What tablets are best for a dishwasher: what to choose for the care of appliances

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Tablets are the most popular form of dishwasher detergent. They are convenient to use and store, versatile and multifunctional. But there is a drawback: it is not always possible to choose a high-quality drug the first time.

We will tell you which tablets for a dishwasher are better, and which ones should be avoided. The article proposed by us lists the main guidelines for choosing the optimal means. Reviews of users who have tested in practice different types of tablet chemistry for dishwashers are given.

Features of the use of tablets

Along with the technical improvement of dishwashers, new detergents for equipment are improved and offered. A popular washing powder is gradually being replaced by more effective drugs: tablets and gels.

The typical composition of household appliances is approximately the same. As active ingredients of cleaners, surfactants are used that break down impurities in kitchen appliances. In addition, manufacturers can add phosphates, perfumes, bleaches, enzymes, soda and other components to improve the quality of washing.

Types of detergents
Each type of detergent has both pros and cons. If we talk about the price, then the most budget option is powder

However, it has several disadvantages: the likelihood of scratches, stains on the dishes, uneven use of the product. Often the powder wakes up past the hopper - microparticles trapped in the lungs adversely affect health.

Gel-like preparations are deprived of these shortcomings. They do not have abrasives; they are great for washing fragile dishes made of glass and porcelain. The absence of volatile components makes the product relatively safe and reduces the risk of allergic manifestations.

Minus of gels - the need to calculate the dosage. An alternative is gel capsules. Piece preparations are convenient to use, but are more expensive than similar detergents.

Dishwasher tablet
Dishwasher tablets have gained popularity among users. Manufacturers of equipment reacted to the wishes of the consumer and launched the production of units with a separate compartment for the tool

The main advantages of cleaning tablets:

  • Multifunctionality. In addition to cleaning elements, many products include the necessary salts, rinse aid and minor components.
  • Convenience. There is no need to calculate the dosage, one tablet is enough for a full washing cycle; a solid, compressed preparation cannot be accidentally spilled like a powder;
  • The presence of an individual shell. Each tablet is placed in a separate stick, which means that during storage volatile components do not enter the environment;
  • A wide range of. On sale are sets of different packaging for 20-120 pieces.

The price of the products also differs. Cost is determined by the production brand and quality composition.

It is worth noting the disadvantages of using tablets:

  • as a rule, tableted preparations do not completely solve the problem of water hardness and still have to add salt;
  • phosphates are often added to the composition of the tablets, provoking allergic reactions;
  • older dishwashers do not accept compressed solids;
  • the inability to reduce the dosage - some products are so compressed that they are very difficult to break.

Not all drugs dissolve well. With a short mode, part of the tablet may remain in the compartment.

Poor solubility
Likely causes of poor solubility: overdue use of the drug, non-compliance with storage rules, insufficient water pressure or clogged tablet compartment

What to look for when choosing?

In order not to be disappointed with the purchase, you must make sure that the machine is adapted for working with tablets. When choosing, you need to look at the composition of the drug, evaluate the environmental friendliness and reputation of the manufacturer. The quality of the wash is characterized by user reviews.

The number of layers per tablet

On packages with tablets for a dishwasher, you can often find inscriptions like: three in one, five in one, ten in one, etc. The most enterprising manufacturers indicate - all in one. We are talking about the number of active ingredients and the versatility of the tablets. But is that so?

Basic set of “ingredients”: cleaning powder, salt, rinse aid. Three-component options are relatively low cost and adequately cope with the task.

Multilayer tablets
On sale there are effective tablets with a basic "filling". If the quality of the wash suits, then there is no point in overpaying for the advertised multicomponent analogues

Of the really necessary additives, in addition to the standard composition, two positions can be distinguished:

  1. Protection of dishes from clouding. Especially relevant when washing glass plates, cups and glasses. A special component prevents premature clouding of transparent dishes.
  2. Protection of equipment from scale. If the salt component softens the water, reducing the likelihood of deposits on the details of the dishwasher, then special active additives fight the previously formed sediment.

Five-component tablets are enough for normal care of the dishwasher and high-quality washing. Anything added in excess of the above increases the cost of the cycle and slightly affects the efficiency.

