Bosch Dishwashers: ranking of the best models + manufacturer reviews

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Reliable, high-quality and convenient Bosch dishwashers are modern kitchen assistants that save users from such a not-too-pleasant procedure, like washing cups, plates, pots and cutlery.

Customers who have already bought units respond very well to the equipment and note the presence of extensive functionality that can significantly simplify the life of any housewife. If you are looking for high-tech and economical in terms of operating the dishwasher, we recommend that you look at the offers from the German brand.

We have prepared a ranking of the best models from Bosch. The top leaders included units that differ in the type of installation, a set of options and price. The commonality between the presented dishwashers is a wide consumer demand and good user reviews. These selection tips will help you decide on the appropriate technology option.

Brand Technology Features

A dishwashing machine is a practical and useful appliance. He copes with his duties perfectly and allows the hostess to free up time for more important matters. We offer to consider in more detail the characteristics of the PMM brand Bosch.

Location Classification

All Bosch dishwashers are available in two sizes, 45 and 60 cm, and are divided into three subspecies.

Freestanding units are located in any convenient place, and leave the client the opportunity to plan the kitchen space personally for themselves and without any restrictions.

Devices can be placed completely independently or “hidden” under the worktop, optimizing the useful area of ​​the room in this way.

The master checks the dishwasher
Bosch pays great attention to the quality of the parts used. For manufacturing high-strength modern materials and components are used. As a result, the finished product turns out to be operationally stable and reliably serves the owners for many years.

Recessed modules allow you to save the interior style of the kitchen, without violating its appearance of household appliances. This is very convenient in cases where an unusual style solution is implemented in the room in the original color scheme.

Dishwasher Testing Workshop
Before going on sale, dishwashers are tested. They are checked with special programs, exposed to water and heat, trying to detect a possible malfunction. Only after these events, the tested equipment is in the store

Compact Bosch dishwashers can easily be placed even in a small-sized complex-planed room and do not “eat” a single extra centimeter of its usable area.

The optimal size of the modules is harmoniously combined with good, detailed functionality and a high level of reliability.

Technological functionality of machines from Bosch

General principle of work, operating rules and the set of basic features is the same for all units. It consists of several simple modes, among which there is always an intensive, economical and quick wash.

Girl opens the dishwasher
Equipment in one cycle consumes 6-12 liters of water. This is enough to process from 6 to 14 sets, depending on the capacity of the internal tank of the machine

The main differences are in additional functions that are equipped with devices of different series.

Original Bosch products options

Products included in the Bosch range of kitchen washing equipment, in addition to basic programs, have the following original options:

  • Intensivezone - functions in modules with a tank divided in half. With different speeds it delivers water of different temperature to the chambers. This allows you to wash greasy dishes with a strong, hot pressure in the lower part, and rinse fragile slightly soiled items in the upper part;
  • Shine & dry - with the help of the mineral zeolite dries dishes faster and better;
  • Active water - without user intervention, it automatically calculates the optimal amount of consumed resources depending on the load level, contributing to the saving of water and electrics;
  • VarioSpeed ​​Plus - allows acceleration of the washing process by increasing energy consumption. Saving time is from 20 to 50%;
  • Aquastop - protects equipment from leaks. It guarantees completely safe use of both stand-alone and built-in models;
  • EcoSilenceDrive - progressive inverter motor. It connects directly and demonstrates high efficiency and complete silent operation;
  • AquaVario - Recognizes the level of contamination and the material from which the dishes are made. Selects the appropriate processing mode for glass, porcelain and other delicate materials;
  • Hygiene - carries out disinfection with water of a higher temperature and carries out additional rinsing;
  • Hygieneplus - provides the ability to process kitchen utensils with water and high temperature steam.

These useful options are present in full or in part in a wide variety of models. The client can choose the most suitable option for himself and pay only for the really necessary parameters.

Guidelines for choosing a home helper

The modern Bosch brand dishwasher is a progressive unit with a lot of useful functions and features.

However, for each innovative development implemented in the device, you will have to pay. Therefore, before buying, you need to clearly define future tasks for the device and think about what you can do without, and which modes are really worth spending on.

First of all, pay attention to such parameters as:

  • the size - full size 60 cm, narrow 45 cm, compact 45 cm wide and about 55 cm high;
  • energy class - varies from ordinary B to the most economical A +++;
  • total capacity - from 6 to 14 sets for one full load;
  • water consumption in economy mode - from 6.5 to 13 liters;
  • noise level - very quiet 38-44 dB, optimally quiet - 45-48 dB;
  • color performance - white, metallic, stainless steel;
  • cost unit.

