Dishwashers Flavia BI 45: the best models, features + owner reviews

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The built-in dishwasher up to 45 cm wide is the most popular model on the market. Compact narrow devices easily hide in a furniture set, saving valuable centimeters of the area. They will be a profitable solution for owners of cramped kitchens and small families of 3-4 people.

One of the optimal options that are worth attention in this category is the Flavia BI 45 dishwasher. We will talk about the popular “representatives” of this series, technical specifications, functionality and features of the work. The information we provide will help you make the right choice.

Features of the Flavia BI 45 models

The Flavia trademark appeared on the world market of household appliances not so long ago - in 2008. Now it offers exclusively dishwashers of various types - table and floor, freestanding and built-in.

The latter are divided into three series: fully integrated (BI), partially (SI) and recessed compact (Ci).

The BI 45 line features narrow models of dishwashers, the width of which does not exceed 45 cm, and the body is fully integrated into the furniture niche. Usually they are purchased at the stage of repairing a room or when replacing a kitchen unit.

Decorating a built-in dishwasher Flavia
After installation with the door closed, the machine merges with the rest of the furniture sections. Such models are very convenient: they work almost silently, do not violate the general ideas and harmonious interior

Developing the BI 45 dishwasher line, Flavia engineers took maximum care of the internal organization of the space. As a result, the specialists managed to place all the necessary components in a small building.

Naturally, the compactness of the models limits their capacity: 9-10 standard table sets are washed in one cycle of the machine. Nevertheless, the functionality and performance is quite sufficient for effective regular washing up.

Brand Model Specifications
The manufacturer is fruitfully working on improving its products.The equipment aimed at the middle and budget price category has excellent performance

The basic equipment includes:

  • measuring spoon and glass;
  • hose mount and funnel;
  • transparent self-adhesive film to protect the furniture facade;
  • special accessories for installing decorative trim on the door;
  • detailed manufacturer's instructions.

For convenience, during the operation of machines with a hidden control panel, the manufacturer has provided a sound indication system. At the end of the program, they notify the user of completion washing cycle signal.

The benefits of narrow dishwashers
Compared to full-sized counterparts, narrow aggregates save at least 15 centimeters of space. To work, they require much less resources. The average consumption is about 8-10 liters of water and 0.69-0.83 kW of electricity

The latest models are endowed with the “Beam on the Floor” function - projection on the floor covering of a light indicator of a certain color. When the machine finishes the next program, the beam disappears. Thus, you can easily find out the current stage of the process without opening the door.

Functionality of brand cars

The number of built-in modes depends on the cost of the model. Stage of the selected program, availability detergent, a snooze timer and service error codes are displayed on the digital display. In order to adjust the settings and add forgotten dishes, the running cycle can be paused.

The mode for washing fragile products
The Glass program is indispensable for fragile glass cups, wineglasses, glasses, and porcelain products. She conducts gentle cleaning for 110 minutes, dousing the dishes with water at a temperature of 40 degrees.

The Flavia dishwashing equipment of the BI 45 series can work in the following programs:

  1. Standard. Lasts for 155 minutes with 55-degree water. Ideal for daily washing of various types of cutlery with moderate pollution.
  2. Intense. Suitable for cleaning pots, stewpots and pans with dried and burnt food debris. It takes 120-130 minutes in a temperature regime of 65 degrees.
  3. Economical. Designed for maximum resource savings. Suitable for lightly soiled kitchen utensils. It is carried out in 165 minutes at a water temperature of 50 degrees.
  4. Fast. It accelerates the normal duty cycle by 4 times, ending it literally in 30-40 minutes while maintaining energy-saving characteristics. Washes not very dirty dishes in conditions of 40 degrees.
  5. Automatic. It can be used for any utensils with different levels of pollution. In this mode, the machine itself evaluates the state of the cutlery after loading, and then selects the desired intensity of washing and rinsing. The working cycle lasts 120-180 minutes.

