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The equipment of the German brand occupies a leading position in the number of product offers and technical equipment of products. Bosch 45 cm freestanding dishwashers are no exception - compact units are pleased with their great capacity, a range of programs, practicality and reliability.

We will introduce you to the leading positions in Bosch narrow dishwasher ratings. The article we presented is based on the opinions of users and masters of the company's service centers. Based on our advice, you can easily find freestanding dishwashing equipment with the right characteristics.

The subtleties of choosing a narrow dishwasher

A review of the best models with a description of the features and the rating of user reviews will help determine the choice of a home assistant.

General characteristics of Bosch dishwashers

Bosch brand equipment is in constant demand due to reliability, high technology and a loyal pricing policy. In the arsenal of the company a wide selection dishwashing equipment.

Despite the different characteristics and prices, all cars have some common features:

  1. Cost-effectiveness. Bosch freestanding dishwashers belong to the energy consumption class from A +++ to A. The presence of additional advantages indicates maximum energy efficiency. The water consumption of most models is 8-12 liters per cycle.
  2. Inverter motor. The introduction of the iQdrive brushless motor contributes to the economical consumption of resources, increases the reliability of equipment and reduces the buzz during operation.
  3. Hopper ergonomics. Regardless of the dimensions of the dishwasher, the washing chamber is very practical - retractable baskets, several loading levels, lifting shelves and holders are provided.
  4. Pretty quiet move. Noise level of the working unit within 46 dB.Of course, Bosch dishwashers cannot be called absolutely silent, but some freestanding models emit only 41 dB.
  5. Leakage protection. All dishwashers are equipped with the AquaStop security system. The manufacturer provides a guarantee of complete protection against leaks for 10 years.
  6. Salt / Rinse Aid Indicators. On board all Bosch machines, the user is informed about the need for “refueling” with consumables.
  7. Load sensor. There is an option that controls the flow of water - the technique itself determines the amount of dishes.

In addition, a common feature of freestanding units is the condensation type of drying. The last rinse takes place in heated water. Residual moisture condenses due to the heat from the dishes - natural evaporation occurs rather slowly.

Narrow Bosch Model
Corporation production facilities are located in different countries. Dishwashers are mainly manufactured in factories in Spain, Germany and Poland.

Speaking about the specific advantages of 45 cm freestanding units, it can be noted:

  • free placement and mobility of equipment;
  • complete kitchen without the need for replacing furniture;
  • possibility of use in a limited space;
  • simplicity of diagnostics and repair - no dismantling difficulties, as with integrated equipment.

Narrow freestanding Bosch dishwashers are 10-15% cheaper completely embedded models similar capacity and functionality. In addition, all models of the German brand have a stylish design and are perfect for different interior kitchen solutions.

Freestanding dishwasher
Most Bosch models are equipped with a start delay timer - the dishwasher turns on at the set time. Interval range - 3-24 hours

Technology and innovation of the German brand

Bosch uses many innovative developments designed to improve the usability of the equipment. Some of the functions overlap with Siemens dishwasher options, since both brands belong to the same concern. Consider the most useful technical solutions that you should pay attention to when choosing a narrow machine.

AquaSensor. The sensor determines the turbidity of the medium, the presence of food debris on the dishes. Based on the data obtained, the unit controls the washing parameters: pressure, temperature, duration and number of rinses. The technology is aimed at increasing the efficiency of the dishwasher - the quality of work improves, and the consumption of resources is reduced.

Rackmatic Basket
Rackmatic. The system of changing the location of the upper basket. The height of the box is adjustable using a lever - the offset interval is 2.5-5 cm. Free layout makes it possible to rationally use the space of the hopper

VarioFlexPlus. The most practical, convenient box system. The stability of fragile dishes in the upper compartment is achieved by 8 moving elements. In the lower basket regulating plates holders are also provided.

VarioDrawerPlus Technology
VarioDrawerPlus. Optional third tray for small items. The depth of the compartment is 5 cm, this is enough to accommodate coffee cups, cutlery, ladles or chopping boards

Duopower. The advanced dishwasher irrigation system is a double rocker located in the upper basket. A versatile water supply speeds up and improves the rinsing process.