Another important point is the location of the future location of the device. If the kitchen is small, it makes sense to consider recessed or compact models. They will perfectly handle the processing of dishes and do not take up too much space.

Dishwasher integrated in the kitchen
In a large-volume machine, the inner tank has a very good capacity. It easily manages to wash up to 14 sets left after a home holiday or party

For a spacious room, a full-fledged wide device with a large loading tank, designed for the maximum number of devices, is suitable.

All of the above criteria are required to consider when buying. Further selection is carried out in more detail based on the configuration of the device, type of control and the availability of additional programs.

Control Panel Options

Boshevsky units are available with touch and mechanical panels. The former look very modern and aesthetically pleasing, have a clearly visible indication and display information about the work process and error codes.

Dishwasher Control Panel
The control panel buttons are equipped with a bright, high-quality backlight. This makes it possible to use the dishwasher without activating the general background light in the room.

Ergonomic buttons of a standard form are located on the mechanical panel. In the event of a breakdown, they can easily be replaced with similar ones purchased in a company store or service center.

There is a button model much cheaper than electronic and for many buyers this moment becomes crucial.

Basic features of washing units

All Bosch dishwashers have a set of standard operating functions.

It includes such mandatory positions as:

  • delicate mode for fragile dishes - processing at 45-60 ° C;
  • moderate rinse option at 45-55 ° C, relevant for everyday use;
  • function of intensive washing at 65-75 ° C to eliminate strong contaminants.

The list of additional functions is quite wide, but buying an expensive product with a full package washing cycles absolutely not necessary. It is better to choose the optimal set of modes that will be used constantly, and not from case to case.

The most interesting options

The pre-soak function was very popular with many customers. It allows you to soak the dishes in advance, and after a certain time, wash it well from dirt.

However, this option is relevant only if very greasy, greasy dishes, pots and appliances need to be washed daily. When the dishes of this level of pollution appear only occasionally, it is quite possible to get by with the basic regime of intensive washing.

Full load dishwasher
Bosch premium products are equipped with additional sensors that can automatically calculate the optimal washing program and the amount of cleaning agent needed to remove contaminants in each case

The option of an economical mode of operation, which contributes to a reasonable consumption of water and electrics, is relevant for absolutely all machines, and it is really worth paying for it. This will save a significant amount on utility bills without sacrificing your own comfort.

Types and material of internal containers

Internal containers and compartments for correct loading There are several types of dishes.

The most common are models from:

  • durable iron, coated with an additional plastic or silicone coating;
  • rust-resistant stainless steel;
  • modern plastic.

Machines with iron tanks are slightly cheaper initially, but over time, the metal wears out and the baskets have to be replaced with new ones, and this entails additional costs.

Units with stainless steel containers have a higher cost, but it pays off, since this type of material exhibits excellent operational stability and is not afraid of the aggressive effects of moisture.

Clean dishes in the dishwasher
Dishwasher baskets and containers are usually made of stainless steel with anodized coating. It protects the metal from contact with water and prevents corrosion.

Plastic containers also look modern and attractive, but their durability is not too high. With a large load, they can deform and even crack, creating a number of inconvenience to the owners.

The principle of drying washed dishes

Not all Bosch washing products are equipped with a dryer, but most housewives want this option to be available.

In budget models, this mode is implemented through a fan and a special capacitor. In luxury devices, a powerful turbine is engaged in drying cups, plates, pots and cutlery.

Plates in the dishwasher tray
The machine with the drying option is much more practical and allows the hostess to free up extra time for any other household chores

It copes with the task much faster than cheaper “classmates”, but a device with this function is much more expensive and is usually included in the luxury product line. Overpay for convenience will have to be solid, but it's worth it.

TOP 10 best Bosch models

Bosch brand produces a very wide range of dishwashers. All models undergo preliminary testing on special equipment and are distinguished by reliability, functionality, external aesthetics and operational stability.

However, buyers from the whole variety of offers most often choose several specific models. The top list of popularity of Bosch appliances includes the 10 most purchased dishwashers in the past year.

1st place - compact Bosch SKS62E22

The practical Bosch SKS62E22 machine is included in the budget category at a cost and attracts attention with its small dimensions. The height and depth of the device are 45 and 50 cm, respectively, and the width does not exceed 55.1 cm. You can load up to 6 services of varying degrees of contamination at a time.

This compact unit is a good solution for placement in a small kitchen. The equipment occupies a minimum of space and can be conveniently placed on a cabinet or countertop.

