Dishwashers Beko: model rating and customer reviews on the manufacturer

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In online stores and supermarkets Veko dishwashers are very widely represented. The company offers compact desktop models, full-fledged freestanding and built-in units with a width of 45 and 60 cm.

Budget dishwashers contain a limited set of programs, more advanced options have additional options that help clean the kitchen utensils from any materials. However, for advanced functionality you will have to pay extra.

To determine the optimal model, it is necessary to evaluate the technical characteristics and a set of programs of different dishwashers. We offer to consider the rating of the best offers from Veko. The list of leaders is based on user reviews and an assessment of the price / quality ratio.

Distinctive features of the Beko technique

The dishwasher from the manufacturer Beko belongs to the class of efficient and economical appliances. Wide functionality and progressive innovations make it possible to qualitatively clean dishes from a wide variety of materials from contamination without damaging the surface and overall integrity of the item.

Technological features of units

Glassshield closely monitors the basic level of hardness of the water used, ensuring impeccable transparency and bright shine of glass and porcelain.

Aqua flex keeps under control the level of water pressure in the washing chamber. For dimensional products located in the lower tank, it is 60%.

Detergents for the dishwasher
In order for the machine to serve for a long time and work correctly, the manufacturer recommends using only high-quality detergents intended for use in dishwashers. Saving on this will not work, and plates, cups and other items will need to be washed by hand

In the upper basket, where fragile, slightly contaminated objects are laid, the water pressure is maintained at lower rates. This is to prevent damage to thin glass, porcelain and other vulnerable materials.

Silenttech responsible for lowering the noise level.This allows you to use the car even at night without compromising the comfort and convenience of people living in an apartment or house.

Cutlery in a special container
Beko machines are equipped with a convenient cutlery container. It is possible to correctly place forks, knives and spoons in it, protecting the dishes next to them from scratches

Watersafe + guarantees full two-level protection against possible leaks. If a leak suddenly occurs, the system immediately blocks the flow of water from the central communications and simultaneously stops the water intake if the connecting hose leaks.

Fast + launches 3 times faster cleaning mode while maintaining maximum quality. It helps at a time when there is not enough time for a full wash cycle.

Steamgloss provides bright shine and unsurpassed dryness of dishes. Kitchen utensils processed in this mode can be immediately put on the tablecloth or put away in the sideboard, without fear of wet spots appearing there.

Power Memo
Beko pays great attention to energy saving and tries to make its home appliances as economical as possible. All machines manufactured under the brand name belong to the classes A + and A ++

Babyprotect more intensively and thoroughly cleans children's dishes, and at the end of the cycle rinses objects in hot water.

Originality of the internal configuration

Everver Contributes to the maintenance of a self-cleaning filter. A pump pumps high pressure water through it. During this procedure, food particles, body fat and other elements that interfere with high-quality full-time work are quickly removed.

Progressive rails equipped with ball-bearing elements enable the baskets to move smoothly and accurately. As a result, the kitchen utensils do not beat against each other and its surface remains smooth and shiny.

Dishwasher Interior
The Beko dishwasher’s inner washing chamber is made of durable stainless steel. An anodized coating applied to all metal elements is a good barrier to corrosion.

Practical interior lighting provides the ability to load dishes into the washing unit even at night, without activating the overhead lighting and without creating problems for people in the living room.

Acrobat allows you to effortlessly move between levels a basket filled to the top with kitchen utensils.

Dishwasher Control Panel
Inexpensive cars usually have 4-5 basic programs. Medium and high cost models are equipped with additional options that allow the client to customize the operation of the equipment in accordance with individual needs

Convenient folding holders allow you to optimize the internal space of the tank, thus freeing up additional space for large dishes.

TOP 7 best models and reviews about them

The dishwasher from the Beco company is a modern, practical unit for cleaning spoons / plates / pots and other kitchen appliances with any kind of pollution. The range of the brand includes built-in and freestanding, narrow and full-sized models, with good capacity and optimal energy consumption.

The equipment is assembled, equipped and tested in Turkish factories and only then gets on the shelves of shops and shopping centers.

Place # 1 - DFS39020X

Compact, neat model of small size fits comfortably in the kitchen. It occupies a minimum of space, but easily accommodates a large number of different kitchen utensils.