Activewater. Updated microprocessor-based circulation hydraulic system. The unit determines how the dishes are placed, what pressure and heating water will be required. An intelligent dishwasher is energy efficient - water consumption is reduced by 20%, and electricity - by 10%.

DosageAssist Fixture
DosageAssist. Special dispenser for pills. Detergent under the action of directed jets quickly dissolves and enters the main hopper with dishes. The device does not allow tablets to get lost among the dishes, but contributes to their uniform distribution

Servo schloss. The lock providing tight closing of a door. If the opening angle is less than 10 degrees, then an automatic door closer is triggered.

AquaVario. Technology for regulating water supply pressure. There are three options for pressure head.The unit automatically selects the pressure taking into account the dirty dishes. The cleaner the kitchenware, the weaker the pressure.

Zeolit. Innovative drying using zeolite properties. The natural mineral absorbs moisture, and when dried, it generates thermal energy.

Zeolite drying
Zeolit ​​technology is implemented in premium dishwashers. In the basement of the device there is a tank with zeolite, where water flows after washing. Subsequently, hot air forms, which is fed back to the hopper and dries the dishes

There are 5 programs in the basic configuration of Bosch free-standing dishwashers:

  1. Intense. The main wash cycle is at 70 ° C, the last rinse is at 65 ° C. This mode is suitable for coarse dishes, cutlery, pots with badly sticky, dried out or burnt-out leftovers.
  2. Normal. A sink at 60 ° C is optimal for mixed kitchen items of varying degrees of contamination.
  3. Economy. Daily use program for washing dishes with ordinary or slightly dried out food residues. The main cycle temperature is 50 ° C, rinsing is 65 ° C.
  4. Delicate. Gentle washing mode for cleaning plates, cups made of fragile material. The program is suitable for devices made of glass or heat-sensitive plastic. TEN heats water up to 40 ° C, at the final rinse - up to 55 ° C.
  5. Fast. The operating parameters are similar to the previous mode, but there is no preliminary rinsing of the dishes. The washing temperature is 45 ° C.

In more expensive models, additional programs are provided: preliminary rinsing, half loading, night or automatic mode. When choosing Auto the unit independently selects the intensity and temperature of the washing based on the loading of the chamber and the contamination of the dishes.

VarioSpeed ​​Option
Additional features: VarioSpeed ​​and Hygiene. The first option is responsible for accelerating typical programs by 20-50%. The second provides disinfection of cutting boards, baby bottles - the temperature of washing and rinsing rises

Universal program - Intensivezone. In this mode, fragile and coarse dishes can be loaded at the same time. Water is supplied to the lower container under high pressure, and to the upper one, under low pressure. In addition, the heating temperature is different.

Bosch Introduces Bosch Dishwashing Rules next articlewhich we strongly recommend reading. Compliance with the principles contained in it guarantees long-term trouble-free operation of the machine.

Review of popular narrow Bosch models

Consider the most rated freestanding dishwashers of the German brand, give their characteristics and describe the functional potential. Reviews from real users will help to evaluate the practicality and reliability of the models.

Model # 1 - Bosch SPS25FW11R

The representative of the lineup with the starting set of programs. It is the most bought compared to other options for narrow brand dishwashers. The model is in demand due to affordability, excellent capacity (up to 10 sets) and good quality of washing. Estimated cost - from 25 thousand rubles.

Additional characteristics: washing / drying level - A / A, electricity consumption - 0.91 kWh per cycle, normal program time - 195 minutes. Swivel lever control. This machine can not boast of noiseless operation (up to 48 dB) or the most economical water consumption (9.5 l).

However, there are significant advantages:

  • full protection against leaks;
  • the inner surface of the chamber is made of stainless steel;
  • the presence of holders for glasses in the basic configuration;
  • the presence of the option of half load, delayed start for 3-9 hours, economical and intensive washing.