Belongs to A energy-efficient class and consumes less resources. In work uses a small amount of water and takes only cold from the system.

The list of additional functions includes:

  • system Servolock - provides soft and smooth opening / closing of a door;
  • Glassprotec - guarantees safe and delicate washing of fragile, glassware;
  • automatic determination of the type of detergent.

Of the pluses, users note the presence of leakage sensors and the quality of the consumed water, a convenient container for cutlery and an excellent end result when the dishes literally creaks from fat-free and cleanliness.

The disadvantages include the lack of instructions in Russian, problems with the rotation of the lower yoke after a year of use.

2nd place - desktop Bosch SKS62E88

Bosch SKS62E88 is in many respects similar in parameters to the model described above, but it costs almost the same. This is due to a more aesthetic appearance, an original case coating that mimics the shade of stainless steel, and a low noise level, which is only 48 db.

The functionality is represented by six basic washing programs at different temperatures. Additional mode Extradry when activated, it starts the final rinse of dishes at elevated temperatures. This facilitates and speeds up subsequent drying of items.

Bosch SKS62E88 owners recommend using the ExtraDry option with caution and not using it for dishes that are vulnerable to hot water.

3rd place - narrow Bosch SPS 40E02

The Bosch SPS 40E02 model belongs to the category of narrow products and is perfect for installation in small kitchen rooms, where every centimeter of space is counted. The loading chamber holds up to 9 services at a time. In the upper part there are additional shelves for appliances and hinged compartments for cups.

This dishwasher is equipped with a new generation innovative brushless motor. It is characterized by high power and durability, but it works quietly and produces a minimum of noise.

Four washing programs allow you to correctly handle dishes at 4 different temperature conditions. System Aquastop reliably protects the case from leakage, and the option Dosagessss helps the detergent dissolve evenly without accumulating in only one compartment.

Users of this model respond very well and note that it is crystal clear washing dishes of any degree of contamination.

4th place - multifunctional Bosch SMV 46KX00 ​​E

Quite expensive, but very sophisticated dishwashing machine. Equipped with a display, it holds 13 sets at once, it consumes water as economically as possible, consuming only 7.5 liters per cycle. At the same time, it is also quiet - this parameter is up to 46 dB.

A useful feature of Bosch SMV 46KX00 ​​E is the manual programming of the launch start. The hostess can put on the display any time, and the device will start working at the right time. This is true for regions where there is a preferential tariff for electricity at night.

Optional features include a basic list of modes and two special functions: Intensivezone and VarioSpeedPlus, Extra dryloading sensor.

The outer coating is highly durable and has progressive protection against stains and fingerprints.

5th place - quiet Bosch SPV66MX10R

Built-in narrow dishwasher Serie 6 from Bosch demonstrates excellent performance and functionality. For one washing cycle, the machine can clean up to 10 sets, while spending about 9-10 liters.

Model SPV66MX10R boasts the following technologies and features:

  • the presence of 3 rocker arms, which provide a uniform and fast flow of water into the washing chamber;
  • box VarioFlex Plus - a system of folding elements for placing dishes of different sizes;
  • Infolight - the beam shines on the floor and indicates a washing cycle;
  • Glass protection - Water hardness control technology for gentle washing of glassware;
  • EcoSilence Drive - brushless energy-saving motor, which contributes to the quiet operation of the dishwasher, noise effect - 46 dB.

The machine has an AquaStop system for leaks, a child’s lock, an automatic door closer, 6 washing programs. The type of drying is condensation, that is, evaporation occurs naturally.

Users appreciated the quiet operation of the unit, the quality of the washing, the efficiency of resource consumption, the ergonomics of the loading boxes. Cons: insufficiently informative installation instructions, not very pleasant sound at the end of the washing cycle.

The dishwasher SPV66MX10R is suitable for a family of 4 people with children. You can turn on the machine at night - the noise does not interfere with a comfortable sleep.

6th place - inexpensive Bosch SMS24AW01R

Device Bosch SMS24AW01R It belongs to the category of available full-size versions 60 cm wide. It processes up to one full load 12 sets. In automatic mode, it determines the type of detergent and, depending on it, rinses.

The machine is equipped with practical and convenient glass holder. This ensures complete safety of fragile products during the washing process.

For processing, 4 programs are provided, operating within the framework of three temperature conditions. There is a half load mode. Among the additional options there are Activewater, Aquastop and Dosagessss.

7th place - roomy Bosch SMS 24AW00 E

A full-sized model of the middle price class with excellent capacity and economical consumption of electrics (A +) Equipped with electronic control type.