The choice of supercomponents depends on personal preferences and needs. In six-in-one tablets and above, active substances are added to give shine to steel cutlery, flavors, “additives” to remove juice and tea stains.

Dishes in the dishwasher
Some consumers prefer antimicrobial tablet options. They cope with the disinfecting treatment of dishes without increasing the temperature of the water - the energy efficiency of the cycle is increased

Composition and safety of components

The main selection criterion is not the number of components, but the quality of the detergent composition. On the back of the package is a list of chemicals and other additives. The dishes are rinsed with clean water, but the likelihood of active substances entering the human body is present.

The ability to “recognize” the composition, determine the necessary and extremely undesirable components will help you choose an effective and safe drug.

The following items can often be seen on labels:

  1. Phosphates The sodium tripolyphosaphate compound softens water, activates the action of surfactants, and reduces the consumption of detergents. In addition, phosphates are involved in the breakdown of contaminants and protect the elements of the dishwasher from scale. Less substance - unsafe for the environment. In European countries, this component is prohibited.
  2. Oxygen bleach. The active substance is sodium percarbonate. The component was obtained by evaporation of sodium carbonate with peroxide to a crystalline form. It is considered an environmentally friendly substance.
  3. Chlorine. Used for whitening and cleaning dishes. Due to the harmfulness of chlorine, many manufacturers of detergents abandoned it.
  4. Phosphonates. A “lightweight” phosphate alternative. The action of phosphonates is less aggressive, therefore its use is permitted in Europe.
  5. Surfactant. Surfactants combine the incompatible - water and oil. Thanks to their action, fat is removed from the dishes.

Most often, three types of surfactants are used: annionic, cationic and neonogenic.

Composition of the tablets
Anionic surfactants - cheap, effective, but harmful, cationic have a disinfecting effect, neonogenic components - environmentally friendly and biodegradable

In addition to the main components, the composition is enriched with additives and flavorings. Enzymes are used to quickly break down contaminants. Range of actions: protease - the remains of protein food, amylase - starch, lipase - greasy spots.

For families with young children and people prone to allergies, it is better to choose environmentally friendly offers. They do not contain phosphates, chlorine, phosphonates, anionic surfactants, or genetically modified products.

Composition of Ecover tablets
"Stuffing" safe Ecover dishwasher tablets. Sodium derivatives prevail in the composition, which stimulate foaming, fight pollution and bleach dishes

Experts restrainedly assess the harm caused by washing tablets with aggressive components. According to them, in the consumed water and air of megacities contains no less dangerous substances. For the adult body, with proper use and high-quality rinsing, tablet chemistry is safe.

Release form and price

Trying to simplify the use of the dishwasher, manufacturers of household chemicals placed cleaning tablets in a polymer soluble capsule. In addition to ease of use, this solution avoids skin contact with concentrated components.

Soluble shell
The contents of the briquette are reliably protected by a shell that dissolves in contact with water. Given this feature, it is necessary to store such tablets in a dry place

Cost is not a very informative indicator. Popular manufacturers often overcharge their products. While little-known companies offer similar tools at a more loyal price.

Tablets from different companies usually have a similar “recipe” of manufacture and the same cleaning effect. Therefore, it makes no sense to overpay for the name of the manufacturer.

Specific Terms of Use

When choosing a dishwasher, it is necessary to take into account the hardness of the water, the class of the dishwasher and the capacity of the hopper. It is optimal to have several types of tableted preparations for washing different dishes in the house. The deciding factor is the detergent composition.

When thinking about which dishwashing tablets are better to choose, you can follow these points:

  1. Chlorine-containing preparations - for periodic washing of cutting boards, removing old pollution from pots, baking trays and pans.
  2. Alkaline alkaline tablets with enzymes - for daily washing. They gently wash the dishes at a temperature of 40 ° C.
  3. Compounds with oxygen clarifiers - to preserve the snow-white plates and cups. With regular use, a whitening effect is noticeable.

The rule for children and allergy sufferers remains unchanged - tablets made from natural ingredients are suitable.