Most consumers are satisfied with the result of washing, but sometimes they complain about the quality of drying. For convenience, some lack a separate cutlery shelf and display.

Model # 2 - Bosch SPS25CW01R

Affordable German brand dishwasher for up to 9 sets.Despite belonging to the economy class, it is equipped with many technological bells and whistles. A convenient rotary switch is provided to select one of five modes. Additional parameters are set by buttons.

Technical equipment and capabilities of the machine:

  • half leakage protection;
  • additional programs: economy mode, VarioSpeed;
  • the machine is equipped with a salt / rinse aid indicator;
  • the use of 3-in-1 tablets is possible;
  • stainless steel working chamber surface;
  • in the upper box there is a container for knives, shelves for cups, a holder for glasses, in the lower - a container for other cutlery.

The price of the model starts from 20 thousand rubles. Reviews about this dishwasher are mostly positive. Of the minuses, the duration of the economical program and insufficient drying in accelerated mode are noted.

Model # 3 - Bosch SPS66TW11R

Bosch SPS66TW11R is the sixth series dishwasher. The maximum load of its washing chamber is 10 sets. It was possible to achieve such an indicator in a narrow model due to the third upper compartment - Reckmatic technology was implemented.

In addition to improved capacity, the representative of Serie 6 demonstrates excellent functionality. In the arsenal of the dishwasher there is a basic set of programs and special modes: VarioSpeed, IntensiveZone, Hygiene Plus, extra drying and night washing.

The entire range of options displayed on the control panel with an informative display. Provides complete protection against leaks and children, a sensor of water purity. There is a sound alert. The only drawback of the model is its price tag, starting from 54.5 thousand rubles.

Model # 4 - Bosch SPS25FW13R

The model appeared on the market recently and has not yet managed to gain popularity among buyers. The unit was included in the rating of the best dishwashers due to its attractive cost, thoughtful functionality and good spaciousness.

The hopper is designed to load 10 sets, the dishes are dried by condensation technology. The inner surface of the working chamber is made of stainless steel, for the convenience of users, a half-load mode is provided. There is also a delay timer starting from 3 to 9 hours.

Additional benefits:

  • implemented child protection option;
  • loading hopper with Rackmatic system - height adjustment of the upper box, cup shelf, drawer for cutlery, folding plate holders;
  • complete protection system AquaStop;
  • half load option, night mode and intensive program for especially dirty dishes and fast cycle.

It is possible to connect the machine to hot water supply, there are indicators for the presence of rinse aid / salt.

There are few reviews on the SPS25FW13R. Those who managed to purchase and test the unit note the ergonomics of the hopper, good washing quality, quiet operation.

Among the shortcomings is the lack of a display and some programs. However, it’s more likely the features of the model than its cons, especially since the price of the unit does not imply the presence of various “chips”.

Model # 5 - Bosch SPS66XW11R

When creating the Bosch Serie 6 SPS66XW11R model, the manufacturer tried to take into account all the wishes of users: maximum capacity, economic operation, ease of download, a wide selection of programs, quiet operation and safety.

Additional characteristics: energy consumption - 0.91 kWh per cycle, a complete protection system - AquaStop and "child lock". The price of the machine starts from 54.3 thousand rubles.

There are many Bosch technologies on board:

  • engine - EcoSilence Drive;
  • irrigation system - DuoPower;
  • hopper light;
  • three levels of placement of dishes with adjustable baskets;
  • protective coating AntiFingerPrin;
  • special features: Auto program, disinfection mode, VarioSpeed, IntensiveZone, half load and night cycle.

The user has 6 temperature settings. To monitor the washing stage, a display is provided. There is a water purity sensor. The functionality and build quality of this dishwasher was appreciated by all consumers.Of the shortcomings, only the high cost and the absence of automatic water hardness are noted.

Model # 6 - Bosch SPS25CW02R

Another Serie 2 representative at an affordable price. The SPS25CW02R unit is designed to load 9 sets, works in five programs, the number of temperature modes is 4. The model has a HygienePlus mode - to eliminate bacteria, the machine rinses the dishes for 10 minutes at a temperature of 70 ° C.

