Dishwashers Miele: the best models, their characteristics + customer reviews

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Miele is a German brand of household appliances, world famous for high quality, durability and sleek design of products. It was this company back in 1978 that introduced the first computer-controlled equipment for drying and washing dishes.

40 years have passed, and Miele dishwashers do not lose their leadership position among premium technology. We will figure out what are the features of the “kitchen helpers” of the German brand and consider their best models. For an objective assessment of dishwashers, we identified competitive advantages and highlighted the shortcomings identified by users.

Features dishwashers Miele

In order to maintain the century-old impeccable reputation of the brand, they use high-quality materials and their own patented developments when creating devices.

No wonder the company's motto translates as “better and better” - each new series of models has interesting technological nuances and notes of comfort.

Height adjustable basket
All baskets of Miele machines are equipped with convenient handles, made of high-quality stainless steel and designed in such a way as to accommodate as many dishes of various sizes as possible

Design features dishwashers Miele:

  1. Profitability. The appliances are programmed so that the minimum amount of resources is used in the dishwashing process. Although it all depends on the specific device and the selected mode, there are models that cost only 6.5 liters of water per load.
  2. Reasonable water supply. Alternate water supply to the sprayers for best washing and rinsing results.
  3. Retractable pallet design. It is necessary for convenient placement of cutlery, shovels, soup ladles, nimbuses and other kitchen appliances.
  4. The device unit for delicate dishes. Adjustable in all respects section for washing glasses on a long leg, beer mugs and other dishes of non-standard sizes.
  5. Perfect GlassCare. This is a patented technology for the careful handling of thin-walled dishes, which gives the machine the ability to independently adjust the stiffness, temperature and pressure of the water supply.
  6. Tabs option. The function provides a special compartment for washing tablets.
  7. Knock2open. Handleless door opening system for fully integrated appliances.

Another useful and patented development of the company is a unique system. AutoOpen. It automatically opens the appliance door after executing a preset program. This helps not only perfectly dry the dishes, but also protect the machine from excess moisture and the smell of mustiness.

All Miele dishwashers emit a low noise level of 39-46 dB, which is comparable to a quiet conversation, and are equipped with leakage protection Waterproof.

Judging by the samples from several popular sites that leave reviews on household appliances, about 86% of consumers were satisfied with the products of the German brand.

And according to a poll by Which magazine, Miele dishwashers have become one of the most “firmly recommended” buyers of appliances, along with appliances Bosch and Siemens.

Dishwasher Miele in the interior
Miele dishwashers belong to the hi-end class, for the creation of which exclusive designs, cutting-edge design and various innovative ideas are used, so the price of models is so high

Of the benefits, consumers noted:

  • high quality materials and machine assembly;
  • good roominess even in narrow models;
  • low power consumption and minimal water consumption;
  • the ability to change the program at its discretion;
  • intuitive machine control principle;
  • easy loading utensils using marker tips;
  • excellent cleaning results even heavily soiled dishes;
  • perfect care for glass, porcelain items;
  • the ability to connect to hot water.

The most important minus is the high price. Therefore, some consumers say that instead of one Miele dishwasher, you can buy 2-3 lower class cars, albeit not so comfortable and functional.

Therefore, we consider in more detail the characteristics of the most popular models of consumer demand, their advantages and disadvantages.

The best models of freestanding dishwashers

In addition to its impressive volume, the main advantage of the Miele floor machines is its robust cover, which can easily be adapted as an additional work surface.

Such appliances can also be installed under the countertop, but they do not fit into the kitchen, so if necessary they can move with the owners from place to place.

No. 1 - roomy Miele G 4203 SC Active BRWS

A very overall model from the Aktiv series, the height of which is 850 mm, and the width and depth of 600 mm each, is equipped with push-button switches, including for independent programming of the washing mode. It easily accommodates up to 14 sets of dishes.

Model G 4203 SC is available in standard white and with a signature steel coating Cleansteel with protection against dirt and fingerprints.

Dishwasher Miele G 4203 SC Active BRWS
Miele G 4203 SC is quite roomy, so it will be a great solution for a large family. It also has a good set of dishwashing programs.