Dishwasher capsule
Optimally, if the detergent composition is enclosed in a soluble wrapper. There is no contact with the skin, and microparticles of active components cannot enter the air during storage of the capsule.

Overview of tools: description and reviews

Consider the composite features of the popular tablets for dishwashers, note their strengths and weaknesses, referring to user reviews.

Variety of Finish Wash Briquettes

Polish products are most popular among users.

The company offers several options. Finish tablets to choose from:

  • Finish Quantum;
  • Finish all-in-one
  • Finish All in Turbo;
  • Finish Classic.

We will analyze the features and pros with the minuses of these tablet preparations.

Finish Quantum. Three-component tablets in soluble packaging. The composition of the tool includes:

  • White powder - granular components with enzymes aimed at removing persistent contaminants;
  • red gel - a means for splitting fat, making the dishes shiny;
  • blue, yellow or green powder - components for purifying and softening water.

The manufacturer claims the versatility of the tablets, endowing them with the ability to protect the filter technology, prevent scale formation, remove tea plaque, grease and give shine.

Pill Finish
Most users are happy with the result. The main advantages include: soluble packaging, good cleaning quality, no stains on dishes

Among the minuses are: high cost, high concentration of detergents for one cycle, chemical smell. Estimated price of Finish Quantum - 12 cu / 60 pcs.

Finish All in One. Amylase, zinc oxide, sodium percarbonate, citric acid and other components are present in the composition. In general, the "filling" of All in One tablets is simpler than in Quantum, but the effectiveness does not deteriorate.

The tool is universal - it perfectly cleans all types of dirt, suitable for silver and glassware. The average cost is 17 cu / 65 pcs.

Finish all in turbo. The product is designed for express washing in the temperature range of 40 ° C. The composition uses instant components - the active substances are mixed with water during the first minutes of washing.

Finish Classic. The simplest option, in fact, is the usual Finish dishwasher powder, compressed into tablets. They contain the patented StainSocer additive for the effective breakdown of dried contaminants.

Finish Classic Dishwasher Tablets
The main advantages of Finish Classic: relatively inexpensive, pleasant smell, good quality of washing. Cons of tablets: the absence of a soluble shell, the need to additionally use a rinse aid and salt. Price benchmark - 12 cu / 90 pcs.

That it is better to use a dishwasher in work, which is more convenient for a housewife and for the equipment itself, tablets or powder composition, learn from the article we recommend.

Sustainability BioMio

The tablets received positive reviews from consumers due to the safety of use and high efficiency.

The main components of the composition:

  • Nonionic surfactant type;
  • oxygen bleach (up to 30%), the active substance is sodium percarbonate, which, when reacted with warm water, decomposes into hydrogen, oxygen and soda;
  • polycarboxylates (5%) - a protective element against corrosion;
  • Eucalyptus oil;
  • low concentration enzymes;
  • limonene - a citrus fragrance.

If you are hypersensitive to eucalyptus, it is better to refrain from buying BioMio - an allergic reaction is possible.

BioMio Tablets
Advantages of the drug: soluble shell, environmental friendliness, easy rinsing, good washing result. A barely perceptible aroma of eucalyptus remains on clean dishes.

The disadvantage of BioMio is that glass products may have light streaks. To neutralize the consequences when washing glasses and glasses, it is better to use the additional rinse mode. Estimated price BioMio tablets - 8-9 cu for 30 pieces.

Econta Tablet Availability

Domestic pills are not inferior in effectiveness to the products of famous brands. Attractive for consumers with low cost - the price of packaging for 30 pieces is 3-4 cu

The washing powder is pressed into a single or three layer type. The active components of the composition are phosphates and oxygen bleach. Additives are relatively safe, these are eximes, polycarboxylates and nonionic surfactants.

Econta Pills
According to the manufacturer, the tablet has a “7 in 1” effect: removal of fat, tea plaque, softening water, anti-scale, citrus aroma, low temperature effect

In practice, Econta tablets have proven their worth. Most consumers noted a high degree of purification, complete dissolution. Cons of use: they behave poorly in water below +45 ° C, leave stains on dishes with a shortened cycle.