The module can easily be placed in the loading chamber 12 sets utensils. The upper compartment of the basket has a three-level height adjustment. This allows you to place dishes of any size as accurately as possible.

The washing process is available in 4 different versions. Among the additional options there is a load sensor, full protection against leaks, an indicator of the presence of detergents.

Low noise level 52 db, allows you to place the car even in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms, nurseries and lounges.

8th place - groundbreaking Bosch SMV88TD55R

Expensive and very progressive model with a high level of capacity (up to 14 sets) Equipped with progressive drying system Zeolith and brushless innovative engine.

In addition to the obligatory inner boxes, this machine is equipped with folding grilles for the upper and lower compartments, a shelf for appliances, a hinged stand for cups and latches for glasses.

It processes dishes in 8 convenient modes at 5 different temperatures. Among the specific functions Brilliantdry, Hygieneplus and VarioSpeed ​​Plus. As well as control panel Touch control.

In addition to them there is a program Easyclean for internal cleaning of the dishwasher tank from food debris and contaminants.

9th place - comfortable Bosch SPV 69T80

Bosch SPV 69T80 is a compact unit with a width of 45 cm, available for installation in a furniture set or under a countertop. Despite its modest size, it can wash up to 10 sets utensils.

With a small width, this PMM has excellent capacity and can cope with high operational loads. Internal baskets are easily transformed and freely move up / down and to the right / left.

The device has 4 basic programs for washing, including the quick wash function, lasting only a few tens of minutes. There is a half load mode.

Water consumption per cycle is 9 land she needs 25% less detergent than machines of the same class.

10th place - full-size Bosch SMV 44KX00 R

Serie 4 SMV 44KX00 R is an advanced full-size model designed for installation in kitchen sets. Its capacity is 13 sets.

Management is via the touch screen. Child protection is provided. There is complete protection against leaks, a timer that allows you to delay the start of the launch for up to 24 hours. Also, the model is equipped with a water purity sensor, options VarioSpeed and Hygiene Plus.

An interesting feature of the product is a signal about the end of work. It is served in a very original way, namely, in the form of a beautiful, sonorous melody. And on the floor during operation, a light indicator is projected - a beam.

The inner baskets are adjustable in height; the holders fold and unfold. This allows you to optimize the internal space and accommodate the maximum number of dishes.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The most comprehensive and detailed overview of the technologies used in Boshev dishwashers:

Subtleties of choosing a household dishwasher and useful tips:

There are a lot of similar models in the BOSCH lines, differing in a set of options or sizes, so you can find a unit from Bosch suitable for a particular kitchen. You can buy equipment in a company store - consultants will always help with the choice, but it is better to familiarize yourself with the principle of operation and the functionality of the device in advance.

Have experience using a Bosch dishwasher? Tell readers about the features of the operation and maintenance of such units, share the general impression of the operation of equipment of the German brand. Leave comments, ask questions, add product reviews and tips for buyers - the contact form is located below.


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  1. We have a Bosch dishwasher at home. For 2 years now it has been working properly and has not broken. I like the quality of the dishes. But the main thing is to adhere to some rules, then the machine will last a long time. For example, the dishes must be cleaned so that the particles do not clog the parts, you still need to properly lay the dishes and do not restart the machine. In general, I am pleased with the machine, as it is roomy and works efficiently.

  2. Kristina

    Surprisingly, we have a model that is numbered 10. The label shows the 6th series. This is our second dishwasher, the first was also Bosch, but 4 series. It worked for 7 years and broke down, repair began from 15 thousand.

  3. Anton

    Are Bosch really that good? Is the brand overpaying? And I also wanted to know how things are with service in the Russian Federation?

    • Maria

      Hello. Bosch is generally considered a brand name. And on the topic of the service center, problems should not arise. Look for Yandex service centers in your city on Yandex maps. There are about 200 of them in the country.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Bosch dishwashers are in the price range of 400-600 dollars mainly. This applies to models from the article and other dishwashers of this manufacturer, which are in great demand.

      In addition, the assembly of Bosch dishwashers takes place in factories in Germany, Poland and Turkey. One of the few manufacturers that did not transfer production facilities to China. It also has a positive effect on build quality, and this fact should be considered when buying.

      As for service, in the Russian Federation service centers are located in almost all major cities. Under the warranty, they service without problems, even after the expiration of the warranty period they carry out repairs, but for the money, of course. From experience, I can say that Bosch dishwashers are not frequent guests in the SC.

      Conclusion: you pay for quality, not for the brand. This is a technique that will serve for years without breakdowns, subject to operating rules.

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