In intensive modes, you can use convenient to use dishwasher tablets. They replace regenerating saltdirectly powder and rinse aid. The “3 in 1” function allows the machine to adapt to the combined product and achieve ideal cleaning results.

When you turn on programs with insufficiently high water temperatures, tablets are not recommended, as they may not completely dissolve.

Useful options for Flavia dishwashers

Breathing filter. The latest brand modifications are equipped with innovative water circulation technology with an original filter.

Device Filter Design
The breathable design of the filter reduces the amount of bubbles that form in the tubes and spray devices during the duty cycle.

This technology increases the density of the jet of liquid supplied, which helps to reduce noise up to 44 dB and improves the washing results by 4%.

S-shaped sprinklers. The devices of this line are equipped with spray devices with an improved design.

Their feature is a thoroughly thought-out nozzle placement algorithm, which ensures uniform distribution of water in each chamber basket.Dishes loaded into the machine are washed from all sides. As a result, dirt and detergents are effectively removed.

Power wash. This is a reinforced cycle, which should be used in addition to the main mode, if the dishes are very dirty. Tests have shown that such technological implementation provides the effective removal of complex stubborn stains, dried fat and food debris.

Extra drying. Machines endowed with this function carry out additional drying of dishes, guaranteeing an ideal result at the end of the working procedure.

At the final stage of the cycle, the washed accessories are disinfected with very hot water at a temperature of 68-70 degrees. Under such conditions, microbes and bacteria have no chance of survival.

Express wash. Another cycle aimed at the economical use of resources. It reduces cutlery cleaning time by 30%, while maintaining excellent washing and drying results.

Water purity control
The purity of the water rinsed after rinsing is monitored by the ultra-sensitive AquaSensor. Rinse the dishes only after the liquid becomes clear

Alternative wash and load 1/2. Incomplete loading is relevant for those who prefer not to store dishes all day, but to wash it immediately after use. It can be turned on together with any suitable mode.

The main advantage of the option is reduced washing time, reduced water and electricity consumption. You can load dishes in different compartments: this does not affect the quality of cleaning.

The alternative washing function also targets a small number of dishes. By turning it on, it is possible to choose in which basket the cleaning will be carried out. As a result, only the necessary nozzles are used, which significantly reduces the cost of resources.

Inner light. In many models of the series, a comfortable LED-illumination of the camera is organized. Due to the uniform illumination of the internal space, the process of laying / unloading utensils and adding detergents is facilitated. In addition, bright light makes it possible to accurately assess the quality of the wash after the cycle.

Start Delay Timer. The control panel of all machines of the BI 45 series has a menu with which the start of the cycle is delayed for a certain time in increments of 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Possibility of delayed start
The possibility of a delay in launch is especially in demand by frugal consumers. It allows you to run the dishwasher at night, when reduced electricity rates

Instantaneous water heater. The machines are equipped with a compact and economical heating element, which is located outside the washing chamber.

It heats the water to the desired temperature levels at the filling stage, after which the already heated liquid enters the hopper. Unlike a tubular heater, a flow-through heater does not add complexity to car care.

Aquastop. All units of the brand have a reliable protection system that prevents unwanted overflows during operation. It includes a heavy-duty elastic hose and a pan with a float switch. If leaks are detected in the housing or hopper, the emergency valve will quickly shut off the water supply.

Overview of the best representatives of the lineup

Compact narrow-format machines of the Flavia brand, which are fully integrated into the kitchen, are singled out in a separate series - BI 45.

They are presented in several versions and vary in size, a set of software and functions, indicators of energy efficiency and water consumption. The greatest demand among customers is 5 models.

Model # 1 - Flavia BI45 KAMAYA S

Technological and easy-to-use Kamaya S dishwasher is sold at a price of 30 thousand rubles.

A feature of the model is that it notifies the progress of the washing process by a light beam that projects vertically downward on the floor. To clean a small number of devices, an alternative loading option is provided.

