality of the equipment.

One of the leaders in this direction are Neff dishwashers from a German brand specializing in the production of elite-class kitchen appliances. What is remarkable about premium units, and which of them are recognized as the best in their class? We suggest dealing with these issues in order.

What functions affect the choice of a dishwasher?

Neff is in good standing with buyers from Russia. The reason for this confidence lies in the first-class assembly and high reliability of the devices.

Many owners of Neff appliances note its practicality, efficiency and rich functionality - that is, buying a German dishwasher, you can once and for all forget about the problem of dirty dishes.

But the larger the range of available washing modes, the more expensive the price tag for the model will be. In this matter, it is better to proceed from the budget provided for the acquisition of the unit. In addition, it is necessary to determine in advance the required capacity - the more family members, the more voluminous the working chamber should be.

Judging by the reviews of the owners of the equipment, dishwashers Neff brands have reliable leakage protection. Thanks to this feature, many apartments have already been saved. Also, the machine monitors the purity of water, which significantly extends its life.

Dishwashers Neff
In general, the Neff dishwasher is a multi-functional and reliable unit. Yes, during operation, there may be problems with the door closer and cables with springs, but they can be easily solved

By cons, buyers include a not too pleasant sound signal, which directly cuts the ear. In addition, some models are not equipped with a condensation drying function. The dishes in them dry on their own. Which option to choose depends on the preferences of the potential buyer.

To make it easier to decide on your model of Neff brand car, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the TOP of the best models below.

RackMatic System
Thanks to the new RackMatic system, the user gets the opportunity to rearrange the top box as he wants. Therefore, absolutely everything from salad bowls to huge pans will fit inside the unit

Rating dishwashers Neff

The lineup of the German manufacturer numbers dozens of dishwashers. The assortment has expensive and multifunctional models. There are also more budget options that are suitable for absolutely everyone. But to figure out which units are the best, we will make a rating of 10 representatives.

1st place - NEFF S585N50X3R

The first place in the list is occupied by the NEFF flagship dishwasher - S585N50X3R. She was able to incorporate most of the innovative developments of the engineers of the German company. It will fit in 10 sets dishes, which is enough for an average family of 3-4 people.

Narrow NEFF S585N50X3R machine boasts technology DossageAssist. The essence of such a structural solution is that detergents tablets become much more effective. They fall into a small trap, where they dissolve under the influence of a jet of water.

Regardless of the set of dishes that need to be washed, the model will handle this. It is equipped with a rich set of programs. Therefore, choosing the optimal function in order to achieve clean dishes and spend the minimum amount of electricity and energy is not difficult.

The following parameters should be included in the list of model benefits:

  • Aqua-sensor and load sensor - sensitive sensors;
  • VarioSpeedPlus and HygienePlus - two special functions;
  • Duopower - double rotating rocker providing excellent quality of washing even the most dirty dishes;
  • InfoLight® - provides projection of the information display on a floor surface;
  • EcoSilence Drive - the model is equipped with a rather silent inverter type motor, the service life of which exceeds the mark of 10 years.

According to its washing class and drying efficiency, the unit corresponds to category A. For one full cycle, no more than 9.5 liters of water and 0.91 kWh will be needed.

2nd place - NEFF S513F60X2R

The second German kitchen assistant is also quite popular among buyers - an impressive number of machines are present in the warehouses of online stores and real retail outlets. To understand why the NEFF S513F60X2R is so popular, consider its strengths and weaknesses.

The mode of operation of the model is selected using a functional text display and a series of keys located on the upper end of the door. Thanks to its simple interface, even a user far from technology can fully control the operation of the dishwasher.

A small screen displays the information the user needs, including the progress of the program, the level of rinse aid and salt, a list of the functions used in the washing process, as well as the time remaining until completion washing cycle. By the way, a special indicator notifies of the time - a beam on the floor.

The design of the NEFF S513F60X2R is perfectly thought out. The door closes without any effort. If it is not open slightly, then this happens automatically.

The safety of the model is also up to par. If any defects occur in the hose or part of the water supply system, then the function Aquastop at the same time will stop the water supply. Moreover, this technology is given a lifetime warranty.