Practical additions include:

  • technology for gentle washing of glassware - Glass Protection;
  • the possibility of using tablet preparations;
  • self-cleaning filter;
  • LED indication
  • load sensor that reads the volume of dishes to adjust the flow of water.

Buyers praised the good quality of the sink, the absence of stains on the glasses and cutlery, very quiet operation. Identified deficiencies: there is no signal about the end of the cycle and half load mode. In isolated cases, failures were observed in the work of the lower beam.

Model # 7 - Bosch SPS46MI01E

The model belongs to the Serie 4 product line. Dishwashers of this series boast good storage capacity, manufacturability, a variety of programs and the economical consumption of resources.

The machine holds 10 sets of dishes thanks to three loading levels, the Rackmatic system and boxes with folding VarioFlex elements.

Implemented technologies and functionality:

  • door closer;
  • informative display;
  • options Extra Dry, Hygiene Plus, VarioSpeed ​​Plus;
  • load sensor and AquaSensor water purity sensor;
  • delayed start with a time interval of 1-24 hours;
  • full system of protection against leaks, blocking from children;
  • 6 washing programs, including: economical, intensive, hourly and nightly.

The model is equipped with an EcoSilence Drive inverter motor, which provides economical electricity consumption (energy efficiency class A ++), long unit life and quiet operation - noise effect within 44 dB.

In addition to thoughtful functionality, the dishwasher attracts attention with its design. AntifingerPrint silver color fingerprint housing.

Demand for the SPS46MI01E is limited due to its high cost. But the model deserves attention - the manufacturer tried to provide the equipment with various modes for convenient and comfortable use.

Model # 8 - Bosch SPS25FW10R

Dishwasher Bosch Serie 2 SPS25FW10R is in active demand among potential buyers. This is a narrow freestanding model for 10 sets.

Unit characteristics: control of the rotary knob, start timer with a delay of up to 9 hours, equipped with all the necessary programs, including an economical mode for lightly soiled utensils. The price of the model starts from 23 thousand rubles. According to consumers, the machine fully justifies the money spent, efficient and reliable.

The main advantages:

  • good roominess, equipped with a tray for small appliances and holders for glasses;
  • additional drying and VarioSpeed ​​technology;
  • height adjustable upper shelf;
  • high-quality assembly - the elements do not hang out and do not rattle during operation;
  • after drying, there are no stains on glasses;
  • copes with dried up pollution;
  • Ease of Management;
  • child lock.

Most often, users complain about the volume of the unit when draining, the lack of half load, child lock and a separate tier for cutlery. Some note that when washing dishes with decor, over time, the pattern loses color saturation or is erased.

User reviews about brand dishwashers

The brand name is associated with buyers with high build quality and reliability of equipment. Customers who have recently replenished the ranks of Bosch dishwasher owners are pleased with the purchase and speak positively about the manufacturer.

Most often, users praise:

  • ergonomics, the capacity of the hopper and the presence of convenient shelves, holders in the washing chamber;
  • work result - well cleans dishes, removes various impurities;
  • convenient control and the availability of all the necessary programs;
  • quiet running - an average of 46 dB.

However, among experienced users, negative reviews and complaints about the fragility of technology are increasingly found.

TEN with the pump for the dishwasher
The most popular complaint to the manufacturer is the failure of the heater after 3-4 years of service. Spare parts are expensive - the heater is supplied assembled with a pump, which almost doubles the cost. As a result, you will have to pay almost half the price of a new dishwasher for repairs

Some complain about the leakage of the pallet gasket - this defect occurs after 5-6 years of operation. With a sufficiently high cost of a dishwasher, most rely on the uninterrupted operation of the unit for at least 10 years.

The wear rate of components is often associated with the country of manufacture. The equipment of domestic and Chinese assembly Bosch is inferior to immigrants from European countries.