Performs 5 washing programs:

  1. Delicate - for glasses, porcelain and other fragile dishes sensitive to high temperatures.
  2. Easy - standard feature for easy cleaning of objects when heating water to 50 ° C.
  3. ECO - with an optimum consumption of water (up to 13.5 l) and electricity.
  4. Intense - for thorough washing of heavily soiled dishes, including pots and pans with soot, at a temperature of 75 ° C.
  5. Automatic - a mode that allows the machine itself to choose the duration of work, depending on the completeness of the load and the degree of contamination of objects.

Judging by consumer reviews, the dishwasher works really quietly and is able to serve a large family. Respect for glass and other delicate objects is not satisfactory.

Thanks to the patented pallet design, all cutlery can be positioned separately to perfectly clean and dry items without damaging their shiny finish.

The users noted the efficiency of the model - with its good capacity, it spends up to 15 liters of water and not more than 1.35 kW / h in auto mode. And when connecting dishwasher to hot water supply you can additionally save 40-50% on electricity.

As for the minuses, with a large load, there may remain streaks in metal pans, which must be removed manually.

Also, for many housewives, the minimum set of functions is not enough and I would like more programs, however, the last drawback is completely compensated by the ability to specify individual settings for the technique.

No. 2 - economical Miele G 6000 SC Jubilee A +++

A premium Jubilee dishwasher equipped with Miele's best-in-class dishwasher. No wonder the G 6000 SC Jubilee is called economical - with an automatic wash, it spends no more than 6.5 liters of water per load.

Here is present 3D palletadditional drying with opening system AutoOpenCare for glass items Perfect glasscare and delaying the start of the program with a time indicator. Capacity - 14 sets.

Dishwasher Miele G 6000 SC Jubilee
This dishwasher has a good capacity and quite economical energy consumption, corresponding to class A +++

In addition to the ECO program, intensive, automatic and delicate washing, already described in the previous model, there are other modes:

  • normal - for everyday washing ordinary dishes at a temperature of 55 ° C;
  • fast - cleaning lightly soiled dishes in just 30 minutes;
  • short - reduces the execution time of any washing cycle.

Also, the model is equipped with a recognition function, which automatically adjusts water consumption at low load.

Electricity consumption can be reduced by connecting to a hot water supply, although it is already small - if you run an ECO program with thermal drying, you will need only 0.49 kW / h.

For the G 6000 SC model, a construction box is provided ExtraComfort, which is equipped with various, height-adjustable holders: a box with a fixed comb, a retainer for tall glasses, a sliding tray and an enlarged lower basket.

Judging by consumer reviews, there is only one drawback with the G 6000 SC - the high cost starting from 79,900 rubles. But the happy owners of such an assistant have no complaints about the quality of the sink or the reliability of the device.

Partially built-in Miele machines

The peculiarity of this technique is that its facade and control panel can be selected for a specific interior, and the box itself should be placed in a niche of suitable sizes so that the kitchen unit and the machine look holistically and organically.

No. 1 - the full-size Miele G 4203 SCi Active CLST

A large and comfortable dishwasher at a fairly affordable price, as for the Miele line. As a universal option, customers are offered a model with a stainless steel front panel with a signature coating Cleansteel.

The G 4203 SCi is equipped with an integrated child lock and safety indicators that tell you when to add rinse aid or salt.

Dishwasher Miele G 4203 SCi Active CLST
This model, equipped with a stainless steel panel, looks elegant. It will be a great solution for a stylish kitchen interior.

Main characteristics:

  • water consumption - 13.5 liters with the ECO program and automatic;
  • loading - 14 sets;
  • cold air recirculation drying system Turbothermic;
  • 5 preset modes - ECO, intensive, normal, delicate, automatic;
  • touch control technology AutoSensor;
  • the possibility of delaying the launch;
  • adjustable upper basket, drawer tray for appliances, special holder for cups / glasses;
  • model dimensions (WxHxD) - 600 mm x 810 mm x 570 mm.

Of the shortcomings noted by consumers - the lack of a partial load mode. That is, regardless of the number of dishes, the water flow will be the same.

No. 2 - narrow Miele G 4700 SCi for a small kitchen

Compact helper, which does not take up much space in the room, holds up to 9 sets of dishes. The G 4700 SCi is built into any niche with a height ranging from 81 cm, a width of 45 cm and a depth of 57 cm.