Speaking of energy consumption, it is worth mentioning the category. NEFF S513F60X2R corresponds to class A. It consumes 9.5 liters of water and about 1 kW in one hour. At the same time, the temperature inside can reach 60 ° C, and fits in the compartment for dishes 13 sets. Noise level during washing can reach 46 dB

Thousands of owners of the model presented above did not find any flaws in it. She copes with all tasks perfectly. Great functionality greatly simplifies the selection of the optimal and most economical mode for washing dishes.

3rd place - Neff S58E40X0

Built-in dishwasher with condensation dryer Neff S58E40X0 ranks third in the ranking. Its important advantage is a low noise level. Even when the intensive washing mode is activated, the operation volume will not exceed 52 dB.

The model S58E40X0 is characterized by a high level of security. It is equipped with electronic child lock and technology Aquastop.

The washing, drying, and electricity consumption classes correspond to category A. More specifically, 0.8 kW * h and 11 l of water are required per cycle. These are pretty good specifications for a device designed for 9 sets.

Neff S58E40X0 has only 6 work programs:

  • intense, during which the temperature of the water rises up to 70 degrees;
  • VarioSpeed;
  • fast at 45 ° C;
  • Eco when heating water to 50 ° C;
  • preliminary rinse;
  • Auto 3 in 1.

If necessary, the start of the program can be delayed by 3, 6 or even 9 hours. You can put all the dishes in a cutlery basket, which is located in the lower basket. Plates are mounted on a pair of rails.

As for the upper box, it can be rearranged in height, so putting a pan or a jar in a dishwasher is not difficult.

The unit is equipped with electronic control. A number of buttons are used to select a program. But unfortunately, the manufacturer did not build a screen on which all the information the user needed was displayed. And on the control panel there are special indicators that display the presence of rinse aid and salt.

4th place - NEFF S581C50X1R

If the kitchen does not differ in huge sizes, and there is no place for delivering large-sized equipment, the NEFF S581C50X1R will be an excellent choice. This is an integrated narrow type dishwasher that can be easily embed in the headset, there the most complementary interior design.

It attracts a fairly low noise level, not exceeding 46 dB. Simply put, the dishwasher works almost silently and will not distract the owners from work and important matters.

The machine copes with washing even fragile and plastic dishes.

To do this, you can choose one of five programs:

  • Eco with temperatures up to 50 ° C;
  • Fast with temperatures up to 45 ° C;
  • Glass with a temperature of 40 ° C;
  • 1 hour with a temperature of 65 ° C;
  • Chef with temperatures up to 70 ° C.

Also, a special function is provided in the car - Hygiene Plus. In terms of safety, the manufacturer has provided complete leakage protection with the system Aquastop, safety lock.

For washing dishes, 2 rocker arms are used, which are located under the upper and lower baskets. They optimally distribute water and deliver it to any part of the chamber. As a result, washing efficiency increases significantly.

Thanks electronics regeneration NEFF S581C50X1R can maintain the water hardness level in the range specified by the user. The presence of such automation provides an opportunity to save more than a third of salt for dishwashers.

5th place - Neff S58M48X1

The fifth place in the ranking is occupied by a dishwasher, which will be appropriate in a kitchen with absolutely any area. Moreover, the modest size in no way affected its performance. It will make dishes clean, dry and shiny three times faster than others.

The washing chamber is designed for 10 sets utensils. Moreover, pots, glasses, plates and spoons can be absolutely anything. Thanks to the electronics, water hardness that is safe for glass and plastic is maintained. In addition, this technology saves regenerating salt for the dishwasher.

Neff S58M48X1 has an identical set of modes, like the model presented above. In addition to the four main programs: Chef, EcoFast and Auto, there are three special functions. The consumer can use the half load mode, technology Intensivezone and VarioSpeedPlus.

The high-power processor controls the dishwasher. Many sensitive load sensors and sensors help him. Aqua-sensor.

As for the dashboard, it is represented by a small screen and many mechanical buttons. The dishwasher also projects a luminous dot that indicates that the wash mode is activated. Upon completion of the operation, the hostess will hear an acoustic signal.