Technical specifications:

  • digital display;
  • energy efficiency class A ++;
  • 8 modes - standard, hourly, intensive, eco, auto, glass, fast, soaking;
  • salt / rinse aid indicators;
  • full protection against overflows;
  • overall parameters - 44.8x81.5x55.

The machine is designed for 10 dining sets. In addition to standard appliances, 2-3 volumetric pots or pans can be placed in it. Only 8.5 liters of water are required per cycle. Electricity consumption does not exceed 0.75 kW per hour. In operation, the dishwasher behaves relatively quietly: the noise level is 45 dB.

Among the shortcomings, users distinguish an not entirely successful scheme for folding the cells of the lower shelf, as well as a not very practical upper basket for small cutlery.

Model # 2 - Flavia BI45 KASKATA Light S

The average price of the ergonomic and maximally easy to install model Kaskata Light S is 27 thousand rubles. In one approach, she cleans up to 10 sets of cutlery.

The consumption of resources does not exceed the established norm: 9.2 liters of water and 0.83 kW / h of electricity.

Technical specifications:

  • digital display;
  • energy efficiency class A ++;
  • 6 modes - standard, intensive, eco, auto, glass, fast;
  • salt / rinse aid indicators;
  • full protection against leaks;
  • overall parameters - 44.9x81.5x55.3.

The machine is equipped with a purity sensor, which determines the required number of rinses, focusing on the transparency of the discharged water. You can activate the economical washing of several sets of dishes using the half load function.

The beginning and end of the cycle is notified by a light beam on the floor and a sound signal. The noise of the machine is within 45 dB, which is quite tolerable even at night.

The disadvantages of the model include the insufficient length of the drain hose and frequent damage to the LED-backlight.

Model # 3 - Flavia BI45 Alta P5

A reliable model of the BI 45 Alta P5 dishwasher, endowed with an optimal set of characteristics, is available at a price of 27 thousand rubles.

Technical specifications:

  • digital display;
  • energy efficiency class A +;
  • 4 modes - eco, auto, glass, fast;
  • salt / rinse aid indicators;
  • water purity sensor;
  • sound indication;
  • overall parameters - 45x81.5x55.

Performing a washing cycle, the unit consumes about 9 liters of water and 0.83 kW of electricity. Capacity is limited to 10 dining sets. The design provides for three convenient pull-out baskets, including a shelf for small accessories.

The car has a high-quality security system Aquastop, additional drying and half-load functions, timer delaying the start of the cycle. A convenient automatic program can be used for any type of cookware with different levels of pollution.

Owners of the Alta dishwasher warn that for large families this model may not be suitable, because it accommodates very few large dishes. Also, the lack of light indication on the floor is considered a minus.

Model # 4 - Flavia BI45 Delia

A simple but quite functional Delia model can be purchased on average for 19 thousand rubles.

This dishwasher holds 9 cookware sets. Function EXTRA DRYING covers the appliances with 70-degree water and allows you to additionally dry the washed dishes.

Technical specifications:

  • digital display;
  • Class A ++ power consumption
  • support for 3 in 1 funds;
  • 4 modes - eco, auto, glass, fast;
  • salt / rinse aid indicators;
  • sound indication;
  • overall parameters - 44.8x81.5x55.

The dishwasher consumes a minimum of resources. For one cycle, she needs only 9 liters of liquid and 0.69 kW of electricity. To delay the start at a convenient time, a timer is provided. It emits noise at 49 dB during operation. In the reviews, users complain that in this Delia model there are few work programs and there is no top shelf for forks and spoons.

Some owners write that if you do not understand the water hardness settings in advance, the machine does not cope well with dried up dirt.

Model # 5 - Flavia BI45 Ivela Light

The multifunctional budget model Ivela Light 44.8 cm wide can be purchased at a price of 18 thousand rubles.