Effective remedies from Fairy

A popular brand in the dish care product line offers several options for tablet formulations. On sale are: PowerDrops, PowerDrops All in 1, Platinum All in 1.

Tablets are similar in composition, the difference is in the additional components and the form of release. The active ingredient of Fairy tablets is phosphates and nonionic surfactants. Three-component All in 1 tablets are popular - capsules consisting of three substances: cleaning powder and compartments with multi-colored gels.

Strengths of the drug:

  • action at any temperature;
  • removal of pollution and gloss;
  • protection against a scum;
  • universality - applicable to any dishes;
  • efficacy against chronic fat, dried food debris;
  • soluble packaging;
  • beautiful view of the pressed product and packaging.

Feature of the tablets - Fairy is suitable for water with a hardness within 21 dH. To determine the indicator, you can use a test strip.

Fairy Pills
Briquettes are packaged in soft packaging with a fastener, capacity - 26-65 pcs. Estimated price - 8 cu for 50 pieces

Maximum Somat Efficiency

Almost all users set the highest quality cleaning score. Somat tablets from the German brand Henkel. All varieties are three-component, they contain a washing ingredient, rinse aid and salt.

Active ingredients Somat:

  • complexing agent (15-30%) - this role is played by phosphates or silicates; the manufacturer did not indicate the type of component on the packaging;
  • inorganic salts;
  • oxygen-containing bleach;
  • phosphonates;
  • nonionic surfactants, enzymes and perfume.

In fact, the traditional “hodgepodge” of active substances, but a competent percentage ratio allowed to achieve maximum effect.

Somat Pills
Most consumers noted the performance of Somat. Additional advantages: protection of glassware from cloudiness, anti-scale effect, elimination of burnt marks, versatility

The composition can not be called absolutely harmless. Not everyone likes the smell of Somat tablets - after washing, we will smell a specific aroma. Additional disadvantages: there is no soluble shell, high cost - for 100 pieces you will have to pay about 15 cu

High-quality and inexpensive Clean & Fresh

90% of users described German Clean & Fresh tablets as an affordable and highly effective remedy. The price of a package of 28 pieces starts at 3 cu

The tablets are three-layer: green color - active substances for glass protection and flavoring, blue - oxygen bleach and detergents, white - anti-scale. They are placed in an insoluble airtight shell.

Clean & Fresh Composition:

  • sodium tripolyphosphate - breakdown of fats;
  • sodium carbonate and bicarbonate - soda to improve washing and bleaching;
  • sodium percarbonate - bactericidal and cleansing effect;
  • phosphonates.

An important advantage of Clean & Fresh is that it does not smell after washing.

Pills Clean & Fresh
Positive reviews prevail. Of the negative aspects, insufficiently quality washing of pans with burnt traces and the appearance of stains on the glass are noted. The last problem is neutralized with the additional use of rinse aid.

Gentle cleaning with Ecover

Ecover tablets are considered one of the most effective phosphate-free detergents. The cleaning function is assigned to the complex of sodium derivatives and non-ionic surfactants, natural fragrances are responsible for the pleasant smell.

Characteristic features of Ecover:

  • hygienic and safe - applicable for children's dishes;
  • without synthetic flavorings - make up a fresh smell on plates;
  • plant and mineral base;
  • fairly easy process of dividing the tablet in half.

Despite the completely plant and mineral base, the tablets proved to be excellent in action. The dishes are washed efficiently, there are no stains on the glasses, cutlery shine. Among the minuses, we can distinguish the absence of a soluble wrapper and the limited supply on the market.

Ecover Tablets
Ecover tablets are hard to find in stores; you have to order online and overpay for shipping. Reference for the price - 9-10 cu for 70 briquettes (without transportation costs)

You will find detailed information about what type of product is recommended for use in a dishwasher in next articledetailing technical specifications and advantages with disadvantages.

The aggressiveness of the "child" means Ushasty Nyan

Russian-made tablets are positioned as a detergent for children's dishes. However, the composition contains phosphates and phosphonates - more than 30%. So, we are not talking about the environmental friendliness of the drug, and the safety of the composition for the child's body is doubtful. What is not in the composition is fragrances and dyes.