Dishwasher Miele G 4700 SCi
This partially built-in floor-standing dishwasher is only 45 cm wide, which allows installation in a small kitchen

Main characteristics:

  • minimum water consumption - 6.5 liters with an automatic program and 9 liters with an environmentally friendly one;
  • energy class - A ++;
  • option Perfect glasscare;
  • delayed start function;
  • child protection;
  • partial load mode;
  • recirculation drying with indicator.

The machine is designed to carry out the most popular programs: automatic, ECO, short, intense, normal, delicate and fast. Owners are satisfied with this model and it can still be found in online stores, although production has been discontinued.

Integrated Dishwashers

A feature of fully built-in appliances is that their front part can be hidden behind a furniture facade or choose a neutral metallic color panel for other household appliances. This option is considered ideal for creating an organic interior in hi-tech style.

No. 1 - compact Miele G 4680 SCVi Active

A fully built-in dishwasher G 4680 with a width of only 44.8 cm can easily fit in the headset of a small kitchen, occupying a niche 805 mm high and 570 mm deep.

Dishwasher Miele G 4680 SCVi Active
Despite its compact size, the model is quite spacious and allows you to load up to 9 sets of dishes, which is enough to serve a family of 4-6 people

This is a convenient model in which there is everything necessary for comfortable washing dishes, including a proprietary function Perfect glasscaredelayed start and door closer Comfortclose.

Key features of the model:

  • economical - class A + and water consumption of about 6.5 liters with an automatic program;
  • touch control AutoSensor;
  • low noise - 46 dB;
  • the possibility of half loading;
  • 6 programs - ECO, intensive, delicate, automatic, normal and fast;
  • electricity consumption - 0.52 kW / h on the ECO program;
  • price - from 59900 rubles.

Consumers called compactness and stylish design the main advantages of the device. Despite the small width, the thought-over design of the baskets with the possibility of adjustment allows you to place standard pots and pans, but there is not enough space for oversized dishes.

No. 2 - Miele G 6891 SCVi K2O for handleless facades

One of the best representatives of the Miele line belongs to the high-end technology, specially created for customers with high demands, for whom comfort in any detail is important. G 6891 is equipped with an automatic opening system Knock2open - To gain access to the inside of the machine, you need to double-tap on the facade.

In addition to standard modes, the machine can perform a pre-soak wash, with additional drying, operate without a top box and perform the function of auto-cleaning. Total 13 work programs in the model.

There are also special modes for antibacterial cleaning of baby bottles, thorough washing of dishes after dishes with starch, beer glasses in hot or cold water.

The machine is equipped with a convenient reloading function - it is possible at any time to stop an already running appliance and add forgotten dishes.

Dishwasher Miele G 6891 SCVi K2O
Stylish, elegant and multifunctional model is convenient to use. But its cost is quite high

Features of the model:

  1. Box construction MaxiComfortincluding a 3D-tray for appliances, stands for large cups, a holder for bottles, glasses and other non-standard items.
  2. Color marking for easy basket adjustment for various needs.
  3. Convenient compartment for regenerating salt right on the door.
  4. Water consumption - 6.5-9.9 liters (depending on mode).
  5. Four-sided interior lighting for dishes Brilliantlightwhich facilitates the download process.
  6. Option Flexitimer - the machine can choose the washing time during the period of the cheapest electricity tariff.
  7. Sensors for detergent consumption, drying, water consumption.

The dishwasher also has a lower basket that is adjustable in all respects Multicomfortable to accommodate plates up to 35 cm in diameter, serving trays, large cutting boards.

And if you remove the combs, you can get a flat surface for bulky items such as trays, pans, cooker hoods, pans, etc.

The only drawback of such an assistant is the sky-high price. Therefore, the purchase of this model "affordable" is not for everyone.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

In order to better imagine the operation of Miele machines and their advantages, we suggest exploring a small selection of video materials.

The principle of work, design features and how various models look in the interior of the kitchen:

Checking the system of boxes for loading dishes:

The excellent quality of Miele technology does not leave buyers indifferent. But she also has a tangible drawback - high cost. And if your budget is limited, you should consult with professionals, analyze the frequency of use of the machine and compare with analogues.

If price is not a decisive factor, buying a Miele will be a practical solution for a respectable home.

And which dishwasher did you choose for yourself? Please tell us why you gave preference to a particular model, whether you are satisfied with the work of the purchased unit. Add reviews, comments and ask questions - the contact form is below.

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