Add to the advantages of the model is the cost-effectiveness of resources. She is pleased with her energy efficiency, drying and washing - the indicators correspond to category A. Therefore, the model will not only do its job well, but will not cause huge utility bills.

6th place - Neff S515M60X0R

For those who need a full-sized dishwasher that washes 14 sets of dishes at a time, the Neff S515M60X0R is the perfect choice. It is equipped with a powerful pump that provides good water circulation, using a small amount of electricity for its work.

The dishwasher is equipped with technology Hygiene Plus. With its help, all harmful bacteria are killed and the dishes become really clean. Therefore, the Neff S515M60X0R is perfect for families with children.

As for its size, the model consumes resources economically. One cycle requires 9.5 liters of water and not more than 1.08 kWh of electricity. In this case, the noise level does not exceed 39 dB.

A distinctive feature of the unit is a rich set of modes:

  • Chef;
  • Eco;
  • Auto;
  • Fast;
  • Glass;
  • Pre-rinse.

Expand the capabilities of the kitchen assistant 4 special functions: Hygiene Plus, half load, Intensivezone and VarioSpeed.

There is also a program self cleaning, which helps maintain the health of the unit. At the same time, it will be possible to delay the start of washing the dishes - the timer can be set for a period of 1 to 24 hours.

A convenient design solution is the lock Servo schloss. Thanks to him, there is no need to close the door tightly. If the opening angle does not exceed 10 °, then the closer will press it all the way.

You can fix the plates in the chamber using one of eight guides - four pieces in the upper and lower boxes. They are folding, which greatly expands the capabilities of the machine.

Cups and kitchen utensils also have their place. For washing the first, the shelf in the upper box is intended, and for the second - 2 shelves in the lower part.

7th place - Neff S517T80D0R

The multifunctional dishwasher Neff S517T80D0R is equipped with a powerful pump capable of pumping more than three buckets of water per minute. This ensures high washing efficiency. But the cost of the device on the manufacturer’s website is about 113,000 rubles.

In one cycle, the unit can wash up to 14 sets. Moreover, it can be of the most diverse shapes and sizes. This was achieved by the system of folding elements in the upper and lower boxes.

Neff S517T80D0R pleases with its efficiency. Washing does not require large volumes of water, but only 9.5 liters. As for electricity, the machine consumes about 0.9 kWh. Such specifications correspond to class A.

In normal mode, the device generates noise at 42 dB. But if you activate the night program, then the volume decreases to 40 dB. In fact, the car is completely silent and it’s quite difficult to hear how it works.

S517T80D0R washes dishes in one of the following modes:

  • Auto;
  • Chef;
  • Eco;
  • Night;
  • One hour;
  • Pre-rinse.

There are a lot of special functions. In addition to standard programs for Neff technology VarioSpeed and Intensivezone, the consumer can use emergency drying or clean dishes from harmful bacteria using technology Hygiene Plus.

Huge functionality, efficiency and low noise level - this is why the model is popular in the market. But the disadvantage of a high price makes it inaccessible to most buyers. For this reason, the Neff S517T80D0R was placed precisely on the 7th place in the rating.

8th place - Neff S513I50X0R

The model is a dishwasher in the middle price segment. It is designed for 13 sets and is embedded.Neff S513I50X0R will look nice in any kitchen and will cope with the needs of even a large family of 4 or more people.

The set of programs is standard. Consumer can activate economical, fast, automatic or Chef-wash. If the compartment could not be filled completely, you can use the function half load.

The S513I50X0R recognizes detergents automatically. This allows you to choose the best work program and in any case make the washing as efficient as possible.

Neff S513I50X0R allows you to wash glass and fragile dishes. The built-in heat exchanger protects it from a sudden temperature drop. At the same time, due to automatic control of water hardness, scale and corrosion will not appear on the glass.

There are only 6 guides for installing plates. Two of them are located at the top, and four at the bottom. The manufacturer equipped the equipment with a shelf for long knives, as well as a cutlery tray.

Engineers paid attention to the safety of the machine. The Neff S513I50X0R has leakage protection, which allows you to protect your housing and apartment neighbors from flooding. Useful is child lock - the child, even with all his desire, will not be able to open the washing compartment.