Despite the apparent dissonance of the “filling” and the intended purpose, the tablets show a good quality of washing. Eared Nyan copes with various kinds of pollution, does not leave stains and is well washed off.

Pill Eared Nanny
Tablets are not recommended to wash children's dishes if the child is not yet 3 years old. The advantage of the product over truly ecological products such as BioMio and Ecover - availability in stores

If the cost of factory-made tablets seems unnecessarily overpriced, you should try to make the drug with your own hands. Homemade Pills Recipes given here, we recommend reading a very useful article.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video review of tablet detergents for cleaning kitchen utensils and various appliances in the dishwasher. Among the pills there are the above Somat and Finish:

Testing of detergents from different manufacturers, including Fairy, presented in the rating above. Comparison of the appearance, price and effectiveness of the tablets:

No matter how high-tech and functional a dishwasher may be, without effective detergents, it is useless.

The effectiveness of the tablets primarily depends on their composition. Additional selection factors: hardness of the water used, form of release and individual preferences of the user.

And what kind of tablets do you use for processing dishes in your typewriter? Tell us which cleaning products you chose, share why. Please leave comments in the block below, post photos and ask questions about the topic of the article.

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  1. Nataliya

    When we just got a dishwasher, we began to buy the most advertised, and therefore not the cheapest pills. We bought a large package, so "more profitable." But the quality of the wash surprised me - stains, or even dirty dirt.
    They began to buy all kinds of different ones, and not always expensive, in a few pieces. We stopped at those that are closer to the end of the list. As I understand it, a lot depends on the car, and on the water, and on the settings.
    Patiently select your ideal dishwasher tablets.

  2. We have been using the dishwasher for the fourth year now, a convenient thing! And they tried different pills, expensive and not very, in the end they settled on “Clean & Fresh”. In my opinion, it’s just the perfect price / quality ratio, and they are odorless, the dishes do not smell like chemistry. Again, the Germans will not do bad.

    Here, after all, it also depends on production - if the brand is untwisted, then tablets are more expensive. And vice versa, but according to the properties, I do not see a special difference between the tablets. Why pay more?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Good afternoon!

      It’s really not worth paying for a well-known name on a detergent package. But rushing to extremes and pouring in the dishwasher the cheapest means is fraught with high costs for repairs or even for the purchase of a new car.

      Here are a few simple rules, applying which you can easily find a balance between price and quality and don’t harm your kitchen assistant:

      1. If possible, follow the manufacturer's recommendations. As a rule, the instructions for the machine always contain the brands of detergents recommended by the manufacturer. This is not a publicity stunt or collusion between manufacturers. This means that it is this tool in composition and consistency that is suitable for a particular device, taking into account all its features: the material from which it is made, washing modes, water hardness requirements, etc.

      2. Do not use detergents that contain phosphates. These substances are not only dangerous to humans, but also harm the dishwasher. Particularly affected are metal parts: under the action of phosphates, they rust, become coated with mineral deposits. Also, the composition should not contain chlorine. Phosphates and chlorine are most often found in cheap Cinderella type products. You can use such a tool a couple of times when it is not possible to buy a quality one, but you can’t constantly pour it into the dishwasher.

      3. Do not use detergents for industrial dishwashers. Huge machines for hotels and restaurants in design and materials are very different from household machines. Therefore, powders and solutions created for such units are not suitable for appliances installed in home kitchens.

      You can read more about detergents and see if your dishwasher is in the TOP of the best in this article on our website.

  3. Natalya

    I tried a lot of different pills for my dishwasher, but Finish impressed me. I have been using the dishwasher for about 4 years - perfectly clean dishes, washing even dried food residues, which is very pleasing.

  4. Alexandra

    Oh thanks a lot for the article. And then I bought Indesit, but I would not want to spoil it with bad money, now I can’t do without it.

  5. Andrew

    My wife and I tried almost all the tablets on the Ukrainian market. Already resigned to the idea that the dishwasher often does not work. And suddenly on vacation in western Ukraine we bought all-component tablets for dishwashers German manufacturer REWE All-in-1 Premium. They are just a BOMB! Now I recommend them to everyone.

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