DFS39020X is inexpensive, has a basic set washing cyclesincluding intensive, fast and economical processing. The fragile glass and porcelain items are cleaned in a delicate, gentle manner.

The DFS39020X model is assembled in Turkey at the Beko brand factory. The manufacturer gives a two-year warranty on his product and offers customers service support

General characteristics of DFS39020X:

  • fits in the washing tank - 10 sets;
  • quality of washing / drying - A;
  • electricity consumption parameters - A ++;
  • drying method - condensation;
  • management - electronics;
  • is there a display - yes;
  • water per cycle - 9 l;
  • noise level - 46 dB;
  • number of programs - 9;
  • basic sizes - 45 * 60 * 85 cm;
  • Features of the complete set of the washing chamber - holder for glasses, height-adjustable basket.

Among the useful additional features of the BEKO DFS39020X are: load the dishwasher half, 6 temperature conditions, delayed start for a period of 30 minutes to one day.

Customers respond well to the device and note the high-quality cleaning of old pollution, and quiet operation that allows you to activate the unit at night, without sacrificing your own comfortable rest.

The disadvantages include not very high-quality drying in some modes.

Place # 2 - DFS05010W

A simple outwardly elegant car belongs to the class of narrow freestanding models. Sold at a budget price, copes well with serving an average family of 3-4 people.

Among the practical functions distinguish progressive protection against leakage Water Save +, indicator lighting salt, the ability to use tablets "3 in 1"

General characteristics of DFS05010W:

  • fits in the washing tank - 10 sets;
  • quality of washing / drying - A;
  • electricity consumption parameters - A +;
  • drying method - blowing;
  • management - mechanical rotary toggle switch;
  • is there a display - no;
  • water per cycle - 13 l;
  • noise level - 50 dB;
  • number of programs - 5;
  • basic sizes - 45 * 60 * 85 cm.

DFS05010W carefully removes even complex, old dirt from cups, plates, dishes, forks, spoons, knives, trays, pans and pans. It contains all the basic programs for processing and perfectly dries dishes after a cycle.

The inner chamber DFS05010W is equipped with the following devices: a stainless steel sink with anodized coating, 3 sprayers, two spacious baskets, 2 folding racks in the lower container, a separate cutlery box.

Most buyers give the technician quite high marks and claim that the machine copes with the assigned tasks. She launders basic kitchen utensils well and thoroughly dries them at the end of the cycle.

Due to its compact size, the DFS05010W can easily fit even in a small kitchen. If desired, or in order to save space, you can put the car under the countertop. There it will not bother anyone and loading it will be easy and convenient.

Some customers of the company complain about too noisy work, negating the ability to use the dishwasher at night.

Some owners notice that she can’t cope with old, stuck spots, and it is difficult to place large pots, deep bowls and large pans inside.

Place # 3 - DFS26010B

Despite the low cost, the freestanding DFS26010B is equipped with good functionality and endowed with convenient options that facilitate the washing process.

Low power consumption and quiet operation make it possible to use the DFS26010B at the most convenient time for yourself and to postpone the launch for a period of time with lower resource rates.

The elegant black finish of the outer case looks attractive and shines well. To keep it that way, you should regularly wipe it with a soft cloth dampened with a non-aggressive detergent

General characteristics of the BEKODFS26010B machine:

  • washing tank capacity - 10 sets;
  • quality of washing / drying - A;
  • electricity consumption parameters - A +;
  • drying method - condensation:
  • what is controlled - electronics:
  • is there a display - yes;
  • how much water is spent per cycle - 11 l;
  • noise level - 47 dB;
  • number of programs - 6;
  • basic dimensions - 44.8 * 60 * 85 cm.

In addition there is: a safety lock against leaks and overflows "AquaStop", pre-rinse mode, the ability to load half volume, a timer for delaying washing for a period of 30 minutes to one day.

Correct work with tableted drugs "3 in 1", implemented full protection against children.

As for the washing chamber BEKO DFS26010B, the features of its configuration are as follows: low-noise inverter motor with good power, touch sensors.

Diverse temperature regimes allow you to efficiently process kitchen utensils from any material, including plastic items, cast-iron pans and ducklings.