Marking and Series of Freestanding Models

The name of the equipment contains the basic parameters of the equipment. Bosch dishwasher marking consists of alphanumeric designations. Let's try to figure out what's what with the example of the freestanding machine SPS58M98EU. For clarity, we divide the common marker into five parts - SPS 58 M 98 EU.

First group. Alphabetic characters indicate the type of technology and design features. The very first marker "S"Means dishwasher, from the English word"spueler"- rinse.

The second character describes the width and generation of the issue:

  • P - 45 cm, a narrow unit from the new series;
  • R - 45 cm, compact equipment of the previous generation;
  • G or M - 60 cm, full-size modifications of the old and new release, respectively;
  • B - the standard width is 60 cm, but the increased height is 86.5 cm;
  • K - desktop compact dishwasher.

In this example, this P, which indicates a narrow 45-centimeter version.

The third character indicates the installation method and is displayed in the capitalized letter in the article.

Bosch dishwasher marking
Explanation of designations: S - freestanding modification, V - fully integrated technology, I - integrable model with an open panel

Accordingly, the above model is freestanding, as indicated by the third letter S in its name.

Second group. These signs characterize operating parameters. The first digit usually indicates the number of programs. The second marker is an indicator of intrasystem configuration.

Possible options:

  • 0-2 - the presence of two boxes in the hopper;
  • 3-4 - VarioFlex system without an additional third basket;
  • 5-6 - VarioFlexPlus, there is no third box;
  • 7-9 - three loading levels.

In this example, this is the presence of VarioFlexPlus, without a third box, which corresponds to the figure 5. And here 8 testifies to three levels of loading of the unit.

Marker of the third group. The letter indicates a class of technology. Conventionally, all 45 cm Bosch free-standing dishwashers can be divided into three groups:

  • A, E, F, D, L - Economy-class series, models are endowed with basic functionality and are distinguished by a relatively low price;
  • M, K, N - units of the product line "comfort" with improved capabilities;
  • T, X, U - premium segment dishwashers with additional programs and the most energy-efficient operation.

Accordingly, the letter "M"Indicates that the model in question belongs to dishwashers with improved capabilities of the Comfort line.

Fourth group. Technical information of the manufacturer that does not have special significance for the buyer. Decryption of numeric characters is not available to the public.

Fifth group. A letter marker indicating the region of manufacture and the main sales market:

  • EU - European countries;
  • UC - Canada and the USA;
  • SK - Scandinavia;
  • RU - Russia.

Now we summarize the characteristics of the dishwasher SPS58M98EU in question. This is a stand-alone narrow base model with a three-tier loading system. The unit belongs to the Comfort series and is aimed at the European consumer.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The subtleties of choosing a dishwasher are given in the expert video review:

Demonstration of the technical equipment and functionality of the compact dishwasher series SPS:

Before buying a freestanding dishwasher of the Bosch brand, you need to decide on the main parameters of the equipment: capacity and functionality. Do not chase a lot of programs - basic models also show good washing quality.

Want to talk about which Bosch brand dishwasher you have chosen for installation in your own kitchen? Share what you personally was the decisive argument in the choice. Please leave comments in the block below, ask questions about interesting points, post a photo on the topic of the article.

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  1. Elena

    For me, a freestanding dishwasher was the salvation in the country, when the built-in kitchen was already equipped. We put it next to the furniture. Now we have absolutely no problem washing dishes in a large family. Since there are plenty of people gathering at the dacha, you have to load the car after each meal. Unload it immediately on the table. Water consumption is minimal, electricity is also. The main thing is to pick up good washing tablets so that there are no white stains on the dishes and smell.

  2. I like the Bosch dishwasher for its efficiency, since only 8 liters of water are consumed per cycle. This is a great option for those who save water, for example, as we are in the summer cottage. After washing, there are absolutely no streaks on the dishes, and it does not smell like detergent. Although I had concerns about this because of the low water consumption. I am satisfied with the quality of the washing. And the fact that the machine is not built into the kitchen. This is convenient when the furniture is already arranged and there is no place for a dishwasher.