9th place - Neff S581F50X2R

When the budget is very limited, but you want to buy a decent dishwasher, pay attention to the Neff S581F50X2R. On the website of the manufacturer, it can be ordered for just 32,500 rubles.

The washing compartment of the S581F50X2R model accommodates up to 9 sets. To clean them, 9.5 liters of water and 0.91 kWh of electricity will be required. Such indicators correspond to class A.

There are only five work programs:

  • Chef;
  • Eco;
  • Fast;
  • One hour;
  • Nightly.

Of the special functions, there are only Hygiene Plus. Unit equipped with option Infolight (indication of work), which is quite nice at a low cost. The washing compartment, in comparison with other models, has a large volume and depth, which allows you to accommodate more dishes.

To achieve high quality washing allowed a special technology of water supply - first to the beam, which is located in the upper box, and then in the lower. Any spoon and plate, wherever it is in the dishwasher, will be thoroughly washed.

In terms of safety, the Neff S581F50X2R is in no way inferior to its more expensive counterparts. The manufacturer equipped it with a system for leaks, as well as the option of blocking from children. She tightly closes the door of the machine.

Having given a little more than 32,000 rubles for the unit, the consumer receives a reliable and functional assistant. It offers a sufficient set of work programs for most users, and a durable inverter motor will not create unnecessary noise during the operation of the equipment.

10th place - Neff S513G40X0R

The last place in the ranking is occupied by the full-size Neff S513G40X0R machine. She, like others, is equipped with an inverter motor and washes with high quality 12 sets utensils. In addition, the unit saves electricity and makes little noise.

The list of features and technologies that are built into the model is huge. She will appreciate the convenient compartment for detergent DossageAssist, a filter that is automatically cleaned, a timer, leakage protection Aquastop and many others.

Neff S513G40X0R can wash dishes in four modes: automatic, intensive, fast and economical. If necessary, the consumer is given the opportunity to start the half-load function or use Intensivezone.

When washing in such a machine, fragile and plastic products will remain completely unharmed. This was achieved by a larger volume of the washing chamber, as well as a flow-through water heater.

The safety of washing was favorably affected by the function of automatic control of water hardness. The user only needs to specify the desired value.

S513G40X0R is considered a classic German dishwasher. It offers all the functions necessary for convenient operation. Moreover, a small display and several intuitive buttons will allow any consumer to figure out how to enable this or that mode.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to choose a dishwasher and why it is necessary in the kitchen of a modern housewife - this is the next video:

The rules for choosing a dishwasher, the main nuances to which you should pay attention while:

When dishwashing quality and profitability come first, shoppers choose Neff dishwashers. In their production, the latest developments and technologies are used, the range of products allows you to choose a unit for any family.

Share with your readers your experience in choosing and using a dishwasher. Tell us which unit you bought, whether you are satisfied with the work of the kitchen assistant. Please leave comments and participate in discussions - the feedback form is located below.

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  1. Lydia

    Indeed, a dishwasher for the hostess is an indispensable assistant in the kitchen. When choosing a product, we took into account the load volume, the number of programs, how much water and electricity are consumed. We Neff dishwasher in 34,000 thousand with delivery cost. It is of German manufacture, a large volume of loading, it is well washing dishes, including pots. The noise during the work of the dishwasher is almost inaudible.

  2. I have a Neff dishwasher, she is 2 months old. Started to issue error E15. What is it and how can it be cured?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello! Error E15 indicates the presence of leaks. If there are no puddles of water around the dishwasher, the sensor may be defective. If water appears periodically, then most likely the filter or one of the hoses is clogged. In an old machine (more than 5-6 years of operation), the cause of leakage is often the wear of pipes and hoses.

      You can try to solve the problem yourself. To do this, do the following:

      1. Unplug the machine.
      2. Gently tilt the machine forward at an angle of 45 degrees to drain the water from the sump.
      3. Leave the dishwasher for 24 hours before drying.
      4. Turn on the machine and start without dishes, but with a special cleaning agent on the program with maximum temperature.

      If the problem is clogged hoses, then such actions will help. In other cases, you will need the help of a wizard.