There is a capacious upper basket with the possibility of height adjustment, a lower container with two folding grills for a more rational arrangement of overall utensils, a box for spoons, forks, knives and other cutlery.

In general, users respond positively to the DFS26010B machine, evaluating the availability of convenient programs that can be adapted to themselves by experiment. They note the good quality of washing in different modes, the optimal consumption of not only electricity and water, but also cleaning products.

The disadvantages include the lack of lighting inside the chamber and some difficulty with placing overall products in the lower container, such as tureens, pans and baking trays.

Place # 4 - DIS15010

The narrow fully integrated DIS15010 is one of Beko's top-selling dishwashers. Its functionality consists only of the most necessary programs that can easily and effectively remove traces of contamination from any kitchen utensils.

The DIS15010 has no extra bells and whistles, and the cost allows it to be ranked as a class of high-quality and reliable budget equipment.

General characteristics of DIS 15010:

  • a washing tank is placed - 10 sets;
  • quality of washing / drying - A;
  • electricity consumption parameters - A +;
  • drying method - condensation;
  • what is controlled - electronics;
  • is there a display - no;
  • how much water goes into the cycle - 13 l;
  • noise level - 49 dB;
  • number of programs - 5;
  • basic sizes - 45 * 55 * 82 cm.

In addition, the DIS15010 has the following functions: the ability to load halfway, a separate mode for cleaning fragile dishes, an economical program for removing light dirt, and a delayed start for 3 to 9 hours.

In the inner chamber there is a washing compartment made of stainless steel with a special anti-corrosion coating, the upper basket, conveniently adjustable in height, a special holder for glasses and wine glasses.

Most customers are very pleased with the Beko dishwasher. She copes with her duties perfectly and does not make too loud sounds in the process of functioning.

Among all the programs available for the module, a quick and efficient washing within 30 minutes stands out. Other manufacturers rarely include this feature in the list of low-cost features.

The only negative noticed by buyers is the too thin metal of the case. But since DIS15010 fully integrated in furniture, then this does not cause big problems.

Place # 5 - DFN26420W

Quiet, but powerful and capacious machine DFN26420W is quite popular among customers.

At a relatively low price, it has not only a basic set of programs, but also additional progressive functions and modes.

Among the useful additions to the DFN26420W, there is a leakage guard, an economical program for low pollution. The unit works correctly with “3 in 1” means, provides high-quality cleaning without streaks and quick drying

Model Features:

  • capacity - 14 sets;
  • quality of washing / drying - A;
  • electricity consumption parameters - A ++;
  • drying method - turbo drying;
  • what is controlled by buttons;
  • is there a display - LCD;
  • how much water is spent per cycle - 11 l;
  • noise level - 46 dB;
  • number of programs - 6;
  • basic dimensions - 60 * 60 * 85 cm.

There is a delay in starting the launch for a period of 30 minutes to one day, indicator notification of the presence of salt and rinse aid in the containers, 3 levels of spraying dishes, a child lock, as well as pre-soaking for the most problematic objects, and a pollution sensor.

Wash-chamber equipment: practical cutlery box, cup holder, upper basket with height adjustment option.

From the entire list of positive qualities, the owners of DFN26420W especially highlight the half load, which allows you not to store dishes, but to clean it immediately after eating.

The model has a pre-soak option. It makes it possible to well wash the most persistent, old food stains, burnt or stuck to the surface of the dishes even in uncomfortable, inaccessible places.

Technological and functional disadvantages were not found by users. The only thing that raises some complaints is the housing coating, which requires more careful care and regular cleaning.

Location # 6 - DIN28320

This modern fully integrated module has standard dimensions and easily fits in the niche provided in the furniture.

The list of useful additional options includes such as pre-soaking, Quick & Clean mode, the possibility of half loading

General characteristics:

  • washing tank capacity - 13 sets;
  • quality of washing / drying - A;
  • electricity consumption parameters - A ++;
  • drying method - condensation;
  • how it is controlled - electronics;
  • is there a display - yes;
  • how much water is spent per cycle - 10 l;
  • noise level - 44 dB;
  • number of programs - 8;
  • basic dimensions - 59.8 * 55 * 81.8 cm.

The model has a pre-soak option. It makes it possible to well wash the most persistent, old food stains, burnt or stuck to the surface of the dishes even in uncomfortable, inaccessible places.