Technical specifications:

  • electronic control;
  • Class A + power consumption
  • 6 modes - standard, intensive, economical, fast, hourly, 3 in 1;
  • salt and rinse aid indicators;
  • sound indication;
  • led backlight;
  • overall parameters - 44.8x82.3-87.3x55.

You can wash up to 9 sets of cutlery at a time. At the same time, the unit will spend 10.5 liters of water and 0.77 kW / h. The machine uses a three-level water supply system, thanks to which all dishes loaded into the chamber are evenly washed. The inner surface of the hopper is made of stainless steel.

A convenient feature is Fix close - the ability to fix the door of the device at any angle. If necessary, the device is connected to hot water supply.

The disadvantages of the model are the lack of automatic programs and a digital display. In addition, Ivela Light is less economical in terms of resource consumption and works louder than its counterparts, although the claimed noise level is 49 dB.

Owners reviews Flavia

Flavia dishwasher users praise the good build quality of the equipment. In most cases, it shows stable and uninterrupted operation for a long period. If breakdowns do occur, then there is no problem finding a warranty service point: specialized centers are located in every region of the country.

The owners also note the elaborate interior space of the dishwasher chamber of the BI 45 series dishwashers. The height of the upper grill can be adjusted using the guide wheels. Such a system makes it easy to place more voluminous and tall dishes in the lower part of the hopper: trays, baking sheets, pans, stewpan, lids.

Machine cleaning process
Flavia dishwashers are not whimsical to clean: just get out the filters and rinse them thoroughly under water. This procedure should be done on average once a month, when a layer of fat accumulates on the parts

It is convenient to put spoons, forks and knives in a separate basket. To limit the movement of tableware located in several tiers on the upper shelf, folding sides are designed. They are installed in an inclined or vertical position.

Mentioned in user reviews and high-quality three-level system for filtering dishwasher equipment.

It includes the main, coarse and thin filter components that fully retain food debris and large particles of garbage. The mechanism prevents clogging and malfunctions of the device, prevents the ingress of dirt back to the dishes.

Consumers are pleased that in the kit for dishwashers there is an understandable Russian-language instruction manual. It describes in detail the features of the built-in programs, the technical specifications of the device, gives instructions for installing and connecting, the correct loading of dishes, starting the cycle.

The manufacturer did not forget to indicate possible malfunctions that will have to be encountered, and effective methods for solving them.

Favorable price for optimal functionality
Flavia dishwashers are an order of magnitude cheaper than representatives of more well-known manufacturers with similar functionality. The assortment offers models costing from 18 to 30 thousand rubles

Like any other equipment, dishwashers of the BI 45 series are not without some drawbacks.

Equipment owners mention the following negative points:

  • the narrow design greatly limits the amount of large dishes that can be washed at a time;
  • if you do not use pre-soaking, the machines do not clean the rim of the pots from dried food;
  • during operation of the appliance adjacent cabinets are heated;
  • the machine emits an excessively loud signal when you press the menu buttons on the control panel;
  • the quality of washing in economy mode leaves much to be desired - it is better to choose this program only for slightly soiled dishes;
  • Despite the stated performance, the cars are quite noisy.

When using the brand’s built-in models, users often complain that after the washing cycle, stains remain on the dishes and it does not completely dry out. The problem can be associated with the level of water hardness in a particular region and is solved by increasing the amount of rinse aid used.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Tips for choosing a suitable dishwasher:

Recommendations for the first start of the machine:

A brief overview of the features of the BI 45 dishwasher:

The modest dimensions of the Flavia BI 45 dishwasher make it the best option for small spaces. Economical machines have high-tech options and good technical characteristics, providing a decent quality of cleaning.

The owner of such a “helper” can not only forget about the painstaking washing of dishes by hand, but also save significantly on utility bills.

Do you want to share your own experience in the selection, installation or operation of a dishwasher series Flavia BI 45? Do you have useful information in your arsenal that will be useful to site visitors? Please write comments in the block below, ask questions on the topic of the article, publish thematic photos.

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