DIN28320 provides for the possibility of making the correct connection to the hot water supply (hot water), there is a progressive blocking protection against children, a softening system for hard water.

The DIN28320 inner tank is equipped with a roomy top basket with adjustable height for personal needs, which is equipped with the advanced Acrobat system. Lower basket with folding shelves for plates, clamshell in the upper box. Many note the convenience of a third flat box.

Customers say that DIN28320 is highly effective in all washing conditions and removes the most difficult, stubborn stains and traces of soot.

Complete with the machine are special branded soundproof mats. If you arrange them in strict accordance with the instructions, then its operation will hardly be heard even when the intensive washing mode is activated.

The disadvantages are very weak drying when activating fast programs. Many users notice that in this case, washed dishes cannot be used immediately for their intended purpose. A wet coating remains on the surface of the devices and you have to wipe it with a towel. This is especially true for deep plates, bowls and pots.

Place # 7 - DFS28020X

Budget freestanding model DFS28020X is made in classic white color. It has an affordable cost and good functionality, so it is popular with consumers.

The DFS28020X is very economical, consumes a small amount of energy compared to other modules from Beko, which have the same capacity and similar technological parameters.

The design of the dishwasher is suitable for installation in kitchens with a classic design. The machine fits perfectly into such rooms and becomes an indispensable assistant in the kitchen

General characteristics of DFS28020X:

  • 10 sets are placed in the washing tank;
  • quality of washing / drying - A;
  • electricity consumption parameters - A ++;
  • drying method - condensation;
  • how it is controlled - electronics;
  • whether there is a display - LDC;
  • how much water goes into the cycle - 9.0 l;
  • noise level - 46 dB;
  • number of programs - 8;
  • basic sizes - 45 * 60 * 85 cm.

The list of useful bonus features of this dishwasher includes a system for monitoring and protection against potential leakages, loading half of the base volume of dishes.As well as a timer delay of work for a period of 1 hour to one day, a delicate mode for processing glass and other sensitive and vulnerable materials.

In the DFS28020X, users primarily note that it fully justifies the cost. The machine copes with its tasks well.

Of the minuses, users noted that the dishwasher does not cope with dried food at all.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video tips on how to properly load various kinds of kitchen utensils in your car:

Enthusiastic ode to the owner of his Beko brand automated kitchen assistant. How to wash in a car and what means to use:

Before acquiring Beko brand kitchen appliances, you need to decide on the requirements for the unit. For a small apartment, a desktop or floor narrow model is suitable. A spacious full-size freestanding or built-in dishwasher fits perfectly in a spacious kitchen.

Looking for an inexpensive and high-quality dishwasher? Or have experience using Beko brand vehicles? Tell our readers about the specifics of the operation and maintenance of such dishwashers. Share your personal experiences and ask questions - the comment form is located below.

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Visitors Comments
  1. Ekaterina

    We bought BEKO DFS 05012 W. The dishwasher is not bad, its consumption is average, the price also does not “bite”. It fits well into our small-sized kitchen, because it is narrow. This was an important purchase criterion for us, almost the main one - dimensions. The only thing, in my opinion, is so a bit noisy, but if you close the door to the kitchen, you can’t hear it. Washes clean enough. There were no problems with it.

  2. Eugene

    A friend has a dishwasher from Veko, has been washing normally for more than 5 years. As far as I remember, she never bothered with washing dishes. And my husband just gave me now, they haven’t installed yet. Just yesterday, just delivered. They took the DFN26420W, the seller said that he was working quietly. Now I'm reading about it, trying to figure out how to run it the first time. Any recommendations like starting without dishes or a specific detergent? Advise.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello, Eugene! The Turkish manufacturer Beko recommends the first time you start the DFN series dishwashers (like yours), DIS, DFS, DSFS, DMS:

      1) pour 1 liter of cold water into the salt compartment without falling asleep;
      2) load detergent: tablet or powder + rinse aid;
      3) run PMM on the shortest program without utensils.

      At the end of the program, the dishwasher should be left open for a couple of hours. Before the next use with utensils, pour special salt into the salt compartment and make the settings for softening the water in accordance with the stiffness test (test strips included). Enjoy your use and clean the dishes!